frank zappa

apostrophe (') (18)

1974 lp usa discreet
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released march 22, 1974

jim gordon: drums
john guerin: drums
aynsley dunbar: drums
ralph humphrey: drums
jack bruce: bass
erroneous (alex dmchowski): bass
tom fowler: bass
frank zappa: bass, lead vocals, guitar
tony duran: guitar
george duke: keyboards, background vocals
don 'sugercane' harris: violin
jean luc ponty: violin
ruth underwood: percussion
ian underwood: saxophone
napoleon murphy brock: saxophone, background vocals
sal marquez: trumpet
bruce fowler: trombone
ray collins: background vocals
kerry mcnabb: background vocals
susie glover: background vocals
debbie: background vocals
lynn: background vocals
ruben ladron de guevara: background vocals
robert camarena: background vocals

  1. don't eat the yellow snow
  2. nanook rubs it
  3. st. alphonzo's pancake breakfast
  4. father o'blivion
  5. cosmik debris
  6. excentrifugal forz
  7. apostrophe(')  (zappa/bruce/gordon)
  8. uncle remus  (zappa/duke)
  9. stink foot