various artists

zappanale # 16
    – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

2006 cd ger arf society

recorded at the zappanale festival, 2005/08/05-07,
bad doberan, germany

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

compiled by mick zeuner

  1. weirdo naffn: dear henry (michael krampe)

  2. jazzprojekt hundehagen: pink napkins

  3. grand wazoo: regyptian strut

  4. final virus: zeitreisender (schnell, prokl, sonntag)

  5. cuccurullo brillo brullo: my guitar wants to kill your mama

  6. cuccurullo brillo brullo: willie the pimp

  7. paul green school of rock music: approximate

  8. paul green school of rock music: five-five-five

  9. guru guru: rastafari in bayuwari (neumeier, schaeffer)

  10. low budget orchestra: cletus awreetus-awrightus

  11. doctor dark: low yo yo stuff (van vliet)

  12. metropolis orchestra: uncle meat

  13. metropolis orchestra: pygmy twylyte

  14. paul green school of rock music: don't leave me now (waters)

  15. zappin' buzz band: whippin' post (allman)

  16. yahozna band: cosmik debris

  17. ndr bigband: brown shoes don't make it  (zappa, arr. colin towns)

  18. ndr bigband: stevie's spanking (zappa, arr.colin towns)

  19. judy4: friend of my life  (boguslowicz)

  20. bogus pomp: dog / meat

  21. bogus pomp: black napkins