frank zappa

a petulant frenzy

2004 cd-bootleg ger moustache's magic music mmm-04-35

= part of the 1981/10/31 late show concert
at the palladium in nyc, ny, usa

fz, steve vai, ray white, scott thunes, chad wackerman, ed mann, tommy mars, bobby martin

  1. black napkins
  2. montana
  3. i'm a beautiful guy
  4. beauty knows no pain
  5. charlie's enourmous mouth
  6. fine girl
  7. teenage wind
  8. harder than your husband
  9. bamboozled by love
  10. cocaine decisions
  11. nig biz
  12. doreen
  13. goblin girl
  14. the black page no.2
  15. tryin' to grow a chin
  16. strictly genteel
digipack - outside
digipack - inside