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2008 02 03

Cpt.Cheese-Beard & the 7 Sisters of Prevention
Name & Henry Kaiser
Zappa in the magazines
Jimmy Carl Black
The Residents
Netjajev Society System
Aka Moon


Rainer Tankred Pappo Trio in concert

2008 01 27

The Keneallist 2008 01 24
New Zappa bootleg
Sheik Yerbouti
Sun Ra Box Sets
André Cholmondeley
Daniel Rohr
L'Ensemble de Basse-Normandie
Tom Constanten
Sun Ra
Jimmy Webb

2008 01 23

Joe Satriani on tour
The Humble Grumble discography

2008 01 22

The Wrong Object - January 2008 newsletter
Mats / Morgan Band
New on Cuneiform

2008 01 21

Humble Grumble
L.A. rock history tour
Rainer Tankred Pappon

2008 01 20

L'ensemble de Basse-Normandie - part 2
Tetzepi & FES
The Residents
New album by The Wrong Object
Two new Residents albums announced
Connie Franchini

2008 01 19

The Avalon Allstars

2008 01 16

No forbidden music
Alex Machacek
The Out Trio

2008 01 15

Zappanale 19
The Great Nostalgia !!
LBRK Revisited

2008 01 14

Bob Harris' The Great Nostalgia

2008 01 13

A new Pink Floyd bootleg
Two new Zappa bootlegs
LBRK on MySpace
German TV
Hamburger Morgenpost

2008 01 12 -> online petition

2008 01 11

The Low Budget Research Kitchen

2008 01 10

Meat Beat Manifesto

2008 01 09

Steve Vai XRCD

2008 01 08

Frankie meets Bobby

2008 01 07

Rock Espezial
A message from Frogg Cafe
The Wrong Object
Stockhausen tribute in Amsterdam

2008 01 06

Fattore Zeta
Zappa Plays Zappa
Enema Improvisations

2008 01 04

Society Pages

2008 01 02

Jim Lea
Hot Rats
Slade / Ambrose Slade

2008 01 01

Jon Larsen: Strange News From Mars
Jon Larsen's unabbreviated session with JCB
The Harris Family

2007 12 31

happy 2008
Jay Phlitman and Kim Kangaroo
Bob Harris
The Keneallist 2007 12 31
Ted Nash
Where's the equilibrium?
FZ Statues
Phlitman & Kangaroo
Kilissa Cissoko

2007 12 28

Russ Stedman: Duct Tape Shall Make You Free
Ugly Radio Rebellion revisited
The Zappa Forum

2007 12 24

Russ Stedman: Run Down To The Butchershop
new vinyl bootleg
Magazine covers and more
The Varese album

2007 12 23 - part two

Russ Stedman: Here's Your Change

2007 12 23 - part one

Think you know FZ?
Think you know GZ...

2007 12 22 - part two

Russ Stedman: Dumb Stupid
Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo

2007 12 22 - part one

You can't do that on bootz anymore
leftovers from the last couple of months
Steve Vai 2007 12 18
Zappa / WAZOO
Big Electric Chat 2007 11 18
Zappa Plays Zappa goes to Japan
Grande Mothers Re-Invented on tour
Zappa Wazoo
Zappateers festival, march 2008
  L'ensemble de Basse Normandie
20 Idiot Bastards
the November 2007 newsletter can be found at
thebignotefiles - 2007/11

the concert calendar


short bits: 

* * * Octafish has a new album ready: "Party Alarm" * * *
* * * A new vinyl bootleg has been announced "Bacon Fat", with the Tornoto 1969 concert. * * *
* * * Unbelievable, yet predictable, "Wazoo" has been announced as a vinyl bootleg album as well... * * *



Let's make it clear to the ZFT that we don't agree with how they're dealing with zappa devoted websites, bands that play zappa's music and festivals where they play zappa's music.


We endorse the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition to Zappa Family Trust.

Read the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition


2008 02 03


Scheduled for next weekend.
Hope to see you there.



  • name: s/t
        (1981, 12"EP, usa, private release)
    • Here's another Henry Kaiser / Captain Beefheart related release.
      From 1981.
      Rick Snyder adds:
      "NAME is composed of six youthful musicians--they appear to be in their late teens and early twenties  --who grew up together near Disneyland, moved to Berkeley and; formed a band. Meeting local guitarist Henry Kaiser at one of his gigs, they asked him to fill in for an ailing member. The relationship  solidified and now Kaiser is one of three electric guitarists in the group. Erling Wold and Judilh Stadtman play the other Guitars,  (Wold doubling on keyboards).  Lynn Murdock and Rick Crawford  play electric bass. Mark Crawford  plays drums, and Everett Shock  adds declamatory vocals and  screeching sax lines.
      This EP is also engineered and co-produced by PHIL BROWN (who would later perform the same duties for CAPTAIN BEEFHEART on his "ICE CREAM FOR CROW" LP!)."


Here's another great batch of pictures from slime.oofytv.set's collection.



  • fusion
        (1969/09/05, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of Fusion included a 4-page FZ story / interview from may-69 in London by Miles Associates, plus a full page reprint of the straight records ad for the trout mask replica album originally published in rolling stone.
  • dzuboks
        (1975/03, magazine, yugoslavia)
    • The March 1975 edition of Dzuboks included a 6-page illustrated story on FZ including a 1-page color poster.

  • sun magazine
        (1986/10/26, magazine, usa)
    • This Baltimore magazine included a 5-page article / inteview on FZ's years in Baltimore.
  • fuzz
        (2003/10, magazine, sweden)
    • Issue number 10 of Swedish Furzz magazine, included a 5-page article on FZ.



Happy birthday to original Mother JIMMY CARL BLACK

Jimmy turned 70 on February 1, 2008!


and the newsflash says:

"New CD on Zonic Entertainment this summer..."


  • the residents: animal lover instrumental
        (2007, cd, usa, ralphamerica)
    • "Animal Lover Instrumental" is out. It's another Ralpharmerica release, and it's a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.
      Resafinados are probably listening to this album right now. If you're not a Residents Freak, and only know them from some of their better known albums, you might consider giving "Animal Lover Instrumental" a try. Repetitive, child-like melodies, combined with haunting gong sounds and guitar lines.
    • I like it a lot.


  • netjajev society system: s/t
        (2008, cdr-promo, sweden, ??)
    • Every once in a while, bizarre things happen at the UM headquarters. I would classify this little Netjajav Society System promo as one of them.
      The Netjajev Sound System (or artist Magnus Lundberg) will have an album out next April. According to what I hear on this promo disc, it will be an hardcore / noise / punk album.
      It's not really my cup of tea, but that might just be me...
    • check them out at:


Last Friday, I saw Aka Moon in concert at 'De Singer' in Rijkevorsel, Belgium.

'De Singer' is a fine jazz club and I've seen quite a few bands performing there. Last Friday, however, the venue was almost too small for Aka Moon. The place was loaded.
This was the first time that I saw Aka Moon live, and I loved it. I do know a couple of their albums, and these are amazing, but what these guys do on stage is unbelievable.

And it's all a matter of taste, as I saw at least 5 people in the audience that own the entire Zappa catalogue... 

I've added an Aka Moon entry to UM, if only to add their discography and some data on various live shows...

  • aka moon: amazir
        (2006, cd, ??, cypres records cypres open 01)
    • Aka Moon's latest album is called "Amazir", and it's a perfect introduction to Aka Moon.
      Probably best described as an avant-garde jazz trio, Aka Moon is so much more. It's a perfect mixture of different styles, and yet immediately recognisable. It's Aka Moon.
      Check them out.



2008 01 27


2008 01 24

A message from Mike:

Opening for Robin Trower in San Diego Feb. 5!

Hey all -- now that the Belly Up show is over we can tell you about another show which weren't supposed to announce until that one was done: another performance by the MK/Lunn/Minnemann trio in San Diego, this one opening for Robin Trower at 4th and B. If you are me, you remember listening to Bridge of Sighs quite a bit in your room in the house on Pebble Beach Drive in Santee in the early '70s, so this is a fun gig indeed. We'll see how the Trower fans take to our madness. Maybe I better hook up the Univibe pedal.

From Mike's previous Keneallist message:


I'm very thrilled to finally be returning to Japan after a very long time away. Thanks again Hiroshi Ota for making this trip possible. Look nearby for details about the gig, the in-store and the radio program (which you can hear online).


WesFest 3, at least one other gig which we can announce shortly, and other "amazing" "information" for you. The recording session with the guys from Umphrey's McGee went fantastically a few days ago, and I'd be jamming with them at the Troubador tonight were it not for a pesky virus I picked up from the damn air. Everyone say, get better by Sunday Mike! Say it!

I love you, three times,


Upcoming Keneally appearances

  • 2008/02/05 Mike Keneally with Doug Lunn and Marco Minnemann - concert '345 B Street', San Diego, CA, usa
    (Opening for Robin Trower)


Keneallive in Tokyo 2008

Mike Keneally in Concert / Solo and with guests

  • Natsuki Kido (guitar)

  • Hoppy Kamiyama (keyboard)

  • Mitsuru Nasuno (bass)

  • Michiaki Suganuma (drums) 

  • 2008/02/01 Mike Keneally - concert 'Harajyuku Astro-Hall', Tokyo, Japan

  • 2008/02/02 Mike Keneally - concert 'Shinjyuku Disc-Union', Tokyo, Japan


WesFest 3: A Concert to Benefit the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship at Berklee College Of Music

  • 2008/02/25 Mike Keneally - concert 'Paladino's', Tarzana, CA, usa



  • frank zappa: bacon fat
        (2007, 2lp-bootleg, ??, the swingin' pig)
    • Nice cover, fine concert, coloured vinyl...


2008 01 27


trotz aller Klagen und Drohungen (siehe unten):


- still playing the music of Frank Zappa - against all odds and threats

  • 2008/02/01 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 'Hajo's', Rüdesheim/Rhein, Germany



Better start drooling...

December 2007, and January 2008, two limited Sun Ra box sets got released on Transparancy. A first box of 28 (!!) CDR's, and a second on of 10.


  • SUN RA and the Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra: The Complete Detroit Jazz Centre Residency
        (2007, 28cdr, usa, tranparancy)

limited to 300
numbered box sets

December 26, 1980 - January 1, 1981
28 high quality CD-Rs with three-colour printing on each disc in custom-made cases with poster-size insert with track listings. Good quality desk recordings.
Total time: over 26 hours


        (2008, 10cdr, usa, transparancy 0310)

limited to 500 numbered box sets

Discs 1-4: March 13, 1978
Discs 5-7: September 22, 1978
Discs 8-10: November 4, 1978

Total time: Eight hours, seven minutes and ten seconds

-- info: Danny Mathys


Hans Leeuw was kind enough to send me some pictures of Tetzepi. They have been added to the Tetzepi entry.

Picture credits: 

- Hein de Graaf en Alice Pereboom

- Hein de Graaf


- Hein de Graaf en Alice Pereboom


Czech band FZQ (short for the Frank Zappa Quartet) will be doing a gig very shortly:
  • 2008/01/30 FZQ - concert 'leitnerova', brne, czech republic


2008 01 20

Hello there

Out in Los Angeles right now @ the NAMM show..doing some short demos at the Moog booth of their great new MP-201 pedal, which you can see here:  The show is crazy, like a giant toy store of musical gear....


1. I'll be on the road in a couple days with DELICIOUS  - a great trio that need of two band members. So Eric Slick and I dug the music, joined and we have some shows coming up in WILKES BARRE PA, PHILA PA, NEW YORK NY, ASBURY PK NJ.; Check out the band and come on out!! We have a blast, it's all at once very heavy and crazy, yet grooving and spaced out as well. Man.

2.  I'll be on the road in a couple weeks with the ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO on our WINTER 2008 TOUR.
The dates start in Seattle WA on Tues 19 Feb, check the site or below. Don't miss Adrian's amazing new CD with his trio - LIVE....

3. stay tuned for more updates in p/o world. Be good to yourselves and DRINK WATER..





  • 2008/01/24 Delicious - concert 'River St.Jazz Cafe', Wilkes Barre, PA, usa

  • 2008/01/25 Delicious - concert 'Black Lodge', Phila, PA, usa

  • 2008/01/26 Delicious - concert 'Ace Of Clubs', nyc, NY, usa

  • 2008/01/27 Delicious - concert 'Asbury Lanes', Asbury PK, NJ, usa



Recordings with old band members:

Tour Manager/Tech: Adrian Belew Power Trio
Winter Tour Feb 19-Mar 15 2008

Moog Music Demo Clinician: NAMM 2008
Jan 17-20 2008



MARCH 2008


2008 01 20 (part two)



Just wanted to correct/clarify a few things.
I won't be PLAYING with Adrian Belew's band....I will be teching and tour managing for come say 'high' !!

His band consists of a trio-- rounded out by Eric Slick  on drums and Julie Slick  on bass.

Check out Adrian's site for a great, 5 minute autobiographical video called  "life in a nutshell"

And --Don't miss Adrian's amazing new CD with his trio - LIVE....

Available exclusively at his website (go hear clips NOW!!!)





Daniel Rohr is back, and he will be explaining "Faust".

When one talks about a contract with the devil, rock music immediately comes to ones mind. Bands like AC/DC and the Stones sing about the highway to hell, or about sympathy for the horned one.

Two actors and a 5-piece band will be talking about Faust's Mephisto and Gretchen, and they will do so, using rock songs as 'I can't get no satisfaction', 'Knocking on heaven's door', and even Zappa's 'Cheepnis'.

  • 2008/02/08 Daniel Rohr - concert 'Ringlokschuppen', Mülheim, Germany

  • 2008/02/09 Daniel Rohr - concert 'Ringlokschuppen', Mülheim, Germany

  • 2008/02/10 Daniel Rohr - concert 'Ringlokschuppen', Mülheim, Germany

Die Vorstellungen finden am 08., 09, und 10.02.2008 jeweils um 20.00 Uhr statt.


Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim | Einlass um 19:00 Uhr



  • 2008/01/22 l’ensemble de basse-normandie – radio promo for "The Big Note, Zappa Alchimiste"

    • Sous les étoiles exactement, France Inter
      Music recorded in rehearsal
      Interviews by Daniel Levaillant with Dominique Debart, Jean Luc Rimey-Meille & Pacôme Thiellement

      • Duke of Prunes 3:58

      • Interview 10:40

      • Watermelon in Easter Hay 7:51

      • Interview 5:14

-- info: Cosmikd


Musician (keyboard), composer, and professor of music, Tom 'TC' Constanten is best known is best known for playing with The Grateful Dead from 1968 until 1971.

The picture on the right was taken by Bob Minkin in 2007 at the Sausalito Art Festival.

July 13, 2007, Tom Constanten did a solo concert at the 'Kinetic Playground' in Chicago, IL, usa, where he performed Frank Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day'.

  • 2007/07/13 concert 'Kinetic Playground', Chicago, IL, usa
    • Hard Lovin Loser (Richard Farina) > My Back Pages (Bob Dylan), Lincolns Funeral Train (Norman Blake), The Eggplant That Ate Chicago (Norman Greenbaum), Mountains of the Moon (Hunter / Garcia) >Trouble Every Day (Frank Zappa) > Magic Carpet Ride Over Lovelight (Kay)
    • TC's solo set before Terrapin Flyer joined him on stage


Here are a couple of recordings that recenty found their way to DimeADozen:

Sun Ra and His Arkestra

  • 1979/05/10 concert 'Bayou',Washington, DC, USA
    298.[232b] in the book.

    • Set 1

      • untitled, Strange Worlds, Tapestry from an Asteroid, The World is Waiting for the Sunrise, D-27, Big John's Special, Yeah Man, Springtime Again, The Shadow World, Over the Rainbow, St. Louis Blues, Lady Bird, Half Nelson, Celestial Road, We Travel the Spaceways, Greetings from the 21st Century

    • Set 2

      • untitled, D27-11, I'll Wait for You, El is the Sound of Joy, Love in Outer Space, 'Round Midnight, untitled, Outerspaceways INC., Door of the Cosmos, When There is no Sun, We Sing this Song to, Space is the Place, There Other Worlds... They have Not Told You of...

Sun Ra & Arkestra

  • 1988/04/15 concert 'Buddy Mulligan's', Chicago, IL, USA

    • The Arkestra: Michael Ray-tp; Martin Banks-tp; Tyrone Hill-tb; Marshall Allen-as, fl; Pat Patrick-as; John Gilmore-ts, cl, timbales; James Jacson-bsn, fl, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum, voc; Kenny Williams-bs; Eloe Omoe (Leroy Taylor)-bcl, contra-alto cl, as; Ra-p, keyb, voc; Owen Brown-vln; Bruce Edwards-eg; Rollo Radford-eb; Earl "Buster" Smith-d.

    • ??, Blue Lou, Queer Notions, Big John's Special (?), ??, Goin' To The Moon (?), Prelude To A Kiss, Yeah Man!, Mood Indigo, ??, ??, Slummin' On Park Avenue, ??, East Of The Sun, ??, Early Autumn, ??, ??, I Dream Too Much, Day Dream (?), ??, Space Is The Place etc



  • jimmy webb: live at the royal albert hall
        (2004, cd, usa, rhino handmade rhm2 7820 - disc five)
    • Jimmy Webb (writer of 'Up Up & Away', 'MacArthur Park', and 'Wichita Lineman') covered Frank Zappa's 'My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama'. It's on the bonus disc that was included in "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress: Jimmy Webb In The Seventies", a 5-CD box on Rhino Handmade, from 2004. This bonus disc was entitled "Live At The Royal Albert Hall".

2008 01 23


  • 2008/04/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu dos Recreios’, Lisbon, Portugal    

  • 2008/05/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu do Porto’, Porto, Portugal

  • 2008/05/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Castellon Auditorium’, Castellon, Spain

  • 2008/05/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sala la Riviera’, Madrid, Spain

  • 2008/05/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Palau de la Musica’, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2008/05/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘013’, Tilburg, The Netherlands

  • 2008/05/12 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Birmingham Symphony Hall’, Birmingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Newcastle City Hall’, Newcastle, England UK

  • 2008/05/14 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Glasgow Royal Concert Hall’, Glasgow, Scotland UK

  • 2008/05/15 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Manchester Apollo’, Manchester, England UK

  • 2008/05/17 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bristol Colston Hall’, Bristol, England UK

  • 2008/05/18 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre’, Bournemouth, England UK

  • 2008/05/19 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cardiff St. David's Hall’, Cardiff, Wales UK

  • 2008/05/20 Joe Satriani – concert ‘London Hammersmith Apollo’, London, England UK

  • 2008/05/21 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Nottingham Royal Centre’, Nottingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/23 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Vicar St. ’, Dublin, Ireland

  • 2008/05/24 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Mandela Hall  ’, Belfast, UK

  • 2008/05/26 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bourse Du Travail’, Lyon, France

  • 2008/05/27 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Le Rex’, Paris, France

  • 2008/05/28 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cirque Royal’, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2008/05/29 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Filharmonie Filderstadt’, Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2008/05/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Serenadenhof     ’, Nurnberg, Germany

  • 2008/05/31 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Phonix-Halle ’, Mainz, Germany

  • 2008/06/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Backstage-Werk’, Munich, Germany

  • 2008/06/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘T-Mobile Arena’, Prague, Czech Republik

  • 2008/06/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Große Freiheit’, Hamburg, Denmark

  • 2008/06/05 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Amager Bio’, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2008/06/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sweden Rock Festival’, Solvesborg, Sweden

  • 2008/06/08 Joe Satriani – concert ‘B1 Maximum Club’, Moscow, Russia

  • 2008/06/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Villa Manin’, Udine, Italy

  • 2008/06/11 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Live Club’, Milan, Italy

  • 2008/06/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Paradiso’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



  • humble grumble: dreamwavepatterns
        (2000, cd, bel, private release)
    • from the website:
      'Humble Grumbe started off in 1996 with the folk and jazz musicicans of Dearest Companion, a belgian flip-folk group. The early music had more in common with folk-rock than jazz, but was always flavored with an excentric touch of humor. The early work of Humble Grumble was mainly composed by Gabor Humble and Tom Theuns, who already played rather manic performances in the region of Ghent at the time.'
      "Dreamwavepatterns" is Humble Grumble's first album, and it's a pleasant mixture of folk and jazz, including funny vocalworks by Gabor Humble...


  • humble grumble: rockstar
        (2004, cd, bel, private release)
    • "Rockstar", Humble Grumble's second album, is more rock-orientated. The guitar is heavier, and up front. It makes a nice mix with the strings.
      I like it.
      Due to the mixture of different musical styles, and the humorous lyrics, Humble Grumble is said to sound Zappa-esque. Well... this is not entirely untrue...

  • humble grumble: 30 years kolinda
        (2006, cd, nl, pan records)
    • A bit over a year ago, Humble Grumble released "30 Years Kolinda". Kolinda is an Hungarian folk group, lead by Peter Dabasi. On this album, Kolinda's folk tunes get the Humble Grumble treatment.
      This is an excellent album. It might not be as funny as the two previous albums, but it has beautiful, quirky melodies and nice improvisations. There's even a throat singer on track three !!

2008 01 22


2008 01

THE WRONG OBJECT - January 2008 Newsletter  -  -


"Stories from the Shed", the band's new studio CD - which features wonderful cover art by the great Marc Atkins - will be released by Moonjune Records in February 2008. 
For a full description, a
press release and some mp3 teasers click here: and/or here: 
A first review of the album has just appeared in All About Jazz:



Our friend Elton Dean passed away almost 2 years ago, on February 7, 2006. "The Unbelievable Truth" (Moonjune Records, 2007), The Wrong Object's collaboration with the late saxophonist, was included in the "Top Ten Jazz CDs of the Year" of Brazilian daily newspaper Tribuna. The article "Os melhores do jazz em 2007" was signed by no less than heavyweight producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro, who has produced releases by the likes of João Gilberto, Luiz Bonfá, Dom Um Romao, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Yana Purim, Mario Castro-Neves, and João Donato.


The full De Wissel radio program devoted to The Wrong Object and Alex Maguire is now available in the VPRO archives. You can also listen to more music and interviews on De Wissel website here. To listen to the the full program, click here and look for the Friday November 9 session.


The Wrong Object have teamed up with The Friendly Dogs to record an idiosyncratic version of Frank Zappa's "Idiot Bastard Son" for a compilation to be issued by Cordelia Records in February 2008.



Upcoming tour dates


Cuneiform has some  nice goodies scheduled for release:
  • chris mcgregor's brotherhood of breath: eclipse at dawn
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 262)
  • beat circus: dreamland
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 264)
  • mats / morgan band: heat beats live + tourbook 1991-2007
        (2008, cd+dvd, usa, cuneifrom rune 265-266)
  • mats / morgan band: trends and other diseases
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 267) = reissue
  • planeta imaginario: biomasa
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneifrom rune 268)

more info soon

2008 01 21


Humble Grumble will be touring Hungary the next week. However, they will be playing one gig in Ghent tomorrow, so if you're in the neighbourhood...

And, March, Humble Grumble will take on the UK...


more info on Humble Grumble to follow...



info from Marco Kalnenek:

On Saturday, February 2, Esotouric, the eclectic collective whose offbeat bus tours expose LA's secret history, presents a special edition of "Where the Action Was" with guest stars Carl "King of the Freaks" Franzoni, and John "King of the Prank Callers" Trubee. The four-hour tour, co-hosted by pop critics Kim Cooper and Gene Sculatti, explores the musical history of Hollywood and the Sunset Strip through visits to celebrated nightclubs, recording studios, record label offices and other places of subcultural importance, and includes avant garde gelato from Scoops. On the bus Carl Franzoni will share personal tales of how his troupe danced across the US with the Byrds on their first tour and later with Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, and answer your questions on the weird and wonderful world of freaky 1960s Los Angeles, and John Trubee will share hilarious tales from his time as an Enigma Records artist and Dr. Demento Show favorite for his single "Blind Man's Penis."

For more info, or to reserve your seat, please visit http://www.esotouri



  • rainer tankred pappon: live in havaí
        (2007, dvd, brazil, private release) 
    • "Live in Havaí" is Rainer Tankred Pappon's latest release. The title might also have been "Live at the Rehearsal Studio that's located in Rua Havaí", but we all agree that "Live in Havaí" sounds more impressive...
      Anyway, this DVD shows a rehearsal / concert of Rainer Tankred Pappon's trio: Rainer Tankred Pappon on guitar, Humberto Zigler on drums, and Baixo Caio Góes on fretless bass, and it's great.
      I was familiar with Rainer Tankred Pappon's music, but seeing him actually playing it, does give it something extra.
      The finishing touch is the excellent choice of bonus tracks. Four in all, and two of them are Zappa compositions: the excellent 'Black Napkins', and the superb 'Sleep Dirt'.

      It does depend on where you live, but this probably is not the easiest DVD to find.
      However, as Tankred said in the liner notes of this album that he doesn't mind it to be copied and spread around, I will send a couple of copies into the world myself.
      "Live in Havaí" is an excellent introduction to the music of Rainer Tankred Pappon.

2008 01 20
some bits and pieces... and... the latest album by The Wrong Object !!

  • 1500 people have signed already...


for more info, check out




A couple of months ago, I mentioned the Ensemble de Basse-Normandie, and the tour that they would be doing. Well, they're at it right now.

For those of you who need more info, I added the press info to the Ensemble's entry.


I only heard about Tetzepi a little while ago. Tetzepi is a Dutch big band / free jazz collective and they play funky, modern, yet angular jazz.
Check out their website and listen to some samples:

The big news is that Tetzepi will be sharing the bill with Flat Earth Society at the LOW festival in Budapest in about a month !

2008/02/17 Tetzepi  //  Flat Earth Society - concert "Low Festival", Budapest, Hungary

more info soon...



In about 10 days, Corrie van Binsbergen will host another Brokken Avond in Amsterdam, NL.

This time, Corrie will be presenting het Brokken Leer Orkest, and Eric Vloeimans !!

  • 2008/01/31 Brokken Avond (van Binsbergen)
    - het Brokken Leer Orkest / Eric Vloeimans - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL


The lastest Residents release is called Animal Lover Instrumental, and it will be ready to ship this week...

It's a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.

More info soon...


  • the wrong object: stories from the shed
        (2008, cd, usa, moonjune mjr018)
    • The new Wrong Object album is out on Moonjune Records. "Stories From The Shed" is the band's third release. It's also their first studio album.
      The disc presents 14 original compositions, most of them written by Michel Delville. The music itself is difficult to describe. It's very energetic, instrumental, up-tempo jazz or jazz-rock, but with a lot of room for improvisation. It reminds me of Zappa, Soft Machine, and of AKA Moon.
      What I really like about this album, is the fact that, all the pieces fit together real nice. The album starts with Michel Delville's 'Sonic Riot At The Holy Palate', continues with Fred Delplanq's '15/05' and goes on with Damien Polard's spacy 'Sheepwrecked', and yet, you don't notice that these pieces were written by different members of the band.
      It fits. It's the perfect puzzle.
      My favorite tracks: 'Strangler Fig', 'Saturn', and 'The Unbelievable Truth'.
    • Highly recommended.


Two more titles will join the hardbound Mute collection in the first quarter of 2008. Mute and The Cryptic Corporation will release what is considerered to be the final re-release of DUCK STAB and ESKIMO. Yes, I know you already own it, but remember there are still about six and a half billion people on earth who don't. These will be a great addition to nice line of Mute / Resi hardbound releases.


Thank you, Connie Franchini, for your support !!
2008 01 19


The Avalon Allstars is an all-star band that performs at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco from time to time. Both Ray White and Ike Willis sat in or have been part of this band. With Ray and Ike, the Avalon Allstars have performed some Zappa compositions.

2004/03/21, the Avalon Allstars were Will Bernard, Bobby Vega, Ray White, Jimmy Sanchez and Melvin Seals. 2004/04/20, the band consisted of John Mollo, Melvin Seals, Mark Karan and Bobby Vega, but featured Ray White and Ike Willis as guests.

An earlier (2003/01/25) incarnation of the Avalon Allstars could be considered as the Melvin Seals Band, but with special guests: Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ike Willis and Tal Morris. Check out the data for this concert !!

  • 2003/01/25 concert 'Avalon Ballroom', San Francisco, CA, usa
    • the band
      • Melvin Seals: keys & vocals (Jerry Garcia Band, Melvin Seals Melting Pot)
      • Napoleon Murphy Brock: sax, flute, vocals  (Frank Zappa, Project/Object)
      • Ike Willis: guitar, vocals  (Frank Zappa, Project/Object)
      • Tal Morris: guitar  (Big E, Alan Hertz and Friends)
      • Dennis Smith: bass  (Melvin Seals Band)
      • Stephen Hund: drums  (Melvin Seals Band)
      • Jerry Brown: vocals  (Shady Groove) on 'dark star'
    • set one
      • carpenter, take your clothes off, what's the ugliest part of your body, summer jam, watermelon in easter hay
    • set two
      • cosmik debris, dark star, chamelion, advanced romance, that's what love, hey joe, i'm the slime

A superb soundboard recording of this gig cirulates.

2008 01 16
I added quite a bunch of nice pictures to the United Mutations archives today. Nice. Especially slime.oofytv.set's magazine covers.
And 1200 people have signed the petition.
Let's hope that this buzz gets the ZFT's attention...


2008 01 12, a message from DOOT!

No Forbidden Music 

Hi Folks,

We at ChollyHoss Productions typically keep the emails to a minimum, and the tone very light.  But today we ask that you take a minute to think seriously.

If you have been under a rock you might not know that the Zappa Family Trust has been getting litigious in extremus lately, sicking their grey attorneys on folks that had the unmitigated audacity to express their appreciation of the late Frank Vincent Zappa.  They may have played some Zappa music in a club, at a festival, put together a website in their spare time, or even made a festival possible.  For these crimes they have been threatened with financial penalties and even incarceration.  We at CHP recognize that there are real issues over the use of someone's image or work, but we also know a little about fair use and satire.  We also know the difference between damaging someone's reputation or image, and honoring it.

We ask that you maybe google up on the available information, as to be self-informed, and then check out this online petition

Also, if you you know someone who might be like-minded, send them a copy.

What we at CHP really fear is having cultural gatekeepers preventing free expression.  We learned a lot about that from Frank's words and music.  He was self-published and that stands out and his most under-rated accomplishment. What that means for a performer is that the performance and reproduction rights are not covered under blanket ASCAP/BMI agreements and financing.  The copyright holder has to set up their own system to recover fees (we aren't lawyers, but this is how we understand U.S. copyright rules).  What we believe it does not mean is that the rights holders can make the performance of the music *forbidden*, except as it pleases them.  i.e. The Who might not like your cover version of Sea and Sand, but they can't stop you from performing it, or even recording it.  They can't set a financial bar that is prohibitive.  They have to play ball.  The Zappas are Americans, and in many of our eyes Frank Zappa was THE GREATEST AMERICAN - EVER*.  To be told by fellow Americans that our rights are abridged because of an individuals lack of a sense of humor is what Zappa worked to prevent, not to enforce.  Frank Zappa's music should not be restrained.  It should not be left to a single individual to determine who gets to hear it, and when, and how, and for what fee.

So think about this a bit, and we hope that the new year brings some kind of understanding between the parties involved. 


Pete Brunelli and Stephen Chillemi

*Short list: Zappa exposed fake hippie culture and government infiltration in his earliest recorded works; wrote anti-drug anthems; anti-censorship anthems; anti-sheeple anthems; exposed destructors of freedom like Bush and Cheney, et al, when they were mere functionaries; exposed the anti-constitutional infiltration of government by the religious right; gave testimony to the US Congress over free speech rights...  and in the meanwhile composed some of the most advanced and beautiful music of the 20th or any other century (that last one is our opinion).  If that isn't being a great American, then we don't know what is.



  • alex machacek: [sic]
        (2006, cd, usa, abstract logix)
    • Alex Machacek makes the perfect mix of fusion jazz lines and zappa-esque melodies and rhythms. This is incredible, and it should come as no surprise that he is joined by none other than Terry Bozzio on this album.
      '[sic]', 'Indian Girl', 'Austin Powers', ... This is great stuff.
      If I'm not mistaken, this album is from 2006, and Alex has a released at least one other album in 2007, but this is great. really great. Check it out.

    • Highly recommended.


  • terry bozzio, patrick o'hearn, alex machacek: out trio
        (2005, dvd, usa, altitude digital)
    • Recorded in concert at the 'Steamboat' in Austin, Texas, usa, on 2002/02/14, this famous trio plays some great fusion. Terry Bozzio, Patrick O'Hearn, and the fabulous Alex Machacek show how rich a trio can be.

2008 01 15


Zappanale, again, looks very promising.

The event will kick off in Hamburg on 2007/08/13, and will continue in Bad Doberan:

  • 2007/08/13 "Zappa meets Bach"
    • the Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra, Napoleon Murphy Brock and the St.Katharinen Kantor-Chor
    • at the St.-Katharinen-Kirche in Hamburg
  • 2007/08/14 Fritz Rau - lecture, music & images 'Kino', Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/14 "street party", Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/15 - 2007/08/17
    • Denny Walley, USA

    • Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra, USA

    • Electric Orange, Deutschland

    • Paul Green School of Rock, USA

    • Low Budget Research Kitchen, Portugal

    • Jazzprojekt Hundehagen, Deutschland

    • Zappa-Circus, Ungarn

    • Finnish Zappa Tribute, Finnland

    • UZVA, Finnland

    • Indukti, Polen

    • Delicious Band Research Kitchen, Belgien

    • Panzerballett, Deutschland,

    • Fattore Zeta, Italien

    • Alamaailman Vasarat, Finnland

... wowie zowie...



Extra info & corrections:

First of all, you should know that you can also buy this excellent album over at And you should, 'cause it's a great album.

And second, I added Jeremy Barber as the violinist on 'Ageless Love'.

The picture on the right shows the cover of the original vinyl release. Only 500 copies were pressed.


The picture on the right shows "ZAPPICASSO", a cubistic painting by Bohouš.


Extra data for the Low Budget Research Kitchen promotional CD that I mentioned a couple of days ago:

the second Zappa medley includes 'T'Mershi Duween', 'Dupree's Paradise' and 'King Kong'.

2008 01 14
Today's newsflash: Bob Harris' The Great Nostalgia got a CD-release on Crossfire...


  • bob harris: the great nostalgia
        (2007, cd, usa, crossfire publications)
    • Originally released in 1986 on LP, "The Great Nostalgia" included 6 beautiful ballads. Impressive melodies and supberb vocal work by Bob and Thana Harris made this one of my favorite albums.
      We're talking 2008 now, and "The Great Nostalgia" finally got what it deserved: an expanded, re-mastered CD version. From the original six tracks, two pieces have been re-mastered: 'Ageless Love' (which also has a superb indian sounding violin), and 'Autumn In Nepal (re-mixed by Steve Vai, who also plays the sitar !!). And besides these six tracks, you get another six bonus tracks. It's needless to say that I have fond memories of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', recorded live at the Zappanale 13 festival. However, the award for 'best song I've heard on a monday in 2008 so far", goes to 'White Bird / Ancient Wish'.
      I love it.
      Did I mention that Tommy Mars and Billy James are featured on this album as well ?
    • Essential listening!!


2008 01 13


  • pink floyd: astronomy domine
        (2007, cd-bootleg, ??, moonage daydream records)
    • Let go back in time to 1969/10/25, day two of the "festival actuel" in Amougies, Belgium. Pink Floyd played a memorable set, and had Frank Zappa as guest guitarist during 'Interstellar Overdrive'.



There have been a couple of new tracks uploaded to the LBRK MySpace page:



from (your big chance to improve your german). I saw it on tv 30 minutes ago. GZ wants to forbid the use of the word "Zappanale" (for use as festival name, or even as print on t-shirts). And not only for the future. She wants all the money that has been earned in the past. In addition, the FZ bust in Bad Doberan must be destroyed, it may be replaced with one that Gail allows (not mentioned in the article, only on tv).



The biggest daily paper from Hamburg, Germany, called "Hamburger Morgenpost", did a piece on the ZFT lawyers entitled: "Gail Zappa's belated revenge" (or something like that).

It looks like the ZFT is getting some pretty bad publicity...

2008 01 11


"Unbelievable", as in: I think that it's unbelievable that YouTube banned the excellent "The Return Of The Knick Knack People" that I mentioned a couple of months ago.

Here's a copy of the letter that my friend T. received:

Liebes Mitglied:

Hiermit wirst du darüber informiert, dass folgendes Material entfernt bzw. der Zugriff darauf deaktiviert wurde, da uns von The Zappa Family Trust gemeldet wurde, dass dieses Material eine Urheberrechtsverletzung darstellt.

FRANK ZAPPA: The Return Of The Knick Knack People:

Hinweis: Bei wiederholten Urheberrechtsverletzungen werden dein Konto und alle Videos, die darüber hochgeladen wurden, gelöscht. Um dies zu verhindern, musst du alle Videos löschen, deren Rechte an den Audio- und Videotracks nicht ausschließlich dir gehören. Außerdem darfst du keine weiteren Videos hochladen, die die Urheberrechte anderer verletzen. Weitere Informationen zu den YouTube-Richtlinien zum Urheberrecht findest du unter Tipps zum Urheberrecht .

Wenn du uns eine Gegendarstellung senden möchtest, findest du genaue Anweisungen hierzu in derHilfe.

Unter Section 512(f) des Copyright Act (USA) kann jede Person, die die Tatsache, dass Materialien oder Aktivitäten irrtümlicherweise oder im Zuge einer Fehlidentifizierung entfernt oder deaktiviert wurden, wissentlich und in erheblichem Umfang falsch darstellt, haftbar gemacht werden.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
YouTube, Inc.

In short:

Dear member, you are informed that the following material has been de-activated, because we recieved a notice from the ZFT that there's a copyright violation.

If this happens again, your membership and all your video uploads will be deleted. To avoid this, you should remove all audio and video of which you don't have the exclusive rights....


ZFT, what's got into you???

Nobody is making any money out of this. It is / was a nice little video that used the music of Frank Zappa, and I'm sure that everyone who liked the little movie, already was into FZ, or wanted to check out FZ's music after seeing this little movie...


  • low budget research kitchen: low budget research kitchen
        (2007, cd-promo, portugal, private release)
    • The Low Budget Research Kitchen is a band from Portugal that plays the music of Frank Zappa. A couple of months ago, the band released a promotional disc in search for gigs. Nowadays, finding places to play a concert isn't easy. Let alone finding a place where you can play Zappa music in concert...
      The disc, however, is great. The Low Budget Research Kitchen has re-arranged Zappa's music, and improvises a lot.
      If you know of a place where the LBRK might be able to perform, be sure to give them a call:

2008 01 10


  • meat beat manifesto: 99%
        (1996, cd, usa, mute)
    • This album by Meat Beat Manifesto includes a track called 'Hello Teenage America'. It starts with a sample of the famous Suzy Creamcheese quote.

2008 01 09


  • steve vai: steve vai
        (2007, 2xrcd, hong kong, universal music xr-1180 lg-0466)
    • Here's a bizarre little item from Japan.
      It's a XRCD  K2 24 album. I had to look it up, and it's supposed to mean "extended resolution" CD, a new and improved sound quality system that has been designed by JVC. "K2 24" as you might (or might not) guess, stands for the JVC analog-digital converter that was used.
      It's supposed to be the new (and next) hot thing.
      And, yes, it does sound good, but don't ask me about differences in sound quality towards the 'normal' CDs. 
      The really weird thing about this album, is that it's a 2 disc set, and although the entire cover artwork mentions Steve Vai as the presented artist, the second disc contains the music of Josh Groban. And I can't even find Josh Groban's name anywhere on the cover...
      It makes me wonder if this is a legitimate release.

2008 01 08


Thanks to Dieter Jakob's book, I was able to add data to this nice picture. It's a bootleg sampler with one side bob dylan, and the other side frank zappa.
It exists in 5 colours, 10 copies each...
Pretty rare, I would say...

2008 01 07





  • 2008/01/24 Delicious - concert 'River St.Jazz Cafe', Wilkes Barre, PA, usa

  • 2008/01/25 Delicious - concert 'Black Lodge', Phila, PA, usa

  • 2008/01/26 Delicious - concert 'Ace Of Clubs', nyc, NY, usa

  • 2008/01/27 Delicious - concert 'Asbury Lanes', Asbury PK, NJ, usa



rock espezial no.37
    (1984/09, magazine, spain)
  • Issue number 37 of Spanish Rock Espezial magazine has Frank Zappa on the cover of the mag.


-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


2008 01 05

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year, we have some exciting news! 

Frogg Cafe will begin recording a new studio CD with the original members of the band!

The line-up will be:

  • Nick Lieto - lead vocals, trumpet, keyboards

  • Frank Camiola - guitars

  • Andy Sussman - bass, acoustic guitar

  • Bill Ayasse - violin, mandolin, vocals

  • James Guarnieri - drums

Steve Uh, guitarist on Fortunate Observer of Time and The Safenzee Diaries, will be stepping down from the band due to creative differences.  We consider Steve a dear friend and wish him success with his new project called Sidecar Agogo:  Check it out, it's really good! He plays guitar and fiddle on this project and his band just performed for a packed house in Boston a couple of weeks ago.

Also, we will have many special guests including Jim "Skitty" Mullen on Sax and John Lieto on Trombone.  We're planning on having some other people drop by too...more on that later.  With Frankie back in the band you can expect some crazy stuff to happen.  If you want to see what he's been up to since Creatures (besides changing poop diapers) check out:

The new CD will be released at the end of '08 through our good friends at 10trecords where you can also find all 5 of our CD releases for sale. 

More to come soon as things shape up. See you around!

Frogg Cafe



Here's the line-up & setlist of their 2007/10/27 concert:
  • 2007/10/27 Robin Verheyen, Alex Maguire & The Wrong Object - concert 'De Singer', Rijkevorsel, Belgium - 21.00 h

    • set one: Millenium Jumble, 15/05, Lifting Belly, The Unbelievable Truth, Psychic Warrior / John's Fragment

    • set two: Theresa's Dress, Sheepwrecked, Saturn, Pumpkin Soup, Seven For Lee, Other People, Malign Siesta



  • 2008/01/10 The Asko Ensemble / The Schönberg Ensemble - concert 'muziekgebouw aan 't ij', amsterdam, NL  -> Stockhausen tribute


10 januari, 20.30 uur, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 

Asko Ensemble en Schönberg Ensemble

brengen hommage aan

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)


2008 01 06
yes, and here we are again. today with a superb jazz album, straight from italy, by fattore zeta...


  • fattore zeta: (r)umori jazz
        (2006, cd, italy, private release 2006 fz)
    • Italian band Fattore Zeta released this Zappa tribute album in 2006. 
      Now, this is not just your ordinary  Zappa tribute album. First, I have to say that the band made a fine selection of compositions: 'Holiday In Berlin', 'A Pound For A Brown', 'Twenty Small Cigars', 'Planet Of My Dreams', 'Blessed Relief'... a perfect selection of great Zappa tunes. A
      nd second, these guys can play.
      "It's jazz, Jim, but not as we know it."
      The Fattore Zeta quintet proves that a lot of Zappa tunes make great jazz standards.
      For me, this is in the same category as Ed Palermo and Pierrejean Gaucher. It's great, and I would love to hear more.
    • essential !!

-- thanks to Luc Reniers !!


I added a picture of the poster of the 2007/08/13 ZpZ concert.
  • 2007/08/13 Zappa Plays Zappa – concert ‘Cains Ballroom’, Tulsa, OK, usa  


    • Black Napkins, Suzy Creamcheese, Brown Shoes Don't Make It, America Drinks & Goes Home, Peaches En Regalia, City Of Tiny Lites, Advance Romance, Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy, Dumb All Over, What's New In Baltimore, Pygmy Twylyte, Dupree's Paradise, Uncle Remus, Willie The Pimp, Joe's Garage, Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station, San Ber'dino, Andy, The Illinois Enema Bandit, Cosmik Debris, G-Spot Tornado, Muffin Man



This new (?) Zappa vinyl bootleg got mentioned here a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, that's all the info that I have.

Any extra info (like where one might be able to purchase the album) is very welcome. -> bignOte at yucom dot be



I've added some album titles to various discographies. Not too much info, as I don't have scans or tracklists, but it's a start:
  • terry bozzio - chad wackerman: duets volume 2
        (2007, dvd, usa, ??)
  • terry bozzio, zakir hussain, chad wackerman, steve smith, mike portnoy: the drum pad's 20th anniversary show
        (200?, 2dvd, ??, ??)
  • alex machacek: [sic]
        (2007, cd, ??) - feat.terry bozzio
  • terry bozzio with tosca strings: terry bozzio with tosca strings
        (2006, dvd, usa, ??)
  • terry bozzio, patrick o'hearn, alex machacek: out trio
        (2005, dvd, ??, ??)
  • alex machacek: featuring ourselves
        (1999, cd, ??)
  • alex machacek: the next generation of sound
        (2001, cd, ??)
  • sumitra nanjundan: indian girl
        (2004, cd, ??) - feat. alex machacek
  • alex machacek, jeff sipe, matthew garrison: improvisation
        (2007, cd, ??)


2008 01 04
Here's a nice little piece of an interview with Frank Zappa, as published in Society Pages (the US zappa fanzine) number six. We're talking 1991. It's quite interesting to read how Zappa is amused and pleased by some of the things that his fans are doing. And even the Arf Society gets a mention...
I remember reading the interview when it came out, years ago, and I was quite suprised. Not only because FZ had taken the time to talk with Denn & Rob, but also because he seemed really interested. It looked like it might become an interesting symbiosis, FZ and Society Pages. Unfortunately, the mag folded in 1992 (not mentioning the 1994 issue).

2008 01 02


  • slade: slade box anthology 1969 - 1991
        (2006, 4cd, uk, salvo)
    • Frank Zappa is mentioned by Jim Lea in the booklet that comes with the box:

Equally, Jim seldom forgets a sleight or a compilement, like when Frank Zappa expressed admiration for his bass playing after a performance at the London Speakeasy club.

"It was one of those great moments in my life when Zappa called me over and said he liked my playing, because I so admired his work with The Mothers Of Invention", says Jim. "I had Dave at my elbow, who kept saying, 'He looks like Frank Zappa,' and I was going, 'Shup up, it is Frank Zappa.'".


-- info: Nikolai Zaharov


On the right, a nice shot of the label of the Uruguay pressing of Zappa's "Hot Rats" album. It was released in the original USA gatefold sleeve album. Only the vinyl got pressed in Uruguay.


  • slade: beginnings / play it loud
        (2006, cd, uk, salvo)
    • Two years ago (yes, we're in 2008...), two Ambrose Slade albums (or Slade as they were called later) were put on one disc on the British Salvo label. As it includes the "Beginnings" album, it also presents their version of Frank Zappa's 'Ain't Got No Heart’.


-- info: Nikolai Zaharov

2008 01 01


  • jon larsen: strange news from mars
        (2007, cd, sweden, zonic entertainment)
    • This album got mentioned before, but after listening to it, I can only say: "THIS IS GREAT".
      An excellent start of the new year.
      Excellent compositions and very fine guitar playing by Jon Larsen, plus Jimmy Carl Black, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars (!!!), Bruce Fowler and Arthur Barrow as special guests !!!
    • highly recommended


Jon Larsen adds: NEW PROJECTSS
  • A new CD with the marvellous MAR VISTA PHILHARHONICS - Tommy Mars, Walt and Bruce Fowler, Kirk McGettrick (rip), Larry Klimas, Arthur Barrow and Vinnie Colaiuta! A wonderful and ecclectic free jazz/rock jam, you know them from Zappa, practically the 1988 linup, partly also on my own Strange News from Mars - my favourite Martians!
  • And I have had an unforgettable studio session together with JIMMY CARL BLACK again, you know "Hi boys and girls, I am Jimmy Carl Black, and I am the Indian of the group" - from Frank Zappa's the Mothers Of Invention. I have actually composed music to his own, spoken (docu-rap?) life's story... and what an amazing story! Jimmy Carl Black is really a story teller, and writing music to and playing with him is always an adventure. Quite a lot of explosive stuff too... you can imagine, and a lot of juicy stuff from the Zappa years... he-he! I must be the luckiest composer in the entire solar system!


  • the harris family: a merry little christmas
        (2007, download, usa, pro entertainment)
    • Probably should have mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, as Christmas is over, but hey, you can also use it as a Christmas detox...
      Bob, Thana and Nate Harris, singing three beautiful tunes.
    • Available for download over at


2007 12 31


Crossfire Releases Zappa Veteran Bob Harris´ The Great Nostalgia with Guests Steve Vai, Thana Harris, Tommy Mars and Stuart Hamm

11/28/07 - New York - Bob Harris, keyboardist/vocalist of the 1980 Frank Zappa band with guitarists Steve Vai, Ray White and Ike Willis, keyboardist Tommy Mars, bassist Arthur Barrow and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, will soon have his 1986 album The Great Nostalgia released in an expanded format by Crossfire Publications. The Great Nostalgia, originally a self-financed release on his Mastahna label, has been remastered (and in some cases remixed) from the original session tapes.

More than twenty-one years after its first release, The Great Nostalgia has been expanded by six additional tracks. Frank Zappa heard the album in 1986 and thought that the track "Ageless Love" was outstanding and should kick off the album. Bob Harris, who is currently working with '80s rock legends Axe, wanted to change the song order because he highly valued Zappa´s opinion, but the album had already been pressed. Out of respect for Frank Zappa, "Ageless Love" is now the first track on Crossfire´s reissue, and Jeremy Barber´s violin has replaced the original keyboard emulation of that instrument.

Suzannah (Thana) Harris, known to Zappa fans for her vocals on the revised Sleep Dirt album, can be found throughout The Great Nostalgia on the tracks "Ageless Love," "The Flower" and three of the bonus tracks. Of the additions to the album, Thana and Bob´s duets on the standard "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (live at the Zappanale 13 festival) and It´s A Beautiful Day´s "White Bird" (from Thana´s album Thanatopsis) are obvious highlights.

Guitar legend Steve Vai played electric sitar on "Autumn In Nepal," presented here in Vai´s remixed version. He also played lead guitar on a remixed version of the bonus track "There´s Still Hope." Fellow FZ band member Tommy Mars played on "Autumn In Nepal," and noted bassist Stuart Hamm contributed to the track "The Flower." Billy James, known to music fans as the Ant-Bee, played percussion on the entire album. James´ tasteful use of percussion instead of drum machines is a very important asset to the longevity of The Great Nostalgia, as it sounds fresh without the usual `80s trappings.

One instrumental track recorded at the original sessions, "The Blue Gazebo," has been included on this edition. Two more recent tracks complete the album: the brilliant piano ballad "Magnet And Iron" and "Nobody Wins In A War," featuring sped-up vocals from Bob, Thana and son Nathan Harris.

The Great Nostalgia will be available at retail and through dozens of paid download services.

For more information:



Tar Tapes, Vol. 1 and Tar Tapes, Vol. 2, along with Mike's 2004 bonus PUP release, have just been made available for download only.

PUP was initially issued as a cool little 35-minute CD preview of the RadioKeneally internet broadcast service, personally assembled, narrated and labeled by Mike. It features a couple of very weird MK solo recordings, a ten-minute-plus early version of "L'il," (a song that was intended for, but never made it to, 2004's Dog), some live Mike Keneally Band recordings and more. It was originally included as a bonus to those who pre-ordered Dog. PUP is light and wispy, but fine fun nonetheless. And, at only $8, it's the cheapest Keneally music on MooseMart!

The Tar Tapes are downloadable versions of the long-sold-out limited edition CDs that highlight Mike's music from the '80s and very early '90s. Each download comes with an eight-page digital reproduction of the original CD cover, liner notes and lyrics. They can be downloaded as zip files containing high-quality (minimum 256k variable bit rate) mp3 audio files, compatible with all mp3 players. The files are DRM-free, meaning that there is no anti-copying code buried in them (we trust you). And they're only $10 each.

In addition, all three out-of-print Exowax bonus CDs that helped make the sold-out Special Editions so special are still available for downloading at MooseMart, including the interview/music disc Nonkertalk, the live acoustic Dancing With Myself and the exquisite re-imagined Wooden Smoke Asleep.



The entry for Ted Nash, was completely wrong. A mix between nephews.

Lars Arnwald was kind enough to sort it out:

There are (at least two) musicians called "Ted Nash".

The first one, Ted Nash (born in 1959) is the son of Dick Nash (b.1924), one of the greatest trombonists in LA ever. He's also the nephew of multi-reed man Ted Nash (b.1922). This is the one with "Lumpy Gravy". He played tenor sax with the Les Brown Orchestra 1941-46, and with Billy May in the first half of the 50's. Then he switched mainly to alto sax and flutes in the LA studios. Of the sessions the brothers Nash participated in, one can note that they're practically in ALL recordings, albums and movies, that Henry Mancini did in LA. Listen to Ted's screaming alto solo in "Peter Gunn Theme". Dick Nash is still active while the elder Ted retired in 1984 and now lives in Carmel, CA.



  • Tribute bands Project/Object, Bogus Pomp, Sheik Yerbouti and the Ugly Radio Rebellion band have all heard from the ZFT lawyers...
  • Website Kill Ugly Radio has also received a letter from the ZFT lawyers...
  • As president of the Arf Society (organiser of the Zappanale Festival), Thomas Dippel has been summoned to court by the ZFT lawyers...

As a result, the fans of Frank Zappa's music are in shock. There's a lot of discussion going on at various places all over the web, and there's even more opinions, threads and discussions than one person can read in one day. (believe me, I tried...)

I can understand some of the points that the ZFT wants to make clear, but sending lawyers...
Isn't that a bit over the top?


The Zappanale Enema Bandit

one day he'll have to pay (some day he'll have to pay)

The police will say
yer under arrest
and the judge would have him
for a special guest
then they'll drag into Thomas for all of thee,
sayin don't nobody, no no, have no sypathy
in the ballpark performances in the 1st degree
and then Thomas might say Why is everybody lookin' at me?

Did you cause this misery? (x3)
well one fan shout: let the dipster be!

Thomas are you guilty?
Thomas are you guilty?
Tell me now, what's your plea?
another one shout: Let the dipster go free!

Are you guilty Thomas, did you do these deeds?

Come on, now

he said,

it must be just what they all need !



Marco says:

Hi everyone,

Just in time for your new year's eve party: two new album downloads from WM Recordings, totally free.
And yes, this includes the release of our 75th free album! 

WM074: Lee Rosevere - Play 3
The third and final release in the series of experimental compilations by Lee Rosevere.

WM075: The Rabbits - Squeeze one out
The Rabbits aim to bang ear drums around the globe and while the globe spins they go ding ding ding and bla bla bla with a nice boom boom boom to make things a little more engaging.

Don't forget to check out the official WM Recordings MySpace:

We wish you all a very musical new year!


Marco Kalnenek



As the ZFT doesn't seem too happy with the FZ monument in Bad Doberan,  I thought I'd better add the picture to the UM files. (before it gets removed, replaced or painted in the colour that they want...)

The picture below shows the FZ monument in Bad Doberan, by Václav Cesák. Inaugurated in 2002.

And the second picture shows the sculpture of Frank Zappa that you can find in Vilnius, Lithuania.

It was made by Konstantinas Bogdanas, a Lithuanian sculptor who was known for portraits of Lenin.



  • 2008/01/25 Phlitman & Kangaroo - concert 'Arts-o-Bases', Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium


news from Kilissa Cissoko  (from the Voice Of Cheez)

2007 12 30

Wow! I cranked today... and finished posting my Flute Recital...from 1986. Here's the WHOLE BLESSED THING--including a suite of pieces I composed for Flute & Piano! 
Enjoy! Kilissa

***************UPCOMING PERFORMANCES*********************** 

Dance Alive! is an all-ages community event held on first Fridays every month in the Elmwood Village. Come be part of the festivities. *Drum circle from 6-7 (BYOD). *Dance and Listen to live music by the Bloodthirsty Vegans band - original/rock/reggae/hip-hop (two sets, 7 and 8:30). *Open Mike from 8-8:30. Alcohol-free refreshments. Kids activities. Sliding scale donation ($5-10), kids & teens free. In the Parish Hall of the UU Church of Buffalo, 695 Elmwood Ave. at West Ferry. Open to the public!

UJIMA THEATER presents...
Kilissa Cissoko plus Bloodthisty Vegans Band w/ MyRapNameIsAlex
Thursday, January 17, 8-9:30 pm 545 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY Tickest $10, Box Office: 716-883-0380 Wine and Other Refreshments Available



2007 12 28


  • russ stedman: duct tape shall make you free!
        (2004, cdr, usa, private release) 
    • Earlier this week, I was rather excited abour Russ Stedman's "Dumb Stupid", an excellent and very funny album.
      "Duct Tape" even goes a little further. The music on the album is great, and the lyrics are hilarious.
      I love it.
      'Dummy Up' is build upon a Frank Zappa riff, and with Zappa's 'Black Napkins', Russ Stedman shows that he knows his classics.
      The liner notes present the following "official statement of plagiarism & theft":
      music created by the following artists was used as inspiration, if not just outright used: frank zappa, dust, the cure, janet jackson, michael jackson, butthole surfers, the police, black randy & the metro squad, the beatles, and tone loc.
    • highly recommended !!


2007 12 27, URR said:

Nondramatic Public Performance... FZ... 

Ugly Radio Rebellion performs the music of Frank Zappa...

The FZ Birthday Tour
with IKE WILLIS was total success 
and only minor injuries...

Check out the letter we got from
Gail Zappa...

i'll be posting all the pictures and press from the tour asap and the next one is in the works for Feb 2008...




I have never really been a reader / user of the forum over at the official Frank Zappa site. Lately, however, things have changed. I'm not only reading, I'm even posting. Four posts so far...  :-)

They're all on the same subject hower. I'm a bit concerned (putting it mildly) with the way that the ZFT is communicating with their fans, with bands and with organisations that try to keep Frank Zappa's music alive.


2007 12 24


  • russ stedman: run down to the butcher shop and buy me a rose
        (2000, cdr, usa, private release / jmrm05)
    • "Run Down To The Butcher Shop And Buy Me A Rose" (the title had me laughing out loud) is another of Russ Stedman's straight-foreward rock albums. Rock 'n roll guitar solos included.
      My favourite tracks: 'Sweet Ophelia' (which would be a perfect commercial move during the Eagles revival that we're having); 'Don't Listen To Your Parents' (love those vocals), and 'Skyrockets' (love it!!)


Here's a bit of extra info on the "Enema Improvisations" bootleg that i mentioned last week.

20 copies on clear vinyl
50 copies on black vinyl

side one

  1. enema bandit  -  7 min
  2. guitar improvisation  -  5 min

side two

  1. guitar improvisations  -  12 min


-- info & pics: Oliver

cover of the clear vinyl release cover of the black vinyl release


slime.oofytv.set is back with a beautiful set of scans and pictures.

On the right is the program booklet for the Frank Zappa / Ensemble Modern concert series in Frankfurt, September 1992.

Below are scans of various magazine covers.


-- scans & info: slime.oofytv.set

  • ink no.24
        (1971/12/17, magazine, uk)
    • Issue number 24 of British Ink magazine included a half-page ad for the premier of the 200 Motels film in London; plus a one page review of Freak Out! [2nd u.k. release containing all the original tracks] & a review of the 200 motels soundtrack.

  • schwann spectrum vol.6 / no.4
        (1995/fall, magazine, usa)
    • The fall issue of Schwann Spectrum magazine included a 5-page article: 'The Present-Day Composer Refuses To Die", on ryko's 1995 CD re-release program [originally published in stereophile sept-95].

  • baltimore city paper vol.9 / no.41
        (1985/10/11, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of the Baltimore City Paper includes a piece on Zappa entitled: 'Frank Zappa Defends Rock'.

  • the georgetowner
        (1985/09/27, magazine, usa)
    • This September issue of The Georgetowner included an article called "Frank Zappa VS. Kandy Stroud: Is Labeling Of Record Albums A Censorship Issue?", plus a Zappa interview with Ted Koppel.

  • rock espezial no.38
        (1984/10, magazine, spain)
    • Issue number 38 of Spanish Rock Espezial magazine included a 2-page interview with Frank Zappa: "Farmacuetico Frustrado".

  • melody maker
        (1967/08/26, magazine, uk)
    • This August 26 issue of Melody Maker had Zappa on the cover with the famous "Meet A Mother!" slogan. The same issue also includes a 1-page article: 'Meet The Boss Mother Sussing Out Britain'.

  • conecte no.302
        (1983/06, magazine, mexico)
    • Issue 302 of Mexican Conecte magazine included a 4-page article on Frank Zappa: 'Impertinentes E Informales Divagaciones Sobre'

  • conecte no.165
        (1980/04, magazine, mexico)
    • Issue 165 of Mexican Conecte magazine had Frank Zappa on the cover. There was, no Zappa content inside, however.


  • the columbia symphony orchestra: the varèse album
        (2007, 2cd, usa,  wounded bird records wou 1078)
    • Nikolai Zaharov did send me all the data & picture for this album by the Columbia Symphony Orchestra.
      It's a reissue of two albums that got publihed in the early sixties.

-- info: Nikolai Zaharov

2007 12 23 - part two


  • russ stedman: here's your change
        (2000, cdr, usa, private release / jmrm04)
    • Originally recorded (and released on tape) in 1993, this re-mastered CDR has 5 bonus tracks.
      "Here's Your Change" shows the heavier side of Russ Stedman: a lot of fuzz and distortion on the guitar, including the essential guitar solos.
      Very impressive.
      Worth your investigation.

2007 12 23 - part one


Trivia quizz about FZ:

-- info: Ive Hapers


No, the following is not really a part of the trivia quizz that got mentioned above, although it might be:
  • Which bands, organisations and websites have heard from Gail Zappa's lawyers?
    • the Arf-Society
    • the Zappanale Festival
    • Bogus Pomp
    • Project/Object
    • Sheik Yerbouti
    • all of these

You thought right. All of them.

And it gets worse. Thomas Dippel, president of the Arf Society, has been summoned to court. He has to pay up for the CDs, DVDs and T-shirts that are made by the Arf Society; for the use of the name "Zappa" in "Zappanale", and so on, and so on.

Gail Zappa even wants the Bad Doberan statue of FZ to be removed...

The ZAPPA Family Trust, 11848 Vose Street, CA 91605 North Hollywood, USA represented by Gail Zappa claims 150000,- Euro against Arf-Society e.V., represented by it's chairman Thomas Dippel, for illegal use of the trademark "Zappanale" and the "Zappanale-logo".

For further use of the name Zappanale for the festival, on products like Cd's or clothing the chairman of the Arf-Society, Thomas Dippel, has to pay up to 250000,- Euro or has to be sent to prison for 6 months up to 2 years.

For further promotion for the Zappanale-festival on the domain  the chairman of the Arf-Society, Thomas Dippel, has to pay up to 250000,- Euro or has to be sent to prison for 6 months up to 2 years.


Good luck, Thomas. Let us know how we can help.


As far as I can tell, the next step will be the music magazines. They have used Zappa's name in various articles, and even have used pictures of FZ. Now that I think of it, there have been a lot of newspapers that have mentioned FZ as well, somewhere in the last 40 years. Go get them, Gail.

And if I'm not mistaken, during the first ZpZ tour, belgian national television did some sort of special during "De Rode Loper". I guess this means that belgian national television will be taken to court as well. A pity, 'cause I'm rather fond of our national tv.
What an incredible waste of time and money...


2007 12 22 - part two


  • russ stedman: dumb stupid
        (2006, cdr, usa, private release / bfr04)
    • A couple of days ago, I got my first dose of Russ Stedman, "Geography Amongst Others", a fine, straight-forward rock album.
      "Dumb Stupid" is quite something else. Where "Geography" is very rock & pop - like, "Dumb Stupid" is on the other side of the musical spectrum. This is one is right up my alley. Great album. I hear influences by Pere Ubu, Snakefinger, Zappa, and, well, maybe even Russ Stedman.
      My favourite tracks: 'Spongedoug Squaredick' (my kids haven't heard this one yet...), and 'Drunks', which probably should have been titled 'Stupid Fucking Drunks Who Can't Get Their Shit Together' with some hilarious Prince-like voice, and 'Alex', which is some sort of prank phone call mixed over a guitar solo.
      Highly recommended.


  • jay phlitman & kim kangaroo: say yes to live!
        (2007, cdr, bel, kaspar hauser records khr011)

    • Kaspar Hauser Records has released a collection of live tunes from Jay Phlitman & Kim Kangaroo. The album presents 20 tracks, recorded between 1994 and 2005. Most of the tracks were recorded at different locations and with different line-ups. "Say Yes To Live!" gives a good impression of what Phlitman and Kangaroo are all about. This is belgian low-fi madness at its best.
      I guess that I should also mention the fact that 'Happy Attictune" mentions Frank Zappa and Uncle Meat... 
      The CDR is housed in a DVD-case, and the beautiful cover drawing is by Ida Madonna.



2007 12 22 - part one


Take it from me. If you're a Zappa vinyl bootleg fetishist, you really want to browse this book.

I picked up Dieter Jakob's vinyl bootleg bible at the post office yesterday, and I can only say one thing: this is the best looking and most informative book that I have read in years.

Lots and lots of data (incuding matrix numbers !!) and great pictures of sleeves, labels and vinyl.

A tremendous work. Thank you, Dieter.

  • 500 pages A4 (large format, about 8.2 by 11.7 inches), almost all pages full coloured.

  • Hardcover with thread sewing

  • Digitally printed on special high quality paper (paper used for illustrated books)

  • More than 3600 (!) photos from covers, label, vinyl (LPs and singles), booklets, other details, etc. about more than 300 different titles (vinyl only!)  

  • 100 handnumbered copies

Dieter tells me that there's still a few copies left

leftovers from the last couple of months

STEVE VAI 2007 12 18

Besides Steve's best wishes for 2008, his newsletter also mentions:

... things on the agenda for 2008

  1. At some point this year we will be making the followings videos available for download through iTunes & other digital distribution stores.

    1. Alien Love Secrets DVD

    2. Select tracks from Live at the Astoria

    3. The original promotional videos for:

      1. "For the Love of God"

      2. "I Would Love To"

      3. "The Audience Is Listening"

      4. "Down Deep Into The Pain"

      5. "In My Dreams With You"

  2. The release of the new signature Jemini distortion pedal from Ibanez.

  3. The completion and distribution via internet sites and perhaps retail of Archives Vol. 5 - Gold from the Vault.
    I'm very excited about this CD. It will have songs on it that were once available as Vai-tunes downloads, along with a handful of never heard tracks that have been sitting on the shelf in the vault that never made it to records from the past. You may find some nuggets on here...

  4. The digital availability of "Naked Tracks" (Tracks from the catalog without the lead guitar) for those who might like to play along.

  5. "Music As Art - For The Love of God." Similar to what was offered in the past with "The God Eaters", this will be nicely framed lithographs of the hand written lead sheet to the first two pages of "For The Love of God".

  6. The contribution of a guitar track to Jason Becker's new solo record.

  7. The Real Illusions: Reflections transcription folio through Hal Leonard.

  8. Perhaps the announcement of a new Legacy amp with Carvin.

  9. The completion and availability of the 6th installment to The Secret Jewel Box: Panic Jungle Alcatrazz Live

  10. The arrangement and recording of "The Blossom Suite" that was originally written for myself and classical guitarist extraordinaire, Sharon Isbin. To be released on her solo record through Sony.

  11. The editing and release of a DVD with the String Theories band from a performance in Minneapolis during the 2007 tour.

  12. We are looking at the possibility of two orchestral performances with Orchestras in the Canary Islands of pieces from Sound Theories Vol. 1 & 2.

Clearing the boards for a new studio recording...


World tour, visiting your very backyard. See you there!

Geez, I get dizzy just writing it down.

Stay tuned to for updates on these things. They can all change and perhaps I'll just go to Tahiti for a few months. Well... maybe just a week.



WAZOO is in the house !!
and it's great.
what am i saying?  it's fabulous.

Show the ZFT that they should continue, and buy the album.


highlights from the Zappanale newsletter:

Zappanale #19
15.08.- 17.08. 2008
Bad Doberan/Ostsee

The date for Zappanale 19 has been set.

Confirmed artists:

  • Denny Walley
  • The BOGUS POMP Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra

As usual, the event will kick off with a special event on 2008/08/14 in downtown Bad Doberan, AND,
a special concert is being prepared on 2008/08/13 in Hamburg.


Tickets are 84 euro for the three-day festival.
Buy your ticket before January 01 and get a 10 euro discount !
Buy 10 tickets and get one for free.



Big Electric Chat 
The Adrian Belew Newsletter 
  November 18, 2007

In this edition:







Adrian Belew, Julie Slick, & Eric Slick will be hitting the road once again in early 2008.

For links to venues, please visit and click on the NewsBelew link.



In its latest newsletter, The Zappa Family Trusts says that the Zappa Plays Zappa DVD is now available both on tour and through Barko-Swill.

... the Zappa Plays Zappa tour is going to Japan!!



2007 11 15


the only FZ alumni on the planet consistently performing the music of the maestro
80 plus concerts so far, 

featuring former members of the mothers of invention

  • Don Preston
    (with FZ  1966 - 1974) - piano, keyboard  synthesizers, electronics, vocals

  • Roy Estrada  
    (with FZ  1964 - 1984) - bass, pachuco falsettos and operatic madness, (gas mask)

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock
    (with FZ  1972 - 1984) - lead vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, suavenicity, dancing(!)

  • Miroslav Tadic - electric guitar

  • Christopher Garcia  - drumset, percussion, marimba, vocals


Safari Sam¹s
5214 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA, 90027

U.K. Tour MARCH 2008


festival tour
days and dates forthcoming



released october 31, 2007

grand wazoo / hot rats / m.o.i. 20 piece band

music composed, arranged & conducted by frank zappa

disc one

  1. intro intros
  2. the grand wazoo (think it over)
  3. approximate
  4. big swifty

disc two

  1. "ulterior motive"
  2. the adventures of greggery peccary
  3.   movement I
  4.   movement II
  5.   movement III
  6.   movement IV - the new brown clouds
  7. penis dimension
  8. variant I - processional march


and now, the newsflash from a little while ago, but this time with the extra bonus flyer...

Zappa(teers) festival in Holland!!!

Following on from the success of the Zappateer weekend in England earlier this year,
the Zappateers are following up with the third Zappateer weekend for of the 14th and 15th March 2008, in a tranquil forest location near the historic Dutch city of Nijmegen close to the German border.

Promising to be bigger and even better than last time, Audrey one of the festival organisers said;
Everyone had such a great time at Bradford we just couldn't resist doing another one. This time we're holding it in mainland Europe to make it as accessible as possible for Zappateers and Zappa fans from all over Europe to attend. We've even managed to select a venue which includes accommodation so people don't have the expense or struggle to find accommodation themselves and which also means the partying can continue all weekend”.

Audrey was even more excited when talking about the line-up for the weekend.
We're really excited about this year's acts, we've so far confirmed 5 great bands, have another amazing band in the process of confirming and have possibly 2 or even 3 more bands in the pipeline, I really think people are going to be in for a dynamite show”.

The bands confirmed so far are:

    Wrong Object,
    those accomplished purveyors of psychedelic jazz with modern rock sensibilities and downright great musicians are a real coup for the festival and promise to be a real highlight of the weekend.

    Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo,
    Known as the Dutch masters, veterans of Zappanale, and all round great guys, Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo are doing their best to keep the music of Zappa alive by lovingly recreating his fabulous work live. Do not miss.

    The Foolz,
    veterans of the Zappa scene and great friends of the Zappateers always entertain whenever they're let loose on their instruments and on their native soil will excel themselves.

    Monty and the Butchers,
    those young English dudes fresh from their fabulous début performance at Zappanale and their brilliant show at Bradford on Avon offer a high octane mix of Zappa and their own funky compositions.

    a Dutch band will Freak everyone out with some early Zappa complete with zany and crazy stage antics reminiscent of Zappa's Garrick theatre days.
As for the previous Zappateer Festivals, a small scale intimate weekend is the aim, meaning tickets will be limited to a maximum of 150, which if the success of the Bradford on Avon weekend is repeated are expected to sell quickly.
The tickets are priced at 80 EUR which includes indoor festival accommodation meaning you can leave your tents at home, just bring a sleeping bag, pillow case, sheet and dancing shoes.



L'Ensemble de Basse-Normandie is an 18-piece, professional orchestra: 12 string instruments, 5 wind instruments and 1 piano. The orchestra is conducted by Jean Luc Rimey-Meille.

January 2008, the ensemble will do a tour entitled "The Big Note - Frank Zappa Alchimiste". For these concerts, a number of extra instruments will be added: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, trumpet and a trombone.

The pieces to be performed include:

  • Watermelon In Easter Hay

  • Regyptian Strut

  • Little Umbrellas

  • Project X

  • Inca Roads

  • Duke Of Prunes


  • Echidna's Arf (off You)

  • Don't You Ever Wash That Thing

  • Peaches En Regalia

  • Sinister Footwear

  • Opus 1 N°4, premier mouvement (minuetto) de Francesco Zappa


  • Music:  Frank Zappa / arr. Jean Luc Rimey-Meille

  • Libretto: Pacôme Thiellement 

  • Actors: Marco Bataille-Testu, Marie Lemoine

  • Costumes: Fanny Mandonnet

the orchestra:

  • ....

the added musicians:

  • Jean Marc Simon: guitar

  • Pascal Berne: bass

  • Attilio Terlizzi: drums

  • Fred Escoffier: keyboards

  • Sébastien Bonniau: percussion

  • ??: trumpet
    ??: trombone



-- info: cosmikd / zappateers



Now here's what I call an impressive project:

Andrew Greenaway, aka The Idiot Bastard, has teamed up with Cordelia Records to bring you what might become a very fine selection of songs.

Read all about it on Andrew's essential site:

Contributing artists include

  • Andre Cholmondeley

  • Die Beistelltische

  • Doot!

  • Ensemble Ambrosius

  • Evil Dick & The Banned Members

  • Frazknapp

  • Freedom In Hats

  • John Tabacco

  • Lex Kemper

  • Monty & The Butchers

  • Nigey Lennon

  • Pojama People

  • Project/Object

  • Roddie Gilliard

  • The Thurston Lava Tube

  • The Vegetarians

  • Todd Grubbs

  • The Whip It Out Ensemble

  • The Wrong Object



the concert calendar * the concert calendar







  • 2008/04/01 Humble Grumble - concert 'The Queen Charlotte', Norwich, UK
  • 2008/04/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu dos Recreios’, Lisbon, Portugal     


  • 2008/05/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu do Porto’, Porto, Portugal

  • 2008/05/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Castellon Auditorium’, Castellon, Spain

  • 2008/05/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sala la Riviera’, Madrid, Spain

  • 2008/05/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Palau de la Musica’, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2008/05/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘013’, Tilburg, The Netherlands

  • 2008/05/12 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Birmingham Symphony Hall’, Birmingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Newcastle City Hall’, Newcastle, England UK

  • 2008/05/14 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Glasgow Royal Concert Hall’, Glasgow, Scotland UK

  • 2008/05/15 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Manchester Apollo’, Manchester, England UK

  • 2008/05/17 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bristol Colston Hall’, Bristol, England UK

  • 2008/05/18 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre’, Bournemouth, England UK

  • 2008/05/19 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cardiff St. David's Hall’, Cardiff, Wales UK

  • 2008/05/20 Joe Satriani – concert ‘London Hammersmith Apollo’, London, England UK

  • 2008/05/21 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Nottingham Royal Centre’, Nottingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/23 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Vicar St. ’, Dublin, Ireland

  • 2008/05/24 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Mandela Hall  ’, Belfast, UK

  • 2008/05/26 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bourse Du Travail’, Lyon, France

  • 2008/05/27 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Le Rex’, Paris, France

  • 2008/05/28 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cirque Royal’, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2008/05/29 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Filharmonie Filderstadt’, Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2008/05/30 Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm - concert 'Le Triton Le Lilas', France

  • 2008/05/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Serenadenhof     ’, Nurnberg, Germany

  • 2008/05/31 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Phonix-Halle ’, Mainz, Germany


  • 2008/06/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Backstage-Werk’, Munich, Germany

  • 2008/06/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘T-Mobile Arena’, Prague, Czech Republik

  • 2008/06/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Große Freiheit’, Hamburg, Denmark

  • 2008/06/05 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Amager Bio’, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2008/06/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sweden Rock Festival’, Solvesborg, Sweden

  • 2008/06/08 Joe Satriani – concert ‘B1 Maximum Club’, Moscow, Russia

  • 2008/06/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Villa Manin’, Udine, Italy

  • 2008/06/11 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Live Club’, Milan, Italy

  • 2008/06/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Paradiso’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands





  • 2008/08/13 concert "Zappanale", Hamburg, Germany

  • 2008/08/14 concert "Zappanale", downtown Bad Doberan, Germany

  • 2008/08/15 - 2008/08/17 concert "Zappanale", Bad Doberan Germany

    • Denny Walley

    • The BOGUS POMP Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra