sexton ming

out to stud
- incl. 'twenty-fifth century quaker' (don van vliet)

2004 cd uk rim records rim cd 08

sexton ming
lee mcfadden: guitar and bass  6

all songs by ming, except where noted

produced by sexton ming and ed deegan

  1. wild cat happy
  2. running down that mountain
  3. seagulls and chips
  4. kill the control freaks  (wobble)
  5. shitty prayer boy
  6. how much longer?  (perry, ferguson)
  7. angora
  8. learn through pain
  9. the ghost trees
  10. thoughts come out to pray
  11. twenty-fifth century quaker  (van vliet)
  12. ice cream mountaineering
  13. corporate logos
  14. they make me feel so alien  (ming, purdon)
  15. the milk goes in the baby