bogus pomp

live at mahaffey theatre
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2005 dvdr usa private release

recorded in concert 2000/08/05 at the 'mahaffey theater', st petersburg, florida, usa

jerry outlaw: guitar, vocals
alex pasut: bass, patience
rick olson: keyboards, guitar, vocals, harmonica
david manson: trombone, arrangements
david coash: marimba, vibes, percussion
david pate: tenor and soprano sax, flute
ross jobson: keyboards
john citrone: drums
jim earp: trumpet
napoleon murphy brock: vocals, tenor sax, flute

special guests: the persuasions (**)

cover by cal schenkel

  1. son of orange county
  2. penguin in bondage
  3. pygmy twylyte
  4. village of the sun
  5. echidna's arf (of you)
  6. don't you ever wash that thing
  7. inca roads
  8. the black page
  9. dupree's paradise
  10. andy
  11. florentine pogen
  12. black napkins
  13. the evil prince
  14. montana
  15. the idiot bastard son
  16. cheepnis
  17. watermelon in easter hay
  18. uncle remus (**)