son of lunar egg-clips dances with the mystic mother
    - feat rick snyder, bob harris
     / 'candy corn' (van vliet), 'son of orange county' (frank zappa)

1992 k7 uk acid tapes 084

    the ant-bee (billy james): vocals, drums, percussion, tablas, guitar, keys, tape
    herman monster (roy herman): guitar
    lunar-egg clips (greg brosius): keyboard
    the magic sunbeam (mark oxendine): bass
    mr.lambchop: bass
    purple plastic penguin (rick snyder): bass
    millet rantin (bob harris): noises

  1. intro
  2. petrouska / where's my llama?
  3. my cat
  4. kandy korn (don van vliet)
  5. the wrong at once (has gone)
  6. greenbeans, stringbeans and other assorted vetgetables
  7. son of orange county (frank zappa)
  8. dancing lips in cloriform
  9. homage to other worlds
  10. lunar egg-clips runs amuck
  11. black and white cat, black and white cake
  12. the green gin
  13. do you like worms? (brian wilson)
  14. here we go round the lemon tree (roy wood)