frank zappa

the mofo project/object (77)

2006 cd usa zappa records

the mothers of invention
frank zappa: musical director, guitar, vocals
  ray collinslead vocalist, harmonica, tambourine, finger cymbals, bobby pin & tweezers
  jimmy carl black: drums (also sings in some foreign language)
  roy estrada: bass, guitarron, boy soprano
  elliot ingber: alternate lead & rhytm guitar with clear white light

the mother's auxiliary:
  gene estes: percussion
  eugene dinovi: piano
  neil le vang: guitar
  john rotella: clarinet, sax
  kurt reher: cello
  raymond kelley: cello
  paul bergstrom: cello
  emmet sargeant: cello
  joseph saxon: cello
  edwin v. beach: cello
  arthur maebe: french horn, tuba
  george price: french horn
  john johnson: tuba
  carol kaye: 12-string guitar
  virgil evans: trumpet
  david wells: trombone
  kenneth watson: percussion
  plas johnson: sax, flute
  roy caton: trumpet
  carl franzoni: freak
  vito paulekas: freak
  kim fowley: hypophone
  benjamin barrett: violin
  david anderle: violin
  terry gilliam

  jim sherwood: noises
  mac 'dr john' rebennack: piano
  paul butterfield
  les mccann: piano
jeannie vassoir: the voice of cheese (suzy creamcheese)

disc 1 - "freak out!" original vinyl stereo mix (remastered)

  1. hungry freaks, daddy
  2. i ain't got no heart
  3. who are the brain police?
  4. go cry on somebody else's shoulder  (zappa, collins)
  5. motherly love
  6. how could i be such a fool
  7. wowie zowie
  8. you didn't try to call me
  9. any way the wind blows
  10. i'm not satisfied
  11. you're probably wondering why i'm here
  12. trouble every day
  13. help, i'm a rock
  14. the return of the son of monster magnet

disc 2

  1. trouble every day (basic tracks)

  2. who are the brain police?

  3. i ain't got no heart (basic tracks)

  4. you didn't try to call me (basic tracks)

  5. how could i be such a fool?

  6. anyway the wind blows

  7. go cry on somebody else's shoulder (vocal overdub take 2)

  8. motherly love - vocal overdub master takes

  9. "tom wilson"

  10. "my pet theory"

  11. hungry freaks, daddy (basic tracks)

  12. help, i'm a rock

  13. it can't happen here

  14. freak out drum track w/ timp. & lion

  15. watts riot demo / fillmore sequence

  16. freak out zilofone

  17. "low budget rock & roll band"