various artists

20 extraordinary renditions
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2008 cd uk cordelia records cd043

project co-ordinator: andrew greenaway
cd compiled by andrew greenaway and john campbell
project catalyst: alan jenkins
cover concept and design: michelle greenaway

'the idiot bastard son', composed by frank zappa

  1. die beistelltische: 'the idiot bastard son'
    steffen grill (vocal); hannes kaiser (vocal); marcus beyer (vocal); christoph winter (vocal); christoph dreßler (vocal)

  2. jerry outlaw: 'the idiot bastard son'
    jerry outlaw (guitars); ross jobson (piano and strings); alex pasut (bass); bill ehrsam (engineer)

  3. the vegetarians: 'the idiot bastard son'
    john marshall (all vocals & lead guitar); hans annellsson (drums, keyboards, guitars & bass)

  4. oldgreygoat and his girls: 'the idiot bastard son'
    roddie gilliard; jigsaw the goat; unknown opera singer; the skull and bones of a lakeland fell sheep.

  5. ensemble ambrosius: 'the idiot bastard son'
    topi lehtipuu (lead vocal); matti vanhamäki (baroque violins 1 & 3); tuomo suni (baroque violin 2); josu moisio (baroque oboe); jani sunnarborg (obor da caccia); jonte knif (dulcimer); ere lievonen (organ); tuukka terho (archlute); olli virtaperko (baroque cello, vocal)

  6. freedom in hats: 'the idiot bastard son'
    the rev freedom (acoustic guitar, vocal); diablo (blues harp).

  7. evil dick & the banned members: 'the idiot bastard son'
    evil dick (percussive impulses, 'psychotic gnome' vocal); little pete (low rumblings, high ceilings); jools street (guitar, violin, musical ability); brettany bassoon (tooting, parping, non-melodic noodling); anne bowden (fluttery flute, fear of hidden microphones in the bathroom)

  8. the foolz: 'the idiot bastard son'
    pedro steneker (bass); lex kemper (guitar); wan kemper (melodica); remco aalhuizen (air guitar)

  9. john tabacco: 'the idiot bastard son'
    john tabacco (everything).

  10. doot!: 'the idiot bastard son'
    stephen chillemi (percussion, soprano sax, vibraphone, thingamagoop synth, vocals); annemarieke blondel-schoonderwaldt (modified viola); pete brunelli (composition, engineering).

  11. nigey lennon: 'the idiot bastard son'
    nigey lennon (vocal, arrangement, programming); jay rozen (tuba); eric weaver (cameo vocal); john tabacco (recording, minimal programming, mixing on halloween 2007); david walley (last laugh).

  12. the frazknapp fusion project: 'the idiot bastard son'
    fraizer knapp (drums); jay marcus (guitars); edward newton (bass); kieran hennessy (turntablist); chris moxey (vox); bob knapp & usa crew (overseas samples); guy harrop (photography)

  13. the thurston lava tube: 'the idiot bastard son'
    alan jenkins (guitar); blodwyn p. teabag (organ); marshall cavendish (bass); mat bartram (drums)

  14. project/object: 'the idiot bastard son'
    andré cholmondeley (guitar); robbie "seahag" mangano (guitar); david johnsen (bass); jordan shapiro (mandolin).

  15. pojama people: 'the idiot bastard son'
    sick willie (interjected vocals); alli bach (vocals, marimbas the most); ted clifford (keyboards); brian casey (bass, odd sounds); glenn leonard (drums, many voices, lead & backing kazoo, marimbas the least)

  16. bogus pomp orchestra: 'the idiot bastard son'
    the bogus pomp orchestra, conducted and arranged by tom trapp

  17. todd grubbs group feat. bo smith: 'the idiot bastard son'
    todd grubbs (guitar); alan tatum (bass); jeff henry (drums); bo smith (vocals)

  18. the wrong object vs the friendly dogs: 'the idiot bastard son'
    michel delville (guitar, guitar-synth); damien polard (bass); fred delplancq (tenor sax); jean-paul estiévenart (trumpet); laurent delchambre (drums and assorted percussions); andrew norris (guitar, voice); damien campion (bass, double-bass)

  19. the whip it out ensemble: 'the idiot bastard son'
    andy curtis, onalea gilbertson, michael green, ty semaka, david van belle (vocals); jeff drummond (guitar); chipp robb (bass); david rhymer (piano); craig soby (trombone & keyboards); danny meichel (saxophone); dave foley (trumpet); brent van dusen (marimba & percussion); peter moller (drums & percussion); michael green (executive producer); richard kolke (dramaturge); barbie miotti (freak-out chick); derek waite (sound engineer).

  20. gamma: 'the idiot bastard son'
    gamma (vocals); esther leslie (xylophone); out to lunch, iris watson (backing vocals); otl (producer, for materialist esthetix)



from Andrew Greenaway's "Idiot Bastard Son" website:


Here some juicy details of the twenty artistes involved - most of whom recorded versions especially for this project:

  1. DIE BEISTELLTISCHE - who provided a special edit of the track from their excellent Zappa-a-capella 'Kill Ugly Radio' CD.
    Steffen Grill (vocal); Hannes Kaiser (vocal); Marcus Beyer (vocal); Christoph Winter (vocal); Christoph Dreßler (vocal).

  2. JERRY OUTLAW - "The piano and strings were done by Ross Jobson and the bass guitar was done by Alex Pasut, both from Bogus Pomp. This final version was recorded at Ross Jobson's home on 14 July 2007. I did all the guitars at Mindshaft studios with my good friend and engineer Bill Ehrsam. All the guitars were finished on 30 July and the final mix was completed on 31 July, engineered and mixed by Bill Ehrsam and Jerry Outlaw at Mindshaft studios. I used my Carvin C-980 acoustic guitar and my fabulous old (1981) Kramer Pacer electric guitar."
    Jerry Outlaw (guitars); Ross Jobson (piano and strings); Alex Pasut (bass); Bill Ehrsam (engineer).

  3. THE VEGETARIANS - arranged by Hans Annellsson & John Marshall. Recorded in the Summer of 2007 at Annellssongs & John's place.
    John Marshall (all vocals & lead guitar); Hans Annellsson (drums, keyboards, guitars & bass).

  4. OLDGREYGOAT AND HIS GIRLS - Muffin Man Roddie Gilliard (for it is he) said "dunno what I wuz trying to do, but it just kinda happened organically". Recorded in Cumbria and Liverpool, UK. Produced at Megala Spilia, Crete. Mixed in a jar, July 2007.
    Roddie Gilliard; Jigsaw the Goat; unknown opera singer; the skull and bones of a Lakeland fell sheep.

  5. ENSEMBLE AMBROSIUS - from their wondrous BIS Records 'The Zappa Album' CD, arranged by Olli Virtaperko.
    Topi Lehtipuu (lead vocal); Matti Vanhamäki (baroque violins 1 & 3); Tuomo Suni (baroque violin 2); Josu Moisio (baroque oboe); Jani Sunnarborg (obor da caccia); Jonte Knif (dulcimer); Ere Lievonen (organ); Tuukka Terho (archlute); Olli Virtaperko (baroque cello, vocal).

  6. FREEDOM IN HATS - "Godforsakenmotherf*ckinacidhousecountrygospel!" with a Captain Beef-harp and echoes of the Alabama 3. Recorded on 16 September 2007 - in one take.
    The Rev Freedom (acoustic guitar, vocal); Diablo (blues harp).

  7. EVIL DICK & THE BANNED MEMBERS - a backwards version recorded in Bathroomverb. Read (and hear) lots more about it at
    Evil Dick (percussive impulses, 'psychotic gnome' vocal); Little Pete (low rumblings, high ceilings); Jools Street (guitar, violin, musical ability); Brettany Bassoon (tooting, parping, non-melodic noodling); Anne Bowden (fluttery flute, fear of hidden microphones in the bathroom).

  8. THE FOOLZ - an acoustic version recorded on Wednesday 8 August just after Zappanale #18 (the plan was to record a version at the festival in Big Blue, with the Zappateers singing along; I fear attempts were thwarted by Lübzer beer!). This version was produced by keyboard man, Wan.
    Pedro Steneker (bass); Lex Kemper (guitar); Wan Kemper (melodica); Remco Aalhuizen (air guitar).

  9. JOHN TABACCO - "The 2007 version FZ might have sang if he were here with us today."
    John Tabacco (everything).

  10. DOOT! - due to his recent abduction by the Dick Chin Mafia, JoJo Nodraggin was not able to participate. But the project went ahead, unabated, and the DOOT! MicroAkestra carried the day.
    Stephen Chillemi (percussion, soprano sax, vibraphone, thingamagoop synth, vocals); Annemarieke Blondel-Schoonderwaldt (modified viola); Pete Brunelli (composition, engineering).

  11. NIGEY LENNON - recorded by John Tabacco on 30th October 2007. Produced ("if such a simple track is actually 'produced' as opposed to merely recorded") by Nigey Lennon. Lyrics by Nigey Lennon and Eric Weaver.
    Nigey Lennon (vocal, arrangement, programming); Jay Rozen (tuba); Eric Weaver (cameo vocal); John Tabacco (recording, minimal programming, mixing on Halloween 2007); David Walley (last laugh).

  12. THE FRAZKNAPP FUSION PROJECT - a half remarkable production, recorded in every possible place they could find (The Jack, 4-Che, The Lab, The Mill - Devon, UK) between August and September 2007.
    Fraizer Knapp (drums - /; Jay Marcus (guitars); Edward Newton (bass); Kieran Hennessy (turntablist -; Chris Moxey (vox -; Bob Knapp & USA crew (overseas samples); Guy Harrop (photography - to: Paul Darch/Jim Dunstone/Joel Tucker/Cordelia Records/Andrew Greenaway/Frank Zappa!

    The Idiot Bastard Son Interpretation

    The father figure had a swastika tattoo hidden away, in congress today.
    The mum's a prostitute, flaunts her birthday suit, she's a destitute down town hooker.
    His empty arrogance, his low intelligence, no benevolence, no idea.
    Left to rot, in the back of a car, stashed away in a jar, lar di dar di dar.
    Dumb Pinocchio, now we think we know what you think you know.

    Imagine a militant machine, different attire but still the same genes,
    he's prude, so crude, obnoxiously rude.
    The equivalent king, who lets the general's swing,
    Gepeto's really done in, so wonder who's got the strings?
    Ignorant idiot bastard.

    The state will dress him and the taxes feed him,
    to keep him breathing and we believe him.
    Listen to absurd words, he'll emerge into our world
    of movers, shakers, losers, fakers, liars, cheaters and planet rapers.
    People like you who think you've got it figured out,
    think you know what it's all about, well you're wrong!

  13. THE THURSTON LAVA TUBE - a retro/surf version featuring Cordelia's head honcho and the inspiration for this whole project: Alan Jenkins. Recorded in the Autumn of 2007 at Cordelia Records and on location in Suffolk.
    Alan Jenkins (guitar); Blodwyn P. Teabag (organ); Marshall Cavendish (bass); Mat Bartram (drums).

  14. PROJECT OBJECT - recorded live and unplugged at BB King's in New York on 2 February 2005.
    André Cholmondeley (guitar); Robbie "Seahag" Mangano (guitar); David Johnsen (bass); Jordan Shapiro (mandolin).

  15. POJAMA PEOPLE - a live interpretation, sung by Alli Bach. Basic track recorded 18 February 2007, Seattle. Overdubs took place in August at the Wall Of Cats Studio, Eugene.
    Sick Willie (interjected vocals); Alli Bach (vocals, marimbas the most); Ted Clifford (keyboards); Brian Casey (bass, odd sounds); Glenn Leonard (drums, many voices, lead & backing kazoo, marimbas the least).

    The Arrogant Dubya Son

    The arrogant dubya son
    The father's a Nazi retired today
    The mother's a lobbyist from the NRA

    The arrogant dubya son
    Abandonded to perish in a pointless war
    Cheyney will stash him away and abhor
    The idiot boy

    Try and imagine a nation all fearing his god
    All the time he would spend
    At the church he'd attend
    Warming his pew

    Daddy will feed him and Ronnie will watch
    The child will thrive and grow
    And enter the world of liars and cheaters
    And Don Rumsfeld too
    Who smiles and thinks he knows
    What this war's about

    They think they know everything
    maybe so
    The song we sing
    Do you know

    The idiot boy

    Try and imagine a nation all fearing his god
    All the money he spent
    All the soldiers he sent
    Where are they now?

  16. BOGUS POMP ORCHESTRA - recorded on 21 August 2004 at the Tampa Theater, conducted and arranged by Tom Trapp. The BPO is a 15 piece chamber ensemble, combined with the 10 piece electric band.

  17. TODD GRUBBS GROUP feat. BO SMITH - recorded by Todd throughout July 2007, and mixed on 9 August 2007. Produced by Todd at "The Office" in Brandon, Florida and mixed at Red Room Recorders in Tampa, Florida by Mark Prator.
    Todd Grubbs (guitar); Alan Tatum (bass); Jeff Henry (drums); Bo Smith (vocals).

  18. WRONG OBJECT Vs THE FRIENDLY DOGS - Michel Delville's teenage combo teamed up with Belgo-English quartet The Friendly Dogs to create this.
    Michel Delville (guitar, guitar-synth); Damien Polard (bass); Fred Delplancq (tenor sax); Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet); Laurent Delchambre (drums and assorted percussions); Andrew Norris (guitar, voice); Damien Campion (bass, double-bass).

  19. WHIP IT OUT ENSEMBLE - from their live performance of We're Only In It For The Money recorded at The Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 5 December 2003.
    Andy Curtis, Onalea Gilbertson, Michael Green, Ty Semaka, David van Belle (vocals); Jeff Drummond (guitar); Chipp Robb (bass); David Rhymer (piano); Craig Soby (trombone & keyboards); Danny Meichel (saxophone); Dave Foley (trumpet); Brent Van Dusen (marimba & percussion); Peter Moller (drums & percussion); Michael Green (executive producer); Richard Kolke (dramaturge); Barbie Miotti (freak-out chick); Derek Waite (sound engineer).

  20. GAMMA - the legendary Martian enunciated the crap out of it. Recorded 19 July 2007 at Tami Studios, Kentish Town, London, England.
    Gamma (vocals); Esther Leslie (xylophone); Out To Lunch, Iris Watson (backing vocals); OTL (producer, for Materialist Esthetix).