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Terry Gilliam and his girlfriend contributed to some early Mothers Of Invention recordings. The results can be found on "Freak Out", "Absolutely Free", "Mothermania" and "Te MOFO Project/Object".


1 the mothers of invention: freak out!
    (1966, 2lp, usa, verve)

2 the mothers of invention: absolutely free
    (1967, lp,usa, verve)
  the mothers of invention: mothermania (6)
   (1969, lp, usa, verve)
77 frank zappa: the mofo project/object
    (2006, 2cd, usa, zappa records)

78 frank zappa: the mofo project/object
    (2006, 4cd, usa, zappa records)


random notes


     From: ifekete

Ok, here is another quote for your FZ scrapbook.

Found in:
   Robert Ross:
   Monty Python Encyclopedia
   B. T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1997.
   ISBN 0 7134 8279 6

On page 2, in sort of a foreword, Terry Gilliam writes:

As for that quote from Frank Zappa about me being the only comic
genius to come out of America that's nonsense. I mean, it's a great quote but it's all balls! I actually knew Frank before I came to England. Me and my then girlfriend appear on one of the early Mothers of Invention albums. It's some sort of crowd effect and we were dragged into the studio to make noises like drunks in a bar.

     From: Román García Albertos
>From "Terry Gilliam, el soñador rebelde", by Jordi Costa and Sergi
Sánchez, published by Euskadiko Filmategia, 1998, p. 320:

     According to the 1995 edition of _Record Collector_, the voice of Terry Gilliam --and of his girlfriend at the time-- can be heard amidst the noise of the patrons of a bar that appears in the background of the song "America Drinks (and Goes Home)", included in the album "Absolutely Free!", by Frank Zappa & The Mothers.

     From: Patrick Neve
Terry Gilliam contributed liner notes to Strictly Commercial, where he
recalls an early Mothers concert.

     From: Cosmc

This is taken from an October 1993 interview with Frank, conducted by the infamous Ben Watson:

BW: I don't know if you went this known or talked about but there was a letter from Terry Gilliam being passed around on Friday night [it . referred to a film script Zappa had written and showed to Gilliam]. I was wondering if you'd like to say anything . . .

FZ: Talk about being flattered!

BW: Did you ever watch Monty Python or see Brazil?

FZ: Yes - Brazil's my favourite movie.

BW: It's one of mine, definitely. I always liked his things in Monty Python more than the sketches - his graphics.

FZ: Yah. He's so funny it's hard to imagine he's an American.

BW: What kind of project is it?

FZ: Well I wrote a screen-play and I was looking for someone to direct it. I've been working on it for years. 


     From: Cosmc
Um...what's this all about?

     From: Patrick Neve
It's gotta be Hunchentoot/Them Or Us!  The mind reels at the possibility of Terry Gilliam directing this monster.

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