bogus pomp

the bogus pomp low budget semi-acoustic orchestra
  - all compositions by frank zappa

2007 dvdr usa private release

recorded at 'the garage', st.petersburg, florida, 2007/02/17

jerry outlaw: guitar, vocals
rick olson: keyboards, guitar
jason caren: drums
dan campbell: violin
tom kersey: cello
alex pasut: bass
ross jobson: keyboards
david coash: vibes, percussion

produced by jerry outlaw

  1. introduction

  2. chunga's revenge

  3. little umbrellas

  4. mom & dad

  5. zoot allures

  6. uncle meat

  7. black napkins

  8. cleetus awreetus awrightus

  9. eat that question

  10. blessed relief

  11. black page no.2

  12. t'mershi duween

  13. dupree's paradise

  14. holiday in berlin

  15. little house i used to live in

  16. king kong

  17. coda