rarities vol.1
    - feat.rick snyder, bob harris

1992 k7 usa electrik yak 001

    the ant-bee (billy james): vocals, drums, percussion, tkeys, guitar, tape
    herman monster (roy herman): guitar
    lunar egg clips (greg brosius): keyboard
    the magic sunbeam (mark oxendine): bass
    mr.lambchop (paul lamb): bass
    recurring schizms (scott renfroe): computer
    mod martian (rod martin): guitar
    purple plastic penguin (rick snyder): bass
    millet rantin (bob harris): noises

  1. the girl with the stars in her hair (billy james)
  2. do you like worms? (brian wilson)
  3. here we go round the lemon tree (roy wood)
  4. who slew the beast? (billy james)
  5. uncle's mannequin (billy james)
  6. eating chocolate cake / demo (billy james)
  7. black and white cat, black and white cake / demo (billy james)