zita swoon

big blueville

2008 cd france chikaree records bbville 600

    (2008, cd-pro, ??, chikaree records bbville 600) - cardboard sleeve

recorded june 2007, december 2007 & january 2008

stef kamil carlens: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
eva & kapinga gijsels: vocals
tom pintens: electric & nylon string guitars, guitar, piano and vocals
joris caluwaerts: piano, fender rhodes, wurlitzer, juno 100, hammond b3
bart van lierde: bass, stick bass
aarich jespers: drums
amel serra garcia: percussion

produced and arranged by zita swoon

audio disc

  1. infinite down  (skc)
  2. looking for a friend  (skc)
  3. i feel alive in the city  (skc)
  4. je range  (skc)
  5. everything is not the same  (skc)
  6. josieanna (skc / skc, cluwaerts, pintens)
  7. people can't stand the truth  (skc)
  8. quand mÍme content  (skc / skc, caluwaerts)
  9. l'opaque paradis  (skc, kapinga gysel / skc, caluwaerts, pintens)
  10. giving up the hero  (skc / skc, jorens)