the string trash project




the string trash project and the american-european mothers of music: zappa spielt für bach
    (2014, cd, ger, stiftung johann-sebastian) - incl. frank zappa compositions

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  string trash project: zappanale exhibition july 17, 2014 - kamp theater july 20, 2014
    (2015, dvdr, ger, rr production zapp-e-dvd016) - incl. various frank zappa compositions

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various artists: zappanale # 26
    (2016, 3cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, feat. napoleon murphy brock, ike willis, denny walley, jeff hollie, craig twister steward, ed mann, robert martin, albert wing, ray white, tom fowler, robbie mangano, mats öberg

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various artists: sons of mr. green genes
    (2016, cd, uk, cordelia records cd071) –  all different performances of frank zappa's 'mr. green genes'
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  various artists: mappa zappa
    (2018, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa


Peter Görs (guitar), Mick Zeuner (bass), Siglinde Koch-Sembdner (harp)  -  pictures by Jens-Jürgen Schäfer
Pictures taken by Jens-Jürgen Schäfer at the St.Katharinenkirche concert "Zappa Spielt Für Bach", in Hamburg, 2014 07 16.




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