joe satriani

professor satchafunkilus and the musterion of rock

2008 cd + dvd ?? wea

joe satriani: guitars, bass, keyboards
jeff campitelli: drums, percussion
matt bisonette: bass
zz satriani: tenor sax
john cuniberti: percussion

produced by joe satriani and john cuniberti

all songs by joe satriani

disc one - the cd

  1. musterion
  2. overdrive

  3. i just wanna rock

  4. professor satchafunkilus

  5. revelation

  6. come on baby

  7. out of the sunrise

  8. diddle-y-a-doo-dat

  9. asik vaysel

  10. andalusia

disc two - the dvd

  1. 30 mins of live performance

  2. b-roll footage