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Nowadays (January 2006), Froggie is hosting a radio show:




frank zappa: apostrophe (')
   (1974, lp, usa, discreet)


zappa / mothers: roxy & elsewhere
   (1974, 2lp, usa, discreet)


frank zappa: joe's camouflage
    (2014, cd, usa, vaulternative records)
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random notes

     from: Patrick Neve

According to the "Planet Of My Dreams" website, Robert was a guest onstage for the Shrine Auditorium shows of feb 23-24, 1974, in LA. He also rehearsed for the 1975 band from June to August, but for some reason didn't tour that year. 

     from: Arianna Camarena

Recorded background vocals on "Apostrophe" & other albums. I know because I have pictures of Frank in the studio when he was in a wheelchair. This was during the recording of the Ruben & The Jets album in'73.
My dad left me alot of memories. & I remember going to his home for Moon Unit's birthday party; her mom served apples & cheese & we saw cartoons.

June 2005, I asked Froggie a bunch of questions. Here’s part of the respons:

The CD Camarena was released in Feb. of 2004  and the new CD " Familia" will be Released June 30th of this year.

The title is done in graffiti and the title is Familia (family).
I wrote and performed the CD Camarena by myself. vocals and music.
Both CD are doing great they are being played on Live Malo's Hot Party Hits.
Familia is a walk through my life  as a Chicano who has played and been influenced by Frank Zappa.
it crosses different platforms of music.
I am surprised that these CDs are doing so well They are rating 9.2 out of ten shares.

The tribute to Ruben & the Jets.
I get a lot of request for the music and so have decided to do a sort of compilation off the albums For Real as well as Con Safos as well as some new songs in that style and feel.

The track Yo No Tengo Miedo (on the Camareno CD) is about Robert "Buffalo" Robert sax player of the group.

received on 2006/07



Welcome to Chunga Radio Online 

Hi Gente (People),
This is Jac Camarena, Robert Froggie Camarena (Of Ruben & the Jets also of Frank Zappa & the Mothers), Charlie Beatle Vasquez (Drummer of Rosie & the Originals), Manny Cervantes & Lil' Gilbert P. Sanchez.

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