bogus pomp feat. napoleon murphy brock

zappa spielt für bach
- all compositions by frank zappa

2009 cd germany s.j.s.-edition nr.3

recorded live at the st.katharinen church in hamburg, germany on 2008/08/13

  jerry outlaw: guitar
  alex pasut: bass
  ross jobson: keyboards
  rick olson: keyboards, guitar
  david pate: saxophone, clarinet, flute
  byron hogan: cello
  david coash: vibes, marimba, percussion
  jason caren: drums
  napoleon murphy brock: vocals

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. overture to a holiday in berlin / mom & dad
  2. holiday in berlin / full-blown
  3. it must be a camel / little umbrellas
  4. the idiot bastard son
  5. amnerika
  6. sleep dirt
  7. twenty small cigars
  8. uncle meat
  9. black napkins
  10. oh no
  11. uncle remus
  12. we ar only in it for the money medley
  13. sofa no.1
  14. stictly genteel
  15. little house i used to live in / king kong