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2008 05 31

The Grand Wazoo
Aka Moon

2008 05 27

The Imperial City Orchestra
Pojama People at the Sahalie Wine Bar
Purple Vishnu
Zappa special in the latest issue of Jazz Magazine

2008 05 20

Sous les pavés - more info
Opus3 in 1996
Ca Vas Mal Finir - DVD bootleg
Zappa in Stockholm - vinyl bootleg

2008 05 18

Zappa 4 LP bootleg box
Bogus Pomp check
the 1968 tour book
ZpZ additions
Jerry Outlaw
The Ed Palermo Big Band
new on cuneiform
Monica Zetterlund
Peter Max
new FZ boot: the wizard of z.
new FZ boot: the lost amougies jams
Bogus Pomp at the Ritz
Les Percussions de Strasbourg
The Lost Interview
Trubee and Franzoni guiding you through L.A.
Sun Ra Arkestra artist in residence in Tilburg NL

2008 05 13

Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo in concert
FZ statue in Baltimore accepted
Mike Keneally on dutch radio
The Low Frequency Tuba Band

2008 05 12

Pojama People 2008 05 12
ZpZ - the 5-disc edition
Jukon Speakers
The Black Keys

2008 05 08

Olli Virtaperko
Franz Hohler

2008 05 07

The Tetzepi discography

2008 05 06

Residents on Mute

2008 05 05

Clazz Orchestra setlist
Ugly Radio Rebellion update
The new Zappa album

2008 05 04

The Clazz Orchestra

2008 05 03

Kelderkunsten Festival
The Voice Of Cheez

2008 05 02

the Central Scrutinizer Band in concert
Zappa tour poster for sale
Pojama People - Footsie Notes album
The Keneallist 2008 05 01
ZpZ - new tourdates
ICE-Z #3
new Zita Swoon album
Residents update
new dEUS album

2008 05 01

Ed Mann
Fast 'n' Bulbous
Gong News

2008 04 22

Zappa Plays Zappa - the album

2008 04 20 - part two

Sun Ra concert recordings

2008 04 20 - part one

Bruce Bickford on DVD
prof. Joe Satriani
Strictly Country

2008 04 15

The Dead Kennedys
WM Recordings
Pojama People
Ugly Radio Rebellion
Viva Zappa

2008 04 14

The rare stuff
Classic Rock
John Trubee
Chris Opperman update - NEW ALBUM
Conceptual Continuity
Muffinz Moovies
The Zappateers Festival
Bands in action
Voice Of Cheez - Underground Sensation
Keneally on the radio
The Central Scrutinizer Band
Some Evil Mothers
Outrageous Muzik
Monica Zetterlund

2008 04 12

Captain Cheese-Beard
two more austin bootleg variations
new vinyl bootleg: sous les pavés
buffalo bootleg variations - part six
buffalo bootleg variations - part five
buffalo bootleg variations - part four
new vinyl bootleg: Listen...And Find Out
The Clazz Orchestra
The Residents
Peter Carlsson
on-line newspapers
Joe Deninzon
CDR bootleg from 2007
Lucky Stiff
Thomas Darelid

2008 04 10


2008 04 09

La Vanguardia
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?
Disco Expres
Hans Annéllsson
Cordelia Records

2008 04 08

Pierrejean Gaucher
Disco Expres 366
Big Sonny and The Lo Boys
Bruce Bickford
Zappa Plays Zappa - the update

2008 04 07

2 more mags
The Keneallist 2008 04 02
the Grande Mothers Re:Invented
Harry Kapeliaris Group
Shawn Lane
Maurizio Perri
The Zappanale line-up
leftovers from the last couple of months

Sheik Yerbouti

Zappanale 19
the January 2007 newsletter can be found at
thebignotefiles - 2008/01

the concert calendar


short bits: 

* Frank Zappa's Wazoo album has been released as a 180 gram 3 LP vinyl bootleg album * * *



Let's make it clear to the ZFT that we don't agree with how they're dealing with zappa devoted websites, bands that play zappa's music and festivals where they play zappa's music.


We endorse the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition to Zappa Family Trust.

Read the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition


2008 05 31


The Grand Wazoo is a dutch band. They borrowed their name from the famous Zappa album, and have various Zappa-references in their repertoir. Think of songs entitled 'Plastic People', or 'Guacomole Queen'.

They have three albums out:

  • grand wazoo: grand wazoo
        (2004, cd, nl, ??)

  • grand wazoo: room 19
        (200?, cd, nl, ??)

  • grand wazoo: zooology
        (2008, cd, nl, ??)


from the band's website:

On the phenomenon of Grand Wazoo

Grand Wazoo Jazzes. Jams. Funks. Screams. Whispers. Listens. Laidback. Straight up. Is raw. Sweet. Experimental. Traditional. Likes seven beats in one bar. Is not afraid of quadruple time. Likes analogue. Likes digital. Is nu-jazz. Electronic downtempo funk. Post jazzrock. Is... itself.

It's spring 2003. Scene; 52° 22' latitude, 4° 55' longitude (estimated). In the hotbed of the Amsterdam music scene a couple of likeminded souls meet. Their mission: to create transgressing psycho-acoustic experiences. How? By forming a band. By with this band creating original music that combines composition and improvisation, jazz and groove. By spreading this music through live performance, recording media and miscellaneous means of communication. And then see what happens. Grand Wazoo is born. From day one Grand Wazoo writes its own music. At first its style is best described as progressive analogue jazz-funk, as can be heard on the first, self-titled cd "Grand Wazoo" (2004). In 2004 the band starts integrating live-electronics into its music. Grand Wazoo's first steps in this wondrous digital world are recorded on the recently issued cd "Room 19". At the moment the band is further expanding its repertoire in which electronic and acoustic instrumentation, improvisation and groove are welded into a distinctive whole.



2008 05

Concert announcement for the Concertgebouw in Brugge, Belgium:

Saturday, January 31, 2009: Pitié!, by Les Ballets C. de la B., Alain Platel & Fabrizio Cassol.

Alain Platel and Fabrizio Cassol draw their inspiration from Bach's 'Matthew Passion'.
"pitié!" aims to continue the exploration of the links between mysticism, religiosity and the unconscious, and the way this can be translated into movement, dance and theatre. In the chronological sequence that started with "vsprs", the birth of the Messiah follows the prayer to the Virgin Mary. 
"pitié!" is the story of the ultimate sacrifice: one's own life.

concept: Alain Platel
dance and creation: Les Ballets C. de la B.
composition: Fabrizio Cassol
musicians: Aka Moon plus soloists
production: Les Ballets C. de la B.

2009/01/3 Aka Moon / Les Ballets C. de la B. - concert / performance "pitié!", Concertgebouw, Brugge, Belgium


2008 05 27
okeli dokeli... 
internet & e-mail provider change has been carried out...
what a hassle...
anyway, glad to be back


The Imperial City Orchestra is a semi-professional projectbigband. Each year, the orchestra takes on a special project..

In 2008, the project focussed on composition and young musicians: 6 professional musicians / arrangers teamed up with eleven young and creative musicians for a series of concerts. The band was called The Imperial City Orchestra and consisted of:

  • Carlo de Wijs-hammond-organ

  • Corrie van Binsbergen-guitar

  • Eric van der Westen-bass

  • Hans Timmermans-laptop, sound scapes

  • Joost Buis

  • Martin Fondse-melodica

  • Darius Timmer-Keytar , Wouter Vroege-trompet, Jose Konings-zang, Richie Reichgelt-gitaar, Luuk Veeken-gitaar, Thomas Kienhorst-piano, Wessel Reijers-zang, Valentine Reijers-zang, Dayenne Wielheesen-bas, Wouter Landzaat-bas, Laurens Jansen-zang, percussie

more info at



  • 2008/05/07 concert (try-out) 'Cinemec', Ede, NL
  • 2008/05/11 concert 'Jazz in Duke Town', Den Bosch, NL
  • 2008/05/16 concert 'Lux', Nijmegen, NL
  • 2008/05/20 concert 'SJU Jazzpodium', Utrecht, NL
  • 2008/06/01 concert 'Bimhuis', Amsterdam, NL



2008 05 26

Corvallis Gig May 31  Zappa Music -- Absolutely FREEEeeeeee e e e  e  e     e        e        e

Pojama People performing the music of Frank Zappa
May 31 Sat 9pm FREE
Sahalie Wine Bar
151 NW Monroe St
Corvallis, OR 97330



Purple Vishnu is:
  • Guy Segers: bass
  • Frank van der Kooij: saxes, electronics
  • Michel Delville: guitar, synth guitar, electronics
  • Ivo Sans: drums, percussion

The band is scheduled to perform in Liège, Belgium on 2008/05/30.



  • jazz magazine
        (2008/06, magazine, france)
    • The June 2008 issue of French Jazz Magazine includes an 18-page Zappa special. 


-- info: Guy Darol


2008 05 20


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the new "Sous les Pavés" bootleg. A little correction / addition is necessary.

300 copies have been released:

  • 001 -> 100 on white vinyl
  • 101 -> 200 on blue vinyl
  • 201 -> 300 on yellow vinyl

The stickers on the covers will tell you the colour of the vinyl...

Pictures have been added to the bootleg section.

OPUS3 IN 1996


  • frank zappa: ça vas mal finir
        (2008, dvd-bootleg, ??, crime crow ccpdvd096)
    • This new bootleg DVD includes the part of the Zappa / Mothers 1970/12/15 concert that got broadcast on French TV (with J.L.Ponty as special guest) as well as a "200 Motels" interview session.
      A great extra is the February 1971 Jean-Luc Ponty interview plus concert snippets, also from French TV.
      Impressive material.


2008 05 18
lots and lots and lots of news... although it's mostly bootlegs.
but there's a nice picture of the 1968 tour book as well, and some new concert dates.
in the meantime, i changed my internet provider, but I hope that this won't be visible too much.
anyway, here we go...


A new Zappa bootleg box has been issued. Four albums, that are also available seperately.
  • "Outrageous Muzik"
  • "Some Evil Mothers"
  • "The Lost Amougies Jams"
  • "The Wizard of Z."

Here's a little picture-story of what the box looks like.

It all starts with a brown cardboard box.

In the box, there's another box. A pizza box.

And in the pizza box, there's a fake pizza, plus a plastic box,, a menu and four vinyl albums...

the brown cardboard box


opened brown cardboard box, including the pizza box the cardboard pizza box

the opened cardboard pizza box, showing the textile pizza and menu card the opened cardboard pizza box, showing the blue plastic pizza box
Here's a shot of the complete package.


Thanks to Dieter Jakob for info & pictures.

Some of these pizza boxes have albums on splattered colored vinyl.

Here's a couple of examples...


-- pictures taken from Burkhard Schempp's exellent

(Thank you Burkhard !)


  • 2008/06/07 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Ritz Theater', Ybor

  • 2008/07/19 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/20 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/26 Bogus Pomp - concert 'State Theater', St. Petersburg, FL, usa

  • 2008/11/01 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween", 'State Theater', St.Petersburg, FL, usa



Thanks to Ton van Mierle, some nice shots of the 1968 Mothers Of Invention program booklet have been added.

It's the tourbook for the 1968 european tour, published by Lippmann en Rau.


According to the ZpZ website, the concert date (and venue) for Mardid has changed, and two new dates have been added:
  • 2008/07/17 concert 'Veranos de la Villa', Madrid, Spain

  • 2008/07/22 concert 'Club Cinema', Pompano Beach, FL, usa

  • 2008/07/23 concert 'Hard Rock Live', Orlando, FL, usa

-- info: Javier Marcote


2008 05 14

Jerry Outlaw and friends will be opening for Adrian Belew at skipper's on friday, May 30th.   They will play from 8 until 9pm and then Adrian and his band will rock the house.   Jerry and the guys will be playing songs by such greats as...  Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra and some cool originals.  Be there!!!



The big band has a couple gigs this summer:


  • univers zero: univers zero
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform / rune 1313)
  • lars hollmer: viandra
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform / rune 271)
  • wadada leo smith's golden quartet: tabligh
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform / rune 270)
  • revolutionary snake ensemble: forked tongue
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform / rune 269)
  • cosmologic: eyes in the back of my head
        (2008, cd, usa, cuneiform / rune 263)


  • monica zetterlund: diamanter
        (2005, cd, sweden, emi 0946 11868 2 0)
    • In 1971, Monica Zetterlund recorded 'Zappovalsen', a Swedish version of Frank Zappa's 'Toads Of The Short Forest'.
      The track has been re-issued on "Diamanter", a compilation from 2005.


The picture below is a poster / collage / drawing by illustrator Peter Max entitled "Audio D.N.A." from 1967.

-- info & picture: brainpang


"The Wizard of Z." is a new vinyl bootleg album, released on the Hoffman label.

It got released on blue and red vinyl.

  • frank zappa: the wizard of z.  -  lp  -  hoffman hof-00???  -  blue vinyl

  • frank zappa: the wizard of z.  -  lp  -  hoffman hof-00???  -  red vinyl

The album also got released as a part of the "Simply The Best" 4 lp box, in different (splattered) colour variations.

-- pictures taken from Burkhard Schempp's exellent



"The Lost Amougies Jams" is a new vinyl bootleg album, released on the Hoffman label.

It got released on blue, red and black vinyl.

The album also got released as a part of the "Simply The Best" 4 lp box, in different (splattered) colour variations.

-- pictures taken from Burkhard Schempp's exellent


2008 05 09

Bogus Pomp to perform the inaugural concert at the newly renovated Ritz Theater in Ybor City.

Bogus Pomp will be performing the inaugural concert event at the newly renovated Ritz Theater in Ybor City on Saturday, June 7 at 9 pm. Past concert events have resulted in Bogus Pomp becoming known world-wide for their exceptional performances of Frank Zappa's material. Bogus Pomp will be performing a special acoustic set to be followed by a more traditional electric set.

Formerly known as The Masquerade, the The Ritz Theater has recently completed a total renovation, bringing it back to it's original splendor after years of abuse and neglect. The acoustics in this venue are exceptional and should serve to make the performance very enjoyable.

A full liquor bar will be open for those who wish a cool libation (or two!). There is plenty of parking available in the parking garage which is located less than 100 feet from the venue.  The Ritz Theater is located at 1503 - 7th Avenue in Ybor City.

Tickets are $25.00 (general admission) and are available thru Ticketmaster and at the door.

For information, call (813) 247-2555.



Bruno Le Tohic (better know as the Central S. of supplied me with all the data of the 1994/07/20 concert of Les Percussions de Strasbourg.

here's the complete info of the fm broadcast / recording:

Le Corum, Salle Berlioz

20 July 1994 
Festival de Radio France et Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon

broadcast: France Culture, July 1994


IGOR STRAVINSKY [1882-1971] : 

  1. Intro (3:54)

Les Noces ("Svadyebka" 1914-23), version 1919 :

  1. Tableau I. The Bride's Chamber (5:00)

  2. Tableau II. At the Bridgegroom's (5:23)

  3. Outro (1:00)

FRANK ZAPPA [1940-1993] :

  1. Intro (1:33)

  2. Drum Solo (3:05) >

  3. The Black Page #1 (1976) (3:55)

  4. The Black Page #2 (1976) (3:52)

  5. Outro (1:24)

GEORGE ANTHEIL [1900-1959] :

  1. Intro (4:17)

  2. Ballet Mécanique (1924, rev. 1952-53), version 1926 (16:39)

  3. Outro (0:49)

BELA BARTOK [1881-1945] :

  1. Intro (0:44)

Sonate pour deux pianos et percussions (1937) :

  1. I. Assai lento - Allegro molto) (12:56)

  2. II. Lento ma non troppo (6:35)

  3. III. Allegro non troppo (6:15)

  4. Outro (1:01)

Total : 1h 18'



02 : World Premiere 
(1919 version for soloists, choir, percussion, cymbalum, pianola)

  • Galina Bojko : soprano

  • Margarita Marouna : mezzo

  • Ludovic Louda : tenor

  • Egli Selin : basse

  • Norbert Jansen : cymbalum

  • Karine Nonenmacher : cymbalum

  • Jay Gottlieb : piano

  • Roland Konil : piano

  • Jacques Arnaud : piano

  • Magdalena Sovral : piano

  • Michael Brown : harmonium

  • Choeur Contemporain d'Aix-en-Provence

  • Les Percussions de Strasbourg

  • Ensemble Tetra 

  • dir. René Bosc

The 1923 version was also performed but not broadcasted.


05-08 : French Premiere 
(arranged by René Bosc for solo drumset, 5 percussions, prerecorded synthetizers & bass)

  • Les Percussions de Strasbourg (Christian Amouy, Jean-Paul Bernard, Keiko Nakamura, Claude Ferrier, Bernard Lesage, Olaf Tzschoppe) 

  • dir. René Bosc

10 : French Premiere (1926 version)

  • Les Percussions de Strasbourg

  • + synthetizer (sirens, propellers, electric bells)

  • Roland Konil : piano

  • Jacques Arnaud : piano

  • Jay Gottlieb : piano

  • Dominique Taous : piano 

  • dir. René Bosc


13-15 :

  • Magdalena Sovral : piano

  • Jean-Louis Haguenauer : piano

  • Les Percussions de Strasbourg



YouTube freaks, check this out:

"The Lost Interview with FZ" in 7 parts.


-- info: Javier Marcote


February 2008, John Trubee and Carl Franzoni were guides at one of the "Los Angeles Tours" that is offered by Esotouric.

There's an article about it in the San Francisco Chronicle:



2008 05

ZXZW is an extensive festival for independent culture. With a solid musical base, the festival also brings visual arts, dance, theatre and movies. Over 200 cutting edge artist present themselves in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Street art next to academic dance.

ZXZW takes place from the 14th untill 21st of September 2008 in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands. From a squat to the mayors room. From music venue to museum. The big music-happening is on September 20-21.

For all confirmed acts, check our


2008 05 13


One of my favourite bands, Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo, has a very special concert scheduled in July.

The band invited Pierrejean Gaucher, Jeff Hollie and Martin Smith for a concert in Delft !!
That'll be a blast.
Tickets on sale from May 17 on through



from The Guardian:,,2279205,00.html

Lithuania presents Baltimore with a Frank Zappa statue

Sean Michaels
Friday May 9, 2008

When we were last in eastern Europe, we almost made a sidetrack to Vilnius. We were enticed by Lithuania's fascinating history and rich cultural heritage. But mostly we just wanted to see their statue of Frank Zappa's head.

Now, at last, Baltimore is taking a page from Vilnius' book.
Thirteen years ago, a band of plucky Lithuanian intellectuals pooled their funds, solicited their friends, and built a bronze bust of the musical iconoclast. Saulius Paukstys, longtime president of a Zappa fanclub, even convinced authorities that the statue should be erected in downtown Vilnius, in front of the Belgian embassy.

Zappa had died of cancer just two years before, in 1993, but Lithuania's capital city was an odd place for a tribute. Zappa was not, after all, Lithuanian (or Belgian, for that matter). He had never even visited the place. But his music was dearly loved by the avant-garde hipsters in the Lithuanian independence movement - and these same intellectuals were the ones running the show after the Baltic state declared independence from Russia in 1990.

"The opportunity for this Zappa statue was also like a trial for the new system and the newly established democracy," Paukstys explained to the Associated Press this week.

Before long the Zappa bust had become Vilnius' second-most popular tourist attraction (behind the rather-less-quirky Museum of Genocide Victims).

This week, Paukstys journeyed to Baltimore, USA, to make an offer to Frank Zappa's hometown: would Baltimore like a bronze Zappa-head of its own? Baltimore's Public Art Commission voted unanimously to accept the gift. "I think it's incredibly generous," said commissioner Steve Ziger. "I find the piece a good piece of art that I think we would be honoured to have here. We just need to find an appropriate placement."

Paukstys and his comrades had already arranged for the casting of a replica, and were just awaiting the OK from Baltimore authorities before shipping it across the ocean. The cost of creating and shipping the bust is estimated at $50,000 (£25,000), but the city will be responsible only for installation and maintenance.

Vilnius's mayor, Juozas Imbrasas, said he approved heartily of the project. "I hope that replication of the original statue of Frank Zappa in Vilnius and bringing it to Baltimore will perpetuate the memory of one of the greatest artists of the [20th] century," he wrote. Frank Zappa's widow, Gail, is also understood to have given her blessing.

All that Baltimore needs now is a better source of Lithuanian dumplings.


from The Baltimore Sun,0,5820362.story

City to accept Frank Zappa statue
15-foot bust of Baltimore-born rocker offered as gift by fans in Lithuania


This undated photo provided by Saulius Paukstys, shows a cast used to create a replica of a bust of musician Frank Zappa in an art studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. The original bust, which typically sits in a public square in Vilnius, can be seen in the background. (AP photo / May 7, 2008)

By Jonathan Pitts | Sun reporter

    May 8, 2008

"What's new in Baltimore?" Frank Zappa used to sing at the end of a long, characteristically off-the-wall rock jam he called Clowns on Velvet.

What's new in Baltimore, the city in which the late rock star was born in 1940, is evidently a public sculpture of Zappa himself, and the strange tale behind the 15-foot statue that a public art panel accepted as a gift to the city last night is as incongruous as Zappa's genre-bending music career.

Most Baltimoreans are aware of their hometown's claim on Edgar Allan Poe, H.L. Mencken and John Waters, but fewer know that Zappa, who made more than 50 records between the late 1950s and his death in 1993, was born in Baltimore, the son of immigrants from Sicily.

His family lived in the 4600 block of Park Heights Ave., then moved to Edgewood in Harford County. Zappa's father, a chemist and mathematician, had a job nearby at Aberdeen Proving Ground. They moved to California when Frank was 10.

Until they met last night, some members of the Baltimore Public Art Commission, which voted unanimously to accept the gift of the bronze sculpture - valued at about $50,000 - were also unaware of Zappa's connection to Charm City.

However, the donors of the bust, who come from much farther afield - in fact, from a nation Zappa never visited - are well aware of his background.

"We're honored to have a chance to present this Frank Zappa monument to the city of Baltimore," said Saulius Paukstys, 43, the president of one of the biggest and arguably most dedicated Frank Zappa fan clubs in, of all places, the Republic of Lithuania. "As an artist, and much more than that, he has meant a great deal to the Lithuanian people."

If Zappa has been something of an unknown prophet in his own land, people like Paukstys, a photographer, have long held him in high regard as a symbol of free expression in the post-Cold War former Soviet bloc.

"Before 1990, you have to remember, [Lithuanians] could not criticize society," Paukstys said through an interpreter. "Frank Zappa was a voice of freedom."

After 1990, when Western music became available in their home country, Paukstys and friends like Saulius Pilinkus, an art historian, often gathered to listen to Zappa's music. The fan club they started eventually numbered more than 300. Most were well-educated aesthetes who appreciated the fact that Zappa was more than a rock-and-roll star: He was a symphonic composer, a fact that appealed to a people whose love of classical music is part of their history.

In 1995, Paukstys was so determined to commemorate Zappa's creativity that he claimed to have enjoyed a personal correspondence with Zappa, whom he'd met on a visit to the United States.

The fact that such a correspondence never happened didn't deter the thousands of Lithuanians who crowded an exhibition of the letters in Vilnius, the nation's capital.

The event created momentum toward the Zappa fan club's main goal: getting a bust of the musician made and put up for permanent display. In 1995, the Vilnius city council signed on to the plan. Kontantinas Bogdanas, the nation's best-known sculptor, created a bronze Zappa head, which was mounted on a stainless steel column in a Vilnius park.

"It was a test of Lithuania's [new] freedom," Paukstys told Rolling Stone magazine in 2002. The Zappa monument is still the second most popular tourist site in Vilnius.

In time, the fan club decided to commission a replica of the piece and donate it to Zappa's home country. Their first idea was to offer it to Los Angeles, where Zappa lived for many years before his death, at 52, of prostate cancer.

But by the time the replica was complete, Carlos Aranaga, a State Department official who grew up in Baltimore, was working at the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius and got wind of the project.

"I'm proud of Baltimore's cultural heroes," said Aranaga, now stationed in Washington. "Mencken, Eubie Blake. To Lithuanians, Zappa is like the Mencken of rock - a true iconoclast."

At Aranaga's suggestion, a contingent headed by Paukstys targeted Baltimore.

Gail Zappa, the musician's widow, has said she avidly supports placing the sculpture in Baltimore, where her late husband's quirky views of life fit with the work of such great local artists as John Waters.

Anne Perkins, chair of the city's Public Art Commission, said last night that her panel, which was launched last August, is still working out formal criteria by which to accept gifts of public art. The city must fund installation and upkeep, decide what gifts are appropriate and select sites that work.

But the same commission that recently had numerous questions that stalled plans for a statue of former Mayor and Gov. William Donald Schaefer proposed for the city's Inner Harbor had no trouble approving the Lithuanian project. As part of his presentation, Paukstys screened a video of an April 10 concert at which Lithuanian jazz, classical and rock musicians performed Zappa's music in Vilnius.

"We're having a good time here!" Perkins exclaimed.

Board members satisfied themselves that the statue would call for limited maintenance and that Zappa was a true cultural native son.

"He's part of a rich history of musicians from Baltimore, some of whom the general public doesn't know about," panelist Steve Ziger said.

Ziger suggested making the monument part of a collection of similarly themed sculptures. Others suggested the cultural corridor near the Washington Monument, green space near the Baltimore Museum of Art and the North Station Arts District as possible sites. Panelists also supported the idea of a commemorative concert when the statue is unveiled.

As the credits on the film rolled, and the general applause died down, Paukstys and his interpreter, Arturas Baublys, who return to Lithuania today, said they could have the already completed statue packed and ready for shipping within 10 days.

"The only risk I see in Baltimore," Baublys said, "is the seagulls. That could be a problem. Otherwise, we couldn't be more thrilled."

-- info: Zjakki Willems

KENEALLY 2007 12 12

2007/12/12, dutch radio 6 did a broadcast of the Mike Keneally solo concert at the Offside Festival in Geldern, NL, from 2007/08/18.

The last part of the two hour broadcast included a part of the 2005/10/11 'Paradiso' concert in Amsterdam.

-- info: Gerard Wissink


2007/12/07, dutch radio 6 did a broadcast of the 2007/08/05 Low Frequency Tuba Band concert in Lissabon, Portugal. The band played some Zappa and Hendrix pieces.

The band will be performing at the Jazz Op Het Dak festival in Amsterdam later this year !!


  • 2007/08/05 Low Frequency Tuba Band - concert Lissabon, Portugal
    • line-up
      • Marcus Rojas (USA), Jay Rozen (USA), Oren Marshall (GB), Sergio Carolino (Portugal)
    • setlist
      • Pygmy Twylyte (Frank Zappa), Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix), The Idiot Bastard Son (Frank Zappa), Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix), Don't You ever Wash that thing? (Frank Zappa), With a lot of help from my Friends (M. Rojas), If 6 was 9 (Jimi Hendrix)
    • broadcast on dutch radio 6 on 2007/12/07
  • 2008/07/04 Low Frequency Tuba Band - concert "Jazz op het dak", Nemo, Amsterdam, NL


-- info: Gerard Wissink


2008 05 12
happy belated mothers day everyone.
and don't forget, music IS the best !

POJAMA PEOPLE 2008 05 12

2008 05 12 - Happy Mothers' Day

Pojama People will be celebrating the month of May with two free shows. Welcome new member B-Bo to his first full gig in Eugene. This will be The Qullier Kwintet. Look for us with Ike in Septemeber --- hopefully right in your neighborhood.

May 17 Sat 3:30pm FREE
Eugene Saturday Market
8th & Oak

May 31 Sat 9pm FREE
Sahalie Wine Bar
151 NW Monroe St
Corvallis, OR 97330


  • 2008/05/17 Pojama People - concert "Saturday Market", Eugene, Or

  • 2008/05/31 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie Wine Bar', Corvallis, Or



  • zappa plays zappa: zappa plays zappa
        (2008, 2dvd + 3cd, , usa, razor & tie 7930182997-9)
    • The deluxe edition of the Zappa plays Zappa album. 2 DVDs, plus 3 audio CDs.
      Looks great. Sounds great.


  • c.w.vrtacek: silent heaven
        (1996, cd, usa, cuneiform)
    • So here's a nice surprise. I received this album as a gift from Ive.
      I know C.W.Vrtacek's music from Forever Einstein, and also from this little Residents tribute tape that he made, so I was quite anxious to find out what "Silent Heaven" would sound like.
      Actually, "Silent Heaven" is a re-release, presenting two albums that C.W.Vrtacek made in the eighties: "Learning To Be Silent" (1986, cordelia records ericat 018), and "When Heaven Comes To Town" (1988, recommended records rer 39).
      The music on "Silent Heaven" is quite different from the Vrtacek material that I'm familiar with. Wow. This is music for quiet moments, meditations, yoga... Not bad. Not bad at all, but a bit too calm and predictable for my taste.


  • jukon speakers: house on haunted hill
    (1988, lp, sweden, garageland bf 630)
    • A little while ago, Lennart Gustafsson sent in his list with Swedish Zappa coverversion. He made me browse my record collection, and I've been adding info and pictures of covers since then.
      Here's another beautiful item: Jukon Speakers with "House On Haunted Hill". They recorded Zappa's 'My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama" in 1987 and released it in 1988.
      The album cover was a fold-out paper sleeve, turning it into a movie poster. Love it.


  • sarek: sarek
        (1981, lp, sweden, bastun bas 010)
    • Another picture from the archives...
      In 1981 Sarek recorded a track called 'Spüan', which was in fact Frank Zappa's 'More Trouble Every Day' with altered lyrics.
      Info & picture have been added to the "Others Of Invention" series.


Tim was kind enough to supply me with the line-up of Blurp!, one of the biggest surprises of the Zappateers Festival...
  • Jeroen " X-tra Large Shoarma" Houben: drums
  • Frank " Regular Shoarma" Mennen: bass
  • Marco "Justin Timberlake" Snijkers: guitar & vocals
  • Ruub " Sometimes very cold hands" Janssen: guitar
  • Tim " Drunken Voice" Op het Broek: vocals & madness


The Black Keys have performed Don Van Vliet's 'I'm Glad', and put it on their MySpace site.
They have also performed Van Vliet's 'Here I Am I Always Am' in concert.


The Black Keys
If you're the grizzled, bluesy force of nature known as The Black Keys, and you're just sitting around Dan's house on a Thursday, why not record a Captain Beefheart cover and post it on your MySpace for free download? Why not indeed. Just a few days old, this cover is fuzzy and dirty like it's being sung through a dusty microphone someone dug up in the garage, then looped back through a decades-old set of crackly speakers. But you know, it's also just about perfect for some really late-night drunk slow dancing - sad and regretful but with some heat behind it too. Attack & Release is out now, The Black Keys are playing Red Rocks with My Morning Jacket in August, and then next day will be out in San Francisco for Outside Lands.



  • 2008/04/11 The Black Keys - concert 'First Avenue', Minneapolis, MN, usa
    • setlist
      • Same Old Thing ***, Girl Is On My Mind, Set You Free, Thickfreakness, Stack Shot Billy, Busted, You're The One, Remember When (Side B), Your Touch, Strange Times, Psychotic Girl, 10 A.M. Automatic, Here I Am I always Am (Don Van Vliet), No Trust, I Got Mine
    • encores
      • Oceans & Streams, Till I Get My Way


-- info: Ive Hapers




2008 05 07 - a newsflash from Capt.Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters of Prevention

Inca Roads
Very Raw, No Overdubs, A Pure Live performance by the Capt. Cheese-Beard & 7 Sisters Of Prevention at the Atelier 210 last April. Due to acoustic troubles we had we had an extremely poor stage sound which led to some individual mistakes (mea culpa;-) but the overall performance is pretty strong and I didn't want to deprive you from it. For those who were at the scene of the crime it's a nice souvenir.
Check it out on:

4th Track.





2008 05 08


Did you know that Olli Virtaperko (from Ensemble Ambrosius) wrote a paper on Zappa in 2005?

You can find out more about it on the Ensemble Ambrosius website.


  • franz hohler: i glaub jetz hock i ab
        (1973, lp, nl, cbs 65794)
    • Here's another one of those pictures from the archives: the album cover of Franz Hohler's 1973 album: "I Glaub Jetz Hock I Ab".
      It included ‘Iss Did Gmües’, a Swiss version of Zappa's 'Mr.Green Genes'.

2008 05 07


A couple of months ago, my pal Fred told me that I should definitely listen to Tetzepi, a dutch big band, bigtet, collective, ...
As Fred is into Zappa, Aka Moon and The Wrong Object, just to name a few, he had me intrigued.
So here we are, a couple of months later, and I've been listening to the three Tetzepi albums for a little while now...  and, yes, Fred was right.
Excellent stuff. A great discovery.
Just go to the Tetzepi website and listen to a couple of samples.

The albums are available through TryTone, but also through CDBaby.

God, how I love May.


2008 05 06


  • the residents: duck stab
        (2008, cd, eu, mute)
  • the residents: eskimo
        (2008, cd, eu, mute)
    • Two classic Residents albums have been re-released by Mute. Both are available as 'plain' CD and in a limited edition hard book version.
      They look great, they sound great.
      True, they are a bit expensive, but these hard book version are really nice. It's like a little booklet that comes with a CD.

2008 05 05


  • 2008/05/03 Clazz Orchestra - concert 'NWE Vorst / paradox', Tilburg, NL

    • 'Peaches En Regalia'  (Frank Zappa)

    • 'Lonnie's Lament'  (J.Coltrane)

    • 'Igor's Boogie'  (Frank Zappa)

    • 'Without Knowledge' (Stefanie  Vranken)

    • 'Teen Town'  (J.Pastorius)

    • 'Bolero' (M.Ravel, arr.F.Zappa)



May 08 Update

Ugly Radio Rebellion performs the music of Frank Zappa...

The Summer 2008 'Non-Dramatic' Tour is set for 5/29 - 6/14!!! Please check the site for information or email me for details...

We are listed in the Spring 2008 issue of Berklee Today magazine, volume 19, number 4... posted on the site!!!

We are looking forward to a great summer and hope to see you all at the shows!!!!

Thanks for all your support!!!





There's a lot of speculation about what will be on the new Zappa album...

Read more about it at the Zappa dot com forum, or over at the Zappateers site.

I'll bet you're right. In a thread on from the beginning of the year, Gail promised some releases on vinyl, and said this:

"Don't nobody get yer knickers in a twist - it's not as if Vinyl is gonna change the world - AGAIN! Some things, like their creators, are a ONE SHOT DEAL.
You gotta get it while it's hot - or spend the rest of your life in a Winnebago that someone else picked out for you on a road for which there is only one destination - France!

Music is the Best! "

That thread is here:

If it is the promised 2nd album of Petit Wazoo material, I wonder if they included Waka/Jawaka, since that song, so far as we know, really was a one-shot deal.

Also from the zappa dot com forum:

Dweezil says it includes one of the first versions of yellow snow, some guitar solos FZ had recorded and "some orchestral stuff." He says "it's really good" and notes FZ has a lot of fun on it, laughing quite bit. A red cover with a black picture of frank which looks likes it's from early 70s.


2008 05 04


Yesterday evening, I went to a concert by the Clazz Orchestra (students of the Tilburg Conservatory).

The performed a couple of Zappa pieces, and one fabulous Jaco Pastorius composition.

Here's a couple of pictures for starters.

the clazz orchestra, in concert in tilburg: my right side  (with Andreas van Zoelen on the right on the bass saxophone & conducting)

the clazz orchestra, in concert in tilburg: my left side
2008 05 03


Don't tell me that you're staying home today...
There's a Zappa night in a pub in Ghent, Belgium; there's the Clazz Orchestra playing Zappa in Tilburg, NL, and there's the Kelderkunsten Festival in Brussels:


Saturday, may 3 & Sunday, may 4, 2008:


at Jeugdhuis Basement
Rustoorddreef 2, 1930 Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium

with Vitalski, The Schoofs - Duchateau Trio, and more...


Originally announced as a show with Underground Sensation, but it looks like they didn't make it onto the flyer...


Hey Kids, here it is. The announcement you've all been waiting for...
(drum roll)

Mother May the music of Frank Zappa?
Zappa Tribute
featuring Voice of Cheez
Saturday, May 17th, 2008
248 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY USA
9 pm Nietzsche's Standard Time

2008 05 02


2008 05 01

Nosso site está momentaneamente inoperante, funcionando apenas as sessões de cadastro e emails. Em breve teremos um novo site! Obrigado pela paciência.

CAFÉ PIUPIU, dia 04/05 domingo às 21,30, comemorando o aniversário da casa, Rua 13 de Maio 135, R$15,00.

2008/05/04 Central Scrutinizer Band – concert ‘café Piu Piu’, São Paulo, Brazil



Over at the Rock Music Memorabilia website, they have a nice poster for sale.

Wendy Bannister adds:

I have 2 of the original 1971 European tour posters with a tear in the corner and I have reduced the price to £45, as you know they are huge: 35 ins by 47 inches.

November 1971. One week before the Montreux fire and theRainbow Theatre incident...

So check it out at

and contact Wendy through the site.



  • pojama people with ike willis: footsie notes
        (2008, cdr, usa, private release)
    • "Footsie Notes" collects improvisations on familiar sounding vamps and chord progressions, plus funny moments from various Pojama People live shows.
      Sounds really good, and has Ike Willis on superb lead guitar soloing!!
      Available from Glenn through the Pojama People website.


2008 05 01
The Keneallist - May 1, 2008: Wine And Pickles

on sale now at MooseMart!

Mayday! Mayday!

We have finally finished work on Wine And Pickles, the album of unreleased or otherwise rare and/or scintillating material recorded in the studio between 1998 and 2006. We've been working hard on this release since February. You wouldn't think it would take so much time to put together an album of material that's already been recorded. But it does. Because we care. It's mostly unreleased tracks from my own album sessions, but it also collects a couple of tracks from other projects (such as "Inhale," a collaboration with Lyle Workman, and "Thou Shalt Not Kill," my track from the 156 Strings acoustic guitar compilation on Cuneiform), some unreleased solo recordings not attached to specific album projects, and some of the soundtrack work I did for Court TV in the late 90s.

Originally this collection was going to be only available for download, but we're such album geeks at Exowax and we were so happy with the way the album was turning out, we just needed to make it a real-life thing you could hold and fling. I've done two paintings for the package and three tons of liner notes, and Atticus Wolrab has done his customarily spine-tingling job designing the package.

Why don't I just tell you what's on the album?:

  1. 2CTV (from Court TV sessions, 1999)

  2. Feelin' Strangely (from Dog sessions, 2003)

  3. Li'l (Signature Sound version) (from Dog sessions, 2003)

  4. Backwards Deb (3rd Person) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)

  5. Bubble Creek (from Dog sessions, 2003)

  6. Never Ever Wrong (from Dog sessions, 2003)

  7. Unused Hum (from Nonkertompf sessions, 1998)

  8. I Heard About What You Said (from Court TV sessions, 1999)

  9. Inhale (with Lyle Workman) (from Tabula Rasa, 2000)

  10. 4S (demo for orchestral piece, 2005 - 2006)

  11. Skull Bubbles (uncut) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)

  12. Stop For Flashing Red Light, Part One (solo recording, 2004)

  13. Lonely Man (studio) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)

  14. Selfish Otter (uncut) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)

  15. A Concise Piano Statement (from Wooden Smoke sessions, 2001)

  16. AeroDef (limited edition single release, 2002)

  17. Kevorkian 3 (from Court TV sessions, 1999)

  18. Thou Shalt Not Kill (from 156 Strings, 2002)

  19. Paloma (alternate version) (from Wooden Smoke sessions, 2001)

  20. Kevorkian 17 (from Court TV sessions, 1999)

  21. The Endings Of Things (from Dancing sessions, 2000)

We're shipping the album in early June, and it's available for pre-sale now, right now, at

When I completed my work with the Paul Green School of Rock late last year, I looked back over 2007 and realized that I hadn't gotten very close to completing a new album for release in all that time. Once I settled down to continue work early this year on my upcoming, absurdly ambitious double-CD-plus-book Scambot, I realized I was months away from completing it, and I wanted to put out new music much sooner than that. I knew years ago that I wanted to compile an outtakes album and call it Wine And Pickles -- I think I made reference to it in a Keneallist around four years ago -- and now was the time to make it happen. I am really thrilled and somewhat stunned at how well it's turned out.

And, concurrent with work on Wine And Pickles this year, hopefully you'll be glad to know that I've made enormous progress on Scambot as well -- there are 36 tracks presently in various forms of completion, after recent sessions with Marco Minnemann and with the Guitar Therapy version of the Keneally Band, and I'll be making a lot more headway on it this month before I head out on the road with DETHKLOK in June. And this weekend I'll be making a lot of progress on my Normalizer 2 collaboration with Marco Minneman. During the DETHKLOK tour I'll be working on the Scambot artwork and a new saxophone quartet commissioned by Co de Kloet, and after the tour I'll be knuckling down with the second Vai Piano Reductions volume. And I plan to kick my collaborations with Andy Partridge into higher gear later this year. Your boy is busy.

Stockhausen, baby!

We love you,


MK in concert:

Dethklok: The Dethtour, Summer 2008
Brendon Small, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller & Gene Hoglan
with Chimara and Soilent Green

  • 2008/06/02 Dethklok - concert 'Roseland Theatre', Portland, OR

  • 2008/06/03 Dethklok - concert 'Showbox SODO', Seattle, WA

  • 2008/06/05 Dethklok - concert 'The Fillmore', San Francisco, CA

  • 2008/06/06 Dethklok - concert 'Wiltern Theatre', Los Angeles, CA

  • 2008/06/07 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', Las Vegas, NV

  • 2008/06/08 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', San Diego, CA

  • 2008/06/10 Dethklok - concert 'Marquee Theatre', Tempe, AZ

  • 2008/06/11 Dethklok - concert 'Sunshine Theater', Albuquerque, NM

  • 2008/06/12 Dethklok - concert 'Gothic Theatre', Englewood, CO

  • 2008/06/14 Dethklok - concert 'First Avenue', Minneapolis, MN

  • 2008/06/15 Dethklok - concert 'Liberty Hall', Lawrence, KS

  • 2008/06/16 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', Chicago, IL

  • 2008/06/17 Dethklok - concert 'Clutch Cargos', Pontiac, MI

  • 2008/06/19 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', Cleveland, OH

  • 2008/06/20 Dethklok - concert 'Kool Haus', Toronto, ONT

  • 2008/06/22 Dethklok - concert 'Town Ballroom', Buffalo, NY

  • 2008/06/24 Dethklok - concert 'The Palladium', Worcester, MA

  • 2008/06/25 Dethklok - concert 'Nokia Theater Times Square', New York, NY

  • 2008/06/26 Dethklok - concert 'Ram's Head', Live Baltimore, MD

  • 2008/06/27 Dethklok - concert 'Theater of Living Arts', Philadelphia, PA

  • 2008/06/29 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', South Carolina N. Myrtle Beach, SC

  • 2008/06/30 Dethklok - concert 'Hard Rock Live', Orlando, FL

  • 2008/07/01 Dethklok - concert 'Jannus Landing', St. Petersburg, FL

  • 2008/07/02 Dethklok - concert 'Tabernacle', Atlanta, GA

  • 2008/07/04 Dethklok - concert 'Meridian', Houston, TX

  • 2008/07/05 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', - Texas Dallas, TX

  • 2008/07/06 Dethklok - concert 'La Zona Rosa', Austin, TX



New tourdates have been added!!

Look for the second part of July. The North Sea Festival has been added, and some dates in Italy and in Spain as well.

-- info: Javier



  • 2008/06/06 concert 'First Avenue', Minneapolis, MN

  • 2008/06/07 concert 'Witherspoon Hall', Omaha, NE

  • 2008/06/08 concert 'Wakarusa Festival', Lawrence, KS

  • 2008/06/09 concert 'Pagaent', St. Louis, MO

  • 2008/06/11 concert 'House Of Blues', New Orleans, LA

  • 2008/06/12 concert 'Variety Playhouse', Atlanta, GA

  • 2008/06/13 concert 'Lincoln Theatre', Raleigh, NC

  • 2008/06/14 concert 'Bonnaroo', Manchester, TN


  • 2008/07/01 concert 'Milwaukee Summerfest', Milwaukee, Wi

  • 2008/07/03 concert 'Rothbury Festival', Muskegon, MI

  • 2008/07/04 concert 'Elements', Kitchener, ON

  • 2008/07/05 concert "Ottowa Bluesfest", Ottawa, ON

  • 2008/07/06 concert 'Quebec International Summer Festival', Quebec, QC

  • 2008/07/08 concert 'Common Ground', Lansing, MI  

  • 2008/07/13 concert "North Sea Jazz Festival", Rotterdam, NL

  • 2008/07/15 concert 'Villa Arconati', Milan, Italy

  • 2008/07/16 concert 'La Riviera', Madrid, Spain

  • 2008/07/18 concert 'Paluea de la Musica', Barcelona, Spain

  • 2008/07/19 concert "Gurtenfestival", Bern, Switzerland

  • 2008/07/26 concert "DFest", Tulsa, OK

  • 2008/07/31 concert 'House Of Blues', Atlantic City, NJ


  • 2008/08/01 concert 'Gathering Of The Vibes', Bridgeport, CT

  • 2008/08/02 concert 'Higher Ground', Burlington, VT

  • 2008/08/03 concert 'Calvin Theatre', Northampton, MA

  • 2008/08/05 concert 'Merrill Auditorium', Portland, ME

  • 2008/08/06 concert 'Hampton Beach Casino', Hampton Beach, NH

  • 2008/08/07 concert "Thursdays At The Square", Buffalo, NY

  • 2008/08/08 concert 'North Fork Theatre At Westbury', Westbury, NY

  • 2008/08/09 concert 'Paramount Center', Peekskill, NY


ICE-Z #3

2008/07/05 & 06  -  "La Grande Freak Out Party", Paris, France

including debates, exhibitions & concerts...

ICE-Z #3
(International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology)



  • zita swoon: big blueville
        (2008, cd, fr,chicaree records)
    • "Big Blueville", Zita Swoon's latest album, has been released in a limited edition of 5000 copies. Intended for the French market, "Big Blueville" re-recorded a number songs from last years "Big City", and adds some new compositions.
    • Highly recommended !!


2008 05 02

The Tetzepi Bigtet in May

3 mei: SJUjazzpodium, Utrecht
14 mei: Zaal 100, Amsterdam
22 mei: Theater Provadja, Alkmaar

Tetzepi plays ‘Seed’
‘Guided, collective improvisations that change into thriving individual solos on intriguing grooves and vise versa, Tetzepi’s music resembles the unrestfulness of the big city. Amsterdam’s most avant-garde ensemble switches seamless between a juicy Big Band and a loose free jazz-ensemble. The ensemble always takes it own unique way. A surprise to hear it, a feast to watch it.’

In 2008 Tetzepi plays the program ‘Seed’. The (musical) Seeds are made by Canadian composer John Korsrud and are inspirational material for composers Corrie van Binsbergen (Ned), Fabrizio Puglisi (It), Marco C de Bruin (Ned), Jorrit Dijkstra (VS/Ned) and Hans Leeuw (Ned). There are also new compositions by Esmée Olthuis, Oene van Geel and Natalio Sued.

Tetzepi Zaal 100 evening.
The evening in Zaal 100 is also a first in a series. Tetzepi wants to develop her own artistic language not only by means of compositions and a good choice of composers but also by developing an artistic language through improvisation and experimentation. Rehearsals are not only spent on collective get togethers but also on small groups working out improvisation and electronic plans. Tonight a first impression of these experimentations. Of course you will hear Tetzepi in its normal complete formation but you will also hear some smaller groups from within the band on stage. The result? You will have an exciting musical evening for sure.
Tetzepi will repeat this format once every three months.

  • 2008/05/03 Tetzepi - concert "SJUjazzpodium", Utrecht, NL
  • 2008/05/14 Tetzepi - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2008/05/22 Tetzepi - concert 'Theater Provadja', Alkmaar, NL



The two Residents re-issues -- Eskimo & Duck Stab -- have been rescheduled for release on May 5 !!


  • deus: vantage point
        (2008, cd, bel, universal)
    • The new dEUS album did get a lot of attention in the Belgian media. Quite remarkable, as this isn't your average day pop album. "Vantage Point" is unpredictable and sharp, and that's just the way I like it.
      Beefheart, Pere Ubu, Tom Waits, Talking Heads, ... and a lot of dEUS...
    • Highly recommended !!

2008 05 01
zappa plays zappa on tv, a new fz album announced, ... 


2008 05 01
Check out Zappa Plays Zappa on KPBS-TV...

Hello Friends,

As you may or may not be aware, we here in "Zappaland" are busily preparing for another exciting Zappa Plays Zappa tour filled with new material as well as some old favorites. Before we hit the road again we will be releasing the Zappa Plays Zappa DVD from the 06 inaugural tour.  The DVD is available at last in stores now and will be available as a 2 disc set and as a special fan pack that includes both DVD discs plus audio (3) CDs of the same  material. A single compilation audio CD will also be available separately.  It's in stores now!

Another exciting development is the fact that public television affiliates will be airing a special One Hour show from the ZPZ DVD as one of their highly acclaimed pledge shows in dozens of markets across the US. The first market to take the leap will be Southern California. On May 3rd I will be going to San Diego to premiere the DVD on KPBS.  Ironically, back in the mid 70's Frank created a program for television at the KCET studios in Los Angeles with the goal of a public television broadcast but unfortunately programmers found reasons not to air the show at that time.

All these years later, audiences will catch a glimpse of various eras of my father's music played by ZPZ with the utmost respect. To get this material on the airwaves is a small but very important victory for all fans of Frank's music. Hopefully one day Frank's actual KCET show will be aired on public television as he designed it.

As always, ZPZ's goal is to capture the attention of a new audience and inspire them to discover the intricate musical landscape of Frank's vast catalog of albums for themselves.

As the public television broadcast is a pledge show, viewer support is highly encouraged and this is no exception.  There are different pledge levels beginning with the new single CD from the ZPZ show, the ZPZ DVD (2 discs), a special fan pack that includes the DVD as well as the entire program on CD (5 discs total) and an exciting opportunity to pledge your best support of your local public station in exchange for the deluxe version that includes Trance-Fusion (FZ's final Guitar Recording) as well as "One Shot Deal", the Exciting and New (and Official #83) Frank Zappa release available on CD here for the first time anywhere - through the local public television pledge programs' call-in number.  (It will also become available on the ZPZ Tour de Frank and eventually online at Barfko-Swill.)
I'm grateful for the opportunity to present Frank's music to a wider audience. I hope that all you within range of a TV (in San Diego this week ) will participate in the program by donating what you can to your local public televsion stations (while they last!!!)  Please call in.  The response from this premiere will likely dictate how many other affiliates decide to air the show.

Your help is much appreciated. I look forward to talking with some of you on the phone during the broadcast and I especially look forward to seeing you at the concerts this year.

Regards, DZ



2008/04/12, Ed Mann and friends performed at the Berkshire Music School.

Ed Mann and friends perform at BMS
04/09/2008 05:16:43 AM EDT

Noted percussionist Ed Mann will bring Frank Zappa's revolutionary "Black Page" piece to the Berkshire Music School at 4 p.m. on Saturday. 

The performance, organized by the BMS and Fran Curley, is a fundraiser for the school's percussion department.
Deconstructed jazz standards and free forum improvisations complete the event.
Mann performed and recorded as percussionist, synthesist, electronic sound designer, vocalist and programmer for more than a decade in Zappa's world of innovation. Mann also worked with Rickie Lee Jones and Kenny Loggins.





2008 04
"Beefheart Night", April 9 at the KNITTING FACTORY in NYC

from the on-line newyorker dot com

Goings On About Town
Night Life

74 Leonard St., between Broadway and Church St. (212-219-3132)

April 9: “Beefheart Night” features, among other attractions, a somewhat rare appearance by Fast ’n Bulbous, the Beefheart band led by the former Don Van Vliet cohort, Gary Lucas, on guitar, and the Microscopic Septet’s Phillip Johnston. A number of downtown luminaries, including Lee Ranaldo, Alan Vega, Roswell Rudd, Kurt Loder, Danny Fields, and Hal Willner, will be on hand to read Van Vliet’s poems and to reminisce about him.



2008/04/11, KORK, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, performed pieces by Zappa, Pergolesi, Ness & Stravinsky.

Fredag 11. april kl. 19.30
Lindemansalen, Norges musikkhøgskole

  • Giovanni B. Pergolesi: Musikk brukt av Stravinsky i Pulcinella
  • Igor Stravinskky: Pulcinella, suite
  • Frank Zappa: G-spot Tornado
  • Frank Zappa: Dog Breath Variations
  • Frank Zappa: Revised Music for Low Budget Symphony Orchestra
  • Jon Øivind Ness: Fierce Kentucky Mothers of Doom: konsert for to tromboner og to ensembler

Marius Hesby og Sverre Riise, tromboner
Dmitri Slobodeniouk, dirigent



2008 04 17
Gong News - Good Things Come in Threes

Good things DO come in threes!

Oh first among the favorites - as deepest Gong friends and devotees of good humour and long standing we are delighted to be able to announce this to you first:-

Two Gong Concerts in London this June and the release of the special Gong UNcon Limited Edition Double DVD.


For the latest transmission from the luminous green planet Gong dada 'hymn-self', Daevid Allen, is joined by co-founder Gilli Smyth, the motherbeat bass of Mike Howlett, master drummer Chris Taylor, incomparable jazz saxophonist Theo Travis - and for the first time in the UK since 1975 - Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy!

New energies are in the air – new recording plans are being discussed – a new DVD from the legendary 2006 Amsterdam Uncon event is being released – and these two June 2008 London shows are an important step along a new pathway.

Both these special events also have a special limited 'Early Bird' ticket offer available to you.

Saturday 14th June 7.30pm – GONG at Massive Attack’s Meltdown
Queen Elizabeth Hall (Seated Venue)
South Bank Centre, London, SE1 8XX

Tickets are £18.50 (rear stalls) and £22.50 (front stalls)

To get tickets in advance of the general on-sale date of 25th April and claim a 5% discount you need to call  0871 663 2500 (UK) or +44 871 663 2500 (from abroad) and quote 'Fan offer'. This offer is for phone and in person sales only.

Sunday 15th June 7.30pm – GONG
The Forum (Standing Venue)
Kentish Town, London, NW5 1JY
(supported by Slackbaba)

To get tickets online with reduced booking fee and transaction costs visit:-

This offer is limited to the first 500 tickets. Tickets are priced at £19.50
The offer comprises a £1.25 booking fee as opposed to £2.45. Non-UK purchasers will be able to pickup their tickets on the night of the show. UK purchasers will also have the additional benefit of a £2.50 postal processing cost (First Class Post Recorded Delivery) as opposed to the normal £4.90 processing fee.


Gong UNcon Limited Edition Double DVD - Pre Sale Orders Being Taken Now!
The waiting is over - you can now pre-order this amazing double DVD package, limited to just 1,000 copies worldwide, exclusively from

Disc 1 - A professional four camera shoot of the magical Uncon Gong set with Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Tim Blake, Gilli Smyth, Mike Howlett, Miquette Giraudy and Didier Malherbe, Theo Travis and Chris Taylor.

Disc 2 - A documentary style film that delivers a real vibe of and insight into the magic of the Unconvention with many illuminating and humourous interviews and footage of Mother Gong, Kangaroo Moon, Acid Mothers Gong, University Of Errors, Here & Now and more, as well as Steve Hillage Band  - for the first time since 1979!

Time travel made real - love it

8< :^) >

PO Box 871


2008 04 22


the album

  • zappa plays zappa: zappa plays zappa
        (2008, cd, , usa, razor & tie 7930182993-2)
    • Here it is. Your favourite album of 2008.
      Recorded in Portland, OR, and in Seattle, WA, this album presents Zappa Plays Zappa as they toured in 2006: the band, lead by Dweezil Zappa, plus special guests Napoleon Murphy Brock, Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio.
      This is one fabulous recording. The sound is great (I'm listening to it right now; goosebumps all over), and the musicians are in top shape.
  1. tell me you love me

  2. florentine pogen

  3. cosmik debris

  4. i'm the slime

  5. don't eat the yellow snow

  6. st.alfonzo's pancake breakfast

  7. father o'blivion

  8. black page #2

  9. peaches en regalia

  10. zomby woof

  11. the torture never stops

  • This is a must-have !!
    Essential listening.
    Good grief... Just listen to Steve Vai's solo in Zomby Woof...


the DVD

  • zappa plays zappa: zappa plays zappa
        (2008, 2dvd, , usa, razor & tie 7930182997-9)
    • And here's the DVD set: 2 discs, 29 track, plus bonus material. Most of you freaks will already have this as it was sold (in a limited edition) during the ZpZ tour last year, but it's good to see that it will be made available worldwide.

disc one

  1. andy

  2. call any vegetable

  3. tell me you love me

  4. florentine pogen

  5. cosmik debris

  6. i'm the slime

  7. pound for a brown

  8. don't eat the yellow snow

  9. st.alfonzo's pancake breakfast

  10. father o'blivion

  11. inca roads

  12. eat that question

  13. i'm so cute

  14. tryin' to grow a chin

  15. punky's whips

disc two

  1. black page #1

  2. black page #2

  3. regyptian strut

  4. peaches en regalia

  5. montana

  6. village of the sun

  7. echidna's arf (of you)

  8. zomby woof

  9. black napkins

  10. the torture never stops

  11. oh no

  12. son of orange county

  13. trouble every day

  14. sofa

  • I know that I'm repeating myself, but this is great. Essential stuff.
    Get it for Mothers Day.
  • As you can imagine, different editions of this release will be released: 
    • The 2DVD set - as reviewed here
    • The 2DVD - Brilliant Box
    • The 2DVD / 3CD - Fan Pak release
    • The CD release - as reviewed above

2008 04 20 - part two


DimeADozen has been treating Sun Ra fans real good lately. Just take a look at these data...

Sun Ra & his Arkestra

  • 1971/10/12 concert Stockholm

    • setlist

      • Discipline II, Discipline V, Enlightenment, Its after the end of the world, Discipline VIII, The Rainmaker, Rocket No. 9 > ann.

    • fm broadcast

  • 1973/--/-- radio show - unknown philly fm station - interview and jam with wilbur ware

  • 1975/01/30 concert 'Smiling Dog Saloon', Cleveland, OH, usa

    • Omniverse, Astro Nation Enlightenment, Love In Outer Space, Theme Of the Stargazers, The Satellights are Spinning, Friendly Galaxy #1, I Am the Brother of the Wind, I Pharoah, Unidentified, Sophisticated Lady

    • fm broadcast

  • 1979/06/30 concert Pisa, Italy

    • line-up

      • The Arkestra: Ra-p, org, syn, voc; Walter Miller-tp; Michael Ray-tp; Curt Pulliam-tp; Tony Bethel-tb; Marvin Consell (?)-tb; Marshall Allen-as, fl, ob; Hutch Jones-as; John Gilmore-ts, cl; Leroy Taylor (Eloe Omoe)-as, bcl; Danny Ray Thompson-bs, fl; James Jacson-bsn, perc; Damon Choice-vib; Taylor Richardson-eg; Skeeter McFarland-eg; "Scop"-b; Robert Barry-d; Reg McDonald-d; Atakatune (Stanley Morgan)-cga; June Tyson-voc, dance (and Evelyn Smont (?)-dance)

    • setlist

      • unidentified title (perc; Allen, kora; eg and perc)Space Is the Place (Ra)The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise (Ra)Discipline 27 (Allen, as; Omoe, bcl; tp)The Shadow World (Ra)Springtime Again (Ra)Yeah Man! (Sissle, Henderson)Big John's Special (H. Henderson)Watusa (Ra)Lady Bird (Dameron) / Half Nelson (M. Davis)King Porter Stomp (Morton)Space Is the Place / We Travel the Spaceways / Destination Unknown / 2nd Stop Is Jupiter (Ra)Calling Planet Earth (Ra)Strange Celestial Road (Ra)Somewhere over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)Outer Spaceways Inc. / Sun Ra and his Band from Outer Space (Ra)

Sun Ra

  • 1977/07/08 Sun Ra (Solo piano) - WKCR studios

    • blues improv 1, st louis blues, sophisicated lady, blues improv 2, untitled, take the "A" train, untitled 2, try to put the blame on me, untitled 3 / station id, outro

Sun Ra & his Arkestra

  • 1978/05/05 concert 'Public Theater', nyc, NY, usa

    • line-up

      • Ra-org; Michael Ray-tp; Ahmed Abdullah-tp; Craig Harris-tb; Tony Bethel-tb; Vincent Chancey-frh; Marshall Allen-as; Danny Davis-as; John Gilmore-ts, cl; Danny Ray Thompson-bs; Eloe Omoe-bcl; James Jacson-bsn, perc; Luqman Ali-d; Atakatune-cga; Cheryl Banks-dance; Judith Holton (Wisteria)-dance; Mickey Davidson-dance

    • setlist

      • intro / disc 27 > shadow world, body and soul, yeah, man, lightening, enlightenment, images, lights on a satellite, sound mirror, watusa, We travel the Spaceways

  • 1978/03/13 concert 'The Horseshoe Tavern', Toronto, ON

    • set 1

      • Untitled Improvisation, When There Is No Sun, (The World Is Waiting) For The Sunrise, Discipline 27, Calling Planet Earth > Take The "A" Train, Lights on a Satellite

    • set 2

      • Yeah Man!, King Porter Stomp, Unidentified Title, Unidentified Blues, Images, Love In Outer Space > We Travel The Spaceways

  • 1978/09/25 concert 'Happy Medium Disco', Chicago, IL, usa

    • line-up

      • Sun Ra (org, syn); Michael Ray (tp); Walter Miller (tp); Eddie Gale (tp); Marshall Allen (as, fl, perc); Danny Davis (as, fl, perc); John Gilmore (ts, cl, timb, voc); Eloe Omoe (bcl, perc); Danny Ray Thompson (bars, fl, perc); James Jacson (bsn, fl, Inf-dr); prob. Damon Choice (vib); Dale Williams (eg); prob. Luqman Ali (dr); Atakatune (cga); June Tyson (voc).

    • setlist

      • untitled improvisation [perc, tp, rhythmic ens., vib], Springtime in Chicago [JT voc], Astro Black [JT voc], (The World Is Waiting) For the Sunrise [JT voc], Discipline 27, The Shadow World, Yeah Man! (Sissle-Henderson), Big John's Special (H.Henderson), Over the Rainbow (Arlen-Harburg), Lights on a Satellite, Body and Soul (Heyman-Green-Sour-Eyton), King Porter Stomp (Morton), Second Stop Is Jupiter [ens. voc], Space Is the Place [JT, ens. voc], Enlightenment (Dotson-Ra) [JT, JG voc], Next Stop Mars [ens. voc] > Calling Planet Earth [ens. voc]

The Sun Ra All Stars

  • 1983/11/01 concert Paris, France

    • line-up

      • Sun Ra-p, keyb, Lester Bowie-tp, Don Cherry-t, Marshall Allen-as, John Gilmore-ts, Archie Shepp-ts, ss, voc, Richard Davis-b, Don Moye-perc, Philly Joe Jones-d, Clifford Jarvis-d, 

    • setlist

      • unidentified title (ens; Allen-as; Shepp-ts), unidentified title (Davis-b; Gilmore-ts), Somewhere over the Rainbow (Arlen-Harburg), Lights on a Satellite (Ra), What's New? (Burke-Haggart), Poinciana (Bernier-Simon), 'Round Midnight (Hanighen-Williams-Monk)

Sun Ra & his Arkestra

  • 1985/07/24 concert 'Le New Morning', Paris, France

    • Sun Ra and His Arkestra 

      • line-up

        • Sun Ra (p, org, synth, voc), prob. Ronnie Brown (tp), unidentified (tp), Tyrone Hill (tb), prob. Dick Griffin (tb), Marshall Allen (as,oboe), John Gilmore (ts), Ronald Wilson (ts,picc), Danny Thompson (bs), James Jacson (Ancient Egyptian Infinity d, bsn, voc), Elo Omoe (as, bcl, contra-alto cl), Billy Bang (vln), Rollo Radford (eb), Avreeayl Ra Amen (d)

      • setlist

        • untitled improv, discipline 27-II, tomorrow never comes, unidentified blues, unidentified ballad, mack the knife, sophisticated lady, yeah man!, space is the place, we travel the spaceways, outer spaceway incorporated, rocket number nine, untitled improv, astro black, history-mystery, i have many names, fate in a pleasant mood, unidentified blues, i want to be happy, east of the sun, christopher columbus, see you later, alligator

  • 1985/07/25 "musicians talking before the concert"

  • 1985/07/25 concert 'Le New Morning', Paris, France

    • line-up

      • Sun Ra (p, org, synth, voc), prob. Ronnie Brown (tp), unidentified (tp), Tyrone Hill (tb), prob. Dick Griffin (tb), Marshall Allen (as,oboe), John Gilmore (ts), Ronald Wilson (ts,picc), Danny Thompson (bs), James Jacson (Ancient Egyptian Infinity d, bsn, voc), Elo Omoe (as, bcl, contra-alto cl), Billy Bang (vln), Rollo Radford (eb), Avreeayl Ra Amen (d)

    • setlist

      • i want to be happy, unidentified blues, (the world is waiting) for the sunrise, i pharoah, over the rainbow, sunset on the nile, fate in a pleasant mood 


2008 04 20 - part one


  • bruce bickford: prometheus' garden
        (2008, dvd, usa, brighteyepictures)

    new new new new new new new new new new new new
    • from the brighteyepictures website:
      "Prometheus’ Garden (28 minutes, 1988) is the only film over which Bickford maintained complete creative control. Bright Eye Pictures is thrilled to release Prometheus’ Garden, making it available to the public for the first time since its completion two decades ago. The DVD features a commentary track by Bickford plus the documentary featurette, Luck of a Foghorn.
      Luck of a Foghorn (28 minutes, 2008) is a documentary featurette exploring the creative processes behind the making of Prometheus’ Garden, an original masterpiece of stop-motion animation. Interweaving Bickford’s wildly imaginative animation with outtakes, interviews, home movies, and revealing cinematography, Director Brett Ingram takes viewers deep into the real garden of Prometheus . The original score was created by Laird Dixon, one of the founding members of Merge Records recording artists Shark Quest."


  • documentary: monster road - collector's edition
        (2008, dvd, usa, brighteyepictures)

    new new new new new new new new new new new new
    • In 2006, "Monster Road", the documentary about Bruce Bickford by Brett Ingram & Jim Haverkamp, got released on DVD. Now, two years later, it gets a "Collector's Edition" treatment.
      from the brighteyepictures website:
      "The new Monster Road Collector’s Edition DVD offers greatly improved encoding on a dual layer disc, plus 45 minutes of “extras,” including previously unreleased animations, deleted scenes, and the Monster Road trailer."



  • joe satriani: professor satchafunkilus and the musterion of rock
        (2008, cd + dvd, ??, epic 88697278862)

    new new new new new new new new new new new new
    • "Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock" has been released as a regular CD, and as a CD/DVD package.
      First of all, let me say that the album is great. If you're into Satriani, you'll love this one. I hear lots of Hendrix and Zappa, but that could just be me...
      The video footage is quite good as well and includes live fragments and interviews.


  • various artists: 25 years of strictly country
        (1996, 3cd, nl, strictly country 45)
    • Strictly Country is a dutch magazine, devoted to fifties country music and bluegrass. It was founded in 1971.
      Around 1980 another branch appeared on the Strictly Country tree: a record-label. It's this record label that released "25 Years of Strictly Country" in 1996. And somewhere in between all these country and bluegrass songs, one can find the Cor Mutsers & Patrick van Gerven rendition of Zappa's 'Sofa'. This track was originally released on their "We Are Not Alone" album.
      The entry for this album had been up for a while, but I added the cover today...

2008 04 15



Biafra stumbled upon a reproduction of a painting by European artist H.R. Giger titled "Landscape No. 20: Where We Are Coming From." The painting, which features dismembered, ugly genitals copulating in what looks like sludge, had been reproduced in many books and magazines over the years, and Biafra secured the rights to include it as part of the Frankenchrist package. About the painting, Biafra says "I began to realize, 'My god, we have met the enemy and it is us, this is what we do to each other every day in consumer-oriented society. Wait a minute, this is what we're talking about on a lot of the Frankenchrist songs.' I thought the Giger painting would be a great way to drive home the point, even if some people in high positions of power with no sense of humor didn't seem to understand."

Originally, the painting was meant to be the gatefold inner cover for Frankenchrist, but a member of DKs vehemently objected and it was instead inserted into the album as a poster. Although the poster was expected to raise some eyebrows, no one expected it to cause as much trouble as it did. A warning sticker, albeit a sarcastic one, was affixed to the cover, partially to parody the warning stickers that the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was demanding at the time, partially to cover themselves in case there was difficulty. The sticker read : "WARNING : The inside fold out to this record cover is a work of art by H.R. Giger that some people may find shocking, repulsive or offensive. Life can sometimes be that way."

When a San Fernando Valley mother complained that her 13- year old daughter had purchased the record as a gift for her 11-year old brother (at a Wherehouse Records outlet in a large mall), the LA City Attorney's Office decided to prosecute the case. Deputy city attorney Michael Guarino, the prosecutor in the case, admitted they chose to prosecute the DKs because it would be a "cost-effective" way to send a message to other musicians, record companies and fans. Guarino had been considering prosecuting several other groups when this case came along, and he thought he could win this one.

The first Biafra heard of all this was when he was awakened from his sleep one morning by the sound of his window being broken and several police officers invading his house, supposedly to seize the "evidence." ( No one bothered to knock.) They took numerous personal effects, including his address book, as well as a few copies of Frankenchrist and the business ledgers of Alternative Tentacles, making it impossible to conduct business for a while.

Charged in the case were Biafra, and four others, including the 67-year old man whose company pressed the Frankenchrist disc. Conspicuously not charged were Wherehouse Records which sold the offending album. They had agreed to stop selling Frankenchrist and all other Dead Kennedys albums when the controversy first surfaced.

Biafra and the others decided to fight the charges of distributing harmful matter to minors, and set up the No More Censorship Defense Fund, which along with helping with the legal fees in the Frankenchrist case, makes available copies of articles dealing with censorship and plans to help others who are being harassed. Contributions came in mostly from fans of alternative music; envelopes of teenager's allowance and an encouraging note were common. Not so common were contributions from those popular figures who stood to suffer if Biafra lost the case. Three notable figures who did come to Biafra's aid were Frank Zappa, Little Steven Van Zandt and Paul Kantner.



Trash metal band Tankard released a DVD entitled "Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live", recorded at the Batschkapp Club in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 25th of May 2005.

On the wall of the club, one can recognise Frank Zappa....

- info & pictures: Nikalai Zaharov


The WM Recordings / Marco Kalnenek interview

Panicphobia & RioJafari & the Delicious Allstars


2008 04 15
Sgt. Leonard's Loopy Arts Dub Band

Be Amazed! Be Entertained! Talk over the music!

Apr 19 Sat 8-10pm
Allan Bros Coffee
152 W 5th Av
Eugene OR
342 3378

  • 2008/04/19 Sgt. Leonard's Loopy Arts Dub Band - concert 'The Beanery', Eugene, Or


Look for Pojama People at Saturday Market in Eugene May 17, Sahalie Wine Bar in Corvallis May 31. New CD "footsie notes" will be available at shows or by writing to gleonard333 at gmail dot com . All improv, many Ike Willis guitar shreddings, etc.

  • 2008/05/17 Pojama People - concert "Saturday Market", Eugene, Or

  • 2008/05/31 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie Wine Bar', Corvallis, Or

    "Fun-fun silly-willy."



2008 04 15

Ugly Radio Rebellion performs the music of Frank Zappa...

Summer 08 Tour
with Special Guest




2008/03/29, Viva Zappa played a concert at  'le bal du lézard' in Québec, Canada.

The band also has a new website, with music !


2008 04 14


Thanks to Dieter Jakob, the pictures of these two vinyl bootleg testpressings have been added to the UM files.

More pictures (back-cover, label, etc, ...) can be found at the bootleg entries.

frank zappa: outrageous muzik
-  lp  -  hoffman hof-00366  -  black vinyl testpressing

frank zappa: some evil mothers
-  lp  -  hoffman hof-00365  -  black vinyl testpressing


Zappa in Russian Classic Rock Magazine.

Info by Nikolai Zaharov

  • classic rock
        (2007/01, mag, russia)

    • Issue number 52 of Classic Rock, included a 1-page article on Zappa:
      Steve Harley (Cockney Rebels) tells about his favorite Zappa's album "Apostrophe'". Interview by Dave Ling.
  • classic rock
        (2007/06, mag, russia)

    • Issue number 57 of Classic Rock, included an 8-page article on the "Freak Out!" album and on the early days of FZ & The Mothers of Invention. Article by Valery Kycherenko.


I added some pictures to John Trubee's entry...
A bunch of nice shots, including the one below, entitled "John Trubee - Graveyard - Dead"


2008 03 10

from: Chris Opperman
subject: The Lionheart to be Released May 27th!

Hello, everyone!

This e-mail is to let you know that my fifth album, The Lionheart, will finally be released on May 27th, 2008!  You can pre-order it at through PayPal for $10 including domestic shipping to the United States ($15 for international orders).

Now, if that's not reason enough to pre-order, here are 10 other reasons!

  1. It features "The Porpentine," a 12-movement, 16-minute piece for full orchestra plus rhythm section that has been my primary compositional focus for nearly two years and is an encapsulation of everything I've learned over the last ten years about composing, arranging, and producing. 

  2. It contains beautifully recorded, well-produced, and thoroughly arranged versions of road-tested compositions including "Beware of the Random Factor," "Miles Behind," "Gen-Ebulous," "Telepathy on Mars?," "White Willow," and "Johannah."

  3. It also contains two new solo piano pieces: "Haasis" and "Knight of Winter's Day."

  4. Mike Keneally's beastly double-guitar solo on "White Willow" will blow your mind.

  5. It features the awesome musicianship of Grammy-nominated saxophonist Frank Macchia, Chris Spilsbury, Jen Kuhn, Daren Burns, Craig Bunch, Alma Carlsen, Joe Verderese, Cornelia Pesendorfer, Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen, Clark Freeman, Neil Citron, and many, many more.

  6. It features artwork by my favorite comic book artist, multiple Eisner-award winner (it's like the Grammys for comic books) Mark Buckingham, renowned for his work on Fables, The Sandman, Miracleman, and more.

  7. It features award-winning singer/songwriter Kat Parsons' beautiful voice on "Idaho Potato," which is the only vocal piece on the album (and the only love song with words that I've ever written).

  8. There is a special pre-ordering price of only $10 ($15 international) including shipping because I want so much for everyone to have one and because I believe that the artwork and liner notes are an essential part of the album.  Therefore, I'm charging the same price for the physical product that it would cost for you to get it on iTunes.

  9. After all the years of hard work I put into making this album, it would mean a lot to me personally to have a lot of pre-orders.

  10. If you buy five copies of the album (or one copy each of all 5 of my albums), I will send you a signed, bound copy of the full orchestra score for "The Porpentine" (nearly 70 11"x17" pages) FOR FREE.

So please consider visiting and pre-ordering your copy today.  Thanks!

Chris Opperman

2008 04 13

from: Chris Opperman
subject: Lionheart News - Plus Performance May 8th @ the Derby!

"I believe that as a composer, Chris is a truly brilliant presence in Amercian music, and that he has made and continues to make priceless contributions to modern musical literature.  His solo piano album "Klavierstücke" is a classic collection which has moved many listeners.  His erudition and creativity as an orchestrator have been of immense value to me, and his enthusiasm and love for music is absolutely infectious." - master musician Mike Keneally

The news!

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who has pre-ordered The Lionheart so far.  We've gotten pre-orders from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Denmark so far and it excites me beyond measure to know that people all over the world are interested in my compositions.  Very cool.  Thank you.  And if you haven't pre-ordered yet, there's still time!  Please do as I'm still only half-way to my goal w/the pre-sale!

Secondly, I had a lovely afternoon with NPS Radio 6 Holland's Creative Catalyst Co de Kloet a few weeks ago.  Co is putting together a one-hour radio documentary about my music (specifically the making of The Lionheart) which will culminate in the world broadcast premiere of "The Porpentine" which is the 12-movement piece for full orchestra plus rhythm section which concludes the album.  He also has some other amazing ideas that I hope come to fruition.  So stay tuned!

Thirdly, I will be performing on Thursday, May 8th @ The Derby (4500 Los Feliz Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027) opening for my friend Beth Jean ( who is having her CD release party there that night.  I haven't decided if I'm going to play solo or invite a few friends, but I will be performing some new pieces including "Helenesque" which I wrote for "The Trojan Women" last year as well as some of the music that I'm currently writing for my sister's wedding.

Lastly (but certainly not leastly), I need to give a big shout-out to Scott Chatfield who really helped me out getting the website back up. is still down for now, but will be back soon.  In the meantime, you can always check me out at which has a blog that I update pretty regularly.  Subscribe, won't you?

I would also like to give a shout-out to Hiroshi Ota who was kind enough to draw some kanji symbols for Mark Buckingham and I to use in the liner notes of The Lionheart and for helping spread the word about this music in Japan ( 

Oh!  And a shout-out to Vienna's own Cornelia Pesendorfer who did an amazing job with the oboe parts for "The Porpentine" as well as my dear friend Neil Citron who started mixing the final version of "Miles Behind" Friday night, which sounds very beautiful.  Jen Kuhn's effortlessly melodic and searching cello solo gets me on that every time.

And that's it! Hope everyone's well and music is the best!

Chris Opperman  




Did you know that on the 1966 album by Champion Jack Dupree "From New Orleans To Chicago", that features John Mayall and Eric Clapton, is a track entitled '(Going Down To) Big Leg Emma's'.

-- info: T.A.


  • the muffin men: muffinz moovies vol.three (2004-2005)
        (2006, dvd, uk, private release)
    • A couple of weeks ago, the third volume of the Muffinz Moovies series got released. A very fine addition to the Muffin Men discography, this part takes you through the years 2004 and 2005.
      • chapter 11: the "when worlds collide" visit to glastonbury and the bands first appearance at the cropredy festival

      • the entire 18 minute encore from liverpool 2004, where almost every ex muffin man jam on an extended version of willie the pimp

      • the opening "overture" from a liverpool 2005 show.

      • the complete cropredy performance from 2005
    • I remember hearing about the Muffin Men in the early ninetees during on of Guus' "Zappa Days" in Eindhoven, NL. A little while later I saw them perform in Ghent, which was the start of a nice set of memories.
      Unfortunately, The Muffin Men don't play that often anymore, and when they do, they go straight to Germany, leaving Belgium aside.
      A pity, 'cause this is a band that knows what playing Zappa's music is all about. Not only one of the first bands to tour & play Zappa's music, but one of the best bands as well !!


Wim Hoogland's little Zappateers impression:

Fred's pictures



A couple of Wim Hoogland's Zappanale pictures have been added to entries of

All picture were taken during the bands' Zappanale performances.

Thank you Wim !

Here are a couple of examples:


It looks like The Voice Of Cheez will be teaming up with Underground Sensation for a night of Zappa music:
  • 2008/05/17 The Voice Of Cheez & Underground Sensation - concert 'Nietzsche's', Buffalo, usa


2007/12/12, Co de Kloet, during his "nps: in concert: beyond" radio show on radio 6, NL, presented a complete recording of the 2007/08/18 concert "offside festival", Geldern, NL, plus a part of the 2005/10/11 concert at 'paradiso' in Amsterdamn NL.

-- info: Gerard Wissink



The Central Scrutinizer Band will play a concert at the "no CB Bar":


Every month, Corrie van Binsbergen presents a "BrokkenAvond" in Amsterdam. The next one looks like this:
  • 2008/04/23 Brokken Avond:  het Brokken Leer Orkest - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL - 21.00 h

  • 2008/04/23 Brokken Avond:  Eric Vaarzon Morel, Albert van Veenendaal - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL - 22.30 h



A new vinyl bootleg on the Hoffman lbel:

  • frank zappa: some evil mothers
    -  lp  -  hoffman hof-00365  -  red vinyl  /  lilac label

[1]  1966/11/-- outtake from the sunset-highland studios of ttg
[2]  1967/10/02 concert 'olympen', lund, sweden
[3]  the "weasel music" acetate / 1968/10/25 concert london, uk
[4]  1968/10/23 "colour me pop", bbc2 studios, uk

side a

  1. studio fun  [1]

  2. orange county lumber truck medley - olympen, lund, sweden, october 2, 1967  [2]

side b

  1. some zany mothers bullshit  [3]

  2. king kong  [4]


-- info & pictures: Dieter Jakob

The orange vinyl variation:
  • frank zappa: some evil mothers
    -  lp  -  hoffman hof-00365  -  orange vinyl  /  brown label




And another vinyl bootleg has been spotted:

  • frank zappa: outrageous muzik
    -  lp  -  hoffman hof-00366  -  orange vinyl / yellow label

[1]  1989/--/-- the film score
[2]  1989/--/-- the german documentary by henning lohner, broadcast on 1991/10
[3]  1968/09/10 'sunset sound', the mothers & captain beefhfeart wish arthur tripp a very bizarre 24th birthday
[4]  1968/--/-- true speed studio version
[5]  the "weasel music" acetate / 1968/10/25 concert london, uk

side a

  1. outrage at valdez  [1]

  2. elektronik muzik  [2]

side b

  1. 24 big ones  [3]

  2. curse of the knick knack people  [4]

  3. some chamber music  [5]


-- info & pictures: Dieter Jakob


Besides the orange vinyl / yellow label, there's also a blue vinyl edition:
  • frank zappa: outrageous muzik
    -  lp  -  hoffman hof-00366  -  blue vinyl / yellow label


  • monica zetterlund: monica, monica
        (1971, lp, sweden, emi)
    • Here's another picture from the archives.
      Monica Zetterlund recorded Frank Zappa's 'Toads Of The Short Forest' in 1971. It got released on her "Monica, Monica" album entitled "Zäpovalsen".
      You can also find the track on a far more easier to locate CD from 1992.

2008 04 12


I saw Captain Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention in concert the other day. It did start with a bit of a blurry sound, and with a couple of mistakes, but once the band got to 'Outside Now' things had been straightened out and they  played an impressive second part.
The thing that surprised me the most was that there were only something between 60 and 80 people in attendance. For a concert with Zappa music. In Brussels. What some might consider the centre of the world (... just kidding with that last bit...)
And that was a pity.

2008/04/10 concert 'Atelier 210', Brussels, Belgium

  • setlist
    • Heavy Duty Judy, Cosmik Debris, Pygmy Twylyte, Son Of Orange County, More Trouble Every Day, Titties & Beer, The Torture Never Stops, Peaches En Regalia, Outside Now, City Of Tiny Lites, Uncle Remus, Don't Eat The Yellow Snow, Nanook Rubs It, St.Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast, Father O'blivion, Florentine Pogen, Yo Mama
  • the encores
    • Black Napkins, Andy, Inca Roads, Sofa




We already knew about the black vinyl edition and of the red vinyl edition of the "Austin 26 Oct" bootleg, but recently a clear vinyl edition, and a yellow edition showed up as well.

Extra pictures can be found at the bootleg entries.


Another brand-new vinyl bootleg has been spotted. It's a single vinyl album, on colored vinyl in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies.

100 copies are on yellow vinyl

100 copies are on clear vinyl

and 100 copies are on blue vinyl

info and pictures by Dieter Jakob.

More pictures at the entries for the albums.


Another version of the Buffalo 3LP vinyl album: blue/yellow and yellow marbled vinyl.

Pictures and info from Dieter Jacob.

More pictures from Dieter can be found on the entry for this album:

  • frank zappa: buffalo  - 3lp - green & yellow vinyl

cover side a - green vinyl

side c - green vinyl side e - yellow vinyl


Another version of the Buffalo 3LP vinyl album: blue/yellow and yellow marbled vinyl.

Pictures and info from Dieter Jacob.

More pictures from Dieter can be found on the entry for this album:

  • frank zappa: buffalo  - 3lp - blue/ yellow & yellow marbled vinyl



side a - blue/yellow vinyl

side c - yellow marbled vinyl

side e - yellow marbled vinyl


Another version of the Buffalo 3LP vinyl album: blue, green and yellow vinyl.

Pictures and info from Dieter Jacob.

More pictures from Dieter can be found on the entry for this album:

  • frank zappa: buffalo  - 3lp - blue, green & yellow vinyl

cover side a - blue vinyl

side c - green vinyl side e - yellow vinyl


There's a new Zappa bootleg out, called "Listen... And Find Out The Secret Word".

It's been released as a double vinyl (bootleg !) album, and it's available in black and in marbled white vinyl. It presents the first part of the 1988/05/25 Mannheim concert.

Pictures and info from Dieter Jacob.

More pictures from Dieter can be found on the entries for both albums:


cover back-cover

label of the black vinyl version side a of the clear marbled version


The Clazz Orchestra, 17 students of the Fontys Conservatory from Tilburg, NL, is conducted by Andreas van Zoelen.

The Orchestra will perform music of Frank Zappa, Coltrane, Bach, Pastorius and Parker in concert in Tilburg on 2008/05/03 at the 'NWE Vorst'.

Three Zappa pieces have been prepared: Igor's Boogie, Peaches en Regalia and Zappa's arrangement of Ravel's Bolero.


  • 2008/05/03 Clazz Orchestra - concert 'NWE Vorst', Tilburg, NL

-- info: Tom Baeten


At the end of the month, both "Duck Stab" and "Eskimo" will be re-released. They will be available as 'plain' CD's, and also as a hardbound book version.


  • peter carlsson och de blå grodorna: carlsson på scen
        (1994, cd, sweden, gazell gafcd 1021)
    • Peter Carlsson & De Blå Grodorna (The Blue Frogs) recorded 'Mystiska Mannen' on this 1994 album. It's actually Frank Zappa's 'Cosmik Debris', but with Swedish lyrics by Peter Carlsson.







  • stratospheerius: fiddle tripfunk live!
        (2006, dvd, usa, d-zone entertainment)
    • If you've been reading this Latest News section every once in a while, you'll probably know that I'm very fond of Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius. For me, this is what progressive rock should sound like.
      "Fiddle Tripfunk Live" gave me the opportunity not just to hear, but to see Stratospheerius in action as well.
      Shot in a smaller club, "Fiddle Tripfunk Live" shows the quartet is a great setting. And they are in shape...
      Great show, great performance.
      And they play 'The Simpsons' theme' with a drum solo...
      What else do you need?


  • frank zappa: live in west germany 1980 
        (2007, cdr-bootleg, japan, zooey records)
    • This CDR-bootleg got released in 2007 in a limited edition of 100 copies as an appetizer for the "Mothers Including Beef" bootleg.
      This is, of course, another edition of the famous Flower Hour radio broadcast. An excellent show in FM quality.


  • lucky stiff: lucky stiff
        (1994, cd5", sweden, helikopter records helcd16)
    • Lucky Stiff's mini CD from 1994 included Frank Zappa's 'Ya Hozna', as well as The Residents' 'Simple Song'.
      The liner notes of the single say: "Taken from the forthcoming album "E.Z.". Beware!" Unfortunately, as far as I know this album never saw the light of day...
      This is a heavy stuff. Food for metal freaks. I like it. I like it a lot. Zappa's 'Ya Hozna' is a perfect choice for this band.
      The Residents' 'Simple Song' gets quite another treatment. The overdrive guitar is still there, but the synths and the vocals have been tuned to Residents-mode.


  • thomas darelid: rhytms of the heart
        (1994, cd, sweden, musik / musik mm 15)
    • Swedish artist Thomas Darelid recorded Frank Zappa's 'Uncle Remus' on his "Rhytms Of The Heart" album in 1994.
      Thomas Darelid is a piano / keyboard player, so it isn't hard to imagine that he's in for a coverversion of the famous Zappa / Duke composition. His rendition is funky and very impressive. It fits great on this excellent, instrumental album where the keyboard plays the most important role.

2008 04 10


Here are some more magazines that featured Frank Zappa. From all around the world.

Thanks to slime.oofytv.set for pictures and info.

  • qui giovanni
        (1973/05/10, magazine, italy)
    • Issue number 19 of Qui Giovanni included a 3-page article by Massimo Villa.

  • rock dunyasi
        (1994, jan/feb/march, turkey)
    • Issue number 15 of Rock Dunyasi included a 6-page article 'Son Oyununu Oynadi' by S.Tahsin Unlu.
  • musica
        (1995/05/10, magazin, italy)
    • Issue number 8 of Musica magazine included 2 stories on 1 page: 'Immortale Zappastory' by Riccardo Bertoncelli & 'Opera Omnia, Zappiani Di Tutto Il Mondo Unitevi' by Ale Sordi.

  • guitar club
        (1988/10, magazine, italy)
    • Issue number 10 of Guitar Club included a 4-page article on Frank, 2 pages on Dweezil, and a 4 page Al Dimeola interview.
  • hit parader
        (1967/07, magazine, usa)
    • Issue number 37 of Hit Parader included a 2 page story 'The Boss Mother ...... Meets The Animals' written by FZ.

  • la free press
        (1974/11/29, magazine, usa)
    • Issue number 48 / Vol.11 of the LA Free Press, included a 1 page interview / articley Elliot Cahn, leader of Sha Na Na (he met Zappa when both bands played at the nov-70 Fillmore E show)


  • toca rock
        (1985/07, magazine, mexico)
    • no Zappa content.

  • go set
        (1973/07/14, magazine, australia)
    • Issue number 28 of Go Set included a 2-page interview plus concert review of the Melbourne show.
  • canta
        (1971/07, magazine, mexico)
    • Issue number 336 of Canta included a 2-page interview 'Se Confiesia Se Queja Llora Y Reir' by J.Rams

  • east coast rocker
        (1988, magazine, usa)
    • Issue number 89 of East Coast Rocker included 'an interview with frank zappa; artist, buisinessman, politician' by Harold De Muir plus a review of the beacon theater show [3 pages].
  • musicians only
        (1980/01/26, magazine, uk)
    • This issue of Musicians Only included a 2-page interview with Paul Colbert.

  • focus
        (1976/12/15, magazine, usa)

    • This issue of Focus included a 2 page interview by Terry Wilson.


  • il mucchio selvaggio extra,
        (1994, magazine, italy)
    • Issue number 15 of Il Mucchio Selvaggio Extra, released in the autumn of 1994, presented 20-pages on Frank Zappa, including 'Io Sono Un Autarchio' by M.Drago, V.Rizzardi & J.Vignola; plus 11-aug-89 Hollywood interview by V.Rizzardi.


2008 04 09


German correspondent B.W.says:

Hello there...

appearantly things don't go too well for Gail in court. A decision from the Landgericht Düsseldorf will take at least 3 months and so far the judge has said that the Zappa logo and the zappanale logo are quite clearly two different things which people will not confuse. Also the judge pointed out that the ZFT knew all along over the last 18 years that the Zappanale festival took place and did nothing against it.

There only seems to be a slim chance for the ZFT to win this case.



Here's another beautiful newspaper cover. Well, actually it's the cover of the cultural supplement of La Vanguardi that got published last Wednesday, 

  • la vanguardia
        (2008/04/02, newspaper, spain)
    • April 2, 2008, the Cultural supplement of La Vanguardia, the spanish (catalan)  newspaper,  which probably is one of the oldest & most prestigious newspapers in Spain, dedicated a Zappa cover & 4 page article with 6 colour pics.
      Title: Zappa, libre"  (Zappa, free.)
      "He was one of the greatest musicians; nothing of life or politics was alien to him.
      We should remember that".


-- info: Javier Marcote



2008 04 09, Andre Cholmondeley says


greetings and welcome to april....

Lots going on -- Lots of music all around... on the road now with DELICIOUS, will be back out tour managing in May/June with the Adrian Belew Trio, eastern USA. Then some more shows in May..We are trying to get some Project/Object shows together as well-- stay tuned..!

Come out and rock with Delicious. We are a three-piece band, dealing with the thorny issue of..Sonic Mayhem and What to Do About It. It's heavy...but we can induce quite the cough-medicine style buzz as well, and keep it rhythmically interesting..

We're honored on some of these shows to be sharing the stage with the great ATOMIC BITCHWAX (Finn Ryan, Chris Kosnik and Bob Pantella of MONSTER MAGNET) and on some shows with the fantastic CRESCENT MOON (Eric Slick on double duty drums, and Dave Dreiwitz of WEEN).

More info below. Check the sites for details or email back. For more on our fellow bands .....Check out:

and for those of you far afield - THERE IS A WEBCAST:
FRIDAY, april 11 2008
10pm USA-ET
(both delicious and atomic bitchwax will be webcast)





APRIL 2008

  • 2008/04/10 Delicious - concert 'toy eaters', jersey city, nj, usa

  • 2008/04/11 Delicious - concert 'asbury lanes', asbury park, nj, usa  w/ATOMIC BITCHWAX  (live webcast  -

  • 2008/04/12 Delicious - concert 'black lodge', phila, pa, usa   w/ATOMIC BiTCHWAX

  • 2008/04/13 Delicious - concert 'midway café', boston, ma, usa

  • 2008/04/15 Delicious - concert 'john & peter's', new hope, pa, usa  w/CRESCENT MOON*

  • 2008/04/17 Delicious - concert 'ace of clubs', new york, ny, usa   w/ATOMIC BiTCHWAX,  CRESCENT MOON*

  • 2008/04/18 Delicious - concert 'nectar's', burlington, vt, usa

(crescent moon= eric slick and dave dreiwitz (ween bassist))


MAY 2008

  • 2008/05/24 Delicious - concert 'stella blue', asheville, nc, usa

  • 2008/05/25 Delicious - concert 'Asheville Music Jamboree', asheville, nc, usa   (


(Sound improves if you lower the volume on the youtube player & raise it on your speakers)

ALSO:  unedited JAN 2008 NYC show....warts and all:


  • JOSH ROSENSTEIN/BASS (dead girl, delicious founder)

  • ANDRE' CHOLMONDELEY/GTR (project/object, don preston's akashic)

  • ERIC SLICK/DRUMS (adrian belew power trio, project/object, crescent moon, black lodge ens.)

more info at as well



  • markus stauss: trank zappa grappa in varese? - more light
        (2008, cd, switzerland, fazzul music fm 0824)
    • In 2006, Markus Stauss released a promotional CDR, presenting his Trank Zappa Grappa In Varese? project. About a month ago, the first album got released.
      "More Light" includes music that got recorded in November 2007. Part of it even got recorded at the 'PlusEtage' in Baarle Nassau, a concert that I attended.
      I have very fond memories of this concert. Listening to this record, all these memories came back, and with good reason. "More Light" is a very fine album, displaying fine compositions and excellent improvisations, giving time and place to all four of the participating musicians.
      Frank Zappa's spirit is never far away.
    • Available throuth Markus Stauss' website:


Here are some more magazine covers from Javier's collection. Disco Expres, through the years.

-- info: Javier Marcote

  • disco expres
    (1974/09/27, magazine, spain)
    • Issue number 293
      Title:"Concierto en Barcelona ZAPPA¡ & Mothers of Invention.
      LA VISITA DEL (anti) MITO."
      One b/w whole ad-poster pic of Badalona show for October 4th Friday night at 10,15 hrs.
      One page article entitled: La visita del anti-mito Zappa ¡ & Mothers of Invention. La revolución del rock en España by Antonio Gómez on page 9 & continued by Andrian Vogel in page 14 with a b/w comic drawing.


  • disco expres 
        (1979/03, magazine, spain)
    • Issue number 479
      Zappa's name on cover.
      Back cover: Ad for next Zappa concerts: ( One show in Barcelona & two  shows in the same day in Madrid).
      March 13th 21,00 h., at Palacio Municipal de los deportes de Barcelona & March 14th at 19,00 h & 22,30 h. at Pabellón Real Madrid.
      Three page article & interview by Job with three b/w pics.

  • disco expres
    1975/10/19 , magazine, spain)
    • Issue number 342
      Title: "El esotérico JERRY. FRANK TALLA ÚNICA...¡
      One page article entitled: "Frank Zappa-Talla Única" by Job & b/w pic of Zappa.



  • hans annéllsson: detta har hant (1990 - 2006)
        (2006, cd, sweden, annellssongs)
    • A bit over a year ago, Hans Annéllsson released "Detta Har Hänt", an album that looked back on his career.
      If you're familiar with his previous albums, you know what to expect. If you haven't heard Hans' music, this will be a perfect introduction.
      Still, a pity that he didn't put any of his beautiful Zappa coverversions on this one  :-)
    • Available from CDBaby.


  • various artists: the miraculous healing of the daughter of henry the glass cat
        (200?, cd, uk, cordelia records cd038)
    • In the meantime, at Cordelia Records, Alan Jenkins is making an offer one can't refuse.
      If you order a copy of the excellent "20 Extraordinary Renditions", you can get this superb sampler almost for free. Tracks by The Thurston Lava Tube, The Creams, The Deep Freeze Mice, Don's Mobile Barbers, and by Alan Jenkins.
      Check it out. You won't be dissapointed.

2008 04 08


It looks like Pierrejean Gaucher will be playing more Zappa in the near future:
  • 2008/05/03 - 05 rehearsal for the "Zappa" project at the conservatoire régionnal d' Annecy
  • 2008/05/06 concert of the "Zappa" project at the conservatoire régionnal d' Annecy



Here's another great magazine cover. From Spain this time, and drawn by comic book artist Ceesepe !!

  • disco expres
        (1976/03/12 , magazine, spain)

    • Issue number 366
      Comic drawing on cover by Ceesepe titled: Zappa... ( snif) No viene¡ - Translation: "(Zappa) Doesn´t come".
      Half page article with b/w Zappa pic by John Ajuriah.
      Half page ad-poster in b/w of Zappa shows in Spain ( March 15th & 16th in Badalona & 17th in Bilbao)
      Half page comic drawing by Ceesepe.

-- info: Javier Marcote


Greg Russo recently located a copy of the rare Big Sonny And The Lo Boys 7" "Play Your Music / Funny Money".

This means that both tracks will probable get released on one of the Jimmy Carl Black compilation albums that he will be releasing on his Crossfire record label.

Talking about side-projects and old, pre-Mothers releases, Greg also confirmed that the Roy Estrada and the Rocketeers single was definitely made by the 17-year old Roy Estrada who later played with JCB & FZ...



  • stratospheerius: headspace
        (2007, cd, usa, private release)
    • The latest Stratospheerius record got released in 2007.
      Stratospheerius is Joe Deninzon's band. If you're into electric violin / guitar stuff, this is your thing.
      "Headspace" is another beautiful release. Mostly instrumental, beautiful solos, ...
      Progressive rock at its best.
      Lots of musical nods and jokes on this album. Track 5 is entitled 'Mental Floss', and track 6 'Gutterpunk Blues' includes a snippet of Zappa's 'King Kong'.


Coming soon: a new cover band from Livorno in Italy.


  • Nicol Franza: guitar, voice and other instruments

  • Iacopo Giusti: drums (= drummer of Fattore Zeta)

The record is coming soon....stay tuned.

The bands MySpace site offers 'Peaches En Regalia' and 'Dirty Love'.


-- info: Andrea Iacoponi



2008 04 08

A few years ago, Frank Zappa's eldest son Dweezil decided that his father's music had been missing from the musical landscape for far too long.  He created ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA, an extensive concert tour that brought selected compositions from Frank's body of work to the stage.  In 2006 two ZAPPA PLAYZ ZAPPA shows were filmed and recorded to capture the experience to reach an even larger audience on DVD.   

On April 29th, Razor & Tie will release ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA on DVD and CD. 


APRIL 3RD, 2008



(New York, NY) - On April 29th, Razor & Tie Entertainment will release ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA on DVD.  The DVD features the astounding music of Frank Zappa played by an expert ensemble led by his son, Dweezil, an accomplished musician in his own right. 

Considered by many to be a genius composer, guitarist and producer, Frank Zappa's body of work is as vast, as it is diverse.  His untimely death in 1993 left legions of loyal fans missing his satirical flair and brilliant musicianship.  A few years ago, Dweezil decided that his father's music had been missing from the musical landscape for far too long and chose to dive headlong into the massive undertaking that became ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA.  This extensive concert tour respectfully brings selected compositions from the elder Zappa's body of work back to the stage. 

Dweezil states, "Frank's music is unique.  It deserves to be discovered by today's audience.  They don't have any idea what they are missing.  His music is not going to suddenly appear on popular radio or TV programs and it's not going to get massive exposure in the media, so the only way to introduce it to new people is to play his music live.  Frank always called his music the 'World's Finest Optional Entertainment' and it really is."  The ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA tour offers audiences an opportunity to spend an evening with Frank Zappa's music, performed meticulously by a group of top-flight musicians who were schooled in its subtleties.

The ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA tour will be playing select dates (including festivals) beginning in June, with more dates to be announced for the fall.  This year's ZPZ line-up features: Dweezil Zappa (guitar, vocals), Aaron Arntz (keyboards and trumpet), Scheila Gonzalez (saxophone, flute, keyboards and vocals), Pete Griffin (bass), Billy Hulting (marimba, mallets and percussion), Jamie Kime (guitar), Joe Travers (drums and vocals) and special guest Ray White (guitar and vocals).  Please see below for confirmed shows to date. 

In 2006, two ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA shows were pristinely filmed and recorded (in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, respectively) to capture the experience.  The result is a double-DVD set with a 12-track bonus audio CD.  Produced by Pierre and Francois Lamoureaux for Strobosonic, the DVDs feature over three hours of performances of Dweezil's "rocking teenage combo", including previous 2006 tour special guests: Steve Vai, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Terry Bozzio.  A limited edition fanpack will also be available which features the two-DVD set and three CDs containing the entire audio content, totaling 270 minutes.



  1. Andy

  2. Call Any Vegetable

  3. Tell Me You Love Me

  4. Florentine Pogen

  5. Cosmik Debris

  6. I'm The Slime

  7. Pound For A Brown

  8. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

  9. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

  10. Father O'Blivion

  11. Inca Roads

  12. Eat That Question

  13. I'm So Cute

  14. Tryin' To Grow A Chin

  15. Punky's Whips


  1. Black Page #1

  2. Black Page #2

  3. Regyptian Strut

  4. Peaches En Regalia

  5. Montana

  6. Village Of The Sun

  7. Echidna's Arf (Of You)

  8. Zomby Woof

  9. Black Napkins

  10. The Torture Never Stops

  11. Oh No

  12. Son Of Orange County

  13.  Trouble Every Day

  14. Sofa

  15. Cheepnis* (*bonus track not listed on package)



  1. Tell Me You Love Me

  2. Florentine Pogen

  3. Cheepnis

  4. Cosmik Debris

  5. I'm The Same

  6. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

  7. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

  8. Father O'Blivion

  9. Black Page #2

  10. Peaches En Regalia

  11. Zomby Woof

  12. The Torture Never Stops



2008 04 07


Two more magazine covers, pointed out to me by Hans-Peter Schmidt.

  • sounds
        (1978/09/16, magazine, uk)
    • This issue of Sounds included a 2-page review, including pictures, of the 1978 Knebworth Festival.
  • grapevine
        (1973/10, magazine, uk)
    • the October 1973 issue of Grapevine, a monthly guide to Birmingham, included a review of a Mothers Of Invention concert.



April 2, 2008: A message from Mike

Happy April Second Day! On April 2nd you're only allowed to say very TRUE things.

Welcome to the fabulous NEW LOOK Keneallist! More fun than boxes! Or boats!

Co de Kloet and the lovely Linde were visiting in California this week. They made me and Sarah and Scott and Claudia a truly wonderful dinner, and they are truly wonderful people. Thanks kids!

Wine And Pickles, the magical outtakes/rarities record that could, is complete, the audio at least. We're in artwork mode now. I'm doing two, possibly three paintings for it and I've done a major bunch of liner notes, the polar opposite of Dog where I was hiding everything for some reason, this time around everything's on the table for you to pick through. Ordering information will come your way after Scott gets back from Europe in mid-April.

But the main thing I need to do today is pack for Portugal, 'cause I'm flying there in the morning to play at the Gouveia Art Rock festival this weekend. Van Der Graaf Generator dude! I'm going to have a good time. Thanks Thomas Olsson (my buddy who I met last year at the Isildurs Bane fest) for hooking this one up. It's another solo set, like I did last year in Germany and earlier this year in Japan. Every time it's a little less nerve-wracking to do the solo thing. But it's still slightly nerve-wracking.

How about last week's gig at the Baked Potato? "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA," dude. That was a result of Joe Travers and I watching a live Devo concert from the late 70s a few weeks ago and dying inside over how cool they were; we NEEDED to play that song. Eric Vesbit said it was the best cover he'd ever heard us do. And Jamie Kime was awesome, playing the whole second set with us.

Oh, Bryan Beller is going to also be sitting in with Janet Feder and myself at Alva's on April 12. Good times, yes! And Andy Partridge and I have re-engaged on our project which was started four years ago now, sheesh. This year we're going to actually finish the songs we started writing together, I hope, I hope.

Here's some names of songs which I'll be recording with Bryan, Rick and Joe after I get back from Portugal:

Cornbread Crumb

Life's Too Small



I think "Popes" is going to be a big, big hit. People love popes.

And last night I heard the finished Assumptions album (the songs of Layne Sterling as performed by Layne, myself, Jon Kanis and Brian Nucci) on VINYL, and it sounds utterly fantastic. More about this release soon, you need to check it out.

Now, to put clothes in things! See you in Portugal!



  • 2008/04/05 Mike Keneally
    - concert "Gouveia Art Rock 2008 Festival", Teatro-Cine, Complexo das Piscinas Municipais, Gouveia, Portugal

  • 2008/04/12 Janet Feder with special guest Mike Keneally
    - concert 'Rosalie and Alva Performance Gallery', 1417 West 8th Street, San Pedro, CA, usa












The Harry Kapeliaris Group performed Frank Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay' live on "1000+2 nights", June 2007.

Harry Kapeliaris - guitar
Chris Basios - keyboards
Thodoris Kouelis - bass
Thodoris Papastathis - drums
George Kapsopoulos - guitar

guests Mike Tsikos - clarinet, Marina Manolakou - voice



Shawn Lane performed Frank Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay' in concert.



Maurizio Perri has arranged and recorded several Frank Zappa compositions for fingerstyle guitar.

The results can be seen at YouTube:

Lumpy Gravy (F.Zappa) :

Let's Make The Water Turn Black (F.Zappa) :

Let's Move To Cleveland (F.Zappa) :

Watermelon In Easter Hay (F.Zappa) :



Rastop performed Frank Zappa's 'Black Napkins', live at 'Pianos' in New York City, NY, usa in 2008.

John Macaluso on drums, Jack Maiorino on bass, Jerry Z on keyboards.



Here's the Zappanale#19 Line-Up

  • Anti Agressive Action Band aka "Underground Sensation", USA
    feat. members of Voice of Cheeze, Ugly Radio Rebellion Band, DOOT

  • Low Budget Research Kitchen, Portugal

  • Wrong Object, Belgium

  • Finnish Zappa Tribute Band, Finnland

  • Paul Green School of Rock plays Zappa and YES, USA

  • Electric Orange, Germany

  • Panzerballett, Germany

  • Delicious Band Research Kitchen, France

  • INDUKTI, Poland

  • Alamaailman Vasarat, Finnland

  • Zappa Circus, Hungary

  • UZVA, Finnland

  • Jazzproject Hundehagen, Germany

  • Fattore Zeta, Italy

  • Bogus Pomp Semi Acoustic Orchestra, USA

Special guests:

  • Denny Walley

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • Stanley Jason Zappa


leftovers from the last couple of months


2008 The Illegailly Live Tour continues...

2008/03/07 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Malzhaus, Plauen (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/03/08 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Tante Ju, Dresden (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)

2008/04/05 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Trafo-Station, Viersen

Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Hard (Österreich), Kammgarn (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/08/23 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Kreuzlingen (Schweiz), Ort: Zirkuszelt am Bodensee (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/08/30 Sheik Yerbouti - concert , ??? Uhr,
Zytanien Open-Air-Festival, Lehrte

The Return of SHEIK YERBOUTI feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock
2008/10/14 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Objekt 5, Halle
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Alte Patrone, Mainz, Veranstalter: Upart e.V.
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, bei Georg Nilius, Westerwald (wahrscheinlich Stairway, Wallmenroth)

Und weiter geht’s mit dem Halloween-Special:
2008/10/31 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Café Hahn, Koblenz

2008/11/29 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Tatort Musicclub, Übach-Palenberg (bei Aachen)



Zappanale, again, looks very promising.

The event will kick off in Hamburg on 2007/08/13, and will continue in Bad Doberan:

  • 2007/08/13 "Zappa meets Bach"
    • the Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra, Napoleon Murphy Brock and the St.Katharinen Kantor-Chor
    • at the St.-Katharinen-Kirche in Hamburg
  • 2007/08/14 Fritz Rau - lecture, music & images 'Kino', Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/14 "street party", Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/15 - 2007/08/17
    • Denny Walley, USA

    • Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra, USA

    • Electric Orange, Deutschland

    • Paul Green School of Rock, USA

    • Low Budget Research Kitchen, Portugal

    • Jazzprojekt Hundehagen, Deutschland

    • Zappa-Circus, Ungarn

    • Finnish Zappa Tribute, Finnland

    • UZVA, Finnland

    • Indukti, Polen

    • Delicious Band Research Kitchen, Belgien

    • Panzerballett, Deutschland,

    • Fattore Zeta, Italien

    • Alamaailman Vasarat, Finnland

... wowie zowie...


Here's a nice little piece of an interview with Frank Zappa, as published in Society Pages (the US zappa fanzine) number six. We're talking 1991. It's quite interesting to read how Zappa is amused and pleased by some of the things that his fans are doing. And even the Arf Society gets a mention...
I remember reading the interview when it came out, years ago, and I was quite suprised. Not only because FZ had taken the time to talk with Denn & Rob, but also because he seemed really interested. It looked like it might become an interesting symbiosis, FZ and Society Pages. Unfortunately, the mag folded in 1992 (not mentioning the 1994 issue).


the concert calendar * the concert calendar




  • 2008/04/01 Humble Grumble - concert 'The Queen Charlotte', Norwich, UK
  • 2008/04/02 Mats/Morgan duo - concert Von Krahl, Tallin, Estonia 

  • 2008/04/03 Mats/Morgan duo - concert Athena, Tartu, Estonia

  • 2008/04/05 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Objekt5 ', Halle, Germany   /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/05 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Trafo-Station, Viersen

  • 2008/04/05 Mike Keneally - concert "Gouveia Art Rock 2008 Festival", Teatro-Cine, Complexo das Piscinas Municipais, Gouveia, Portugal

  • 2008/04/07 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Treibhaus ', Innsbruck, Austria    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/10 The Vilnius String Quintet - concert Vilnius, Lithuania

  • 2008/04/10 Delicious - concert 'toy eaters', jersey city, nj, usa

  • 2008/04/11 Delicious - concert 'asbury lanes', asbury park, nj, usa  w/ATOMIC BITCHWAX  (live webcast  -

  • 2008/04/12 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Das Haus ', Ludwigshafen, Germany    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/12 Delicious - concert 'black lodge', phila, pa, usa   w/ATOMIC BiTCHWAX

  • 2008/04/12 Janet Feder with special guest Mike Keneally - concert 'Rosalie and Alva Performance Gallery', 1417 West 8th Street, San Pedro, CA, usa

  • 2008/04/13 Delicious - concert 'midway café', boston, ma, usa

  • 2008/04/14 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'Fabrik ', Hamburg, Germany    /   feat. Chad Wackerman

  • 2008/04/15 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert 'P60', Amstelveen, Holland    /   feat. Chad Wackerman
  • 2008/04/15 Delicious - concert 'john & peter's', new hope, pa, usa  w/CRESCENT MOON*
  • 2008/04/17 Delicious - concert 'ace of clubs', new york, ny, usa   w/ATOMIC BiTCHWAX,  CRESCENT MOON*

  • 2008/04/18 Delicious - concert 'nectar's', burlington, vt, usa

  • 2008/04/18 The Central Scrutinizer Band - concert 'No CB Bar', São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2008/04/19 Sgt. Leonard's Loopy Arts Dub Band - concert 'The Beanery', Eugene, Or

  • 2008/04/28 "Japanese New Music Festival 2008" : Acid Mothers Temple (Jap) + Ruins Alone (Jap) + Akaten (Jap) + Zubi Zuva X (Jap) + Zoffy (Jap) + Tsuyama Atsushi (Jap) + Kawabata Makoto (Jap) - 'Magasin 4', Brussels, Belgium 
  • 2008/04/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu dos Recreios’, Lisbon, Portugal     


  • 2008/05/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Coliseu do Porto’, Porto, Portugal

  • 2008/05/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Castellon Auditorium’, Castellon, Spain

  • 2008/05/03 Tetzepi - concert "SJUjazzpodium", Utrecht, NL
  • 2008/05/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sala la Riviera’, Madrid, Spain

  • 2008/05/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Palau de la Musica’, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2008/05/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘013’, Tilburg, The Netherlands

  • 2008/05/12 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Birmingham Symphony Hall’, Birmingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Newcastle City Hall’, Newcastle, England UK

  • 2008/05/14 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Glasgow Royal Concert Hall’, Glasgow, Scotland UK

  • 2008/05/14 Tetzepi - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL

  • 2008/05/15 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Manchester Apollo’, Manchester, England UK

  • 2008/05/17 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bristol Colston Hall’, Bristol, England UK

  • 2008/05/17 Pojama People - concert "Saturday Market", Eugene, Or

  • 2008/05/17 Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo - concert 'het proeflokaal', Delft, NL  /

  • 2008/05/18 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre’, Bournemouth, England UK

  • 2008/05/19 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cardiff St. David's Hall’, Cardiff, Wales UK

  • 2008/05/20 Joe Satriani – concert ‘London Hammersmith Apollo’, London, England UK

  • 2008/05/21 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Nottingham Royal Centre’, Nottingham, England UK

  • 2008/05/22 Tetzepi - concert 'Theater Provadja', Alkmaar, NL

  • 2008/05/23 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Vicar St. ’, Dublin, Ireland

  • 2008/05/24 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Mandela Hall  ’, Belfast, UK

  • 2008/05/24 Delicious - concert 'stella blue', asheville, nc, usa

  • 2008/05/25 Delicious - concert 'Asheville Music Jamboree', asheville, nc, usa   (

  • 2008/05/26 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Bourse Du Travail’, Lyon, France

  • 2008/05/27 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Le Rex’, Paris, France

  • 2008/05/28 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Cirque Royal’, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2008/05/29 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Filharmonie Filderstadt’, Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2008/05/29 Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm - concert l'oreille qui traine Rouen(76), France

  • 2008/05/29 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'The Empty Glass', Charleston, WV

  • 2008/05/30 Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm - concert Le Triton Le Lilas (93),France

  • 2008/05/30 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Serenadenhof     ’, Nurnberg, Germany  

  • 2008/05/30 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Jackie O's - Joes Garage', Athens, OH

  • 2008/05/31 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Phonix-Halle ’, Mainz, Germany

  • 2008/05/31 Mats and Morgan with Gustaf Hielm - concert "Festival Toto n'aime pas la soupe", St Etienne(42), France

  • 2008/05/31 Pojama People - concert 'Sahalie Wine Bar', Corvallis, Or

  • 2008/05/31 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Jackie O's - Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation', Athens, OH


  • 2008/06/01 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Stanleys Pub', Cincinnati, OH
  • 2008/06/01 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Backstage-Werk’, Munich, Germany  

  • 2008/06/02 Dethklok - concert 'Roseland Theatre', Portland, OR  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/03 Joe Satriani – concert ‘T-Mobile Arena’, Prague, Czech Republik  

  • 2008/06/03 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Oldfields on High', Columbus, OH
  • 2008/06/03 Dethklok - concert 'Showbox SODO', Seattle, WA  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/04 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Große Freiheit’, Hamburg, Denmark  

  • 2008/06/04 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'The Winchester', Cleveland, OH

  • 2008/06/05 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Amager Bio’, Copenhagen, Denmark  

  • 2008/06/05 Dethklok - concert 'The Fillmore', San Francisco, CA  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/06 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Sweden Rock Festival’, Solvesborg, Sweden  

  • 2008/06/06 Dethklok - concert 'Wiltern Theatre', Los Angeles, CA  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/06 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’first avenue’, minneapolis, mn

  • 2008/06/07 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’witherspoon hall’, omaha, ne

  • 2008/06/07 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Founders Brewing Co', Grand Rapids, MI

  • 2008/06/07 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Ritz Theater', Ybor

  • 2008/06/07 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', Las Vegas, NV  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/08 Joe Satriani – concert ‘B1 Maximum Club’, Moscow, Russia  

  • 2008/06/08 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’wakarusa festival’, lawrence, ks

  • 2008/06/08 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Broadway Oyster Bar', St Louis, MO

  • 2008/06/08 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', San Diego, CA  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/09 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’pagaent’, st. louis, mo

  • 2008/06/09 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'The Canopy Club - University of Illinois', Champaign, IL

  • 2008/06/10 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Villa Manin’, Udine, Italy

  • 2008/06/10 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Martyrs', Chicago, IL

  • 2008/06/10 Dethklok - concert 'Marquee Theatre', Tempe, AZ  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/11 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Live Club’, Milan, Italy  

  • 2008/06/11 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’house of blues’, new orleans, la  

  • 2008/06/11 Dethklok - concert 'Sunshine Theater', Albuquerque, NM  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/11 The Ed Palermo Big Band - concert at NYC's South Street Seaport, nyc, NY, usa
  • 2008/06/12 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’variety playhouse’, atlanta, ga

  • 2008/06/12 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Mickey Finns', Toledo, OH

  • 2008/06/12 Dethklok - concert 'Gothic Theatre', Englewood, CO  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/13 Joe Satriani – concert ‘Paradiso’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2008/06/13 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’lincoln theatre’, raleigh, nc  

  • 2008/06/13 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'The Cadieux Cafe', Detroit, MI

  • 2008/06/14 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’bonnaroo’, manchester, tn

  • 2008/06/14 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'Bells Brewery', Kalamazoo, MI

  • 2008/06/14 Dethklok - concert 'First Avenue', Minneapolis, MN  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/15 Dethklok - concert 'Liberty Hall', Lawrence, KS  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/16 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', Chicago, IL  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/17 Dethklok - concert 'Clutch Cargos', Pontiac, MI  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/19 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', Cleveland, OH  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/20 Dethklok - concert 'Kool Haus', Toronto, ONT  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/22 Dethklok - concert 'Town Ballroom', Buffalo, NY  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/24 Dethklok - concert 'The Palladium', Worcester, MA  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/25 Dethklok - concert 'Nokia Theater Times Square', New York, NY  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/26 Dethklok - concert 'Ram's Head', Live Baltimore, MD  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/27 Dethklok - concert 'Theater of Living Arts', Philadelphia, PA  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/29 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', South Carolina N. Myrtle Beach, SC  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/06/30 Dethklok - concert 'Hard Rock Live', Orlando, FL  -  feat.Mike Keneally



  • 2008/07/01 Dethklok - concert 'Jannus Landing', St. Petersburg, FL  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/07/02 Dethklok - concert 'Tabernacle', Atlanta, GA  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/07/03 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’rothbury festival’, muskegon, mi  

  • 2008/07/03 Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo with special guests Pierrejean Gaucher (guitar), Jeff Hollie (saxophone) & Martin Smith (trumpet and exotic dancing) - concert 'Speakers', Delft, NL  /

  • 2008/07/04 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’elements’, kitchener, on  

  • 2008/07/04 Dethklok - concert 'Meridian', Houston, TX  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/07/05 & 06  -  "La Grande Freak Out Party", Paris, France  (ICE-Z #3)

  • 2008/07/05 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert / location to be announced  

  • 2008/07/05 Dethklok - concert 'House of Blues', - Texas Dallas, TX  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/07/06 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’quebec international summer festival’, quebec, qc  

  • 2008/07/06 Dethklok - concert 'La Zona Rosa', Austin, TX  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/07/08 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’common ground’, lansing, mi  

  • 2008/07/19 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/20 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/26 Bogus Pomp - concert 'State Theater', St. Petersburg, FL, usa









  • 2009/01/3 Aka Moon / Les Ballets C. de la B. - concert / performance "pitié!", Concertgebouw, Brugge, Belgium