ruben & the jets

for real (1)
    - produced by frank zappa; couple of tracks written & arranged by frank zappa; one track features zappa on guitar

1973 lp usa mercury srm-1-659
1973 lp usa in-discreet records
1973 8-track usa mercury / phonogram inc., mc8-1-659
1994 cd   edsel edcd 406
1994 cd   enigma 73534

recorded at
paramount recording studios, hollywood california -
     engineered by kerry mcnabb
sun west recording studios, t.k., hollywood, california -
     engineered by buck herring and wally duguid.

ruben guevara: vocals and tambourine
tony duran: lead and slide guitar, vocals, lead vocal on 3, piano and slide guitar on 2
robert "frog" camarena: rhythm guitar and vocals; lead vocal on 6,5
johnny martinez: bass and vocals, lead vocal on 2, organ and falsetto
robert 'buffalo' roberts: tenor saxophone and '55 buick tail pipe
bill wild: bass, sings second tenor
bob zamora: drums
jim sherwood: baritone saxophone and tambourine

produced by frank zappa

original album design: cal schenkel

  1. if i could only be your love again  (frank zappa, arr. f.zappa)

  2. dedicated to the one i love  (lawman pauling & ralph bass, arr. the jets)

  3. show me the way to your heart  (tony duran & leonard duran, arr. tony duran)

  4. sparkie  (tony duran & ruben guevara, arr. tony duran)

  5. wedding bells  (robert "frog" camarena, arr. tony duran)

  6. almost grown  (chuck berry, arr. the jets)

  7. charlena  (manuel chavez & h. chaney)

  8. mah man flash  (ruben guevara, arr. frank zappa and ruben guevara)

  9. santa kari    (ruben guevara, arr. frank zappa and ruben guevara)

  10. spider woman  (paul hof, lonnie scott, tony duran and ruben guevara, arr. tony duran)

  11. all nite long  (harris woody)