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Palinckx in Amsterdam
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Kim Kangaroo - Old Works part 2
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the concert calendar


Short bits:

* * * The Accademia Amieta Ensemble performs Zappa on their "Strictly Off Limits" album.

* * * The University of Calgary Wind Ensemble recorded Zappa's 'Dog Breath Variations on their "Gardens of Dreams" CD * *  *

* * * Daniele Sepe recorded Zappa's 'Peaches' on his "Suonarne 1 Per Educarne 100" album * * *

* * * Sneaky Pete Kleinow died in January 2007. * * *

* * * Jimmy Carl Black has couple of new CDs out * * *
(info from Danny Mathys)

* * * The Wrong Object will be releasing a live album on Voiceprint very soon: "Platform One"; scheduled release = April 2007  * * *
(info from Danny Mathys)




Pojama People will be performing as the quiller kortet once again
April 14  Saturday  8pm  All Ages
Coffee House Cafe'
135 Liberty St NE
Salem OR  97301

  • 2007/04/14 Pojama People - concert 'coffee house café', salem, or, usa


see vintage footage on the big screen!
Bijou Art Cinemas.
492 East 13th
Eugene, OR 97401

April 20-22 and April 27-29 latenight
FRANK ZAPPA - August 23, 1973
Stockholm Sweden
 . Bonus: 1970 footage at the Fillmore 
    with guests Flo and Eddie.

presented by 
Live Archive

as always, spread the word!




from the Klimperei newsletter:

Lola is a lucky baby girl : her dad, Christophe Petchanatz, composed these last months a new album for her firstborn. Galipoche & Chipiron is the perfect soundtrack to this fresh, starting life, drawing brand new territories. This record is Klimperei's most illuminating ever!The only way to get it is to become a member of the Jardin au Fou association for the year 2007.Just send your contribution (16 € via Paypal) and you'll receive Galipoche & Chipiron and a few more surprises, just write to !


concert :
le livre : 
tout : 



Here's the Corrie van Binsbergen concert calendar for the following months:





Marco adds: the article is from December, Ahmet writes the script for a new Fraggles movie.

http://www.muppetce news/2006/ 120706.shtml





2006/03/01, The Bridge performed Frank Zappa's 'I'm The Slime' in concert.


  • 2006/03/01 The Bridge - concert '8 X 10', Baltimore, MD, usa
    • Intro Music, Shake Em Down, Doin' The Dirt, Big Blue > Station Blues, Beat Box & Drums >Flashlight Tag > Easy Jane, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Jam Jam, 14 Days, Firing Line, Come On In My Kitchen, Kenny's Story, Two Joints, Steam Roller, Nothing But Flowers, Brother Don't
      encores: I'm The Slime > Big Blue Reprise
    • an excellent 126 minute soundboard recording of this concert circulates




April 20 & 21, The Vlaams Radio Orkest will perform:

  • Entr'Acte  (Erik Satie)  - with film: René Clair
  • Cello and Orchestra  (Morton Feldman)
  • Déserts  (Edgar Varèse)  -  with film: Bill Viola


  • 2007/04/20 Vlaams Radio Orkest - concert 'de Singel', Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2007/04/21 Vlaams Radio Orkest - concert 'Flagey', Brussels, Belgium



The Holland Festival will feature three concerts with and around composer and conductor Pierre Boulez. For teh first, Boulez appears as conductor of Janácek's opera "From The House Of The Dead". In June, The Mahler Chamber Orchestra, with Boulez conducting, performs works by Stravinsky, Bartók and Schönberg in the 'Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ'. The series in concluded with Boulez' seminal work 'Pli Selon Pli' performed by the Asko Ensemble and the Schönberg Ensemble with soprano Barbara Hannigan under Reinbert de Leeuw.
  • 2007/05/29 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Arnold Schönberg Chor, dir.Pierre Boulez
     - concert "From the House of the Dead" - Leos Janácek, dir.Pierre Boulez, 'Het Muziektheater', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/05/31 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Arnold Schönberg Chor, dir.Pierre Boulez
     - concert "From the House of the Dead" - Leos Janácek, dir.Pierre Boulez, 'Het Muziektheater', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/06/02 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Arnold Schönberg Chor, dir.Pierre Boulez
     - concert "From the House of the Dead" - Leos Janácek, dir.Pierre Boulez, 'Het Muziektheater', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/06/01 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra, dir.Pierre Boulez
     - concert 'Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/06/05 Asko Ensemble & Schönberg Ensemble, Leeuw
     - concert 'Concertgebouw', Amsterdam, NL / works by Boulez




  • frank zappa: corn...
        (2007, cd-bootleg, germany, peak abu 04-07)
    • Here's a little update on the Peak Abu bootleg set that I mentioned a little while ago.
      There have been two new releases on Peak Abu: "Corn...", and "...Hole".
      "Corn..." has been released in three different versions. Each with a different cover:

      There's a testpressing, of which the disc has no label, and this should be out in approximately 30 copies. Picture on the right.
      And then there's 200 numbered copies:
      • the digipack version: n° 1 to 50 (below left)
      • the dvd-case version: n° 51 to 200 (below right)

  • frank zappa: ...hole
        (2007, cd-bootleg, germany, peak abu 05-07)
    • '... Hole' is follow-up of 'Corn...', and it has the properties:

      '... Hole' has been released in three different versions. Each with a different cover:

      There's a testpressing, of which the disc has no label, and this should be out in approximately 30 copies. Picture on the right.

      And then there's 200 numbered copies:
      • the digipack version: n° 1 to 50 (below left)
      • the dvd-case version: n° 51 to 200 (below right)

      These are factory pressed discs. 'Real' bootlegs & pretty hard to find.


I've been browsing the UM files through the internet lately. In search of broken links and/or invisible pictures.

I guess this will keep me going for a while...

But the good news is that the following pictures should be visible for you now as well.


Ahmet Zappa's book got released in Germany as a 4CD audio book:
  • ahmet zappa: monsterakten der furchtlosen minverva mcfearless
        (2006, 4cd, ger, jumbo ravensburger) = audio book




  • pierrejean gaucher - christophe godin: 2g
        (2007, cd, france, musiclip 1206)
    • 2G stands for two guitars, or two guitarists: Pierrejean Gaucher and Christophe Godin.
      "2G" also stands for this superb album. From the first seconds on this disc will grab you. The 'Introduction', which is in fact half a minute of Zappa's 'Willie The Pimp' theme, leads into FZ's 'Lumpy Gravy'. An excellent and funny rendition with some great improvisations. Next up is 'Au Pays De Gandhi', a piece by Christophe Godin. As you can imagine, this has an oriental flavour and you even get a sitar-sounding-solo. I like it. Track four is 'Eleonor Rigby'. It has great voicings and the guitars blend together extremely well. Again, the solos lift this song to another level. 'Engueulade' is an improvisation that has the guitars talking to each other. We're talking guitar-chops here. Very funny. Saw them do this at Zappanale in 2002. 
      And the album goes on like this. It includes and excellent version of 'Roxanne', a couple of more Zappa pieces and some very fine original compositions as well.
      Highlights? Well, there's too many to mention, but let me have a go at it: 'Zoot Allures' is great. Absolutely great. But 'Sleep Dirt' is mind-blowing. Boy, this is good.
    • Essential listening !!




Hi Ralph Friend:

The latest Residents Obscure Instrumentals release, Best Left Unspoken Vol. 3 is now available for presale. We expect to be shipping by 1st week in April. This one features the extremely rare For Elsie, plus a few other unreleased pieces (track list on the site.)

If you haven't picked up the other 2 volumes you can pick them all up together for one low price ($45 for all 3 volumes).

Plus, we just found some posters that we had fogotten about - you can get the Commercial Album screening party poster or the Demons Dance Alone NYC poster (both screenprinted and printed on high quality poster stock.)
These are available at a discounted rate, and are hand numbered. So check
those out in the DooDads area of the site.

We look forward to seeing you over at the RalphStore!

The Ralph Gang



The picture on the right shows Thomas Jung in action with Sheik Yerbouti.

-- 2007/03/02 concert ‘Malzhaus’, Plauen, Germany --

Did he get a phone call from Gail as well?

Is this Phase One of becoming an illegal band?


(picture by Moses, check out his site for more wonderful stuff:


Added a couple of bootleg covers. These are from 1978, no kiddin'...


DOOT! invades Brass City Records
2007 03 19

Hididdleeho Dootarinos!

Thanks to Walt Q, patron saint of the weirdest of the weird, DOOT! makes it's now-annual stop at Brass City Records in Waterbury on March 31 at 7pm, with extra-special guests Greylyng.  Coming off of their tribute to the music of Frank Zappa at 2006's Zappanale17 in Bad Doberan Germany, DOOT! is currently sleazing their way through more of a "space trio" format, representing  sounds evocative of trip hop, acid jazz, freebop, and electronica. Don't worry, we still make a heck of a racket and our inadvertent tributes to Last Exit have not gone the way of the DoDo.  As always,  special guests are a distinct possibility. 

!?whuddya know?!  We put together a new compilation CD with some snippets from the past few months of seclusion, some clips from last September's DOOT! quartet show at the Space in Hamden, CT, and a few clips from the DOOT!trio making like a rock band at Zappanale 17.  Expect the usual level of professional packaging and holographic security artwork... meaning: none to be found.  You will be lucky if we get beyond Sharpie art and tyvek sleeves by the 31st.

Joining DOOT! will be ambient jazz trio Greylyng, straight outta New Haven, featuring guitarist Jeff Cedrone, guitar; John C. Miller, synths; and Steve Zieminski, drums,percussion.  Greylyng also has a new CD and we are sure that they will have some available.  Jeff and Steve are regulars with the New Haven Improvisors Collective and they have other projects like this one.

Come on out, maybe BYOB, paw through Walt's extraterrestrial music and video selection, help us wish March a farewell, and prepare for April Fools Day in style.

Brass City Records 
489 Meadow St 
Waterbury CT 06702 

Date: March 31, 2007 
Time: 7pm 
Cover: FREE/Donation

DOOT! website and e-presskit: 

DOOT! MySpace: 


Greylyng website: 

Greylyng MySpace: 



At least one issue of Dancin' Fool, a German Zappa fanzine, got published. This one is from 1983 and I know nothing about it.

If you know if there were more issues published, or if you have an idea about the concent, or if you can send in a picture, let me know...



THE KENEALLIST: March 17 2007

Good day to you. Erin go bragh!

Way more than a lot going on. I'll tell you about it!
First this, since it's only a day away:


March, 18 2007 at Casbah 
2501 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, California 92101
Cost : $8.00
w/ Leslie and the Lys

This will be the first Playground Slap gig in something like 18 years. The Slap were always my favorite local band in the 80's. Incredible creativity and innovation and funk and atmosphere. Their prime dog Marcelo Radulovich collab'd with me on "Wooden Smoke" and still strikes me as one of the most uncanny and creative musicians I've ever encountered. I joined them at their rehearsal yesterday and there will be steaming action at this gig -- the band is hot. Come on over.

Find out more about the legendary Slap and their upcoming album (featuring Yorz Trooley) at


Wow, are you kidding?  Another four Universe Will Provide drawings up for auction on eBay?  Flippin' cool.

Tell all your relatives to buy them for you!



As you'll recall, I was named the National Music Director of the Paul Green School of Rock in December, and am music director of the soon to be opened San Diego chapter of the School of Rock. If you or your kid are between the ages of 7 and 18, you're welcome to come and play for me next week and let me assess how we can place you in the program.

Since we're still securing our school location (ENDLESS process. Can't believe I'd ever be spending so much time dealing with real estate) we're happy to be holding our open house at Signature Sound Studios, location of many past Keneally recording sessions.

This event is by appointment only. Details, details!:
5042 Ruffner St.
San Diego, CA 92111

between the hours of 5:00 and 10:00 PM.

Meetings will be roughly 15 minutes each. If your child has an instrument, they should bring it, but we will have instruments on hand as well.

Please e-mail Lesley Cooper, the branch manager, at, and include your phone number, you or your child's name and their instrument. She'll call you back to confirm the time and date of your appointment.



I did this before, and I'm doing it again -- my bud Brendon Small (of "Home Movies" and "Metalocalypse" fame) has asked me to appear at this midnight-mad cult comedy/music extravaganza. It's a mere five bucks; that's one thin five-dollar bill.

The Tomorrow Show
and special guests (including MK)

The Steve Allen Theater
at the Center for Inquiry-West
4773 Hollywood Blvd.
at Berendo
2 blocks west of Vermont
Saturday MARCH 31 at midnight
Five bucks
Do it



Here's a link to a nice piece about the Outerspaces CD which Evan Schiller, Michael Manring and I made last year:



There's a slew of upcoming shows in the offing, but none of them are quite fully announceable at this point. There's going to be another Baked Potato gig happening soon, hopefully a very cool gig in San Diego in late June, maybe some additional West Coast stuff in early July (no promises yet), and one thing which I know is happening on the east coast in June -- the first Paul Green School of Rock Festival, which will be happening on June 23 and 24. I don't have the details of the location or ticket prices yet, but I know that I'll be playing in a trio with Bryan Beller and Eric Slick, and that we're on a bill with Adrian Belew, the Benevento/Russo Duo and Ween, baby. You know you need to be there. More details at you when I get them.



The always amazing drummer Marco Minnemann has got a new DVD called "The Marco Show," which features myself and Bryan Beller joining Marco on several of his absurdly complex compositions. You can order it from Marco's website at Also, Marco has given me a copy of a 51-minute drum solo he recorded called "Normalizer 2" and given me the assignment of writing and recording music to go with it. He's also asked Alex Machacek, John Czajkowsi from Hectic Watermelon, sound designer Mario Brinkman and himself to write their own music to the same drum solo and will release them all, possibly in a box set. An amazingly creative and fun project. Obviously it's going to take a while to get it finished. I'm also taking part in the new album by guitarist Phi Yaan-Zek, which features Marco Minnemann and Bryan Beller -- they recorded the basic tracks this week at Doubletime Studio with Jeff Forrest engineering. Small world! Learn more about Phi and his music at, and check out his blog about hanging out with me and watching the Boil That Dust Speck DVD and listening to the B-52s in my car.



Finally underway. We've settled on a list of songs for me to tackle and I've started work on arranging "Love Secrets" for solo piano. Wicked.



You'd think that reissuing albums that were originally recorded over a decade ago would be pretty easy, wouldn't you? Next time you've got a week to spare engage me in discussion on that topic. But all the pieces are most assuredly falling into place. And the project took an unexpected turn which was really a delight for me: on the hat. DVD there's a function on the main menu called "hat salad," which scrambles the elements of the disc in a different order when it's engaged. We wanted to have some kind of graphic element to accompany this function so I did 15 sequential drawings depicting a bunch of stuff coming out of my hat, Scott Chatfield loaded them into Final Cut Pro and tweaked and dissolved, and voila! My first cartoon! I'm a pretty major animation buff so this was weirdly exciting for me. It's only four seconds long but I love it.

Brian Brodeur, who's worked on our past DVDs and has also done superb work with the Zappa family on their past and future DVD projects, has all our elements for both disc programs and both DVD projects are in the final phase prior to manufacturing. We've said it before and I'm saying it one more time -- you have our gratitude for your patience during the long process of getting these releases ready, especially those of you kind enough to preorder. Those of you who've held off on pre-ordering until the projects were closer to completion, they're now so close you can taste them. See the handy, huge banner link below and ride it to nirvana.

Is that all?

See you soon--




In 1981, Cal Schenkel released the first issue of his "Magazine Project":

Magazine style publication with various bound elements and inserts. Include archive material, personal facts and trivia, photo, visual notes, memorabilia, facsimile, etc.

Issue One:
The first year (of the work of Schenkel) with Frank Zappa. “We´re Only Money”, “Lumpy G.” plus facsimile of ads, drawings, etc. Japan Xero collage and other zanyness.

Edition limited to 500 signed numbered copies.

Pictures and description taken from the AuktionHaus Neustadt sale.


Also in 1981, Cal Schenkel released a series of  "Xero-Art-Pieces":

Color-Xerox Graphic, signed by CAL SCHENKEL and dated (1981). Each piece is unique, incorporating old and new artwork.

Size: 16 x 20 inches (40,5 x 51 cm)

Picture and description taken from the AuktionHaus Neustadt sale.





I added a bit of info to the Great Googly Moogly entry.

  • Gustav Svedung: vocals
  • Johannes Tärk: percussion, mallets, vocals and xylophone
  • Tobias Grim: guitars
  • Peter Knudsen: keyboards
  • Karl Ekström: tenor sax
  • Henrik Jonsson: trombone
  • Jenny Bengtsson: bass
  • Anders Johansson: drums, band leader

Furthermore, the band will do another concert in May, and will be at Zappanale !!


  • voltaire brothers: i sing the booty electric
        (2003, cd, usa, fall of rome records)
    • Here's another addition to the Others Of Invention section: bands performing / recording the music of Frank Zappa.
      The album got mentioned in the Zappateers' "Speakers Corner" section.
      The first track had a fat bassline and some funky guitars, so I was curious to find out what they had done with Zappa's 'Trouble Comin' Every Day'.
      Track six is called 'Trouble Man Every Day' and is some sort of mix of a Zappa tune, a Marvin Gay song and an original composition... I'm not too convinced...


  • jimmy carl black: when do we get paid?
        (2007, cd, usa, crossfire) - feat. don preston, walt & tom fowler
    • In 1981, Jimmy Carl Black released his "Clearly Classic" album. It was a very limited release: 500 copies on clear, blob shaped vinyl. The tracks got included in 1996 on the "When Do We Get Paid?" compilation, released on Devine Records.
      A short while ago, the "When Do We Get Paid?" album got re-released on Crossfire Publications, Greg Russo's label. This album gives great insight in Jimmy Carl Black's whereabouts before and after the MOI. To my ears, this is essential stuff.
      This new release comes with three bonus tracks: the first one by Jimmy Carl Black and Arthur Brown, the second one by the original 1981 Grandmothers, and the third one by Jimmy Carl Black and the X-tra Combo.


  • frank zappa: twinkle tits
        (1995, cd-bootleg, italy, oil well rsc 063 cd)
    • I've added another album to the Zappa bootleg entries. I had never heard of this one before, so I guess that it's pretty rare.
      "Twinkle Tits", with the 1970/03/07 concert from Los Angeles, CA, usa. It features the so-called Hot Rats band: f.zappam.bennetta.dunbari.underwood, sugarcane harris  


-- thanks to you know who for the picture



The Palinckx concert on 2007/03/14 at the 'Muziekgebouw aan het IJ' in Amsterdam, NL, got broadcast on the Dutch Concertzender radio channel.



The March 2007 issue of Mojo has a bonus CD compiled by Iggy Pop. It includes The Mothers Of Invention with 'Help, I'm A Rock'.

-- info: Ive Hapers



The latest Sul Divano newsletter is a letter of protest where the band wants to react against the fact that there is no place left for non-commercial projects like Sul Divano in Argentina.

The band says that the venues that accepted bands like Sul Divano are slowly disappearing. The musicians hope that not all of the clubs chose for the money, but that there will be some room left for the "art" as well.



Somos Sul DIVANO, un ensamble que desde hace mas de diez años se dedica al arte en la Argentina.

Debido a la crisis que vivimos quienes llevamos adelante iniciativas artísticas independientes, hoy nos encontramos sin posibilidades de tocar públicamente, ya que fueron desapareciendo los espacios que acogían a bandas que como la nuestra, requieren de un escenario para nueve músicos y una calidad mínima pero indispensable de acústica, sonido y seguridad.

Por el contrario, los bares, boliches y teatros que quedan y se ajustan a estos requerimientos piden a cambio derechos de sala prohibitivos y usureros o lo que es peor, exigen un precio por entrada alejado de la realidad social y cultural actual.
Por otro lado, escuchamos a menudo frases del tipo “tu público no me consume” de aquellos empresarios que resignan un precio elevado en la entrada a cambio de una promisoria consumición. En ambos casos no se contempla el hecho artístico, olvidan su funcionalidad cultural, van perdiendo su esencia y se transforman en expendedores de comida y bebida con fachada de "espacios para el arte".

El motivo de esta protesta es que, como manifestamos siempre, nuestro proyecto no es comercial, y no puede ser que en la Argentina no haya espacios para proyectos con pretenciones artísticas -unicamente-.

En nuestro caso, somos profesionales y algunos docentes, y si bien entendemos que todo es dinero para muchos, también pedimos que entiendan nuestras razones:


Agradecemos su difusión, y desde ya, un lugar para nuestros próximos shows.



  • Tony Moliterni

  • Rafael Surijón

  • Octavio Caruso

  • Daniel Buzni

  • Fabio Goy

  • Leandro Loos

  • Maxi Barranco

  • Marcelo Andrada

  • Alejandro Brukman



  • stereo review
        (1979/04, magazine, usa)
    • The April 1979 issue of Stereo Review included a 3-page article entitled "A Little Talk With Frank Zappa". 


  • collector's choice music catalog
        (1995/05, magazine, usa)
    • The May 1995 issue of Collectors' Choice Music Catalog presented a "Frank Zappa Memorial Issue".



  • guitar one
        (2007/03, mag + dvd, usa)

    • The March 2007 issue of Guitar One featured the article "How To Play Like Frank Zappa". It also included a lesson (also on the DVD) by Mike Keneally.





The following is the schedule for the Dalifest concert and is a deal at $7 per person. Bogus Pomp headlines and comes on at 6:30.


Salvador Dalí Museum
1000 Third Street South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701-4901

Saturday March 24

Performer Schedule (11:00 am - 8:00 pm)

Time    Performers     
11:00   Indo Flamenco Fusion: Nandkishor Muley & Fuego Flamenco

India meets Spain in this world fusion of Indian & Flamenco music led by Nandkishor Muley, the remarkable Grammy-award winning Maestro of the Santur (South Asian hammered dulcimer).  Traveling from Germany for this event, Muley begins the performance accompanied by WMNF´s Eluv on tambura.  It continues with a performance by the fiery Sarasota Flamenco trio Fuego Flamenco (Tahja, Juan de la Sierra and Jeff Lloyd), concluding with an Indo Flamenco fusion involving all participants. A magical event not to be missed!

(75 minutes)   
12:15   30 min. breakdown / set up     
12:45   Rayzilla´s PBS

Both whacked and sublime, a stew of world music, pop songs, and jazz fusion, all with a hint of insanity, from the mind of WMNF´s Rayzilla.  Performers include Jim Beckwith, Alfredo Rivero, Matt Cowley and Jeremy Powell.  Rayzilla´s set will feature his notorious Dalí homage, "I am Not Mad," and the eventual mega hit, "Bomb."

(60 min)       
1:45    30 min. breakdown / set up     
2:15    SHIM

The Dalí Museum celebrates this special reunion of SHIM, the jazz freebop band that "brought mystery (and Mr. Ra) to Tampa Bay."  Specialists in the avant groove, they pay homage to such diverse composers as Fela Kuti, Sun Ra and beyond.  Come and hear why the Weekly Planet awarded Shim a "Best of the Bay" award three years in a row! 

(45 min)       
3:00    30 min. breakdown / set up     
3:30    Sam Rivers Trio

Legendary Grammy-nominated jazz musician, Rivers has been a part of the history of jazz, working with musicians from Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, to avant-garde figures like Cecil Taylor and Anthony Braxton. He has since gone on to forge a personal vocabulary and leads one of the outstanding jazz trios in the world. This will be the righteous event of the season.

The Sam Rivers Trio performance is co-sponsored by the Emit Series of Experimental Music.

(60 min)       
4:30    30 min. breakdown / set up     
5:00    Gravy (w/ Ronnie Dee)

Intense powerhouse funk horn band featuring one of the hardest grooves found anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, brought to you by local impresario Ronnie Dee.

(60 min.: 1:30 - 3:00) 
6:00    30 min. breakdown / set up     
6:30    Bogus Pomp

World-renowned Frank Zappa repertoire band formed in 1994 by Jerry Outlaw, Alex Pasut and Rick Olson.  Musicians include an unlikely combination of educators, symphony players, jazzers, and rockers, all with a common interest in Zappa's music. After 12 years, they are the tightest band around, and they blew people´s minds at the 2006 Zappanale Festival in Germany.  Come and have your mind blown as well!

(90 min.) 




The next G3 tour will feature Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert !!

That's right, no Steve Vai...




At this very moment, the Zappanale band-list looks like this

  • Akashic Ensemble Don Preston (USA)

  • Drei vom Rhein (D)

  • Paul Green School of Rock Music plays "Freak Out" (USA)

  • Space Debris (D)

  • N.F.I Virtuosi Dal Planeta Talento (I)

  • Project Object feat. Ike Willis (USA)

  • Trigon (D)

  • Indukti (P)

  • Harmonia Ensemble (I)

  • Team Zappa (NOR)

  • Kimono Draggin (USA)

  • Zappatronix (CH)

  • Sex Without Nails (AU)

  • Paul Green School of Rock Music plays "YES"

  • Polytoxicomane Philharmonie (D)

  • The Great Googly Moogly (S)

  • Jazzprojekt Hundehagen (D)

  • Octafish (D)

  • Chad Wackerman Trio (USA)


Special Events:

  • European Movie Premiere: "Freak Out in Cucamonga".

  • Jim Cohen, Lecture: "A holiday in Berlin: F.Z.'s Werke als Depth Music".




Will there be a concert of the Central Scrutinizer Band, the first of April??

Read the message below...

It looks like Gail Zappa has told the band that they can't peform Frank Zappa's music anymore !!

Or is this an April Fools joke? My portugese isn't good enough for these sort of things...



2007 03 13

Ola, caros amigos da scrutinizer,

Neste domingo não iremos tocar, excepcionalmente, pois a sra. Gail Zappa oficializou um documento que impede a Central Scrutinizer de tocar as musicas do tio Frank. Se ousarmos desobedecer esse mandado toda a banda podera ser processada...

Depois de longas negociaçoes com ela mesma chegou-se(?) à conclusao que a vida é assim mesmo.
Tem dessas coisas.

Entao, o nosso muito obrigado pela sua atençao neste momento.

Futuros informes serao feitos.


Central Scrutinizer Band




I have just put together a 3-CD compilation of the Dec 06 shows with Ike Willis and am offering it for trade. It has at least one complete version of every song performed and many improvs, guitar solos and nuttiness. If interested, drop a line to .

Hope to see some of you at the St Patty's thingie Saturday.

The Pojama People Amazing Ikeless Quartet
Mar 17  8pm  $5  All Ages
Coffee House Cafe'
135 Liberty St NE
Salem OR  97301
541 520 9810

  • 2007/03/17 Pojama People - concert 'coffee house café', salem, or, usa

Pojama Site:



We have another 'last minute' show this week...

Thursday, 3/15, 9pm
The Rusty Nail
35703 Groesbeck
Clinton Twp, MI 48035

  John is playing at a Benefit in Ann Arbor that night so it will be Layla and Scott... FZ 2 pc... is that legal?!?!? I predict an interesting evening... more soon!!!!



Avaialble now: Speriot - Livingroom orbits [WM058]

Spheriot: "This is my peaceful and harmonic counterweight to the
deconstruction of musical structures I do with my noise-project Zloty Dawai
that you might download on WM Recordings as well."

Free download here:

Zlotwy Dawai can be found here:

best wishes,


from :

Ugly Radio Rebellion was originally formed in July 2002, as a Detroit band known as Uncle Meat. Guitarist Scott Schroen felt inspired to start a project consisting of everyone and anyone capable of playing the music of Frank Zappa, a definite challenge. An ad was placed in the local paper simply stating, "musicians wanted to perform the music of Frank Zappa", and so ensued a few weekends of what was later dubbed, "Zappa Survivor". Groups of musicians would essentially drill selected pieces during rehearsal, and later everyone would vote on who they think should stay for the next round. After a few no-shows, a few driven to quit by musical intimidation and a collection of other circumstances, the few that were left from the 'survivor' sessions ultimately became the lineup for Uncle Meat. The project performed FZ around the greater Detroit area until the last show on Frank's birthday, December of 2003. After a few personnel adjustments, Uncle Meat was disbanded and Scott Schroen and Bassist Preston Parish reformed the project as... Ugly Radio Rebellion.

Currently the band consists of Scott Schroen on guitar and vocals, a Berklee College of Music alumni, Uncle Meat veteran, Detroit session artist and instructor. John Garland on bass, keys and vocals, currently enrolled in the WSU jazz studies program, local session artist and instructor. Layla Hall on drums, vocals, bells and percussion, extensive scholastic band experience, EMU alumni and Detroit Music Award nominee for Outstanding Acoustic Instrumentalist...

Ugly Radio Rebellion is one of the few bands in the U.S. that perform the music of Frank Zappa. 'We love this music and are extremely proud of what we are doing'...

The Ugly Radio Rebellion website has 5 tracks from their recent 2007/03/01 gig at the Bullfrog Bar and Grill available for download.

Check it out.




Scott Schroen: guitar and vocals
John Garland: bass, keys and vocals
Layla Hall: drums, vocals, bells and percussion



 Here's another magazine that has uncle Frank on the cover: Record Review, the June 1978 issue.




Here's the Ray Collins interview from the Splat's original website:

(thank you, Charles, for having me searching for this. it's a great interview)




2007 03 11

THIS! is a message from the invisible trolls of the ceiling

Interview petchanatz / klimperei (in French) :

The Klimperei / Don Simón y Telefunken / H de Casa collaboration is finished. I must admit it is a really great opus... We just (!!!) have to make mastering, cover design & informations... and find label(s)... anyway, the work is really, really beautiful... Just wait for more informations later...

Quelques images (pictures) non publiées pour le soutien à Placid (cf.
ici :

Le CD Klimperei / Palo Alto 
devrait être disponible pour le concert fin avril (voir

Avec le soutien moral et cordial de S. Morlighem et de l'Homme-Moderne, un autre concert, avec une configutaion sensiblement différente, pourrait avoir lieu en mai à Lyon, on en reparlera...

On vous rappelle (lyonnais et proximaux) la signature des Alfreds de C. Petchanatz ( à la librairie des Nouveautés, place Bellecour, mercredi 14 vers 18 heures... (vin blanc à volonté)

Un truc à ouïr ici :

Ça aussi :

Heu... je crois que c'est that's all folks...



Bogus Pomp news
2007 03 11

Remember, our dedicated lovers of Frank's music will perform at 6:30 at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg on March 24. The music is free and for $7 you can get into the museum which deserves all of our support.

And on Sunday April 29 Bogus Pomp will be at Skippers in Tampa with an early show time of 6:00 or so. I will send confirming details later.

The BIG news is a show scheduled for August that will be a small, invitation only, concert. And, yes, as a recipient of this e-mail, you will be invited! As soon as the details are confirmed I will let you know. There will be room for 175 people and we will offer seats on a reservation basis.

-- Fred 



  • les polissons: les polissons play zappa
        (2005, cdr-promo, france)
    • This promotional disc got mentioned in one of the earlier issues of the czech frank zappa fanzine. It has Les Polissons both in the studio and live. An excellent little demo.

      All compositions by Frank Zappa:
    • catholic girls
    • inca roads
    • florentine pogen
    • zoot allures
    • intro / andy
    • i'm the slime
    • keep it greasey
    • lucille has messed my mind up 





The RIO (Rock in Opposition) FESTIVAL, in LE GARRIC, FRANCE (April 13-15, 2007)
FEATURING: Magma, Faust, Zao, Peter Blegvad Trio, Salle Gaveau, G.M.E.A.,
and CUNEIFORM AFFILIATED ARTISTS: Present, Nebelnest, Mats/Morgan Band, Guapo




Ahleuchatistas (USA), The Claudia Quintet (USA), Graham Collier (Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, UK), Deus Ex Machina (Italy), Far Corner (USA), Hugh Hopper (France, Japan), Bill Brovold/Larval (USA),
Richard Pinhas (Canada), Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores (USA) & Univers Zero (Mexico, Belgium)



- Roger Trigaux

"Rock in Opposition or "RIO" was a movement representing a collective of "progressive" bands in the late 1970s united in their opposition to the music industry that refused to recognise their music. It was
initiated by Henry Cow in March 1978 when they invited four European groups to come to London and perform in a festival called "Rock in Opposition".
The groups that performed in the inaugural event were: Henry Cow (UK), Stormy Six (Italy), Samla Mammas Manna (Sweden), Univers Zéro (Belgium) and Etron Fou Leloublan (France).
After the festival, RIO was formalised as an organisation with a charter whose aim was to represent and promote its members. Three more bands were also added to the collective: Art Bears (UK), Art
Zoyd (France) and Aksak Maboul (Belgium), and further festivals were held later in France, Italy and Sweden. Chris Cutler of Henry Cow established the ReR (Recommended Records) label in the UK, as a model for a non-profit music company.
RIO as a movement did not last long, but its legacy still persists. 
While RIO never referred to a type of music (the original RIO bands were quite diverse musically), it is still often used by listeners, musicians, and distributors to classify bands (generally bands that
appeared at the RIO festivals or bands related to or derived from the RIO bands). Bands familiarized with the RIO movement and genre today include: Thinking Plague (USA), Present (Belgium), Miriodor (Canada), Ahvak (Israel), Neblenest (France), 5uu's (USA), Guapo (UK) and U Totem (USA).
The term "RIO" today is almost synonymous with Avant-progressive rock or Experimental Rock."



Maison de la Musique
(Carmaux) - FRANCE

Rocktime Association
Place de l'amitié entre les peuple
/ BP 49
81002 Albi Cedex 09
Tel: 05 63 38 55 57
Fax: 05 63 38 55 65


Friday, April 13th
5 pm - "VIP" reception for professionals (labels, press, musicians...)
6 pm - Doors opening - Festival presentation
7 pm - Salle Gaveau (jp) - Main Hall
10:30 pm - ZAO (fr) - Main Hall

Saturday, April 14th
11 am - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
2 pm - NeBeLNeST - CONCERT - Main Hall
3:30 pm - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
5 pm - Present - CONCERT - Main Hall (Version for 2 pianos, percussion, and vocals)
6:30 pm - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
7:30 pm - Peter Blegvad Trio - CONCERT - Main Hall
9 pm - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
11 pm - Faust - CONCERT - Main Hall

Sunday, April 15th
11 am - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
2 pm - Guapo - CONCERT - Main Hall
3:30 pm - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
5 pm - Mats/Morgan Band - CONCERT - Main Hall
6:30 pm - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
7:30 pm - Present - CONCERT - Main Hall
9 pm - Access to vendor's stands - Musical Workshop GMEA - 2nd Hall & Mezzas
10:30 pm - Magma - CONCERT - Main Hall

"During an encounter in Brussels in December 2005, Michel Besset and Roger Trigaux discussed their common desire to initiate in France - and everywhere in the world, since that fight is of an interplanetary
kind! - new dynamics around those musical forms that have thrilled them since the early 70's. For Roger, this desire is linked to the permanent commitment of a musician who always refused to compromise or to "adapt" his music to the mainstream taste of non-demanding audiences, and who always had to cope with the obstacles generated by such a radical approach. For Michel, this is the willingness to come back to these musical streams that have shaped the identity of "Transparence", the association he founded in 1974, back in a period of deep musical innovation, when truly committed artists gave birth to numerous passionated initiatives that were often risky and far off the beaten tracks of commercial production. In the meantime, both Michel and Roger have witnessed a worldwide flourishment of music Festivals dedicated to so-called " progressive " musical forms, but in fact mostly presenting artists who are redundantly recycling the recipes of the same old cult-bands.

Something had to be done...
The birth of that new musical event is in continuity with gigs that have been promoted for the last three decades by the association "Transparences" in Carmaux, Albi and other locations in Southern
France (with such artists as Henry Cow, Art Zoyd, Léo Ferré, Univers Zero, Magma, Nucleus, Contrepoint, Present, ...).
This event illustrates how this association has always been a committed partner to the most UNCOMPROMISING artists, AGAINST a commercial system that forces them to adapt their creativity to a demand created by the system itself and IN OPPOSITION to a system that seems to be inescapable and self-consuming.

The idea is not to hide in the past.
Back in the 70's, artists had to fight to promote these so-called "radical" musical forms, and it's getting even more difficult nowadays. Just because that music is demanding - not that it requires
an effort from the audience, but only because it appeals to his curiosity and his longing for new perspectives.
The complex language, the emotion and the depth, the real collective work that characterize musicians who dedicated themselves to that music, made their way through several decades and finally reached the
new generations, tired of hearing cheap discourses and mainstream merchandised muzak.
In France, one band epitomizes that fight: Magma, whose lasting musical influence has become more and more obvious as years have passed. But outside France as well, such artists as Robert Wyatt,
Soft Machine, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix have been important symbols for a whole generation.

Sometimes the music reaches its target... when it has one! Those musicians opened our minds and gave us enough strength to pursue that struggle, for ourselves, for the music and for the human condition in general. After more than three decades, we now realise how crucial that issue can be.
After having experienced other forms of music, we are now able to understand the significance of the music we defend today."

- Michel BESSET / Roger TRIGAUX



  • 3/3/07 Plains, PA - River Street Jazz Cafe

  • 3/9/07 Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber

  • 3/10/07 New Haven, CT - Toad's Place

  • 3/22/07 Teaneck, NJ - Mexicali Blues

  • 3/23/07 Buffalo, NY - The Tralf

  • 3/24/07 Rochester, NY - High Fidelity

  • 4/19/07 New York, NY - The Collective (SPECIAL CLINIC: "THE RHYTHMS OF MAHAVISHNU")

  • 4/20/07 Huntington, NY - IMAC Theater ("RETURN TO THE EMERALD BEYOND")

  • 4/21/07 New York, NY - Green Apple Music Festival at Makor (RECORD RELEASE EVENT - FULL 11-PIECE BAND!)

  • 4/28/07 Metuchen, NJ - The Forum Theater (RECORD RELEASE EVENT - FULL 11-PIECE BAND!)

  • 6/8/07 Milford, PA - Milford Music Festival, Anne Street Park

  • 6/19/07 New York, NY - BB King's (w/ Allan Holdsworth Trio)

  • 6/20/07 New York, NY - BB King's (w/ Allan Holdsworth Trio)

  • 6/21/07 Wilmington, DE - Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, Main Stage (w/ Jean-Luc Ponty Band)

For more detailed information about these shows, see below. Please note that tour dates are subject to change; for updated tour information visit

The Mahavishnu Project:

During its brief yet potent five-year existence in the early 1970s, the Mahavishnu Orchestra reigned over the landscape of popular music like a vast fireball of creativity, scorching everything in its path.
From 1971, when British-born guitar god John McLaughlin assembled a multi-national lineup of jazz and rock musicians in New York City to join an `orchestra´ under his spiritual name (Maha the Creator/Vishnu
the Preserver, given by Sri Chinmoy), until 1976, when it abruptly disbanded, the Mahavishnu Orchestra released six albums of innovative, explosive, blazingly fast, and emotionally uplifting instrumental music. Simultaneously spiritual and visceral, composed and improvised, the Mahavishnu Orchestra´s music was transcendent to its core, ignoring the boundaries of musical genre, form, and geography (eastern/Indian vs. western/rock).

30 years after the Mahavishnu Orchestra´s lifetime, its music breathes new life in the live performances of the New York City-based Mahavishnu Project, led by classically trained composer and percussionist/drummer Gregg Bendian. One of the most creative and in- demand percussionists/drummers and improvisers on the free jazz and creative/new music scenes, Bendian formed the Mahavishnu Project in 2000 as an interpretive repertory ensemble, dedicated to performing the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and presenting it to new audiences. Led by Bendian, a musician of global tastes, the Mahavishnu Project revives McLaughlin´s dream of true musical fusion, relives melodies that soar, and reveals that this visionary music remains not only relevant but, in a world deeply divided, more necessary now than ever before. By treating McLaughlin´s Mahavishnu compositions with respect while interpreting and presenting them to new audiences, breathing new energy and life into a music whose essence was live performance, the Mahavishnu Project has won John McLaughlin´s endorsement.


"Just a little note of appreciation for what you are bringing back to life. This musical period was the beginning of finding my own way in music, and to hear you guys playing those tunes in such an unbelievable way is quite amazing. Great job! Keep up the good work."

- John McLaughlin, Oct. 2002



"I really enjoyed seeing them. It was great. It was wonderful. I admire those guys because they tried something that is very hard. They managed to carry it off. They did it. They came through. The key to the band as much as the mystique of John's Indian name or the music he wrote - I think what carried it through - was the performance of the five people. It was a performing band. It is very hard to get that on record. Anybody can read the parts and learn them but then you have to step in and do something with it. That is the key - what you do with it as a performer and improviser. 
Improvisation is what finally makes it work in the end. These guys really caught onto it. That's what was wonderful about it."

- Jan Hammer, original Mahavishnu Orchestra keyboardist, Aug. 2005
(after hearing The Mahavishnu Project perform the complete "Inner Mounting Flame" at Vishnu Fest 2005 at The Cutting Room in NYC)


  • Glenn Alexander: guitar

  • Adam Holzman: keyboards

  • Rob Thomas: violin

  • Dave Johnsen: bass

  • Gregg Bendian: drums



Thanks to notaspecka cereal, I'm adding four new magazine covers to the UM picture collection.
  • live in italia
        (1993/10, mag, italy)
    • The October issue of Live In Italia had Frank Zappa on the cover. No Zappa content inside.


  • record mirror
    (1971/04/10, mag, uk)
    • The april 10 issue of Record Mirror featured a 2-page article on Zappa and groupies.


  • vida e obra
        (1994, magazine, brazil)
    • In 1994, Vida E Obra published a 36-page Zappa special. 


  • acorde
        (1986, magazine, brazil)
    • This 1986 issue of Acorde, a guitar instructional magazine, had Frank Zappa on the cover. It had no Zappa content inside. 




Guy Darol has some extra info on the "Classic Album / Frank Zappa" DVD that will be be out in may!

Guy adds that the DVD will be distributed in France by Naïve.



Pojama People in concert - picture taken by Andrew Vertal


Over at Wolfgang's Vault, at|7686&aid=28616,

you can listen to a concert by The Persuasions, live at 'Winterland' in San Francisco, CA, on 1972/11/24.

  • 1972/11/24 concert 'Winterland', San Francisco, CA, usa
    • Come Go With Me, I Just Can't Work No Longer, Chain Gang, Lean On Me, Can't You See What You've Done, Medley / Goodnight Sweetheart, Up On The Roof, Medley, Train Song Medley, In The Still Of The Night
    • Jimmy Hayes - vocals / Herbert Rhoad - vocals / Jerry Lawson - vocals / Jayotis Washington - vocals / Joe Russell - vocals

      • Formed in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY, in 1966, the Persuasions are an a cappella vocal group that have not seen a great amount of chart success but are supported by a strong, loyal following. They were discovered when they sent a tape to none-other-than Frank Zappa in 1968, who immediately signed them to his Bizarre Records label. The group found a large pool of industry support on the west coast, where they remained for several years.
        Performing with no instrumentation at all (among their albums was one named We Still Ain't Got No Band), the Persuasions bridged the gap between the classic doo-wop groups of the 1950s and the multi-layered R&B vocal groups of the 1960s.
        Most of their material was classic '50s and '60s pop music, with the occasional contemporary rock song thrown in as a challenge to their ability to arrange for voice only. This recording was made at the legendary Winterland Ballroom in 1972 and opens with the Persuasion's take on the Del Vikings' classic, "Come Go With Me." They move into a cappella versions of Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang," Bill Withers' "Lean On Me," and Carole King's "Up On The Roof." The show ends with a stirring version of "In The Still Of The Night."
        The Persuasions have remained together and have recorded dozens of albums, many of them based around the music of a particular artist, such as The Persuasions Sing U2 or The Persuasions Sing the Beatles. The original lineup remained intact for over two decades, until the death of Herbert Rhoad, who collapsed and died while touring with the group in 1988. Hayes, Washington and Russell, augmented by new Ray Sanders and B.J. Jones, continue on the road even today.



2007/03/03, the Quasar saxophone quartet performed two pieces of Frank Zappa, arranged by Walter Boudreau at the MNM Festival in Montréal.
  • Marie-Chantal Leclair, artistic direction, soprano saxophone
  • Mathieu Leclair, alto saxophone
  • André Leroux, tenor saxophone
  • Jean-Marc Bouchard, baritone saxophone

"Impassioned by the music of our time, the Quasar saxophone quartet is dedicated to premiering and promoting contemporary music that is multi-dimensionally conceived. Celebrated for its energy, audacity and exceptional technical ability, Quasar explores different aspects of artistic creation, from instrumental music to the multi-disciplinary, from mixed media works to instrumental theatre. The quartet reserves pride of place for a number of Québécois composers, with whom it has formed solid partnerships. It aims to contribute to the development of our musical language and provide a platform for new music experiments, exploration, and production. At the same time, Quasar constantly seeks out new works from the international scene, which are then frequently integrated in its repertoire. The group’s concerts are regularly broadcast by Radio Canada’s Chaîne Culturelle, and it recently launched its first compact disc, on the ATMA label, the excellence of which was underscored by its nomination for a Prix Opus for the year 2000.

Quasar is the ensemble in residence for the Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec and is supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Conseil des arts de Montréal."


Montréal Nouvelles Musiques Festival, Montréal.

"Les (nouvelles) boîtes de Pandore!"

  • 2007/03/03 The Quasar Saxophone Quartet - concert 'Société des arts technologiques', Montréal
    • The Quasar saxophone quartet will begin with music where the electronic meets the conventional with premieres of works by Jean-François Laporte and Zack Settel. To these two pieces by a couple of particularly original composers will be added arrangements of works by Frank Zappa by Walter Boudreau. This Montreal quartet promises not only to surprise, but also to transport its listeners!



Contemporary composer and conductor Walter Boudreau was born in Quebec in 1947. He also has arranged a number of Frank Zappa compositions that have been performed by various enxembles that directed and / or conducted.

In 1988, l'Ensemble De La Societé Contemporain, conducted by Walter Boudreau, performed 'The Perfect Stranger' (Frank Zappa)

In the early ninetees, Walter Boudreau worked with The Dangerous Kitchen. In 1998, he recorded an album with The Dangerous Kitchen, performing only Zappa material.

2007/03/03, the Quasar Saxophone Quartet performed two pieces of Frank Zappa, arranged by Walter Boudreau at the MNM Festival in Montréal.



-- info: Danny Mathys



2007 02

Gong has been putting some video clips on YouTube:

-- info: Danny Mathys



August 2006, former Project/Object drummer Glenn Leonard started a new Zappa project, called Pojama People, and featuring Ike Willis.

The picture below was borrowed from the Pojama People website:

Photo by Andrew Vertal.

Pojama People is

  • Alli Bach, vocals, percussion, winds

  • Brian Casey, bass

  • Ike Willis: vocals, guitar

  • Glenn Leonard, drums

  • Ted Clifford, keyboards


from: PJP
2007 03 08
subject: POJAMA PEOPLE march goodies

Pojama People will be at it again. After three successful west coast tours  with Zappa veteran Ike Willis, the footsie-wearin' musicians will be appearing at The Coffee House Cafe as a quartet. Although Ike will not be with us, the result should be a dreamy mix of great FZ standards and unique arrangements to some not-so-standards. Expect the unexpected when witnessing a show stocked with Mr. Zappa's music.

The show will occur on St Patty's Day at 8pm for all ages. See Alli Bach play Zappa on the Irish Tin Whistle. See Glenn Leonard perform Irish Dancing from the waist up (he's only half-Irish, you see). See Ted Clifford drink Irish Coffee on stage. See Brian Casey. He has an Irish name.

Mar 17  Sat  8pm  All Ages
Coffee House Cafe'
135 Liberty St NE
Salem OR  97301
541 520 9810

  • 2007/03/17 Pojama People - concert 'coffee house café', salem, or, usa

New pics are up on the Pojama site. Have a gander...

Glenn n all the Pojama People






Clobbernasty ended their debut performance with Zappa's 'Muffin Men'.

  • Liam Hanrahan- Bass
  • Martyn Jones-Drums
  • Ryan Vandenbroeck-Keys
  • Christopher Zanardi- Guitar


  • 2006/02/23 Clobbernasty - concert 'the connecticut yankee', san fransico, ca, usa
    • Pluxy River, The Kilter Branch, Corner Pocket, Fearless (Pink Floyd), Itzer ($), Egg Radio (Bill Frisell), Liquid Desert, P.D., Muffin Man (Frank Zappa) (^)
    • Liam Hanrahan- Bass, Martyn Jones-Drums, Ryan Vandenbroeck-Keys, Christopher Zanardi- Guitar
    • ($) w/ John Branch on Guitar, (^) w/Famous Jamas on Vocals




July 2002 Pierrejean Gaucher teamed up with Christophe Godin to play a Frank Zappa set at the 13th edition of the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. Parts of this concert were released on two albums in the Zappanale series.

The collaboration of these two guitar greats was the start of G2.

They have a new album out, and they're touring. I'm a bit late with these dates, but I only heard about the tour tonight.




SplitSquad performed Frank Zappa's 'Po-Jama People' in concert on 2006/05/28 in Chillicothe, IL, usa.



  • 2006/05/28 SplitSquad - concert 'Late Nite Barn, Summer Camp 2006', Chillicothe, IL, usa
    • Meeting in the Aisle (Radiohead) > Achilles Last Stand (Led Zeppelin), You Know What I Mean (Jeff Beck), Shoot First, Watching Wheels (John Lennon), In the Ghetto (Donnie Hathaway) > Syncopated Strangers, Po-Jama People (Frank Zappa), Bridge of Sighs (Robin Trower), Bodhisattva (Steely Dan), intro, Moth (moe.) > The Trooper (Iron Maiden), In the Street (Big Star), All In Time > Bring You Down (moe.) > All In Time, Shook You All Night Long (AC/DC), Havah Negilah (trad.) > Long Island Girls Rule (moe.) > drums > Life During Wartime (Talking Heads) > Farmer Ben (moe.) > Moth (moe.)
    • Encore: The Weight (The Band), Night Moves (Bob Seger)




Jam band Spotus performs original compositions that blend rock and jazz sounds with a little bit of funk. 

Spotus has been picking up a loyal fan base not only in their central Pennsylvania home, but throughout the state and also at the venues they play in Maryland, New Jersey and New York.

  • Kurt Wewer on guitar, vocals and composition
  • Jeremy Pierce on bass and vocals
  • Jamie Smucker on drums



  • 2006/09/27 Spotus - concert 'Appalachian Brewing Company', Harrisburg, PA, usa
    • Window (K. Wewer), Pygmy Twylyte (F. Zappa), Jam, Lazy Day (K. Wewer), Served (K. Wewer)





Nero performed Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia' in concert at least a couple of times: 2003/01/25 at the 'Cafe Dekcuf' in Ottowa, Ontario and 2004/12/11 at the 'Pepper Jack Cafe' in Hamilton, Ontario.

From their website: "nero is an instrumental trio that has spent several years developing their progressive,aggressive, riff-oriented improvisational style, and many miles building their incredibly dedicated fanbase. In the hundreds of shows they have played since they started seriously touring in 2001, nero has won over thousands of fans throughout North America and have played with a lot of great bands like moe., Jazz Mandolin Project, Particle, The Slip, and others, and appeared at several festivals and showcases, including moe.down IV, Evolve, NorthByNortheast, and many more."

Dave Lauzon: guitar
Chris Buote: bass
Jay Mcconnery: drums



1 nero: is it morning
    (2001, cd, usa, ??)
2 nero: soon
    (2003, cd, usa, ??)
3 nero: zedonk
    (2004, cd, usa, ??)



  • 2003/01/25 Nero - concert 'Cafe Dekcuf' in Ottowa, Ontario
    • Whispy Mountain Wonder, Tonto's Underwater Paradise > Lemondust, Sunspine, A Tear For Eddie > Mikomard, Darius, Condor, Zedonk > Centragnome, Peaches en Regalia (Frank Zappa), Chocolate Monkey Machine
  • 2004/12/11 Nero - concert 'Pepper Jack Cafe', Hamilton, Ontario
    • Zedonk, The Year Of..., Chocolate Monkey Machine > Carol Of The Bells > Centragnome > Chocolate Monkey Machine, Peaches En Regalia (Frank Zappa), Condor, Medicated, Miko Mard, Lemondust > Basheeba > Lemondust, Whispy Mountain Wonder, Breakline



  • frank zappa: corn...
        (2007, cd-bootleg, germany, peak abu 04-07)
    • Release number four on the Peak Abu bootleg label. This is another very limited release: 30 copies (CD-testpressings, without a label).
      The disc presents the first part of the 1988/05/29 Mannheim concert.

  • .frank zappa: ...hole
        (2007, cd-bootleg, germany, peak abu 05-07)
    • The sequel of the above mentioned Mannheim concert.
      Again, the same limited number: 30 copies.


Below are pictures of the "200 Motels" bootleg. This is the TMOQ FZ-503 release, on red vinyl. 



This postage stamp got issued by the Russian Republic of Tatarstan in 2002. They've got good taste over there...


from the archives:

"The Lives & Times Of Zappa & The Mothers", published by Babylon Books in the UK in the early eighties / late seventies...





  • pink floyd: pink floyd meets frank zappa
        (2006, lp-bootleg, ??, shadow man records)
    • The famous "Pink Floyd Meets Frank Zappa" bootleg has been spotted in different coloured vinyl. Here's the update:
      • black vinyl
      • peach coloured vinyl
      • green vinyl
      • red vinyl
      • yellow vinyl
      • blue vinyl
      • clear vinyl



from: Ugly Radio Rebellion
2007 03 04

March 07 Update

Brand New Audio from 3/1/07
Check out the 'SOUNDS' page... live from Bullfrog Bar and Grill!!!

There are also some HIGH QUALITY photos from the Valentines show at King Brewing Co... courtesy of ZORAN... Thanks!!!

The next show is:

cRaNk SoMe FrAnK



The next release on Lama Recordings will be:
  • spoedbult: natuurtroebel
        (2007, cdr, bel, lama recordings lama 019)

I don't have a clue to the what, where, who and why, but this will be continued soon.



I'm a bit too late with this.... Sorry...


  • kim kangaroo: rain washed my tongue
        (2006, cdr, bel, lama recordings 018)
    • Contrary to the latest two Lama releases (look for "Old Works - Part 2" a bit below ; yes, you have to read this damn newsletter from the downside up), this "Rain Washed My Tongue" dittie includes Kim Kangaroo's latest musical adventure.

      14 tracks. 14 completely different tracks. Experiments, toy noises, fun & weirdness, it's all still here. Along with the obvious influences: Residents, Snakefinger, ...
      RWMT is a very strong album. I'm listening to it for the third time tonighs and I'm still thrilled to find out what'll come next.

      Recommended listening.




ATLANTA, Georgia - March 1, 2007 (10T Records) -10T Records is thrilled to announce the release of the first official double live CD by Frogg Cafe, entitled "The Safenzee Diaries" on April 10, 2007.  This will be the New York based band's 4th official release and their first new release on 10T Records.

Frogg Cafe is a 6 piece band making music that incorporates elements of progressive rock, pop melodicism and fusion jazz into a sound that is wholly their own.  Peppered with an appealing variety of other flavors including Latin music, bluegrass, modern chamber music and avant-garde/experimental, their energetic live shows feature extended flights of group improvisation that draw grins from hardcore jam-band fans. 

In fact, it is these live performances that have historically set Frogg Cafe apart, with each show being a unique and exhilarating one of a kind event.  "The Safenzee Diaries" fully captures Frogg Cafe on stage, preserving the world-class musicianship and unexpected interplay that have garnered the band praise from around the world.  "The Safenzee Diaries" also incorporates live in the studio jams intertwined between tracks. Additionally, there are energetic reinterpretations of classic Frogg Cafe tunes featuring different solos and sometimes entirely new arrangements, plus three brand new tunes never heard before. 

"I'm really excited that Frogg Cafe is releasing our first live (double) CD!" says Frogg Cafe bassist Andrew Sussman." This is a true representation of the energy of our music, which on a studio album is very hard to achieve. This release represents the best of hundreds of hours of live shows and live in the studio jams. We're also psyched that this is our first release with 10T Records, who have been there for us every step of the way. This really is a road trip musical diary of all of our great memories and crazy moments on stage and off."

"We couldn't be happier with our partnership with Frogg Cafe," says 10T Records president Steve Carroll.  "They were one of the bands that we launched our label with and it's very satisfying to be able to bring this fantastic double live CD to the ears of all of their eager fans around the world!" 

"The Safenzee Diaries" is available for immediate pre-order through the 10T Records website.  All orders received between now and the official release date will ship on or before the end of the week prior to the official release.  Additionally, all tracks from "The Safenzee Diaries" are available to listen to in their entirety through the 10T Records website:

After April 10, "The Safenzee Diaries" will be available at your favorite retail outlet for immediate purchase.




"Imaginary Diseases" has been released as a double vinyl album, released on pazzo records 20001-2.

side 1

  • oddients
  • rollo
  • been to kansas city in a minor

side 2

  • father o'blivion

side 3

  • d.c. boogie

side 4

  • imaginary diseases
  • montreal

It's a limited edition of 300 copies...




Chad Wackerman will be headlining Zappanale #18.

Joining Chad will be Mike Miller on guitar (Grandmothers, Banned from Utopia, Chick Corea, Fowler Bros, Sting, Vinnie C.) and Doug Lunn on bass (Keneally, Ed Mann, Sting, Springsteen).

-- info: yellowshark



  • kim kangaroo: old works part 2 (1988 - 91) - people break
        (2006, cdr, bel, lama recordings 017)
    • Where "Giant Dead Lip Samba" presented the first part of Kim Kangaroo's early works, from 1982 until 1987, "People Break" takes a closer look at the years 1988 to 1991. You get twenty-five tracks of Kangaroo madness.
      This is great stuff. You can hear the Residents' influence in every corner of the disc. 

      My favourite track is 'Fast Car (Slow Death)', where the Tracey Chapman classic gets a Rezzie Treatment.



from: André Cholmondeley
2007 03 03

starts tonight in WILKES BARRE PA!!

featuring PROJECT OBJECT bassist Dave Johnsen.... 

Celebrating "RETURN TO THE EMERALD BEYOND" on Cuneiform Records 

THE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT:- playing the music of John McLaughlin and MAHAVISHNU ORHCESTRA 

  • Glenn Alexander: guitar

  • Adam Holzman: keyboards

  • Rob Thomas: violin

  • Dave Johnsen: bass

  • Gregg Bendian: drums 

  • 2007/03/03 (9pm) The Mahavishnu Project - concert 'River Street Jazz Cafe', Plains, PA, usa

  • 2007/03/09 (9pm) The Mahavishnu Project - concert 'The Khyber', Philadelphia, PA, usa

  • 2007/03/10 (9pm) The Mahavishnu Project - concert 'Toad's Place', New Haven, CT, usa

  • 2007/03/22 (8pm) The Mahavishnu Project - concert 'Mexicali Blues', Teaneck, NJ, usa

  • 2007/03/23 (7pm doors/sets @ 8 and 9:30pm) The Mahavishnu Project - concert 'The Tralf', Bufallo, NY, usa

  • 2007/03/24 (8pm) The Mahavishnu Project - concert 'Hi-Fidelity (formerly Milestones)', Rochester, NY, usa






June 18, the last Cucamonga radio show will be broadcast...

In the meantime, the Cucamonga crew has created a video channel:  CucaTV





BlissNinnies has been around since the early ninetees. The band plays an occasional Zappa tune, and has performed with Ike Willis (2005/06/04 concert in San Francisco).

Mark 'Tuttie' Danley: Drums
Jerry 'Homer' Brown: Bass/Vocals
Victor 'VeMan' Manning: Guitar/Vocals
Nick 'Mooshie' Chargin: Keyboards/Vocals





  • alcatrazz: power live
    1985, vid, jpn, shouchiku)
    • Here's what cleaning up a website will do for you...
      I added the track-list and a nice picture of the Alcatrazz "Power Live" video to the Alcatrazz entry.
      I features a young guy on heavy guitar, called Steve Vai....

      The picture on the right, however, is not from the original japanese vhs release, but is from a (bootleg?) dvd release.



Guitar greats Pierrejean Gaucher and Christophe Godin have joined forces again! As I have very fond memories of their Zappanale performance from a couple of years ago, this is a project that I'm really looking forward to.

Pierrejean's website says that there's an album scheduled for release this month.

And Guy Darol ( adds that it might include the following Zappa pieces: 'Lumpy Gravy', 'Zoot Allures', 'Sleep Dirt' and even 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black'.




from 25th century quaker /
2007 02 23

New Crossfire Releases - Led Zeppelin, Zombies and Former Zappa Members - Soon To Hit The Streets

Crossfire Publishing - Publisher and Record Label - prepare to release new Books and CDs from rock music icons.

New York (PRWEB) February 23, 2007 -- Formidable publisher and record label, Crossfire Records, has some ambitious new releases lined-up for Spring 2007. Crossfire, who has blazed a name in the rock music publishing field by issuing invaluable documentations on music legends like Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Manfred Mann and The Zombies, are sole distributors of Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts. Led Zeppelin can be considered the quintessential rock stars of the 1970s with their special brand of classic hard rock. Written by Gilles Chateau and Sam Rapallo, the book explores the band's special relationship with the
legendary concert venue, home of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Co-author and photographer of Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts, Gilles Chateau, shares his incredible never-before-seen collection of photographs along with insightful interviews, research and text by Sam Rapallo. A portion of the proceeds from the book's sales go to two of Jimmy Page's charities - The ABC Trust and Casa Jimmy.

In keeping with the Led Zeppelin book, Crossfire is making exclusively available Danish photographer Jorgen Angel's fantastic limited edition lithograph "The First Performance", with photos from Led Zeppelin's very first gig in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sept. 7, 1968.

A revised edition of Crossfire's critically acclaimed Zombies book Time Of The Season: The Zombies Collectors Guide, will be issued in early March 2007, including eight additional pages of material covering the band's activities and recordings since the original edition.

On the record label front, Crossfire has lined-up rare, archival releases by former Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention members, such as Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston and Bunk Gardner. When Do We Get Paid?, an archival collection of Jimmy Carl Black "the Indian Of The Group" rarities, was originally released in the UK in 1996. Crossfire head honcho Greg Russo has remastered and re-EQ'd the original recordings making them sound better than ever! The CD also includes three bonus tracks. Other CDs in the Crossfire catalogue include two rare compilations by surf music giants The Tornadoes, Now And Then and
Charge Of The Tornadoes (some of the recordings were engineered by music genius Frank Zappa). Crossfire has released the Neonfire CD featuring Candy Zappa (Frank's little sister), Nolan Porter, Napoleon Murphy Brock (Zappa vocalist extraordinaire) and Andre Cholmondeley (of Project Object) amongst others. Super violinist Joe Deninzon is also featured on one track. The adventurous label also offers Yardbirds - Reunion Jam , fifteen live recordings from the legendary British ensemble's reunion shows in December 1991 and March 1992. Also available is From Rock 'n' Roll To R&B, an extremely rare edition CD
that was available only from the Museum of Richmond in the UK. The CD showcases performances by The Bruvvers, The Downliners Sect, Tom Nolan Blues Trio and four exclusive tracks from the Yardbirds concert on October 15, 1998.

In the works: Crossfire Records has an exciting release schedule for 2007, which includes ex-Zappa frontman Bob Harris's The Great Nostalgia from 1986, which features guest performances by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. Nolan Porter has two upcoming Crossfire releases No Apologies and Nolan (containing the Northern soul classics "If I Could Only Be Sure" and "Keep On Keeping On" - these have been in great demand in British clubs for years), whilst sister of music icon Frank Zappa, Candy Zappa's future Crossfire CD is entitled My Brother Was A Mother. Also in the can, I Believe In Music: The History Of The Gross Prophet. The Gross Prophet was formed by Gerald Sanders of The Tornadoes in 1970 after the surf legends disbanded. The Gross Prophet featured many musicians throughout its 23-year career, like Tornadoes members Jesse Sanders, Leonard Delaney and George White, Wayne Charvel (creator of Charvel guitars), the late Jack Sessums (well-known special effects master for film and TV), Genteels drummer Carl Hubert, and Truants keyboardist/vocalist Dick Zeiner. Twenty-three unreleased tracks by The Gross Prophet join super rarities by The Genteels, The Tornadoes, The Truants, Never So Few, The Insects, Gerald Sanders, Jon & The Nightriders, Mike Methane and the Blue Flames and Sand to create a two-disc extravaganza that surf and garage fans cannot miss. Also in the works: Jon & The Nightriders Stampede. This is the first CD release of these 1986 recordings featuring retro surf guitar master John Blair. Jon & The Nightriders carried the torch of surf music during its quiet period during the 1970s and 1980s, and no one did surf instrumentals better. Stampede includes many fine sax contributions from Tornadoes member George White, making it essential. Finally, soon to be available from Crossfire, the legendary Paul Buff's PAL Studio recordings with Frank Zappa and many others - seven releases in all.

For more information on all Crossfire books and CDs visit:



  • alexei aigui and dietmar bonnen : up from the skies
        (2002, cd, ger, solyd records slr 0323)
    • Browsing through my records, I came across this Aigui / Bonnen album. To my suprise, I hadn't included it in the UM files. An unforgivable mistake as this is one great album.

      On "Up From The Skies", Alexei Aigui (violin) and Dietmar Bonnen (piano and vocals) perform the music of Jimi Hendrix. Don't expect any note-for-note renditions on this album. Aigui and of Bonnen bring you their versions of their favorite Hendrix classics. No feedback guitar lines, just beautiful songs and great interpretors.

      A must-have.



from 25th century quaker /
2007 02 24

Barnes & Barnes 'Voohaba' and Two Wild man Fischer Albums Reissued on Collectors' Choice Music

Barnes & Barnes gave the world "Fish Heads" while Wild Man Fischer is deemed "the father of outsider music."

Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB) February 24, 2007 -- In one corner, we have Barnes & Barnes, a duo thrilled to hold the distinction of having recorded the most requested song in the history Doctor Demento's syndicated radio program. In the opposite corner, we have Larry "Wild Man" Fischer, arguably the most bizarre recording artist to emerge from arguably the most bizarre city, Los Angeles. What's the connection? Well, Barnes & Barnes produced two Wild Man Fischer albums as charter releases for the soon-to-be-multimillion-dollar Rhino label. And now Barnes & Barnes' classic Voobaha album, along with two Fischer albums -- Pronounced Normal and Nothing Scary -- will be reissued on Collectors' Choice Music on April 3, 2007.

Barnes & Barnes was composed of Art & Artie Barnes, noms du disques for childhood friends Bill Mumy (yes, Will Robinson on "Lost in Space") and Robert Haimer, respectively. Their goal was never to make it big -- just to get played on their fave syndicated radio show hosted by Doctor Demento. Drawing on their mutual love of comics, including '50s EC (which specialized in horror, crime and sci-fi), '60s pre-superhero Marvel comics, and R. Crumb, the songs were
demented from the get-go. In 1974, they submitted "The Vomit Song" to Demento, though the good Doctor felt it would have an "emetic" effect on his audience. But he loved "Fish Heads" and "Boogie Woogie Amputee," and the former made Barnes & Barnes darlings of Dementia overnight. The tune's accompanying short film went on to air on MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central, and was named #57 video of all time by Rolling Stone. They even recruited a heavy manager (Bill Siddons, who managed the Doors).

The Voohaba album was issued in 1976, then digitally remastered and reissued as a CD on Rhino. Robert Haimer went back to the original source tapes to prepare for the Collectors' Choice reissue in 2007, and Barnes & Barnes have added some previously unreleased tracks: "I Gotta Get a Fake I.D.," plus alternate takes of "Political Statement," "Boogie Woogie Amputee" and "Fish Heads."

As Mumy wrote in the notes, "We basically broke every rule in the recording book. And you know what? It worked. Or not."

The saga of Barnes & Barnes would ordinarily begin and end there if not for their academic interest in a forgotten and occasionally homeless Los Angeles singer/songwriter named "Wild Man" Fischer.
Recorded in the late '60s by Frank Zappa for Bizarre Records, Fischer's inaugural album, An Evening With Wild Man Fischer, portrayed on its cover the singer holding a knife to his elderly Jewish mother. 
It spawned the underground hit "Merry Go Round" and the brief monologue "I Used To Be Shy." Fischer went in and out of mental institutions and seldom kept an address for longer than a couple of months. His second album was released as one of the very first Rhino long-players, Wildmania (which was previously reissued by Collectors' Choice). But that didn't mean that Rhino founders Richard Foos and Harold Bronson could readily locate him. Barnes & Barnes, however, were up for the Alan Lomax-like challenge and at some point, somehow located Fischer. They were delighted to find that he was a fan of "Fish Heads." The session for Pronounced Normal ensued -- its title inspired by the song "The Wild Man Fischer Story" from his first album -- at both Mumy's and Haimer's home studios. But it wasn't easy to get him into the studio. He failed to show up, moved without informing his producers, or just lacked "the pep" to record. But when he had the
pep, the recordings flowed naturally. 

One track, "The Bouillabaisse," was intended to be a psychedelic dream, his own outsider Sgt. Pepper interlude -- all good until Fischer, according to Mumy's liner notes, became convinced of subliminal messages in the song, and that Barnes & Barnes, Doctor Demento, Frank Zappa, "Weird Al" Yankovic and others were joined in conspiracy to sever his penis, throw him in the ocean, chop him into little pieces and throw him to the sharks. Although he fled soon after, he began to phone Barnes & Barnes again around the album's 1981 release -- sometimes many times a day. The two producers seized the mood to take on one more album, the 32-track Nothing Scary, with the mission of it being an album with which Fischer would be happy and proud. The 1984 release contains gems like "Derailroaded," "Larry & the New Wave" and "Music Business Shark."

"We never expected to make much money from working with Wild Man Fischer," wrote Mumy. "We choose to do it because we were personally moved by his talent. We know him to be a powerful, unique artist and we wanted to help him realize that vision."

Fischer is often omitted in discussion of outsider artists such as Daniel Johnston, Captain Beefheart, Syd Barrett and Jonathan Richman. The reissue of Pronounced Normal and Nothing Scary should restore him to the outsider hall of fame.

So for the price of roly-poly "Fish Heads," we got Barnes & Barnes' Voobaha, which in turn begat two rather improbable Wild Man Fischer albums. Together they prove that whether cultivated or genetic, outsiderdom has always been more fun than what's on the radio (except when Doctor Demento's on).



December 8, Norwegian television aired a new Zappa documentary. It turned out to be the "Classic Albums: Apostrophe (') / Over-Nite Sensation" special that Eagle Rock Entertainment is about to release in May 2007.

Román already has the info up at the Information Is Not Knowledge site:




Terry Bozzio's OUT trio will not be headlining the Zappanale festival. At least not this year. He recently joined Korn and this has changed his schedule.

The OUT trio will be replaced by Chad Wackerman and his new group !!

Can't wait to find out who Chad will bring along.




I never browse the UM files on the internet, as I have the entire thing on my hard-disc. So when I did, the other day, searching for some data, I noticed that some of the pictures didn't show up.

Well, the following stuff should be visible now, so let's make a quiz out of it. See if you can get the reason why the album is featured in the UM files...

Let's go for the letter "a".


isabelle antena: tous mes caprices
    (1987, lp, nl, les disques du crepuscule)

leftovers from last month


  • hungry freaks daddy - the recordings of frank zappa and the mothers of invention - volume one 1959 - 1969
    by scott parker
        (2007, book, usa, private release)
    • Scott says that the book has gone in production.

      This sure looks like a mighty impressive & promising first volume to me...

      Read all about it at the "Speaker Corner" section at the Zappateers site. You'll be able to view some samples and you can find Scott's address there as well.

      I've put the link to the discussion below. Don't want the hyperlink to be broken:


originally posted in the Speakers Corner section of Zappateers and on the AFFZ newsgroup:

Hey all,

Soon you will be seeing (on eBay maybe, not sure how I'll do this) an ad for a new FZ book called "Hungry Freaks, Daddy: The Recordings of FRANK ZAPPA Vol. 1 1959-1969". This is a book I've recently finished on FZ's recordings beginning with the earliest circulating stuff (Ronnie Sings? etc) and ending with the 1969 Amougies tapes. The book is in two parts: a full (though not overly obsessive) discography of the period (think IINK and the Zappa Patio meets the Zappalog in a dark room somewhere) followed by an analysis of the non-commercial (i.e. bootleg) circulating recordings from the period. It's does
contain some illustrations (not a huge amount) and in it's present form is 335 pages. This is, compared to a lot of the FZ books I've seen, a BIG BOOK. Maybe too big! If it works well I'm planning at least 3 more books in the series.

Right now I'm just finalizing printing for the book (I'm publishing it myself). I hope you all will enjoy it--it's basically for collectors but I know if I saw it I would like it, sooo....

I am preparing a website for the book, but meanwhile you can see a few scans of the book in the Speakers Corner at Zappateers or by emailing me at

Soon I will be compiling a list of people who are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, as at the moment the only way of obtaining it will be directly through me (as the publishers I've talked to wanted me to make huge compromises to the book which would result in something other than what I am intending). I will post here to update you all when the book is ready (or nearly so) but if you have any questions or wish to be informed directly about availability please email me at Thanks guys!!

Scott P.




Chad Wackerman is touring with Allan Holdsworth. Check out the dates:


allan holdsworth trio featuring jimmy johnson and chad wackerman

  • 2007/03/07 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Johnny D's’, Sommerville MA usa
  • 2007/03/08 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iron Horse’, Northhampton MA usa
  • 2007/03/09 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘U/Music’, Bochanon NY usa
  • 2007/03/10 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘IMAC Theater’, Hunttington NY usa
  • 2007/03/11 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, South Hackensack NJ usa
  • 2007/03/12 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Turning Point’, Piermont NY usa
  • 2007/03/14 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, Philadelphia PAusa
  • 2007/03/15 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/16 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/17 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/18 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/20 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Ram's Head’, Annapolis MD usa
  • 2007/03/21 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Birchmere’, Alexandria VA usa
  • 2007/03/22 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, Downington PA usa
  • 2007/03/23 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Rex Theatre’, Pittsburgh PA usa
  • 2007/03/24 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Winchester’, Cleveland OH usa
  • 2007/03/25 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘The Guitar Factory’, West Seneca NY usa
  • 2007/03/26 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘The Tralf Music Hall’, Buffalo NY usa


allan holdsworth / alan pasqua band with jimmy haslip and chad wackerman

  • 2007/04/06 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/07 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/08 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/10 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘The Bottom Line’, Nagoya Japan
  • 2007/04/11 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Big Cat’, Osaka Japan
  • 2007/04/12 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Gates 7’, Fukuoka Japan



Fred says:

Despite what you may read in certian publications, the correct date of the concert is February 17!

  • 2007/02/17 concert 'The Garage Bar', St Petersburg, FL, usa


a message from Fred
2007 01 15

The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra will perform on Saturday, February 17th at the Garage in downtown St.Petersburg.   Doors open at 8pm and the show starts around 9:30pm.  Tickets are $10 at the door only, no advance tickets.   We will do two sets of instrumental, semi-acoustic music.   Each set will be an hour or a little longer.   This performance will feature Dan Campbell on violin and Tom Kersey on cello.   Also this will be Jason Caren's debut on drums with the band.  We are very happy to have him aboard!!  The lineup will consist of......

  • Jerry Outlaw ~ acoustic guitar

  • Alex Pasut ~ acoustic bass

  • Rick Olson ~ keyboards, acoustic guitar

  • Ross Jobson ~ keyboards

  • Jason Caren ~ drums, percussion

  • David Coash ~ marimba, percussion

  • Dan Campbell ~ violin

  • Tom Kersey ~ cello

This is a unique lineup and I think it will sound excellent in this format.   As always, video and audio recording is welcomed and encouraged.   This show will not be a late one or a loud one so, bring someone you wouldn't usually bring.  

  • 2007/02/17 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Garage', St.Petersburg, FL, usa

Also, will also be playing Dalifest at The Dali Museum on Saturday, March 24. More detail will follow.

  • 2007/03/24 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Dali Museum', St.Petersburg, FL, usa

Did anybody get a video of Zappaween 11. If you did please let me know as Jerry and the band would love to get a copy.





from Almanzart, at the Zappateers site:

If you're living in or near Mexico City or if you can do a trip there, you'll have the opportunity to see Harmonia in concert on March 25th at Teatro de la Ciudad, Mexico city

2007/03/27 Harmonia - concert 'Teatro de la Ciudad', Mexico City, Mexico



Muffin Men HQ are proud to announce the Neo-Retro line-up for Spring 2007.

4 original core members of the band have reunited for a two week UK tour scheduled for the last two weeks of April 2007. Roddie will be joined by Rhino, Jumpy and Waco, joining them will be the newest, youngest Muffin of them all Mikey Smith, along with very special guest Jimmy Carl Black.


The Muffin Men

  • 2007/02/17  concert “UK Zappaday”,
    Bradford-on-Avon, UK

  • 2007/04/18 concert ‘MET’, Bury, UK

  • 2007/04/19 concert ‘Pacific Road’, Birkenhead, UK

  • 2007/04/20 concert ‘Boardwalk’, Sheffield, UK

  • 2007/04/21 concert ‘Flowerpot’, Derby, UK

  • 2007/04/22 concert ‘New Roscoe’, Leeds, UK

  • 2007/04/26 concert ‘Mr Kyps’, Poole, UK

  • 2007/04/27 concert ‘Borderline’, London, UK

  • 2007/04/28 concert ‘Musician’, Leicester, UK

  • 2007/04/29 concert ‘Robin’, Wolverhampton, UK




How about

  • the Paul Green School Of Rock
  • Project/Object featuring Don Preston and Ike Willis
  • the Don Preston Akashic Ensemble
  • the Orchestra Spaziale
  • Team Zappa
  • Zappatronix
  • Octafish
  • Cosmik Debris
  • Trigon
  • the Chad Wackerman band




FZ Europe vacation tour and music festival July 27 - August 6!

Each summer for the past 18 years, Zappaphiles from all over have migrated to the northern German town of Bad Doberan for the Zappanale, a festival devoted to the music and conceptual continuity of FZ. Now your summer vacation can be an absolutely Zappa experience.

Our good friends at Arf Society, the German non-profit group that organizes the Zappanale, passed this along to us, and we thought we would share it.

Vacation Vibrations, a Boston-based tour operator, is pleased to announce

Farther Oblivion Tour 2007

a tour package that will bring FZ fans to that great worldwide annual gathering in Germany of Appliantologists and Dental Floss Tycoons.

The tour begins in Berlin on July 27, 2007. The group will tour the city, and attend an extraordinary event, when "Street Number 13" will be formally dedicated as "Frank-Zappa-Strasse", the first street in the world named for FZ. The dedication will be followed by music for the rest of the day, and a late "chill-party" that is sure to exemplify Berlin's legendary nightlife.

From Berlin the tour will proceed to Prague. Prague is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but FZ holds a special place in Czech history. Former Czech president Vaclav Havel called Zappa "one of the gods of the Czech underground" for his uncompromising belief in freedom of thought and expression, and that spirit lives on.

After enjoying Prague, the tour will head to the northern German town of Bad Doberan for the 18th annual Zappanale, a three-day festival of Zappa tribute bands, former Zappa band members, and other musicians and performance artists with kindred styles and interests from all over the world. The Zappanale is designed as a complete Zappa experience, with the atmosphere on the festival grounds every bit as important as what happens on stage. The whole town gets into the fun, from the café waitstaff in the town square to the mayor himself.

Headlining Zappanale 18 will be the Terry Bozzio Out Trio. (Terry Bozzio - need we say more?) Other US groups will be the prodigies from Philadelphia's Paul Green School Of Rock, the renowned Project/Object, and the Don Preston Akashic Ensemble (Don Preston - one of the Mothers of all Mothers!) So far, the line-up will also include French big band Le Bocal, Italy's Orchestra Spaziale, Team Zappa from Norway, Zappatronix from Switzerland, and three Danish bands- Octafish, Space Debris, and Trigon.

The tour group will be deposited back at the Berlin airport on August 6th, totally plooked out of their brains from music, "cities and beer", and lots of fun. Did you say you want some more-a? Tour participants who want to continue their vacation after the Zappanale can book an optional tour extension to Amsterdam, another awesome city with legendary nightlife that is also devoted to independent thinking and freedom of expression.

Vacation Vibrations is a division of American International Tour Groups, a group tour operator with 15 years of experience specializing in customized group trips. Whether you are an experienced traveler, or this will be your first international trip, they'll make sure you have an absolutely amazing time.

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See you in Bad Doberan!




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The Dresdner Philharmonie, conductor Roland Kluttig, will be performing orchestra pieces by Frank Zappa and Edgar Varèse on 2007/03/24 at the 'Alter Schlachthof' in Dresden, Germany.

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Sa 24. 03. 2007 20:00 Uhr

Alter Schlachthof

Dresdner Philharmoniker anders - 3. Abend


Orchesterkompositionen von Frank Zappa und Edgar Varèse

Edgar Varèse (1883-1965):

  • Amériques

Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

  • Bogus Pomp

  • Sad Jane

  • Stricly Genteel

Dresdner Philharmonie
Roland Kluttig - Dirigent

Er ist das enfant terrible des Avantgarde-Rock: Frank Zappa. Weniger bekannt ist: Er hat auch für Orchester komponiert. Sein großes Vorbild war Edgar Varèse. Zappa war 15 Jahre jung, als er sich von seinen Eltern Geld zum Geburtstag schenken ließ, damit er Varèse in New York anrufen konnte. Varèse war erstaunt, dass ein Junge aus dem Mittleren Westen sich für seine Musik interessierte, und Zappa wunderte es, dass sein großes Vorbild ein Stück mit dem Titel "Desert" komponierte - eine Wüste, in der er seinerzeit lebte.

Der in Dresden ausgebildete Roland Kluttig hat sich in den letzten Jahren vor allem als Operndirigent und als Dirigent außergewöhnlicher Konzertprogramme mit verschiedenen deutschen Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchestern einen Namen gemacht. An der Stuttgarter Staatsoper war er bis 2004 als musikalischer Assistent von Lothar Zagrosek engagiert und leitete u. a. Schönbergs "Moses und Aron" sowie Morton Feldmans "Neither", die für ihn zum Triumph wurden. Beim Aldeburgh Festival 2005 dirigierte er die Uraufführung von Richard Ayres Oper "The cricket recovers". Seit 2004 ist er Principal Conductor beim Crested Butte Music Festival in den USA, wo er insbesondere mit moderierten Sinfoniekonzerten begeisterte. Immer wieder erkundet er mit speziellen Projekten die Werke von Komponisten wie Berlioz, Satie, Eisler oder Bernd Alois Zimmermann.



the concert calendar * the concert calendar


  • 2007/03/28 Brokken Avond (Corrie van Binsbergen)  - concert 'Zaal100', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/03/29 Renate Dorrestein (with Corrie van Binsbergen) - concert 'Schouwburg', Amstelveen, NL
  • 2007/04/06 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/07 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/08 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/10 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘The Bottom Line’, Nagoya Japan
  • 2007/04/11 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Big Cat’, Osaka Japan
  • 2007/04/12 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Gates 7’, Fukuoka Japan
  • 2007/04/14 Pojama People - concert 'coffee house café', salem, or, usa
  • 2007/04/18 The Muffin Men – concert ‘MET’, Bury, UK

  • 2007/04/19 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Pacific Road’, Birkenhead, UK

  • 2007/04/20 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Die Halle’, Reichenbach, Germany  

  • 2007/04/20 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Boardwalk’, Sheffield, UK  

  • 2007/04/20 Vlaams Radio Orkest - concert 'de Singel', Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2007/04/21 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Kammgarn’, Hard, Austria

  • 2007/04/21 Vlaams Radio Orkest - concert 'Flagey', Brussels, Belgium
  • 2007/04/21 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Flowerpot’, Derby, UK

  • 2007/04/22 The Muffin Men – concert ‘New Roscoe’, Leeds, UK

  • 2007/04/24 Asko Ensemble - concert 'muziekgebouw aan't ij', amsterdam, NL- performing music by corrie van binsbergen

  • 2007/04/25 Brokken Avond (Corrie van Binsbergen)  - concert 'Zaal100', Amsterdam, NL

  • 2007/04/26 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Mr Kyps’, Poole, UK

  • 2007/04/27 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Borderline’, London, UK

  • 2007/04/28 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Musician’, Leicester, UK

  • 2007/04/29 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Robin’, Wolverhampton, UK
  • 2007/05/04 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Alte Piesel’, Fulda, Germany

  • 2007/05/05 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Museumskeller’, Erfurt, Germany  

  • 2007/05/11 Great Googly Moogly - concert 'Kulturnatt', Borås, Sweden

  • 2007/05/29 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Arnold Schönberg Chor, dir.Pierre Boulez - concert "From the House of the Dead" - Leos Janácek, dir.Pierre Boulez, 'Het Muziektheater', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/05/30 Brokken Avond (Corrie van Binsbergen)  - concert 'Zaal100', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/05/31 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Arnold Schönberg Chor, dir.Pierre Boulez - concert "From the House of the Dead" - Leos Janácek, dir.Pierre Boulez, 'Het Muziektheater', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/06/02 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Arnold Schönberg Chor, dir.Pierre Boulez - concert "From the House of the Dead" - Leos Janácek, dir.Pierre Boulez, 'Het Muziektheater', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/06/01 The Mahler Chamber Orchestra, dir.Pierre Boulez - concert 'Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/06/05 Asko Ensemble & Schönberg Ensemble, Leeuw - concert 'Concertgebouw', Amsterdam, NL / works by Boulez
  • 2007/06/02 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Colos-Saal’, Aschaffenburg, Germany

  • 2007/06/07 G2 (Pierrejean Gaucher & Christophe Godin) – concert ‘Music Academy International’, Nancy, France

  • 2007/06/22 Het Wisselend Toonkwintet (Corrie van Binsbergen) - concert 'Natuurtheater De Kersouwe', Heeswijk-Dinther, NL

  • 2007/06/27 Brokken Avond (Corrie van Binsbergen)  - concert 'Zaal100', Amsterdam, NL



  • 2007/07/28 "Zappa-street-naming-event in Berlin"

  • 2007/08/03 - 05 Zappanale - Bad Doberan, Germany
    Chad Wackerman will headline Zappanale 18 ! Furthermore, the Orchestra Spaziale from Italy will be there as well.

  • 2007/10/31 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Café Hahn', Koblenz, Germany -  “Halloweenparty” with a lot of special guests and a special program !!!

  • 2007/12/01 Het Wisselend Toonkwintet (Corrie van Binsbergen) - concert 'Cultuurcentrum', Hasselt, Belgium