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2008 04 01

Eric Burdon & the Animals
New Zappa bootlegs
the Ralphidents
FZ concert poster
Team Zappa
Sex without Nails
Daniel Rohr
Phlitman & Kangaroo

2008 03 31

20 extraordinary renditions

2008 03 30

Zappostrophe 107
Sun Ra concert recordings
Sun Ra "Live At The Horseshoe" box set

2008 03 29

Roy Estrada and the Rocketeers
Kevin Courrier's book on Trout Mask
Kelly Fisher Lowe
Transmissions revisited

2008 03 26

Zappateers in Nijmegen - Day Two
Ugly Radio Rebellion Update
I Virtuosi
Christophe Godin
ZpZ - new tourdates

2008 03 25

New on WM Recordings
WM Recordings on MySpace
Zappateers in Nijmegen - Day One
Het Brokken Leer Orkest
Acid Mothers Temple
The Muffin Men
Monty & The Butchers

2008 03 14

Eugene Chadbourne G.O.I.N.
Jack and Jim
Blues Beat Sessions
The Private Lightning Six

2008 03 11

Zappa marathon in Ghent
New Satriani Album

2008 03 10

Too late..
The Wrong Object
ZpZ album announced

2008 03 09

Tony Rodriquenz
Marian McPartland
Memories of El Monte
Russian Zappa releases
Zappa bootlegs
West Coast Pop Art Experimantal Band
More Gary Panter
Juicy Lucy
Bogus Pomp Update
Da Magazines
Andrea Pazienza revisited
Chuck Glave
Andrew Greenaway

2008 03 06

ZpZ at Bonnaroo
Idiot Bastard dot com
Sheik Yerbouti

2008 03 05

Grande Mothers Update
Capt. Cheese-Beard

2008 03 03

Eugene Chadbourne

2008 03 02

Paul Lehrman
Gary Panter

2008 02 24

The Chuck Foster interview
Rockin' In The USA
Flo & Eddie
Sun Ra recordings

2008 02 20

Enema Improvisations Revisited
Announced for March
Isi & Pojat Myrskystä
Metropolis Orchestra
Zappostrophe 107
Grand Funk Railroad
Zappateers festival update
The Stooges
Aka Moon

2008 02 17

Project / Object
Doot! at Zappanale
Live Transmissions

2008 02 15

WM Recordings
The Wrong Object
Russian Zappa bootleg DVDR
Corrie van Binsbergen
Bernard Strüber Z'Tett
The Balls
Joe Deninzon
Hungarian Zappa book (from 1989)
Sexton Ming

2008 02 12

A german residents comic book?
Mats / Morgan newsletter 2008 02
The Muzquitos go to Nijmegen

2008 02 11

Residents Forum
Big Electric Chat 2008 02 10

2008 02 10

Cpt. Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention
Os Persuaders
Kilissa Cissoko
Amen Andrews

2008 02 08

The Morticians
The Newest Model
PJP - more fun in Oregon
Allan Holdsworth Trio on tour

2008 02 05

A ZFT hostage video
Andrea Pazienza
Frank Zappa - Music In Review

2008 02 03

Cpt.Cheese-Beard & the 7 Sisters of Prevention
Name & Henry Kaiser
Zappa in the magazines
Jimmy Carl Black
The Residents
Netjajev Society System
Aka Moon


Rainer Tankred Pappo Trio in concert

leftovers from the last couple of months

Zappanale 19
Grande Mothers Re-Invented on tour
Zappateers festival, march 2008
20 Idiot Bastards
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thebignotefiles - 2008/01

the concert calendar


short bits: 

* * * Kevin Courrier has written a book about Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" album * * *
* * *
Octafish has a new album ready: "Party Alarm" * * *
* * * Unbelievable, yet predictable, "Wazoo" has been announced as a vinyl bootleg album as well... * * *



Let's make it clear to the ZFT that we don't agree with how they're dealing with zappa devoted websites, bands that play zappa's music and festivals where they play zappa's music.


We endorse the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition to Zappa Family Trust.

Read the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition


2008 04 01


2008 03 

info by Nikolai Zaharov

"Winds of Change" is an album released in 1967 by Eric Burdon & The Animals.

The original band, The Animals, broke up in 1966 and this band was entirely new, except for lead singer Eric Burdon and recently-added drummer Barry Jenkins. With the new band, including guitarist Vic Briggs and electric violinist John Weider, Burdon began to transition from the gritty blues sound of the original mid-1960s group and moved into the pyschedelic era of music.
Winds Of Change starts with Eric singing deeply over a slow Indian beat. As the winds sigh in the background, Eric introduces his heroes: Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa,...
It's a litany of blues and rock'n'roll pioneers, the people who had most inspired and influenced the young composer.


ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS lyrics of Winds Of Change 

There are winds of changes blowing
Gathering leaves up in its path
And the people who are the leaves
Will remain in our hearts
With love, till eternity

King Elmore was born,
So was Duke Ellington
Jelly Roll made love
Bessie Smith was created in heaven above
Robert Johnson sang the blues
Shick Webb did those things that only he could do
Charlie Christian started a new thing
And, oh my, how Billie Holiday could sing
Alan Freed rock and rolled,
Joe Turner's voice was very low
B.B. King wailed
Charlie Parker cried
Louis Jordan smiled
Ray Charles moaned,
Chuck Berry rock and rolled
Fats Domino made me feel good
Elvis Presley did things that no one thought he could

Then came the Beatles, Rolling Stones
Whole new thing was going on.
Frank Zappa zapped
Mamas and Papas knew where it was at
They all listened to Ravi Shankar .
Now that we got Jimi Hendrix
We know where we are (and Louis Jordan smiled )
And the winds of change go on blowing, blowing,
Gathering more and more leaves in its path,
As time goes past

Winds of change keep on blowing,
Winds of change keep on blowing,
Bob Dylan sang about the winds of change
Blowing, it's all blowing, the winds of change.



There's a new vinyl bootleg album out. It's called "Mannheim '88". It has been spotted in black vinyl. Clear vinyl editions should exist as well.

Furthermore, the "Austin '73" bootleg is said to be available on yellow vinyl (175 copies), and on clear vinyl (also 175 copies)...


Hey Resident pal,

We'd like to invite you to the latest little thingy thing we just set up. 
Now Ralph has it's own BLOG! Not at all meant to compete with Big Brother, and the BOG, we just thought we'd set something up to get your feedback on the various Residents items we attempt to sell. With the music industry changing quickly, and the world in a state of flux, we figured it's better to hear straight from you what you want in a Residents product, rather than guessing all of the time.

So I'll be posting up there on very specific topics in an attempt to do this. I know everyone will put up posts to release the original WB record, or Baby Sex or something, but we only have so much say so here. You can suggest, so that we might suggest, and that's all we can do. But sometimes a collective idea can often become a very good idea, or at the very least, a spark plug to other new ideas.

So I just put up a post asking for a better name for the blog. "The Ralph Chronicles" is kinda dumb. So help me out.

Oh, and speaking of The Residents, did you know that here at, we sell a great collection of Residents rare CDs, LPs, DVDs, box sets and and wonderful array of wearable art (sometimes referred to as a teeshirt)? So stop on by, especially you Europe-folk, while the Euro is killing the dollar, and git a deal!

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you over at the blog...oh, here's that address


the RalphGang (of one, tonight)




1971 05 29



Here are some excellent shots that Wim Hoogland took during Team Zappa's Zappanale performance in 2007:



Here are some more pictures from Wim Hoogland. It's Sex Without Nails during Zappanale 2007, including special guest NMB:


2008 03 29

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde

Für alle, die die Vorstellung noch nicht gesehen haben und schon immer sehen wollen und für alle, die den Abend noch einmal sehen wollen, spielen wir - vermutlich zum letzten Mal - Am 9. April um 20.00 Uhr im Theater Rigiblick

"ZAPPA!, alles über Frank"

"Zehn, fünfzehn Minuten braucht es, dann ist man windelweich gekocht. Dann ist auch das ungelenkigste Temperament mobil geworden, der gefrorenste Griesgram aufgetaut."


Mehr Infos unter oder

Ganz herzliche Grüsse

Daniel Rohr

PS: "Goethes ,Faust' erzählt mit den grossen Songs aus Rock und Pop", die Nachfolge-Produktion von "alles über Frank". oder

Reservationen unter 044 361 80 51
oder per Mail an:

Migros City Billett-Service
Löwenstr. 31-35
8001 Zürich



2008 04 05, Phlitman, Kangaroo & Band of Lonely Lama's will perform at the 'Zaal Manège' at the Rijschoolstraat in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. (20.00 h)

A memorable event, even before it takes place.



2008 03 31


  • various artists: 20 extraordinary renditions
        (2008, cd, uk, cordelia records)
    • Twenty times Frank Zappa's 'Idiot Bastard Son'. Twenty different artists.

      When I first heard about this project, I was quite suprised. Sure, if you're name is Andrew Greenaway, and you have an excellent website called "The Idiot Bastard Son", this is your dream-project.
      On the other hand, if you want quality, you need some top artists to toy around with a Zappa composition. And that's exactly why this album is so good. Not only do you get top musicians, you also get superb arrangers. Musicians who 'know their Zappa'.
      Jerry Outlaw's impressive guitar work, Roddie Gilliard's psychedelic approach, Evil Dick's backward version, Wan Kemper's recognisable melodica, Tabacco's present-day version, the Doot! Arkestra with Ke on the violin, Nigey Lennon's collage, Fraizer Knapp's fusion / rap version, Ali Bach, the Bogus Pomp Orchestra, The Wrong Object, ...
      There's just too much to mention.
    • This is a must-have !!
      Do you doubt if you can play the entire album without getting tired of it? I've played my copy all afternoon. I've been making new entries, adding website and MySpace links for the artists, and I'm still listening to it.
      As I said, a must-have


2008 03 30


  • frank zappa quartet: video live concert 2007
        (2007, dvdr-pro, cz, private release)
    • February 22, 2007, the FZQ (or the Frank Zappa Quartet) played a concert in Brno in the Czech Republic.
      It is no secret that Brno is the home of some Zappa freaks, and so here it is: a new (promotional) release by the Czech Frank Zapa Fanclub: a video recording of (a part) of the FZQ concert.


-- thanks to Bohous


A little while ago, issue number 107 of Zappostrophe got published. This Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub fanzine has been around since 1986, and still is very alive and kicking.

In this issue:

  • the mofo project/object
  • fanclub mugs
  • the frank zappa quintet
  • 20.10.07 : frank zappa kongres
  • news
  • happy new year
  • new releases by the czech frank zappa fanclub



I've been listening a lot to Sun Ra lately. A lot of his concerts are circulating.

Here are some that I have been enjoying recently:


  • 1975/01/30 sun ra arkestra - concert 'smiling dog saloon', cleveland, usa

    • fm broadcast

    • setlist

      • astro nation, enlightenment, love in outer space, theme of the stargazers, the satellights are spinning, friendly galaxy #1, i am the brother of the wind, i pharoah, unidentified, sophisticated lady

    • comments

      • it was the last week of january 1975. sun ra and his unusual group of entertainers came to cleveland for the first time to play a six-day engagement at the smiling dog saloon. from tuesday night, january 28th, through sunday, february 2nd, the iconoclastic band that didnõt fit any of the usual categories of jazz, played twice a night, plus a matinee on saturday. the thursday night show was recorded and broadcast on radio.
        the announcer opened the broadcast, saying simply, "now, the wmms sound broadcasts sun ra and the intergactic myth-science arkestra."
        the scene was the smiling dog saloon, a former bowling alley at west 25th and woodbridge, just off interstate 71. it had been cleveland's almost exclusive venue for jazz since 1971, the club that had presented miles davis, stan getz, art blakey and many others. but, this night, it was sun ra and his almost cult-like big band that he called an "arkestra." members of the band, dressed in sparkling, colorful costumes and playing almost every kind of rhythm instrument you can imagine, marched out and began parading around the stage.
        bernard lairet, writing in the plain dealer, called the sun ra arkestra "a drastic alternative to lovers of the stereotyped big band." by comparison, the writer said, "maynard ferguson might be considered dull and boring" and stan kenton "might be likened to a ridiculous musical dinosaur."
        "in the later half of 1975 and the beginning of 1976, the arkestra worked frequently in the midwest: the smiling dog saloon in cleveland, various venues in chicago, and colleges. they also played in new york and on the east coast, including possibly the left bank jazz society in baltimore (though this last could have come later). [abdullah]" ~ saturn research

  • 1975/06/11 sun ra and the arkestra - concert 'the "new" five spot café', nyc, ny, usa
    • setlist
      • lightning (ellington), ??, 3. king porter stomp (morton), moonship journey, improv. pt 1, improv cont., interlude, space is the place > we roam the cosmos > immeasurable universe...
  • 1978/03/13 sun ra - concert 'horseshoe tavern', toronto, on

    • the arkestra

      • sun ra: keyboards, vocals * michael ray: trumpet, vocals * tony bethel: trombone * john gilmore: sax, percussion, vocals * marshall allen: sax, flute, kora, vocals * danny ray thompson: flute, bass * eloe omoe: bass clarinet, vocals * luqman ali: drums * james jacson: percussion, bassoon, vocals * atakatune: percussion * june tyson: vocals

    • set one

      • untitled improvisation, when there is no sun, (the world is waiting) for the sunrise, discipline 27, calling planet earth > take the "a" train, lights on a satellite

    • set two

      • yeah man!, king porter stomp, unidentified title, unidentified blues, images, love in outer space > we travel the spaceways

    • officially released on transparancy, as part of the "live at the horseshoe tavern" box in 2008

  • 1978/05/05 sun ra and the omniverse arkestra - concert 'public theatre', nyc, ny, usa

    • fm broadcast

    • the arkestra
      • ra-org; michael ray-tp; ahmed abdullah-tp; craig harris-tb; tony bethel-tb; vincent chancey-frh; marshall allen-as; danny davis-as; john gilmore-ts, cl; danny ray thompson-bs; eloe omoe-bcl; james jacson-bsn, perc; luqman ali-d; atakatune-cga; cheryl banks-dance; judith holton (wisteria)-dance; mickey davidson-dance
    • setlist

      • intro / disc 27 > shadow world, body and soul, yeah man, lightening, enlightenment, images, lights on a satellite, sound mirror, watusa, we aravel the spaceways

  • 1978/09/25 sun ra and his intergalactic arkestra - concert 'happy medium disco', chicago, il, usa

    • sun ra and his intergalactic arkestra

      • sun ra (org, syn); michael ray (tp); walter miller (tp); eddie gale (tp); marshall allen (as, fl, perc); danny davis (as, fl, perc); john gilmore (ts, cl, timb, voc); eloe omoe (bcl, perc); danny ray thompson (bars, fl, perc); james jacson (bsn, fl, inf-dr); prob. damon choice (vib); dale williams (eg); prob. luqman ali (dr); atakatune (cga); june tyson (voc).

    • setlist

      • untitled improvisation [perc, tp, rhythmic ens., vib], springtime in chicago [jt voc], astro black [jt voc], (the world is waiting) for the sunrise [jt voc], discipline 27, the shadow world, yeah man! (sissle-henderson), big john's special (h.henderson), over the rainbow (arlen-harburg), lights on a satellite, body and soul (heyman-green-sour-eyton), king porter stomp (morton), second stop is jupiter [ens. voc], space is the place [jt, ens. voc], enlightenment (dotson-ra) [jt, jg voc], next stop mars [ens. voc] > calling planet earth [ens. voc]

  • 1979/06/04 sun ra and the omniverse arkestra - concert "moers music festival", moers, germany

    • 42 min. radio broadcast

    • the arkestra

      • ra-p, org, syn, voc; walter miller-tp; michael ray-tp; curt pulliam-tp; tony bethel-tb; marvin consell (?)-tb; marshall allen-as, fl, ob; hutch jones-as; john gilmore-ts, cl; leroy taylor (eloe omoe)-as, bcl; danny ray thompson-bs, fl; james jacson-bsn, perc; damon choice-vib; taylor richardson-eg; skeeter mcfarland-eg; "scop"-b; robert barry-d; reg mcdonald-d; atakatune (stanley morgan)-cga; june tyson-voc, dance (and evelyn smont (?)-dance).

    • setlist

      • unidentified title (allen-ob; perc; tb; eg), announcement, unidentified title (ensemble; choice-vib), strange world (ra) (tyson-voc), tapestry from an asteroid (ra), the world is waiting for the sunrise (ra), discipline 27 (ra), big john's special (h. henderson), yeah man! (sissle-henderson), springtime again (ra), the shadow world (ra) (r), unidentified title (ra-org; gilmore-ts) (r), honeysuckle rose (waller-razaf) (r), watusa (ra) (an arrangement played in 1979/1980), space is the place / we travel the spaceways (ra) (r), calling planet earth (ra) (r) (edited on the radio broadcast), unidentified title (ra-p solo) (r), unidentified blues (r), king porter stomp (morton), destination unknown (ra) (ra-keyb; allen-as; ens.), strange celestial road (ra)

  • 1979/06/30 sun ra and the omniverse arkestra - concert pisa, italy

    • 120 min, sbd

    • the arkestra

      • ra-p, org, syn, voc; walter miller-tp; michael ray-tp; curt pulliam-tp; tony bethel-tb; marvin consell (?)-tb; marshall allen-as, fl, ob; hutch jones-as; john gilmore-ts, cl; leroy taylor (eloe omoe)-as, bcl; danny ray thompson-bs, fl; james jacson-bsn, perc; damon choice-vib; taylor richardson-eg; skeeter mcfarland-eg; "scop"-b; robert barry-d; reg mcdonald-d; atakatune (stanley morgan)-cga; june tyson-voc, dance (and evelyn smont (?)-dance).

    • setlist

      • unidentified title (perc; allen, kora; eg and perc), space is the place (ra), the world is waiting for the sunrise (ra), discipline 27 (allen, as; omoe, bcl; tp), the shadow world (ra), springtime again (ra), yeah man! (sissle, henderson), big john's special (h. henderson), watusa (ra), lady bird (dameron) / half nelson (m. davis), king porter stomp (morton), space is the place / we travel the spaceways / destination unknown / 2nd stop is jupiter (ra), calling planet earth (ra), strange celestial road (ra), somewhere over the rainbow (arlen, harburg), outer spaceways inc. / sun ra and his band from outer space (ra)

  • 1979/11/24 sun ra and the omniverse arkestra - concert 'soundscape', nyc, ny, usa
    "spaceships at soundscape"
    note: this is not the officially released concert from a few days earlier (see below)

    • notes from maudry discog:

    • the arkestra

      • michael ray-tp; poss. eddie gale-tp; poss. craig harris-tb; marshall allen-as, ob, fl, kora; john gilmore-ts, cl, timbales; prob. danny ray thompson-bs, fl; eloe omoe-as, bcl; poss. kenny williams-bs; james jacson-bsn, ob, fl, ancient egyptian infinity drum; ra-p, org, syn, voc; prob. harry wilson-vib; prob. damon choice-vib; poss. skeeter mcfarland-eg; poss. taylor richardson-eg; unidentified-clo; unidentified-b; poss. luqman ali-d; unidentified-d; prob. atakatune (stanley morgan)-cga, perc; june tyson-voc.

    • set one

      • unidentified title (perc, ob, b, bs, fls, tp, eg, vib, tb, t and tb, ens), unidentified title (perc; jacson, infinity drum; d; ens; allen, as), tapestry from an asteroid (ra) (tyson, voc), astro black (ra) (ens; cello; tyson, voc; ens), pleiades (ra) (fl duet), unidentified title (vib duet; eg; b; bs; perc; bs and omoe, bcl; tp; perc), mystery, mr. ra (tyson and ra, voc; ra appears after 50 minutes of introduction), discipline 27 (ra) (allen, as; ra, conducting), unidentified title (vib; b; bs; ens; excellent outside gilmore, ts), unidentified title (ra, p solo), the way you look tonight (ra, solo p intro; poss. ray, voc; gilmore, ts), unidentified blues (ra, p; eg), big john's special (h. henderson), unidentified title (ra, p; eg), images (ra) (ra, solo p intro; ray, tp; ra, p; gilmore, ts), unidentified title (ra, p; eg; tp; d; ens), spontaneous simplicity (ra) (allen, fl; ra, org) pt 1, spontaneous simplicity (ra) (allen, fl; ra, org) pt 2, watusa (ra) (eg; perc; jacson, infinity drum; the 1979-1980 version), door of the cosmos (ra) (ens voc), discipline 27-II (ra) (ra, declamation)

    • set two

      • unidentified title (allen, kora; perc), friendly galaxy (ra) (tp; vib; eg; bs), unidentified title (ens; ray, tp; allen, as; b; ens; williams?, bs; ens), enlightenment (dotson-ra) (tyson and ens, voc), unidentified title (wilson and choice, vib), unidentified title (eg), strange world / black myth (ra) (tyson, voc), we're living in the space age (ra) (tyson, voc; sax ens), ancient days and myths (ra) (tyson, voc; omoe, bcl ; ra finally appears, voc), tomorrow never comes (ra) (ra, voc; tyson, voc), keep your sunny side up (ra; not the standard) (ra, declamation; ens voc; thompson and williams?, bs duet; conducted ens), unidentified title (vib), three little words (kalmar-ruby) (poss. ray, voc; gilmore, ts), halloween in harlem (ra) (ray, tp), yeah man! (sissle-henderson), unidentified blues (eg; ra, p), unidentified title (ra, syn solo), unidentified title (ra) (ra, org; allen, as), love in outer space (ra) (ra, org; jacson, infinity drum; williams?, bs; perc; dance), calling planet earth (ra), space is the place (ra) / we travel the spaceways (ra), hit that jive, jack (calloway)

    • total time: 05:15:00

    • comments

      • "most of it is far out improvisation, really excellent" [webber]
        "it was a three or four night event. a guy from boston came down with a huge light show. real lights. the equipment was so large we hoisted it up the elevator shaft." [graves]
        soundscape was a real, physical club at this time, located at 52nd street and 10th avenue. bradford graves and verna gillis have not been able to locate their tapes of this concert as of yet. they say, however, that there are additional recordings of sun ra concerts made at soundscape between 1979 and 1985. abdullah was not present at the 1979 concerts but recalls performing at soundscape in 1980 or 1981, a period during which he was going to school. [rlc]

  • 1985/07/09 sun ra & his arkestra - concert stockholm, sweden

    • set 1

      • unknown title  (04:56), big john's special  (03:50), untitled improvisation  (11:46), unknown title  (13:01), unknown title  (02:37), discipline 27-II  (04:49), this world is not my home  (02:16), drums  (00:54), unknown title  (07:58), yeah man!  (03:20), unknown title  (06:18), mack the knife  (08:31), drums  (04:10), east of the sun (04:22), shadow world  (10:10), somewhere over the rainbow  (04:25), fate in a pleasant mood  (00:47), christopher columbus  (07:12), see you later alligator  (03:06)

    • set 2

      • untitled improvisation  (04:56), untitled improvisation  (06:18), never never land  (03:28), the world is waiting for the sunrise  (01:00), untitled improvisation  (03:45), untitled improvisation  (01:32), unknown title  (07:35), unknown title  (09:32), unknown title  (05:21), unknown title  (03:25), unknown title  (14:43), fate in a pleasant mood  (11:25)

    • encore

      • space is the place  (04:14), we travel the spaceways (01:05), outer spaceways incorporated > second stop is jupiter > outer spaceways incorporated > we travel the spaceways  (04:16)

    • total time: 3:07:05

  • 1985/07/24 sun ra and his arkestra - concert 'le new morning', paris, france

    • sun ra and his arkestra

      • sun ra - piano, synth, vocals * ronnie brown – trumpet * tyrone hill - trombone, vocals * marshall allen - alto saxophone, oboe, evi, percussion * eloe omoe - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, conta-alto clarinet, percussion * john gilmore - tenor saxophone, clarinet, timbales, vocal * danny ray thompson - baritone saxophone, evi, percussion* charles tyler - baritone saxophone * james jacson - bassoon, flute, infinity drum, vocals * bruce edwards - electric guitar * rollo radford - electric bass * john ore – bass * avreeayl amen ra – drums * june tyson - vocals, dance

    • setlist

      • untitled improv , discipline 27-II, tomorrow never comes, unidentified blues, unidentified ballad, mack the knife, sophisticated lady, yeah man!, space is the place, we travel the spaceways, outer spaceway incorporated, rocket number nine, untitled improv, astro black, history-mystery, i have many names, fate in a pleasant mood, unidentified blues, i want to be happy, east of the sun, christopher columbus, see you later, alligator

  • 1985/07/25 sun ra and his arkestra - concert 'le new morning', paris, france

    • sun ra and his arkestra

      • sun ra - piano, synth, vocals * ronnie brown – trumpet * tyrone hill - trombone, vocals * marshall allen - alto saxophone, oboe, evi, percussion * eloe omoe - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, conta-alto clarinet, percussion * john gilmore - tenor saxophone, clarinet, timbales, vocal * danny ray thompson - baritone saxophone, evi, percussion* charles tyler - baritone saxophone * james jacson - bassoon, flute, infinity drum, vocals * bruce edwards - electric guitar * rollo radford - electric bass * john ore – bass * avreeayl amen ra – drums * june tyson - vocals, dance

    • setlist

      • i want to be happy, unidentified blues, (the world is waiting) for the sunrise, i pharoah, over the rainbow, sunset on the nile, fate in a pleasant mood 

    • not entire show but all that was taped, supposedly. 
  • 1985/10/27 sun ra & his arkestra - concert hamburg, germany

    • setlist

      • untitled improvisation  (07:19), tapestry from an asteroid  (02:15), unknown title  (04:46), untitled improvisation  (03:30), untitled improvisation  (01:47), discipline 27-II  (01:55), children of the sun  (03:45), unknown title  (11:59), unknown title  (03:40), unknown title  (05:46), prelude to a kiss  (06:00), unknown title  (09:34), unknown title  (03:15), somewhere over the rainbow  (03:50), mack the knife  (12:51), untitled improvisation  (11:13)

    • total time: 1:33:25

  • 1985/10/31 sun ra & his arkestra - concert munich, germany

    • sun ra arkestra

      • marshall allen - as * john gilmore - ts,cl,timbales,voc * ronald wilson - ts,picc * danny ray thompson - as,bs,fl * eloe omoe - as,bcl,fl * ronnie brown - tp,flh * tyrone hill - tb * james jackson - bsn,fl,ancient-egyptian-infinity-dr,voc * sun ra - p,keyb,voc * bruce edwards - eg * rollo radford - eb * john ore - b * avreeayl amen ra - dr,sanza * june tyson - voc,dance * myriam broche - dance

    • setlist

      • retrospect (sun ra) - 9:20, discipline 27-ii/children of the sun (sun ra) - 11:04, queer notions (hawkins) - 3:52, hocus pocus (hudson) - 4:55, unknown 11:32, mack the knife (brecht-weill-blitzstein) - 15:48, what's new? (burke-haggart) - 11:31, daydream (strayhorn-ellington) - 6:20, the shadow world (sun ra) - 14:30, space is the place / we travel the spaceways / on jupiter / greetings from the 21st century / planet saturn (sun ra) - 13:09, the king of mystery/mystery, mr.ra (sun ra) - 15:45, discipline 27 / door of the cosmos (sun ra) - 10:27, sunset on the nile (sun ra) - 7:27, but not for me (gershwin) - 10:23, i dream too much (kern) - 6:51, somewhere over the rainbow (arlen-harburg) 3:45, drop me off in harlem (ellington) 10:28, east of the sun (bowman) - 4:36, i want to be happy (caesar-youmans) - 12:19 > fade out

    • total time: 3:04:19  (incomplete - a part of 3-4 minutes from the last piece is missing)

  • 1988/09/01 sun ra and the omniverse arkestra - concert 'hart plaza', detroit, mi, usa

    • fm broadcast

    • sun ra and his omniverse arkestra

      • ra-p, syn, voc * michael ray-tp, voc* ahmed abdullah-tp, voc * tyrone hill-tb* marshall allen-as, fl * noel scott-as* john gilmore-ts, perc * leroy taylor (eloe omoe)-as, bcl, contra-alto cl * danny ray thompson-bs * james jacson-bsn, ancient egyptian infinity drum * billy bang-vln * gerald bruce edwards-eg * carl leblanc-eg * john ore-b * philip watkins-b * earl "buster" smith-d * luqman ali-d * eric "samurai" celestial-d * kwasi asare-african perc * jorge silva-brazilian perc * elson nascimento-brazilian perc * lauremil machado-berimbau, dance * gato-perc, dance * june tyson,-voc, vln.

    • setlist

      • untitled improv, blue lou, unidentified blues, yeah man!, watusi, untitled improvisation, i dream too much, frisco fog, prelude to a kiss, capoeira dance, announcement

    • encore one

      • discipline 27-II > this world is not my home > i'll wait for you > somewhere there, greetings from the 21st century > we travel the spaceways > outer spaceways inc. >
        no news is good news > outer spaceways inc > first stop mars > rocket number nine > second stop is jupiter > on jupiter > second stop is jupiter > outer spaceways inc > journey to saturn > saturn rings > get your tickets here please > pluto too > we travel the spaceways > outer spaceways inc > we travel the spaceways

    • announcement

    • encore two

      • somewhere over the rainbow, i want to be happy > slumming on park avenue



Danny Matthys was kind enough to send me the info on the "Live At The Horseshoe" 10 CDR box set that recently got released on Transparancy.

Here it is:

According to Danny, this is release number 139 in the Sun Ra discography.

2008 03 29


A couple of weeks ago, over at the Zappateers site, someone mentioned the 'Jungle Dreams' 7" by Roy Estrada and the Rocketeers.

True, I'm not certain at all that this is made by the Roy Estrada that we call our Mother, but as there was a bit of a discussion on how the name was actually written (Estrada or Estrana), here's a scan of the label.


trout mask replica

by kevin courrier
    (2007, book, usa, continuum)

  • Kevin Courrier, who you should know as the author of "Dangerous Kitchen: The Subversive World Of Zappa", wrote a book in Continuum's "331/3" series.
    It's a nice read. Kevin Courrier takes his time explaining Van Vliet's relationship with Zappa, the early days of the Magic Band, Ornett's Coleman's free jazz,and much more.
    You'll like it.
    Nevertheless, information is not knowledge. So before you order this book, you should give "Trout Mask Replica" another spin.
    I did.


Last year, Bison Books did a softcover re-issue of the 2006 hardback edition by Praeger of Kelly Fisher Lowe's "The Words And Music Of Frank Zappa".

the words and music of frank zappa

by kelly fisher lowe
    (2007, book, usa, bison books)



Remember this book + enhanced CD thing that I mentioned a little while ago? Well, it looks like there are some problems with the CD.
My copy gets the hick-ups during the end of 'I'm The Slime', and it appears that I'm not the only one with these sort of problems.
Still, a nice little package, but pretty stupid that the CD doesn't function as it should...

frank zappa - transmissions

    (2008, cd + book, uk, ??)

  • book

  • enhanced cd, including video

    • i'm the slime

    • purple lagoon

    • peaches en ragalia

    • dancin' fool

    • meek shall inherit nothing

    • st alphonso's pancake breakfast /  rollo

2008 03 26
wowie zowie. it looks like i'll be getting back on schedule in a couple of days  :-)
how about, Nijmegen part two?
here we go...



Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo opened the second day of the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen. The band featured Jeff Hollie on saxophone.
CCB had another gig scheduled the same evening...

  • 2008/03/15 Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo feat.Jeff Hollieconcert "Zappateers Festival", Nijmegen, NL
    • setlist
      • Bamboozled By Love, Stinkfoot, Texas Motel, Mr.Green Genes, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Willie The Pimp (incl. Bolero tease), Trouble Every Day, Watermelon In Easter Hay, Cosmik Debris, Cosmik Debris reprise, I'm The Slime


And here's Jeff Hollie, who played the saxophone on Zappa's "Joe's Garage" album.
Jeff told me that he's still a big Zappa fan, and that he knows all the tunes by heart.


The Muzquitos were the second band to play at the second day of the Zappateers Festival. For the occasion, the band had studied a complete Zappa set..

  • 2008/03/15 The Muzquitosconcert "Zappateers Festival", Nijmegen, NL
    • setlist
      • Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, Zappa Quotes, Deseri, Uncle Remus, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, Stick It Out, Watermelon In Easter Hay, Big Leg Emma, Love Of My Life, Harder Than Your Husband, Let's Move To Cleveland, Catholic Girls, Lonesome Cowboy Burt, King Kong Pt.1, In France, Blessed Relief, Mr Green Genes > King Kong Pt. 2, What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?, Whippin' Post, Daddy Daddy Daddy


The Muzquitos on stage at the Zappateers Festival. Picture by Ed Lick.


Highlight of the festival, The Wrong Object, were band number three on Saturday. They had brought Frank van der Kooij along, and he added a very fine sound. Hurray for the horns.

  • 2008/03/15 The Wrong Object -  concert "Zappateers Festival", Nijmegen, NL
    • special guests: Frank van der Kooij, and Andrew Greenaway (who recited poetry, incl. Van Vliet's 'Apes Ma' during 'King Kong')
    • setlist
      • Eat That Question, Big Swifty, Blessed Relief, Filthy Habits, Strangler Fig, Chunga's Revenge, Malign Siesta, Outside Now, King Kong, Help I'm A Rock


The above picture shows the band in action during the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen: Michel Delville, Laurent Delchambre, Frank van der Kooij, Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Damien Polard & Fred Delplancq

Another highlight, and closing on Saturday was Dutch band Uncle Meat. The played a very tight, and rocking set.

  • 2008/03/15 Uncle Meat concert "Zappateers Festival", Nijmegen, NL
    • setlist
      • Magic Fingers, Son Of Orange County, Trouble Every Day, I'm The Slime, Evelyn The Modified Dog, Big Swifty I, Black Napkins, Big Swifty II, Eat That Question, Sick Tiny Tears (poetry), Cosmik Debris, Lets Move to Cleveland, Cheap Thrills ("Op En Neer"), Sofa no.1 & 2, Pygmy Twylite, Big Leg Emma


Above picture taken by Ed Lick.


Spring 08 Update

It's been a busy time around URR land since the FZ Birthday tour in December... we would like thank everyone who came to the shows and a few very 'special' people for making it our best tour ever...

Layla Hall has been gigging around Detroit and is currently on tour in Europe for 2 weeks... check her MySpace page for all her updates and details...

John Garland has been busy with school at Wayne State University in Detroit, playing in the school jazz band and gigging with Tom Butwin and various other groups as well as honing his 'upright' skills... check his MySpace page for all his updates and details...

Scott Schroen is doing well and keeping very busy around Atlanta, GA... he is in his second semester at The Georgia Academy of Music as a faculty guitar instructor... he is also doing private guitar lessons for Music & Art in Alpharetta, GA as well as in home lessons for Amadeus and Allegro music... Scott just finished teaching the first of many classes at Emory Center for Lifelong Learning and he also wrote a book called 'Guitar Theory' which is in publication and will be available very soon... check his MySpace page for all his updates and details...

Andy Turpen is doing well and working with Scott on auditioning new members for the 'southern' unit... he has been working at CNN in Atlanta and was fortunate to have recently sold his house in MI...

Ike Willis is doing great and keeping Los Angleles on its toes... he has been doing some studio and voice over work and taking a little time off for a much deserved rest...

The next tour is booking up and set for 5/29 - 6/14... check the band site for dates and details...

Thanks to everyone for all their help and support!!!




The beautiful picture on the right was taken by Wim Hoogland at the Zappanale 2007 edition.

I had a nice talk with Wim at the Zappateers Festival, and I was quite amazed by the pictures that he showed me.
It's pretty cool that he is sharing some of them. You can find the one on the right, and a bunch of others over at the I Virtuosi Dal Pianeta Talento entry


On the right, you can find another fine shot by Wim Hoogland.

It shows guitar virtuoso Christophe Godin in action on the main stage of Zappanale, 2007/08/03.

A bigger version of this picture can be found over at Christophe Godin's entry.


 Zappa Plays Zappa

  • 2008/06/06 concert ’first avenue’, minneapolis, mn

  • 2008/06/07 concert ’witherspoon hall’, omaha, ne

  • 2008/06/08 concert ’wakarusa festival’, lawrence, ks

  • 2008/06/09 concert ’pagaent’, st. louis, mo

  • 2008/06/11 concert ’house of blues’, new orleans, la

  • 2008/06/12 concert ’variety playhouse’, atlanta, ga

  • 2008/06/13 concert ’lincoln theatre’, raleigh, nc

  • 2008/06/14 concert ’bonnaroo’, manchester, tn

  • 2008/07/03 concert ’rothbury festival’, muskegon, mi

  • 2008/07/04 concert ’elements’, kitchener, on

  • 2008/07/05 concert / location to be announced

  • 2008/07/06 concert ’quebec international summer festival’, quebec, qc

  • 2008/07/08 concert ’common ground’, lansing, mi

  • 2008/08/01 concert ’gathering of the vibes’, bridgeport, ct

  • 2008/08/02 concert ’higher ground’, burlington, vt

  • 2008/08/06 concert ’hampton beach casino’, hampton beach, nh

  • 2008/08/08 concert ’north fork theatre at westbury’, westbury, ny

  • 2008/08/09 concert ’paramount center’, peekskill, ny


2008 03 25
Wow, it's been over a week...
I did attend a very fine Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen, a little while ago. And there's some news as well.
Enough to keep me busy the next couple of days.
Here we go:


New on WM Recordings:

Phil Reavis - The Reagan Years

Free download!

Guitar-centric, lo-fi, art damaged squawking ditties recorded mid 1980s, some 4-tracked, some bouncing tracks between two cassette decks, some random guitar tunings, a few vocals, including the 18 minute guitars-on-the-table take on Beefheart's Trust Us.








The Foolz opened the Zappateers Festival on Friday, March 14, 2008, in Nijmegen, NL. Besides the new drummer (Erwin), the band featured Ke as a guest on the violin, and StatusBaby on vocals during 'Uncle Remus'

  • 2008/03/14 concert "Zappateers Festival", Nijmegen, NL
    • set one
      • Uncle Remus (feat. StatusBaby on vocals), Sofa, Let's Make The Water Turn Black, The Idiot Bastard Son, Blessed Relief, Sleep Dirt, San Ber'dino, Joe's Garage, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
    • set two
      • Echidna's Arf (Of You) > Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?, Uncle Remus, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, Camarillo Brillo, Eat That Question, I Don't Wanna Get Drafted, Bamboozled By Love, Montana
    • set three
      • Elvis Has Just Left The Building, Cosmik Debris, Peaches En Regalia, The Torture Never Stops, Dirty Love, I'm The Slime, Suicide Chump > Jumbo Go Away > MS Pinky
    • encores
      • Peaches En Regalia, Blessed Relief


Above picture taken by Bazbo during the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen, 2008/03/14

Blurp was the second band to perform on the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen. They closed Friday evening. Well, actually the police closed Friday evening, just about the time that Blurp was about to finish their set.

  • 2008/03/14 concert "Zappateers Festival", Nijmegen, NL
    • setlist
      • It Can't Happen Here, Hungry Freaks Daddy, -- the bass problem --, Hungry Freaks Daddy, Help I'm A Rock, Anyway The Wind Blows, Motherly Love, Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder, Ruby Bang Bang, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, In The Sky, Status Back Baby, Suzy Creamcheese, Trouble Every Day, You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here, Dog Breath In The Year Of The Plague, W.P.L.J.


Above picture taken by Bazbo during the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen, 2008/03/14


January 2008, Corrie van Binsbergen initiated the Brokken Leerorkest. Once a week, the Brokken Leerokest rehearses in Amsterdam. The last Wednesday of the month, the band will perform at "Zaal 100" in Amsterdam, NL. Conductors for 2008: Corrie van Binsbergen, Arend Niks, Joost Buis, Hans Hasebos and Albert van Veenendaal.
  • 2008/03/26 Brokken Avond (van Binsbergen) - het Brokken Leer Orkest / Joost Buis - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL - 21.00 h
    2008/03/26 André Manuel, Joost Buis, Hans Hasebos - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL - 22.30 h



Japanese New Music Festival in Brussels, April 23, 2008, at the Magasin 4 !!

  • 2008/04/28 "Japanese New Music Festival 2008" : Acid Mothers Temple (Jap) + Ruins Alone (Jap) + Akaten (Jap) + Zubi Zuva X (Jap) + Zoffy (Jap) + Tsuyama Atsushi (Jap) + Kawabata Makoto (Jap) - 'Magasin 4', Brussels, Belgium

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SWR (Kawabata/Tsuyama/Yoshida) Acid Mothers Temple have rapidly become acclaimed as the greatest, most extreme trip psychedelic group in the world. Releases have appeared on labels around the world at an amazing pace, and the magnificence of their live performances is already being whispered of as legendary. SWR is the AMT Family's most powerful battle-formation yet. featuring Tsuyama and Kawabata from the original AMT and Yoshida from Ruins. their crushingly acute freakout sound will pulverize the world's legions of wannabe psych groups.

RUINS ALONE (Yoshida Tatsuya solo) Yoshida is one of the most innovative drummer/composer/improviser in Japan's new music scene. pioneer of Drum & Bass duo RUINS was founded by Yoshida in '85 . Tunes are complicated and mysterious, and songs are sung in the language of their own invention. It's high-tension, wild, heavy, speedy, acute, and powerful tremendous ensemble never sounds like they are only two players. now RUINS had no bassist and currently he has been playing as RUINS ALONE. playing RUINS songs with sampling bass.

AKATEN (Tsuyama/Yoshida) Formed in 1995 with the motto of "irresponsibleness" and "perfunctoriness." They easily free themselves from the spell of the traditional seriousness of the art. Using daily commodities like scissors, toothbrush, zipper, camera, and plastic bottle as percussions, and shouting their brand names over and over as the "songs," the show is performed under the concept of low cost and maximum sound effect. AKATEN is the experimental convenience store punk band that provides the sound images of cheap and simple daily lives.

Zubi Zuva X (JAP)  
Eccentric poly-rhythmic a cappella ensemble. It covers from Gregorian chant to ethnic music, to do-wop to hardcore screaming, heavily using irregular rhythms and polyrhythm. All sorts of ideas and aberrant musicality overturn the image of a cappella. their totally meaningless lyrics and desperate performances throw the audiences into the abyss of the laughter and admiration. it makes the concept of "singing ability"nonsense.

Zoffy (JAP)  
Formed in 1998. Zoffy's music hints both at the members' deep musical knowledge via their improvised performances of troubadour music and European trad, and also at their deep love for rock via their destructivist covers of classic rock songs, that no longer sounds like anything but ZOFFY. The group believes that humor is essential in music, and their unprecedented performances stray far from the beaten track. Is this the Ultima Thule that rock music has long been aiming for?

Tsuyama is best known for his monster bass in Acid Mothers Temple, but he also has amazing technique of guitar and vocal. his He has travelled around the world and accumulated the traditional styles of guitars/vocals in europe and asia. he adds his own interpretations and lyrical sense to create a beautiful but odd "fake traditional" musical world. recently he developed a new figure called "prog.rock > blues-ization plan". he dismantle the masterpiece of progressive rock, and restructure it as an impromptu blues.

Kawabata Makoto is best known for his speed-demon noise-fuzz guitar in Acid Mothers Temple, but he is also widely active as an unparalleled drone guitarist. Drawing upon a huge reservoir of original techniques including metal glissando and bow-work that can summon up the sound of a string ensemble or orchestra, his work in this area cannot be simply categorized as minimal, drone or experimental. You'll find it hard to believe that a single guitar can create sonic worlds of such meditative and elegant depth.




Volume number three of Muffinz Moovies, the history of the Muffin Men, is due out. It will include:

  • chapter 11 of the on-going saga, this chapter includes reportage on the "when worlds collide" visit to glastonbury and the bands first appearance at the cropredy festival, 34 minutes playing time.

  • the entire 18 minute encore from liverpool 2004, where almost every ex muffin man jam on an extended version of willie the pimp

  • the opening "overture" from a liverpool 2005 show.

  • the complete cropredy performance from 2005, 90 minutes.


When you check out the Muffin Men website, be sure to listen to the impressive radio show / webcasts.

  • radio show no.4 : "Food Feeling Fiascos", 30 minutes
  • radio show no.5 : "How Do We Smell?", 23 minutes



Wim Hoogland was kind enough to send in some beautiful shots of Monty & The Butchers, taken in concert, live at Zappanale 2008.

The pictures below are the smaller versions. You can find the bigger version over at the Monty & The Butchers entry.

2008 03 14
It's friday, the 14th of march which means that i'll get packing and leave for the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen in a couple of hours.  Two days of Zappa and related music, and seeing some friends again. I'm looking forward to it.


  • eugene chadbourne: g.o.i.n. - april fool's in holland 2006
        (2007, dvdr, usa, strawn to gold s2g-003)
    • Recorded live in Baarle Nassau and in Amsterdam last year, here's a video recording of Eugene Chadbourne's "Get Out Of Iraq Now" band.
      An impressive document, showcasing the talents of Eugene Chadbourne, Brian Ritchie, Brian Jackson and Victor DeLorenzo.



  • blues beat sessions
        (2002, cd, spain, dro east west)
    • About five years ago, Zjakki told me about this sampler. It did take me a while to find a copy...
      The Private Lightning Six used a Frank Zappa sample in 'It's Not My Fault'.
      The track can be found on an this electronic blues sampler called "Blues Beat Sessions" from 2002. It's volume one.


-- info: Zjakki Willems


2008 03 11


Saturday, may 3, 2008, will be Zappa marathon day in café 'De Nauwe Zak' in Ghent, Belgium.

Rudy Rottiers will be guest DJ, and he will be hitting the turntables with nothing but Zappa vinyl.
It'll probably start about 21.00 h, and last until...



There's a new Joe Satriani album scheduled for release later this month.
2008 03 10


Corrie van Binsbergen did a couple of gigs last weekend...
  • 2008/03/08 Toon Tellegen / Josse de Pauw / Het Wisselend Toonkwintet - concert 'Bimhuis', Amsterdam, NL  

  • 2008/03/09 Josse de Pauw / Het Wisselend Toonkwintet - concert Vredenburg / De Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht, NL 15:00

and so did The Wrong Object


2008 03 04

****THE WRONG OBJECT - March 2008 Newsletter****


  • Friday March 7, Jazzpoint, 20 rue Souverain-Pont, Liège, 21h
    [This one is for our Belgian audience: IMPORTANT: le concert de Liège sera précédé d'un HAPPENING MUSICAL à l'occasion du VERNISSAGE de l'exposition de Guillien GUINEFORT à la Maison du Jazz (rue sur les Foulons, 11 / 4000 Liège), à quelques pas du Jazzpoint. Rendez-vous à la Galerie Jacques Pelzer à 19h30 !]

  • Saturday March 8, Nam'In'Jazz Festival, Belvédère, Namur, 21h

  • Saturday March 15, Zappateers Festival, Het Buitencentrum BV (St Walrickweg 9), Nijmegen, Holland, 18h00 (w. special guest Frank van der Kooij)


Amazingly, there are still a few tickets left for the Zappateers' Festival in Holland next month. Grab festival tickets here before they go - why would anyone wanna miss out on seeing Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo, the FoolZ and the Wrong Object when they don't have to?


The first official CD of this new project involving two members of The Wrong Object (Laurent Delchambre and Michel Delville) and led by Swiss sax prog-punk-maestro Markus Stauss is now available from Fazzul Records. For more info and some free mp3s, click here:


Fred's new solo CD, Talisman, is now available from record stores. Don't miss it!! Click here for more details and how to order the CD by mail:



Musician and graphic artist Gadgetto recorded & released at least one Zappa composition ('Ms.Pinky'), and a couple of Residents compositions.

-- info: Ive Hapers


from the nederzappa newsgroup / marco kalnenek:

record shop Plato has announced a 3CD ZpZ album for March 26 !!


2008 03 09
bits 'n pieces


The picture on the right shows alto saxist Tony Rodriquenz playing with the Hal Willis Big Band at the Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach, 22nd January 2005. The photo comes from the website


There's nothing like reading an april fools joke in march...
read more about it here



-- a message from RalphAmerica --

Hey Friend!

Over here at Ralph we've been experimenting with the printing on demand in order to create a bunch of new designs for you. Now we're taking it a step further:  

We've been testing our most popular designs on a whole bevy of shirt styles and colors, and came up with some winning combinations that we think you'll like a whole lot. Or at least contribute to an assortment of colors other than black in your drawers and closets!  

So we have the CLASSIC EYEBALL, the MEET THE RESIDENTS CRAWFISH, and the FISH R DUMB designs, all available on several different styles and colors.
So if you've been holding off on one of those designs, thinking to yerself, "well, i do already have 32 black shirts, do I need another one?", now you have a reason to rationalize your purchase!

And while yer visiting, don't forget to pick up a copy of the Animal Lover instrumental CD, as they are quickly disappearing.

Thanks for being Residential!

The RalphGang




-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


A couple of years ago, the Zappa catalogue got released in Russia.

Here's two (beautiful) examples.
We wouldn't be suprised if these were illegal / bootleg editions...



-- info: Nikolai Zaharov


A little while ago, Dieter Jakob published a Zappa vinyl bootleg bible. (and I think that Dieter still has a couple of copies of his book available)

If you want to get a taste of what's in it, you might check out the excellent and mighty impressive , where H. shows his collection and gives some info on the side.

Food for collectors.


UltraEczema has t-shirts for sale. Check it out over at

2008/03/01, local radio Radio Centraal in Antwerp, Belgium, had Eugene Chadbourne as a guest during "Tyfus Tijd", a one-hour show of madness and music.




-- info: Nikolai Zaharov


Frank Zappa appears in Gary Panter's graphic novel "Jimbo in Purgatory". The book also includes a (one-page) list and drawings of Gary Panter's favourite vinyl recordings. It includes The Mothers Of Invention with "Uncle Meat", Captain Beefheart's "Clear Spot", an Edgar Varèse album, The Fugs, Pink Floyd, and more gems.

Frank Zappa appears in "Jimbo in Purgatory"


Nikolai Zaharov was kind enough to send info & pictures of the 1993 re-release of Juicy Lucy's "Lie Back And Enjoy It" album.


2008 03 08

Fred Hemmer says:

Hi gang,

Finally some news from Bogus Pomp.

First, they will play at DaliFest Saturday, March 15. They are scheduled to star at 3:30 and play a 90 minute set.

DalíFest 2008 - A Community Celebration

The Salvador Dalí Museum celebrates its 26th anniversary in St. Petersburg with DalíFest, an annual celebration. The daylong celebration features reduced admission to the museum, the special exhibition Dali & Film, music performances, art activities for the whole community, and a variety of food vendors.

Featured bands include: Urban Gypsies, Infinite Groove Orchestra, Gravy, Bogus Pomp, Freddy Montes y Su Son and Rumba Flamenco; plus selected videos from the Dalíwood Student Surrealist Film Competition and three performances by Les Jeunes Danseurs Youth Ballet.

Cost: DalíFest outdoor programming is free and open to the public.

During DalíFest, Museum admission is $7 for adults and children age 12 and younger are free.

For more information go to www.SALVADORDALIMUSEUM.ORG.



The following is a link to a compilation CD of different versions of The Idiot Bastard Son. One of the cuts is Jerry Outlaw's and a second is from The Bogus Pomp Orchestra show at Tampa Theatre.

-- Fred



slime.oofytv.set takes us on another tour in the magazine museum...

In the meantime, I tried to make the magazine section a bit more accessible.

  • pulse
        (1980/07, magazine, usa)
    • The july 1980 issue of Pulse included a 6-page Frank Zappa interview, entitled 'Madman or Genius' by Headley Gritter.
  • ung
        (1984/09/14, magazine, sweden)
    • This issue of swedish Ung magazine included 'Nu kommer Dweezil och Moon Unit - Zappa-Barnen gör egen karriär' by Anders Hvidfeldt.

  • the tennesean sunday showcase
        (1975/12/28, magazine, usa)

    • This magzine included a 1-page article: 'Zappa Carries Musical 'Mothers' Tongue To Yugoslavian Crowds' by Barbara Lewis.

  • vibraciones v.8 n.68
        (1980/05, magazine, spain)
    • This issue of Vibraciones includes a 4-page interview 'los experimentos del gobierno americano con el lsd en san francisco' by J.C. Rubio.

  • keyboards computers & software v.1 n.2
        (1986/04, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of Keyboards Computes & Software include a 4-page article on Frank Zappa.
  • circular v.4 n.40
        (1972/10/09, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of Warner Brothers Records Circular magazine included 6 pages on Zappa, reprinted in the "Zappa/Wazoo" cd booklet.

  • rock delux  n.104
        (1994/01, magazine, spain)
    • Issue number 104 of Rock Delux included a 4-page article on Frank Zappa by Miguel Queralt.
  • music exchange v.2 n.5
        (1982/09, magazine, usa)
    • The sept / oct 1982 issue of Music Exchange included a 7-page Frank Zappa  interview by Dorothy Sirus.

  • jazz & pop v.6 n.10
    1967/10, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of Jazz & Pop included a 5-page interview by Frank Kofsky [part 2]. The back cover has the 'long & slippery' hagstrom ad.
  • guitar player v.2 n.5
        (1968/10, magazine, usa)
    • The october 1968 issue of Guitar Player included a 1-page article on Frank Zappa entitled "Zap!".

  • jazz & pop vol.9 n.10
        (1970/08, magazine, usa)
    • The august 1970 issue of Jazz & Pp included a 5-page Frank Zappa interview by Jay Ruby.
  • jazz & pop v.6 n.9
        (1967/09, magazine, usa)
    • This september issue of Jazz & Pop presented a 7-page Frank Zappa interview by Frank Kofsky [part 1]. The back cover has the 'long & slippery' hagstrom ad, and it also includes a full page ad for "Absolutely Free".

  • tages anzeiger magazin
        (1974/09/28, magazine, switzerland)
    • Issue number 39 of Tages Anzeiger Magazin includes a 7-page article, 'Ein Monster In Der Musikgeschichte' by Urban Gwerder, some photos by Alain Dister, cover by Eric Jeanmonod.
  • popster
        (1979, magazine, spain)
    • Issue number 31 of Spanish Popster magazine was a Frank Zappa special: 16-pages that fold out to a 65x90 cm poster on one side.


A little while ago, I mentioned comic book artist Andrea Pazienza's references to Frank Zappa.

Here's another example. The below panel is also taken from a Pentothal adventure. It cites Zappa's "The Torture Never Stops" and got published aroud1977 / 1978.


-- info & scan: makxx (Massimo)



February 2008, Geoff Wills spoke to Chuck Glave on the  phone, and he adds:

Chuck Foster remembers Chuck Glave as playing drums on Frank Zappa's 1961 version of Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance. I recently spoke on the 'phone with Chuck Glave, and he did not remember being on the recording, but he said that he played a number of gigs with Zappa in the early 1960s. He remembered playing at Zappa's father's restaurant, when Zappa was trying to play jazz on vibraphone (this was probably 1963), and also doing some rock gigs with Zappa as well. He said that Zappa was definitely a jazz fan at this time. I think that it is probable that Chuck Glave did play on Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, but it may be too far back for him to remember.

Chuck is a member of the Regency Jazz Band, a San Antonio-based band formed in the early 1980s. They play Art Blakey-style hard bop, and are a fixture on the Texas festival circuit, with a loyal and regional base of long-time fans. The line-up is Al Gomez (trumpet); John Magaldi (saxes); Aaron Prado (piano); George Prado (bass); Chuck Glave (drums) and Shelley Murray (vocals). They appear on a track on the album Hot Tamales: A San Antonio Tribute to Robert Johnson (Bexar Nekkid, 2004).

Chuck also leads the Chuck Glave Quintet, and appears on the albums Jazzman by Pat Britt (1975) and the Mar Vista Sessions by the Michele Faber Trio (1999).



Yes, Mr.Greenaway has an entry in the UM files. It's been updated.

And it will be updated again real soon, as the "20 Extraordinary Renditions" is out...


2008 03 06


Zappa Plays Zappa at the Bonnaroo 2008 music & arts festival.

-- info: Mick Zeuner



Throughout last year, this Idiot Bastard, in conjunction with Cordelia Records (, was busy putting together a CD of 20 different versions of Frank Zappa's The Idiot Bastard Son to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of the release of the album it first appeared on (We're Only In It For The Money). January 2008 also happened to be when my fiftieth birthday happened. Well, we didn't quite manage to get it together in time, but it's now finally available to buy from:










  • DOOT!





2008 The Illegailly Live Tour continues...

2008/03/07 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Malzhaus, Plauen (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/03/08 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Tante Ju, Dresden (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)

2008/04/05 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Trafo-Station, Viersen

Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Hard (Österreich), Kammgarn (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/08/23 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Kreuzlingen (Schweiz), Ort: Zirkuszelt am Bodensee (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/08/30 Sheik Yerbouti - concert , ??? Uhr,
Zytanien Open-Air-Festival, Lehrte

The Return of SHEIK YERBOUTI feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock
2008/10/14 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Objekt 5, Halle
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Alte Patrone, Mainz, Veranstalter: Upart e.V.
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, bei Georg Nilius, Westerwald (wahrscheinlich Stairway, Wallmenroth)

Und weiter geht’s mit dem Halloween-Special:
2008/10/31 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Café Hahn, Koblenz

2008/11/29 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Tatort Musicclub, Übach-Palenberg (bei Aachen)


2008 03 05


2008 02 27



the only ZAPPA alumni consistently performing the music of the maestro, since 2002
80 concerts plus so far
anything else is not an original for more, more, more............


Napoleon Murphy Brock - vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, suavenicity, dancing(!)

Roy Estrada - bass, pachuco Falsettos, and operatic madness

Don Preston - piano, keyboard, synthesizers, electronics, vocals

Miroslav Tadic stunt guitar, electric guitar - Christopher Garcia  drums, percussion, vocals

on you tube





Grande Mothers Re:Invented
Presented by REDCAT at the Disney Concert Hall
in Los Angeles, CA
Reviewed April 14, 2006


the Grande Mothers Re:Invented  (Napoleon Murphy Brock, Don Preston, Roy Estrada, Miroslav Tadic, Christopher Garcia),
the chamber ensemble
Marc Lowenstein (conductor)
James Sullivan, Sara Schoenbeck, Amy Knoles, Daniel Rosenboom, Steven Suminski, Harry Scorzo, Joel Hamilton, Lillian Bitkoff.

" the teaming of one of Zappa's favorite Stravinsky pieces -- the ever-zesty, ever-acidic "L'Histoire du Soldat" -- with a survey of Zappa's intricate idiosyncrasies for rock band at REDCAT on Friday night was not so much far-fetched as it was far-sighted.
There are rumblings of a Zappa revival afoot in the world and this ongoing Grande Mothers project, which was launched in Europe in 2003. The latter group is a quintet containing three alumni of various Zappa bands -- bassist Roy Estrada (an original Mother), keyboardist Don Preston and vocalist/reeds Napoleon Murphy Brock -- plus Eastern European wah-wah guitar wizard Miroslav Tadic and drummer Christopher Garcia.
This outfit was road-tested (their 66th gig), as precise as any of Zappa's bands and able to burn brightly on a wide range of Zappa selections on Friday (the set list was completely different Saturday). With Brock's powerful vocals, physical shtick and ability to double expertly on flute and tenor sax coupled with Preston's and Tadic's electronic salvos, the evening contained a lot of the contradictory eclectic, serious and circusy flavors of a Zappa show.
the Grande Mothers were able to go deeper into the material, rather than merely parroting Zappa's notoriously tricky composed lines. "The Idiot Bastard Son," for example, revealed some lovely harmonic ideas only hinted at on the original Mothers recording. All on board were adept at exploring the drumfire jazz-rock riffs of the early '70s, and there was a deftly done sample of Zappa's doo-wop sendups.





It¹s a testament to the strength and lasting influence of Frank Zappa that, while he died in 1992‹at the far too-young age of 52‹he left behind such a rich body of work that the Zappa legacy continues onward and upward. On some level, intrigue in the World of Zappa has increased, not only through the lingering nostalgic interests of his global fan base but also through the curiosity of young listeners. Imagine the gift of discovering Zappa¹s music, so much more elaborate and sophisticated than any other ³rock² music before, during or after him. The thrill increases exponentially when his complex tunes are experienced live.

Oddly enough, it took the band known as the Grande Mothers a few years to make their official debut in Zappa¹s hometown of Los Angeles, with a special Zappa-meets-Stravinsky concert at the new experimental music nucleus of the REDCAT theater (downstairs from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A.). The band is centered around charter members of Zappa¹s Mothers of Invention band--keyboardist Don Preston, one-of-a-kind vocalist (and saxophonist/flutist) Napoleon Murphy Brock and bassist Roy Estrada‹and fleshed out by the anchoring force of Christopher Garcia on drums, and spidery-fingered new kid Miroslav Tadic on guitar. He soared this night, on his first gig with the group. (Tadic¹s job description, re: the concert program, is playing ³stunt guitar, snake guitar, loud guitar²).

Brought together for a special show in Germany in 2002, the band recognized the allure of carrying the project forward, touring through Europe and going through the re-learning curve, rehearsing up old Zappa tunes to a dazzling tightness. One strong impression left by the concert was the fact that Zappa¹s music actually fares better live than on record, partly because of the deep pockets of theatricality in his writing and also because virtuosity‹of rock, jazz, or whatever ilk‹always makes a better impression in the light of live playing than in the hermetic confines of one¹s living room.

Other Zappa-related acts have been surfacing recently, including the ³Zappa plays Zappa² project, with Zappa¹s sons Dweezil and Ahmet joined by famed ³stunt guitarist² Steve Vai. The Grande Mothers, though, focus on a particular early era in Zappa¹s development, with tunes from the late Œ60s through the mid-70s. From the opening song, ³Florentine Pogen,² it was clear that the audience was in good hands, in the presence of the classic Zappa magic--crisply played Dadaist progressive rock and roll, with gonzo theatrics in the mix. Also in the set list were ³Duke of Prunes²‹a love song with a prune metaphor and a satire of minor mode loitering‹and ³Idiot Bastard¹s Son,² its melodic contours cleverly built from the title.

Instrumentals included the nutty march/waltz tune ³Uncle Meat/T¹mershi Dance² and the careening up-tempo tune ³Pound for a Brown.² ³Village of the Sun/Echidna¹s Arf (of you),² originally from the Live at the Roxy album, typifies the Zappa balancing act: a funky, hooky first section yields to an intense instrumental workout at the end, exhilarating to witness live, and so taut.

A similar effect‹brainy meets beefy‹is also evident in one of Zappa¹s greatest hits, ³Montana² (³moving to Montana soon, gonna¹ be a dental floss tycoon²), from one of Zappa¹s masterpiece album, Overnight Sensation. Brock‹the charismatic scene-stealer here--delivered the song¹s earnest absurdity in its pop-like passages. But after one of Tadic¹s slithering ³snake guitar² solos, Brock navigated the zigzagging unison melodies in the middle, reminding us yet again that Zappa¹s idea of rock is not for the faint-headed or musically simplistic.

This concert¹s Stravinsky angle, with an opening performance of the composer¹s L¹Histoire du Soldat was less felicitous than the Zappa portion of the evening, and verged on sloppiness and pretension. A fine chamber ensemble of L.A. musicians, conducted by CalArts-based Marc Lowenstein, gave a smart, compelling reading of the score, each section of which elicited wild applause from an audience (one imagines that younger audience members here are now officially turned on to Stravinsky‹a notion that would make Zappa grin in his crypt). Dramatically, though, the dubious thespian work of Brock, Estrada and Preston was of wavering quality and seriousness. Brock fared best, which is not surprising considering the inherent dramatic panache of his performing persona.

The idea of showing slides of Stravinsky¹s iconic mug during much of the Zappa set was regrettable, symptomatic of the strange misguided desire of Zappa fans to place him in the context of great 20th century ³concert music² composers. Although he adored and interacted with such master composers as Varese and Boulez and has had his music played by game, virtuosic classical musicians, Zappa created a place of his own in musical culture, within shouting and spitting distance of rock and roll, quasi-fusion, and the all-American experimentalist spirit.

He invented his own rules and wrote a few lifetimes¹ worth of music in his truncated time on the planet. Catch it live, if and when you can.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Great Grande Mothers


Had the best concert experience in a long while on Friday night, when I went to see the Grande Mothers at the Redcat Theater. Who are the Grande Mothers, you ask? Zappa alums Don Preston, Roy Estrada, and Napoleon Murphy Brock, plus Chris Garcia and Miroslav Tadic on drums and guitar, respectively.

The first set featured Preston, Estrada, and Brock performing Stravinsky's Histoire de Soldat with a killer chamber ensemble. The second set was a smorgasbord of Zappa tunes. The Stravinsky set was fun (in part because of the Mothers' bad acting), but the Zappa set, which I realized later went on for over an hour, seemed to fly by.

It was just beautiful to be able to hear this music (from the front row, no less) played in the spirit in which it was originally conceived, by some of the guys who were originally involved. And though it wasn't a flawless performance (it was the first of two nights), it had more balls and verve and energy (especially given that these guys are approaching geezerhood) than a lot of the newer music I've been hearing lately. Napoleon Murphy Brock is particularly amazing--there just seems to be no limit to his energy, and I don't think I ever got from the records how truly skilled he is as both a singer and a reed player. But Estrada too was a trip--what fun to hear that wacky falsetto of his live!

There is a tendency with posthumous performances of Zappa's music to err on the "prog rock" side of things--to go for the cleanness of the 80s groups as opposed to the rawer, sloppier sound of the Mothers. That's probably a good thing when it comes to the chamber or orchestral stuff (which was rarely well-performed in Zappa's lifetime), but in a rock or jazz context it's an approach that can be deadly.

The Grande Mothers understand that even though Zappa never embraced rough musics like punk, he knew the value of musical rawness. And though the Redcat show clearly wasn't the sort of carnival experience that it probably would have been if Zappa had been involved, it was pretty damned close--which is good news for shmucks like me who never got to see the real McCoy when he was alive.



2008 03 03


Last Saturday, we saw Eugene Chadbourne at the 'Plusetage' in Baarle Nassau, NL. Again, Eugene Chadbourne amazed everyone with his incredible performance. He ended the show, improvising on the rake. Yes, you read it righ, The Rake. Breathtaking.

Dr.Chadbourne at the 'Plusetage', 2008 03 01

  • eugene chadbourne: paperboy - young and innocent days
        (2007, cdr, usa, private release)
    • As usual, doctor chadbourne brought a bunch of his DIY home recordings along. "Paperboy - Young And Innocent Days", is a new collection of '60s covers, including some great classics.
      Also present on this album is his rendition of Frank Zappa's 'Mom and Dad'.

  • eugene chadbourne: sacred insects of ancient egypt - from the insect and western series
        (2007, cdr, usa, private release)
    • Originally part of the 8 CD box set "Insect and Western",  "Sacred Insects Of Ancient Egypt" is available as a seperate album as well. This recording offers two tracks: two 30-minute plus improvisations that were recorded with a six piece ensemble at last year's Chadfest in NYC.
      Funny little anecdote: the album is wrapped in a setlist that mentions Captain Beefheart's 'Click Clack'

And there's more:
  • eugene chadbourne: jungle cookies
        (2007, 2cdr, usa, private release / chadula) - feat.jimmy carl black
  • eugene chadbourne and jimmy carl black: the jack and jim show: live at the stone, nyc 2007
        (2007, dvd, usa, modern alchemy)
  • eugene chadbourne and jimmy carl black: the jack and jim show: 2001: a spaced odyssey, rotterdam, holland, september 9, 2001
        (2007, dvd, usa, modern alchemy)
2008 03 02


Composer Paul D. Lehrman composed a piece entitled "King Frank".
The piece is an improvisation for 5 performers and computer, based on the works of Frank Zappa, written in1997, and commissioned by the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

"King Frank" got performed on May 13, 1997.

Computers Come Alive: The Making of "King Frank", A Live-Performance Piece for Six Players, Four Samplers, One Computer, and One Late, Great Composer


"King Frank in concert, 13 May 1997:
(L-R) Two Kurzweil K2000s in rack, the author and Casio DH-100 MIDI Horn, Brian Calicchia and Casio MIDI Guitar, Apple Macintosh Quadra 650, Todd Baker and Yamaha VL-1, (on floor) Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece, Claus Trelby and Kurzweil K2000, mixer Bill Carman and Mackie CR-1604, Mike Verette and Luis Silva on KAT dk10s"


Gary Panter's graphic novel "Jimbo's Inferno" includes a (one-page) list & drawings of Gary Panter's thirty-three best loved vinyl recordings. The list includes Zappa's "Lumpy Gravy", Captain Beefheart's "The Spotlight Kid" and The Residents' "Duck Stab", just to name a few.

The book is dedicated to Matt Groening.

Small world.

2008 02 24



                                                Geoff Wills (2008)


I've been intrigued by the original version of Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (originally titled Never On Sunday) since it appeared on The Lost Episodes. It's an excellent piece of straight-ahead jazz, with strong solos all round: the trumpet is clean and arresting, broadly with a Dizzy Gillespie/Clifford Brown sound; the alto sax is excitingly reminiscent of Cannonball Adderley and Phil Woods, and the piano style is somewhat like that of Jack Wilson, who was making a jazz name on the West Coast around the time that this was recorded. Frank Zappa's rhythm playing is perfect for the music. Interestingly, the tune is a bossa nova, and was recorded a year before Stan Getz made this form popular with Desafinado. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance fits right in with other jazz that was happening on the West Coast in the early 1960s: funky, soulful music played by people like Les McCann, Harold Land, Curtis Amy, Dupree Bolton, and The Jazz Crusaders.

Keen to find out more about the musicians involved in the recording, I managed to obtain a copy of the solo LP made by trumpeter Chuck Foster in 1985. Entitled Long Overdue, it features tenor saxist Pete Christlieb and drummer Alex Acuna, and is a very enjoyable, swinging jazz album that should have reached a wider audience. Interestingly, Chuck had put his telephone number on the back of the LP sleeve, so I took a chance and rang it. Amazingly, Chuck answered, still at the same number, as luck would have it. He proved to be a very pleasant person who was happy to talk, and he was able to provide fascinating information about the Take Your Clothes Off session and also the recording of the Run Home Slow soundtrack. This is his story, taken from telephone conversations and emails.

Chuck was born on December 11, 1939. After joining his High School band at age twelve, he heard Louis Armstrong live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This stimulated his interest in improvising on the trumpet, and soon he was listening to recordings by Chet Baker, Clifford Brown, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker. With friends, Chuck started playing dance gigs, and this continued until he graduated from High School. Next, he auditioned for a US army HQ band and was accepted. After attending Armed Forces Music School he spent one year each in the Eighth Army and Sixth Army Bands.

In January 1961 Chuck got out of the service and was in Los Angeles, and he received a call from someone associated with Frank Zappa to do a recording session. This turned out to be for Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance. He can only remember recording this one track at the Pal Studio session, but he said that they rehearsed tunes for a couple of weeks - "It was real loose, we had a lot of laughs, a very relaxed atmosphere." Interestingly, Chuck also said, "Oh yes, Frank always liked jazz - he was always a fan."

Of the other musicians on the session, Chuck was only acquainted with the alto sax player, whose name was Tony Rodriquenz, not Rodriguez as stated on the Lost Episodes CD. "He was a monster - sounded like Cannonball Adderley," said Chuck, "But he gravitated away from music and became a teacher (not music) and played at weekends." Sadly, Tony Rodriquenz died as a result of cancer in 2007. Chuck also believes that the name of the drummer on the session was Chuck Glave, not Chuck Grove, again as stated on the Lost Episodes CD.

Of further interest is that Chuck played trumpet on the soundtrack music for the film Run Home Slow, and he remembered a number of other musicians who were also involved. These were Ron Myers (trombone), Chick Carter (flute, tenor sax, baritone sax), Don Christlieb (oboe), Pete Christlieb (tenor sax), Chuck Domanico (bass) and John Guerin (drums). Don Christlieb was already a first-call studio musician, and all the others developed high-profile jazz and/or session careers: Myers with Woody Herman, Don Ellis and Buddy Rich, Carter with Harry James, and Domanico with Don Ellis. Pete Christlieb appeared on Steely Dan's Aja.

In 1963 Chuck was a member of the Si Zentner orchestra, and between 1963 and 1966 he was in a nine-piece group (three trumpets, three trombones, three rhythm) backing singer Della Reese. In 1965 he made his first straight-ahead jazz album: this was Opus One, with the Hank Bagby Quintet. The album gained a 31/2  star review in Downbeat magazine. In 1966 he took the jazz trumpet chair with the Buddy Rich Orchestra. In 1969 he played with Harry James's orchestra, and from 1970 to 1978 he played headline shows in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, Chuck had a motorcycle accident and retired from music for a time, but he gradually returned to playing local gigs. He recently had a serious eye operation, but is gradually improving, and appears to maintain a very positive attitude. His solo LP, Long Overdue, is well worth seeking out, and deserves to be issued on CD. Chuck's story also emphasizes that, from the beginning of his career, Frank Zappa had a liking for jazz, and associated with jazz musicians.

I'm very grateful to Chuck for co-operating so willingly in this interview, and for increasing the fund of knowledge available to music fans.

-- Geoff Wills


  • rockin' in the usa
        (2003, dvd, uk, classic pictures dvd6066x)
    • This DVD is a collection of German TV broadcasts. It includes Captain Beefheart with 'I'm Gonna Booglarize You'.


-- info: Nikolai Zaharov



-- info: Nikolai Zaharov


First, the Sun Ra discography has been adjusted.
Second, the list of Sun Ra concert recordings keeps growing.

Sun Ra and his Arkestra

  • early 1970's, c. 1972  -  Unknown Date and Location - "The Shadows Took Shape" (Transparency 0303)

    • Outer Space > Untitled Improvisation, Stardust From Tomorrow, Exotic Forest, Untitled Improvisation, Shadow World, Untitled Improvisation, Strange Worlds > Untitled Improvisation, Enlightenment, Outer Spaceways Incorporated, Prepare for the Journey to Other Worlds, The Shadows Took Shape, Friendly Galaxy > Watusi

  • 1974/12/-- rehearsal  -  San Francisco  -  "Dance of the Living Image"

    • Dance of the Living Image, Unidentified Title, Sometimes I'm Happy, Astro Nation, Unidentified Title, Unidentified Title, Hard Hearted Hannah (instrumental), Hard Hearted Hannah (vocals) > Passin' Gas, Sophisticated Lady, (Slow) Watusi



  • 1979/03/09 concert 'Stars', Philadelphia, PA, usa

  • 1981/04/02 concert 'Myrons Ballroom', Los Angeles, CA, usa

    • Opening medley / arrival, Blues improv / fletcher henderson medley / round midnight, Fate in a pleasant mood (?), Improv. 1, Moonship jouney > Space is the pLace > we travel the spaceways > percussion interlude, enlightenment, they'll come back, Improv 2, Fletcher Henderson tune, Lights on a satellite (?), Very fast old Sun Ra tune, ??, 27-II > someday soon

Sun Ra All Stars

  • 1983/10/29 concert 'Philharmonie', Berlin, Germany - part of the "JazzTage 1983" festival

    • Don Cherry,tp,voc Lester Bowie,tp 
      Marshall Allen,as,per John Gilmore,ts,fl Archie Shepp,ts,voc 
      Sun Ra,key Richard Davis,b Clifford Jarvis,dr Philly Joe Jones,dr Famoudou Don Moye,per 

    • Announcement MichaelNaura, Happy Birthday / Stars That Shine Darkly, ?? (DCh,tp-PhJJ,dr-duo), Somewhere Else, Early Morning Blues, Poinciana 

    • This concert got broadcast on TV. A 55-minute recording of this concert circulates

Sun Ra and the Jet Set Omniverse Arkestra

  • 1985/12/14 concert 'Club Lingerie', Los Angeles, CA, usa

    • percussion intro > Mystery Mr. Ra > space funk jam, 27-II > Somehwere There, perc. > ? tune (Ra piano), Hey Man (Henderson), Lights on a satellite (?), Piano solo / (? Ra ballad), (Ra tune??), Mack the knife (medley), queer notions ? (Henderson tune), keyboard solo / Love in outer space, drum solo, Somewhere over the rainbow, Space is the place

Sun Ra Arkestra

  • 1987/10/22 -L- concert "Jazz Jamboree", Warsaw, Poland

    • Sun Ra, p, keyb, voc, lead, Fred Adams, tp, Tyrone Hill, tb, Marshall Allen, as, fl, Pat Patrick, as, Danny Ray Thompson, as, bs, John Gilmore, ts, cl, voc, James Jacson, fl, bsn, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum, Leroy Taylor (Eloe Omoe), as, bcl, contra, alto cl, Danny Davis, as, fl, Kenny Williams, ts, bs, Robert A. Williams, space instruments, Oscar Fleming Brown, b, Earl C. (Buster) Smith, d, June Tyson, voc, dance, Judith A. Holton, dance, Cheryl Banks, dance, Greg Pratt, dance, Darrell Brown, dance

    • Untitled Improvisation, Discipline 27, II, Unidentified blues, Yeah Man, I Dream Too Much, Carefree (Egyptian Fantasy), Untitled Improvisation, In A Sentimental Mood

  • 1992/03/1992 concert 'Pumpehuset', Copenhagen, Denmark

    • Sun Ra: p,keyb, Marshall Allen: as,fl, James Jackson: bassoon,egypt.dr, Michael Ray: tp,voc(*), Ahmad Abdullah: tp,voc(*), Lester Nelson (or Tyrone Hill?): tb, Bruce Edwards: g, Jothan Collins: eb, Earl "Buster" Smith: dr,announcer, Stanley Morgan (Atakatune): cga, Elson Dos Santos Nascimento: b-dr,perc

    • Set I

      • Friendly Galaxy (Ra), Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington), Opus Springtime (Ra), love in outer space (Ra), Spontaneous Simplicity (Ra), unforgettable (Nat King Cole), Nameless One #2 (Ra), interplanetary music (Ra), [extro - Buster Smith]

    • Set II

      • Ankhnaton (Ra), Deep Purple (DeRose-Parish), Space Loneliness (Ra), Hocus Pocus (Hudson), Carefree [Egyptian Fantasy] (Ra), Day Dream (Strayhorn), The Shadow World (Ra), space is the place (Ra/all voc), [extro - Buster Smith]

    • [encore]

      •   They'll Come Back (Ra/all voc)



Here's two more pictures for the magazine section.

Links provided by Hans-Peter Schmidt.

  • ciao2001
        (1981/07/19, magazine, italy)
    • This july 1981 issue of Ciao2001 includes a three-page article on Frank Zappa.
  • blue suede news
        (1994, magazine, usa)
    • The spring 1994 issue of Blue Suede News (# 26) magazine has an early picture of Frank Zappa on cover.
      Inside are 7 pages on Zappa, including "Frank Zappa: Child of the 1950's", an article by Howard A. Dewitt, and "Help! I'm a Rock!", an article by Mark Dalton. It also includes a photo of Frank Zappa from the famous Steve Allen show where he played a bicycle on t.v.
      The magazine is printed in Duvall, Washington, USA.
2008 02 20


Thanks to I., here's the extra info on the "Enema Improvisations" album, another impossible-to-find Frank Zappa bootleg album.

There are two versions of this album.
The first one is the so-called "unused version": 10 copies were made, and these were planned to be destroyed as they are in a not-so-good condition (sharp vinyl edge and thin vinyl), but they are fully playable.
This version has an instrumental improvisation on side A.
These 10 albums did get sold, and are the last numbers of the 50 copies limited edition on black vinyl, # 41 - 50:
"enema improvisations - the unused version".

The second version is in better condition (and on thicker vinyl).
This version has the guitarpart from 'Big Swifty' on side A.
40 pieces were produced on black vinyl, # 01 - 40 :
"enema improvisations - black vinyl"
20 pieces were produced on clear vinyl, # 01 - 20:
"enema improvisations - clear vinyl"

From this second version, 5 acetates exist as well.


"enema improvisations" - version 1, the 'unused' version

"enema improvisations" - version 2, the black vinyl version

"enema improvisations" - version 2, the clear vinyl version

"enema improvisations" - the acetate for version 2


It seems like some fine zappa-related albums will get a CD treatment next month:

don sugarcane harris : sugarcane' s got the blues

geoge duke : faces in reflection

flo and eddie : the phlorescent leech & eddie / flo and eddie

-- info: Luc Reniers


My notes said that Isi & Pojat Myrskystä had recorded one Zappa composition and that they had released it on two singles. has both singles on their site, and it seems that my info was wrong. It should have been: Isi & Pojat Myskystä had recorded two Zappa compositions, and they have been released on one single...

-- links: Hans-Peter Schmidt


Hans-Peter Schmidt showed me link to the cover of the "Kontran Toinen Puoli" album from Kontra.
  • kontra: kontran toinen puoli
        (1978, lp, sf, love records lrlp 291)
    • incl. ‘mökö ja luru’ (=’let's make the water turn black’) (frank zappa)




Ciao ,

Siete tutti invitati Domenica 9 marzo 2008 al Palazzo Granaio a Settimo Milanese !
Vi aspettiamo per una grande serata + concerto in onore del grande Frank Zappa.

Ingresso ore 19:00 aperitivo, concerto ore 21:30 : € 10,00

Ingresso ore 21:30 solo concerto : € 4,00

Vi aspettiamo.

Metropolis Orchestra
Milano - ITALY


The Czech Frank Zappa FanClub Fanzine has recently reached number 107!

More info soon.


Frank Zappa produced Grand Funk Railroad's "Good Singin' Good Playin'" album in 1976. The LP got released on CD with one bonus track in 1999.
Both albums have been added to the UM files.

-- thanks to Thomas Reinicke for info & pics


There has been a slight change in the line-up: Monty & The Butchers aren't coming. Fortunately, there are still a lot of other bands attending...

More info over at the Zappateers site.

As for the festival itself, I'll be there, it should be fun.
Unfortunately, my wife (Inge) isn't coming along, so I have this spare ticket.
If anyone of you still needs a ticket, let me know. I'm selling it for 60 euro instead of 80.

contact me at



The latest Stooges album, "The Weirdness", includes a song called 'Mexican Guy' where Zappa gets mentioned. Actually, Iggy gives a list of dead popstars, and Frank Zappa is part of this list.
  • the stooges: the weirdness
        (2007, cd, usa, ??) - mentions frank zappa during 'mexican guy'


  • arno: covers cocktail
        (2008, cd, bel, emi 5099920692520)
    • This week's edition of Humo, a belgian radio & television magazine, included Arno's "Covers Coctail" for 7 euro.
      A buy, since Arno is one of our most impressive belgian artists. The CD is made up of coverversions, and does include two (previously released) tracks that were written by Don Van Vliet: 'Hot Head' and 'Gimme That Harp Boy'.


Here are two more albums from the Aka Moon discography. Essential listening if you're into modern jazz.
  • aka moon: invisible moon
        (2001, cd, bel, carbon 7 records)
    • "Invisible Moon" is part three of Aka Moon's musical journey. Where the previous volumes touched chamber music ("Invisible Mother") and big band music ("Invisible Sun"), "Invisible Music" draws the World Music card.
      Beautiful... Essential listening.

  • aka moon: in real time
        (2001, cd, bel, carbon 7 records)
    • "In Real Time" contains music composed for modern ballet / dancetheater. It's Aka Moon's 12th album and it's super. Fabian Fiorini (on keyboards) is added to the trio with great effect.
      Essential listening.

2008 02 17


Last year, the Arf Society recorded a few Zappanale concerts and made them available in very limited quantities.

Artists included were:

  • Octafish
  • Sex Without Nails Bros. feat. N.M.Brock
  • Team Zappa
  • Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble
  • Project/Object

Thanks to Thomas Reinicke, I was able to add the cover / label of the Project/Object disc to their discography.


It looks like a special version of Doot! might be playing at the next Zappanale festival.

This time around, it won't be the well-known Chillemi / Brunelli / Cholmondeley variation, but an almost completely different line-up:

  • Kilissa Cissoko: sax /  keys / vocals

  • Preston Parrish: bass /  vocals

  • Joe Nolan: guitar / vocals

  • Mark Raffile : drums / vocals
  • Stephen Chillemi : vocals /  vibes / sax

Familiar names if you've listened to The Voice Of Cheez, Kimono Draggin' and Doctor Dark.


There's another couple of 'semi-official' releases due out in the UK. The first one is a DVD entitled "Live Transmissions".


frank zappa - live transmissions
    (2008, dvd, uk, ??)


  • Presenting parts of Zappa's Saturday Night Live appearances.  



The second one is a CD/book combination entitled " Transmissions".

frank zappa - transmissions
    (2008, cd + book, uk, ??)

  • book: 

  • cd

    • i'm the slime

    • purple lagoon

    • peaches en ragalia

    • dancin' fool

    • meek shall inherit nothing

    • st alphonso's pancake breakfast

    • i'm the slime

    • purple lagoon

    • peaches en ragalia

    • dancin' fool

    • meek shall inherit nothing

    • st alphonso's pancake breakfast

2008 02 15


There's a new release on WM Recordings -

WM076: Various Artists - Wakka chikka wakka chikka: Porn music for the masses volume 2

released 14 february 2008

Check it out.

WM Recordings has gladly agreed to host Volume 2 of Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka - Porn Music For The Masses on it's website, which means that once again; people all over the globe will be able to listen to and enjoy the soundtrack to their innermost fantasies. Since the 2004 release of Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka - Porn Music For The Masses Vol. 1(with over 232,900 downloaded files to date!) on, the needs of the masses for new and exciting porn music tunes produced by artists from all over over the world has been temporarily met. Now the people have a new dose of "Porn Music Magic" to swing to/by. 20 tunes of porn groovieness and 1 bonus track with a 'Behind The Scenes' look at the industry will be sure to titillate even the most repressed listeners. It's time to turn those lights down low again, and get it on - Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka!



The new album by The Wrong Obect "Stories From The Shed" got mentioned here a couple of weeks ago. It's a superb album, and it should give you high expectations for the concert that the band will be doing at The Zappateers Festival in March.

If you want to get an impression of what the band sounds like, check out the excellent radio6 website:


and while you're checking out the Radio6 website, don't forget to read the part about Albert Marcoeur !!!


Here's a little correction on the Russian "Beat Club" bootleg DVD. It's a DVDR, and not a factory pressed DVD.
But, as it is sold for money, and available (for sale) on the internet, it's very much a bootleg.
  • frank zappa: beat club
        (2007, dvdr-bootleg, russia, ocularmusic)
    • Here's a 35-minute Zappa bootleg DVDR from Russia. As you might suspect, it presents the "Liederliches" German TV special from 1968.


-- info: Nikolai Zaharov


  • 2008/02/27 CRAM concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL

    • Corrie van Binsbergen gitaar, Rutger van Otterloo bariton & sopraansax, Arend Niks drums, Mick Paauwe babybass en gastspeler Vasile Nedea - cymbalom

  • 2008/03/08 Toon Tellegen / Josse de Pauw - concert 'Bimhuis', Amsterdam, NL

    • 21:00 ... mnopq ... gedichten van en door Toon Tellegen en het Wisselend Toonkwintet 

      • Corrie van Binsbergen gitaar, Joost Buis trombone, lapsteel, Albert van Veenendaal piano, Hein Offermans bas, Alan Purves percussie

      • Speciale gast: Miriam Overlach - harp

    • 22:30 Werk in uitvoering van en met Josse de Pauw

      • improtrio: Tobias Delius tenor, klarinet, Wilbert de Joode bas, Alan Purves percussie

      • brugtrio: Jan Willem v/d Ham fagot, altsax, Corrie van Binsbergen gitaar, Albert van Veenendaal piano

      • strijktrio: Tineke de Jong viool, Baptist Kurvers altviool, Marjolein Meijer cello



Yesterday, I received a recording of the January 28 broadcast of the Bernard Strüber Jazztett concert.  All Zappa material. Great stuff.

  • 2008/01/06 Struber Jazztett - concert "Jazzfestival Inbetween", Münster, Germany

    • Mike Alizon - Tenor Sax , Eric Echampard - Schlagzeug , Serge Haessler - Trompete, Flügelhorn , Ray Halbeisen - Alt Sax, Piccolo Flöte , Jérémy Lirola - Bassgitarre , Benjamin Moussay - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards , Fred Norel - Violine , Bernard Struber - Arrangement, Komposition, Gitarre , Franck Wolf - Sopran und Bariton Sax

    • the concert got broadcast on german wdr3 radio on 2008/01/28

  • 2008/01/28 Struber Jazztett - radio show, wdr3, german radio

    • broadcast of the 2008/01/06 concert

-- thanks to JP


  • the balls: come out swingin'
        (2006, cd, usa, lonely puppy music)
    • The Balls are an American power trio: guitar, bass and drums.
      Heavy Surf Rock would probably be a fair description.
      Guitar man Nick Kane wrote most of the compositions on this album. One of the exceptions is 'Blue Rondo a la Frank', which is Brubeck's 'Blue Rondo' but with a couple of little surprises. One of these is a snippet of Frank Zappa's 'Apostrophe'. Very nice.


  • joe deninzon: the adventures of stratospheerius
        (2002, cd, usa, d-zone records)
    • Joe Deninzon is very high on my list of my favourite prog rock artists. Mostly because he plays this very melodic, yet angular jazzy rock tunes. Zappa is never far way.
      "The Adventures Of Stratospheerius" shows a very energetic band. Superb musicianship (listen to the improvisations and the exchange of melodies between Joe Deninzon and Alex Skolnick in 'What's That Thang?'), combined with very fine compositions & coverversions.
      Deninzon's version of Guaraldi's "Peppermint Patty" is absolutely great. The only thing that I could say, was "Good Grief"...


In our search of books about Frank Zappa, here's one from Hungary, from 1989!


by dézsi csaba andrás
    (1989, book, hungary
, ??)

- a Zappa biography: 1940 - 1989.



  • sexton ming: out to stud
        (2004, cd, uk, rim records)
    • Sexton Ming recorded Captain Beefheart's 'Twenty-Fifth Century Quaker' on his "Out To Stud" album.
      The RIM record label says "Specialists in Outsider Music", and that should give you a fair idea of what's on this album.
      "Out To Stud" is a good example of a low-fi Do It Yourself project.
      I like it. Sexton Ming's version of 'Twenty-Fifth Century Quaker' fits in very nicely.

2008 02 12



-- info: Ive Hapers


  • spoedbult: natuurtroebel
        (2007, cdr, bel, lama recordings 019)
    • I know for sure that I mentioned this release last year, but for one reason or another, I never added the data to the UM-files...
      If you want a taste of Lama Recordings, Spoedbult's "Natuurtroebel" is a nice place to start. It's in Dutch, and it might scare away your neighbours, but it's fresh, and even a little bit weird...


2008 02 11  -  Mats/Morgan Newsletter February 2008


Mats/Morgan Band: Heat Beats Live  /  Morgan Ågren: Tourbook 1991-2007 (CD+DVD)

Heat Beats Live is an excellently recorded live album which covers two years of work, featuring Mats and Morgan alone, together and with up to 3 additional musicians.
The music is their modern blend of composition, improvisation, complexity and hypnotic beats, as well as their sense of humor.

Also included in this package is Tourbook 1991-2007, which is Morgan Ågren's long worked upon and anticipated DVD release. It contains various recordings made during a 16-year span including live and studio recordings featuring Mats/Morgan Band, Fleshquartet, [BOX] The Music of Captain Beefheart, Simon Steensland Kamikaze United, Freddie Wadling Magma/Vander tribute, Drumkit From Hell sessions, Fredrik Thordendal (of Meshuggah) etc.
Plus lots of solo drums. Total playing time: 1 hour, 47 minutes.

DVD previews here:

Soundbites and more here:


Mats/Morgan: Trends And Other Diseases  (Debut CD remastered with bonus tracks)

Mats and Morgans classic debut originally released in 1996.
Now remastered and filled with bonus material. Also featured on this CD are: Dilba, Jimmy Ågren, Fredrik Thordendal, Derek Huntsman, Ruskträsk, Johan Granström, Fredrik Söhngren, Gunnar Persson, Jonas Knutsson and more..

Soundbites and more here:






Dutch band Muzquitos will be performing at the Zappateers festival in Nijmegen  (see below flyer & link) the weekend of 14 / 15 march.

The band has expanded their Zappa repertoire, and will be doing a try-out in Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam, NL) on 2007/03/01.

90 minutes of Zappa... Live at café De Hommel in Vlaardingen, NL.


  • 2008/03/01 Muzquitos - concert 'café de hommel', Vlaardingen, NL

The Zappateers are organising a Zappa festival in The Netherlands.

It will all take place in Nijmegen, the weekend of 14 & 15 March 2008.

The line-up will probably be:


  • 1800 Blurp
  • 1930 Foolz
  • 2130 Studio Tan


  • 1200 Muzquitos
  • 1400 Cucurillo Brillo Brullo
  • 1630 Monty and The Butchers
  • 1900 Wrong Object
  • 2130 Uncle Meat


Tickets are still available, and you have to order in advance, so check out


2008 02 11


Did you know about this?

-- info: Ive Hapers


2008 02 10


February 10, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of the Big Electric Chat for 2008. 

If the hints that have been dropped over on Adrian's blog are any indication, this is going to be an exciting year for Adrian, the Power Trio, and his fans.  Be prepared for: new downloads and merchandise in StoreBelew, the release of the Dust boxed set, a new studio record, lots of live Power Trio performances throughout the U.S., some Krimson rehearsals, and hopefully, a massive amount of signatures on the petition to (finally) get Adrian inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  More on that further down.

Hope to see you soon at

Your Webhamster,

Rob Murphree



Adrian, Julie, and Eric will soon be hitting the stages throughout America in February and March.

More dates are sure to be added but for now, here are the confirmed dates:

  • 2008/02/19 The Triple Door Seattle, WA

  • 2008/02/20 Aladdin Theater Portland, OR

  • 2008/02/22 The Crystal Bay Club Casino Crystal Bay, NV

  • 2008/02/23 Slim's San Francisco, CA

  • 2008/02/24 The Coach House San Juan Cap., CA

  • 2008/02/26 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA

  • 2008/02/28 Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ

  • 2008/02/29 Santa Fe Brewing Company Santa Fe, NM

  • 2008/03/01 Belly Up Aspen, CO

  • 2008/03/02 The Fox Theatre And Cafe Boulder, CO

  • 2008/03/04 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI

  • 2008/03/05 Martyr's Chicago, IL

  • 2008/03/06 The Magic Bag Ferndale, MI

  • 2008/03/07 Beachland Ballroom & Tavern Cleveland, OH

  • 2008/03/08 Tralfamadore Music Hall Buffalo, NY

  • 2008/03/09 Center for the Arts Natick, MA

  • 2008/03/11 Iron Horse Northampton, MA

  • 2008/03/12 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, PA

  • 2008/03/13 B.B. King's Blues Club New York, NY

  • 2008/03/14 Sunoco Performance Theatre Harrisburg, PA

  • 2008/03/15 Jammin' Java Vienna, VA


Wendy Lozenicins has taken on the duty of rallying the world to petition the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to induct Adrian into their ranks. (Thanks Wendy!) 

Due to the RNRHOF's rules, Adrian has only been eligible for a short while but with everything Adrian has done for music over the years (and what he's doing now), there is no better time to place him alongside the other greats of Rock N Roll. Help get Adrian inducted.  


As of this mailing, there are currently 407 petition signatures.


For the past year, not a week has gone by without the release of a Dust Particle. For a chronological list of what you may have missed and for what's to come, look below. Dust Particles are available for purchase at StoreBelew for $1.49 (USD) - payable via Paypal.

  • 02/05/07 Peas v01n02 6:12

  • 02/12/07 happy guy v03n19 3:23

  • 02/19/07 duck funk symphony v04n16 5:35

  • 02/26/07 lone rhinoceros (live) v02n07 5:09

  • 03/05/07 Dust v02n05 3:40

  • 03/12/07 postcard from holland (demo) v04n08 2:55

  • 03/19/07 Birds v04n01 7:03

  • 03/21/07 hawaiian cowboys v03n22 3:51

  • 03/26/07 one time (demo) v04n13 4:03

  • 04/02/07 what do you know? (complete version) v01n10 3:30

  • 04/09/07 p type (remix) v03n14 3:19

  • 04/16/07 staged fright v01n09 6:30

  • 04/23/07 Pygmies v02n03 3:58

  • 04/30/07 shoe salesman (1&2) v03n11 4:19

  • 05/07/07 kiss it goodbye (the bears) v03n04 4:56

  • 05/14/07 Spies v01n19 4:00

  • 05/28/07 on the beach goes the crimson king v04n11 2:26

  • 06/04/07 a nut for a jar of tuna (1984) v03n05 4:24

  • 06/11/07 manhattan/neurotica v02n04 5:37

  • 06/18/07 522 v01n04 5:22

  • 06/25/07 she left me (the bears) v03n07 4:46

  • 07/02/07 happy birthmark v04n03 2:51

  • 07/09/07 phone call from the moon v03n12 3:39

  • 07/16/07 japanese fan dance v02n13 3:32

  • 07/23/07 fly (demo) v04n15 3:52

  • 07/30/07 swingline/buy that face (live 1983) v02n08 7:38

  • 08/06/07 the phlegm / charlelle / don't leave my leg out there v01n03 9:40

  • 08/13/07 neptune pool v03n21 3:04

  • 08/20/07 Antarctica v02n11 4:17

  • 08/27/07 I am what I am (instrumental remix) v03n17 4:21

  • 09/03/07 small world (instrumental) v03n18 3:46

  • 09/10/07 gun man (instrumental remix) v03n20 4:12

  • 09/17/07 pretty pink rose (instrumental remix) v03n23 4:44

  • 09/24/07 big blue sun (remix) v04n06 2:54

  • 10/01/07 men in helicopters (strings) v01n12 3:22

  • 10/08/07 the ruin after the rain (piano demo) v04n14 3:31

  • 10/15/07 collage for girl with clouds v03n08 2:58

  • 10/22/07 this is what I believe in / standing in the shadows v04n04 7:30

  • 10/29/07 heaven's bed / member of the tribe v04n05 7:47

  • 11/05/07 yoli yoli v02n06 3:04

  • 11/12/07 Sand v02n01 4:17

  • 11/19/07 momur (demo) v01n05 4:21

  • 11/26/07 adidas in heat (live Gaga) v01n07 3:35

  • 12/03/07 the lone rhinoceros (original demo) v01n06 4:13

  • 12/10/07 dvorak's spaceport cantina 2:08 dec 10 2007 [blog] v02n10 2:08

  • 12/17/07 still life with dobro (reduction) v03n13 5:14

  • 12/24/07 Superboy v03n01 3:29

  • 12/31/07 man behind the curtain v03n02 6:22

  • 01/07/08 intro to something v04n07 1:32

  • 01/14/08 I walk alone v04n02 2:37

  • 01/21/08 another time another place (demo) v02n02 3:43

  • 01/28/08 oh daddy (original version) v03n10 3:04

  • 02/04/08 *hot zoo (remix) v03n15 4:21

  • 02/04/08 Lennon v03n03 2:03

  • 02/11/08 none of the above (demo) v03n06 2:48

  • 02/18/08 young lions v01n18 2:47

  • 03/03/08 here (instrumental) v04n09 3:46

  • 03/03/08 *People v04n12 3:48

  • 03/10/08 *no such guitar v03n09 3:58

  • 03/17/08 *bird in a box (remix) v01n15 3:38

  • 03/24/08 coconuts (backing track remixed) v03n16 4:07

  • 03/24/08 *house of cards (remix) v01n14 4:09

  • 03/31/08 *I know what I know and that is all I know and I know it v01n11 2:27

These are tracks previously available on Adrian's '99 release, Coming Attractions. All FREE tracks are available for download on the DUST page. Simply visit  and click the DUST link at the top of the page. The links to the free downloads are at the top of the Dust Track listing.


Think you know everything there is to know about Adrian Belew? I thought that too. Adrian's still burning up his keyboard on his Elephant Blog. Never a dull read.

NOTE: Due to time constraints while on the road, blogging may be minimal during Adrian's tour. 


If you're one of the few who've had trouble downloading from StoreBelew, we now have instructions on how to adjust your browser to allow you to download the files to your computer.  Visit and check the Latest News section.


That's it for now. You will receive another update as new tour dates or releases are announced.
And on behalf of Adrian, thank you for your support,

Rob Murphree

Adrian Webhamster


2008 02 10
some old stuff, some new stuff...
plus some very old stuff and some very new stuff...


Yesterday, I went to JH Merlijn in Wezembeek-Oppem (which is near Brussels in Belgium) for a concert of Cpt. Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention. I had seen them before, about half a year ago, so I knew that I was in for a treat.

The concert was good. Especially Vanessa (on vocals) made an overwhelming impression.

The setlist might have looked something like this:

  • 2008/02/09 concert 'JH Merlijn', Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium
    • Heavy Duty Judy, Cosmik Debris, Titties & Beer, Pygmy Twylyte, Son Of Orange County, More Trouble Every Day, The Torture Never Stops, Peaches En Regalia, Uncle Remus, Don't Eat The Yellow Snow, Nanook Rubs It, City Of Tiny Lites, Outside Now, Yo'Mama
    • encores: Black Napkins, Andy, Inca Roads, Sofa

It was great fun, but it was a pity that only about 70 people turned up for this gig.
I had a nice chat with Fred, Jos & Zjakki, and I saw a lot of familiar faces, but not enough!
I know, we're all getting old(er), but it's these kind of concerts that keep you young. So better make sure that you'll be there next time!!


the 9-piece band on stage at JH Merlijn

Didier Demeestere on drums & Vanessa Spy on lead vocals - on stage at JH Merlijn

Sara Corsius on keyboard & Johan De Coninck on guitar and vocals - on stage at JH Merlijn


  • os persuaders: ?? / el gruñon
        (19??, 7", brazil, fermata fb-3396)
    • Here's a picture of the brazilian edition of the Hollywood Persuaders single that included Frank Zappa's 'Grunion Run'. Zapa also plays guitar on this track.


-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


2008 02 07

Podcast Interview Now Online

The WBFO 88.7 FM podcast interview from my Ujima show in January is now available online
- Buffalo Avenues Vol. 17 (2/4/08).

 I hope you can check it out. It was fun to do. I've gotten tons of great feedback-lots of people have heard it. The power of radio!!! If you use iTunes, you can subscribe to the Buffalo Avenues podcast by using the pulldown menus (Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast...) then just paste this URL in the box: or find the Podcast links here:
WBFO XPoNential Buffalo Avenues:



If you have trouble with any of this, let me know and I'll email you an MP3. 

Peace! Kilissa

***************UPCOMING PERFORMANCES*********************** 

I'm playing flute and singing some backups for Jason Pfaff's CD Release / Multi-Media Concert "Battle Battle"
Friday, February 15, 7 pm Villa Maria College Auditorium 240 Pineridge Ave
more info:

Friday, February 29, 9:00 PM
My next solo show is at People Art - a "classic" coffeehouse hearkening to the 1960s! (The same people may even be running it!). It's housed in the basement of Unity Church. A wonderfully intimate venue! Free parking behind the church. Use rear entrance. 1243 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY (just South of Millard Filmore Hospital).

Dance Alive! is an all-ages community event held on first Fridays every month in the Elmwood Village. Come be part of the festivities. *Drum circle from 6-7 (BYOD). *Dance and Listen to live music - Bloodthirsty Vegans: original/rock/reggae/hip-hop (two sets, 7 and 8:30). *Open Mike from 8-8:30. Alcohol-free refreshments. Kids activities. Sliding scale donation ($5-10), kids & teens free. In the Parish Hall of the UU Church of Buffalo, 695 Elmwood Ave. at West Ferry. Open to the public!




  • amen andrews: vol.1
       (2003, 12-dj, uk, rephlex)
    • Track number two on side b is called "Fast & Bulbous", and it samples the dialogue with Frank Zappa from Captain Beefheart's track 'Pena', from the album "Trout Mask Replica"


-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt

2008 02 08
Oh yes, here's another little package of information. Useless to some, fascinating to others.
There's some familiar looking album covers, a couple of news flashes, and a pile of Fattore Zeta albums.
What else does one need on a friday night...


In 1987, The Morticians released a single that used the Mothers' "Freak Out" album cover as an inspiration. says:

Redfern Bros. began to play in the mid-80s as The Giant Sunhorse; at the beginning of 1986 they found bassist Ben Jackson and changed name to The Morticians, releasing this delicious sweet at the end of next year. An explosive punk side (those who don't know one original at least, lift up their own hand) and a visionary psych-side made few lucky owners happy... the first pressing of 500 ran out very soon and so did the second one of little more than a thousand, but Ben's leaving caused dissolution. At the end of 1988 a compilation of early recordings (demos and live sets) titled "She's like heroin" came out on Distortion Records.

-- info: Ive Hapers


Japanese band The Newest Model used the cover of The Mothers' "Freak Out" album for one of their CD-single releases.

  • Nakagawa Takahi: vocals, guitar, keyboads, synthesizer

  • Okuno Shinya: piano, organ, keyboads, synthesizer, backing vocal, guiar

  • Kawamura Hiroshi: bass

  • Tanaka "Ben" Tsutomu: drums, percussion

  • Oki Masahiro: drums, backing vocal

-- info: Ive Hapers


2008 02 08

Two lovely events that should be worth your while in Eugene & Corvallis.

Drummer Glenn Leonard's one-man marimbapercussionloopthing will be appearing with some equally nutty goofballs at Cozmic Pizza. Here's the scoop:


8th & Charnelton
Eugene OR  
338 9333

LAROMLAB- Laromlab provides classic sound blips of old school video game systems, such as the Atari and Commodore 64, which create a macrocosm of music that arouses one`s senses to the state of nostalgia. And he is joined by Robotcowboy, A futuristic expatriate American Space Ranger combines wearable computing, midi guitar, and live energy to wander the digi-range as a robotcowboy playing for dying astronauts. This is a lofi-guitar-compu-show with algorithmic balls from a DEVOspud, laptop-stomping idiot wearing exposed electronics! SGT LEONARD- Sgt. Leonard`s Loopy Arts Dub Band is a one-man multi-dimensional musical presentation which transcends boundaries. Percussion loops are set up before your very eyears to form a virtual drum circle. Melodic lines are set up as well on marimbas....and the journey begins. Seatbelts are optional but not provided.

And then, a sheer 19 days later Pojama People welcome guitarist Brian Berg Olsen into the fold. You can call him B-Bo if you like. I do. Since we now have two Brians in the band, bassist Brian Casey will solidify his nomenclature as his some-time alias Tanglehead. We may begin to refer to Ted as Banana Slug but we don't wanna hurt his feelings....or his image. It *is* a smashing baseball hat that he wears, though.

Pojama People Performing the Music of Frank Zappa
March 1  Saturday  9pm
Sahalie's Wine Bar
151 NW Monroe St 
Corvallis, OR 97330 

  • 2008/03/01 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie's Wine Bar' , Corvallis, OR, usa



Allan Holdsworth Trio

featuring Jimmy Johnson and Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/05 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Objekt5 ', Halle, Germany   /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/07 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Treibhaus ', Innsbruck, Austria    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/12 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Das Haus ', Ludwigshafen, Germany    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/14 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Fabrik ', Hamburg, Germany    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/15 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'P60', Amstelveen, Holland    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

-- info: Ulli Schäfer

2008 02 05


A ZFT Hostage Video for your entertainment! See:



The late Italian comic book artist Andrea Pazienza made a couple of references to Frank Zappa in his artwork.

The panel on the right is taken from his famous "The Extraordinary Adventures Of Pentothal".

There's also another full strip about zappa citing "The Torture Never Stops", published in 1977.


-- info & scan: makxx



thanx to Nikolai Zaharov, here's info and pictures of a new Frank Zappa book/DVD combination:

frank zappa - music in review
    (2007, dvd + book, ??, ??)

  • book: 75 pages with an illustrated biography

  • dvd

    • "colour me pop" bbc tv 1968 ("king kong")

    • "news center 4" knbc 1980 (interview)

    • "saturday night live" 1976 nbc tv ("i'm the slime", "peaches en regalia" (full))

    • "saturday night live" 1978 nbc tv ("dancin' fool", "st. alfonzo's pancake breakfast")

    • "stockholm in bondage" 1973 sweden swedish tv

    • "the late show" 1993 bbc2 (interview)

    • "sunday at le lycée français de" 1980 knbc la (interview)

  • critical review about albums 1966-1974

    • chris welch - music journalist

    • gem howard-kemp - ex frank zappa eployee

    • ben watson - author, journalist

    • ian fortnam - music journalist

  • photo gallery


2008 02 03


Scheduled for next weekend.
Hope to see you there.



  • name: s/t
        (1981, 12"EP, usa, private release)
    • Here's another Henry Kaiser / Captain Beefheart related release.
      From 1981.
      Rick Snyder adds:
      "NAME is composed of six youthful musicians--they appear to be in their late teens and early twenties  --who grew up together near Disneyland, moved to Berkeley and; formed a band. Meeting local guitarist Henry Kaiser at one of his gigs, they asked him to fill in for an ailing member. The relationship  solidified and now Kaiser is one of three electric guitarists in the group. Erling Wold and Judilh Stadtman play the other Guitars,  (Wold doubling on keyboards).  Lynn Murdock and Rick Crawford  play electric bass. Mark Crawford  plays drums, and Everett Shock  adds declamatory vocals and  screeching sax lines.
      This EP is also engineered and co-produced by PHIL BROWN (who would later perform the same duties for CAPTAIN BEEFHEART on his "ICE CREAM FOR CROW" LP!)."


Here's another great batch of pictures from slime.oofytv.set's collection.



  • fusion
        (1969/09/05, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of Fusion included a 4-page FZ story / interview from may-69 in London by Miles Associates, plus a full page reprint of the straight records ad for the trout mask replica album originally published in rolling stone.
  • dzuboks
        (1975/03, magazine, yugoslavia)
    • The March 1975 edition of Dzuboks included a 6-page illustrated story on FZ including a 1-page color poster.

  • sun magazine
        (1986/10/26, magazine, usa)
    • This Baltimore magazine included a 5-page article / inteview on FZ's years in Baltimore.
  • fuzz
        (2003/10, magazine, sweden)
    • Issue number 10 of Swedish Furzz magazine, included a 5-page article on FZ.



Happy birthday to original Mother JIMMY CARL BLACK

Jimmy turned 70 on February 1, 2008!


and the newsflash says:

"New CD on Zonic Entertainment this summer..."


  • the residents: animal lover instrumental
        (2007, cd, usa, ralphamerica)
    • "Animal Lover Instrumental" is out. It's another Ralpharmerica release, and it's a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.
      Resafinados are probably listening to this album right now. If you're not a Residents Freak, and only know them from some of their better known albums, you might consider giving "Animal Lover Instrumental" a try. Repetitive, child-like melodies, combined with haunting gong sounds and guitar lines.
    • I like it a lot.


  • netjajev society system: s/t
        (2008, cdr-promo, sweden, ??)
    • Every once in a while, bizarre things happen at the UM headquarters. I would classify this little Netjajav Society System promo as one of them.
      The Netjajev Sound System (or artist Magnus Lundberg) will have an album out next April. According to what I hear on this promo disc, it will be an hardcore / noise / punk album.
      It's not really my cup of tea, but that might just be me...
    • check them out at:


Last Friday, I saw Aka Moon in concert at 'De Singer' in Rijkevorsel, Belgium.

'De Singer' is a fine jazz club and I've seen quite a few bands performing there. Last Friday, however, the venue was almost too small for Aka Moon. The place was loaded.
This was the first time that I saw Aka Moon live, and I loved it. I do know a couple of their albums, and these are amazing, but what these guys do on stage is unbelievable.

And it's all a matter of taste, as I saw at least 5 people in the audience that own the entire Zappa catalogue... 

I've added an Aka Moon entry to UM, if only to add their discography and some data on various live shows...

  • aka moon: amazir
        (2006, cd, ??, cypres records cypres open 01)
    • Aka Moon's latest album is called "Amazir", and it's a perfect introduction to Aka Moon.
      Probably best described as an avant-garde jazz trio, Aka Moon is so much more. It's a perfect mixture of different styles, and yet immediately recognisable. It's Aka Moon.
      Check them out.



leftovers from the last couple of months


Zappanale, again, looks very promising.

The event will kick off in Hamburg on 2007/08/13, and will continue in Bad Doberan:

  • 2007/08/13 "Zappa meets Bach"
    • the Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra, Napoleon Murphy Brock and the St.Katharinen Kantor-Chor
    • at the St.-Katharinen-Kirche in Hamburg
  • 2007/08/14 Fritz Rau - lecture, music & images 'Kino', Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/14 "street party", Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/15 - 2007/08/17
    • Denny Walley, USA

    • Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra, USA

    • Electric Orange, Deutschland

    • Paul Green School of Rock, USA

    • Low Budget Research Kitchen, Portugal

    • Jazzprojekt Hundehagen, Deutschland

    • Zappa-Circus, Ungarn

    • Finnish Zappa Tribute, Finnland

    • UZVA, Finnland

    • Indukti, Polen

    • Delicious Band Research Kitchen, Belgien

    • Panzerballett, Deutschland,

    • Fattore Zeta, Italien

    • Alamaailman Vasarat, Finnland

... wowie zowie...


Here's a nice little piece of an interview with Frank Zappa, as published in Society Pages (the US zappa fanzine) number six. We're talking 1991. It's quite interesting to read how Zappa is amused and pleased by some of the things that his fans are doing. And even the Arf Society gets a mention...
I remember reading the interview when it came out, years ago, and I was quite suprised. Not only because FZ had taken the time to talk with Denn & Rob, but also because he seemed really interested. It looked like it might become an interesting symbiosis, FZ and Society Pages. Unfortunately, the mag folded in 1992 (not mentioning the 1994 issue).


2007 11 15


the only FZ alumni on the planet consistently performing the music of the maestro
80 plus concerts so far, 

featuring former members of the mothers of invention

  • Don Preston
    (with FZ  1966 - 1974) - piano, keyboard  synthesizers, electronics, vocals

  • Roy Estrada  
    (with FZ  1964 - 1984) - bass, pachuco falsettos and operatic madness, (gas mask)

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock
    (with FZ  1972 - 1984) - lead vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, suavenicity, dancing(!)

  • Miroslav Tadic - electric guitar

  • Christopher Garcia  - drumset, percussion, marimba, vocals


Safari Sam¹s
5214 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA, 90027

U.K. Tour MARCH 2008


festival tour
days and dates forthcoming



and now, the newsflash from a little while ago, but this time with the extra bonus flyer...

Zappa(teers) festival in Holland!!!

Following on from the success of the Zappateer weekend in England earlier this year,
the Zappateers are following up with the third Zappateer weekend for of the 14th and 15th March 2008, in a tranquil forest location near the historic Dutch city of Nijmegen close to the German border.

Promising to be bigger and even better than last time, Audrey one of the festival organisers said;
Everyone had such a great time at Bradford we just couldn't resist doing another one. This time we're holding it in mainland Europe to make it as accessible as possible for Zappateers and Zappa fans from all over Europe to attend. We've even managed to select a venue which includes accommodation so people don't have the expense or struggle to find accommodation themselves and which also means the partying can continue all weekend”.

Audrey was even more excited when talking about the line-up for the weekend.
We're really excited about this year's acts, we've so far confirmed 5 great bands, have another amazing band in the process of confirming and have possibly 2 or even 3 more bands in the pipeline, I really think people are going to be in for a dynamite show”.

The bands confirmed so far are:

    Wrong Object,
    those accomplished purveyors of psychedelic jazz with modern rock sensibilities and downright great musicians are a real coup for the festival and promise to be a real highlight of the weekend.

    Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo,
    Known as the Dutch masters, veterans of Zappanale, and all round great guys, Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo are doing their best to keep the music of Zappa alive by lovingly recreating his fabulous work live. Do not miss.

    The Foolz,
    veterans of the Zappa scene and great friends of the Zappateers always entertain whenever they're let loose on their instruments and on their native soil will excel themselves.

    a Dutch band will Freak everyone out with some early Zappa complete with zany and crazy stage antics reminiscent of Zappa's Garrick theatre days.
As for the previous Zappateer Festivals, a small scale intimate weekend is the aim, meaning tickets will be limited to a maximum of 150, which if the success of the Bradford on Avon weekend is repeated are expected to sell quickly.
The tickets are priced at 80 EUR which includes indoor festival accommodation meaning you can leave your tents at home, just bring a sleeping bag, pillow case, sheet and dancing shoes.




Now here's what I call an impressive project:

Andrew Greenaway, aka The Idiot Bastard, has teamed up with Cordelia Records to bring you what might become a very fine selection of songs.

Read all about it on Andrew's essential site:

Contributing artists include

  • Andre Cholmondeley

  • Die Beistelltische

  • Doot!

  • Ensemble Ambrosius

  • Evil Dick & The Banned Members

  • Frazknapp

  • Freedom In Hats

  • John Tabacco

  • Lex Kemper

  • Monty & The Butchers

  • Nigey Lennon

  • Pojama People

  • Project/Object

  • Roddie Gilliard

  • The Thurston Lava Tube

  • The Vegetarians

  • Todd Grubbs

  • The Whip It Out Ensemble

  • The Wrong Object



the concert calendar * the concert calendar








  • 2008/04/01 Humble Grumble - concert 'The Queen Charlotte', Norwich, UK
  • 2008/04/02 Mats/Morgan duo - concert Von Krahl, Tallin, Estonia 

  • 2008/04/03 Mats/Morgan duo - concert Athena, Tartu, Estonia

  • 2008/04/05 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Objekt5 ', Halle, Germany   /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/05 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Trafo-Station, Viersen

  • 2008/04/07 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Treibhaus ', Innsbruck, Austria    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/12 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Das Haus ', Ludwigshafen, Germany    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/14 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Fabrik ', Hamburg, Germany    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/15 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'P60', Amstelveen, Holland    /   feat. Chad Wackerman
  • 2008/04/28 "Japanese New Music Festival 2008" : Acid Mothers Temple (Jap) + Ruins Alone (Jap) + Akaten (Jap) + Zubi Zuva X (Jap) + Zoffy (Jap) + Tsuyama Atsushi (Jap) + Kawabata Makoto (Jap) - 'Magasin 4', Brussels, Belgium 
  • 2008/04/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu dos Recreios’, Lisbon, Portugal     


  • 2008/05/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu do Porto’, Porto, Portugal

  • 2008/05/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Castellon Auditorium’, Castellon, Spain

  • 2008/05/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sala la Riviera’, Madrid, Spain

  • 2008/05/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Palau de la Musica’, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2008/05/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘013’, Tilburg, The Netherlands

  • 2008/05/12 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Birmingham Symphony Hall’, Birmingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Newcastle City Hall’, Newcastle, England UK

  • 2008/05/14 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Glasgow Royal Concert Hall’, Glasgow, Scotland UK

  • 2008/05/15 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Manchester Apollo’, Manchester, England UK

  • 2008/05/17 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bristol Colston Hall’, Bristol, England UK

  • 2008/05/18 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre’, Bournemouth, England UK

  • 2008/05/19 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cardiff St. David's Hall’, Cardiff, Wales UK

  • 2008/05/20 Joe Satriani – concert ‘London Hammersmith Apollo’, London, England UK

  • 2008/05/21 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Nottingham Royal Centre’, Nottingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/23 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Vicar St. ’, Dublin, Ireland

  • 2008/05/24 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Mandela Hall  ’, Belfast, UK

  • 2008/05/26 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bourse Du Travail’, Lyon, France

  • 2008/05/27 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Le Rex’, Paris, France

  • 2008/05/28 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cirque Royal’, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2008/05/29 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Filharmonie Filderstadt’, Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2008/05/29 Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm - concert l'oreille qui traine Rouen(76), France

  • 2008/05/30 Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm - concert Le Triton Le Lilas (93),France

  • 2008/05/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Serenadenhof     ’, Nurnberg, Germany

  • 2008/05/31 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Phonix-Halle ’, Mainz, Germany

  • 2008/05/31 Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm - concert "Festival Toto n'aime pas la soupe", St Etienne(42), France


  • 2008/06/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Backstage-Werk’, Munich, Germany

  • 2008/06/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘T-Mobile Arena’, Prague, Czech Republik

  • 2008/06/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Große Freiheit’, Hamburg, Denmark

  • 2008/06/05 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Amager Bio’, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2008/06/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sweden Rock Festival’, Solvesborg, Sweden  

  • 2008/06/06 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’first avenue’, minneapolis, mn

  • 2008/06/07 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’witherspoon hall’, omaha, ne

  • 2008/06/08 Joe Satriani – concert ‘B1 Maximum Club’, Moscow, Russia  

  • 2008/06/08 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’wakarusa festival’, lawrence, ks

  • 2008/06/09 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’pagaent’, st. louis, mo

  • 2008/06/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Villa Manin’, Udine, Italy

  • 2008/06/11 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Live Club’, Milan, Italy  

  • 2008/06/11 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’house of blues’, new orleans, la

  • 2008/06/12 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’variety playhouse’, atlanta, ga

  • 2008/06/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Paradiso’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2008/06/13 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’lincoln theatre’, raleigh, nc

  • 2008/06/14 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’bonnaroo’, manchester, tn