kim fowley

Kim Fowley took part in some of the early recordings of The Mothers Of Invention. They can be heard on "Freak Out" and on "The MOFO Project/Object".

He also produced Vito's 7".  

Charles Ulrich says:

"Schlocky record producer and (self-)promoter. He was involved in "Alley Oop" by the Hollywood Argyles, the Runaways, and god knows who and what else.

He can be seen with Rodney Bingenheimer in The Mayor Of The Sunset Strip. (Kim is as tall as Rodney is short.)

See <>."



  kim fowley: american dream/the statue
    (1965, 7, usa, mira 209) 
  kim fowley: the trip/big sur
    (1965, 7, usa, corby 216) 
  kim fowley: mr. responsibility/my foolish heart
    (1965, 7, usa, living legend 721) 
  kim fowley: underground lady/pop art '66
    (1966, 7, usa, living legend 725) 
  kim fowley: lights/something new and different
    (1966, 7, usa, loma 2064) 
1 the mothers of invention: freak out!
    (1966, 2lp, usa, verve)

  vito and the hands: where it's at / vito and the hands
    (1966, 7", usa, living legend 69) - produced by kim fowley, featuting the mothers of invention
  kim fowley: love is alive and well/reincarnation
    (1967, 7, usa, tower 342) 
  kim fowley: don't be cruel/strangers from the sky
    (1967, 7, usa, reprise 0569) 
  kim fowley: fluffy turkeys / young america-saturday night
    (1967, 7, usa, original sound os-81) 
  kim fowley: love is alive and well
(1967, lp, usa, tower dt 5080) 
  kim fowley: born to be wild/space odyssey
    (1968, 7, usa, imperial 66326) 
  kim fowley: born to be wild
(1968, lp, usa, imperial 12413) 
  kim fowley: outrageous
(1968, lp, usa, imperial 12423) 
  kim fowley: wildfire/bubblegum
    (1969, 7, usa, imperial 66349)
  kim fowley: good clean fun
    (196?, lp, usa, imperial 12443) 
  kim fowley: the day the earth stood still
    (1970, lp, usa, spalax cd14260) 
  kim fowley: outlaw superman
    (1971, lp, usa, rca) 
  kim fowley: i'm bad
    (1972, lp, usa, capitol st 11075) 
  kim fowley: international heroes
    (1973, lp, usa, capitol 11159) 
  kim fowley: automatic
    (1974, lp, usa, capitol 11248)
  kim fowley: visions of the future
    (1974, lp, usa, capitol 24626)
  kim fowley: animal god of the street
    (1975, lp, usa, capitol 24636) 
  kim fowley: sunset boulevard
    (1978, lp, usa, pvc 7906) 
  kim fowley: living in the streets
    (1978, lp, usa, sonet 755) 
  kim fowley: legendary dog duke sessions
    (1979, lp, usa, bfd 5012) 
  kim fowley: snake document masquerade
    (1979, lp, usa, antilles 7075) 
  kim fowley: vampires from outer space
    (197?, lp, usa, bomp! 40050) 
  kim fowley: hollywood confidential
    (1980, lp, usa, gnps-2132) 
  kim fowley: frankenstein & monster band
    (1984, lp, usa, sonet 918) 
  kim fowley: white negros in
    (1994, lp, usa, marilyn 1021) 
  kim fowley: bad news from the underworld
    (1995, lp, usa, marilyn 1027) 
  kim fowley: kings of saturday night - kim fowley and ben vaughn
    (1995, lp, usa, sector two 10014) 
  kim fowley: let the madness in
    (1995, lp, usa, receiver records, rrcd 203) 
  kim fowley: good clean fun / outrageous
    (1995, lp, usa, rev-ola ?) 
  kim fowley: mondo hollywood : the phantom jukebox compilation
    (1996, lp, usa, creation 036) 
  kim fowley: worm culture - kim fowley and the rubbertown freaks
    (1996, lp, usa, alive 7) 
  kim fowley: hidden agenda [live]
    (1997, lp, usa, receiver 231) 
  kim fowley: trip of a lifetime
    (1998, lp, usa, resurgence 138)
  kim fowley: michigan babylon glam
    (1998, lp, usa, ?) 
  kim fowley: under ground animal
    (1999, lp, usa, bacchus archives ba 1131) - feat.vito paulekas, the mothers of invention
  kim fowley: hotel insomnia
    (19??, lp, usa, maria 1013) 
  kim fowley: hollywood on the danube - kim fowley and kryseck
    (19??, lp, france, ?) 
  kim fowley: at the dawn of creation - party animals
    (19??, lp, usa, label tbc ?) 
  kim fowley: wreckage - vultures in the sky
    (19??, lp, usa, cheeteah records ?) 
  kim fowley: zombies are everywhere - abuse industries
    (19??, lp, usa, crammed ?)

various artists: impossible but true: the kim fowley story
    (2004, cd, ??, ace records) - incl. spider barbour: 'comedown song'

77 frank zappa: the mofo project/object
    (2006, 2cd, usa, zappa records)

78 frank zappa: the mofo project/object
    (2006, 4cd, usa, zappa records)

  from straight to bizarre
    (2012, dvd, uk, chrome dreams)


random notes

    from / Hoodini - 2007/01
Fowley occasionally mentions FZ while telling music business stories, or providing background information about particular songs and people, during his Saturday evening radio program on Sirius Satellite Radio's Underground Garage channel (aka, #25).

from / Oscar Bianco - 2007-01
    In his site he credit himself in "the unreleased live Whiskey-a-GoGo album in 1967"!.

    from / Hoodini - 2007/01
During his weekly radio show he has stated at least once that he was a
member of the Mothers for a very short period of time.

    from / Charles Ulrich - 2007/01
In an interview in Ugly Things #19 (with the Sgt. Money parody cover), Fowley said that every participant in the 3/12/66 recording session showed up for a live recording at the Whisky a year later. 
Presumably this was actually on 7/23/68. And presumably this gig was the source of God Bless America on Uncle Meat.

Oh, and another one of his records was "The Trip", which was released under his own name. It's on the four-disc Nuggets.

    from / Pat Buzby - 2007/01
Fowley had an interesting cameo on the Leo Kottke album Mudlark, which had a few other Mothers connections.  (It was the first of a string of Kottke albums with Denny Bruce producing, and Roy Estrada played bass on one cut.)


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