r. stevie moore


1976 lp usa vital records vs-0001
1978 lp usa hp music hps-30734
1998 cd usa flamingo records flc-069806

original edition was a ltd edition of 100 copies

recorded in nashville between 1972 and 1976

r. stevie moore: vocals, various instruments
billy anderson: vocals, bass, tambourine
johna lynn: background vocals

  1. melbourne
  2. explanation of artist
  3. goodbye piano
  4. explanation of listener
  5. california rhythm
  6. i've begun to fall in love
  7. the spot
  8. i want you in my life
  9. i wish i could sing
  10. theme from a.g.
  11. the voice
  12. showing shadows
  13. she don't know what to do with herself
  14. the lariat wressed posing hour
  15. i not listening
  16. mr. nashville
  17. moons

    cd bonus tracks:
  18. welcome to london
  19. you and me
  20. wayne wayne (go away)
  21. forecast
  22. why should i love you
  23. dates
  24. hobbies galore
  25. because we're the dig