Doot! has Stephen Chillemi on drums and percussion and Pete Brunelli on bass. Both have been part of Doctor Dark, the Captain Beefheart tribute band, but left the band in August / September 2005.

October 2005, Doot! released their first demo, called "Out Of The Basement". This 6-track promo included coverversions of Frank Zappa's 'Help, I'm A Rock' and Captain Beefheart's 'Click Clack'.

For more info (and downloads) on DOOT! go to

The picture on the right was taken from the above mentioned website and shows Peter Brunelli (left) and Stephen Chillemi (middle) at the interview corner at the 2005 edition of the Zappanale festival, where they performed as part of Doctor Dark.

December 2005, Doot! shared the bill with Eugene Chadbourne for two concerts.

July 2006, André Cholmondeley joined Stephen Doot! for a short trip to Europe. The band performed in Delft (operning for Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo) and at the Zappanale festival.

In 2007, Doot! contributed their version of Frank Zappa's 'The Idiot Bastard Son' to "20 Extraordinary Renditions", Andrew Greenaway's project that got released on Cordelia Records. 
The info said: "Due to his recent abduction by the Dick Chin Mafia, JoJo Nodraggin was not able to participate. But the project went ahead, unabated, and the DOOT! MicroAkestra carried the day.
Personnel; Stephen Chillemi (percussion, soprano sax, vibraphone, thingamagoop synth, vocals); Annemarieke Blondel-Schoonderwaldt (modified viola); Pete Brunelli (composition, engineering).

Early 2008, another Doot! project saw the light of day: Underground Sensation.
The idea was to get together various musicians from various bands, and to perform the music of Frank Zappa, showing the ZFT that both the musicians that perform the music of Frank Zappa, and the audience does not like the way the ZFT is treating them.
The band featured
Kilissa Cissosko, Jerry Outlaw, Alex Pasut, Stephen Chillemi and Annemarieke Schoonderwalt.

Doot! performed at the 20th anniversary of the Zappanale festival, August 2009, with a very special line-up: Pete Brunelli on bass, Stephen Chillemi on drums and percussion, Michel Delville on guitar, Ivan Leirvik on guitar, Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt on violin and guest Bas Langereis on vocals.

Doot! contributed a track to the "21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" tribute that got released on Cordelia Records in 2010. As a bonus, Pete Brunelli made a compilation of the pieces and snippets of the 20 contributions, creating track number 21. Available as a download from Cordelia.


  düt!: rough mixes
    (2005, cdr-promo, usa, private release)

  doot!: out of the basement
    (2005, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. 'help i'm a rock' (frank zappa) & 'click clack' (don van vliet)

  doot!: live @ mattatuck museum
    (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. 'filthy habits', 'gumbo variations', 'pound for a brown dwarf nebula' (f.zappa)

  doot!: live at brass city records
    (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl.
'filthy habits' (frank zappa)

  doot!: doot!
    (2006, cdr, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. various frank zappa & jimi hendix themes

  doot!: live at zappanale 17
    (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. 'chunga's revenge', 'filthy habits', 'pink / black napkins' (frank zappa)

  doot!: live at the space
    (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release)
  various artists: zappanale 17
    (2006, 2cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: zappanale 17 - retrospective
    (2006, dvd, ger, the arf society) - feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  doot!: basement lounge omniverse trio
    (2007, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release)
  doot!: secret session
    (2007, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release)
  doot!: doot! 2007 mega-sampler
, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. 'filthy habitz', 'pink / black napkins'  (frank zappa)

  various artists: zappanale # 17
    (2007, cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: 20 extraordinary renditions
    (2008, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa

  various artists: zappanale 19
    (2009, mp3-dvd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
z19_mp3disc.jpg (23620 bytes)
  various artists: 21 burnt weeny sandwiches
    (2010, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa
  various artists: on broadway - covers of invention
    (2013, cd, uk, cordelia records)

onbroadway.jpg (23124 bytes)






  • 2006/07/16 - Zappanale, Bad Doberan, Germany 
Doot! live on Zappanale, - featuring Andre Cholmondeley on guitar
  • 2009/08/13 Doot! - concert "Zappanale", Bad Doberan, Germany

  • line-up
    • Pete Brunelli - bass * Michel Delville - guitar * Ivan Leirvik - guitar * Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt - violin * Stephen Chillemi - drums * Bas Langereis - vocals
  • setlist
    • King Kong vamp - The Gumbo Variations, Once Upon A Time, Inca Roads vamp, Apostrophe false start - band introductions, Apostrophe, Sleep Dirt, Willie The Pimp (encore)
  • above picture by Bazbo



random notes

2006 03 02, a message from Cholly Hoss Productions

Heya DOOT fans,
In typical DOOT fashion we are a little late with the update. What's new you ask? Well, pretty much everything is new. If you saw the Cafe 9 or Buttonwood shows in December you should come out and see us this spring, because it is a very different show. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the May shows are very different from the March shows. And with that, here's the poop on the upcoming dates:

We have a gig at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, CT on Friday March 3. The show is early, scheduled from 5:30-7:30PM

We will be joined by Andre Cholmondeley (of Project/Object fame ) on guitar, synth, samples, madness...

If you miss that then you can catch us later in the month at Brass City Records on March 25th at 7pm-ish. We will have a mailing in the next week with all the details.

You can keep up with all the latest at our site 
Gig listings, links, mp3's.. everything a growing body needs.

If you want off the mailing list or know someone who wants ON the list, drop us a line at

Until then, keep puttin' the funk in your trunk.
Pete and Stephen

2006 03 22, a message from Cholly Hoss Productions

Heya, ya buncha freaks...

DOOT! loved playing in Waterbury, CT so much on 3/3 that we are playing there again, about 300 yards (meters?) from the scene of that gig. From the lush expanses of the legendary Mattatuck Museum, we venture down the block to the less lush but more musical environs of Brass City Records. DOOT! will be performing trio-style, with Andre Cholmondeley on guitar and synths and more. The Sawtelles will be opening and we get rolling about 7pm.

Brass City Records: and there are good directions at the site.

Drop by the DOOT! website: where we have pics, clips, and more info
and the Project/Object website: where you can find details on the upcoming P/O "Mission Accomplished" tour
and the Sawtelles website: where you can find hidden clues to Peter's true identity

Hope to see ya there,

Pete, Stephen, and Andre

Upcoming DOOT!Date: April 12, New Haven Library "Program Room", 7-9pm

2006 03 23

Hey Hey!

You are getting this email because you somehow crossed paths with Stephen Chillemi or Pete Brunelli.  Their band, DOOT! gets around some and wants to keep y'all informed of upcoming events and such.  Most gigs have some kind of "special guest" action, making accurate information more important than ever.  If you went to the show and we were having Tony Bennett as a special guest, and you thought that it was Les Claypool, well... it wouldn't be fair to you.   

If you don't want to be on the mailing list, just send us a note at and we'll disavow all knowledge that you were ever on the list in the first place.  If you know someone who isn't getting their RDA of improvised and avant garde music, have them drop us a note at the same address and we'll hook them up, pronto.

That's DOOT! for ya. Very accomodatin' galoots.

And to make this spam even more useful:

DOOT! Plays:
3/25 7pm @ Brass City Records, Meadow Street, Waterbury, CT
Special Guest - Andre Cholmondeley (of Project/Object fame) -
the Sawtelles open the show -

See more gigs and lots more info at

See Ya!


Doot! news is good news 

That's Right!
Thanks to all who came to our gig at Brass City Records on 3/25. We will have a single disc comp of the music from that show and it will be available at the next gig. We also recorded the Sawtelles set and it came out sounding pretty dope, so email them ( and maybe Peter and Julie will think about making a short CD/R run. Hear the WalMart guitar in all of it's discount glory.

Next DOOT! show:
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
New Haven Library "Program Room"
Corner of Temple and Elm
Enter from the Temple side, below street level
This show will be the *other* DOOT!Trio featuring the keyboard stylings of Mr. Nate Trier. If you missed seeing Nate at the Brass City show, don't make the same mistake twice.

There will be a small suggested donation at this show.
We hope to be able to cover the small fee that the NFPL charges for the room. The upside is that you will get a free DOOT! CD in return for your donation.

DOOT! would like to thank Andre Cholmondelli (that is the honorary Italian/American Andre) for his continued involvement and support. Andre is helping take DOOT! to the next level and beyond, and it is the DOOT! way to say it loud. Andre's next scheduled DOOT! appearance is May 19th at the Buttonwood Tree, Main Street, Middletown, CT.

Speaking of Andre, don't hesitate to go to the Project/Object show at Toads on April 19, or any other P?O show for that matter. They ROCK.
Also, New Haven's own Doctor Dark will be opening for P/O on the 19th.
Show up early and see what they have in store for y'all.

Other NEWS:
DOOT! has a new blog as part of our ever expanding website and quest for world domination. Check out the DOOT! webpage
and there is a bog link at the top of the page. This is where the band will be able to leave comments about shows, other projects, rants...

Stephen filled in on drums/perc with Doctor Dark at Cafe Nine on April Fools Day, and it sounds like a good time was had by all. I was just getting back from taking my nephew to Rye Airfield Skatepark in NH, so I missed the show.

Until later!
DOOT! on ya!


April 12th DOOT! Trio Gig

Sorry for missing that little tidbit of information.
BTW, DOOT! is slipping into the time slot that JazzHaven has been using, which is the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm. If this goes well we will try to keep bringing music into that space at that time, deferring to Jazz Haven as required.

DOOT! apologizes for the missing info. Remember that we post complete
gig info at



2006 04 12

The trio w/ Nate Trier on keys
New Haven Library
Free CD w/ suggested donation!

Have the unmitigated audacity to be there.

(we love the exclamation point, sometimes too much)  

2006 05 17 - News and gig info

Heya Doot-arinos!

We had a blast playing at the Voice of Cheez annual Zappafest. We were joined onstage by Kilissa Cissoko and Tom Fenton of Voice of Cheez. Kilissa knocked
out some great gutbucket sax, and Tom elevated the whole set with his guitar. Great stuff!
The gig was at Neitzsche's in Buffalo, NY.

Our set included Black Napkins, Filthy Habits, Gumbo Variations, and a rousing instrumental version of Jimi Hendrix's "Spanish Castle Magic", among others. Doot! triumphed over a few brain related technical difficulties and managed not to be clubbed to death by expert soundguy Kenny Mags.
It was Win-Win!

The gig wouldn't have been complete without extenuating circumstances, would it? No. The Buffalo Sabres were playing the Ottowa Senators over in Ottowa! So
the big question was: would folks come out after the game, and would more come out if the Sabres won or lost?!
(this is NHL Hockey, FYI)

Well, the Sabres won! Go Sabres! And the Zappa freaks came out in force. Voice of Cheez was fan-freakin-tastic as always. They always seem to pick the tastiest material and pull it off with the proper amount of "espresso". They played one of my favorite FZ pieces, Uncle Meat, and it was a blast to see how many people in the audience were singing along, not least because it is an instrumental.

Special guests Anal Pudding played a set of Frank's ... well... "coarser" material, and had the place rocking. They moved on to their original material and they
really turned up the energy level. A great time was had by all.

Keep an eye on the website for pictures and more comments.


May 19th, 2006 @ 8:00PM
The Buttonwood Tree
Main Street, Middletown, CT
Doot! trio w/ Andre Cholmondeley on guitar
Suggested Donation $10

Andre is coming off what is reported to be one of Project/Object's most rocking tours, and we are hoping to keep that momentum going.

2006 05 19

Where else would you want to be on a Friday night than listening to the silken sounds of a progressive trio like DOOT!
by the banks of the romantic Connecticut River. It's a prescription for love!

OK, maybe not... Do you feel safe knowing that the raging Connecticut is almost below floodstage and that the Buttonwood makes a nice spot to fish from if the water comes up to the curb?

DOOT! @ the Buttonwood
605 Main Street
Middletown, CT
Doors at 8pm!


OH! In case you don't believe me, here is the link to the NOAA river gauge chart for the Connecticut River in Middletown, CT.,1,1,1,1,1

Isn't it romantic.....

DOOT! LIVE! on FM and the WWW *TONIGHT* 2006 06 09

That's right,
We abducted radio host and all around solid citizen Jeff Day and administered a cocktail of mind control drugs and Brain Eno records played in reverse. He became so discombobulated that he agreed to have us play live on his radio show. Jeff's show commences at 10:00 PM (22:00) EST on WPKN FM 89.5 in Bridgeport, CT and 88.7 FM out of Montauk, NY (That's Eastern Long Island for the geographically challenged).

WPKN also has live MP3 streaming at !!! So even if you aren't in the broadcast area of WPKN you can catch the show online.

We encourage you to listen since we have no idea what we will be playing. It will be a big surprise for all of us ;)

Aside from our european mini-tour we have no live dates scheduled.
Keep up on DOOT news at our website:

DOOT Plays Live!
July 8, 2006, Delft, Netherlands
July 9 - watching FIFA WC Final
July 16 - Zappanale 17, Bad Doberan Germany

Other dates TBA

Thanks!, DOOT!Galoots


We are officially two weeks out from out European mini-tour, and things are healing nicely. Thanks for asking.


TONIGHT! - DOOT! members engage in atonal warfare on the campus of Yale University, New Haven, CT
The New Haven Improvisors Collective will be performing as part of the Arts and Ideas Festival, and DOOT!
members Stephen Chillemi, Pete Brunelli, and Nate Trier will be participating. See the NHIC website for more info: Click on "Arts and Ideas" for info about this performance

The weather has pushed the gig indoors, and due to a scheduling problem we will be at a different rain location.
the common room in DwightHall on old campus at Yale. Soundcheck and start time will be 9pm soundcheck
and 9:30start. The address is 84 high street, enter through the gate on high street between Chapel and Elm.
Here is a link to a map

Please spread the word to any friends about the location change.
Signs will be posted nearby to get you to the right doors.

DOOT! European Mini-Tour Dates:
July 8, 2006 - Flora Theatre, Delft, Holland w/ Cucurullo Brillo Brullo
doors at 7:15pm, show starts at 8:00pm

July 16, 2006 - Zappanale, Bad Doberan, Germany (opening the final
day of the festival)

Yes, I did say MINI-TOUR! We have some other dates that are still in doubt so stay tuned.
If you are in Germany, Belgium, NL, or nearby, and have a lead on a good venue between June 10 and 22, please let us know.

2006 08 14

Heya DOOT!'s,

Just a few quick notes:

DOOT! will be opening for Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble at The Space in Hamden, CT.
The Date is September 13, and the time is 8pm. Be there AND be square (wave).

Also, Pete Brunelli wrote a nice piece on Adrian Belew's bassist Julie Slick for the online bass player newsfeed "Big Bottom": 
or just visit the site at

DOOT! also took a little jaunt to Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT to see the Waybacks and bassist Joe Kyle, Jr. They rocked everything from some nice roots music to Gypsy and Western Swing... SWEEET! Check them out as well.
Pics Here:

DOOT! is emerging from their post-Zappanale cocoon to begin work on the next phase of the ongoing saga of eternal ... uh, we have started playing again... 
you get the point.

Expect more sonic mayhem and some new twists as we move ahead. Sun Ra meets Son House and then some, son.

More Soon!



from Pete Brunelli

What’s new with Doot!
2006 10 01


Just a little upDOOT! on what we have been up to and where we might be going.

On September 13 we opened for Don' Preston's Akashic Ensemble (Don Preston, Andre Cholmondeley, Cheri Jiosne) at the Space in Hamden, CT. Tim Palmieri opened the night with a blast of a solo performance, and we had a nice short set to warm things up for Don. 
Andre joined us for the DOOT! Quartet Reprise. We played with this lineup at Brass City Records earlier this year. Don's set was an inspiration. He opened with a solo acoustic piano versions of Uncle
Meat, and closed with a solo acoustic piano version of Pound for a Brown (on the bus). In between it was the trio making the Space throb with pleasure. Don's Exorcism of GWB was particularly awesome. A load of gig pics here:
Our pal John Columbus was there and took pics of DOOT!, but that means that we may never see them again! C'mon John! make with the photos already!

Check out Don's Myspace page:

DOOT! doesn't have anything particular booked at the moment. We are working on a few things and will let y'all know as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, back at Rancho Frio Studios, we will be recording and going back into R&D for a while. We have some new twists and new sounds coming real soon now.

Our master of the Ivories, Nate Trier, played a few awesome sets with the New Haven Improvisor's Collective in a public performance earlier this month. What a great thing it is that New Haven has the nexus of a thriving improvised music scene. That's better than no scene at all by a wide margin.

Pete went to see Matthew Shipp at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT. Matt was on fire, pounding the helpless Steinway to within an inch of its life. Great set. It was great to see the New Haven bop crowd out there supporting a real original. DOOT! fun fact: "Big Chief Sawtelle" a.k.a. Peter Riccio played with Matt back in about '84 in Boston as a player in the Berklee/NEC underground railroad scene. The ban against inter-school musical mingling or playing out was thoroughly ransacked by these guys.

Another interesting act is Sinan Bakir and his Sinan Trio. Pete caught them at Schezuan Tokyo on Hartford. Sinan plays more in the modern-electric guitar vein, but uncorked some stank brew (that's good, just in case you were wondering) during an interesting but subdued club set. These guys had a really fine division of sound between the bass, drums, and guitar. Check them out if you have a chance.

Don't forget that over in the land of beer and honeys (Holland !! ) out pals Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo will be playing a few dates with Ike Willis (our patron saint).
The dates are October 5 (Speakers, Delft), October 7 (De Piek, Vlissingen) and October 8 (Groningen) See the website for details.

Lastly, Andre Cholmondeley is out there doing the Universe's bidding by being road manager and guitar bitch for Al DiMeola. Andre knows that we say that with all the love that DOOT! can muster ;) Check It!

Thanks for reading!


January 2007

Back to the future tense, DOOT! has some new aural excitement for your ear canal in 2007.  The R&D process is underway and we are lurching forward.  Keep your browsers peeled for more website upgrades, more audio clips, and more crazy photos.   

A treat for youse guys, to put a little ribbon on 2006, is a set of photos that Pete Brunelli took at the December 30, 2006 project/object gig in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Andre, Ike, Eric, Dave, Eric, Seahag, and Jordan were slammin.  Please check them out while they tirelessly cavort across the nation for your pleasure.


February 2007

"February UpDOOT!"

Happy New year from the good folks at DOOT!  May it suck less than last year! 

In No Particular Order:

-----Beefheart Freaks Unite!-----

Doctor Dark, and Friends,
Cafe Nine
New Haven, CT
Friday, February 23rd
Cover $5

Stephen Chillemi will be back on drums and percussion for this show.  
Who knows, Brunelli might even make it on stage, for what reason we can only guess.  Check the Cafe Nine website for more info:

------Dyslexics Untie!!------

DOOT! has been busy updating the website, and we have included some choice and rare audio, photography, and links.  Stop by and admire it while it is still under construction.

--------Zappanale 18---------

It looks like Zappanale 18 will be one for the AGES:

Terry Bozzio as headliner
Project/Object with Ike Willis
Don Preston and his Akashic Ensemble
Kimono Draggin, featuring Doctor Dark guitarist Joe Nolan

and an interesting note:
Virtuosi Dal Pianeta Talento, which from all accounts was previously known as Orchestra Spaziale.  I have heard their recordings, and the festival is in for a treat. 

Some of the DOOT!'s will be there as well, so keep an eye open for us.  Andre will be there with P/O and with Don Preston.   Stephen Chillemi should be there as part of a vacation excursion, and Pete Brunelli is planning the "hit and run" version of the Zappanale Experience.
So it looks like the Northeast US crew should be putting in a good showing this year.  Of course the lineup is subject to change, but it is shaping up to be exceptional. 

For more Zappanale info:


Thanks for your patience.
Now go out and support some good live music!


DOOT! invades Brass City Records
2007 03 19

Hididdleeho Dootarinos!

Thanks to Walt Q, patron saint of the weirdest of the weird, DOOT! makes it's now-annual stop at Brass City Records in Waterbury on March 31 at 7pm, with extra-special guests Greylyng.  Coming off of their tribute to the music of Frank Zappa at 2006's Zappanale17 in Bad Doberan Germany, DOOT! is currently sleazing their way through more of a "space trio" format, representing  sounds evocative of trip hop, acid jazz, freebop, and electronica. Don't worry, we still make a heck of a racket and our inadvertent tributes to Last Exit have not gone the way of the DoDo.  As always,  special guests are a distinct possibility. 

!?whuddya know?!  We put together a new compilation CD with some snippets from the past few months of seclusion, some clips from last September's DOOT! quartet show at the Space in Hamden, CT, and a few clips from the DOOT!trio making like a rock band at Zappanale 17.  Expect the usual level of professional packaging and holographic security artwork... meaning: none to be found.  You will be lucky if we get beyond Sharpie art and tyvek sleeves by the 31st.

Joining DOOT! will be ambient jazz trio Greylyng, straight outta New Haven, featuring guitarist Jeff Cedrone, guitar; John C. Miller, synths; and Steve Zieminski, drums,percussion.  Greylyng also has a new CD and we are sure that they will have some available.  Jeff and Steve are regulars with the New Haven Improvisors Collective and they have other projects like this one.

Come on out, maybe BYOB, paw through Walt's extraterrestrial music and video selection, help us wish March a farewell, and prepare for April Fools Day in style.

Brass City Records 
489 Meadow St 
Waterbury CT 06702 

Date: March 31, 2007 
Time: 7pm 
Cover: FREE/Donation

DOOT! website and e-presskit: 

DOOT! MySpace: 


Greylyng website: 

Greylyng MySpace: 

2007 05 04

DOOT With a Twist - May 12, Westville, CT

Funk Flash!!!!

The lovely little village of Westville Connecticut will be holding their annual ArtWalk event on the weekend of May 12, 2007.  As part of the festivities there will be a performance by DOOT! from 1pm to 2pm at the Kehler Liddel Gallery

The address is 873 Whalley Avenue, New Haven.  The Site has a nice map, or you can check it out at your favorite web mapping service.  Who knows... if we don't scare all of the straights away we might even play a little longer... Don't wager any real money on that, kiddies.

We can hear you asking....  What's the twist?

Not unlike the Yeti, or the Sasquatch, DOOT! has a rarely seen variant called the DOOT! Super Soul Spectacular.  We knew that you would be totally digging it.  Special Guests?  Hellllllll yeahhhhh!  Freaky Beats?  Count on it!

More info on the ArtWalk:



2007 05 21

Celebrate a birthday with DOOT!


May 22 is the birthday of none other than Sun Ra. Consider it your own personal musical holiday, listen to some Arkestra, watch some Sun Ra movie or documentary, or just thank the spaceways for sending him to earth and making it a better place.

Now back to DOOT!NEWS:

A DOOT! variant performed at the Westville Artwalk on May 12, playing a mix of jazz, acid jazz, and some straight up soul. Regular DOOT!sters Nate Trier and Pete Brunelli were joined by Mike Paolucci on drums and Kenny Mack on tenor sax, as well as special mystery guest Tim "The Enchanter" Mysterioso on trumpet. The performance was well received, and overall the Artwalk was well attended, making a beautiful early summer day just that much nicer. It looks like this lineup will be performing under an alias to avoid confusing people regarding what music they might be seeing. We'll make an announcement here on the DOOT! list when that happens.

The latest addition to the DOOT!CAST is a field recording of the last piece performed at the Artwalk:

Check out the DOOT! sounds page for other ways to hear it:

The room was a concrete gallery space, so the recording is pretty hollow sounding. We did our best to calm it down, but expect some more and better stuff from this group soon.

Also, the DOOT! that you know and love will be recording a track for the Idiot Bastard Son's super secret upcoming compilation CD. See some other cool info on the Idiot here:

That about wraps it up for this UpDOOT!

If you are interested in a custom DOOT! T-Shirt, or one of our recent compilation recordings, drop us an email at We have some swag on hand and will be adding info to the website soon.
Consider this a special-offer! One shirt and one CD, $15 shipped in the USA! Can't beat that!

Thanks for the support,


2007 09 14

[DOOT] DOOT!NOOTS from the Krypt! 

Heya Dootarinos!

It has been a while since we dropped any email on ya, so grab a tasty beverage and check this one out.


In August, DOOT! made the pilgrimage to Zappanale 18 in Bad Doberan, Germany. Pete was able to bunk with a big bunch of Zappateers at their top secret bungalow. The highlights included having to get some German/Austrian muscle down there to hash out the cash and toilet paper situation with the fiercely alcoholic landlady, late night exposure to Jenever and smoked reindeer, a merciful delivery of Brugge Tripel, English morning tea (no crumpets, sorry to say) and relatively easy access to the festival grounds.
Stephen and MaryJayne took one for the team, working the Arf-shop merchandise concession for the whole three days. But it didn't stop there. Stephen made Zappanale go bonkers when he performed "Electricity" with our local buddies Kimono Draggin. It was great to see so many familiar faces and watch our hometown band Kimono Draggin, featuring Joey "Delicious" Nolan (our bandmate in Doctor Dark) just rocking the balls off of the Zappanale crowd. As hard as it is to win over a festival crowd with original material, KD succeeded in getting them rocking. Way to go Draggins!

See the DOOT!BLOG for a day by day rundown, photos, and links -
Check out some vids on YouTube: and if you search YouYube for "zappanale" there are some other great Zappanale 18 videos. I have a few linked in my YouTube favorites.

DOOT! Website Update:

DOOT! has added a Merch/Downloads page with info on getting your very own DOOT! T-Shirt, and downloads of free-as-in-beer DOOT! recordings.

We plan to be adding several full length DOOT! performances to the page in the near future, and there should be additional merch options in the upcoming weeks. We will be setting up a PayPal button for purchasing T-Shirts, but until then just drop us an email and we will hook you up with the particulars. The deal is T-Shirt and a CD (a surprise pick from our vaults), shipped, for $20 in the USA, and E20 shipped to Yurrip.

Speaking of merch: A big shout-out to French DOOT!FAN Emmanuel Girard, who snagged a DOOT! T-shirt/CD/BonusCD combo pack! Thanks for the support, Big-E!

While we will have a newly minted DOOT! recording available on the website soon (More free downloads! Yipeeeeee!!!), we do not have any live performances planned at this time. Be sure that this will change and w are hoping to have at least one gig on the calendar before the end of the year.

Did You Know???
That ChollyHoss Productions also makes the finest in handbuilt chopper bicycles?

That's RIGHT! You can come even closer to looking as cool as you actually are by being seen on a ChollyHoss Chopper. Drop us an email for more info.

Any feedback can be directed to info (at) chollyhoss (dot) com


2007 09 14

[DOOT] DOOT!Tales, Told to an Idiot, Full of Sound and Fury...

We bring you this extra-special All-Idiot UP!DOOT:
Earlier this year DOOT! agreed to participate in Andrew Greenaway's "20 Extraordinary Renditions" project, a compilation of interpretations of the Zappa composition "The Idiot Bastard Son".
You might know Andrew as "The Idiot Bastard", or maybe you don't... but you should. DOOT! teamed up with our good friend, Annemarieke Blondel-Schoonderwaldt (aka Ke), a very talented viola player from Saxony, and put together a decidedly un-rock rendition of this classic composition. DOOT! will be releasing a bonus track soon, but you will have to wait for the actual release to hear our contribution to this critically important and socially redeeming document. See the details here: and see his whole website here:

But Wait! There's More!

Andrew dug up the audio from our lengthy IBS interview at Zappanale 17 in 2006. Andrew, Canadian John, and Uncle Ian set forth to interview the DOOTs: Pete Brunelli, Stephen Chillemi, and Andre Cholmondeley, after our performance on Sunday morning at Zappanale 17. As hard as we tried to forget the whole incident, Andrew has found the audio and put it up on his website for all to hear. Yep, it kinda rambles, and you can hear us move locations twice: once for noise; and once because we set the recorder down on a underground wasp's nest! Yes, really. We ramble on about many topics including some historical background on DOOT!, various Zappa-opinioneering, and some tales of our musical background. See the page and hear the audio here: We especially love the output of the voice-to-text program... I think that really gets to the core of what we were trying to say.

Andrew has been a great friend of DOOT! and we owe him Nothing! NOTHING! Well.. we owe him thanks for taking the time to cover our merry little band of space-music weirdos in any way at all when he could be spending his time in a myriad of other ways. He could be playing far out jazz with Blood, Sweat, and Tears... He could be reinventing the Buffalo Chicken Wing with canadian John and getting rich in the process... He could be finding a cure for Kraut Rock! it is a DOOT! burden that we have sidetracked him from more important work.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled de-programming.

picture by Andrew Greenaway, taken from

2008 01 12

No Forbidden Music 

Hi Folks,

We at ChollyHoss Productions typically keep the emails to a minimum, and the tone very light.  But today we ask that you take a minute to think seriously.

If you have been under a rock you might not know that the Zappa Family Trust has been getting litigious in extremus lately, sicking their grey attorneys on folks that had the unmitigated audacity to express their appreciation of the late Frank Vincent Zappa.  They may have played some Zappa music in a club, at a festival, put together a website in their spare time, or even made a festival possible.  For these crimes they have been threatened with financial penalties and even incarceration.  We at CHP recognize that there are real issues over the use of someone's image or work, but we also know a little about fair use and satire.  We also know the difference between damaging someone's reputation or image, and honoring it.

We ask that you maybe google up on the available information, as to be self-informed, and then check out this online petition

Also, if you you know someone who might be like-minded, send them a copy.

What we at CHP really fear is having cultural gatekeepers preventing free expression.  We learned a lot about that from Frank's words and music.  He was self-published and that stands out and his most under-rated accomplishment. What that means for a performer is that the performance and reproduction rights are not covered under blanket ASCAP/BMI agreements and financing.  The copyright holder has to set up their own system to recover fees (we aren't lawyers, but this is how we understand U.S. copyright rules).  What we believe it does not mean is that the rights holders can make the performance of the music *forbidden*, except as it pleases them.  i.e. The Who might not like your cover version of Sea and Sand, but they can't stop you from performing it, or even recording it.  They can't set a financial bar that is prohibitive.  They have to play ball.  The Zappas are Americans, and in many of our eyes Frank Zappa was THE GREATEST AMERICAN - EVER*.  To be told by fellow Americans that our rights are abridged because of an individuals lack of a sense of humor is what Zappa worked to prevent, not to enforce.  Frank Zappa's music should not be restrained.  It should not be left to a single individual to determine who gets to hear it, and when, and how, and for what fee.

So think about this a bit, and we hope that the new year brings some kind of understanding between the parties involved. 


Pete Brunelli and Stephen Chillemi

*Short list: Zappa exposed fake hippie culture and government infiltration in his earliest recorded works; wrote anti-drug anthems; anti-censorship anthems; anti-sheeple anthems; exposed destructors of freedom like Bush and Cheney, et al, when they were mere functionaries; exposed the anti-constitutional infiltration of government by the religious right; gave testimony to the US Congress over free speech rights...  and in the meanwhile composed some of the most advanced and beautiful music of the 20th or any other century (that last one is our opinion).  If that isn't being a great American, then we don't know what is.

2008 01 15  -  Latest News

It looks like a special version of Doot! might be playing at the next Zappanale festival.

This time around, it won't be the well-known Chillemi / Brunelli / Cholmondeley variation, but an almost completely different line-up:

Familiar names if you've listened to The Voice Of Cheez, Kimono Draggin' and Doctor Dark.

2008 04 02

What's new, Dootycat

Dateline, Rancho Frio
Rat Fink reporting for DOOT! News World Times
April 1, 2008

DOOT! World Goons victorious over Straight Nation

Freak-music impresario Idiot Bastard, real name unknown, recently sent out a call for mutants with a musical opinion on a pop song, eponymous. The mutant response was overwhelming, and the unprepared gaily dressed villagers of Straight Nation were turned back. In celebration of their victory, evidence of these crimes against humanity were presented in the form of a World Wildlife Fund white paper entitled "20 Extraordinary Renditions: A Guide to Free Love in the Streets"". Editorial input from the "axis of finks" resulted in additional far-out graphics and a shortened title, and the evidence was entered as "Exhibit Z" before the court. More information available at

DOOT! mouthpiece Del Vitello offered this response to our inquiry "DOOT! has been called "idiots" and "bastards", so they felt a special bond with the concept. Is that a crime? Not the last time I checked. Are you guys gonna be long? I got traps to check." While the credibility of DOOT! News World Times could be called into question when quoting their own paid consultant, DOOT! News mouthpiece Dan Vitello insists "DOOT!'s support of the Protect UnMerica Act" in now way colors their judgement in this matter. Are you guys gonna be long? I got palms to grease, and tonight is Meatloaf Night."

Other developments in the aftermath of what is now dubbed "Operation Idiot Bastard" include the formation of splinter-group "Underground Sensation: A Guide to Free Love in the Streets", shortened by a late-stage fink mandate. Recently acquired training camp images clearly identify a virtual cabal of Axis leadership: Buffalonian Delegate Killissa Cissoko, BEADGF lieutenant Preston Parish, martial arts master Joe Nolan III, REMO kingpin Mark Rafile, and DOOT! founder Stephen Chillemi. A web presence located at
http:// reveals more details and high resolution surveillance documents.


For those of you not fluent in Finkish, DOOT! contributed a track to a great compilation CD, "20 Extraordinary Renditions", which consists of 20 unique audio reflections on a masterpiece of the modern era.
See the IBS website for more information:
We had a blast doing it, and we are blown away by the performances on this comp. Not a dull moment on a 20 track CD. Everybody really brings something unique to the party. Our 5 minute quick-set musique concrete, DOOT!CRETE, was formed from a nice dutch girl and a strange man of Sicilian extraction. Stephen Chillemi plays percussion, vibraphone, saxamaphone, and lays down the vocals.
Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt provided a buffet of violance. Pete Brunelli provided conduction services and technical production. We are sandwiched between John Tabacco and Nigey Lennon... and we are a
trying not to look too uncomfortable.

Stephen Chillemi is also involved in Underground Sensation, a quintet recently invited to perform at Zappanale 19. With Voice of Cheez whiz Kilissa Cissoko on reeds, URR bass genie Preston Parish, guitar samurai Joe Nolan, and shadowy stranger Mark Rafile on drums, Stephen on vibes/perc/sax... and everybody sings. So that should be fun and we hope to have some audio proof soon. Lots of crunchy nuggets in the setlist! See a nice picture of a recent rehearsal here

Isn't hitting delete so much easier than wrapping a fish in this? 
Consider the Earth and let those electrons be free again.

More DOOT! soon,
D'ose D'OOTS

2009 07

Very recently, I was able to exchange some words with an inhabitant of Dootonia, a world where the music of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and Sun Ra is highly appreciated. A world where improvised music is regarded as a way to bring together like-minded people (musicians and listeners), and to blend different musical styles and tastes.

Enter Pete Brunelli, bass player and electronics wizard of Doot!.
Doot! has core members Steve Chillemi on drums and percussion and Pete Brunelli on bass.
The band hails from the east coast (CT area) of the u.s.a., and serves as a back-bone for improvisational trio's, quartets, etceteras.
The last couple of years, the band has performed with Nate Trier, André Cholmondeley, Kilissa Cissoko, Tom Fenton, Jerry Outlaw, Alex Pasut, and others.

Go to the band's webpage, or to their United Mutations entry for more info:

Doot! will be performing at the Bad Doberan Street Party on August 13, 2009, at 19.00 h., as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Zappanale festival.


UniMuta: Hello Pete,
How are you doing? Getting ready for the trip to Yurrip? When will you be leaving?

Pete Brunelli: Hey Peter!  Long time, no type!  DOOT! is getting on well.  We leave in less than three weeks for dear old Yurrip, and all of our plans are falling into place. We were recently hit hard by the passing of Andre' Cholmondeley's mother, and before that by Hugh Hopper.  Andre is an amazing person dealing with some amazingly tough stuff.  About Hugh, I had a wonderful hour or so chatting up Hugh at Zappanale 17.  He was one of the best.  We got on like pals after about one minute.  I only met him once and I miss his presence.

As for the bigger picture of our little trip, DOOT! is preparing for an extensive survey of the Herring and Potato Peoples of Northern Yurrip.  As amateur ethnomusicologists, we only really want to know what gets them drunk.  Take Us To Your Litre!  We are stopping in Oslo before Zappanale, then heading to Denmark and Sweden before coming home.  I read a lot of polar exploration literature and seeing the Frammuseet (static display of the exploring ship Fram) in Oslo will be a dream come true.  Some folks go gaga for Shackleton, but Nansen was the real deal.  Each time we have been to Zappanale we talk about the north, but we never made it there.  This year we will fix that. 

UniMuta: What has Doot! been up to lately?

Pete Brunelli: Zappanale Fever!  Catch It! 

The amount of musical information that comes from working out with Zappa's music is astonishing.  The simple is NEVER simple.  I love how there are so many ways to approach Zappa's music.  The humor, the rock and heavy guitar, the intricacies, the rhythmic and statistical density, the classicism... any one could occupy a life's work.  Harmonia Ensemble, for example, digs for the structure, the formality, and performs brilliantly, while some take a specific band or era and focus on that.  I think it plays into the hands of people like myself that have a complex relationship with music.  I can go to the Met and see a Wagner opera and be transported, but I also love Muddy Waters and a lot of other music. DOOT! is basically a garage band with heavy leanings towards free jazz, noise rock, and that sort of thing.  Zappa might be the straightest thing we do in the course of the year.  It is fun, but it is also a lot like hard work.  I can't imagine life without Zappa, but it is still one piece of the bigger picture.

We have been working on some other projects.  We contributed a track to Andrew Greenaway's upcoming "21 Burnt Weenie Sandwiches" compilation, which seems to have stalled.  I would have liked another 12 months to work on it!  Andrew!  Anyhow, we love doing that kind of thing.  I have done some bass playing and recording work for friends here and abroad.  We keep busy.  To our displeasure, Steve Chillemi and I have had our share of yucky real life stuff to deal with, so the performance schedule dried up kinda fast.  We lost our rehearsal space, and Steve's car died, I had some family stuff that needed my attention... you know... Life.  But we set up here at my place and are getting things back in order.  We will regroup after Zappanale and get back on the good foot.  Hotcha!

UniMuta: It's good to hear that Doot! will be featured at Zappanale. It sure is something that I'm looking forward to. I've seen and heard the band in various incarnations, and it has always been a treat. What can we expect? Who will be joining you on the stage?

Pete Brunelli: The could very well be titled "Garage-Rock from Hell", to paraphrase Zappa.  Steve and Michel Delville (The Wrong Object) met at Zappanale 19 and talked about doing something together, and Danny Mathys had mentioned TWO to us back in 2006 as a potential collaboration.  So we talked Michel into it, which was easy.  I had been doing some bass parts and mixing for Norwegian guitarist and fellow Zappateer Ivan Leirvik, of Shirley Wood, and I wanted to have him involved, and he agreed.  Violinist Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt, or Ke for short, played with Steve's Anti Aggressive Action Band at Zappanale 19, and with the Foolz, and some shows with Sheik Yerbouti, and she is a great friend.  She was on board from the start.  We thought we would get Philadelphia saxophonist Elliott Levin to join us but we couldn't find the funding.  I didn't feel like we needed to fill it out any more for the small stage, so we have a five piece band of like-minded nutcases.  I'm in heaven!  We have some Zappa on tap, and some special surprises, and it should be a fun gig.  The "rehearsals" have all been done by exchanging audio and ideas over the internet.  Steve and I have been working out material together here, but everything else relies on the intestinal fortitude of the band.  We love it, yes we do.

UniMuta: This is not your first time at the festival. You've previously been there with Doctor Dark and as Doot!, so as an experienced visitor, what do you expect festival- and music-wise?

Pete Brunelli: This will be my fourth Zappanale, and I think it is Steve's sixth.  I owe it all to a chance meeting with Bill Saunders in a New Haven bar, my willingness to talk to him even though (because?) he was wearing a dress, and then meeting Steve.  The ARFs always put together a great mix of music.  My one piece of advice to newcomers is to get there for the first band each day.  Those have consistently been shows that you didn't want to miss.  Corrie van Binsbergen and Polytoxicomane Philharmonie come to mind as very special and fun sets. Let's see... this year they moved the stages to a new location, and it seems like they have taken the level of organization up a peg.  The heavy space rock, prog rock, and psych rock elements in this year's lineup have me all revved up.  I have always dug Gong, but never had a ton of exposure, so I'm looking forward to that a lot.  Hillage?  Mats and Morgan?  Bozzio?  Martin?  Grande Mothers?  P/O?  I'm feeling faint.  The way I see it, Peter, this should be a very dynamite show, as long as I can still get plenty of nice cold Rostocker Pils!   

UniMuta: I've been telling zappa freaks and music aficionado's in general that Bad Doberan / Zappanale is the place to be next August. That they don't really have a choice. Anything you would like to add?

Pete Brunelli: I think that Zappanale should be a "must do" for all Zappa fans, at least once.  I had no idea what was out there until my first Zappanale.  If someone had told me five years ago that I would have deep feelings for a sleepy seaside town in the far reaches of former East Germany, I'd have sent them to a shrink.  Ot at least to an ABBA tribute show.  But here we are.

Now... About that Corsendonk....

UniMuta: OK, Pete. Thanks for your time & see you real soon in Bad Doberan.



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