the balls

come out swingin'
- incl. a short piece of zappa's 'apostrophe'

2006 cd usa lonely puppy music brcd-1001

  nick kane: guitars
  rick taylor: bass
  joe scheibelhoffer: drums
  chris nelsen: tympanis

all composition by nick kane, except where noted

produced by nick kane

  1. dog eat dog
  2. on three
  3. last ride
  4. link (live)
  5. toadie   (nick kane, joe scheibelhoffer)
  6. the ayatollah
  7. waftin wafting
  8. to the green green shores, godspeed pachelballs
  9.   part 1 (prelude)
  10.   part 2 (canon)   (traditional)
  11.   part 3 (cannonade)
  12.   part 4 (finale)
  13. blue rondo ala frank  (d.brubeck) - incl. a short piece of 'apostrophe' (frank zappa, jack bruce, jim gordon)