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Hungry Freaks Daddy
Palinckx on Dutch Concertzender
Black Brown Stone
Pojama People
New Book On Zappa
Markus Stauss
Zappa in the magazines
Zappa bootleg single from 1980
Fattore Zeta
Magic Band setlist
New Zappa bootleg CD
The Keneallist 2007 02 13
Bogus Pomp reminder
New Zappa bootleg DVD
Black Brown Stone
Albert Marcoeur setlist
Frank Zappa honoured by Rock Hall
Fireworks concert review
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New FZ book coming soon
Zappa in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Dresdner Philharmonie correction
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Fast 'n Bulbous
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Vacation Vibrations
Zappanale 17 - the DVD
Zappanale 17 - the album
The Keneallist 2007 01 30
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Frank Zappa en el Infierno
The Return Of The Magazine Covers
The Log Cabin
Aki Takase & Alex Von Schlippenbach
Frank Zappa Memorial Barbeque
Bob Marley
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The UK Zappa Festival
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Bogus Pomp
Two New Bogus Pomp Shows
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The Dresdner Philharmonie
UK Zappa Festival
the December 2006 newsletter can be found at thebignotefiles - 2007/02

the concert calendar


Short bits:

* * * The Accademia Amieta Ensemble performs Zappa on their "Strictly Off Limits" album.

* * * The University of Calgary Wind Ensemble recorded Zappa's 'Dog Breath Variations on their "Gardens of Dreams" CD * *  *

* * * The Nasal Retentive Orchestra has a new album scheduled for release (latest info says February) * * *

* * * MOFO 2 is out and available in the shops !! * * * 

* * * Daniele Sepe recorded Zappa's 'Peaches' on his "Suonarne 1 Per Educarne 100" album * * *

* * * Sneaky Pete Kleinow died in January 2007. * * *

* * * Jimmy Carl Black has couple of new CDs out * * *
(info from Danny Mathys)

* * * Gregg Russo will be publishing Jimmy Carl Black's book (that Jimmy Carl wrote together with Roddie) * * *

* * * Gregg Russo will also be re-releasing a couple of (three?) Jimmy Carl Black albums: When Do We Get Paid, Where the %£ Beer, ... * * *

* * * Imaginary Diseases is out as a vinyl bootleg 2LP set * * *

* * * The Wrong Object will be releasing a live album on Voiceprint very soon: "Platform One"; scheduled release = April 2007  * * *
(info from Danny Mathys)

* * * The Voltaire Brothers recorded Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day' on their "I Sing The Booty Electric" album * * *
(info from mikezappa at the Zappateers site)



  • hungry freaks daddy - the recordings of frank zappa and the mothers of invention - volume one 1959 - 1969
    by scott parker
        (2007, book, usa, private release)
    • Scott says that the book has gone in production.

      This sure looks like a mighty impressive & promising first volume to me...

      Read all about it at the "Speaker Corner" section at the Zappateers site. You'll be able to view some samples and you can find Scott's address there as well.

      I've put the link to the discussion below. Don't want the hyperlink to be broken:





The second part of the Palinckx trilogy got broadcast on 2007/02/19 on Dutch radio Concertzender. Here's what they aired:
  • Live in podewill berlijn 2-10-95
  • Psychedelic years (Vonk 6)
  • Brian Wilson Multi media spektakel 96
  • Brian Wilson Extravaganza 2-3-97 Rotterdam, hal 4
  • Live In Zurich. INTAKT CD 043
  • Angelica 96 Live Bologna (Ai 011)
  • Ring Ring 97 live in Belgrado (Ring Ring 002)
  • Live in Canada Victoriaville 1997
  • November Music 1997 (NM001)
  • November Music 1999

You can find a more detailed tracklisting below.

And in case that you're wondering why they're doing a Palinckx special, there's a couple of interesting concert scheduled together with the Asko Ensemble.


Together with the ASKO Ensemble, Mayke Nas, Yannis Kiriakides and Hans Dagelet

  • 2007/03/14 Palinckx - concert 'Muziekgebouw aan het IJ', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/03/16 Palinckx - concert 'Concertzaal', Tilburg, NL
  • 2007/03/19 Palinckx - concert 'De Doelen', Rotterdam, NL



  • 2007/01/15 radio show "Palinckx", concertzender, dutch radio
  1. Live in paradox Tilburg 13 oktober 1983
    Geef Acht, Zomaar wat, Peace, Onyx, Bloed aan de paal, de gigant, A modern Dutch Orchestra Piece, Loft Tussendoor, Drie Overpeinzingen, N&R, Maartse buien, Jazz &Epiloog
    Paul van Kemenade: altsaxofoon, basklarinet * Hans Sparla: trombone * Jacq Palinckx: elektrische gitaar (toen nog Jack geheten) * Bert Palinckx: contrabas * Frank van Oosterhout: drums
  2. Maartse Buien (1984 traction Avant 100)
    De Markerwaard Ballade, Wals voor Moniek en Jazz&Epiloog.
    Paul van Kemenade: altsaxofoon, basklarinet * Hans Sparla: trombone * Jacq Palinckx: elektrische gitaar (toen nog Jack geheten) * Bert Palinckx: contrabas * Frank van Oosterhout: drums
  3. Groeten (1987 Traction Avant)
    Wil Offermans: fluiten * Paul Termos: Alt Sax * Peter van Bergen: Tenor Sax * Hans Sparla: trombone * Michiel Scheen:piano * Jacq Palinckx: elektrische gitaar (toen nog Jack geheten)* Bert Palinckx: contrabas * Frank van Oosterhout: drums
  4. Live in Paradox Tilburg 6 februari 1986
    De Muur, Groeten aan een onbekende, loft Tussendoor, Onyx, Test 1, Meer Groeten, Villa Ma Contempa.
    Jerome Pellemans, Sax * Hans Sparla,Trombone * Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Frank Van Oosterhout, drums
  5. If P then Q (Vonk 1 1990)
    Wak, Darm, Maag, Kaf, Milt en Stuk
    Jacq Palinckx: gitaar, tape, voice * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Wim Janssen, drums
  6. LlIVE (Vonk 4 1992)
    Dogmeat, Planet en Mental Castle
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Michael Vatcher, drums * Peter van Bergen,saxofoons * DNA, draaitafels * Het Mondriaankwartet
  • 2007/02/19 radio show "Palinckx", concertzender, dutch radio
  1. Live in podewill berlijn 2-10-95
    Delilah, Lemmy, Fase 2, Border, Stucke, P Blues, Tra 82, Jingles 100, Delilah.
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Cor Fuhler, toetsen * Jim Meneses, drums * David Moss; vocals, drums.

  2. Psychedelic years (Vonk 6)
    Phase Two, Phase Three, Phase Eight, Phase Fifteen.
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Cor Fuhler, toetsen * Jim Meneses, drums * Mary Lou, zang * Han Buhrs, zang * Aquarius Ensemble

  3. Brian Wilson Multi media spektakel 96
    Surfing, Ik loop door een Boekwinkel, In My Room/Ganz Allein, Smiling, Brian in Blue.
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Cor Fuhler, toetsen * Jim Meneses, drums * Felicity Provan, zang trompet * Saskia Doornenbos, zang * Jan Erik van Regteren Altena,viool mandoline, percussie * Eduard van Regteren Altena, cello, sax, percussie.

  4. Brian Wilson Extravaganza 2-3-97 Rotterdam, hal 4
    Cabine Essence, Good Vibrations.
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Cor Fuhler, toetsen * Jim Meneses, drums * Felicity Provan, zang trompet * Saskia Doornenbos, zang * Jan Erik van Regteren Altena,viool mandoline, percussie * Eduard van Regteren Altena, cello, sax, percussie.

  5. Live In Zurich. INTAKT CD 043.
    Taktlos, Border
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Cor Fuhler, toetsen * Jim Meneses, drums
  6. Angelica 96 Live Bologna (Ai 011)
    Love lies, Trasa, Stupid
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Joost Buis, trombone * Cor Fuhler, toetsen * Jim Meneses, drums

  7. Ring Ring 97 live in Belgrado (Ring Ring 002)
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Jim Meneses, drums * Han Buhrs; zang
  8. Live in Canada Victoriaville 1997
    A Short Klingon Opera, Arms in Doubt, Time Hut, Super Vixen.
    Jacq Palinckx, gitaar * Bert Palinckx, bas * Jim Meneses, drums * Han Buhrs; zang
  9. November Music 1997 (NM001)
    Jacobien Rozemond, Mathijs Berger, Dominique Eyckmans, Wikkie Schlosser, Bert Palinckx, Jeroen van Vliet, Tom Wouters, Filip Wauters, lia koolmees, Willem van de Kar, Rick Huls, Dirk Noyen, Bart Maris, HansSparla, Nick Roseeuw, Edward Capel
  10. November Music 1999
    Jacq Palinckx, Bert Palinckx, Han Buhrs, Tony Buck, Daan Vandewalle, Michael Gross, Carl-Ludwig Hubsch, DJ DoNotAsk



December 2006, Zjakki Willems invited Jimmy Carl Black, Steven de Bruyn and Jos Steen into the Marconi Studio of Radio One in Brussels. The recordings of this Black Brown Stone trio were broadcast every monday of february during Zjakki's "Cucamonga" radio show.


Black Brown Stone


  1. the devil’s music
  2. the meeting with the devil
  3. sad glad
  4. heaven blues





from: PJP
2007 02 21
subject: thank you OR & WA, just a minute Cali...

Thanks to all who supported our latest run from Eugene to Seattle. Hang in there, Cali --- we'll be down there sooner than you can greatgooglymoogly.

In the meantime, the Pojama Quartet will be appearing monthly at

Coffee House Cafe'
135 Liberty St NE
Salem OR  97301

541 520 9810

Our next show will be St Patty's Day 3/17. Instead o drinkin yourself til ya barf, why night get good n wired on some kick-ass coffee?

Other dates already confirmed are
April 14 / May 12 / June 9.

All shows are Saturdays and start at 8pm.

Glenn n all the Pojama People



Fábio Massari has written a book on Zappa called "Zappa: Detritos Cósmicos", and it's out on  Conrad publishing in Brazil.

- - -

Fábio Massari lança no próximo dia 26 obra sobre Frank Zappa: "Zappa: Detritos Cósmicos" (ed. Conrad). O livro-tributo traz as duas entrevistas concedidas pelo músico à imprensa brasileira, além de textos de fãs de Zappa (como Rogério Skylab, Fernando Bonassi e Wander Wildner, entre outros) e desenhos de gente como Caco Galhardo e Allan Sieber.

-- info: Zjakki Willems



  • markus stauss: trank zappa grappa in varese? - cryptic echoes - live in belgium
        (2006, cdr-promo, switzerland, fazzul music)
    • I mentioned this album last month, but as I had the pleasure to receive a copy, I was able to give it a couple of listenings as well.

      "Trank Zappa Grappa In Varese? - Cryptic Echoes - Live In Belgium" presents 'Cryptic Echoes', a suite in four parts, as performed in concert in Belgium last year.
      The band consisted of Markus Stauss (saxophone), Michel Delville (guitar), Damien Campion (bass) and Laurent Delchambre (drums). Markus Stauss and Michel Delville take care of the melody & solos, while Damien Campion and Laurent Delchambre provide the powerful rhythm section. The entire suite is about 20 minutes long and has a very impressive drive. The communication between the different instruments is remarkable. It's like they have been playing together for years.
      'Cryptic Echoes' reminds me a lot of the improvisational sections of Zappa and the Mothers' Uncle Meat period.

      I like it a lot.



most of these pictures were taken from the Zappateers site, a couple of them from ebay listings...

  • creem
        (1974/12, magazine, usa)
    • the December 1974 issue of Creem magazine included a 5-page article on Zappa and The Mothers: "Frank Zappa vs. The Tooth Fairy" by Ed Naha.


  • circus
        (1980/02, magazine, usa)
  • The February issue of Circus included a two-page article on Zappa by David Fricke entitled "Mechanic Of Joe's Garage - Father Of Baby Snakes - Zappa Lives!"


  • guitar world
        (1980/09, magazine, usa)
    • The September 1980 issue of Guitar World  included a two-page article on Zappa by John Stix.


  • guitar world
        (1982/03, magazine, usa)
    • The March 1982 edition of Guitar World featured a Zappa special: an eleven-page interview by John Swenson.


  • guitar player
        (1983/02, magazine, usa)
    • The February 1983 issue of contemporary music magazine Down Beat included a five-page article by Bill Milkowsky entitled "Frank Zappa: Guitar Player".


  • musician
        (1986/10, magazine, usa)
    • The October 1986 edition of Musician included a 6-page article: "Zappa - The License To Be A Maniac".


  • guitar player
        (1987/01, magazine, usa)
    • The Januari 1987 issue of Option included a 4-page interview with Frank Zappa: "Winter In America" by Steve Lyons and Batya Friedman. 


  • music technology
        (1987/02, magazine, uk)
    • The February 1987 issue of Music Technology included a five-page article entitled "Father Of Invention".

  • music & sound output
        (1987/03, magazine, usa)
    • The March 1987 issue of Music & Sound Output included a eight-page article entitled "Frank Zappa - Samplin' Fool" by Jeff Spurrier.


  • high times
        (1989/12, magazine, usa)
    • The December 1989 issue of High Times included a 4-page Frank Zappa interview Elin Wilder.


  • guitar world
        (1987/04, magazine, usa)
    • The April edition of Guitar World included a ten-page special on Frank Zappa entitled "Zappa's Inferno", by  Noë Goldwasser.


  • mojo
        (1994/03, magazine, uk)
    • The March 1994 issue of Mojo magazine included a 26-page Frank Zappa special:
      • 'The Last Days Of Frank Zappa' - Ben Watson
      • 'Dr.Zircon's Secret Lab' - Miles
      • 'The AntiChrist' - Dave Rimmer
      • 'The Addams Family' - Dave Dimartino


  • sonora
        (1994/04, magazine + cd, italy)
    • In 1994, Mareriali Sonori published an eighty-page special on Frank Zappa in their "Sonora" series.
      The magazine came with a CD that a.o. presented an interview with Frank Zappa and also various artists performing Zappa's music.
    • various artists: sonora 4/94
          (1994, book + cd, i, materiali sonori cd 0593)


  • record collector
        (2002/11/29, magazine, uk)
    • the November 2002 edition of Goldmine magazine included two articles on Frank Zappa.
      • "Frank Zappa - The Controversy And Touring Hell Of 1970 - 71"
        by Dave Thompson
      • "25 Collectable Frank Zappa Records" by Tim Neely


  • chances
        (1971/03, magazine, usa)
    • The March 1971 issue of Chances magazine included an article on Zappa.

  • rock magazine
        (1970/06/08, magazine, usa)
    • The June issue of Rock Magazine included and article on Zappa.



  • bam
        (1983/05/06, magazine, usa)
    • The May 6, 1983, issue of Bam magazine included a three-page article on Zappa: "Big Bad Frank Rails Against The World -- Yes, Again"

  • hustler
        (1984/04, magazine, usa)
    • The April 1984 issue of Hustler magazine included the famous Thing-Fish Photo-Fantasy: 20 pages starring Ike Willis as the THING-FISH, Annie Ample as RHONDA, Robert Axelrod as HARRY, Phil De Carlo as THE UNKNOWN ITALIAN, with SISTER OB'DEWLLA 'X' and THE CRAB-GRASS BABY as themselves...

      Check it out at:


  • penthouse
        (1989/05, magazine, usa)
    • The May 1989 edition of Penthouse included "The Porn Wars", a seven page article written by Frank Zappa and Peter Occhiogrosso.


  • life
        (1968/06/28, magazine, usa)
    • The June 28, 1968, issue of Life magazine featured a special on "The New Rock". It included the famous 'Mothers with babies" picture, and Zappa's 'The Oracle Has It All Psyched Out' article.
      Including the pictures, the article counts 9 pages.

  • teenset
        (1969/03, magazine, usa)
    • The March 1969 edition of Teenset included a 5-page article on Zappa's record company entitled 'Bizarre Isn't The Word' by Dave Swaney. It has a fabulous picture of the GTO's as well.

  • teenset
        (1969/09, magazine, usa)
    • The September 1969 issue of Teenset included a 5-page article by Jerry Hopkins entitled 'That's Funny. You Don't Look Like The Musician Of The Year'.


  • guitar player
        (1977/01, magazine, usa)
    • the January 1977 issue of Guitar Player magazine had an excellent eight-page article on / interview with Zappa called 'Rock Guitar Vanguard', by Steve Rosen.


  • acid rock
        (1978/01, magazine, usa)
    • The January 1978 issue of Acid Rock included a 9-page special on Zappa entitled "Phi Zappa Crappa Interview - Peeking Into The Bizarre Mind Or Rock and Roll's Original Madman", by Dave Fass and Dave Street.


  • genesis
        (1979/04, magazine, usa)
    • The April issue of Genesis included a 4-page interview with Zappa by Charlene Keel.





NYC based jazz/fusion band Schleigho has performed various Frank Zappa compositions in concert.

  • Erik Egol: drums
  • Jesse Gibbon: keys
  • Suke Cerulo: Guitar, flute, sax
  • Paco Mahone: bass

Halloween 2003, the band performed a concert where they played a bunch of Zappa tunes. The band allows taping of their concerts, so recordings of these shows are circulating.



  • 1997/06/20 concert 'Scottypaluza II', Newark, NY, usa
    • Set 1: Intros, Farewell to the Sun, 50% of the Battle, Biscuits, Same Game, Tongues of the Homogenized, Rerun's Got a Gun(**), Drew Babble, Shine Blue, Palindrome
    • Set 2: Rave Kids(*) > Head(*), Gromlins(*) > Echoes > Gromlins, Or Something(*), Inca Roads(*) (Frank Zappa), 43
    • Encore: SWTCP 
    • (*) w/ Marc Jaffee on vocals / (**) = Marc Jaffee on vocals and Jesse on Hammond and Rhodes
  • 1998/12/11 concert 'Common Ground', Brattleboro, VT , usa

    • Star Wars Trash Compactor Phobia, Head, Gromlins > Go Children Slow Jam > Outside Now (Frank Zappa) > Hepa Mocha, Miles Beyond, Bardo pt. 3, Biscuits, Palindrome

  • 2001/03/24 concert 'Milestones', Rochester, NY, usa
    • Babyman, Sumo, Keep It In the Car, Used To Be a Cha Cha, Filthy Habits (Frank Zappa), Matrices, Columbias, Protocol (John Scofield), Go Children Slow
    • Encore: Rave Kids
  • 2003/10/31 concert 'Forward Hall', Erie, PA, usa

    • Erik Egol: drums * Jesse Gibbon: keys * Suke Cerulo: Guitar, flute, sax * Doug Phillips: bass

    • Go Children Slow, Vee > Treacherous Cretins (Frank Zappa)*% > Vee, Matrices, Red Tape# > Deathless Horsie (Frank Zappa)*# > Red Tape#, Filthy Habits (Frank Zappa)*, Palindrome, (costume contest), Farewell to the Sun

    • Doug Phillips (no Paco!) on bass on all tracks except Palindrome
      * w/Shojo (Shawn Johnson) on bass
      % First time played
      # w/Garrett on Theremin



  • frank zappa: punky's whips  
        (1980, 7"-bootleg, ??, international 20-039)

    • I came across this picture on the internet, so I pasted it into the bootleg section. I don't know if this track was taken from the original Live In New York album, but it probably was...



Taped by Capaldi & seeded on the Zappateers tracker a little while ago: a fabulous concert by Fattore Zeta.

  • 2006/12/02 Fattore Zeta - concert Venice, Italy

    • Jacopo Giusti: Drums, Davide Matteucci: Sax Soprano & Sax Contralto, Federico Pistelli. Sax Tenor, Giorgio Taurasi: Bass, Sergio Taurasi: Piano & Keyboards, Andrea Iacoponi: Sophisticated Narration
      Special Guest:
      Ruben Bellavia (*): Drums On The Second Half Of "Serenade To A Cockoo"

    • Treacherous Cretins, Holiday In Berlin, Let's Move To Cleveland, Preamble, Twenty Small Cigars, Soprano Sax Solo, Toads Of The Short Forest, Little Umbrellas, Tenor Sax Solo, America Drinks & Goes Home, Preamble, The Planet Of My Dreams, Emperor Of Ohio, Drums Solo, Peaches En Regalia, Preamble, Poe'-Sia (Sonno Sporco), Sleep Dirt, A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus), Big Swifty, Oh No, Preamble, Terapia Di Gruppo, Son Of Mr. Green Genes, Blessed Relief, Sofa #2, Preamble, King Kong, Preamble, Serenade To A Cockoo



  • 2003/11/08 concert “all tomorrow's parties”, ‘queen mary ship’ long beach, california, usa

    • introduction by matt groening, my human gets me blues, steal softly through snow, drumbo drum solo, improvisation, evening bell (gary lucas solo), improvisations, band introductions, floppy boot stomp, electricity, nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man, when it blows it stacks, circumstances, moonight in vermont, big eyed beans from venus

    • a soundboard recording of this show circulates





"February UpDOOT!"

Happy New year from the good folks at DOOT!  May it suck less than last year! 

In No Particular Order:

-----Beefheart Freaks Unite!-----

Doctor Dark, and Friends,
Cafe Nine
New Haven, CT
Friday, February 23rd
Cover $5

Stephen Chillemi will be back on drums and percussion for this show.  
Who knows, Brunelli might even make it on stage, for what reason we can only guess.  Check the Cafe Nine website for more info:

------Dyslexics Untie!!------

DOOT! has been busy updating the website, and we have included some choice and rare audio, photography, and links.  Stop by and admire it while it is still under construction.

--------Zappanale 18---------

It looks like Zappanale 18 will be one for the AGES:

Terry Bozzio as headliner
Project/Object with Ike Willis
Don Preston and his Akashic Ensemble
Kimono Draggin, featuring Doctor Dark guitarist Joe Nolan

and an interesting note:
Virtuosi Dal Pianeta Talento, which from all accounts was previously known as Orchestra Spaziale.  I have heard their recordings, and the festival is in for a treat. 

Some of the DOOT!'s will be there as well, so keep an eye open for us.  Andre will be there with P/O and with Don Preston.   Stephen Chillemi should be there as part of a vacation excursion, and Pete Brunelli is planning the "hit and run" version of the Zappanale Experience.
So it looks like the Northeast US crew should be putting in a good showing this year.  Of course the lineup is subject to change, but it is shaping up to be exceptional. 

For more Zappanale info:


Thanks for your patience.
Now go out and support some good live music!





-- spotted by Neil


Hi - having a good week so far?


We´ve just put up another four "Universe Will Provide" drawings on eBay - please give them a look when you get a chance:



And another TUWP drawing, along with an autographed "Universe Will Provide"/"Parallel Universe" CD set, has been put up for auction at the "Friends of Gungi" website, A word of explanation about Gungi, from the website:

"Gordon "Gungi" Paterson is a legendary figure in the music industry, having been a highly respected engineer, tour and production manager. From his early days in the UK with acts such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, he was a mainstay of the 80's touring scene with bands like Megadeth, and continued through the 2000's with bands such as Live, System Of A Down, Tears For Fears and most recently Fiona Apple. Gungi's easily recognizable physical stature is only overshadowed by his immense heart, personality and positive attitude. Last summer, Gungi was diagnosed with cancer - A large lump was discovered in and around the lymph nodes in his neck."

I did a number of tours with Gungi when he was doing sound for Steve Vai. He´s a truly lovely man and he could use your help with his medical expenses - please check the auction and bid if you can.

Otherwise: here´s a link to a YouTube video from this year´s NAMM convention, of me sitting in with the genius guitarist Greg Koch and his band:



Things are progressing rapidly with my San Diego chapter of the Paul Green School of Rock, and we´ve begun pre-enrolling students. As always, if you have questions or demands of me which relate to the School, you can write to me at

I just finished writing a 12-minute string quartet for Dutch group the Zapp String Quartet. It was a bear to compose and I´m fully happy with it. Little bits of melody from it haunt my head at unexpected moments of the day, hopefully it will do the same for you if you manage to hear it.

I boldly predict that work on the "hat." and "Boil That Dust Speck" DVDs will be completed this week.


Thanks everybody! Tell Sting and/or William Shatner I said hi, if you see them!





Klimperei has two new albums out: « Galipoche & Chipiron » (un disque hors-commerce) and « Love You ».

2007/04/28 Klimperei - concert 'libririe en marges', paris, france

2007/04/29 Klimperei - concert (looking for a location)


2007 02 13
Fred says:

Just reminding everybody the "Low Budget Acoustic Orchestra" version of Bogus Pomp performs this Saturday night at The Garage Bar, 662 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg at 9:00. Admission is a bargain at $10!

Also, BP bass guitarist Alex Pasut is now a member of the USF Student Symphony Orchestra and will be performing at the Palladium in St. Pete on Thursday, Feb 15th at 7:30. The program includes works by Schoenberg, Chausson and two American Composers , Rorem and Helps




Two new issues of the Czech Frank Zappa Fan Club have been published:


zappostrophe no.102  -  2006


  • zappanale 17: reviews & pictures
  • the zappateers

zappostrophe no.103  -  2007


  • the lyrics of "joe's corsage"
  • new bootlegs
  • doctor dark

find out more (or not) at



Last December, Zjakki Willems invited Jimmy Carl Black, Steven de Bruyn and Jos Steen into the Marconi Studio of Radio One in Brussels.

The recordings of this Black Brown Stone trio are broadcast every monday of february during Zjakki's "Cucamonga" radio show. The first two broadcasts sounded great. Can't wait for the rest of it.





here's the Albert Marcoeur setlist for his 2004/10/14 concert in Paris:

  • 2004/10/14 concert 'café de la danse', paris, france
    • bus 24, cérémonie de clôture, l'exemple type, l'inexorable attente, l'aramiste, c'est pas l'moment, l'amoureuse et l'amoureux, l'ordinaire', l'ancien régime, l'agriculteur, l'rmiste, l'idéologue, l'intruse, l'enculeur de mouches, que le temps est long, l'heureux, le nécessaire a chausseures, déclaration officielle, l'optimiste, l'environnementeuse, l'emprunteur, que d'eau, eddie



from the AFFZ newsgroup

Friday, January 26, 2007
John Soeder
Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic
Iconoclastic musician Frank Zappa will be saluted next month by Red (an orchestra) and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

At home with rock 'n' roll, jazz, classical and a dizzying range of musical styles, Zappa recorded dozens of albums, on his own and with his band, the Mothers of Invention. He had a Top 40 hit in 1982 -- fer sure, fer sure -- with the quirky "Valley Girl."

Zappa died of prostate cancer in 1993, at age 52. Two years later, he was inducted into the Rock Hall.

The local festivities in his honor culminate Friday, Feb. 16, and Saturday, Feb. 17, with a pair of "The Importance of Being Zappa" concerts by Red at the Masonic Auditorium, 3615 Euclid Ave., Cleveland.
Both shows begin at 8 p.m. and feature the same program, including the Zappa compositions "Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat," "Be-Bop Tango," "Naval Aviation in Art?" and "G-Spot Tornado," as well as works by Igor Stravinsky, Edgard Var賥 and Anton Webern. Tickets are $15-$65. To reserve seats, visit or call 216-361-1733.


from the AFFZ newsgroup

Frank Zappa honoured by Rock Hall

The legendary rock composer is celebrated during week's events

Frank Zappa's varied and prolific career will be the focus of a week-long series of events at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum starting February 13.

Several musicians including guitarist Adrian Belew and longtime Zappa sideman Ike Willis will help celebrate his legacy, which includes 60 albums-worth of material.

Zappa's compositions spanned several genres including rock, jazz, classical and avante-garde, and he has been called the most prolific musician of his generation.

The events kick off on February 13 with an evening featuring musicians and authors who worked with Zappa including Paul Zollo and Tomas Ulrich.

On February 15, Grammy-nominated guitarist Belew, who has worked with Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, and Talking Heads in addition to Zappa, will pay tribute to the artist.

Concluding the week's events, the Red orchestra will present a concert entitled 'The Importance of Being Zappa'.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Many events are free and open to the public, but space must be reserved. For further information and to make reservations, visit



from the AFFZ newsgroup

Members of the Fireworks Ensemble playing works by Frank Zappa.

Published: February 5, 2007

Frank Zappa was a kind of Rev. Howard Finster of music: an outsider artist eventually discovered and embraced by the establishment without ever losing his outsider cachet. A brilliant self-taught musician, Zappa needed to justify what he did as serious music at a time when rock was not seen as serious, and he produced a string of "classical" pieces that were taken up by European luminaries like Pierre Boulez and the Ensemble Modern.

The pieces are fiendishly difficult to execute, with lots of surface complexity to dazzle the ear, as was demonstrated at the composer portrait devoted to Zappa at the Miller Theater on Friday night, two weeks after another concert devoted to one of his idols, Edgard Varèse.

The program had three parts. First came music for smaller chamber ensembles, played by Zephyros Winds and a string quintet, including music originally written for the Aspen Wind Quintet ("Times Beach II" and "Times Beach III") and the Kronos Quartet ("None of the Above"). 
Then came music for chamber orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey Milarsky, some of it, like "The Girl With the Magnesium Dress," arranged from pieces Zappa wrote on an instrument called the Synclavier. Finally there were arrangements of music for rock ensemble - including "G-Spot Tornado" - performed by the Fireworks Ensemble, the eight-member group that set up the whole concert.

Despite the program-note allegations that these pieces were equally just plain music, the sense that rock had to assume some kind of classical mantle to gain respect still lingered around the first two parts of the program, which felt like a dinner jacket pulled out of mothballs for a formal occasion, not least because the players seemed on their best, slightly subdued behavior. And while the music was filled with striking gestures - breathtakingly fast unison passages, moments when the supporting instruments held a note while a flute scampered off on a rapid phrase, plenty of adroit quotations echoing other composers - its complexities didn't weave together to make a coherent statement.

Epitomizing this tendency was "The Perfect Stranger," Zappa's longest work for chamber ensemble, an illustrative piece about a door-to-door vacuum-cleaner salesman (opening with the doorbell's ring) that disintegrated into a pile of isolated individual moments. Like an ornate frieze adorning a simple one-room house, the decoration was more sophisticated than the architecture.

But with the change of nomenclature and mood in the rock part of the show, a whole new feeling came into the auditorium, as if, formalities now concluded, everyone could kick off shoes and dance till dawn. Brian Coughlin, Fireworks' director and bass player, produced some hell-for-leather arrangements that the players, now relaxed and grooving, played the heck out of, down to show-stopping solos in "The Purple Lagoon/Approximate." Finally labels did indeed cease to matter: this was just music, and it sounded like music to keep.


[Published on 2/7/2007] - from AFFZ


Available on DVD May 15, 2007 Through MVD Visual
Tim Buckley from the cover of Happy Sad

My Fleeting House is first-ever DVD collection of performances of Tim Buckley. This essential DVD features rare live performances from various television shows and interview footage spanning his entire career.

The DVD has eleven full-length songs, and three partial performances. This DVD also features insightful interviews with Larry Beckett (co-writer of many songs with Buckley), Lee Underwood (Buckley's guitarist) and David Browne (author of "Dream Brother: The Lives of Jeff and Tim Buckley").

The footage spans his entire career, from 1967 to 1974, and includes unreleased video of interaction with Buckley on The Steve Allen Show (1969) and on WITF's The Show (1970). The footage is taken from various television programs from 1967 to 1974 right up to the time of his death in 1975. All but two of the musical clips are unreleased. As an additional oddity, the clip of Buckley being interviewed on The Steve Allen Show includes Jayne Meadows complimenting Buckley on his hair.

Despite having produced nine studio albums, three live albums, and many "best of" compilations – My Fleeting House is the first-ever authorized collection of Buckley's visual performances. Several segments on this new collection have not been seen for over thirty years. MVD Visual has secured the best possible, first-generation video sources for the compilation, including footage from American, British, and Dutch television, and also a forgotten feature film. This DVD has the full approval of the Estate of Tim Buckley.

Buckley was an experimental vocalist and performer who incorporated jazz, psychedelia, funk, soul, and avant-garde rock in a short career spanning the late 1960s and early 1970s. He often regarded his voice as an instrument, a talent most exploited on his albums Goodbye and Hello, Lorca, and Starsailor. He was the father of musician and singer Jeff Buckley, also known for his three-and-a-half octave voice, who died in 1997. Buckley released his debut album Tim Buckley on Elektra in 1966. A folk-rock album, it contained psychedelic melodies written with input from Beckett. He went on to release Goodbye and Hello (1967), Happy Sad (1969), Blue Afternoon (1969), Lorca (1970), Starsailor (1970), Greetings from L.A. (1972), Sefronia (1973), and Look at the Fool (1974).

Born in Washington DC, Tim Buckley lived for 10 years in New York before moving to southern California. During his childhood, he was a fan of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Nat King Cole, and Miles Davis, although country music was his foremost passion. He left school at 18 with twenty songs written with Larry Beckett under his belt — many of which later featured on his debut album. Mothers of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black introduced Buckley to Herb Cohen, and he quickly got him signed to Elektra record company. He also met guitarist Lee Underwood around this time, who became a big part of nearly all of
Buckley's artistic endeavors.

On June 28, 1975 after returning from the last show of a tour in Dallas, Buckley snorted heroin at a friend's house. Having diligently controlled his habit while on the road, his tolerance was lowered, and the combination of a small amount of drugs mixed with the amount of alcohol he'd been consuming all day to celebrate the tour's end was too much. His friend took him home thinking he was merely drunk. He was put to bed by his friends, who told his wife that he'd also used
some barbiturates. As she watched TV in bed beside him, Buckley turned blue. Attempts by friends and paramedics to revive him were unsuccessful. Reportedly, Buckley's last words were "Bye Bye Baby," delivered in a way reminiscent of the line in Ray Charles' "Driftin' Blues." Buckley was just 28 years of age.

Arranged in chronological order, My Fleeting House traces the evolution of Buckley's music, voice, songwriting, and backup bands.

DVD extras include a 12-page booklet of unreleased Buckley photos, an album-by-album review by Underwood, Beckett, and Browne, and Beckett
(also a poet) reciting "Song to the Siren."

Inside Pop – "No Man Can Find the War"
Late Night Line Up – "Happy Time"
Late Night Line Up – "Morning Glory"
Old Grey Whistle Test – "Dolphins"
The Monkees Show – "Song to the Siren"
Greenwich Village – "Who Do You Love"
Dutch TV – "Happy Time"
Dutch TV – "Sing a Song for You"
Music Video Live – "Sally Go Round the Roses"
Boboquivari – "Blue Melody"
Boboquivari – "Venice Beach (Music Boats by the Bay)"
The Show – "I Woke Up"
The Show – "Come Here Woman"
The Christian Licorice Store – "Pleasant Street"



originally posted in the Speakers Corner section of Zappateers and on the AFFZ newsgroup:

Hey all,

Soon you will be seeing (on eBay maybe, not sure how I'll do this) an ad for a new FZ book called "Hungry Freaks, Daddy: The Recordings of FRANK ZAPPA Vol. 1 1959-1969". This is a book I've recently finished on FZ's recordings beginning with the earliest circulating stuff (Ronnie Sings? etc) and ending with the 1969 Amougies tapes. The book is in two parts: a full (though not overly obsessive) discography of the period (think IINK and the Zappa Patio meets the Zappalog in a dark room somewhere) followed by an analysis of the non-commercial (i.e. bootleg) circulating recordings from the period. It's does
contain some illustrations (not a huge amount) and in it's present form is 335 pages. This is, compared to a lot of the FZ books I've seen, a BIG BOOK. Maybe too big! If it works well I'm planning at least 3 more books in the series.

Right now I'm just finalizing printing for the book (I'm publishing it myself). I hope you all will enjoy it--it's basically for collectors but I know if I saw it I would like it, sooo....

I am preparing a website for the book, but meanwhile you can see a few scans of the book in the Speakers Corner at Zappateers or by emailing me at

Soon I will be compiling a list of people who are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, as at the moment the only way of obtaining it will be directly through me (as the publishers I've talked to wanted me to make huge compromises to the book which would result in something other than what I am intending). I will post here to update you all when the book is ready (or nearly so) but if you have any questions or wish to be informed directly about availability please email me at Thanks guys!!

Scott P.




Frank Zappa in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Tuesday, February 13, 7 p.m., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - An evening with Paul Zollo and Tomas Ulrich., Zollo, an author and musician known for conducting an celebrated interview with the elusive Zappa, and Ulrich, a composer and cellist deeply influenced by Zappa, will discuss Zappa's life and interest in orchestral composition. Zollo is currently the Senior Editor of American Songwriter magazine, in addition to being the author of several books, including Songwriters On Songwriting, Expanded Edition, and Conversations with Tom Petty. Ulrich has written music for theater, film, and instrumental performance and has played concerts in Europe, Japan, South America, Canada, and throughout the United States. He can be heard on more than sixty CDs in a wide variety of musical styles and settings. This event is free with a reservation. Please email to RSVP. If you do not have access to email, please call 216.515.8426.

  • 2007/02/13 Paul Zollo & Tomas Ulrich - lecture 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa

Wednesday, February 14, 7 p.m., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - An evening with Ike Willis and Project/Object . PROJECT/OBJECT formed in the early 1990s as an offshoot of the annual Frank Zappa birthday celebration that took place in guitarist Andre Cholmondeley's basement in New Jersey. As the event grew in size and popularity, PROJECT/OBJECT decided to take their show on the road, performing Zappa's music in more cities and in larger venues, with a growing set list from every era of Zappa's 30-year recording career. The band strives to stay true to Zappa's vision of constantly challenging musicians and their audiences. This event is free with a reservation. Please email to RSVP. If you do not have access to email, please call 216.515.8426.

  • 2007/02/14 Project/Object feat. Ike Willis - concert 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa

Thursday, February 15, 7 p.m., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - An evening with Adrian Belew. Highly regarded for his work with artists and bands including Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails and Paul Simon, Belew is considered the guitar player's guitarist.   He is a five-time winner of Guitar Player's best guitar player award, has been inducted into the Guitar Player's Hall of Fame, has been honored by ASCAP and was nominated for a Grammy award. This event is free with a reservation. Please email to RSVP. If you do not have access to email, please call 216.515.8426.

  • 2007/02/15 Adrian Belew - concert 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa

Friday, February 16, 8 p.m. and Saturday, February 17, 8 p.m. - Red {an orchestra} presents The Importance of Being Zappa at the Masonic Auditorium, 3615 Euclid Avenue. Red {an orchestra}'s mission is to develop diverse musical audiences through innovative programs, which connect music with other artistic disciplines to produce engaging and entertaining performances. Join Red in celebrating the classical side Frank Zappa. Ticket prices are $15, $35 and $65. To reserve your seat, visit or call 216.361.1733.

  • 2007/02/16 Red - concert 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa




the correct date for the Dresden Philharmonie concert is 24.3 (and not 27.3 as i stated earlier) !!

(thanx ulli !!)


  • albert marcoeur: plusieurs cas de figure
        (2001, cd, france, label frères)
    • "Plusiers Cas De Figure" is one of Marcoeur's more recent albums. It's sounds a bit darker than the other Marcoeur albums that I have heard, but it's a very impressive album.

  • albert marcoeur: ma vie avec elles
        (1990, cd, france, baillemont productions)
    • This is album number five in the Marcoeur discography. Five albums in about 15 years isn't that much. We all know artists that have put out five albums in one year...
      Anyway, "Ma Vie Avec Elle" is a great album. Excellent compositions. I have to check out the other Marcoeur material...

  • albert marcoeur: albert marcoeur
        (1974, lp, france, atlantic wea)
    • Albert Marcoeur's first album got re-released on CD in 2001 on the Label Frères record label. Originally issued in 1974, but the album still sounds impressive.
      If you're not familiar with the work of Albert Marcoeur, this disc is a very fine introduction. Albert Marcoeur is sometimes refered to as "the french frank zappa". It's true that he likes and uses melodic and rhythmic experiments, but let's not label him.

      "Albert Marcoeur" was the first Marcoeur album that I listened to. And it got me hooked.

it's been a while, but i've been having trouble with the pc and with my up-and download limits. I should be over...
see you tomorrow...



Carlos Zerpa is running this fabulous Zappa related blog. It's in Spanish, but even if you don't speak the language, you'll be able to enjoy it.

Check it out at

Just take a look at all the subjects that have been up over at the blog:

Este BLOG agrupa a manera de ANTICATALOGO, fotografías, curiosidades, imágenes, gifs, pinturas, dibujos, collages, discos, textos, vivencias, reflexiones y comentarios sobre Zappa, que me han enviado como colaboración los hermanos Zappianos del mundo o que he conseguido en la red así como también escritos realizados por mi acerca del maestro.

Los invito a que viajen con nosotros a este fascinante planeta del maestro FRANK ZAPPA.
Le estoy muy agradecido sobre todo a los Brothers de la liZta.
Planeta Zappa
Un planeta y un blog con el nombre de Frank Zappa (3834) Zappafrank 
Planet number 3834 has been named in honor of innovative rock musician Frank Zappa.

Aquí puedes ver y leer:
1- Frank Zappa el Rey del KUNG FU. Del Templo de Shaolin al arca de Los Episodios Perdidos
2- Zappa ecu dama puckered rictus, una planta de hojas alargadas, que en vez de frutos da ojos
3- ¿Por qué Frank Zappa no participó en el festival de Woodstock?
4- Frank Zappa Performance Art
5- Entrevista a Frank Zappa realizada por Jerry Hopkins para la revista "16 Magazine" en al año de 1968.
6- ZAPPA ZAPPA ZAPPA, El Zappa de por si es una fuente de continua creatividad
7- The Hijos of Frank Zappa y los Brothers de la liZta
8- Un planeta con el nombre de Frank Zappa
9- Nyligen invigdes ett Frank Zappa - café
10- El disco "We're Only In It For The Money" de Zappa .
11- El Hombre de la Síndone es Frank Zappa by Juan C. Voltereta
12- ZAPPA!!!!!! Hot Román García Albertos
13- T Shirt, Orgullo Zappiano
14- "Frank Zappa Strasse" Una calle llamada Frank Zappa en Alemania
15- Weasels Ripped My Flesh By José Armando García
16- ZAPPA TEST by Juan Carlos Rubio Aragonés
17- Frank Zappa The MOFO Project/Object by Román García.
19- FREAK OUT RED WINE by Francesc Xavier Arnau Clasca
20- ZAPPA en un muro en Uruguay By Andrés Mastrangelo.
21- My Sticka Zappa by Barry "Wildman" Snyder
22- Frank Zappa thème astral, carte du ciel et planètes
23- Examen Zappòlogo por Marcelo Gasió.
24- Frank Zappa en el infierno by Manuel de la Fuente Soler
25- Un show en la televisión española para deleite de pocos.
26- Zappa Café, Budapest
27- Frank Zappa & Michael Nesmith de The Monkees
28- Zappa Anakir Kun
30- Weasels Ripped my Flesh
31- Weasels Ripped my Flesh CAFÈ
32- para mi papà Zappiano By Santiago Zerpa
33- ZAPPAGATO escuchando Ya Hozna
34- Me enamoré de un fan de Frank Zappa by Susana Meza
35- Commemorative Guitar Pick Collection
36- Paris Hilton muere por el Captain Beefheart by Román García
37- Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch
38- Weasels Ripped My Flesh again
39- Introducción a Frank Zappa by Juan Gómez González y Nando Caballero
40- Frank is my Elvis... By Matt Groening
41- The REAL Frank Zappa Book By Frank Zappa 1989
42- Zappa Confluentus is a goby...
45- + + + + + + + + + + + R.I.P. MISTER BRECKER + + + + + + + + + + +
47- Bellas Fans Zappianas
48- Michael Kenyon, The Illinois Enema Bandit
49- La Carta en la Manga
50- Frank Zappa me abrazó y besó By Isabel Jover.
51- Me cae bien Zappa by Pollo Mike
52- Here' s a picture of Frank that i found inside a bottle cap
53- Zappa Beeeeeeeeeeeer
54- Zappa Toyota
55- ZAPPA Sign in front of a shopping mall in Bronnoysund
56- ZAPPA Used Records
57- Zappapumpkin
58- Zappa por Z by JV Campos
59- Soñé que la liZta era un convento de monjas católicas
60- Pamela ... Frank Zappa's friend.
61- Bienvenidas las Grabadoras a Clase By JV Campos
62- Pigs, Cerdos, Cochinos, Lechones en las canciones de Zappa by Kill Ugly Radio
63- Una araña llamada Frank Zappa.
64- Aren't those Frank Zappa's kids? By Dan Perlman
65- My airbrushed art car dedicated to Frank Zappa. By Kozmic Dreams
66- Zappaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
67- FOO - EEE. by Scott Shaw
68- Frank Zappa honoured by Rock Hall
69- Rock Hall, Red orchestra honor Zappa By John Soeder
71- Weasels Art... Thanks to Wampy
72- More Weasels Art
73- Zappa Fan
74- Zapped
75- Frank Zappa y las mujeres que me gustan By Tzarel
76- Soñé que yo era Frank Zappa... By Cinco Clavos.
77- HOT RATS By Daniel Carrillo
78- Directo al infierno con Zappa, Peckinpah, Buckowski, Marylin Monroe, Jimmy Hendrix y Bon Scott By Ignacio Alted



Sul Divano
te invita a:
Ver el video del TV show,
con temas nuestros y de Frank Zappa.
Si todavía no los viste podes ingresar a:
y disfrutar de ellos.
Y si ya los viste, y te gustó, 
estaría bueno que difundas este mail
 para que otras personas
también nos conozcan,
agradecemos tu cooperación.

In short: visit the Sul Divano website and enjoy some of the video fragments that have been put on-line.


a message from Pojama People:


Here we commmmmmmmmmmmmmme
Walkin down the streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Get funniest looks frommmmmmmmmm
That guy Uncle Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat

Pojama People featuring Ike Willis Performing the Music of Frank Zappa

Feb 15  Thursday  9pm
Sam Bond's Garage
EUGENE, OR 97402

Feb 17  Saturday  10pm
Ash St Saloon
225 SW Ash St
Portland, OR 97204

Feb 18
big secret almost hollywood-like celeb bash that will make bam's wedding look like a toddler's birthday party in springfield. {what the hell am i talkin about...?}

that's right ~you heard right~ you can have ike & the kids at your *very own* shindig. just email the grouchy drummer who likes to think he has something to do with this band.  ( )

our groovy site:


Broken Hearts are for Assholes
2nd Annual FZ Valentines Event

Friday, Feb 16, 8pm

King Brewing Co
895 Cesar E Chavez Ave
Pontiac, MI 48340



  • various artists: hall of fame records - 12 años en fuera de juego - vol.1
        (2006, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-28-cd)
    • Last year, Hall Of Fame records released two samplers to celebrate it's 12th birthday. As Hall Of Fames is the label that issued the essential "Unmatched" series, it should come as no surprise that the discs includes some Zappa coverversions as well:
    • román: oh no! (frank zappa) - (unmatched vol. 7 - 2004)
    • guisante: inca roads (frank zappa) - (unmatched vol. 1 - 1996)
    • os travalhadores do comerço: bobby brown (frank zappa) - (unmatched vol. 4 - 1999)  

  • various artists: hall of fame records - 12 años en fuera de juego - vol.2
        (2006, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-29-cd)
    • Volume two offers more delicious material from the Hall Of Fame catalogue. The big difference with volume one is that this discs presents previously unreleased material. And, yes, it includes some Zappa tunes as well !!
    • pando: dead girls of london (frank zappa) - (inèdito)
    • crosstown traffic: how could i be such a fool (frank zappa) - (directo inèdito)


  • pando: snapshots of pando
        (2006, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-30-cd)
    • I've been playing Pando's latest album an awful lot the last couple of days, and I just keep on laughing. This is one hilarious album. Each and every song gives you the impression that you've heard it before. And maybe you have, 'cause Pando knows his classics.
      There's some country, some folk, a bit of hawaian slide guitar, a superb jazz tune ('Earthlings') some laid-back rock songs, and lots and lots more.
      Besides the great tunes, "Snapshots Of Pando" has some very funny lyrics as well. Check it out.



To celebrate the upcoming concert of Palinckx and / with the Asko Ensemble later this year, the dutch Concertzender radio station is doing a Palinckx special: 3 times 4 hours of Palinckx: live and out of print material of the Tilburg band.

The first batch got broadcast on 2007/01/15:

  • live 1983/10/13
  • material from "maartse buien"
  • material from "groeten"
  • live 1986/02/06
  • material from "if p then q"
  • material from "liive"



In 1995, Michael Hedges was a guest at the "Echoes From The Living Room" radio show. He performed some music and talked about his new album. The first piece that he performed was Zappa's 'Sofa no.1'. A great version.

The broadcast can be downloaded from DimeADozen:

  • Sofa No. 1
  • Ritual Dance
  • Rickover’s Dream
  • Dirge
  • Syrinx
  • Jitterboogie


  • frank zappa: the mofo project/object (77)
        (2006, 2cd, usa, zappa records)
    • I finally managed to add the little mofo to the discographies of the participating musicians. An opportunity to listen to the album once again.

      2006 was an excellent year.


December 19, 1994, The Ensemble Intercontemporain, conducted by David Robertson, performed a number of interesting pieces in concert. The concert got broadcast on French Radio a couple of months later.

A recording of this FM broadcast got seeded on Dime (by Dabozo) a little while ago:


  • 1994/12/19 concert 'Théatre du Châtelet', Paris, France / dir. David Robertson
    • the program
      • Integrales (Varese)
      • The Perfect Stranger (Zappa)
      • G Spot Tornado (Zappa)
      • Transit pour Percussions solo & Ensemble (Herve)
    • the concert got broadcast on fm radio, during the program "Tapage Nocturne" on 1995/03/02



The Central Srutinizer is a band from São Paulo, Brasil. The band plays the music of Frank Zappa. They have been around for quite a while, and were about to release a live album of a concert that they did with Ike Willis in 1997 !!

Unforunately, that album has not seen the light of day (yet). But the good news is that the band is still performing, and that a fabulous audience recording of one of their recent concerts showed up on Dime.

The Central Scrutinizer Band:

  • Mano Bap: guitar, vocals
  • Rainer Pappon: guitar
  • Claudio Tchernev: drums
  • Caio Góes: bass
  • Hugo Hori: tenor sax
  • Juliano Beccari: keyboards
  • Marcelo Ringel: bass
  • Dadu Bap: alto sax


  • 2007/02/04 concert 'Café Piu Piu', São Paulo, Brazil
    • set one: Let's Move to Cleveland (08'17), Andy (05'45), San Ber'dino (05'57), Dinah-Moe Humm (06'24), More Trouble Everyday (04'19), Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy (06'08), Florentine Pogen (04'47), Fifty-fifty (07'37), Watermelon In Easter Hay (09'47), Uncle Remus (05'35)
    • set two: Zoot Allures (06'55), The Illinois Enema Bandit (08'45), Dirty Love (03'54), Big Leg Emma (03'49), Cosmik Debris (10'00), Apostrophe' (10'10), Outside Now (07'56), Bobby Brown (02'50), Keep It Greasy (04'34), Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me? (05'13), Whipping Post (13'33)
    • encore: Sofa (03'33)



In 2006, The Amsterdam Percussion Group, featuring Terry Bozzio, performed a number of concerts in The Netherlands (the one in Belgium got canceled). Bozzio performed Frank Zappa's 'The Black Page' during these concerts.

I was able to catch the Tilburg concert, and it was incredible.
A couple of days ago, an audience recording of the Alkmaar concert got seeded on Dime. Superb. And it included a couple of great shots as well.


The Amsterdam Percussion Group, featuring Terry Bozzio
  • Mike Schäperclaus: Percussion
  • Josep Vicent: Percussion
  • Mark Haanstra: Bass
  • Terry Bozzio: Drums


Terry Bozzio, in concert with the Amsterdam Percussion Group


  • acid mothers temple & the cosmic inferno: starless and bible black sabbath
        (2005, cd, can, alien8recordings)
    • I just can't get enough of the Acid Mothers Temple. On "Starless and Bible Black Sabbath", the band goes all the way. Kawabata Makoto plays the guitar like you've never heard it before...
      Just to give you an impression, the title track is about 35 minutes long and is almost one big guitar solo.



"Fireworks is performing a portrait concert of Frank Zappa at the Miller Theater on February 2, 2007.  Fireworks will join forces with some of their favorite musician friends to present a huge range of pieces from Zappa's output, including the very difficult and rarely-heard wind quintets and string quintets, a collection of chamber orchestra pieces, and of course, a set of Zappa's instrumental rock, just for Fireworks."

Here's more details from DimeADozen, where you can download an audience recording (by punkjazz) of the show.

I created an entry for the Zephyros Winds Ensemble as well.



Zephyros Winds Ensemble

  • Jennifer Grimm: Flute
  • Robert Ingliss: Oboe
  • Mariane Gythfeldt: Clarinet
  • Douglas Quint: Bassoon
  • Gilad Harel: Bass Clarinet
  1. Number 6
  2. Times Beach II
  3. Times Beach III
  4. Wind Quintet

String Quintet

  • Jennifer Choi: Violin
  • Cornelius Dufallo: Violin
  • Jonathan Vinocur: Viola
  • Leigh Stuart: Cello
  • Brian Coughlin: Bass
  1. None Of The Above
  2. III Revised
  3. Questi Cazzi di Piccione

Chamber Orchestra
conducted by Jeffrey Milarsky

  • Jennifer Grimm: Flute
  • Barry Crawford: Flute
  • Robert Ingliss: Oboe
  • Andrea Knoll: Oboe
  • Douglas Quint: Bassoon
  • Mariane Gythfeldt: Clarinet
  • Gilad Harel: Bass Clarinet
  • Benjamin Fingland: Bs Clarinet
  • Douglas Quint: Bassoon
  • Patrick Pridemore: Horn
  • Michael Atkinson: Horn
  • CJ Camerieri: Trumpet
  • Jeremy Milosevicz: Trumpet
  • Barabars Hamilton: Trombone
  • Michael Boschen: Trombone
  • Andrew Madej: tuba
  • Maura Valenti: Harp
  • Jon Brent: Mandolin
  • Steve Beck: Piano
  • Matt Gold: Percussion
  • John Ostrowski: percussion
  • Jennifer Choi: Violin
  • Catherine Fong: Violin
  • Kenji Bunch: Viola
  • Alaistair MacRae: Cello
  • Cornelius Dufallo: Violin
  • Jonathan Vinocur: Viola
  • Leigh Stuart: Cello
  • Brian Coughlin: Bass
  1. Bebop Tango
  2. Naval Aviation In Art
  3. Girl With The Magnesium Dress
  4. The Perfect Stranger

Fireworks Ensemble

  • Jennifer Grimm: Flute
  • Jennifer Choi: Violin
  • Oren Fader: Guitar
  • Michael Ibrahim: Saxophone
  • James Johnston: Keyboards
  • Eric Poland: Drums
  • Leigh Stuart: Cello
  • Brian Coughlin: Bass
  1. The Black Page (I & II)
  2. T'Mershi Duween
  3. King Kong
  4. The Purple Lagoon/Approximate
  5. G-Spot Tornado



  • stevie salas: shapeshifter
        (2002, cd, usa, surfdog)
    • Stevie Salas started his career as guitar player in George Clinton's Funkadelic. According to the Wikipedia, he has about 18 albums out. "Shapeshifter" is from a couple of years ago and it mixes great guitar work with very powerful music. There's a lot of Hendrix' influences, Rage Against The Machine, and some great Funk, of course. It's no suprise that Bootsy Collins guests on the album.

      I like it.
    • Here's the interview over at Modern Guitars magazine:
    • Thanx to Marlo Mailorder from Hamburg.



  • caballero reynaldo: hispano olivetti
        (2006, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-31-cd)
    • Here is Caballero Reynaldo's latest album. Caballero Reynaldo is Luis Gonzáles' alter ego. Luis has been active in the music scene since the early eighties. Check out the Amor Sucio entry here at UM, or just visit his Hall Of Fame record label.

      "Hispano Olivetti" 's Caballero Reynaldo at his very best: thirteen catchy, modulating pop tunes. And as you can imagine, the typewriter is present as well. (Who needs drums when you've got a typewriter?)
    • Check it out at


It looks like some of the magzine covers weren't visible. Here's another attempt:
  • hitweek
        (1967/09/22, magazine, the netherlands)
  • beetle
        (1974/12, magazine, usa)
  • keyboard
        (1987/02, magazine, usa)




  • alice stuart: all the good times
        (1964, lp, usa, arhoolie)
    • Here's the cover of the first Alice Stuart album.
      Can't tell you too much about it, as I haven't heard the album, but I added the album cover and the tracklisting to the Alice Stuart entry.


A couple of days ago, on 2007 01 31, the Fast 'n Bulbous concert from 2006/11/17 got broadcast on dutch radio Concertzender.



from: John Trubee - 2007 02 03

Pompous Quotes For The Day By Pretentious Blowhards

HellPope Huey    
    If you were arrested tomorrow,
    how much justice could you afford?


    The funny thing about all these Utopian systems of government is that they're always promising to make man free --
    but first they try to make him run like an eight-day clock.
    They ask the individual to become a slave in order to establish freedom for mankind.
     It's rum logic.
        ~ Henry Miller


     "There comes a time when silence is betrayal."
                             --Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.    


    "Technology is a cocked gun aimed backwards at its smugly ignorant, clownish bearers."
                                         --John Trubee


    "Love is a word universally misused to conceal less than noble motivations."
                                         --John Trubee 




Newton, Mass -- February 1, 2007

His soothing baritone is the voice of rock 'n roll Everyman "Joe" in Frank Zappa's 3-act opus, "Joe's Garage", and he's "Thing-Fish" incarnate. Ike Willis was Frank Zappa's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for nearly 15 years. Today, he is arguably Zappa's spiritual successor, founding and coaching Zappa tribute/experience bands all over the world to fulfill Zappa's wish, "Play my music."

Willis will appear with Zappa tribute band Project/Object at the 18th annual Zappanale (a Zappa festival) this summer in Germany. Thousands will see him on stage, but participants on Vacation Vibrations' "Farther Oblivion Tour 2007" will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an exclusive get-together with the man who continues to live and spread the Zappa gospel. "Ike was as close to Frank as one could be without being a blood relative," says tour operator Scott Tepper, "and we are thrilled that he has graciously offered to spend time with our group."   Willis will share memories of times with Zappa and the band in the studio, on the road, and just one-on-one, and answer questions. The exact timing of the get-together will be announced closer to the tour date.

Tour operator Tepper adds, "This is a phenomenal new addition to our trip -- the chance to meet a man who absorbed so much of Zappa's thinking and musicianship. When shake hands with Ike, you're shaking hands with the Maestro himself."

"Farther Oblivion Tour 2007" is a 10-night vacation package to Berlin (including the historic dedication of Frank-Zappa-strasse), Prague (where Zappa is practically a patron saint), and the Zappanale festival.The tour is offered by Vacation Vibrations, a division of American International Tour Groups, a group tour operator with 15 years of experience specializing in customized group trips.
For more information about this tour, visit , email , or call 617-721-7996.

Scott A. Tepper
Tour Operator
Vacation Vibrations
321 Walnut Street, #250
Newtonville, MA 02460


  • various artists: zappanale 17 - retrospective
        (2006, dvd, ger, the arf society)
    • Once a year, in July (or August), the Arf Society organises the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. Besides the fact that this an affordable and well-organised festival, Zappanale brings together visitors from all over the world. For me, it's the time of the year that I can actually shake hands or hug a bunch of people that I normally only speak with through e-mail.
      And then there's the music: it's all about Frank Zappa. There are bands that play Zappa's music, there are bands that interpret Zappa's music, and there are bands that play music that is influenced by Frank Zappa.

      Over the top? Too much? Well, I don't think so. And the Retrospective DVD from Zappanale 17 can show you why. Alongside all these bands that play Zappa's mucis, there were also bands like Age, TriPod, Jane, The Soft Machine Legacy (!!) and the Ikarisches Ensemble. Some of these played excellent sets bringing the necessary and essential variation that a three-day festival needs.

      The 2007 edition of the festival looks very promising. Not in the least because of Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble and Terry Bozzio's OUT Trio.
      And if you want to know what the 2006 looked like, you should try the Zappanale 17 DVD, with fragments of every show and a pack of audience shots & pictures.


  • various artists: zappanale 17
        (2006, 2cd, ger, arf society)
    • YES, here it is. The Zappanale 2CD set.

      Last year's Zappanale was yet another highlight. Listening to this beautiful album takes me right back to Bad Doberan.
      Corrie van Binsbergen, the Zappatistas, PiKANTiK, Soft Machine, Adrian Belew... These were some fabulous concerts.

      If you were there, this "Zappanale 17" album probably already is on your want-list. If you weren't there, these two discs will convince you to go next time.

      Essential material.

      Order your copy from, or ask your local Zappa dealer.

disc one

  1. gamma: gamma waves (gamma arr. campbell/greenaway)

  2. corrie van binsbergen:  i wasn't talking (van binsbergen/zappa)

  3. age: il y a mojo (grahovac)

  4. fzle: broken hearts are for assholes (zappa)

  5. fzle: son of orange county (zappa)

  6. tripod: new design (bahr/gurland/romano)

  7. zappatistas: sleep dirt (zappa)

  8. daniel rohr & peaches en regalia (zappa)

  9. jane: daytime (hess)

  10. jazzprojekt hundehagen: rat tomago incl. zoot allures & theme from 'bonanza' (zappa & evans/livingston)

  11. pikantik: if only she woulda (zappa)

  12. soft machine legacy: two down (marshall/etheridge)

  13. egon kracht & the troupe: watermelon in easter hay (zappa)  


disc two

  1. doot!: dootrap (brunelli/chillemi/cholmondeley/campbell/greenaway)

  2. doot!: napkins (both pink & black) (zappa)

  3. the paul green school of rock music: travelling riverside blues (page/plant/johnson)

  4. the paul green school of rock music: changes (iommi/ward/butler/osbourne)

  5. the paul green school of rock music: black page #2 (zappa)

  6. the paul green school of rock music: king kong feat. adrian belew (zappa)

  7. the paul green school of rock music: city of tiny lites feat. adrian belew (zappa)

  8. les polissons: lucille has messed my mind up (zappa/simmons)

  9. les polissons: mr green genes (zappa)

  10. ikarisches ensemble: pandora (tan_ek)

  11. the adrian belew power trio: i remember how to forget (belew)

  12. the adrian belew power trio: young lions (belew)

  13. the adrian belew power trio: madness (belew)

  14. the adrian belew power trio: lone rhinoceros (belew)

  15. finale: packard goose (zappa)



THE KENEALLIST: January 30 2007

Hey there -- I hope you're not sick with varying cold symptoms, because I am, and I would like it better if you were healthier than I am.  It would just, I don't know, make me feel better somehow.

Today Dave Foster and Scott Chatfield and I do more work on the Dust Speck DVD. It's so damn close to finished, I can taste tin. (That's the international flavor of nearly completed DVDs. Tin.)


Guess what, lover?  We just put another bunch of Universe Will Provide score drawings on eBay.  This batch is nifty.  As the series progressed I started drawing more mystical type stuff.  One of the drawings (number 33) is the original drawing of the guy who you can currently see lingering on the left side of my profile page here on MySpace.  This dude has a significantly calming influence and makes lives better; now he can be in your life, yo!  (I used to say "yo" in fifth grade all the time and never knew why.  Now, Chris Opperman says "yo" all the time, and this provides symmetry in my life.)

from the instrumentation page of the score. from the title page of "Blue 68.", from the title page of "Bullies.", from "All of Them Were Quiet."

This here auction ends on Saturday Feb. 3, don't you know. 


Whaddelse? The new issue of Guitar One Magazine (March 2007) has some fun stuff with me in the magazine and on the CD-rom which comes bundled with it. (Hey, it just started raining!) I am, apparently, "delightfully twisted" according to the folks at Guitar One. There's a tiny photo of me on the front cover, dwarfed by the magnificence of the guy from Incubus, and a bigger photo of me on the CD-rom label. Thanks to Michael Mueller who interviewed me for this issue and props to him too for transcribing my weirdnesses (I think he did the transcribing -- if not he, props to he/she who did. It may well have been Adam Perlmutter.  Props to him too, whether he did it or not).  Hats off also to Angela Boatwright for the cool shots of me in the NoneRadio shirt. 


WesFest 2 is coming, yo -- let me let Bryan Beller tell you about it:

WesFest 2: A Concert To Benefit The Wes Wehmiller Scholarship At Berklee College Of Music

Hosted By:
Bryan Beller

06 Mar 2007
Doors at 7:00 PM

The Gig
7302 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046

Band Lineup:

Stu Hamm - bass hero extraordinaire!

Danny Mo and the Exciters
This is a special act because it showcases the very first winner of the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Award, Will Snyder! It also features one of Wes' closest friends and mentors, Berklee Bass Professor Danny Morris, and renowned drummer James Gadson (Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers) doing an old-school set of R&B.

The Dirty Janks
Psychedelically funkified and groovalicious grease from Arlan Schierbaum (keys), Rick Musallam (guitar), Dorian Heartsong (bass) and Joe Travers (drums).

Super-hip, all-female, multi-instrumentalist rock/jazz/electronica trio, led by Eve Buigues and Andrea Bensmiller.

Janet Robin
Killer guitarist, amazing singer/songwriter, and all-around incredible performer, Janet's an L.A. scene veteran and longtime friend of many in the WesFest community.

Jude Crossen
Consummate professional singer who sang backups with Kira Small at last year's show, Jude does smart, powerful pop in the mold of XTC and Elvis Costello.

The WesFest All-Stars
If you were there last year, then you'll really appreciate this set - a collective set of nearly all of the original WesFest performers! Features performances by Mike Keneally, Ali Handal, Kira Small, Griff Peters, Bryan Beller, Tristana Ward, and the ever-popular I, Claudius.

Ticket Pricing

$30. per pair of tickets in advance (advance tickets are available until February 28)
$20. for single tickets in advance
$30. for tickets at the door.

To purchase tickets and/or donate to the WesFest 2 fundraising drive, please visit:

(I just snoze twice.  Tired of being sick.)


Finally, the building I'm lusting after for my San Diego chapter of the Paul Green School of Rock just got a little closer to my clutches. Please keep all your appendages crossed for a smooth execution of this complex process, thank you. And as always, if you want to enroll you or your kid in the School of Rock and have them subject to my professorial whims, contact me at, tout de suite.

Thanks, you magnificent maniacs. 




  • the fall: psykick dance hall
        (2000, 3cd, uk, eagle records)
    • I read in an interview with The Fall somewhere, where it said that 'Psykick Dance Hall' was inspired by Zappa's 'Call Any Vegetable'.
      Well, if the band says so, who am I to argue about it...

      If they hadn't said it, I wouldn't have noticed it.


  • frank zappa en el infierno
    • by manuel de la fuente soler
          (2006, book, spain, bibioteca nueva)
    • Do you remember the new book on Zappa that I mentioned a little while ago? It's called "Frank Zappa En El Infierno" and it's about Zappa's role as a political activist in the eighties. It takes an in-depth look at Zappa's reaction against: Ronald Reagan, the political scandals, the religious groups, the PMRC & censorship. The book ends with Zappa's voter registration campaign and the April 15 KPFA radio broadcast where Zappa announced that he might run for president.

      "Frank Zappa En El Infierno" is a very impressive, well-documented book. It's a pity that my Spanish isn't that good. (this book needs a translation!)

Check out Manuel de la Fuente Soler's blog for more info:

Or buy it at Hall Of Fame records:

for starters...


Another "thanx" goes out to slime.oofytv.set for sending in three more magazine covers.
The fz magazine section is starting to look like something. Just don't forget, if you have a mag that isn't pictured, send me a scan !
  • good times
        (1979/05, magazine, usa)
    • The May 1979 issue of Good Times included a 2-page article on Frank Zappa entitled "From Freak To Sheik".

  • soundblast
       (1973/06, magazine, australia)
    • The June 1973 edition of Soundblast included a 2-page article on Frank Zappa entitled "Inside Frank Zappa".

  • los angeles reader
        (1989/10, magazine, usa)
    • The October 1989 issue of Los Angeles Reader included a 2-page Frank Zappa interview.


Frank Zappa’s notorious home in Laurel Canyon goes up for sale after 30 years. Alice Cooper, Eric Burdon, John Mayall, Pamela Des Barres, and members of the Mothers of Invention remember the days.

The Rock and Roll Treehouse

by Jack Boulware

It’s 1968, at the Laurel Canyon Country Store in the Hollywood hills. Drummer Ansley Dunbar meets a 15-year-old hippie chick named Pattie and asks if she wants to go to a party at Frank Zappa's house. They pull into a driveway of an old log cabin. People are wandering in and out of an enormous 70-foot living room. In the basement, musicians take turns bowling on a Day-Glo painted bowling alley. The adjoining guest house sports a duck pond and two trees growing out of the living room. Couples are huddled in artificial caves built into the hillside. Someone tells her the cabin was once the house of movie cowboy Tom Mix, and that Harry Houdini used to live across the street. Pattie looks around at the outrageously dressed girls, taking care of a baby named Moon Unit, and the cute young guys playing guitars, and realizes she’s inside the epicenter of the Laurel Canyon music scene.

“Mick Jagger was there,” she now recalls. “A couple guys from the Animals. Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders. Alice Cooper. Janis Joplin. Roger McGuinn and Mike Clarke from the Byrds. Brian McLain and Arthur Lee, who were in Love. Another band in L.A. called the Seeds. Andy Summers. Sam Andrew was there, from Big Brother. John Mayall. Mick Taylor—he was the only one my age.”

Pattie O’Neal pauses to think back. “The Cowsills, the prototype wholesome family? One or two of the older Cowsill guys were there,” she says. “They were really stoned, they looked terrible!”

In the late 60s, this house was the premier stop of Los Angeles rock and roll. After 35 years, the log cabin is long gone, but amazingly, the treehouse is newly renovated and on the real estate market. For a cool $2.4 million someone can own a slightly fuzzy slice of history.

As a caretaker gives me a tour, pointing out such erroneous information as the spot where gunfighter Wyatt Earp supposedly died, I am reminded of the Hollywood dance between fact and rumor. It isn't unusual for an address to have a rich lineage. Every third house seems to be once owned by somebody with screen credits, even if it was only the second unit director on “Land of the Pharoahs.” The Canyon is singular in this regard. Since the 1920s, the nouveau riche have scurried up into the hills to hide, from Bugsy Siegel to W.C. Fields, Robert Mitchum, Robert Heinlein, Harry Houdini, and current celebrities like Julian Lennon and Julianne Moore. It’s quiet, woodsy, and less than a mile from Sunset Boulevard.

But 2401 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in particular has retained an unusual fondness. According to Tom Mix historian Boyd Magers, the log cabin was constructed back in 1915, as a masculine retreat for wealthy men to escape their women and smoke and drink in peace. Its highlight was an 80-foot living room, with floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. Tom Mix lived here briefly, a fun-loving movie cowboy who for a time cashed Hollywood’s biggest checks. After Mix moved to Beverly Hills, the cabin was rented for several decades.

As the 1960s washed over Los Angeles, the ripple of fuck-you new money began seeping into the canyon, young people with record contracts and reefer smirks. When architect Robert Byrd needed a place to live between marriages, his son Gary helped him build a small house just behind the Tom Mix log cabin, then vacant. Gary Byrd recalls when clearing the property, the father and son discovered “one of the Barrymore kids” living inside a shack. The following year, a communal family of weirdos moved into the cabin and treehouse, centered around two underground hipsters named Vito Paluekas and Carl Franzoni, organizers of freeform dance troupes at clubs along Sunset Strip. The dancers wore freaky clothing, and flopped and pogoed alongside bands like the Byrds and the Mothers of Invention.

One night a young Pamela Des Barres followed the so-called “Zappa dancers” to a party at the Log Cabin. In those days, Franzoni was known as Captain Fuck. “He wanted to fuck everybody,” remembers Des Barres, now the elder spokeswoman of rock groupies. “He had this long tongue, and wore a cape with a big “F” on the back. He was standing in the doorway, with big pink curlers clamped in his pubic hair.”

“We had dances there,” says Carl Franzoni, still chasing young girls in northern California. “We had lots of rehearsals.” He adds slyly, “It was a fuck scene, too.”

In 1967 the Zappa dancers split their rent with staff from the hippie publication The Oracle. Retired journalist John Bilby recalls at least 36 people living and partying at the Log Cabin and treehouse, including the band Fraternity of Man. “Tim Leary was definitely there, George Harrison and Ravi Shankar were there,” Bilby says. “The psychedelics that were being taken. They were fucking right out there on the grounds, a thousand miles from civilization.”

In the spring of 1968, The Oracle moved out, and Frank Zappa moved in, fresh from an extended gig in New York. His bizarre, satirical synthesis of Spike Jones and Edgar Varese, combined with a guitar virtuosity and serious business acumen, attracted a parade of curious visitors like Paul Butterfield, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix. Among Zappa's many projects was producing the GTOs, a band made up of groupies hanging around the cabin.

“We were sitting in the living room,” remembers Des Barres. “I remember Frank telling us ‘You should be a band. How would you girls like to be in a band?’ He sat us down in the basement. We made lists of the rock stars we wanted to meet, and wrote the album down there.”

One house guest was John Mayall, who had just broken up the Bluesbreakers and was taking in the Los Angeles scene. The strange-looking GTO girls made a lasting impression. “Obviously flamboyant comes to mind,” Mayall chuckles. “Quite a shock to see for a person visiting from England.” Mayall recovered sufficiently to record songs both about Zappa’s cabin and the rigors of venereal disease.

Between guests, Zappa held auditions for his Bizarre and Straight record labels. One band from Phoenix, Alice Cooper, had been turned down by every record company and was going nowhere in a hurry. Fortunately, Cooper was dating Zappa’s babysitter, and so Zappa agreed to hear Cooper’s band at the cabin at 7 o'clock.

“We were so excited we got there at seven in the morning,” says Cooper. “We set up in the living room and started playing our set. Frank came down the stairs with a cup of coffee, and he goes, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ You said seven. ‘Seven at NIGHT.’ So he listened to about four songs and he’s, ‘Okay okay, you’re signed, I’ll sign you.’”

A young guitarist named Bill Harkleroad, aka Zoot Horn Rollo, showed up to audition for Captain Beefheart, and saw members of the Stones, the Who, the Mothers, studio musicians and about 25 others all wandering about. “Within a few minutes I'm in a jam session with Frank, Don Vliet, Mick Jagger, Art Tripp,” says Harkleroad. “Frank and Don were my rock world heroes.” He was so nervous he could only play a few notes.

Alice Cooper recalls another Jagger visit, when the Stone showed up inebriated with girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, and the straight-edge Zappa kicked them both out of the house.

“I was sitting there, just a kid hanging out to record,” says Cooper. “And I went, ‘Frank Zappa just threw Mick Jagger out of his house—because he’s drunk.’ To me, thats so far in another universe that I couldnt even believe it.”

One of Zappa’s canyon neighbors was Eric Burdon, whose first memory of the house concerns borrowing a motorcycle from Jimmy Carl Black of the Mothers of Invention. Black threw in a bonus: a few lines of speed. Burdon says, “I was so stoned that I was heading north on Pacific Coast Highway before I remembered you have to put gas in the machine, and I ran out of gas and was stranded. I spent the night on the beach, freezing cold. I got back and saw Jimmy and he said, “Good stuff?”

The word was out: Laurel Canyon was where it was at. Groovy scenes blossomed at the homes of Joni Mitchell, the Byrds, the Monkees, Mama Cass. Passers-by gawked at the Log Cabin out of car windows. “It was omnipresent,” says former Mothers drummer Denny Bruce. “If you lived in the valley and came into Hollywood, you’re coming over Laurel Canyon, so every jerk from the valley—‘Heyyy mannn, there’s Frank Zappa’s pad.’”

Tired of the attention, the Zappas moved out after just six months. Log Cabin parties continued with new tenants. But the canyon was experiencing a seismic shift in music and drugs du jour. Along with ‘70s blue-jean millionaires like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles came an underbelly of junkies and squatters. The Cabin and treehouse scene grew creepy. “They were kind of rave parties,” recalls DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. “Weird black lights, stuff like that. People were stoned and out of it.”

The darkness coalesced on Halloween morning 1981, when the Log Cabin mysteriously caught fire. Some said it started from a banjo player’s cigarette, other claimed it was a drug lab explosion. As helicopters hovered over the blaze, police roped off the property and a crowd watched it burn to the ground. Only the treehouse was saved. Some, like Pamela Des Barres, poked through the rubble. Others simply drove past, like Alice Cooper, not wanting to think about it.

When music producer Bob Crosby rented the property in 1984, he discovered drums and drumsticks stuffed into the cabin’s still standing fireplace chimney. “Down in the basement, one of the walls had signatures from the Stones, Eric Burdon and the Animals, John Sebastian and the Loving Spoonful,” he says. Hundreds of people still dropped by each Halloween, expecting a raging party. Crosby said no parties, and raised his family. But he did rent out the grounds for video shoots by Rickie Lee Jones and Stone Temple Pilots.

In 1999 the property was purchased by Mike Slarve, owner of a fleet of rock tour buses, and manager of Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward. Slarve has spent the past three years renovating the treehouse and grounds, and has seen dozens of characters wandering over to tell their stories. Between Captain Fuck, Harry Houdini, and the Manson Family, Slarve has heard just about everything. “You don’t know if they're completely insane or they’re telling the truth,” he says. “It kind of lights up everybody’s imagination.”

Pattie O’Neal now lives a block from the treehouse, and drives by each day on her way home. “It’s so bizarre,” she says. “I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t turn there and think about it. It was the house that changed me from the cheerleader to the hippie.”

(First published in Mojo magazine)




Aki Takase & Alex Von Schlippenbach performed Frank Zappa's 'You Are What You Is' in Berlin, Germany, March 13, 1993. The piece was performed in a church on two full-size bechstein grand pianos.

The concert was part of the "Jazz Gegen Rechts" festival and got broadcast on the radio.

Part of the concert, including the Zappa composition, were released on album in 1995: "aki takase & alex von schlippenbach: piano duets - live in berlin 93/94"

The radio broadcast got seeded on Dime recently:

Farbe Bekennen: Jazz gegen Rechts (Jazz against Fascism)
Gethsemane-Kirche, Berlin, 13 March, 1993

  • Trio Stendhal
    • Ferenc Snetberger, g / Laszlo ?, reeds /  Horvath, perc
      • Earth Sound (Ferenc Snetberger) 10:55
      • Theme for Angela (Snetberger/Des/Horvarth) 11:09
      • Gypsy Mountain (Snetberger) 9:36
  • Uschi Brüning / Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky
    • Uschi Brüning (voc, p) / Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as)
      • Usels Indian Indribbling (Brüning/Petrowsky) 7:20
      • My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers) 8:35
  • Joe Henderson Quartet
    • Joe Henderson, ts / David Friedman, vibes / Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark, b / Daniel Humair, dr
      • Take the "A" Trane (Strayhorn) 9:50
      • Peace (Horace Silver) 10:27
      • Zipper Tisense (Daniel Humair) 9:41
  • Alexander von Schlippenbach/Aki Takase Duo
    • Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano) / Aki Takase Duo (piano)
      • Le Chapelure (von Schlippenbach/Takase) 8:57
      • You Are What You Is (Frank Zappa) 5:07
  • Albert Mangelsdorff
    • Albert Mangelsdorff solo (tb)
      • Hat Hut (Albert Mangelsdorff) 8:57
      • Multikulti Phonia (Albert Mangelsdorff) 7:46
      • Albert Mangelsdorff instructs audience
      • Heat Song (Albert Mangelsdorff) 6:45
  • Didier Lockwood/David Friedman
    • Didier Lockwood (violin) & David Friedman (vibes)
      • Solar (Miles Davis) 7:04
      • St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins) 7:05




from DimeADozen:

Frank Zappa Memorial Barbeque was a Frank Zappa tribute band put together by Mats & Morgan, the two guys that played on stage with Frank in Stockholm 1988 and also took part in Zappa's Universe in 1991.

The group existed for a few shows between 1994 - 1996.

Mats Öberg - Keyboards & Vocals
Morgan Ågren - Drums
Derek Huntsman - Vocals
Eric Bibb - Vocals
Micke Rönnquist - Guitar 
Roger Bergström - Percussion
Johan Granström - Bass
Magnus Andersson - Keyboards & Vocals 

1994/07/08, the band performed at the " Skeppsholmen Jazz & Blues Festival". They played a shorter set than what they used to play in clubs at the time. Parts of this show was broadcasted on swedish radio but and audience recording of this concert exists as well and got seeded on DAD.



  • 1994/07/08, the band performed at the " Skeppsholmen Jazz & Blues Festival"
    • Intro, Society pages, I'm a beautiful guy, Beauty knows no pain, Crew slut, Cosmik debris, Moggio, Uncle Meat, Dirty love, Black page #2, I'm the slime, Peaches en regalia, Instrumental, Montana, Echidna's arf (of you), Don't you ever wash that thing, Andy




A message from Kilissa:

Wow... it's that time of year again!!!
Bob Marley's birthday is next weekend!! It's (finally) cold outside, so come down to Nietzsche's and warm up to some great reggae music. Dance away your winter blahs! Two bands. I'll be playing keyboards and singing with the Dreadbeats (9pm)... along with Tom Fenton (vocals/guitar), Jim Iarocci (bass) and Jim Palys (drums). After us, don't miss Jamaican singer Neville Francis & his Riddim Posse.

Saturday, February 3, 9 p.m. Bob Marley´s Birthday Celebration!

Seventh annual, featuring local legends The Dreadbeats plus Neville Francis & the Riddim Posse

Nietzsche´s 248 Allen Street, Buffalo 886-8539

******************* ******************* **************************



Here's a bunch of new magazine covers. Thanks to slime.oofytv.set
If you have any magazines that aren't pictured in the fz magazine section, send me a scan and a bit of info !!


public news no.146
    (1984/12/12, newspaper, houston, texas, usa)
  • The December 1984 edition of Public News included a 2 page pre-concert interview with Frank Zappa.


  • ung nu
        (1980/07, magazine, denmark)
    • The July 1980 edition of Ung Nu included a one page article on Frank Zappa, plus a concert review.


the dig
    (1995/08, magazine, japan)
  • The August/September edition of The Dig, a japanese magazine, had Zappa on the front and back cover and included a 34 page special on Zappa.
    (similar to the march 1994 mojo issue)


  • rockpool
        (1985/11/22, magazine, usa)
    • The November 1985 issue of Rockpool included a two page article on Frank Zappa.


leftovers from last month



Chad Wackerman is touring with Allan Holdsworth. Check out the dates:


allan holdsworth trio featuring jimmy johnson and chad wackerman

  • 2007/03/07 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Johnny D's’, Sommerville MA usa
  • 2007/03/08 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iron Horse’, Northhampton MA usa
  • 2007/03/09 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘U/Music’, Bochanon NY usa
  • 2007/03/10 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘IMAC Theater’, Hunttington NY usa
  • 2007/03/11 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, South Hackensack NJ usa
  • 2007/03/12 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Turning Point’, Piermont NY usa
  • 2007/03/14 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, Philadelphia PAusa
  • 2007/03/15 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/16 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/17 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/18 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/20 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Ram's Head’, Annapolis MD usa
  • 2007/03/21 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Birchmere’, Alexandria VA usa
  • 2007/03/22 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, Downington PA usa
  • 2007/03/23 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Rex Theatre’, Pittsburgh PA usa
  • 2007/03/24 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Winchester’, Cleveland OH usa
  • 2007/03/25 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘The Guitar Factory’, West Seneca NY usa
  • 2007/03/26 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘The Tralf Music Hall’, Buffalo NY usa


allan holdsworth / alan pasqua band with jimmy haslip and chad wackerman

  • 2007/04/06 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/07 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/08 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/10 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘The Bottom Line’, Nagoya Japan
  • 2007/04/11 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Big Cat’, Osaka Japan
  • 2007/04/12 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Gates 7’, Fukuoka Japan



  • 2007/02/16 -18  Monty and The Butchers / The Foolz / The Muffin Men - concert "UK Zappa Festival", Bradford-on-Avon, UK

Henrietta Bannister adds:

I should be grateful if you could mention on your site that for anyone attending the Zappateers festival in February we will give a 10% discount on our Bath and Knebworth commemorative sets which can be viewed on


February 2007, a number of new pieces by contemporary composer Frank Nuyts will be performed in Belgium:

"Low-key music"

2007/02/27 concert "Week van de Hedendaagse Muziek", Gent, Belgium

The "The X-Songs" - performed by Het Vlaams Radio Koor (the Flemish Radio Choir) (olv Johan Duyck)

  • 2007/02/09 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Gent - Parnassus', Gent, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/11 (11:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Antwerpen - Elzenhof', Antwerp, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/15 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Leuven - Zaal Eden', Leuven, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/16 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Hasselt - Modemuseum', Hasselt, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/17 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Postel - Rafaëlzaal', Mol, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece

more info at:




Fred says:

Despite what you may read in certian publications, the correct date of the concert is February 17!

  • 2007/02/17 concert 'The Garage Bar', St Petersburg, FL, usa


a message from Fred
2007 01 15

The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra will perform on Saturday, February 17th at the Garage in downtown St.Petersburg.   Doors open at 8pm and the show starts around 9:30pm.  Tickets are $10 at the door only, no advance tickets.   We will do two sets of instrumental, semi-acoustic music.   Each set will be an hour or a little longer.   This performance will feature Dan Campbell on violin and Tom Kersey on cello.   Also this will be Jason Caren's debut on drums with the band.  We are very happy to have him aboard!!  The lineup will consist of......

  • Jerry Outlaw ~ acoustic guitar

  • Alex Pasut ~ acoustic bass

  • Rick Olson ~ keyboards, acoustic guitar

  • Ross Jobson ~ keyboards

  • Jason Caren ~ drums, percussion

  • David Coash ~ marimba, percussion

  • Dan Campbell ~ violin

  • Tom Kersey ~ cello

This is a unique lineup and I think it will sound excellent in this format.   As always, video and audio recording is welcomed and encouraged.   This show will not be a late one or a loud one so, bring someone you wouldn't usually bring.  

  • 2007/02/17 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Garage', St.Petersburg, FL, usa

Also, will also be playing Dalifest at The Dali Museum on Saturday, March 24. More detail will follow.

  • 2007/03/24 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Dali Museum', St.Petersburg, FL, usa

Did anybody get a video of Zappaween 11. If you did please let me know as Jerry and the band would love to get a copy.





from Almanzart, at the Zappateers site:

If you're living in or near Mexico City or if you can do a trip there, you'll have the opportunity to see Harmonia in concert on March 25th at Teatro de la Ciudad, Mexico city

2007/03/27 Harmonia - concert 'Teatro de la Ciudad', Mexico City, Mexico


  • 2007/02/02 Fireworks - concert 'Miller Theater', Columbia University, New York, NY, usa

Fireworks director Brian Coughlin informed me that 28 musicians will be added to the Fireworks octet. The band has been working on this project for almost two years and is really looking forward to it.



2007 01 15

Thanks Major to the very enthusiastic crowd at the Coffe House Cafe in Salem. We should be a regular attraction there starting in mid-March. We hope to be there on a monthly basis. What you witnessed was about half of our repertoire....we promise a completely different show next time. In the future, we will constantly update our catalogue and try to showcase to y'all first. Sound like a good deal? Be our Zappa Guinea Pigs? Cool!

Here are a couple of OR shows with IKE WILLIS!

Feb 15  Thur  9pm  21+
Sam Bond's Garage
EUGENE, OR 97402

Feb 17  Sat  10pm  21+
Ash St Saloon 
225 SW Ash St
Portland, OR 97204 

Feb 18
private party
secret location
mtv will not be there, national enquirer will

What's that? You'd like us to play ~your~ special event? Drop us a line, then.

Visit our site for more info, pics, links & all that.





"Fireworks is performing a portrait concert of Frank Zappa at the Miller Theater on February 2, 2007.  Fireworks will join forces with some of their favorite musician friends to present a huge range of pieces from Zappa's output, including the very difficult and rarely-heard wind quintets and string quintets, a collection of chamber orchestra pieces, and of course, a set of Zappa's instrumental rock, just for Fireworks.



2007 02 02

Composer Portrait: FRANK ZAPPA

  • Times Beach

  • Woodwind Quintet

  • None of the Above

  • III Revised

  • Questi Cazzi Di Piccione

  • The Girl on the Magnesium Dress

  • The Perfect Stranger

  • Be-Bop Tango

  • Naval Aviation in Art

  • The Black Page

  • T-Mershi Duween

  • Approximate/The Purple Lagoon

  • G-Spot Tornado

TIME:  8:00 PM

Miller Theater at Columbia University 
Columbia University
2960 Broadway (at 116th St.)
New York, NY, usa


illustration by Lou Beach

  • 2007/02/02 Fireworks - concert 'Miller Theater', Columbia University, New York, NY, usa



Muffin Men HQ are proud to announce the Neo-Retro line-up for Spring 2007.

4 original core members of the band have reunited for a two week UK tour scheduled for the last two weeks of April 2007. Roddie will be joined by Rhino, Jumpy and Waco, joining them will be the newest, youngest Muffin of them all Mikey Smith, along with very special guest Jimmy Carl Black.


The Muffin Men

  • 2007/02/17  concert “UK Zappaday”,
    Bradford-on-Avon, UK

  • 2007/04/18 concert ‘MET’, Bury, UK

  • 2007/04/19 concert ‘Pacific Road’, Birkenhead, UK

  • 2007/04/20 concert ‘Boardwalk’, Sheffield, UK

  • 2007/04/21 concert ‘Flowerpot’, Derby, UK

  • 2007/04/22 concert ‘New Roscoe’, Leeds, UK

  • 2007/04/26 concert ‘Mr Kyps’, Poole, UK

  • 2007/04/27 concert ‘Borderline’, London, UK

  • 2007/04/28 concert ‘Musician’, Leicester, UK

  • 2007/04/29 concert ‘Robin’, Wolverhampton, UK




How about

  • the Paul Green School Of Rock
  • Project/Object featuring Don Preston and Ike Willis
  • the Don Preston Akashic Ensemble
  • the Orchestra Spaziale
  • Team Zappa
  • Zappatronix
  • Octafish
  • Space Debris
  • Trigon
  • the Terry Bozzio Out Trio




FZ Europe vacation tour and music festival July 27 - August 6!

Each summer for the past 18 years, Zappaphiles from all over have migrated to the northern German town of Bad Doberan for the Zappanale, a festival devoted to the music and conceptual continuity of FZ. Now your summer vacation can be an absolutely Zappa experience.

Our good friends at Arf Society, the German non-profit group that organizes the Zappanale, passed this along to us, and we thought we would share it.

Vacation Vibrations, a Boston-based tour operator, is pleased to announce

Farther Oblivion Tour 2007

a tour package that will bring FZ fans to that great worldwide annual gathering in Germany of Appliantologists and Dental Floss Tycoons.

The tour begins in Berlin on July 27, 2007. The group will tour the city, and attend an extraordinary event, when "Street Number 13" will be formally dedicated as "Frank-Zappa-Strasse", the first street in the world named for FZ. The dedication will be followed by music for the rest of the day, and a late "chill-party" that is sure to exemplify Berlin's legendary nightlife.

From Berlin the tour will proceed to Prague. Prague is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but FZ holds a special place in Czech history. Former Czech president Vaclav Havel called Zappa "one of the gods of the Czech underground" for his uncompromising belief in freedom of thought and expression, and that spirit lives on.

After enjoying Prague, the tour will head to the northern German town of Bad Doberan for the 18th annual Zappanale, a three-day festival of Zappa tribute bands, former Zappa band members, and other musicians and performance artists with kindred styles and interests from all over the world. The Zappanale is designed as a complete Zappa experience, with the atmosphere on the festival grounds every bit as important as what happens on stage. The whole town gets into the fun, from the café waitstaff in the town square to the mayor himself.

Headlining Zappanale 18 will be the Terry Bozzio Out Trio. (Terry Bozzio - need we say more?) Other US groups will be the prodigies from Philadelphia's Paul Green School Of Rock, the renowned Project/Object, and the Don Preston Akashic Ensemble (Don Preston - one of the Mothers of all Mothers!) So far, the line-up will also include French big band Le Bocal, Italy's Orchestra Spaziale, Team Zappa from Norway, Zappatronix from Switzerland, and three Danish bands- Octafish, Space Debris, and Trigon.

The tour group will be deposited back at the Berlin airport on August 6th, totally plooked out of their brains from music, "cities and beer", and lots of fun. Did you say you want some more-a? Tour participants who want to continue their vacation after the Zappanale can book an optional tour extension to Amsterdam, another awesome city with legendary nightlife that is also devoted to independent thinking and freedom of expression.

Vacation Vibrations is a division of American International Tour Groups, a group tour operator with 15 years of experience specializing in customized group trips. Whether you are an experienced traveler, or this will be your first international trip, they'll make sure you have an absolutely amazing time.

For more information, you can visit their web site: . If you have any questions, you can contact them at , or call 617-721-7996.

See you in Bad Doberan!




 ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** 

The Dresdner Philharmonie, conductor Roland Kluttig, will be performing orchestra pieces by Frank Zappa and Edgar Varèse on 2007/03/24 at the 'Alter Schlachthof' in Dresden, Germany.

 * * newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** newsflash ** 

Sa 24. 03. 2007 20:00 Uhr

Alter Schlachthof

Dresdner Philharmoniker anders - 3. Abend


Orchesterkompositionen von Frank Zappa und Edgar Varèse

Edgar Varèse (1883-1965):

  • Amériques

Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

  • Bogus Pomp

  • Sad Jane

  • Stricly Genteel

Dresdner Philharmonie
Roland Kluttig - Dirigent

Er ist das enfant terrible des Avantgarde-Rock: Frank Zappa. Weniger bekannt ist: Er hat auch für Orchester komponiert. Sein großes Vorbild war Edgar Varèse. Zappa war 15 Jahre jung, als er sich von seinen Eltern Geld zum Geburtstag schenken ließ, damit er Varèse in New York anrufen konnte. Varèse war erstaunt, dass ein Junge aus dem Mittleren Westen sich für seine Musik interessierte, und Zappa wunderte es, dass sein großes Vorbild ein Stück mit dem Titel "Desert" komponierte - eine Wüste, in der er seinerzeit lebte.

Der in Dresden ausgebildete Roland Kluttig hat sich in den letzten Jahren vor allem als Operndirigent und als Dirigent außergewöhnlicher Konzertprogramme mit verschiedenen deutschen Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchestern einen Namen gemacht. An der Stuttgarter Staatsoper war er bis 2004 als musikalischer Assistent von Lothar Zagrosek engagiert und leitete u. a. Schönbergs "Moses und Aron" sowie Morton Feldmans "Neither", die für ihn zum Triumph wurden. Beim Aldeburgh Festival 2005 dirigierte er die Uraufführung von Richard Ayres Oper "The cricket recovers". Seit 2004 ist er Principal Conductor beim Crested Butte Music Festival in den USA, wo er insbesondere mit moderierten Sinfoniekonzerten begeisterte. Immer wieder erkundet er mit speziellen Projekten die Werke von Komponisten wie Berlioz, Satie, Eisler oder Bernd Alois Zimmermann.



UK Zappa Festival Announced!

The Zappateers are pleased to announce their 1st UK Zappa Festival to be held in Bradford-on-Avon on the weekend of 16th - 18th February 2007.

The Festival is to be held at ‘The George’ Public House – a major local venue for live music.

The weekend festival will feature at least 6 bands – already confirmed are the young and excitable ‘Monty and The Butchers’, Dutch coverband ‘The Foolz’, and Liverpudlian Zappa stalwarts ‘The Muffin Men’. Supplementing this line up will be a number of local bands.

Festival Organiser Paul Barnard said “We have an excellent venue booked, with a committed Landlord, and have negotiated very attractive accommodation rates with local hostelries. We hope to announce weekend ticket prices very soon to include the option of hotels as part of the overall price. We hope that by including bed and breakfast as a part of the package we will attract Zappateers from all over the world, and encourage them all to experience some excellent music combined with some real West Country hospitality”.

Co-organiser Benjamin Darling added “The Festival will be supporting the Marie Curie Cancer Charity, which is a regular beneficiary of The George Pub. As Zappa died prematurely of prostate cancer, we hope to be able to have a great festival and contribute to this worthy cause”.

The Zappateers will be announcing ticket prices and booking details on their website early in December 2006. But fans need to be quick – with a venue limit of 75 the Zappateers expect the event to be a sell out.

2007/02/16 -18 concert "UK Zappa Festival", Bradford-on-Avon, UK



the concert calendar * the concert calendar


  • 2007/01/12 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert The Cadieux Cafe, Detroit, MI, usa

  • 2007/01/13 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert Whites Bar, Saginaw, MI, usa

  • 2007/01/13 Pojama People - concert 'Coffee House Café', Salem, OR, usa

  • 2007/01/18 The Bryan Beller Band - concert 'The NAMM Bass Bash 2007 / J.T. Schmid's', Anaheim, CA, usa  (Event starts at 6:00PM)

  • 2007/01/19 The Mike Keneally Band - concert 'the Sonic Reality booth', Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, usa  (12:00)

  • 2007/01/19 Mike Keneally / Bryan Beller acoustic duo - concert "the Taylor Guitars room", Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, usa (3:30)

  • 2007/01/20 (20:00 UHR ) Daniel Rohr - performance "ZAPPA!" Alles über Frank" im "Zehntscheuer"  Ravensburg, Germany

  • 2007/01/21 The Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars - concert 'The Epicentre', San Diego, CA, usa (2:00 PM)

  • 2007/01/27 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Shorty’, Bärenbach, Germany 

  • 2007/01/27 FRANK ZAPPA LIVE EVENT - concert 'Harders', Svendborg, Denmark

  • 2007/01/31 Fast 'N Bulbous - radio show Concertzender: the 2006/11/17 concert

  • 2007/02/02 Fireworks - concert 'Miller Theater', Columbia University, New York, NY, usa

  • 2007/02/13 Paul Zollo & Tomas Ulrich - lecture 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa
  • 2007/02/14 Project/Object feat. Ike Willis - concert 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa
  • 2007/02/15 Adrian Belew - concert 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa
  • 2007/02/15 Pojama People - concert 'Sam Bond's Garage', EUGENE, OR, usa  -  with Ike Willis
  • 2007/02/16 Red - concert 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum', cleveland, ohio, usa


  • 2007/02/16 -18  Monty and The Butchers / The Foolz / The Muffin Men - concert "UK Zappa Festival", Bradford-on-Avon, UK

  • 2007/02/16 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Hajo's Bierakademie’, Rüdesheim a. Rhein, Germany

  • 2007/02/17 Pojama People - concert 'Ash Street Saloon', Portland, OR, usa  -  with Ike Willis

  • 2007/02/17 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Garage', St.Petersburg, FL, usa

  • 2007/02/18 Pojama People - concert = PRIVATE PARTY  

  • 2007/02/09 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Gent - Parnassus', Gent, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/11 (11:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Antwerpen - Elzenhof', Antwerp, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/15 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Leuven - Zaal Eden', Leuven, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/16 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Hasselt - Modemuseum', Hasselt, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/16 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert 'King Brewing Co', Pontiac, MI, usa
  • 2007/02/17 (20:00 h) Het Vlaams Radio Koor - concert 'Postel - Rafaëlzaal', Mol, Belgium / performing a Frank Nuyts piece
  • 2007/02/24 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Tatort Music Club’, Übach-Palenberg, Germany 

  • 2007/03/02 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Malzhaus’, Plauen, Germany

  • 2007/03/03 Sheik Yerbouti – private gig

  • 2007/03/07 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Johnny D's’, Sommerville MA usa

  • 2007/03/08 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iron Horse’, Northhampton MA usa
  • 2007/03/09 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘U/Music’, Bochanon NY usa
  • 2007/03/10 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘IMAC Theater’, Hunttington NY usa
  • 2007/03/11 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, South Hackensack NJ usa
  • 2007/03/12 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Turning Point’, Piermont NY usa
  • 2007/03/14 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, Philadelphia PA usa
  • 2007/03/14 Palinckx - concert 'Muziekgebouw aan het IJ', Amsterdam, NL
  • 2007/03/15 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/16 Allan Holdsworth Trio - concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/16 Palinckx - concert 'Concertzaal', Tilburg, NL
  • 2007/03/17 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/18 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Iridium’, New York City NY usa
  • 2007/03/19 Palinckx - concert 'De Doelen', Rotterdam, NL
  • 2007/03/20 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Ram's Head’, Annapolis MD usa
  • 2007/03/21 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Birchmere’, Alexandria VA usa
  • 2007/03/22 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘School of Rock’, Downington PA usa
  • 2007/03/23 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Rex Theatre’, Pittsburgh PA usa
  • 2007/03/24 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘Winchester’, Cleveland OH usa
  • 2007/03/24 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Die Scheuer’, Idstein, Germany 

  • 2007/03/24 Bogus Pomp - concert 'The Dali Museum', St.Petersburg, FL, usa

  • 2007/03/24 The Dresdner Philharmonie - concert 'Alter Schlachthof' in Dresden, Germany

  • 2007/03/25 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘The Guitar Factory’, West Seneca NY usa
  • 2007/03/26 Allan Holdsworth Trio – concert ‘The Tralf Music Hall’, Buffalo NY usa
  • 2007/04/06 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/07 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/08 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Sweet Basil Roppongi’, Tokyo Japan
  • 2007/04/10 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘The Bottom Line’, Nagoya Japan
  • 2007/04/11 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Big Cat’, Osaka Japan
  • 2007/04/12 Allan Holdsworth / Alan Pasqua band – concert ‘Gates 7’, Fukuoka Japan
  • 2007/04/18 The Muffin Men – concert ‘MET’, Bury, UK

  • 2007/04/19 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Pacific Road’, Birkenhead, UK

  • 2007/04/20 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Die Halle’, Reichenbach, Germany  

  • 2007/04/20 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Boardwalk’, Sheffield, UK

  • 2007/04/21 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Kammgarn’, Hard, Austria

  • 2007/04/21 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Flowerpot’, Derby, UK

  • 2007/04/22 The Muffin Men – concert ‘New Roscoe’, Leeds, UK

  • 2007/04/24 Asko Ensemble - concert 'muziekgebouw aan't ij', amsterdam, NL- performing music by corrie van binsbergen

  • 2007/04/26 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Mr Kyps’, Poole, UK

  • 2007/04/27 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Borderline’, London, UK

  • 2007/04/28 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Musician’, Leicester, UK

  • 2007/04/29 The Muffin Men – concert ‘Robin’, Wolverhampton, UK
  • 2007/05/04 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Alte Piesel’, Fulda, Germany

  • 2007/05/05 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Museumskeller’, Erfurt, Germany

  • 2007/06/02 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Colos-Saal’, Aschaffenburg, Germany

  • 2007/07/28 "Zappa-street-naming-event in Berlin"

  • 2007/08/03 - 05 Zappanale - Bad Doberan, Germany
    Terry Bozzio's OUT Trio will headline Zappanale 18 ! Furthermore, the Orchestra Spaziale from Italy will be there as well.

  • 2007/10/31 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Café Hahn', Koblenz, Germany -  “Halloweenparty” with a lot of special guests and a special program !!!