bogus pomp

a pungent steaming affair
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2002 cd usa private release

recorded 2001/06/01 and 2001/06/02 in concert

napoleon murphy brock: vocals, tenor sax, flute
jerry outlaw: guitar, vocals
alex pasut: bass
rick olson: keyboards, harmonica, vocals
ross jobson: keyboards
david coash: mallets, percussion
david pate: tenor sax, bucket
rich willey: trumpet
john citrone: drums, vocals
tom trapp: drums

cover by cal schenkel

  1. the black page #2
  2. t'mershi duween
  3. dupree's paradise
  4. andy
  5. inca roads
  6. oh no
  7. 50 50
  8. the illenois enema bandit
  9. dog breath variations
  10. uncle meat
  11. florentine pogen
  12. son of orange county
  13. montana