arno & the subrovnicks

- incl. 'hot head’ (van vliet)

1994 cd fr delabel 7243 8400702 7

  arno = arno hintjens: vocals, harmonica
  ad cominotto: keyboards, programming
  geoffrey burton: guitar, banjo, mandolin, 12-string
  françois garny: bass
  rudy cloet: drums, percussion
  jan marmenout: bolivian flutes, didgeridoo, tiktiri, zumas, congas, gong
  b.j.scott: backing vocals  13
  kathleen vantenhoudt: backing vocals  13
  philippe de chaffoy: violin  13

produced by mike butcher & arno

  1. meet the freaks
  2. à eux je montre mon derrière
  3. i couldn't get up
  4. hot head (van vliet)
  5. freddy
  6. the smell of roses
  7. watch out boy
  8. chicken song
  9. what the f... is going on
  10. i am still allright
  11. rock them out
  12. women beat
  13. mathilda