michel delville

Writer and musician Michel Delville is the mastermind of The Wrong Object.

Other musical projects include a collaboration with Markus Stauss entitled "Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?, Purple Vishnu (together with Frank van der Kooij, Guy Segers and Ivo Sans),  and which later became The Moving Tones, and douBt, a collaboration with Alex Maguire and Tony Bianco.
Michel Delville also contributed to Domenico Solazzo's PaNoPTiCoN.

Together with Andrew Norris, he wrote a book called "Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the Secret History of Maximalism", published by Salt Publishing in 2005.

From the bio sheet:

"Biographical note:  Michel Delville is a writer and musician living in Liège, Belgium. He is the author of several books including J.G. Ballard and The American Prose Poem, which won the 1998 SAMLA Studies Book Award. He teaches English and American literatures, as well as comparative literatures, at the University of Liège, where he directs the Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Poetics. He has been playing and composing music since the mid-eighties. His most recently formed rock-jazz band, the Wrong Object, plays the music of Frank Zappa and a few tunes of their own."

The picture on the right shows Andrew Norris and Michel Delville. (Michel Delville is holding the James Joyce book).

Doot! performed at the 20th anniversary of the Zappanale festival, August 2009, with a very special line-up: Pete Brunelli on bass, Stephen Chillemi on drums and percussion, Michel Delville on guitar, Ivan Leirvik on guitar, Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt on violin and guest Bas Langereis on vocals.

Michel Delville contributed a track to the "21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" tribute that got released on Cordelia Records in 2010.

April 2011, he did a concert with Domenico Solazzo's Panopticon, performing with Olivier Catala, Pieter Claus, Bart Maris and Domenico Solazzo.

November 2011 saw the release of an album by Machine Mass Trio. This project featured Michel Delville, Tony Bianco and Jordi Grognard.

The September 2013 issue of Jazzmozaiek (a Flemish jazz magazine) featured a two-page article on Michel Delville.


  wrong object: all hands on dreck
    (2002, cdr, bel, private release)

  wrong object: malign siesta
    (2003, cdr, bel, private release) - incl.various frank zappa compositions

  wrong object: play zappa and a few tunes of their own
    (2003, cdr-pro, bel, private release) - incl.various frank zappa compositions, = "malign siesta" with extra tracks
  various artists: lemme take you to the beach
    (2004, cd, uk, cordelia records cd035) - all compositions by frank zappa

  various artists: zappanale 15
    (2004, 3cd, ger, arf society) – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: zappanale 15 - retrospective
    (2004, dvd, ger, the arf society) - feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: zappanale 15 - bands in concert
    (2005, dvd, ger, the arf society) - feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  the wrong object: live at zappanale 2004
    (2005, cdr-pro, bel, maximalist records mr 0004 (private release)) - feat.ed mann, incl. lots of zappa material

  the wrong object & guests: live 2005
    (2005, cdr-pro, bel, private release) - incl.various frank zappa compositions

  elton dean meets the wrong object: live in paris
    (2005, cdr-pro, bel, private release)

  the wrong object meets harry becket: another time in belgium
    (2005, cdr-pro, bel, private release)

  the wrong object & alex maguire: a tribute to elton dean - le triton, paris, may 27 2006
    (2006, cdr-pro, bel, private release)

  markus stauss: trank zappa grappa in varese? - cryptic echoes - live in belgium
    (2006, cdr-promo, switzerland, fazzul music)

  various artists: les tritonales 4 - hommage à elton dean
    (2006, 2cdr-promo, fr, le triton)

  elton dean & the wrong object: the unbelievable truth
    (2007, cd, usa, moonjune records mjr009)

  the wrong object featuring annie whitehead and harry becket: platform one
    (2007, cd, uk, jazzprint jpvp138cd) - incl. various frank zappa compositions

  the wrong object: stories from the shed
    (2008, cd, usa, moonjune mjr018)

  various artists: 20 extraordinary renditions
    (2008, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa


markus stauss: trank zappa grappa in varese? - more light
    (2008, cd, switzerland, fazzul music fm 0824)

  the wrong object: zappanale 19
    (2008, dvdr, germany, private release)
- incl. frank zappa compositions / feat.stanley jason zappa

  alex maguire sextet: brewed in belgium
    (2008, cd, usa, moonjune mjr022)


panopticon: live @ l'an vert
    (2008, cdr, bel, pan0815) - feat. michel delville, antoine guenet, françois lourtie, pierre mottet & domenico solazzo

pan0815.jpg (85352 bytes)


panopticon: cycle phase one : dusk of the old world
    (2009, cdr, bel, lap0920) - feat. jean-pierre bouquelle, olivier catala, michel delville, jean-jacques duerinckx, antoine guenet, chervin laporte, pierre mottet, domenico solazzo, rik staelens and martine verbrugghe

lap0920.jpg (59776 bytes)


panopticon: cycle phase two : dawn of the new world
    (2009, cdr, bel, lap0921) - feat. jean-pierre bouquelle, olivier catala, michel delville, jean-jacques duerinckx, antoine guenet, chervin laporte, pierre mottet, domenico solazzo, rik staelens and martine verbrugghe

lap0921.jpg (64818 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale 19
    (2009, mp3-dvd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
z19_mp3disc.jpg (23620 bytes)
  markus stauss: trank zappa grappa in varese? - play zappa live in waremme 08
    (2009, cd, switzerland, fazzul music fm 0825) - all compositions by frank zappa

tzgiv_waremme.jpg (25959 bytes)

  the wrong object feat.stanley jason zappa: live at zappanale 2008
    (2009, cd, switzerland, fazzul music fm 0827) - incl.various frank zappa compositions

two_fm0827.jpg (31293 bytes)


panopticon: panop2uo + 2 : live @ l'an vert
    (2009, cdr, bel, pan0924) - feat. olivier catala, yves dellicour, michel delville & domenico solazzo

pan0924.jpg (55129 bytes)


doubt: never pet a burning dog
    (2010, cd, usa, moonjune records mjr032)

mjr032.jpg (28103 bytes)

  various artists: 21 burnt weeny sandwiches
    (2010, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa
  panopticon: live @ el negocito
    (2011, cdr, bel, pan1141) - feat.olivier catala, pieter claus, michel delville, bart maris & domenico solazzo

pan1141.jpg (14142 bytes)


machine mass trio: as real as thinking
    (2011, cd, usa, moonjune records)

mmt_asrealasthinking.jpg (49953 bytes)


doubt: mercy, pity, peace & love
    (2012, cd, usa, moonjune records mjr049)

doubt_mercy.jpg (44597 bytes)

  various artists: on broadway - covers of invention
    (2013, cd, uk, cordelia records)

onbroadway.jpg (23124 bytes)

  the wrong object: after the exhibition
    (2013, cd, usa, moonjune mjr055)

two_aftertheexhibition.jpg (30363 bytes)

  machine mass: inti
    (2014, cd, usa, moonjune)

  movie: romantic warriors III - canterbury tales
    (2015, dvd, usa, zeitgeist media productions) - feat. michel delville

romanticwarriors3.jpg (33333 bytes)

various artists: mr. moonjune recommends : volume 2 - letting go
    (2017, download, usa, moonjune records) - incl. the wrong object: filthy habits (frank zappa)

mr_moonjune_recommends_vol02.jpg (34557 bytes)

  machine mass: plays hendrix
    (2017, cd, usa, moonjune records)

machinemassplayshendrix.jpg (50924 bytes)

  vantomme: vegir
    (2018, cd, usa, moonjune records) - feat. michel delville

vantomme_vegir.jpg (34762 bytes)

  eclectic maybe band: the blind nightwatcher's mysterious landscapes
    (2018,cd, uk, discus 67cd) - = feat. michel delville, mastered by pierre vervloesem
  the wrong object: zappa jawaka
    (2018, cd, ??, ??) - all compositions by frank zappa / mixed by pierre vervloesem
  the wrong object: into the herd
    (2018, cd, bel, off records)
  the gödel codex: oak
    (2019, cd, bel, off records)



random notes

2009 08

-> the moving tones

2009 09


* Samedi 13/09/2008 - Portes 19h30 - Spectacle 20h30 - Entrée 5 EUR*


Basse : Pierre Mottet
Guitare : Michel Delville */(The Wrong Object, Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?,...)/*
Claviers : Antoine Guenet */(Shhh)/*
Saxophone Soprano : François Lourtie */(La cigarette sans cravate, Cru controL...)/*
Batterie : Domenico Solazzo* (Fungus Imperator, UNITY...)

Panopticon est le dernier projet en date de Domenico Solazzo.
Cette figure de la scène indépendante bruxelloise a déjà plus d'une corde à son arc, en menant de front sa carrière solo depuis 2003 (douze albums à ce jour), occupant le poste de batteur et tournant avec DeafDialogue (rock alternatif) et Unity (standards jazz), claviériste et chanteur pour Fungus Imperator (stoner psychédélique), participant à des enregistrements et en co-produisant des artistes dans des styles musicaux toujours différents (Rhinestone Lives, Code314, Landing Grace), en collaborant, enfin, avec des artistes internationaux tels que Franck Balestracci (Carbon7) ou Percy Howard (Bill Laswell)...
La formule Panopticon est une invitation ouverte à qui désire plonger dans la plus magnifique et la plus mystique des expériences musicales, inspirée par les grands noms du jazz électrique des années '70 (les premiers Weather Report, le Herbie Hancock de Crossings, le Miles Davis de Bitches Brew).
Panopticon est un laboratoire sonore qui prend vie sur scène, et sur scène uniquement, où personne ne sait à quoi s'attendre, à commencer par les musiciens eux-mêmes.
L'improvisation dans ce qu'elle a de plus transcendante !


Chacun des musiciens impliqués dans le projet tournent activement dans leurs formations respectives Afin de pouvoir se reposer sur un line-up constant avec un même nombre d'instruments tout en laissant libre cours à la spontanéité, la configuration du groupe sur scène change à chaque concert en fonction de la disponibilité de chacun et assurant ainsi une réelle dynamique de renouvellement qui est l'essence même du collectif Panopticon.


**Rue Mathieu Polain 4*
*4020 Liège (outremeuse)*
*0494/420 495 - 04/344 47 37***
* **http://www.lanvert.be - **lanvert[at]lanvert[dot]be*

2009 06

Writer and musician Michel Delville is probably best known to you as the mastermind behind The Wrong Object.
Other musical projects that Michel lends his guitar to, include collaborations with Markus Stauss (entitled "Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?) and The Moving Tones project (with Frank van der Kooij, Guy Segers and Dirk Wachtelaer).
His most recent collaboration is the power trio Doubt, with Alex Maguire and Tony Bianco. Doubt is scheduled to record its first album early August.

Later in August, Michel will be joining Doot! at the Zappanale festival.

Hello Michel,

I heard about your scheduled Zappanale gig with Doot! Tell me a bit about it. How did it come about?

Michel Delville: I met Steve Chilemmi at last year's Zappanale and spent some time with him, comparing notes and sharing our influences and experiences with other artists. He emailed me a few months later and asked me if I wanted to be one of their guests. I was very happy to say yes and look forward to this new collaboration.

You have performed twice at Zappanale, right? Did you see Doot! perform on any of these occasions?  I think Doot! performed in Bad Doberan in 2006, although both Pete and Steve have been on the Zappanale stage more then once.

Michel Delville: Yes I actually played 4 gigs at 2 previous Zappanales: the first one took place in 2004, with The Wrong Object. I also played with "Ed Mann & Friends" in 2004. Last year The Wrong Object played a live set based on our last studio album to date, _Stories from the Shed_ (Moonjune Records, 2008) and I also took part in Stanley Jason Zappa's panchromatic extravanganza, "The New Texture Pan Tonal Fellowship".

I wasn't there in 2006 to see DOOT! but I did have a chance to listen to an audience recording of their show and I saw Steve play with a different line-up the first in the Summer of 2008. I also heard and enjoyed the early Doctor Dark line-up.

I'm familiar with The Wrong Object, with The Moving Tones and with Trank Zappa Grappa In Varèse. All of these bands use jazz or rock compositions to improvise on. This might be original material, or a coverversion. With Doot! this might be far more experimental. What do you prefer, and what's the most challenging thing to do?

Michel Delville: Although I am not allowed to divulge the details of our "masterplan" (LOL) at this stage, I'm sure that there will be a lot of "controlled improvisation" involved. The set will follow a blueprint to which each member of the band has been asked to contribute a piece and some ideas for arrangements. Maybe there will be some kind of happening as well. Maybe one of us will talk to the audience. Maybe there will be trouble (LOL). Be that as it may, the most exciting and challenging thing about such gigs is that you are supposed to connect with people whom you've never played or rehearsed before. I suppose we all like a bit of adventure.

I know that you're a big prog rock (and Zappa) fan. What do you think about this year's line-up? Who do you definitely want to see?

Michel Delville: This year's line-up is very strong and diverse. Of course, I won't miss Terry Bozzio and the Grande Mothers. But I am also a big Gong and Steve Hillage fan and look forward to seeing my good friend and "Moving Tones" ally Guy "Univers Zero" Segers perform with Acid Mother Guru Guru Gong -this should be one one of the highlights of the festival! I have also heard great things about Sebka Chott.

I don't need convincing. I'll be there anyway. But what would you like to say to the U.M. readers about the Zappanale festival?

Michel Delville: As I said before, I love the idea of using unusual guests and urging band and musicians to collaborate and take risks. This has been the philosophy of the festival for some years now, and great things have come out of such unlikely combinations.

Thank you & see you soon.

-- peter van laarhoven

 Doot!, featuring Michel Delville, will be performing at the Zappanale festival on Thursday, August 13, 2009, in Bad Doberan at the Kamptheater!

the others of invention



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