the big nOte files - may 2004

updated 2004/05/12, 13, 16, 20 & 25

ZZZZZ New album scheduled by the Metropolis Orchestra
ZZZZZ The Grandmothers at the Avalon Ballroom - a review
ZZZZZ Jeff Simmons has a new album out
ZZZZZ Le Graphiose Band
ZZZZZ The Foolz
ZZZZZ More Trubee
ZZZZZ The Central Scrutinizer Band
ZZZZZ The Paul Green School Of Rock Music seems to be doing fine
ZZZZZ Bjorn Berge recorded Frank Zappa's 'Keep It Greasy'
ZZZZZ Trubee speaks
ZZZZZ Johnson Noise recorded Frank Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day'
ZZZZZ Romina Cohn wants to be The Residents
ZZZZZ Canadian band Overnite Sensation performed the music of Frank Zappa
ZZZZZ Tegennenoam
ZZZZZ R.Stevie Moore
ZZZZZ Steve Vai tourdates
ZZZZZ The Keneallist - Mike Keneally's newsletter
ZZZZZ The Hardin-Simmons University Jazz Ensemble album
ZZZZZ Motherly Love  -  Freak Out in Buffalo
ZZZZZ John Kilgore
ZZZZZ James Spider Barbour
ZZZZZ The Metropolis Orchestra in concert 2004/05/22
ZZZZZ Good Times magazine has a huge article on uncle Frank
ZZZZZ The Hungarian Frank Zappa Association had a party
ZZZZZ Grandmothers scheduled to perform at the Avalon Ballroom in San Fran
ZZZZZ Terry Bozzio on Dutch Radio 4
ZZZZZ B'wana Dik: pictures and news
ZZZZZ Unmatched Volume Seven: You Can't Do That In Spanish Anymore
ZZZZZ The Central Scrutinizer Band in concert
ZZZZZ ARFZ! he said
ZZZZZ Extra info on The Fall, playing FZ & CB
ZZZZZ Emil Richards
ZZZZZ Chester Thompson Frank Black
ZZZZZ Ray White: latest news
ZZZZZ Dream Theater performing Zappa
ZZZZZ Lemme Take You To The Beach - The Zappa Surf Album
ZZZZZ The Bitch Boys
ZZZZZ Frank Zappa Bootlegs
ZZZZZ Apa Ini feat. Eugene Chadbourne
ZZZZZ Salute Zappa, a czech Zappa tribute
ZZZZZ Kulcha Far I
ZZZZZ More Zappa Bootlegs
ZZZZZ Added setlists for P/O, EM & the PGSORM
ZZZZZ New Releases by the Residents
ZZZZZ John Trubee in cyberspace
ZZZZZ Project/Object
ZZZZZ Zappa tribute in Modena, Italy
ZZZZZ and the concert calendar



short bits - more info soon

- Frank You Thank volume 2 is out
- Our Rezifriends The Residents are releasing a lot of limited (and expensive) stuff on Euroralph
- Joe Satriani has a new album out: "Is There Love In Outer Space?"
- Dutch band White Beans has an all-Zappa album out
- LeBocal has issued a mini-cd to promote their Zappa album
- Rumour has it that there's a (bootleg)DVD of Zappa scheduled called "Halloween 1981".
- The Nasal Retentive Orchestra is working on a new album
- German band Sheik Yerbouti has a new album scheduled
- And Dutch band B'wana Dik is recording a new album as well.



The Metropolis Orchestra will be releasing an album in a week !! It will be called "Uncle Beat".

More info real soon.



the grandmothers at the avalon ballroom, san francisco, may 22 2004

Here's a review from 'slime.oofytv.set':

excellent show last night, not very well advertised so only 60 or 70 hardcore freakz showed up to the avalon ballroom for the grandmothers only north american gig
also in the audience was none other than ike willis ladies & gentlemen, that's right you heard right, ike caught the show but didn't step up on stage...
anyway, the boys showed up early & loitered amongst the crowd, chattin & signing autographs; never seen so much fz vintage vinyl in one room; one guy pulled out at least the 1st dozen or so moi lp's while don, bunk, roy & napi patiently signed every last one including inserts, booklets etc...

the music: these guys played their hearts out; after exploding into florentine pogen, they reached back & tossed out a bunch of oldies, mixing it up between vocals & highlight was big swifty; very tight arrangement up front, loosening up for the solos, then roy steps up to the mike & seamlessly launches into  i come from nowhere, followed by preston's evelyn dog variations & bunk belting out a beefheart rendition of sam then easing back into the swifty outro....nice to see don singing a lot more last night than last nov. at the p/o gig.
bunk & napi dominated pound for a brown then napi pulled out some sort of electronic distortion¿ gadget for the slime vocals, very cool, he used it on his horn occasionally, made it sound like a old pipe organ, in fact napoleon's m.o.i. performances are just as natural sounding as the o.s.f.a & roxy era tracks

jcb was missed by me, probably only for the c.c because last night's drummer was definately up to the task, same with the guitarist, hard to fill those shoes under any circumstances, specially with a discerning crowd of hardcores.

roy's voice is still in top form, pachuco or otherwise, he's looking rather healthy these days; when he saw art tripps photo next to his on the inside cover when he was signing my mothermainia [heh heh heh] he happenned to mention he was talkin to him last week....he's a chiropractor down in mississipi, so if anything bad ever happens to your back as a result of some sort of conflict with anyone named nanook the only way you can get it fixed up is to go trudgin' across the tundra mile after mile right down to the parish of dr. tripp

  • set 1
    • florentine pogen * 20 small cigars * lonely little girl * take yer clothes off * what's the ugliest * chunga's revenge * big swifty incl quotes from (roy) i come from nowhere / (bunk) sam w/the flattop / (don) evelyn a mod dog * andy * t'mershi duween * pound for a brown incl. don's explanation of the origins of the title * i'm the slime
  • set 2
    • hungry freaks daddy * sofa * carolina hardcore * kreega b moves to cleveland * oh no * s.o. orange county * trouble every day * echidna's arf * idiot b. son * montana * muffin man
  • encores
    • in the sky * mother people


btw, the ike willis project is performing friday may 28th at:

twelve galaxies
2565 mission street (btwn 21st & 22nd)
san francisco



Romàn says:

Jeff Simmons has just e-mailed with the great news that he's got a new album, the first one after _Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up_ (1970). It's called _Blue Universe_, and you can find more info on his own website:

and Bill Larsen added:

Jeff will also be doing a Northwest tour early summer and is to be featured on NPR after "Blue Universe" is released.



Le Graphiose Band is a French band that plays the music of Frank Zappa. I can't tell much about them and most of what I know comes from their previous website of from the essential

But it looks like it that these guys made an album as well. Does anyone know anything about this?

-- links & image: Luc Reniers


May 19, 2004, I saw the Foolz give a very fine concert in Heist Op Den Berg, out here in Belgium.

Imagine a pub on the market place of a little village. It is Luc's birthday, the weather has been great all day, the beer tastes excellent, and if that's not enough, The Foolz play some laid-back Zappa music. What else does one need?

Thanx guys. It was great!


    "Those for whom money is the supreme value
     require that external, socially-recognized measure
     of worth in the world because they are unable to
     recognize any value unless it is attached to a
     dollar sign. They lack music in their souls."

                                          --John Trubee


I recently received a concert recording of the Central Scrutinizer Band. It's a soundboard recording of parts of the 21st and the 22nd December 1997 concert, the shows they did with Ike Willis.

If I'm informed correctly, these are the remixed recordings that they are scheduled to release. Well, I had never heard the Central Scrutinizer before, and I have to say that I was very impressed. These guys sound great. Add to that the voice of Ike Willis and you've got a great album. I sure hope that it gets released real soon, if only for the superb version of 'Uncle Remus', featuring the Central Scrutinizer Women's Auxilary A Capella Chorus. Even Ike was 'knocked to the floor', as he said afterwards.

  • 1997/12/21 & 22
    • a combined soundboard recording of both evenings
    • let's move to cleveland * catholic girls * city of tiny lites * dancin' fool * carolina hardcore ecstacy * florentine pogen * fifty-fifty * andy * cosmik debris * village of the sun * any kind of pain * sofa * brown moses * uncle remus * keep it greasy * honey don't you want a man like me? * montana * more trouble every day



The PGSORM has a new website:

It's a very flashy site, but a bit difficult to handle. I checked it out because I was told that they are touring with Napoleon Murphy Brock. Couldn't find any dates however... 

Maybe they finished touring already, or maybe I'm not good at websurfing...



  • bjorn berge: st slide
        (2004, cd, ??, farmen cfcd 108)
    •  Slide guitarist Bjorn Berge performs Zappa's 'Keep It Greasy' on his "St Slide" album. He not only covers Zappa. There's more familiar names on the writers list.
      Nice album.

-- info: Zjakki Willems



Be circumspect regarding what you utter
to your progeny and in what tone; whatever
you tell your children, they will eventually
broadcast out to the world through a megaphone
in a sarcastic voice."

                                    --John Trubee



  • johnson noise: undine
        (2004n lp, ger, nasoni records 024)
    • Berlin based trio Johnson Noise recorded Frank Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day'.
      This is a very limited edition on Nasoni Records, 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on coloured vinyl.

-- info: Danny Mathys



from the residents discussion list:

Mason Shelby asked:

Anyone ever heard of this artist? She has  this one song called "I Want to be The Residents." When I first saw the title, I was intrigued but I figured it probably wouldn't really be about them. It was. The lyrics something like:
"I just want to be The Residents
I just want to have an eye for a head"

Anyone else ever heard of this?

and Saurio answered:

I think this quetion deserves to be in a Rez FAQ or something, since now and then somebody finds Romina's song and wonders.

Romina Cohn is an Argentine DJ, with a certain presence in the eurodisco scene. I don't know much about her but I found that she belongs to the "Gigoló Records Dee jays International" (whatever that means), that she does electronic music influenced by Bowie, Kraftwerk and Moroder and that she also is into film making.

Some info in english is here:

And check the February 20th - 2003 playlist here and you'll find another



Overnite Sensation is a 10-piece band from Québec, Canada, that performs the music of Frank Zappa.

The band was put together by John David Duncan in 1995 and gave a couple of concerts in 1996. Their repertoire includes matrial from "The Grand Wazoo", "One Size Fits All", "Apostrophe", "Hot Rats", ...
Canadian newspaper Le Soleil had an article about Overnite Sensation 1996/10/18.


  • John David Duncan: vibraphone
  • Stéphane Dorval: vocals
  • Alexandre Dumas: guitar, vocals
  • Gaston Forties: bass
  • Philippe Charon: keys
  • Réjean Lacroix: drums
  • Alain Belleau: trumpet
  • Sébastien Tremblay: tenor sax
  • Denis Rousseau: trombone
  • Guy Gingras: baritone sax


  • 1996/10/18 concert 'salle jean-paul tardif', québec, canada
  • 1996/10/19 concert 'salle jean-paul tardif', québec, canada

-- info: Charles Pater

Any extra info on these guys & performances would be appreciated...


Belgian band Tegennenoam has something to celebrate. BTW, even for those of you who do speak Dutch, Tegennenoam translates as "it has no name" in a weird northern belgian dialect....
Anyway, Willy Geets threw an excellent party because of his 50th birthday. It even featured a short set by Tegennenoam, and yes, they played 'Frankrijk', which is a Flemish version of Zappa's 'In France'.
  • 2004/05/14 concert wortel, belgium
    • line-up
    • setlist
      • 'hou van mij zoals een paardehoofdstel aan de muur' (geets, huet) * 'frankrijk' (= 'in france' (f.zappa)) * grand bazaar (geets, huet) * 'geef me een kus' (monza)
    • comment: private party for willy geets' 50th birthday
    • a 20-minute audience recording of this show exists



  • r. stevie moore: phonography
        (1976, lp, usa, vital records vs-0001)
    • Using two tape-recorders, overdubbing himself, R.Stevie Moore recorded "Phonography" between 1972 and 1976. Originally released in 1976, this was his first album.
      The album itself is a mixture of styles showcasing the huge talent of Mr.Moore. There's some beautiful popsongs alongside more experimental pieces. There's even some comments by the artist between some of the tracks.
      "Phonography" is a unique (and still very fresh-sounding) album. If you want to get know the works of R.Stevie Moore (and you should !!), "Phonography" is the perfect place to start.
      Highly recommended !!

  • r.stevie moore: pow wow
        (1978, k7, usa, private release nj24)
    • "Pow Wow" is one of R.Stevie Moore's numerous private releases. Originally released on a C90 k7, it is now available as a 2cdr set.
      Presenting 25 songs, "Pow Wow" offers some great gems. It kicks off tremendously with the very poppy title track and with 'The Residents', about our Eyeballed Buddies and with some incredible Snakefinger sounding guitar work...
      Disc two includes Frank Zappa's 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black', a beautiful tribute to The Mothers.
      I like "Pow Wow" a lot.

  • r. stevie moore: contact risk
        (1993, cd, usa, fruit of the tune 888)
    • Album number twelve in the R.Stevie Moore discography, "Contact Risk", is compiled from mr. Moore's immense Casette Club Collection.
      If you take a look at the track-list, you'll notice that the recording period spans almost twenty years, going back to 1968 !!
      Listening to R.Stevie Moore's other albums is like traveling through different musical styles, almost hopping from one genre to another. To my ears, "Contact Risk" is far more listener-friendly. I could imagine a couple of these tracks being played on the radio.


Steve's performances with the Metropole Orchestra are just a week away:

  • Saturday 22 May 2004:
    De Oosterpoort (In-/Output series) - Trompsingel 27 - 9724 DA Groningen - NL - Tel: +31-50-3680368

  • Sunday 23 & Monday 24 May 2004:
    Paradiso - Weteringschans 6/8 - 1017 SG Amsterdam - NL - Tel: +31-20 - 6264521

Vai on tour: Australia and the Far East

  • 2004/07/22 concert ‘metro city’, perth, australia

  • 2004/07/24 concert ‘the barton theatre’, adelaide, australia

  • 2004/07/25 concert ‘the palace’, melbourne, australia

  • 2004/07/26 concert ‘the enmore theatre’, sydney, australia

  • 2004/07/27 concert ‘the arena’, brisbane, australia

  • 2004/07/29 concert ‘suntec’, singapore

  • 2004/08/01 concert ‘taipei city music hall’, taipei

  • 2004/08/03 concert kowloon, hong kong

  • 2004/08/05 concert ‘tjm squeare hall’, beijing, china


The Keneallist  -  May 2 2004  -

Today is Jesse's tenth birthday!

1. Baked Potato Gig  May 8
2. NoneRadio
3. Regarding England
4. A trip to Holland
5. Neil Sadler gig
6. What's up with "Dog"?
7. West Coast Taylor Guitar gigs comin'
8. I'll be back at the Umea Festival in Sweden in June
9. Mike Keneally Band gigs!
10. Be the Ball


A gig in LA this Saturday:

Mike Keneally, Doug Lunn, Rick Musallam & Nick D'Virgilio
(Set One: Acoustic Keneally * Set Two: Electric Covers)
Saturday, May 8, 2004 - The Baked Potato - 3787 Cahuenga Blvd. - North Hollywood, CA 91604 - (818) 980-1615
Open at 7:00 p.m. - Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Bryan Beller is unable to do this gig, because he's on his way to Holland to rehearse and perform with Steve Vai and the Metropole Orkest, so Doug Lunn kindly answered my call.  Reeves Gabrels will hopefully sit in as well, although he hasn't returned my calls since we were on NoneRadio together last week.  If you're reading, Reeves, call me back for freak's sake.

Anyway, the first set this Saturday is acoustic songs written by me, and the second set is going to be all covers.   Do you want to know what the covers are going to be?  You do?  The titles will be listed at the bottom of this missive.


This week's NoneRadio show (premiering Monday May 3) features Shankar and Gingger along with Rich Pike and myself.  I'm going to make Rich play "That's All You Need" by The Faces.   Go to  Last week's show with Reeves Gabrels and Doug Lunn featured probably the best in-studio improvs we've done on the show yet, almost an hour's worth.


I really enjoyed the gig with the Absolute Ensemble at the Barbican on April 1.  More gigs with the ensemble are planned later in the year.  Also, after the Absolute gig, I went to Swindon for a few days and wrote six songs or partial songs with Andy Partridge, and started working up yet another song at Dave Gregory's place.  These are baby songs in the early days of their babyhood but they do exist.  What will happen to them?  I don't know.  Stay tuned.


On May 15 I'm going to Holland to do some promotional appearances for the launch of new record label NPS Output (distributed worldwide by Favored Nations) and the coming release of the Mike Keneally/Metropole Orkest release "The Universe Will Provide."  We don't yet have a specific release date to report for the album, but we'll have that info for you soon.  At some point, when Beller isn't buried in sheet music for Vai's piece, he and I will sneak away and record some music for the radio.  More details coming on that too. 


Check this **** out!

feat. Neil Sadler - perc/synth. * Mike Keneally - guit. * Bruce Fowler - trb. * Kurt McGettrick - bari/ * Milen Kirov - pno. * Daren Burns - bass * Jason McKenzie - drms/tabla
$10.00 General Admission
24-Hour Info: (323) 267-1830

I don't think I've played live with Bruce and Kurt since the '88 Zappa tour, and this is the first time I've ever played Neil's amazing music live.  Truly looking forward to this experience!


The album itself is finished, the material for the special edition DVD is completed and is now being made into a DVD in NYC by New York DVD.   Those of you who pre-ordered, we're on target to begin shipping to you starting late May/early June.  Barring any currently unforeseen technical issues, all the current pre-orders should be fulfilled by mid-June.  Both the single-CD version, and the CD/DVD limited edition set, will be available for sale at and other online merchants as soon as the products are in hand.  Street date at retail?  Still being worked out, but probably not until August. 


Taylor Acoustic Guitar Workshops

Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller
Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 7:00 p.m.  -  Sam Ash  -  20934 Roscoe Blvd.  -  Canoga Park, CA 91304  -  Admission Free!

Mike Keneally solo
Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 7:00 p.m.  -  Instrumental Music  -  3328 State Street  -  Santa Barbara, CA 93105  -  Admission Free!

Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller
Thursday, June 3, 2004, 7:00 p.m.  -  Guitar Center  -  23811 El Toro Road, Suite A  -  Lake Forest, CA 92630  -  Admission Free!

Bryan can't make the middle gig!  Sadness!  But we'll still have a party.  Come, be, do!


More details soon!  Gotta get some info from Erik.  Erik is our buddy in Umea.  Hi Erik!  I'll be playing with Jaan Wessman and Schroeder again, and writing a couple of new pieces for an ensemble of about 17 or so brilliant performers.  Napoleon Murphy Brock is supposed to be involved as well.  Like I say, more specifics very darn soon.


Well, my hope was to book some other East Coast gigs around the sold-out NEARfest, but scheduling issues, not to mention the impracticality of us trying to book a tour on our own when we've got sixteen zillion other things going on, plus the fact that "Dog" won't be on record store shelves until August (assuming there are still record stores by then), means that we're taking a deep breath, working the phones to find a booking agent who understands us, and doing the real touring a little later in the year. 

Bleeve me, I will promote the heck out of "Dog" (not to mention "The Universe Will Provide") by any and all means possible.  So we're going to gig, and gig some more.

And here's the first two: 

Mike Keneally Band
Saturday, July 3, 2004  -  CalProg 2004  -  The Center Theater Stage  -  Whittier Community Center  -  7630 S. Washington Avenue  -  Whittier, California 90602  -  Tickets $55 & $65

Mike Keneally Band  -  Saturday, July 10, 2004  -  NEARfest  -  Zoellner Arts Center  -  Lehigh University  -  420 East Packer Avenue  -  Bethlehem, PA 18015-3006  -  Phone: (610) 758-2787

These will both be very outrageous shows. We'll be playing all of "Dog" and a very spicy selection of past occurrences.   Sorry the NEARfest is sold out, but if you're on the left coast please make it to CalProg 2004. 

Here's the full lineup for CalProg:


and for more info, please visit

Know any booking agents whose life won't be complete 'til they're getting us gigs?  Get in touch please.


Just a bit of advice, is all.  Talk to you soon!

-- Mike

Spoiler alert!  Spoiler alert!

  • Everybody's Happy Nowadays - Buzzcocks
  • When You Dance I Can Really Love - Neil Young/Crazy Horse (using the Year of the Horse version as template - man, that's a great album.  Really, listen to it again)
  • Thela Hun Ginjeet - King Crimson
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - Rolling Stones
  • 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers - Jeff Beck
  • I'll Be Creepin' - Free
  • Norgaarden Nyvla - Fred Frith
  • Naima - John Coltrane
  • Everybody's Going To Heaven - Todd Rundgren
  • Freedom - Jimi Hendrix

Fun?  You bet it's going to be fun!



I added tracklisting & musicians for the Hardin-Simmons University Jazz Ensemble album.


Saturday 2004/05/08, the "Motherly Love - Freak Out in Buffalo!" concert took place.
One night & three bands performing Zappa's music.

Must have been quite a night !!

Kilissa Cissoko from the Voice of Cheez says:

See our website for picture(s) and highlights from our May 8 FZ show in Buffalo, featuring guests Ugly Radio Rebellion from Detroit.


John Kilgore can be heard on a couple of Frank Zappa / Mothers of Invention recordings.

John Kilgore is one of the main voices inside the piano. He's heard on "Lumpy Gravy", "Civilization Phaze III", 'Porn Wars' ("Mothers Of Prevention"), and "Beat It With Your Fist" ("Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar").

His CV is on the web at <>.

-- info: Charles Ulrich


additional info on James Spider Barbour:

James Spider Barbour can be heard on a couple of Frank Zappa / Mothers of Invention albums.

(James) Spider Barbour is arguably the central figure inside the piano. He's the one who says "The way I see it, Barry, this should be a very dynamite show" and who explains the Big Note. In addition to "WOIIFTM" and "Lumpy Gravy", he is heard on Civilization Phaze III and "Porn Wars" (Mothers Of Prevention).

In the 1960s, Spider had a band called Chrysalis. He now has a band called The Curmudgeons

He's also a biologist and co-author of Wild Flora of the Northeast.

-- info: Charles Ulrich


The Metropolis Orchestra will be performing the music of Frank Zappa on 2004/05/22 in Corsico, Italy.
I told you this before, but now you can find more info at:


-- info: Alessandro Baglioni


The februari 2004 issue of german music magazine "Good Times" features Frank Zappa on the cover of the mag. Inside, there's a 7 page article on uncle Frank, but also a 2-page article on Little Feat.


May 9, the Hungarian Frank Zappa Association had a little party. Here's the info:

This Sunday the Hungarian Frank Zappa Assosiation (founded october, 2003) will offer you a special treat in the form of the latest almost- traditional monthly video gathering in the Frank Zappa Café (Mikszáth square in the Center of Budapest). This event also commemorates the name-giving of FZ's band, the Mothers on Mothers day of 1964 - exactly 40 years ago.

At 7 PM the one-and-a-half hour concert movie, Dub Room Special will start. This movie selects from fantastic concert moments performed by many's best FZ bands, the '74 and '81 line-up. The movie is made more colorful by dialogues and animation bits á la Zappa. In order to make Zappa's universe more understandable for hungarian viewers, the movie will be subtitled - thanks to the hard work of the association.

After the film, at 9 PM The Cosmic Debris Band (the hungarian Frank Zappa tribute band) will play a concert from their recently extended setlist. The band playing frequently in Budapest last year gave some cheerful concerts with Jimmy Carl Black, the drummer of the Mothers. They also played with Jackie Orszáczky and many famous hungarian bluesmen.

The event is free - discount on Jim Beam drinks!!!!

For more information on the Hungarian Frank Zappa Association, or their programmes, check out .


May 22, The Grandmothers will be playing at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco.



The picture on the right shows Terry Bozzio with Charles Pater.

Charles has a radio show in which he plays records for his guest, asking questions about the music and the performer, without telling his guest who the performer is.

The "Blindfold Test" with Terry Bozzio will be broadcast may 15, 2004, on dutch Radio 4.


A couple of days after Easter, B'wana Dik played two gigs. Both in the neighbourhood of Eindhoven, NL. Pictures can be found at

Their next concert is scheduled 2004/06/12 at 'Burgers' in Eindhoven, NL.

The band also started recording their third album !! More news to follow...


  • various artists: unmatched: you can't do that in spanish anymore vol.7
        (2004, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-025-cd)
    • Yes, there's no typo up there. It's Volume Seven of the Unmatched series.
      Each volume of "Unmatched" presents various bands performing various Frank Zappa compositions. The bands are from Spain, Portugal and South America.
      Once again, Luis Gonzales has made a very fine selection. True, the pronounciation of the english language could have been better, but musically, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this album. My favourite track is Nando Caballero's version of 'In France' which has the bass line from the 'Peter Gunn Theme' from E,L & P.
    • Go to the Hall Of Fame website, or check out your local Zappa dealer for this one !!


It looks like the Central Scrutinizer Band will be playing a concert on 2004/05/13. 

Comemorando mais um aniversário do Cafépiupiu:

A The Central Scrutinizer Band irá tocar dia 2004/05/13, quinta feira no CaféPiupiu!

Venha se divertir conosco nesse tributo ao mestre Frank Zappa... 13 de Maio na 13 de Maio!

Dia 13 de Maio - quinta feira - às 22 horas

Café Piupiu
R. Treze de Maio 134 no Bixiga

preço único R$10,00 - não tem consumação mínima

Visite nosso site:



Added a link to the Arfz! website. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out:


In 1995 the Fall recorded and released a Frank Zappa composition.  In 1996 they played Don Van Vliet's 'Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones' on a John Peel BBC Radio session.

So I hear you say: "What's new? We already knew that.", but wait until you've read what I found on

The band also recorded a track called 'Psykick Dance Hall' (on their 2000 album by the same name), which has his roots in Zappa's 'Call Any Vegetable'. Also, their 'Clear Off' is heavely inspired by Captain Beefheeart's 'Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian'.


Info on Emil Richards by Charles Ulrich:

There is a photo and biography of Emil Richards at
<>. The website is for an event that happened last month, so you'll probably want to copy the information rather than linking to it.

Also note that, in addition to Lumpy Gravy and Orchestral Favorites, he's on Studio Tan (Greggery Peccary), Läther, and Strictly Genteel.



Chester Thompson plays drums on a forthcoming Frank Black album called "Honeycomb". A whole bunch of other storied musicians are on the album, although the only one I can remember off the top of my head is Steve Cropper of MG's and Blues Brothers fame.

info: Brandon


Latest news on Ray White:

Ray White is working with a band called Brother Dog. He is producing and mentoring them.

Take a look at:

info: Kris Dickerson


A short while ago, I told you that I had read somewhere that Dream Theater had played some sort of Zappa tease in concert.
  • 2004/01/17 concert 'hammersmith', london, england
    • as i am * beyond this life (w/ extended improv section) * endless sacrifice * caught in a web (w/ zappa breakdown and drum solo) * this dying soul * the great debate * finally free * piano solo/death on two legs (queen) * honor thy father * another day * only a matter of time * a mind beside itself (erotomania / voices / (abridged) / the silent man (electric version) ) * in the name of god * trial of tears * metropolis part 1
    • During 'Caught In A Web', the band did some sort of Zappa tease.

Well, I got hold of the recording, so here's some extra info: the end of 'Caught In A Web' sounds indeed very Zappa-ish. It isn't a Zappa composition, but it sure sounds like the real thing. Nice composition though - nice concert as well.


  • various artists: lemme take you to the beach
        (2004, cd, uk, cordelia records cd035)
    • Here it is, the Zappa Surf album. Twenty plus bands play Frank Zappa's music (with a little reverb).
      Take it from me, you've got to hear this. You have been reading about it for a couple of months now, but the final thing is even better then I imagined.
      Go to and order it today.

      I've added all the extra info, interviews & stuff to the band entries. Click the album title and read on.
      And don't forget, this is a must-have.


  • the bitch boys: quiet bells of el monte
        (2003, cdr, slo, ikebana records)
    • A couple of days ago, the "Quiet Bells Of El Monte" cd hit my mailbox.
      It includes the Bitch Boys playing 'Memories Of El Monte', from the "Lemme Take You To The Beach" album.
      Great. & yes, it sounds as good as it looks.


  • frank zappa: lumpy gravy & elsewhere
        (2004, cd-bootleg, usa, zap012)
    • This bootleg presents the unreleased Lumy Gravy album (from the Capitol testpressing / acetate) and a bunch of fine demos, outtakes and live performances.
      It sounds really good and it even includes Ron Roman's version of 'Love Of My Life'. I had never heard that one before.

  • frank zappa: chalk pie
        (2003, cd-bootler, usa, zft 001)
    • The unreleased album.
      It has been circulating on cdr for quite a while. Needless to say that it's a very fine recording (and in excellent quality).


May 24, 2004, Apa Ini will perform in Eindhoven, NL. Special guest for the occasion will be Eugene Chadbourne.

Apa Ini is the latest Tobias Delius quartet. Delius (sax - Boy Edgarprijs 2003) teamed up with Hilary Jeffrey (trombone), Wilbert de Joode (bass) and Serigne C.M. Gueye (bugarabu, calabas, djembe & sawrouba). Holland, England and Senegal on the same stage.
Guitarist and banjo player Eugene Chadbourne will also be present.

2004/05/24  -  21.30 h
Cafe Wilhelmina Wilhelminaplein 6, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Info from Ive & Tom


  • various artists: salute zappa
        (2003, cd, czech, black point 47281537-2)
    • Released on Black Point Records, the album says: Zappa Magic Fanclub, limited edition of 300 pcs.
      16 different czech bands playing Zappa music.
      One of my Z-buddies told me a couple of days ago that he wasn't convinced by the album. The pieces weren't played accurate enough and some of the bands were 'taking it a bit too far'.
      Well, I like it. I even like it a lot. 'Yo' (Samba) Mama', 'Why Does It Hurt (Folky) When I Pee?', 'Peaches (Residents) En Regalia', 'Mr. (Bulgarian Voices) Green Genes',...
      In my opinion, "Salute Zappa" is an excellent album. A lot of the particapating bands try a different approach. They don't want to play Zappa like Zappa did. I certainly would like to hear more of the Richter Band or of the Moberg Ensemble. Very impressive.
      (My apologies for the incorrect notation of the band names, but I couldn't find all the right symbols...)


Ger Schäfer (who you might know from hewy & lewy, or from the madmen) says:

Zimbabwean roots reggae rising star Kulcha Far I , will tour Europe in summer  2004 for the first time.  Just released his second album "African Rasta", the new follow-up CD picks up from where "Africa Is My Roots" his critical acclaimed debut CD left off. Recently released in Europe, this is a brilliant roots release with all the elements of consciousness, spiritualism and a downright true African feel to it. "Spirit", "African Drums", "Mt. Zion" and "Ngatibatanei", are some of the plug tracks on this record, which was a collaboration between Kulcha and Netherlands-based producer and master musician Ger Schafer of Luny Music.

For a german review of ''African Rasta'' go to : -  

For an english/american review go to : and Look for the  "Album Reviews".

Kulcha Far I , will be touring Europe with his new international multi-cultural 10-piece band " The Inner Roots Disciples ", with musicians from Zimbabwe, Gambia, Usa, Uk, Surinam, Germany and The Netherlands, to bring his message music and roots & culture music straight from Africa the Motherland and to turn over each and every performance into a happening,

A Real Conscious Party !             

Together with the " Jah Word Soundsystem " they will be available for any club, festival or party, all over Europe.  

There are already gigs confirmed in London and on festivals in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.  



        will perform at THE MONTREUX-JAZZ FESTIVAL 2004,

                               on 14 & 15 july !!!!!!!!

July 24 : IRIE VIBES ROOTS FESTIVAL  Handzame - Belgium !

Don't wait and book now for festival-season 2004 and/or for your club or concert hall !

contact  LUNY MUSIC

Phone: +31 (0)222-318560  
E-mail :   -  


  • frank zappa: ontario slime
        (2004, cd-bootleg, ger, mmm 04-37)
    • Here's a show that only came in circulation about two years ago: the 1973/11/18 concert in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
      My concert recording says 84 minutes. I don't know what they cut away...

      Wrong picture, spelling mistake and a concert that just might be a couple of minutes too short...
  • frank zappa: cocksuckers' ball
        (2004, cd-bootleg, ger, mmm 04-36)
    • Here's another classic FZ concert: the 1984/11/10 early show concert
      at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Lots of doowop classics, including 'Cocksuckers' Ball', 'Little Girl Of Mine', 'The Closer You Are' and 'Johnny Darling'. I love it.
      My concert recording says 82 minutes, so, again, I don't know how they captured this on one disc (clocking at 78 minutes). Hope they didn't cut anything away.
  • frank zappa: a petulant frenzy
        (2004, cd-bootleg, ger, mmm 04-35)
    • This bootleg presents a part of the 1981/10/31 late show concert
      at the Palladium in New York City, NY, USA. The source for this album is the FM broadcast.
      It's a pity that they didn't go for the complete 90-minute FM-broadcast. Or even for the entire concert, adding the end of the concert from circulating soundboard or audience recordings.
      The missing tracks from the FM-broadcast are 'Easy Meat' and 'Society Pages', right after 'Montana'.

      A pity (and Ray White's name written as Ray Wight...).


added data for:
  • the ensemble modern
  • project/object
  • the paul green school of rock


  • the residents: the king & eye: rmx
        (2004, cd, ger, euroralph cd 031)


Song-poem archives curator Phil Milstein of Boston brought it to my attention that some maniac out in cyberspace actually made an animated piece out of BLIND MAN'S PENIS which you can see on the Internet.

It actually had me laughing, which is rare nowadays.

Check it out if you want a sick laugh.



I received a recording of last year's Project/Object November 22 concert in Philalphia. The band featured Don Preston, Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock. Great concert. Just take a look at the set-list:
  • 2003/11/22 concert ‘north star’, philadelphia, pa usa  -  sharing the bill with the paul green school of rock music
    • p/o, feat. don preston, ike willis & napoleon murphy brock
    • set one: introduction * don preston solo * instrumental jam band intro > carolina hardcore extasy * florentine pogen * any way the wind blows * uncle meat * pound for a brown * stick it out * any downers * filthy habits * pygmy twylyte > idiot bastard son * peaches en regalia * catholic girls * let’s move to cleveland

    • set two: intro > big swifty * advance romance * lonely little girl > what’s the ugliest part of your body > * chunga's revenge * keep it greasy > outside now * i don't want to get drafted * i'm not satisfied * blessed relief * i’m the slime > san ber'dino

    • encore: montana

Project/Object shared the bill with The Paul Green School Of Rock Music that night, as they had done the previous night.




I read this at:

I don't understand the details, but it looks like a Zappa tribute in Modena, Italy on 2004/05/22.
I couldn't find the name of the band, so I classified it under "Il Teatro Comunale Di Modena".
Other suggestions? Let me know !!

Giovedì 22 maggio ore 21
Eric Vloejmans tromba
Gabriele Mirabassi clarinetto
Michel Godard tuba
Klaus Gesing sax
Glauco Venier pianoforte, tastiere e arrangiamenti
Chris Laurence contrabbasso
Martin France batteria

Produzione Teatro Comunale di Modena
in collaborazione con Orpheus Management di Andrea Marini

A vent'anni dalla scomparsa di uno dei più brillanti e significativi musicisti e compositori del secolo scorso, il Teatro dedica un nuovo progetto a Frank Zappa dopo il tributo di due anni fa a Jimi Hendrix. Il concerto, prodotto in prima assoluta dal Teatro Comunale di Modena, unisce per la prima volta sette musicisti di altissimo livello che per l'occasione arrangeranno alcuni brani celebri di Zappa in omaggio alla sua versatilità e ai suoi interscambi fra musica colta e leggera.


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2004/05/08 "Mother's Day Freak Out" - concert 'nietzsche's', buffalo, usa

  • 2004/05/08 mike keneally, doug lunn, rick musallam & nick d'virgilio
    concert ‘the baked potato’, north hollywood, ca, usa

    • (set one: acoustic keneally - set two: electric covers)

  • 2004/05/19 De Foolz concert 'kafee 't hoekske', heist o/d berg, belgium
  • 2004/05/20 Die Beistelltische concert ‘wendland’, bülitz, germany
  • 2004/05/21 Die Beistelltische concert ‘wendland’, siepnitz, germany
  • 2004/05/22 The Metropolis Orchestra concert "gheroarte", corsico, italy

  • 2004/05/24  Apa Ini feat. Eugene Chadbourne concert Cafe Wilhelmina Wilhelminaplein 6, Eindhoven, NL
  • 2004/05/29 neil sadler band, feat.mike keneally  -  concert ‘los angeles harbor college’, wilmington, can usa
  • 2004/06/??  mike keneally - the umea festival, sweden
  • 2004/06/01 mike keneally & bryan beller - guitar clinic ‘sam ash’, canoga park, ca, usa

  • 2004/06/02 mike keneally solo - guitar clinic ‘instrumental music’, santa barbara, ca, usa

  • 2004/06/03 mike keneally & bryan beller - guitar clinic ‘guitar center’, lake forest, ca, usa

  • 2004/06/12 B'wana Dik 'Burgers' in Eindhoven, NL
  • 2004/06/13: G3 concert arrow rock festival, de schans, holland
  • 2004/06/14: G3 concertk.b. hallen, copenhagen, denmark
  • 2004/06/15: G3 concertliseberghallen, gothenburg, sweden
  • 2004/06/16: G3 concertgota lejon, stockholm, sweden
  • 2004/06/18: G3 concerticehall, helsinki, finland
  • 2004/06/18 Die Beistelltische concert, ‘pantheon’, bonn, germany
  • 2004/06/18 Doctor Dark concert 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa 
  • 2004/06/20: G3 concertkonserthuset, oslo, norway
  • 2004/06/23: G3 concertclyde auditorium, glasgow, scotland
  • 2004/06/24: G3 concertapollo, manchester, england
  • 2004/06/25: G3 concertcity hall, newcastle, england
    2004/06/25 The Ensemble Ambrosius concert 'concertgebouw', Brugge, Belgium
  • 2004/06/26: G3 concertnia academy, birmingham, england
  • 2004/06/27: G3 concertbic windsor hall, bournemouth, england
  • 2004/06/27 the muffin men and ensemble 10:10  concert glastonbury, uk
  • 2004/06/28: G3 concertroyal concert hall, nottingham, england
  • 2004/06/29: G3 concertroyal albert hall, london, england
  • 2004/07/01: G3 concertpalais de congres, paris, france
  • 2004/070/2: G3 concertjam, bergara, spain
  • 2004/07/03: G3 concertla riviera, madrid, spain
  • 2004/07/03 mike keneally band  -  concert “calprog 2004”, ‘whittier community center’, whittier, california, usa

  • 2004/07/04: G3 concertrazmatazz, barcelona, spain
  • 2004/07/06: G3 concertmazda palace, milan, italy
  • 2004/07/07: G3 concertcentrale de tenis, rome, italy
  • 2004/07/08: G3 concertvilla pisani, padova, italy
  • 2004/07/10: G3 concertpiberstein, freizeitinsel, austria
  • 2004/07/10 mike keneally band  -  concert “nearfest”, ‘zoellner arts center’, lehigh university, bethlehem, pa, usa

  • 2004/07/16: G3 concertpistoia blues festival, pistoia, italy
  • 2004/07/17: G3 concertles nuits de la guitare, patrimonio, corsica
  • 2004/07 - Zappanale
  • 2004/07/22 steve vai - concert ‘metro city’, perth, australia

  • 2004/07/24 steve vai - concert ‘the barton theatre’, adelaide, australia

  • 2004/07/25 steve vai - concert ‘the palace’, melbourne, australia

  • 2004/07/26 steve vai - concert ‘the enmore theatre’, sydney, australia

  • 2004/07/27 steve vai - concert ‘the arena’, brisbane, australia

  • 2004/07/29 steve vai - concert ‘suntec’, singapore

  • 2004/08/01 steve vai - concert ‘taipei city music hall’, taipei

  • 2004/08/03 steve vai - concert kowloon, hong kong

  • 2004/08/05 steve vai - concert ‘tjm squeare hall’, beijing, china