nasal retentive orchestra

music for hungry people
    - incl.various frank zappa compositions

2007 cd fr pickaboo nro005


  christophe delbrouck: artistic director, bass, vocals, percussion
  mathieu metzger: woodwinds, vocals, electronics
  jeff marschalle: lead vocals, guitar
  fabrice barré: woodwinds
  jean-yves monjauze: piano, synth, organ, vocals
  frank quintard: marimba, vibraphone, percussions
  patrick desoyer: drums
  paul brousseau & ben watson: keys & vocals on 1

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. dolby without lunch  (brosseau)
  2. echidna's arf
  3. don't you ever wash that thing ?
  4. cheepnis
  5. evelyn' a modified dog
  6. redunzl
  7. pygmy twylyte
  8. prélude  (monjauze, delbrouck, desoyer)
  9. greggery peccary
  10. dupree's paradise #1
  11. oriental pattern  (delbrouck, metzger)
  12. be-bop tango
  13. mighty little  (metzger, quintard)
  14. dupree's paradise #2
  15. brenda goes to montana