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2007 08 29

The Muffin Men on tour - UPDATE
YouTube Muffin Men Video
Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub Release
Music from the 21st Century

2007 08 27

Frank Zappa Kongres 2007

2007 08 26

Zappanale setlists
Mi Guitarra
Rainer Tankred Pappon
Sul Divano
Terran Steinhart
Eazy Teeth
Captain Beefheart at Bickershaw
Zappa plays Zappa - the new dates
Voice of Midnight
Frank Zappa X-Mas Values/N-Lite Video
PJ Harvey
The Residents: Best Left Unspoken - Vol.Two

2007 08 25

News from the ZFT
The Muffin Men - Live at Zappanale 14
The Residents: Best Left Unspoken - Vol.One

2007 08 24

Zappa's "Buffalo" is out on vinyl bootleg !!
The Microscopic Septet

2007 08 20

World Drummers Ensemble
The Zappanale 17 sampler
The Low Budget Research Kitchen
Debutante Daisy's Zappanale pictures
Adrian Belew

2007 08 19

zappanale diaries:

Zappanale, day two


Chen Unst Team Zappa


Octafish Kimono Draggin'


Sex Without Nails Bros Space Debris

 and day three

The Polytoxicomane Philharmonie
Nasoni Records
The Great Googly Moogly
Jazzprojekt Hundehagen
Harmonia Ensemble
The Chad Wackerman Trio

and the usual additions

Allan Holdsworth
Mike Miller
Carl Franzoni documentary
WM Recordings
MK on dutch radio
Frank Vignola
The Keneallist 2007 08 07
Monty & The Butchers Zappanale setlist
The Grandmothers
  Three new Jack and Jim titles

2007 08 15


another part of my Zappanale report

  Driving to Bad Doberan
  Arriving in Bad Doberan
  Christophe Godin at the Kamptheater
Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble
Monty & The Butchers
   I Virtuosi Dal Planeta Talento

to be continued

  Steve Vai soundtrack contribution
  Bud Wattles & his Orchestra

2007 08 11

  Crossfire Publications
  Tape Worms

2007 08 08

  Zappa Auction

2007 08 07

  Brand-new vinyl picture disc bootleg
  Bootleg cover pictures
  Zappanale on zappa dot com
  L'ensemble de Basse Normandie
  You can't do that on bootz anymore
  Dub Room audio album is out

2007 07 31

The Whip It Out Ensemble
Jeff Simmons
World in Sound sampler - feat.Jeff Simmons
Rainer Pappon

2007 07 29

The Invisible Men
Inauguration of the F.Zappa Strasse in Berlin
Chester Thompson

2007 07 28

Rainer Tankred Pappon
Bogus Pomp Update
Alarm Will Sound
The Czech Frank Zappa FanClub

2007 07 27

Two new Bogus Pomp DVDs
Rainer Pappan - The Blurps
New Zappa bootleg on red vinyl
New Zappa bootleg picture disc
New Zappa bootleg DVD
The Zappa bookshelf
Cpt.Cheese-Beard & the 7 Sisters of Prevention
Trigon - the Emergent album

2007 07 26

Jos Steen
The Zappa Family Trust
The Rockin' Rebellions
Ray White
Trigon Herzberg 2004 album
The magazine picture collection
Ensemble Ascolta
Zappa listening sessions in Berlin
Ahmet Zappa
Economie Eskimo

2007 07 25

Last year's Zappanale
Don Preston to tour Europe
Adrian Belew Power Trio

2007 07 23

Fabio Massari
More stuff from the bookshelf
The Idiot Bastard Son album
Zappa in Belgium
Another Russian Flexi
Dr.Dot say "Hi"
Christophe Godin

2007 07 22

Don Preston at Zappanale
Miss Pamela
ZpZ on Morphizm
Polytoxicomane Philharmonie
Kimono Draggin'
URR Update
Team Zappa
The Muzquitos
Don Preston

2007 07 20

Jeff Simmons
Counting the days to Zappanale

2007 07 19

MF Doom
Malcolm McNabb
Pamela Des Barres

2007 07 18

Ugly Radio Rebellion

2007 07 17

Pojama People
The Whip It Out Ensemble
American Dental Association
Low Budget Research Kitchen
Jos Steen
The Rockin' Rebellions

2007 07 16

Zappa bootleg: El Paso
Zappa bootleg: Austin 1973
Zappa Day in Brasil
WM Recordings
Distant City Sounds
Orchestra Spaziale

2007 07 15

The Muzquitos

2007 07 14

Cpt Cheese-Beard & the 7 Sisters of Prevention
The Rosamonde Quartet

2007 07 13


2007 07 09

Latest news from Zappanale

2007 07 08

Giovanni Mancuso
François Sarhan
Zappa goes classic
Meatball Fulton

2007 07 05

Ugly Radio Rebellion

2007 07 04

Skip Heller
The magazine parade continues
Lama Recordings!
Disco Dacke

2007 07 03

The Roundtable
Another fine magazine cover
The Village Voice
A Greek Zappa Songbook
Daniele Sepe
Michael Kieran Harvey

2007 07 02

Zappa mags
The Keneallist 2007 06 28
new on WM Recordings
More bootleg info
Boot info added
Mike Keneally
The Muffin Men

2007 07 01

Vito Paulekas
Steve Vai's new album
Zappa Plays Zappa on tour
the leftovers from may
Zappa Plays Zappa on tour again this summer
The Budapest Autumn Festival
Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble
Porgy & Bess
The Ensemble Modern
Monty and the Butchers
Zappanale 18 - the bands
Polytoxicomane Philharmonie
Lol Coxhill & The Wrong Object
Zappa Festival adds another Zappa alum
Napoleon Murphy Brock at Zappanale
Carte Blanche for Keneally
ZpZ trailer
Bogus Pomp Update
20 Idiot Bastards

DZ & ZpZ

Zappa Plays Zappa - Europe 2007
Markus Stauss
What's new in Berlin?
Steve Vai 2007 05 04
The Frank Zappa Strasse
Zappa Plays Zappa - the new tour
The Wrong Object
Steve Vai on tour
the June 2007 newsletter can be found at
thebignotefiles - 2007/06

the May 2007 newsletter can be found at
thebignotefiles - 2007/05

the concert calendar


short bits: * * * joe satriani's "surfing with the alien" has been re-released as a cd + dvd set * * *  * * * a new dvd bootleg with the barcelona 88 zappa concert should be out * * *  Octafish has a new album ready "Party Alarm" * * * and check out * * *  another bootleg 2CD album has been spotted: "saint mothers in saint paul", a concert recording from 'st.paul auditorium', st. paul on 27th november 1974 ; it's a so-called zappa fan trust release (no. 008/009) and it's limited to 600 numbered copies. *** the zappa 2008 calendar is out as well *** Bobby Sanabria recorded Zappa's 'The Grand Wazoo' on his "Big Band Urban Folk Tales" album ***


2007 08 29



  • 2007/10/26. ??

  • 2007/10/27 The Muffin Men - concert 'franzis', wetzlar, germany

  • 2007/10/28 The Muffin Men - concert 'kantine', köln, germany

  • 2007/10/30 The Muffin Men - concert 'objekt5', halle, germany

  • 2007/10/31 The Muffin Men - concert 'quasimodo', berlin, germany

  • 2007/11/01 The Muffin Men - concert 'gewerkschaftshaus', erfurt, germany

  • 2007/11/02 The Muffin Men - concert 'colos-saal', aschaffenburg, germany

  • 2007/11/03 The Muffin Men - concert 'stairway ', wallmenroth, germany (special double concert with sheik yerbouti)

more details later...

The Muffin Men homepage, also has three mp3 radio shows for your enjoyment:

Check out

  • 2007/07/31 radio show no.1 : "The Singles Era", 28 minutes
  • 2007/07/31 radio show no.2 : "Say Cheese...", 22 minutes
  • 2007/08/13 radio show no.3 : "The Stuff at the bottom of the tank...", 31 minutes


Roddie Muffin says:

yep, some new muffinz video has been posted on youtube

just type "oldgreygoat" into youtube to find them


  • frank zappa: live humor belongs in music!
        (2007, 2cdr, czech, record our band - part 25 - fan 679/0)
    • - not for sale -
      czech fanclub release of the 1984/08/26 concert at 'the pier', nyc, ny, usa
      source = audience recording



  • various artists: music from the 21st century
        (1982, lp, usa, gnp / crescendo records gnps2146)
    • Some 25 years ago, Don Preston contributed a track to the "Music from the 21st Century" compilation. All electronic music.
      Frank Zappa is featured on the Don Preston track. He played some percussion on the track and did some engineering as well.
2007 08 27


2007/10/20 "Frank Zappa Kongres 2007"

organised by the czech frank zappa fanclub


2007 08 26



Thanks to Andrew G., here's an additional couple of Zappanale setlists:

  • 2007/08/05 Jazzprojekt Hundehagen - "Zappanale 18", Bad Doberan, Germany
    • Intro, Meeting Of The Spirits (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Dawn (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Hope (Mahavishnu Orchestra), The Way Of The Pilgrim (Mahavishnu Orchestra), You Know, You Know (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Sister Andrea (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Watermelon In Easter Hay, Zoot Allures, Rat Tomago, Son Of Orange County, The Torture Never Stops, Black Napkins

  • 2007/08/05 Polytoxicomane Philharmonie - concert "zappanale", bad doberan, germany
    • Flight 858, Opinion, Sotto Voce, Grandchild of Mr. Green Genes (Frank Zappa), Mini-Rock, Dervish, Peaches en Regalia (Frank Zappa), The Mirrorman, Fuddle pie & puddle fie




Here's another gem.
From almost 40 years ago, here's a picture of the labels of a Mexican split 7" featuring The Mothers and... Nancy Sinatra !!
  • the mothers of invention: my guitar / nancy sinatra: el baterista
        (1969, 7", mex, reprise / gamma no.236 - gx 07-622 - g-915)

-- info & scans: Hans-Peter Schmidt


I added a bit of extra info to Rainer Pappon's entry, including a couple of nice pictures.



Sab 8 Set 22:30 hs

Tony Moliterni & Sul Divano

Presentan su Música e interpretan a Frank Zappa 
en Foro Gandhi Av. Corrientes 1743 

  • Tony Moliterni - Guitarra Lider

  • Octavio Caruso - Guitarra Rítmica

  • Marcelo Andrada - Saxo Alto

  • Juan Presas - Saxo Tenor

  • Leandro Loos - Trombón

  • Maxi Barranco - Teclado

  • Rafael Surijón - Bajo

  • Alejandro Brukman - Batería

  • Daniel Buzni - Voz

  • 2007/09/08 Sul Divano - concert 'en Foro Gandhi Av. Corrientes 1743 '


Brainpang says:

... stumbled across the following on a Tom Waits site.

Ain't never heard about it before. It's a footnote, but check out the whole thing for yourself.

Best, bp

Terran T. Steinhart: "1974-1981: Associate of music business lawyer, Martin Cohen, then partner in Cohen and Steinhart, Hollywood. Handled all of the entertainment litigation, trials and appeals, and did some music business transactional work. Handled litigation matters for various music producers, personal managers, private record labels, songwriters and artists, including artists of note: Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Bobby Womack, Eric Burdon, George Duke, and John Mayall. The more memorable trials in this era include: representing Frank Zappa against Alice Cooper for breach of contract and unfair competition; representing Tom Waits against Los Angeles County for law enforcement abuse at Duke's Restaurant (nicknamed by Tom, Dukeing it Out at Duke's)." (Copied from: Copyright Terran T. Steinhart 1999, All Rights Reserved)




Eazy Teeth was a project of Paul Young, Robert Williams and Tito Larriva. Don Van Vliet did the artwork of their "Car Noise / Her Blade" 7" from 1980.

Below are the pictures of the front and back cover, as well of the labels.

-- info & pictures: Hans-Peter Schmidt


  • captain beefheart and the magic band: live at bickershaw festival
        (2007, cd, uk, ozitcd9006)
    • Here's another Beefheart release from the folks at Ozit / Morpheus.
      This time, it's the excellent show that Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band did at the Bickershaw Festival on July the 5th in 1972.
      Ozit used an audience concert recording for this album. The recording is well-known to Beefheart collectors, and they all agree that this was a superb concert. It's just a pity that no high quality recording of this concert exists.


Here's the complete list of dates for the Yuripean ZpZ tour, including the Düsseldorf gig on October 2 !
  • 2007/09/25 concert 'Shepherds Bush Empire', London, UK

  • 2007/09/26 concert '013', Tilburg, Netherlands

  • 2007/09/27 concert 'Melkweg', Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2007/09/29 concert 'Le Fri-Son', Fribourg, Germany

  • 2007/09/30 concert 'Circus Krone', Munich, Germany

  • 2007/10/01 concert 'Jahrhunderthalle', Frankfurt, Germany  

  • 2007/10/02 concert 'Philipshalle', Düsseldorf, Germany

  • 2007/10/03 concert 'KKL Beethovensaal', Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2007/10/04 concert 'Messehalle', Erfurt, Germany

  • 2007/10/05 concert 'Grand Rex', Paris, France

  • 2007/10/06 concert 'Elisabeth Hall', Antwerp, Belgium

  • 2007/10/08 concert 'The Music House', Arhus, Denmark

  • 2007/10/09 concert -Venue To Be Announced-, Stavanger, Norway

  • 2007/10/10 concert 'Peer Gynt', Bergen, Norway

  • 2007/10/12 concert 'Sentrum Scene', Oslo, Norway

  • 2007/10/13 concert 'Olympen', Lund, Sweden

  • 2007/10/14 concert 'Cirkus', Stockholm, Sweden

And here are the new dates:
  • 2007/10/31 - concert ‘Beacon Theatre’,New York, NY, usa

  • 2007/11/01 - concert ‘Chevy Theatre’,Wallingford, CT, usa

  • 2007/11/02 - concert ‘Broadway Theatre @ UPAC’,Kingston, NY, usa

  • 2007/11/03 - concert ‘House of Blues’,Atlantic City, NJ, usa

  • 2007/11/04 - concert ‘Providence Performing Arts Center’,Providence, RI, usa

  • 2007/11/06 - concert ‘Town Ballroom’,Buffalo, NY, usa

  • 2007/11/07 - concert ‘Warner Theatre’,Washington, DC, usa

  • 2007/11/08 - concert ‘Toads Place’,Richmond, VA, usa

  • 2007/11/10 - concert ‘Ameristar Casino’,Kansas City, MO, usa

  • 2007/11/12 - concert ‘Verizon Wireless Theatre’,Houston, TX, usa

  • 2007/11/13 - concert ‘Hogg Auditorium’,Austin, TX, usa

  • 2007/11/14 - concert ‘Palladium’,Dallas, TX, usa

  • 2007/11/16 - concert ‘Fillmore’,Denver, CO, usa

  • 2007/11/18 - concert ‘Roseland’,Portland, OR, usa

  • 2007/11/19 - concert ‘Paramount’,Seattle, WA, usa

  • 2007/11/20 - concert ‘Orpheum’,Vancouver, BC, usa

  • 2007/11/22 - concert ‘Southern Jubilee Auditorium’,Calgary, AB, usa

  • 2007/11/23 - concert ‘Northern Jubilee Auditorium’,Edmonton, AB, usa



  • 2007/11/27 - concert ‘Lyric Theatre’,Brisbane, Australia

  • 2007/11/29 - concert ‘Hamer Hall’,Melbourne, Australia

  • 2007/12/02 - concert ‘Thebarton Theatre’,Adelaide, Australia

  • 2007/12/03 - concert ‘Enmore Theatre’,Sydney, Australia



a message from RalphAmerica

Hi Rez Friends:

...remember that there is a new Residents release coming from Mute in October. Ralph will be doing a special promotional presale for Voice of Midnight, and it'll be one that you won't want to miss. The presale package will have something very special. But it's still shrouded in mystery. I can tell you what it will NOT be:

The bonus item will NOT be a shirt, a poster, a wristband, a mousepad, pad thai, Edweena's Mushrooms, or a baby's arm holding an apple. But it certainly WILL be BONUS.

So before you preorder with any other online retailer, remember the BONUS that you'll miss that will not be available from that particular online retailer.

Just sayin...

More exciting Ralph stuff coming...stay tuned...

The Ralph Gang 



Till A. says:

Dear all,

this is my latest video new on U Tube. This video contains material which a truly free society would neither fear nor suppress. Do not take any biological or chemical drugs before watching this video. It may confuse your database.



If you're familiar with DimeADozen, you should check some of the recent PJ Harvey shows that have been added. There's some excellent 1995 shows from the North American tour, as well as from the following Yuripean tour.
Both line-ups include ex-Magic Band member Eric Drew Feldman on bass.

Check them out.


This second volume of The Residents' "Best Left Unspoken" series, included another batch of 'hard-to-find' and unreleased items. Food for hardcore Rezfanatics? Well, ... probably, yes. But it's still an excellent addition to your Residents collection, and as these are only released in limited quantity, you might not want to wait too long...

2007 08 25


On the occasion on the day after the last date of the most recent leg of Zappa Plays Zappa, we are pleased to pronounce that not only is the CD, The Dub Room Special now shipping to a mailbox near you and live at Barfko-Swill (12:00 PST), but here are some new dates for the Tour de Frank in Europe and another large continent. Maybe even two.

And speaking of two, as in altogether and including, you should expect to hear with your two ears more fabulousness from The Vault ere the dawning of a new year in which to vote in these here parts.


the barfies


  • the muffin men: live at zappanale 14
        (2007, dvd, uk, private release / nale 031)
    • The latest (and fabulous) Muffin Man DVD, "Muffinz Moovies Volume Two", included the concert that The Muffin Men did at Zappanale 2003. The band did a concert with special guests Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black on Saturday 2003/07/26.
      You, of course, knew that this wasn't the only performance of The Muffin Men at Zappanale 14. The band had already played on Friday evening.

      Out of the Arf Society Vaults, straight from the Muffin Men HeadQuarters, here's the video recording of that Friday show. And an excellent show is was, if I may say so.
      Special guests Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock are in great shape and make this one of the best Zappanale concerts that I ever saw.
    • available from the MM HQ:


I don't think that I mention The Residents often enough in this webthing... 
What these guys (and girls) do, keeps amazing me.

The last year or so, The Residents have collected various more or less rare recordings, and released them in their "Best Left Unspoken" series. Three volumes have been released so far, each in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

One can argue wether or not these albums add enough 'new' material to the Residents fan, as most Residents fans buy almost everything the band releases, and the "Unspoken" series only includes a handful of previously unreleased material...
But that's about the only remark that I have. In my opinion, this is a nice collection of tunes. Not that I would recommend any of these albums if you aren't familiar with The Residents. There's better examples to think of as an introduction. But still, a nice collection of tunes, and presented in a nice package.

  • the residents: best left unspoken - volume one
        (2006, cd, usa, ralphamerica ra022)
    • volume one: pollex christi and other selections
    • limited edition of 1000 copies


cover back-cover
2007 08 24


Zappa's latest "Buffalo" album has been released as a triple vinyl bootleg album set. It's out in two editions: on black vinyl, and, as a limited release of 200 copies, on blue vinyl.

The source for this bootleg release was the official CD.

cover of the regular, black vinyl release cover of the blue vinyl release

record of the regular, black vinyl release record of the blue vinyl release


  • the microscopic septet: surrealistic swing
        (2006, 2cd, usa, cuneiform records 238/239)
    • A couple of months ago, I talked about an excellent reissue of the first two Microscopic Septet albums on Cuneiform.
      Ive H. was kind enough to supply me the info of the follow-up: albums three and four, plus a lot of extra material.

newsflash from crossfire publications:

for one of the next releases on crossfire publications, Greg Russo is looking for a clean, lossless, raw version (no noise-reduction!)  of the Lo Boys single called "Play Your Music"/ "Funny Money."  It was released on the Goldust label.

If you have it, drop me a line, or mail Greg through his crossfire publications website.


2007 08 20


  • world drummers ensemble: a coat of many colors
        (2006, cd/dvd, usa, summerfold records)
    • Now here's something different: four drummers, each with a different background, team up and play these percussive compositions.
      I liked it a lot. I played it load and I liked it even more  :-)

      Doudou N’Diaye Rose, Chad Wackerman, Luis Conte and Bill Bruford. There's just four of them, but you wouldn't believe it if it wasn't printed in the booklet. Very impressive.
      The special thing about this album is that it's a double-sided disc: one side is the audio CD, the other side the video DVD.


  • various artists: zappanale # 17
        (2007, cd, ger, arf society)
    • The first 500 people who had ordered their Zappanale ticket, got a free album. They received this little gem at the festival.
      And it's a little gem indeed, if only for the fabulous snippet of Corrie van Binsbergen's 'More Stories From The Girl Who Wasn't Talking', her answer to Zappa's "Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar".
      Other impressive pieces include TriPod with 'Fashion'; the lovely Zappatistas with 'Sexual Harassment In The Workplace'; the energetic Pikantik with 'Suicide Chump'; the ever impressive Soft Machine Legacy with 'ASH'; and my Doot! friends with the eight-minute-plus version of 'Third Stone From The Sun'.


The Low Budget Research Kitchen has updated their MySpace website.

The band has added pictures from their concert at the "Festival Paredes de Coura", Aug 13, 2007.



Debutante Daisy's upload of her Zappanale pictures crashed the Zappateers Scrapbook for a little while...

Check them out:



 the adrian belew e-newsletter
 august 17, 2007


Adrian, Julie, and Eric will be braving the heat and hitting the streets in August thru September. Don't miss them.
  • 2007/08/19 concert ‘Stella Blue’, Asheville, NC, usa
  • 2007/08/21 concert ‘Cat's Cradle’, Carrboro, NC, usa
  • 2007/08/22 concertSmith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA, usa 
  • 2007/08/23 concert ‘Jack Rabbits’, Jacksonville, FL, usa 
  • 2007/08/24 concert ‘State Theatre’ - St. Petersburg, FL, usa 
  • 2007/08/25 concert ‘The Theatre’, West Palm Beach, FL, usa 
  • 2007/09/08 concert ‘Teatro Diana’, Guadalajara, MEX
  • 2007/09/09 concert ‘Teatro Metropolitan’, Mexico City, MEX
  • 2007/09/15 concert “NW Soberstock 2007”, Seattle, WA, usa 
                For more info., please visit 

The best feature of Adrian's site is by far, his blog. If you haven't done so already, go read several of the many anecdotes by the numbers, or get the history of a dust particle, or simply get a glimpse into what's going on at StudioBelew. You have a lot of catching up to do. 
Every week since February 2007, a new Dust particle has been released and we haven't even gotten started. To see the accumulation of particles thus far, visit:   It's also a helpful tool in managing your Dust particles by their volumes and numbers. 
On behalf of Adrian, thanks for your support and please, travel safely.

Adrian Belew Webhamster

2007 08 19
-> let's go back a couple of weeks, to 2007/08/04 to be more exact:
Zappanale – day 2

Saturday morning, start of the second day of Zappanale madness.
Friday had been the most impressive day in my five (or was it six) years of Zappanale. I saw a lot of impressive bands and heard tons of great music.
For Saturday, I had made a mental note not to miss Octafish and Kimono Draggin. It turned out a good decision.


The Chen Unst performance took place at ‘the other side’ of the festival ground. Somewhere between the pancake and the “freak festival” stall. I hadn’t been too impressed with the band on Thursday, where they had some technical problems. Still, with all their gear intact, they couldn’t convince me. 

The picture below was taken by Bazbo. It shows the stage / truck where the Chen Unst performance was taking place.



Next up was Team Zappa, a band from Norway: great musicianship, a very fine choice of Zappa compositions and very impressive vocals. Not all opinions agreed, but for my taste, Team Zappa did a great job. This was excellent acquaintance. I really liked the soulful vocal touch.


  • Jardar Johansen: Vocals
  • Heidi Solheim: Vocals
  • Mika Martinussen: Bass, vocals
  • Tore Nedgård: Keyboards, arrangement
  • Fred Glesnes: Saxophone
  • Øyvind Bakkeby-Moe: Trumpet
  • Petter Marius Gundersen: Trumpet
  • Torbjørn Ingvaldsen: Trombone, arrangement
  • Ole Morten Larsen: Drums
  • Hans Petter Vabog: Percussion
  • Thomas Larsen: Guitar

A video recording of the concert was made available on DVDR in a limited edition of 20 copies.

  • team zappa: zappanale 18
        (2007, dvdr, ger, private release)
    • Intro, Peaches En Regalia, Band Intros (Stinkfoot), I'm The Slime, Village Of The Sun, Pygmy Twylyte, Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, Dupree's Paradise, Keep It Greasey, Zoot Allures, More Trouble Every Day, Let's Make The Water Turn Black, Harry You're A Beast, The Orange County Lumber Truck, Oh No, I Have Been In You, The Illinois Enema Bandit, Montana, Cosmik Debris, Acknowledgments (Sofa), German Folk Song, Zomby Woof, Crowd Noise, Keep It Greasey (Reprise), Outro

(thanks to kdj for the setlist)

Team Zappa at Zappanale 18 - pictures by Bazbo
Here's a video fragment (shot by Till A.):

If you want to see more of Till's experiments, go to:



Octafish appeared next. You should know that Octafish is one of my favourite bands. Their “Land Unter” and “Hai Girls” albums are essential listening. I can recommend these to everyone. The band completely fulfilled the expectations. Octafish will have a new album out very soon. If it will be anything like their Zappanale concert, it sure promises to be good. I love progressive rock with a zappa twist.

Another highlight.

The band spiced up their setlist with some very fine Zappa tunes:  'G-Spot Tornado', 'King Kong' and 'Let's Move To Cleveland'.

A video recording of the concert was made available on DVDR, in a limited edition of 20 copies.

Octafish at Zappanale 18 - pictures by Bazbo
This year’s surprise was a quiz. The questions were compiled by Ben Watson, and I was under the impression that quite a lot of people took part in this contest. This was nice change, and a good opportunity for me to have a bite and a beer.

Congrats to Andreas, Jack, Andrew, Billy, Jaromil and all the other Zappateers who took home some very spectacular prizes.


Kimono Draggin took the stage around 8 p.m. and they played one of the most powerful sets of the festival. This was right up my alley. Kimono Draggin frontman Joe Nolan, who you should recall as the guitar man in Doctor Dark, played some mean guitar. Josh Hatton (bass and vocals) and Chris Swirski (drums & vocals) completed this insane trio. I loved it.
  • Intro, ???, Zombie Woman, ???, Leggo My Ego, ???, ???, Szechuan Delight, ???, I Think I Love You, ???, You Never Die Twice, Electricity (Don Van Vliet) (with Steve Chillemi), Song For Brian, Summer Rain, Pocket Fulla Paneer, Here Comes The Fuzz, ???, ???, The Stranger, Brown, Hare Krsna, German Sluts, Muffin Man, ???, Outro

(thanks to kdj for the setlist)

The picture on the right shows Joe Nolan, plucking his guitar, picture taken by xal & ke.

The picture below shows Stephen Chillemi, special guest with Kimono Draggin', at Zappanale 18, performing Captain Beefheart's 'Electricity'.


Kimono Draggin' has been doing concerts in the UK and in France recently.

Here's a link to some pictures:



It seems like Sex Without Nail Bros. are becoming a yearly returning event at Zappanale. I like what this Austrian band does, and it does sound okay, but I do think that it’s a bit too clean. They played the entire Roxy album, and performed the music the way that it sounds on the album. A great job, but nothing unexpected.
There were a lot of people on the stage (they have something like four lead vocalists), but I didn’t hear any ripping solos, spectacular arrangements, or other freaky stuff… I think that that’s a pity, because the band showed some incredible musicianship, so they should be able to do whatever they want…
Noteworthy: Napoleon Murphy Brock did join Sex Without Nails Bros for a couple of songs.
  • Sofa, Dancin' Fool, ???, Bobby Brown, Don't Eat The Yellow Snow, St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast, Band Intros, I Have Been In You, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, Dirty Love, Penguin In Bondage, Pygmy Twylyte, NMB Intro & Soundcheck *, Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up * , Uncle Remus * , Village Of The Sun, Echidna's Arf, Cheepnis, Son Of Orange County, More Trouble Every Day, A Little Green Rosetta / Band Intros, City Of Tiny Lites, Outro 

  • * With Napoleon Murphy Brock

(thanks to kdj for the setlist)

A video recording of the concert was made available on DVDR, in a limited edition of 20 copies.

  • sex without nail bros.: bonsai’d ornaments on a dry – wobble landscape from vienna
        (2005, cdr, austria, private release)
    • Sex Without Nails Bros. have a new audio recording out.
    • sofa, don’t eat the yellow snow, saint alfonzo’s pancake breakfast, father o’blivion, uncle remus, village of the sun, echidna’s arf, cheepnis, i’ve been in you, dancin’ fool, rdnzl, why does it hurt when i pee?, lucille, sofa no.2

The picture above was taken by Bazbo and shows the band, with special guest Napoleon Murphy Brock at Zappanale.
At this time, I had reached my limit, so I called it a night. I went to Big Blue (the zappateers tent), had a beer and listened to an acoustic set of The Foolz. An excellent way to close another excellent day...

And yess, this means that I missed Space Debris. I was / am unfamiliar with the band, so I did want to hear them, but I was running out of energy.

Space Debris is:

  • Christian Jäger: drums

  • Tom Kunkel: hammond organ, organ bass, synthesizer

  • Tommy Gorny: guitar, vocals


  • Intro, ???, Lorna's Vibrator, ???, Electric Friends, ???, Outro

I'm sure that a concert recording will show up. That way, I can still find out what I missed.

Zappanale – day 3
After a good night’s rest, I was completely ready for Day 3. My check-list said: Harmonia at 5 p.m. and Chad Wackerman at 8 p.m.


German band The Polytoxicomane Philharmonie kicked off the day at 11 a.m. with some nice, psychedelic music. This was a great way to start the final day of a festival. We heard a fragile voice combined with some spacey guitar and saxophone solos.

The picture below was taken by xal & ke.


The Polytoxicomane Philharmonie has two albums out. The first one got released on CD in 2003, but has been re-issued on LP on Nasoni Records. Earlier this year, The Polytoxicomane Philharmonie released their second album, also on the Nasoni label.

Especially for Zappanale, the band released a 7" vinyl picture disc with two Zappa compositions:

front and back-cover of both the sleeve and the picture disc single.


  • various artists: nasoni records festival
        (2006, cd, ger, nasoni records)
    • The Nasoni record label houses in Berlin, Germany. The label is best known for its psychedlic releases, mostly on vinyl and often on coloured vinyl.
      The "Nasoni Records Festival" sampler will give you a fine idea of what the label is all about.
      Besides the Toxicomane Philharmonie, you'll also find Johnson Noise among their artists. As you might remember, Johnson Noise recorded Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day' on their "Undine" album in 2004.


The Great Googly Moogly comes from Sweden. They're a 9-piece band, and they play the music of Frank Zappa. I had heard a recording of one of their concerts, and I'm familiar with their demo, so I was pretty excited to see them.

Great Googly Moogly is:

  • Tobias Grim: guitar

  • Peter Knudsen: keyboards

  • Jenny Bengtsson: bass

  • Anders Johansson: drums

  • Johannes Tärk: percussion, vocals

  • Gustav Svedung: vocals

with special guests: 

  • Erik Kristoffersen: saxophone

  • Joakim Wiklund: trombone

They played a rather impressive set. I was not convinced by the vocal capabilities, but that's the risk that you take when you want to play some songs that were made famous by Flo & Eddie...
Still, a very enjoyable set.

  • Intro, Dog Breath, Dog Breath Variations, Call Any Vegetable, Zoot Allures, Sofa, Don't Eat The Yellow Snow, Nanook Rubs It, St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?, Any Kind Of Pain, Echidna's Arf, Cosmik Debris / Band Intros, Fifty-Fifty, Montana, Careless Whisper, Oh No, Orange County Lumber Truck, Son Of Orange County, Florentine Pogen, Zomby Woof, Outro

(thanks to kdj for the setlist)

The picture on the right was taken by Bazbo and shows bandleader Anders Johansson, on drums.

The below picture was also taken by Bazbo.



Jazzprojekt Hundehagen has performed at least 6 times at the Zappanale festival. For this occasion, they had added an electric violin to the band.

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen is:

  • Katrin Werner: Keyboards

  • Harald Werner: Guitar, vocals

  • Thomas Käckenmeister: Drums

  • Thomas (Bruno) Brünnich: Bass

  • Michael Käckenmeister: Guitar

with special guest:

  • Gerhard Weigel???: Violin

The band played some McLaughlin / Mahavishnu material, and of course, a lot of Zappa stuff as well.

  • Intro, ???, ???, ???, Band Intros, ???, ???, ???, ???, Watermelon In Easter Hay, Zoot Allures, ???, Son Of Orange County, The Torture Never Stops, Black Napkins, Outro

(thanks to kdj for the setlist)

I really liked it.

Both pictures were taken by xal & ke. 


Sunday had started out just fine. The Polytoxicomane Philharmonie was very nice, Great Googly Moogly did a good job, and the Jazzprojekt Hundehagen had played an impressive set. The weather was great as well, to say the least. After standing in the sun for three concerts, my body needed a rest and, most important of all, shadow and water. This meant that I missed the first part of the Harmonia Ensemble. A pity, because what I did see, really blew me over.

Harmonia Ensemble is:

  • Orio Odori: Clarinet

  • Damiano Puliti: Cello

  • Alessandra Garosi: Piano

  • Paolo Corsi: Drums

The Harmonia performance was another highlight of the festival. Incredible arrangements, superb performances, ... what else do you need?

  • Intro, Intro To Music For A Low Budget Orchestra, Hungry Freaks Daddy, Peaches En Regalia, Barking Playful Sandwich (T'Mershi Duween; Igor's Boogie, Phase Four; Aerobics In Bondage; Lumpy Gravy), Waka Jawaka, What's New In Baltimore?, Petrushka, Muffin Man, King Kong, Expedio, Alien Orifice, Son Of Mr. Green Genes, Encore Intro, Gerontocrazia, Lumpy Gravy, Outro

The below picture was taken by NotPedro.

The four pictures below were taken by Bazbo.

Damiano Puliti: cello Alessandra Garosi: keyboards

Luca Volpi: drums Orio Odori: clarinets


Around 8 p.m., the Chad Wackerman Trio took the stage: Chad Wackerman on drums, Mike Miller on guitar, and Doug Lunn on bass.

Pictures taken by Bazbo.

Another superb concert. Fusion, yes. A lot of Wackerman and Mike Miller compositions. I was surprised that Chad played a lot of his older compositions. I had expected some new material, or maybe even a Zappa tune. But the set was perfect. I'm not just a huge fan of Chad Wackerman, both Mike Miller and Doug Lunn are on top of my list as well. It was fusion, and it rocked.  :-) 


  • allan holdsworth and alan pasqua featuring chad wackerman and jimmy haslip: s/t
        (2007, dvd, usa, altitude digital productions)
    • The last couple of years, Chad Wackerman has been touring a lot with Allan Holdsworth. This DVD brings us the registration of a concert that took place in September 2006 in Oakland. Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Alan Pasqua on keyboards, Chad Wackerman on drums and Jimmy Haslip on bass.
      Alan Pasque has performed and recorded with various rock bands as well as with a lot of jazz legends. Those of you who are familiar with Allan Holdsworth Trio work, will be surprised how well Pasqua fits in, and adds a little extra as well. The setlist included 3 Pasque compositions as well, including 'Blues For Tony', a very energetic jazz-rock tune.
      Love it.

      If you're into fusion and jazz, this is your thing.


  • mike miller: save the moon
        (2001, cd, usa, marsis jazz pgi / mj 1097)
    • Mike Miller toured in Europe with The Grandmothers in 1982. He can also be heard on various Fowler Brothers album. In the early nineties, he toured and recorded with The Band From Utopia.
      "Save The Moon" is Mike Miller's first album. It's from 2001 and it's an instrumental album, filled with beautiful, melodic jazzy tunes. Also featured on a lot of the tracks, is none other than Bruce Fowler.
      Beatles fans will be pleased to find out that Mike also takes on two Lennon/McCartney compositions: 'Julia' and 'I Am The Walrus'.


  • bruce arnold & mike miller: two guys from south dakota
        (2004, cd, usa, muse-eek msk 122)
    • New York Jazz guitarist Bruce Arnold is best known for his jazz renditions of contemporary classical composers such as Webern and Messiaen.
      In 2004, Bruce Arnold invited Mike Miller to his home studio to record. The result "Two Guys From South Dakota" is a beautiful jazz album. Just two jazz guitar players having fun playing, changing beautiful lines through a couple of jazz standards.

      This is great.

 I've probably said it before, but Zappanale just keeps getting better. The quality of the performances, the audience, the crew, the organisation,...

This was an incredible experience. Thank you very much.


Trailer for the up coming documentary on Carl O. Franzoni by David Borboa.

David Borboa is currently seeking funding to complete this project. Go to his website and donate, or e-mail him suggestions at his website.

-- info from John Kaminski


New free release, available now:

Gorowski - Simulators can [WM067]  - 

Still in the pipeline: the Chenard Walcker tribute (yes, it will really see the light of day; most likely we'll split it up into a series of mini albums), a new Century of Aeroplanes album, Italian weirdness by 3Sacchetti and more iTunes goodies. Keep an eye on our site!

best wishes,

-- Marco



2007 08 13

Friday august 17, Mike Keneally will be vip-co-host in nps studio 6, and will present the show together with Co de Kloet.

Immediately after the show Mike and Co head for Geldern, Germany, where Mike will play his first full length european solo show ever on saturday 18 !




THE KENEALLIST  2007 08 07

MK is performing in Germany as I'm cutting & pasting this newsletter in...

2007 08 07

2007 08 07

On a bus to Detroit, surrounded by sleeping All-Stars, with a hotel complimentary "breakfast" burning a hole in my gut, four hours of sleep, so all is well.

I arrived in Chicago from Austria last night. The Outreach Festival was sublime. We did two wonderfully well-received shows, including the "Heavy Metal Miles" show with Adam Holzman and Franz Hackl. Franz organizes this Festival in Schwaz every year, brilliantly, but he is also a superb trumpeter-- perfectly in touch with the Miles vibe without resorting to mimicry. Adam, of course, played keys with Miles and he knows this music inside and out. He played fantastically. It was a privilege to play this material with him, and wicked fun to hear Bryan and Marco digging their teeth into these tunes (songs included the "Jack Johnson" theme, "What I Say," "Mademoiselle Mabry," "Black Satin," "Its About That Time," and several others). I wondered what those two would think of the Miles material-- they loved it!

Now it's School of Rock All-Stars time. I got back to the U.S. too late to do Lollapalooza with them, but they say they had an awesome time there, and the glow from it should continue to shine over this next batch of shows. It's always an honor to present these players on stage, and to do what I can to provide some direction and inspiration for them. I can't wait to hear them play tonight.

Next week-- the Offside Open festival in Gelderland, Germany. Another collaboration with our dear friend Co de Kloet, and my first solo concert performance in Europe. I'll do some singing, guitaring and keyboarding, maybe a little dance or two. I'll present some Scambot material for the first time, plus some older tunes which don't get played too often. Got a couple of weird ideas for a cover song also. This should be great fun.

We might mess with the look of The Keneallist again pretty soon-- as long as we've got these graphic possibilities to play with, I thought I might like to personalize it a little bit. You'll see what I mean soon.

Coming in October, more festivals in Budapest and Sweden, and then something really crazy, which I'll have to tell you about a little later. But here's a hint: Metal.

When's the last time you listened to RadioKeneally? Just wondering.

Now it's time for Pepto-Bismol and bus sleep. Just passed the Power Rangers Super Legends Hummer limo. It's covered with orange flames and I guess it's filled with Power Rangers Super Legends.

Thanks my friends,


 Upcoming Keneally appearances:

School of Rock All-Stars  (Mike does not perform, but presents the concerts performed by students aged 13 to 18)

Aug 7
Detroit, MI
The Magic Stick

Aug 9
Rochester, NY
Walter Street Music Hall

Aug 10
Pittsburgh, PA
The Rex Theater

Aug 11
Asbury Park, NJ
Asbury Lanes (2 pm matinee)

Aug 12
Philadelphia, PA
World Café Live (MK may not be present)

Mike Keneally

Keneally Solo
Saturday, August 18, 2007
International New Music Festival
Am Holländer See
Gelderland, Germany
Showtime: 4:30 p.m.
Tickets: €32
Info: +49 (0) 28 41 / 77 41

Mike Keneally
Solo Acoustic at the Acoustic Alliance
(The Acoustic Alliance Series gathers 12 songwriters who share the stage and trade the spotlight to perform three of their best songs in the round, presented in a candlelit "storyteller" format.)

Sunday, September 9, 2007
Brick By Brick
1130 Buenos Ave.
San Diego, CA 92110
Doors open 7 p.m., Mike on approx. 9:45 p.m.
21 and over
Tickets: $6 at the door
Info: (619) 275-LIVE

Mike Keneally Band  (Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam, Doug Lunn & Marco Minnemann)

Saturday, September 22, 2007
Rosalie and Alva Performance Gallery
1417 West 8th Street
San Pedro, CA 90732
Showtime: 8:00 p.m.
Tickets $20
Info: 310-519-1314

Mike Keneally Band  (Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam, Doug Lunn & Marco Minnemann)

Friday, September 28, 2007
The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA 91604
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.
Tickets $20
Info: 818-980-1615

in short:

  • 2007/08/18 Keneally Solo - concert "OffsideOpen - International New Music Festival", 
    Am Holländer See, Gelderland, Germany

  • 2007/09/09 Mike Keneally - concert "Solo Acoustic at the Acoustic Alliance",
    'Brick By Brick', 1130 Buenos Ave., San Diego, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/22 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'Rosalie and Alva Performance Gallery', San Pedro, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/28 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', Studio City, CA, usa




Thanks to Andrew,, here's the complete Monty & The Butchers Zappanale setlist

  • 2007/08/03 Monty & The Butchers - concert "Zappanale", Bad Doberan, Germany

    • JC Intro, Any Downers, For The Young Sophisticate, Bite The Bullet (McDonnell/Starritt), Uncle Remus, Burn It Down (McDonnell/Starritt/Kenning/Nagi/Edwards), Bamboozled By Love, Black Napkins, Reggie Don't Sweat It (McDonnell/Starritt), Cletus-Awreetus-Awrightus, You, Yourself and You (McDonnell/Starritt), I´m The Slime, I Hate/Ate My Shoes (Who The Fuck Are You Man) (McDonnell/Starritt), Cosmik Debris, There Is A Feeling That I Can't Explain (McDonnell), Apostrophe, Montana



  • the grandmothers: boulder theatre – us tour, 2000
        (200?, 2cdr, italy, obvious music)
    • The back of this album says: produced and edited by Sandro Oliva for Obvious Music.
      It's good to see that some of Sandro Oliva's recordings are getting out of Italy. He must have a lot of interesting material.

      Like this show: a concert of the Grandmothers, featuring Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner.

      I saw this band live in Brussels, probably around 2000 or so. With Sandro Oliva. It really rocked.


2007 08 15
Things were a bit hectic last week. I arrived home from Bad Doberan on Monday the 6th; had to get back to work on Wednesday the 8th; and have been trying to get into the usual rhythm since then.
Not that the holidays are completely over. We have scheduled a couple of days to visit LegoLand (in Germany) somewhere next week. The kids have been getting pretty excited about it the last couple of days.
About Lego, I have always been wondering: there's LegoCity, there's Harry Potter in Lego, there's Star Wars and castles and knights and dragons,... but there are no jambands, no concert halls, no freaks, no jazz musicians, ... so I guess Lego still has a long way to go.

Anyway, here's another attempt for a "Zappanale report".


I already told you that that my trip to BD had a very impressive start. Half an hour befored I actually took off, these three little gems arrived at the United Mutations HQ. Not that I consider these albums 'music for on the road', but they made the trip quite pleasant.
In the meantime, as you can imagine, I've also listened to these discs with the headphones on ('cause that's the way that I prefer it), and I even did the review thing, right over here.



Arriving in Bad Doberan felt like coming home.
I got there in the early evening on Wednesday and started with a little walk through the centre of the town. Quite enjoyable, especially since I also found a couple of friends having a beer outside the KampTheater.

The previous years, we (my wife and I) always arrived on Friday morning. This means: driving at night, missing the first evening / opening of the festival, already being pretty tired, and getting there only a couple of hours before the start of 'Day One'. Quite exciting, but it's all in a rush.

This time, I went on my own, and I had made it my goal to do it all in a more relaxed way. I was also very fortunate that I could have a bed in the Zappateers Ranch, a house with something of ten rooms and twenty beds plus a remarkable land-lady (I'm putting it mildly here...).

The Zappateers Ranch:
Imagine a bunch of people with names like Audrey, Bengt, Sven, Angelo, Paul, Jeremy, Luuk, Jean-Paul, Thomas, Pete, Danny, Lennart and Jon. Or with nicks like au3, BengoFury, BowTieDad, AGI, StatusBaby, UniCrayon, LudzNL, PaulusS, Nanook, Doot!, NotPedro, (I don't remember Lennart's nick...) and Yojimbo.
And all of these boys (and girl) have the same passion...
I couldn't have thought that it would have been such fun. Quite a company. Thanks again.

Most of the people that were staying over at the Zappateers Ranch arrived on Wednesday. And all of these were at the KampTheater on Wednesday evening. Add to that Hasi, Steve, Magdalena, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Andre Cholmondeley and Cheri Jiosne (plus a buch of others whose names I can't remember), and you can tell that we had a nice start.



Thursday, the 2nd of August, was the perfect example of what a holiday should look like: a good night's rest, breakfast with friends, nice weather, good company, a ride with Molli, a barbecue, seeing friends in person after a year, meeting people that you only know from the internet, and an opening of a festival...

Well, not just 'an opening of a festival'. No. The opening, or "Warm-Up Party" of Zappanale 18, at the KampTheater.


First up, was "Derailroaded", a documentary about Wild Man Fischer. The documentary was shown at the KampTheater. The KampTheater, of Kino, as they also call it, is the Bad Doberan movie theater. The perfect spot to show this documentary.

If you have never seen this documentary, you really should try to. It's available on DVD, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Derailroaded is a very interesting document. It shows that there's a very thin line between being original and being creative on the one hand, and being considered too weird and even dangerous on the other hand. If Larry 'Wild Man' Fischer would only have been half as 'mad' as he is, he might have been thought of as a genius.

Mark Mothersbaugh also appears in the movie (as do Frank Zappa and his wife Gail), and he says something like: "In other cultures, Larry Fischer would have been worshipped".


The first 'real' concert of the evening was by Christophe Godin.

Godin's band was scheduled to perform on Friday, but he gave an impression of what we should expect on Thursday evening.

He performed solo, standing on a platform of a truck, on the street, accompanied by a backing tape (cdr). During the gig, his amplifier fell over, but Christophe, who hadn't noticed at first, just kept on playing while a couple of roadies put everything up again. Fun.

This remarkable little incident, however, added a little surprise factor to the concert. Before each song, Christophe would ask the sound-guy to start a certain backing-track on the cdr. The little paper with the setlist and cdr-track-numbers had been lying on the amplifier...
As the amplifier had fallen down, this lead sheet was lost, so Christophe had to pick backing-track numbers by choice, resulting in an improvised choice of songs.

The weather wasn't too good that night and it even started raining again near the end of the concert. Godin's concert, however, was fabulous.

Incredible and fabulous.

The picture on the right was taken by Bazbo.


Next up was Chen Unst. Lots of samples, a vocalist, and a drummer, doing a Beefheart Project.

Chen Unst would be doing two performances at Zappanale 18: they would do the "Warm-Up Party" on Thursday, 2008/08/02, and another performance at the festivalground on Saturday 2008/08/04.

Appearantly some of their gear didn't function properly on Thursday evening (hard disc crash?). I wasn't too impressed, but wanted to check them out on Saturday anyway.


I had no idea of what to expect on Friday. It did look rather impressive with Mörglbl, with Project/Object and with Trigon...

The day started out fine, as Pete Brunelli was kind enough to transmorph into the United Mutations Photographer. We met another bunch of crazy people, and we were ready to go.

!! thanks to kdj for the setlists !!


For me, the festival couldn't have started any better than this. Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble features Don on synths and samples, Andre Cholmondeley on synth guitar and vocals, and Cheri Jiosne on percussion & samples and vocals.
  • Soundcheck, Intro, Solo Piece, Part Preston, Departure, Who Are The Brain Police?, CCC (Central Community Crisis), Help I'm A Rock, Outro

Don Preston - on stage at the Zappanale festival  (picture by xal & ke)

Cheri Jiosne - on stage at the Zappanale festival
  (picture by xal & ke)
Andre Cholmondeley - on stage at the Zappanale festival
  (picture by xal & ke)
I really liked this. The Akashic Ensemble has one album out, "The Inner Realities Of Evolution", and that's a very impressive disc, but seeing the trio perform this sort of experimental music live, just gives it an extra touch. Great pieces, plus impressive improvisations and interactions between the musicians on stage. They also played two old Mothers tunes.

To my taste, this was one of the top acts of Zappanale 18.


I had heard some good things about Monty & The Butchers from my fellow Zappateers. February 2007, the band had contributed to the UK Zappateers festival, and they had made a good impression.

They played an OK gig. Good vocals, good bass playing.

Lotsa Zappa, and I enjoyed their own material as well. These guys can get somewhere.

  • John Edwards: guitar
  • Kenny Kenning: drums
  • Philip McDonnell: guitar, vocals
  • Kieron Nagi: keyboards
  • Matthew Starritt: bass, vocals


  • Intro, Any Downers?, For The Young Sophisticate, ???, Uncle Remus, Burn It Down, Bamboozled By Love, Black Napkins, Reggie Don't Sweat It, Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus, ???, I'm The Slime, ???, Cosmik Debris, There Is A Feeling That I Can't Explain, Apostrophe, Montana

The below picture was taken by Bazbo, and shows the band in action.


Thursday night, Christophe Godin had mad quite an impression on all of the KampTheater visitors. Friday afternoon, after he took the stage with Mörglbl, he turned the entire festival-ground upside down. I never saw this many people in front of the stage for an afternoon concert.

These guys had it all: great songs, great chops, and a lot of humour. They even threw in a couple of Zappa tunes (first time performances by Mörglbl).

Another highlight of this year's edition. When the concert was over, I remember saying to someone "This is it. It has been enough for one day. An excellent Don Preston concert and a fantastic Mörglbl gig... For me the day can't get any better than this. I can go have a beer, and go to bed..."

  • Christophe Godin: guitar, vocals
  • Ivan Rougny: bass, vocals
  • Jean Pierre Frelezeau: drums, vocals


  • Intro, Tapas Nocturne, Lieutenant Colombin, Pygmy Twylyte, Dirty Love, Peckno Techno Boy, Le Projet Pied De Biche, Buffet Froid, Village Of The Sun, Highway To Hell (Brazilian version), Haute Voltige En Haute-Volta, Février Afghan, Smoke On The Water, Totale Bricole, L'Ami Déglingo, Outro

The below picture was taken by zappfra, and shows Christophe Godin in one of his funny poses...


  • mörglbl: grötesk
        (2007, cd, france, private release)
    • Mörglbl is touring to promote their latest release, "Grötesk".
      If you've seen the band's Zappanale concert, you'll know what to expect. The band played a lot of tunes from this album. Mörglbl is a guitar oriented power trio. Instrumental, melodic, powerful and very funny. "Grötesk" is their third album. It presents everything you saw live and even goes a bit further.

      Food for guitar freaks, Zappa maniacs and the likes.


Even though I was completely blown away by Mörglbl, I decided to hang around. Even if it was just to check out Project/Object later that night.

I was having a chat with some of my German friends, with Jack and his lovely wife (they flew over from Guam !!), and with XYQA and Daisy when my ears were drawn to the stage.

This sounded really good. I know the I Virtuosi Dal Planeta Talento ensemble from their contribution to the "Frank You, Thank" sampler, and even might have a concert recording of the band, but this sounded really good. Especially the guy on the chromatic harmonica was great.

And if that wasn't enough, Napoleon Murphy Brock joined the band for a couple of songs. Excellent.

  • Norman Baiocchi: vocals
  • Gianluca Marchetti: keyboards, vocals
  • Carlo Amberti: guitar
  • Marco Raffa: bass
  • Roberto Forlini: drums
  • Leonardo Ramadori: marimba, vibraphone
  • Ugo Maccari: keyboards
  • Giansilvio Lanfri: trumpet
  • Massimo Muratori: trumpet
  • Emanuele Ragni: trombone
  • Mirco Caselli: tenor saxophone
  • Giorgio Parri: baritone / alto saxophone

    With special guest Angelo Adamo: harmonica, and Napoleon Murphy Brock (*): saxophone and vocals


  • Intro, Muffin Man, Peaches En Regalia, Sharleena, Dog Breath, Uncle Meat, A Pound For A Brown, King Kong, Florentine Pogen, Andy, Inca Roads, City Of Tiny Lites, Mr. Green Genes, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, Sofa, Oh No, Son Of Orange County, More Trouble Every Day, NMB Soundcheck *, Montana *, Let's Move To Cleveland *, Muffin Man,  Outro

Picture taken by Bazbo.

What does Italy have with Zappa's music? The last couple of years we've seen some excellent italian bands performing at Zappanale. I Virtuosi Dal Planeta Talento were no exception...

The below picture shows the band posing for a picture, an couple of minutes after their gig. Picture taken by Pete Brunelli.


Thursday evening, the news had reached us that Ike Willis had missed his flight.
No Ike Willis at Zappanale 18.

A pity, but then again, Project/Object is an excellent band. The guys did an excellent job. Another highlight.
And with special guests Don Preston, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Dr.Dot, what could go wrong?

Project/Object is:

  • Andre Cholmondeley: Guitar, vocals
  • Dave Johnsen: Bass, vocals
  • Eric Slick: Drums
  • Eric Svalgard: Keyboards, moog, vocals

With special guests:

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock: Saxophone, flute, vocals
  • Don Preston: Keyboards


  • Intro / Soundcheck, Big Swifty, Andy, Inca Roads, Idiot Bastard Son, Florentine Pogen, King Kong, Wet T-Shirt Nite Preamble, Wet T-Shirt Nite (with Dr. Dot on Wet T-Shirt), Apostrophe, A Pound For A Brown, Village Of The Sun, Echidna's Arf, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?, Zomby Woof, Peaches En Regalia

Dr.Dot's wet t-shirt stunt will be remembered by all who were in the audience. This was quite a concert...

P/O featuring Don Preston and Napoleon Murphy Brock  (picture taken by Bazbo)

P/O featuring Dr.Dot  (picture taken by Bazbo)
The concert got recorded on video and was made available on DVDR in a limited edition. Somehow, due to a communication problem, I missed my copy. I'm still hoping that I can set this straight.


German power-trio Trigon had the difficult task to close the first day. And what a day it was...

I mentioned the above pictured Trigon albums a couple of weeks ago. Check them out here and here.

Trigon played a very nice set. It sounded good. The first hour was very stong. For my ears, their set was a bit too long, but still, a very nice show and a perfect band to close the first day.

  • Rainer Lange: Guitar
  • Stefan Lange: Bass
  • Tihomir Lozanovski: Drums


  • Intro, Zeitgeistbedingte Unfälle, Raff An Dörte, Space Chick Strikes Back, Wenn Wir Dich Rauchen Schreien Wir, Coitus Trigonus Continuum, Verbiegt Die Kontrollen Zum Herz Der Sonne, Wunder Werden Billigend In Kauf Genommen, Dekadenz Und Korruption, TanZEN, You Do Fräsend, Tückischer Tonterror, Blue Time, Fette Beute, Filthy Habits, Peitscht Das Kamel, Outro

Picture taken by kdj.

that's all for now... hope to be back with day 2 and day 3 soon


Here's another couple of pictures. This is the vinyl picture disc edition of the soundtrack for "California Man" from 1992.

The album shows Vince Neil on the a-side, but it does also include a Steve Vai track: 'Get The Hell Out Of Here'.


  • bud wattles & his orchestra: themes from the hip
        (1959, lp, usa, roulette r-25073)
    • This is the Bud Wattles album of which a couple of tunes can be found on the new Bunk Gardner solo album.
      Great stuff. And it has some very fine sax work of Mother Bunk.

2007 08 11 - subtitled "the zappanale experience part one"


I received these discs about half an hour before I left for Bad Doberan, a bit over a week ago. Needless to say that I had a fine time driven up to the northern part of Germany. These are three very fine albums, and as you'll see, they fit together rather nice...

  • don preston: vile foamy ectoplasm
        (2007, cd, usa, crossfire publications)
    • In 1993, the Muffin Records label released Don Preston's "Vile Foamy Ectoplasm" album. The disc included 12 tracks, sampling pieces from Don's various projects and bands, and was Don Preston's first solo album.
      A couple of weeks ago, Greg Russo's Crossfire Publications
      record label re-released this album. But it's not exactly what I would call a re-release. The album presents 10 out of 12 tracks from the 1993 release, plus another 10 new tracks.
      There's almost enough new material on this disc for a seperate release...

      "Vile Foamy Ectoplasm" has material from Don's entire career: solo pieces, recordings with Meredith Monk, stuff he did with the Grandmothers in the early eighties, the Don & Bunk show, the Akashic Ensemble, ... it's all here.
      This is an excellent album. It features a lot of ex-Mothers of Invention and other Zappa alumni, and even Zappa himself contributed to this album (engineering gong segments on an 1968 recording).
    • Recommended. 

  • bunk gardner: it's all bunk!
        (2007, cd, usa, crossfire publications)
    • "It's All Bunk!" is Bunk Gardner's first solo album!! It takes a look at Bunk's musical projects from 1959 until 1981:
      - three tracks from "Themes From The Hip", the Bud Wattles & His Orchestra album where Bunk played tenor sax, flute & bassoon  (great big band jazz television themes...)
      - eleven pieces by Menage A Trois, Bunk's experimental trio that toured between 1969 and 1972, a couple of which have been previously released on some Grandmothers albums.
      - two pieces by Elmer & Fred, featuring Bunk with Andy Cahan and Dusty Wakeman.
      Both pieces have been released before on Grandmothers albums, but for me, these pieces are the absolute highlights of this album. I'd love to hear some more stuff by Elmer & Fred. This is just great.
      - one excellent piece by The Grandmothers: 'More Gardner Variations' with Bunk playing some great jazz lines.

      The album closes with a track in memory of Buzz Gardner, also previously released, but a song that has everything to become an instant jazz standard.
    • Sure, this album has a lot of material that was previously released, but the original releases are pretty hard to find, and combined, these tracks make up one very impressive album. I love it.
    • Highly recommended. 

  • don preston: works
        (2007, usa, cd, crossfire publications)
    • Wowie Zowie... Here it is... Don Preston's new album.

      "Works" presents Don Preston's contemporary classical pieces. Let me start with saying that this is not an easy album. On the other hand, it does grow on you. You just need a couple of listenings.
      Besides Don Preston, performers on the album include The Chamber Orchestra Of Invention, a quartet with Bobby Bradford and The California EAR Unit.
      The album even includes quite an historical document: an improvisational piece featuring a.o. Bunk Gardner from 1965 !!

      The album also includes "Homage To FZ", a piece that Don wrote for the Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester when they were to perform with the Grande Mothers. It's a very short piece, about one minute and a half, but it's great. It fits in nicely on this disc.
    • Essential !



Thanks to my favourite Doot!onians, I was able to add a lot of extra info to the Doot! discography section.

Remember: Doot! is everywhere, and everywhere is Doot!. Even Bad Doberan.

Shortly after I arrived in Bad Doberan I had this superb Doot! moment. Take a look at these:


  • doot!: live @ mattatuck museum
        (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions)
    • "Live @ Mattatuck Museum" is a promotional disc that presents the recordings of the band's 2006/03/03 concert at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, CT, USA. It has dynamic Doot! duo Stephen Chillemi on drums and Peter Brunelli on bass, and features André Cholmondeley on guitar.

      The concert is one big soundscape, which has the musicians looking for interesting combinations of sounds, melodies and rhythms. The band also uses a couple of Zappa and Hendrix themes to improvise on.
      My favourite track is called 'Variations on the Gumbo Variations'. It leans a bit on Zappa's 'Gumbo Variations', has a very nice drive, and great solos including Stephen Chillemi on soprano saxophone !!

  • doot!: live at brass city records
        (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions)
    • Recorded a bit over a year ago as well, "Live at Brass City Records" adds Nate Trier (keyboards, percussion and melodica) to the above mentioned trio.
      Having four instruments does have quite an effect on the Doot! sound. Dispite the fact that there are more people playing, I have the impression that there's more space for improvisations. Things are taken a bit slower and can move a lot further away, take a lot of different directions.
      I really like this one! André's take on Zappa's 'Filthy Habits' is just fabulous.

  • doot!: live at zappanale 17
        (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions)
    • Shortly after Doot!'s Zappanele gig, on 2006/07/16 (yes, you're right, that's about one year ago), Doot! released Sibbs audience recording as a promotional item.
      I was there, last year. And I saw them. Still jet-lag-tired, and having trouble with the gear because some of the connections on stage had broken down.
      Anyway, the Doot! ensemble, which for this occasion consisted of Stephen, Pete and André, blew the early morning crowd away. We loved it.
      Actually, we still do.

  • doot!: doot! 2007 mega-sampler
    , cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions)
    • Here's the latest Doot! release: the "Doot! 2007 Mega Sampler". This little disc has material from two live shows (including the 2006 Zappanale concert), as well as some great stuff from two private sessions.
      Not only does this sampler include a great collection of tunes, the artwork is very impressive as well.

      If you need one Doot! disc, this is the one!

      Check out

to be continued...


news from the barfies


Okay.  We checked the Forum and noted that there's quite a lot of information (accurate) about this here CD.  And we discovered that people really want to make sure that they can get it - especially if they're not in North America during the ZPZ concert season.  So in response we have this to say about that:

Yes you can PRE-ORDER Frank Zappa's "The Dub Room Special" CD.  And a limited number, on a first come first serve basis, will be served with the afore-referenced Tape Worm.  

Try it. You'll like it. <>

Shipping From August 24, 2007!


the barfies

2007 08 08



Here's a great way to raise money for charity:

Check it out !!


The winning bidder will be allowed an exclusive visit to The Vault at Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (UMRK) in Los Angeles, famously, the home of all Frank Zappa Masters.

An opportunity to be one of the few insiders in history, but more importantly, you will be the personal guest of Gail Zappa and Joe Travers (Vaultmeister & Drummer for Zappa Plays Zappa, starring Dweezil Zappa) to tour The Vault and listen to selections of Zappa music that have not been previously released.

-- info through the zappateers site


2007 08 07
wowie zowie... it sure has been a while, so there's lots of stuff to be added.
let's have a go at it...


Below are the pictures of new Zappa vinyl picture disc bootleg. Limited to 300 copies. There's no actual title, so I named it "Zap7777", the labelnumber.


I added a couple of pictures in the frank zappa vinyl bootleg section. On the right is the vinyl bootleg "Uncle Penguin". Below is the cover and the disc of "The Strong Willie Shape", another famous Flashback release from quite a number of years ago.


As you probably know, I was in Bad Doberan the last couple of days. Getting my yearly dose of Zappanale.

It was just fabulous. It just keeps getting better and better each and every year.

I will get back to it, of course, but for starters, you might want to check out debutante_daisy's and  the doochessofprunes' diary over at zappa dot com:

(finally something interesting to read over at z dot com...)


2007/08/03 - 05  "Zappanale 18"

opening night at the kampftheater - 2007/08/02

day one - friday - 2007/08/03

day two - saturday - 2007/08/04

day three - sunday - 2007/08/05



L'Ensemble de Basse-Normandie is an 18-piece, professional orchestra: 12 string instruments, 5 wind instruments and 1 piano. The orchestra is conducted by Jean Luc Rimey-Meille.

January 2008, the ensemble will do a tour entitled "The Big Note - Frank Zappa Alchimiste". For these concerts, a number of extra instruments will be added: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, trumpet and a trombone.

The pieces to be performed include:

  • Watermelon In Easter Hay

  • Regyptian Strut

  • Little Umbrellas

  • Project X

  • Inca Roads

  • Duke Of Prunes


  • Echidna's Arf (off You)

  • Don't You Ever Wash That Thing

  • Peaches En Regalia

  • Sinister Footwear

  • Opus 1 N°4, premier mouvement (minuetto) de Francesco Zappa


  • Music:  Frank Zappa / arr. Jean Luc Rimey-Meille

  • Libretto: Pacôme Thiellement 

  • Actors: Marco Bataille-Testu, Marie Lemoine

  • Costumes: Fanny Mandonnet

the orchestra:

  • ....

the added musicians:

  • Jean Marc Simon: guitar

  • Pascal Berne: bass

  • Attilio Terlizzi: drums

  • Fred Escoffier: keyboards

  • Sébastien Bonniau: percussion

  • ??: trumpet
    ??: trombone



-- info: cosmikd / zappateers


Dieter Jakob's vinyl bootleg bible is scheduled to be out & ready to ship somewere at the end of September.

This will be one big book...

  • 100 handnumbered copies

  • 500 pages A4 (large format, about 8.2 by 11.7 inches), almost all pages full coloured.

  • Hardcover with thread sewing

  • Digitally printed on special high quality paper (paper used for illustrated books)

  • More than 3600 (!) photos from covers, label, vinyl (LPs and singles), booklets, other details, etc. about more than 300 different titles (vinyl only!)  

  • 100 handnumbered copies

The book is most probably the most comprehensive work about the unofficial records of Frank Zappa, and might remain it for a very long time.


According to cekman, over at the zappateers site, the audio CD of  "The Dub Room Special" is out and available at the ZpZ shows.


  1. A Token of My Extreme (Vamp)
  2. Stevie's Spanking
  3. The Dog Breath Variations
  4. Uncle Meat
  5. Stink-Foot
  6. Easy Meat
  7. Montana
  8. Inca Roads
  9. Room Service
  10. Cosmik Debris
  11. Florentine Pogen

total time: 64:28

produced, mixed and edited by FZ

liner notes by Gail Zappa, and by Peppers guitarist John Frusciante

Gail Z also announced it on the Z dot com forum in her own cryptic way:

"Yes! These are yer ackshul tape segments from the Vault, floor, reels of UMRK. Live on the road until 24 August."

which should translate into something like: the album is available at the ZpZ shows until August 24, and, if you look closely, the cd-case includes a little piece of actual tape ! (nice touch)


2007 07 31


The Whip It Out Ensemble is from Calgary, Canada. The ensemble has been performing Frank Zappa's music since 2002. Until today, they have done some 20 concerts, and after I listened to their new CD set, and watched their DVD, I have to say that these concerts sure sound like a lot of fun...


  • the whip it out ensemble: live at the ironwood
        (2007, 2cdr, canada, private release)
    • "Live At The Ironwood" presents the 2003/12/05 show, as recorded by CKUA Radio.
      The first couple of years, The Whip It Out Ensemble had each time performed a big part of the "We're Only In It" album. From December 2003 on however, they had added a second part to their show.
      Disc one of this concert features the "We're Only In It" part, whereas disc two presents compositions like: Trouble Every Day, Call Any Vegetable and Zomby Woof. Excellent musicianship. Great vocals!

      I love it.
  • the whip it out ensemble: live 03/05/06
        (2007, dvdr, canada, private release)
    • This disc was the one that I was really looking forward to. It presents a rather recent concert, May 2006, so it'll show what the band sounds like today, and, even more important: it's a video registration!!

      In one word: Sensational.

      Not only does the Whip It Out Ensemble sound good, they make a hell of a show out of it as well.
      No whipped cream, but the rest was all there...

the whip it out ensemble vocals


  • jeff simmons: lucille has messed my mind up / the original soundtrack from naked angels
        (2007, 2cd, ger, world in sound records)
    • Here it is, boys and girls...
      The first two legendary Jeff Simmons albums
      Together in one package.

      Frank Zappa, Herb Cohen and Jeff Simmons met in 1968 when Easy Chair (Simmons' band) opened for The Mothers. Zappa and Cohen were impressed and signed Simmons to Straight for 2 albums.
      During the production of these albums, in 1969, Jeff Simmons turned 20 years old!! When the band broke up after the recording, Jeff joined The Mothers...

      "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up" is a superb album. It is filled with excellent musicians performing very fine, bluesy songs, and it features Frank Zappa and Ian Underwood in great shape.
      Simmons' version of "Lucille" is fabulous and Zappa's guitar sounds as dirty as it can get. Zappa takes another solo spot in 'Raye', another blues song, but with a psychedelic edge. Beautiful.
      Another highlight of this album is 'Wino Man', including some tape-manipulated backings... You hear me coming, this is essential stuff. A classic. And in my list, part of the Zappa discography.

      "Naked Angels" (which got recorded before the "Lucille" album) has the same bluesy drive as "Lucille", but does sound a bit heavier. Most probably because it's mostly insturmental.
      The record has Jeff on all the instruments (!!), except the drums. Quite a performance.

    • Essential material!


  • various artists: world in sound tracks - episode 1
        (2007, cd, ger, world in sound)
    • Celebrating fourty years of the 'Summer Of Love', German record label World In Sound released a sampler.
      The disc gives a selection of various World In Sound releases, including Jeff Simmons' 'Wonderful Wino' (Simmons, Zappa), taken from his recent "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up / Naked Angels" release.
      There's quite a heap of interesting tracks on this album. Now if only the summer could start...

      The album comes with a beautiful booklet, filled with pictures, and the lyrics of each song.
      And part of the sales of the album supports Amensty International.

      What are you waiting for?


  • wazoo: wazoo
        (2006, cd, ger, world in sound)
    • Dispite the funny explanation on their self-titled album, Wazoo isn't really from the planet Oozam. But I do believe that they made their recording with a mission: "Give the music back to the people".
      Wazoo, a psychedelic rock band from Michigan, recorded one album in the early seventies. It got re-released on CD in 2006 on the German World In Sound label.

      I'm quite surprised that I hadn't heard of this band before, and not because of their name, but because they make some excellent music. The album presents eight lengthy pieces, showing the different sides of the band.
      It opens rather quietly with 'The Beginning', a nice piano accompanied intro. Next up is 'Slip On', introducing the psychedelic organ, but quickly turning into a fine funky rock song. 'The Way I See It' is an eleven minute (!) cosmic tune, including a saxophone that accompanies the psychedelic vocal line. Nice.
      'Sleep On' is another great, typical seventies rock song. Tracks number five and six, 'Concert' and 'Arnie Funny Far Fackor' shows the band experimenting: 'Concert' has the band in an orchestrated, mother-esque freak-out session, and 'Arnie...' is a five-minute soundscape . The album continues with 'BH Man', returning to the rock side, including the essential fuzz guitar and psychedelic backing vocals. The record concludes with 'Grand Ol'Land', a piece that sounds a bit like a mixed up and twisted version of a national anthem. Vaudeville at its top.

      Very impressive. Check it out !!


      John Williams, who did the artwork for the album, gave a copy of the LP to Frank Zappa. This comes as no surprise.


  • rainer pappon: o alemão da guitarra verde
        (2007, cd, brazil, yakisoba records)
    • Guitar virtuoso Rainer Pappon has a brand-new album out.
      With his previous album "Rainer Tankred Pappon", Rainer displayed his guitar talents: a fabulous, very powerful guitar instrumental album that he recorded with Humberto Zigler on drums.
      On "O Alemão Da Guitarra Verde", the vocals have returned, but as Rainer Pappon recorded with many different musicians and (very good) vocalists, the album almost sounds like a sampler, showcasing different bands. The common factor is Rainer Pappon's extraordinary guitar work.

      "O Alemão Da Guitarra Verde" is a guitar oriented rock album: very fine rock songs with a dominant rock guitar. And you can hear that Rainer plays the lead guitar in The Central Scrutinzer Band. There's some excellent guitar playing going on.

      The last track on the album, 'A Lot Of Biucets', kicks off with a zappa-esque melody / rhythm and features eight guitar solos, each by a different guitarist. Awesome. Food for guitar wrestlers.

2007 07 29


Hans-Peter Schmidt's flowing stream of data included cover, back-cover and label of 


(and I also fixed a bad link to this page...)

2007/07/28 - Inauguration of the Frank Zappa Strasse in Berlin, Germany

(picture by Bernd / xxhoff)



  • chester thompson: a joyful noise
        (1991, cd, usa, blue moon / moo records r2 79341)
    • Charles Ulrich was kind enough to send a bunch of corrections for the Chester Thompson entry.
      While we're at it, might just as well add the Chester Thompson solo album from 1991. It features a number of Zappa alumni: Charles Owens, Walt Fowler, Steve Fowler, Bruce Fowler and George Duke.
      As for the music, it's some sort of smooth jazz album. Way too smooth for my taste...


and here's Chester's official site:

2007 07 28


  • rainer pappon: tankred
        (2005, cd, brazil, voiceprint brazil)
    • Yesterday, I talked about Rainer Pappon's "The Blurps", a very fine album.
      Today, I've been playing "Tankred" for the biggest part of the day. "Tankred" is quite another league. For starters: it's an instrumental album and Rainer Pappon's guitar extravanganza is the key to it all. An excellent choice.
      Where "The Blurps" presented songs, "Tankred" has lyrical, melodical compositions and improvisations. The setting is minimal: guitar, bass & drums.

      I really like this!

      If you're into instrumental guitar music, you've got to hear "Tankred". My favourite track is called "Uau!". It takes an easy, slow start but it left me speechless after the complete eight minutes.

      Highly recommended !!


The Bogus Pomp Website:



Here's another one of those albums from twenty years ago... R.T.C.'s "Seropositive". Niek Roovers and Ron Overbeek...
  • r.t.c.: seropositive
        (1987, lp, nl, future music f.m. 1001)
    •  Including two Zappa pieces: ‘Revised Music’ and ’The Black Page Part 2’


Does anyone out there have a copy of R.T.C.'s "Tomorrow We Talk About Your Career"? It should include a Zappa tune as well, but I'm not sure about that.


Anyway, I'm looking for the info, as well as for a copy of the album...


Alarm Will Sound is a 20-piece chamber orchestra / new music ensemble / band from New York, that performs contemporary classical music. They have performed works of both  Zappa and Varèse.

Zappa's 'Dog Breatch Variations' and 'Uncle Meat' have been performed on various occasions.



It looks like the Czech Frank Zappa FanClub is working on a groovy outfit.

Here's one of their latest products: an FZ hat !

2007 07 27


Yes, you heard it right. There's two new Bogus Pomp DVDs out. The first one is from the end of last year and is a recording of the Zappaween XI concert.
  • bogus pomp: zappaween XI
        (2006, dvdr, usa, private release)
    • For me, this is how I prefer my Zappa. Fresh arrangements, and leaning heavy on a feedback guitar.

      An excellent gig and great fun to watch.
      A bit weak on the vocals maybe, ... but I guess we're all a bit spoiled when it comes to that...

  • bogus pomp: the bogus pomp low budget semi-acoustic orchestra
        (2007, dvdr, usa, private release)
    • Now this is really neat. The Bogus Pomp Band (8 musicians, including a violin, a cello and vibes) performing Frank Zappa compositions in a semi-acoustic setting.
      Jerry Outlaw plays a beautiful Ovation guitar. I just love that sound. Here's the setlist:
      • chunga's revenge

      • little umbrellas

      • mom & dad

      • zoot allures

      • uncle meat

      • black napkins

      • cleetus awreetus awrightus

      • eat that question

      • blessed relief

      • black page no.2

      • t'mershi duween

      • dupree's paradise

      • holiday in berlin

      • little house i used to live in

      • king kong

    • This is a stunning and beautiful concert.

      Recommended viewing and listening !!



  • rainer pappon: the blurps
        (1998, cd, brazil, yakisoba records)
    • Rainer Tankred Pappon plays the lead guitar in The Central Scrutinzer Band, a band from São Paulo, Brazil, that performs the music from Frank Zappa. He also contributed to a couple of chapters to Fabio Massari's book, "Detritos Cósmicos".
      "The Blurps" got released in 1998, and it's Rainer Pappon's second solo album.
      It's a very impressive album. Rainer Pappon plays some fine jazz & rock guitar. One can tell that he's into Zappa, Keneally, Vai and the likes.

      Icing on the cake is the guest-appearance of none other than Ike Willis, who sings the part of the spaceman in 'Spacedope'.

      You'll love it...

      More Rainer Pappon real soon...


  • frank zappa: austin 26 oct 1973
        (2007, 2lp-bootleg, ??, zap007)
    • A couple of months after the black vinyl release, the red vinyl release is out.

      Bootleg & limited.

      Does it surprise anyone that Zappanale is only a couple of days away?


  • pink floyd: pink floyd meets frank zappa
        (2007, picture disc bootleg, ??, shadow man records)

    • It had been announced for a couple of months, and here it finally is: the Pink Floyd Meets Frank Zappa picture disc vinyl bootleg.

      This is exactly the same release as the various coloured vinyl edtions of "Pink Floyd Meets Frank Zappa" that we saw last year. If my memory serves me richt, I've seen black, peach, green, red, yellow, blue and even clear vinyl...

      Beautiful. Absolutely!
      Necessary? Hmmm. Not really...


  • frank zappa: the chorus and the club
        (2007, dvd-bootleg, ??, apocalypse sound as 114)
    • Earlier this year, Europe 2, a French commercial TV station, did a re-broadcast of the "Chorus" special that showed about 40 minutes of Zappa's 1980 concert in France.
      Add to that pre-broadcast version of the "Beat Club" special from 1968 on German TV and you have a very impressive DVD.

      Yes, this is a bootleg, but the quality of these recordings is as good as it can get.
      If I'm not mistaken, both recordings have been made available throught the Zappateers site as well.

Frank Zappa and Roy Estrada (toying with a gas mask) during the Beat Club special on German TV, october 1968.

Frank Zappa performing 'Chunga's Revenge', in concert in Paris, 1980/06/11, broadcast on "Chorus" on French TV.


Adding another bunch of book covers to the Zappa bookshelf section...
(thanks to Hans-Peter Schmidt)

zappa vox

by yasuo yagi & dominique chevalier
    (1988, book, japan, ??)

- "Zappa Vox" consists of a slipcase with two books. Both books are pictured below

  • zappa breath in the year of the plague - vol.1

    by yasuo yagi
        (1988, book, japan, ??)

    - First book in the Zappa Vox set. 475 pages.

  • viva zappa !

    by dominique chevalier
        (1988, book, japan, ??)

    - Second book in the Zappa Vox set. 166 pages.

zappa par zappa

by frank zappa and peter occhiogrosso
    (2005, book, france, l'archipel)

french re-edition with extra material of translation and notes by jean-marie millet
foreword by christophe delbrouck

one side fits all

by rémi raemackers
    (2003, book, monaco, la mémoire et la mer)




Captain Cheese-Beard & the 7 Sisters of Prevention are scheduled to perform at "Route 66" in Verviers, Belgium on September 11, 2007. 


  • trigon: emergent
        (2007, cd, ger, private release)
    • Trigon's latest album is called "Emergent". Where their previous album, "Herzberg 2004" was recorded live as a quartet, "Emergent" shows the band in the usual line-up:
        - Rainer Lange: guitar
        - Stefan Lange: bass
        - Tihomir Lozanovski: drums

      Stefan Lange and Tihomir Lozanovski provide a steady powerful and rolling rhythm, while Rainer Lange plays lead guitar.

      This is instrumental, guitar orientated progressive rock at its best. "Emergent" has it all: great improvisations, progrock twists and turns, melodic and jazzy tunes,... You name it.

      A must-have release, and a perfect invitation to see and hear the band Friday night, live at Zappanale.

2007 07 26



I added a discography for Jos Steen. Jos also has an album out, called "The China Pig Blues Band". Can't go wrong with a name like that.

-> more info on Jos Steen soon.



I've been a fan of Frank Zappa's music for a long time. I listen to his albums. I buy every new album. I go to concerts where they play Zappa's music. I have a lot of friends who have the same hobby. Usually, we don't call it a hobby, we call it a way of life.
Still, with the years going by, a lot of my friends, and long-time Zappa fans have quit.

You want to know why? Because every fan needs a new release from time to time, because every fan wants to go to a concert to get to hear his favourite music from time to time...

Thanks to organisations like the Arf Society and to bands that play Zappa's music, his music is still alive.

We want to listen to Zappa's music. We want Zappa's music to be alive. We're in it for the music.
If the Zappa Family Trust threatens musicians, bands, fan clubs and organisations, obviously our goals aren't alike.


 Zappa Wife Threatens Musicians' Collective; Fan Club Responds

Bad Doberan, July 24, 2007 - This Saturday, the city of Berlin will dedicate a street to the memory of Frank Zappa. But Gail Zappa, wife of the late rock iconoclast, has threatened to sue the musicians' collective behind the naming unless Germany's formally-chartered Zappa fan club withdraws from the event.

A letter from a Dusseldorf law firm accuses Arf-Society e.V. (the fan club) of exploiting the street dedication for its own purposes, and of copyright violations and other rights infringements. The letter also contends that Gail Zappa did not know about the street-naming, and that she should have been contacted for approval.

In response, Thomas Dippel, Arf-Society chairperson, released the following statement: 
"With great dismay and surprise, Arf-Society - organizer of biggest known Zappa festival in the world for the last 18 years - must take note of Gail Zappa's effort to prevent our participation in the inauguration of Frank-Zappa-Street in Berlin.

"How this all came about: Acting on a proposal by the ORWOhaus musicians' collective, the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district board approved renaming 'Road 13' as 'Frank-Zappa-Strasse', the first street in Germany named for a rock musician. This major recognition of Frank pleased us greatly, of course. We immediately contacted ORWOhaus to assure them of our help in any way we could.

"When Ahmet Zappa [Zappa's second son] was in Berlin on November 6, 2006, publicizing his first book, members of ORWOhaus invited him to take part in the preparations and the event itself. By making contact with the Zappa family, ORWOhaus hoped to spark a dialog about plans for the event. The family never responded to these overtures.

"So, Arf-Society began to help by contacting Zappa tribute band 'Sheik Yerbouti', and by arranging the participation of Napoleon Murphy Brock, revered Zappa band member and star of last year's Zappa Plays Zappa tour. In fact, Arf-Society is paying half of Mr. Brock's travel expenses, which enables ORWOhaus to put a serious representation of Zappa's music on stage for the celebration, despite a very limited budget.

"But then ORWOhaus received a letter from Thomas Schmitz, of the Dusseldorf law firm Reiman Osterreith Kohler Haft, dated July 10, 2007, saying that they were retained to represent the legal interests of Gail Zappa and her children after press releases saying that Arf-Society would be involved in the street-naming. Gail Zappa would sue because Arf-Society 'is constantly violating her trademark rights and copyrights, and exploiting the artistic heritage of Frank Zappa. Our client will under no circumstances put up with that Society taking publicity from the street renaming for their own purpose.'

"These groundless accusations hurt us deeply, as we have strived for almost two decades to honor and preserve Frank Zappa's musical heritage. Long before 2004, we repeatedly invited Gail Zappa and her family to work together with us, especially since they would profit from our work promoting Frank's legacy. Yet, Gail Zappa's only answer reads: 'If you want to play with me, you have to play it by my rules!' She has also threatened other Zappa tribute bands and artists with restraining orders for quite some time."

"Mrs Zappa, we protest explicitly against the unwarrented claims you raised. As Frank would have asked, are you 'only in it for the money?'"

Thomas Dippel
Chairperson/Public relations
Arf-Society e.V.
Am Markt 3
+49 38203 / 598207


Webradio as you have never experienced it before:

Go to

And click on "Luister".



The Rockin' Rebellions, from Birmingham, Alabama, recorded and released Frank Zappa's 'Anyway The Wind Blows' as a B-side for their 'Don't Let Go" 7".

Hans-Peter Schmidt adds that three different versions / labels of this release exist. They have been added to the Rockin' Rebellions' entry.



Charles Ulrich noticed a bunch of bad links of the Ray White entry. They have been removed.



  • trigon: herzberg 2004
        (2005, cd, ger, private release)
    • Instrumental Progressive Rock band Trigon will be one of the headliners of Zappanale. In about a week, Friday 2007 08 03, Trigon will close the first day of the festival.

      As the title suggests, this CD got recorded at the Herzberg Festival, July 2004. It consists of 14 tracks, all improvisations around a certain theme, a vamp or a repeating chord sequence. If their Zappanele set will be something like their "Herzberg 2004" album, we're in for a real treat.
      At Herzberg, Trigon performed as a quartet, adding Udo Gerhards to their usual trio line-up. At Zappanale, Trigon will perform as a Power Trio: guitar, drums & bass.

      Guitarist Rainer Lange explains: "Our way to explore music is always a jam... For live events we do arrange this stuff with still jam parts in it."
      He adds: "For an instrumental trio it is kind of hard to book good locations, so to have a gig at the Zappanale is absolutely perfect for us. Everybody there is used to listen to guitar orientated and sometimes instrumental music. No expectations from top10radiolisteners."

      It sure sounds good to my ears. One of the hightlights on this "Herzberg 2004" album is the up-tempo track number 6, 'Coitus Trigonus Continuum'. It has a fine Zappa-esque chord vamp, a great guitar solo and a fabulous guest appearance by Frogg Café's Nick Lieto (flügelhorn) who givest it all a beautifull jazzy atmoshphere.
    • Highly recommended !!


  • rockbill
        (1988/05, magazine, usa)
  • nuggets
        (1977/04, magazine, uk)


The Ensemble Ascolta is a German ensemble that performs contemporary music. The band recently performed two 'unheard' Zappa pieces in concert: 'I Was In A Drum' and 'Reagan At Bitburg'.

March 2007, the band had agreed a long-term co-operation deal with Gail Zappa to arrange a number of these unpublished pieces, plus the possibility to produce a CD on the Zappa label.

-- info from the Zappateers site & from


Every last Tuesday of the month, at the Jansen Bar in Berlin, Germany, a "Zappa Listening Session" will take place.

Jansen Bar [ ]
Gotenstrasse 71
10829 Berlin Schöneberg

  • 2007/07/31 - Zappa in Buffalo 1974


-- info: Bernd at the Zappateers site


  • de monsterlijke memoires van een machtige mcmoedig

    by ahmet zappa
        (2007, book, nl, pimento)
    • A couple of months ago, Ahmet Zappa's "The Monstrous Memoirs..." got a Dutch translation.



  • économie eskimo - le rêve de zappa

    by pacôme thiellement
        (2005, book, france, éditions mf)
    • A couple of years ago, Pacôme Thiellement wrote quite an interesting book. I stumbled only upon it recently, and although I still haven't read it completely, I'm sure that I'll stay on the shelf...
      Pacôme Thiellement looks at Zappa's lyrics in regards to the eskimocratie (achieving happiness without making anyone else unhappy); the way Zappa looks at the world around him (compared to the philosophies of Spinoza and others); the difference of approach compared to the Velvet Underground, the Beatles; the way The Residents use 'the eskimo' in their projects.
      Very impressive. Small chance that it will ever be published in english, or in dutch... and that's a pity.

  • The book has a beautiful back-cover, drawn by Jean-Christophe Menu.
    Menu is a French comic book artist, and one of the founding member of one of the most prestigious comic book publishing houses in France, l'Association. He's also a huge fan of both Frank Zappa and The Residents.
    The back-cover displays the "Hot Rats" album cover, but shows an eyeballed Resident coming out of the swimming pool instead of miss Christine Frka.

  • One of the chapters in Pacôme's book gives the mysterious N.Senada some thought. N.Senada being some sort of mentor / guru of the Residents.

    I almost slapped myself when Pacôme explained the very obvious link to Beefheart:
    On the right, a picture of the street where Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band recorded "Trout Mask Replica": Ensenade Drive in the Woodland Hills.


2007 07 25


Here's a couple of setlists from last year's zappanale. Audience recordings of these shows were available through the Zappateers site.


The Zappatistas

  • 2006/07/14 concert "zappanale", bad doberan, germany
    • John Etheridge - guitar, Steve Lodder - keyboards, Annie Whitehead - trombone, Jez Wiles - percussion, Simon Bates - saxophones & flute, Paul Jayasinha - trumpet, Rob Statham - bass, Mike Bradley - drums
    • Peaches en Regalia, Grand Wazoo, Let's Make The Water Turn Black, Sofa no1, Eat That Question, Sexual Harassment, King Kong, Sleep Dirt, Big Swifty, Harry You're A Beast - Oh No - Orange County Lumber Truck

The Paul Green School of Rock, feat.Adrain Belew as special guest

  • 2006/07/16 concert Zappanale, Bad Doberan, Germany
    "Paul Green School of Rock plays the music of Frank Zappa"
    • Soundcheck, Call Any Vegetable, Black Page #2, Crew Slut, Fifty-Fifty, Night School, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Dog Breath, Mom & Dad, What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, Mother People, Village Of The Sun / Echidna's Arf / Don't You Ever Wash That Thing, Jones Crusher, Stevie's Spanking , Guitar Jam, Paul Green introduces the musicians

Adrian Belew Power Trio

  • 2006/07/17 concert ‘Zappanale‘, Bad Doberan, Germany  

    • Adrian Belew - Guitar and vocals, Eric Slick - Drums, Julie Slick - Bass
    • intro announcement by Jim Cohen, Writing On The Wall, Dinosaur, Ampersand, I Remember How To Forget, Young Lions, Eric Slick drum solo, Beat Box Guitar, Madness Man, The Lone Rhinoceros, Of Bow And Drum, Big Electric Cat, Frame By Frame, band intros, Three Of A Perfect Pair, crowd and Jim Cohen encore announcement, Elephant Talk, Thela Hun Ginjeet, outro crowd and announcement, Adrian Belew becomes a member of honour of The Arf Society



webnews!! is no more. the beautiful sofa has found a new place on the web:

Burkhard Schempp did an excellent job with this transfer: new lay-out, new links, new data...
Check it out.


For Immediate Release


Zappa/Mothers Keyboard Legend Don Preston To Tour Europe


Composer/Pianist/Electronic Artist Don Preston And Akashic Ensemble Scheduled To Perform In Austria, Czech Republic And Famed ZAPPANALE Festival in Germany.

Los Angeles, CA - 7/21/07 - Keyboard legend Don Preston was quite possibly the first person to add synthesis to live rock performances, taking Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention into uncharted musical territories over several tours and albums. Today, four decades after having built "analog synthesizers" from scratch before most people had heard of such things, Preston is a living legend and a pioneer who now tweaks synthesizers on his Apple laptop. This summer Don Preston will set off on tour of Europe with his Akashic Ensemble, including a stop at the legendary, annual ZAPPANALE festival in Bad Doberan Germany. Having appeared there in the past with his Grande Mothers ensemble of fellow Zappa-alumni, Preston will bring his jazz-electronica-experimental trio to the stage in August of 2007. He will also make appearances in other European cities, including Vienna.

About Don Preston
Most people probably know Don Preston's pioneering work with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention , with whom he toured and recorded over a dozen records with the groundbreaking band from 1966-1974, including the critically acclaimed fan favorites We're Only In It For The Money and Roxy And Elsewhere. Previous to joining the Mothers, in 1958 Preston toured Canada playing piano for Nat King Cole, he has also played bass with Carla and Paul Bley, Elvin Jones, Yousef Lateef and Herbie Mann, who he met when they were stationed with the U.S. Army in Trieste, Italy. After the Mothers, Don embarked on a wild ride through a myriad of musical situations, which include the likes of Flo &Eddie, Leo Sayer, John Carter and The Residents to name a few. In the early '70s Preston collaborated and played piano with Meredith Monk as part of the burgeoning New York avant garde/moderndance music/composers nexus. Don even shocked Robert Moog, inventor of the synthesizer, with the sounds he made on Moog's own instruments! Since the rebirth of Preston's Akashic Ensemble in 2002, the group has released a CD and toured throughout the Northeast. The diverse ensemble includes Cheri Jiosne on drums, percussion, electronics and processing, and Andre' Cholmondeley (of Zappa tribute band Project/Object) on guitar, electronics, synths and samples.

Don Preston also continues to compose and perform with the Grande Mothers, a group based around former Mothers of Invention members that Don started in the 1980s with Jimmy Carl Black and Bunk Gardner that now features Zappa-alumni Napoleon Murphy Brock and Roy Estrada. After an extended period of playing Zappa material and originals with his fellow Zappa-alumni in the Grande Mothers, Preston was ready to go on tour and play some more 'positive electronic music'. The Akashic Ensemble combines ambient moods with sampled vocals, analog tweaks and percussive loops-all with Preston's playful trademark sense of melody, dynamics and drama.

Don Preston's experience performing with everyone from Elvin Jones, Lou Rawls and Frank Zappa to Carla Bley, Meredith Monk, The Residents, Jack Bruce and Robbie Krieger provide him with a unique perspective on utilizing synthesis, musiqueconcrete and sampling in a variety of musical settings. His keyboard solos on Zappa and Michael Mantler records, as well as countless soundtracks including Apocalypse Now, are groundbreaking moments in synthesizer history. Today, Preston's stylistic range keeps expanding, currently grafting new
technologies into his experimental palette with software synths, laptop recording technology and digital interactive effects. After a half-century in the music business, Preston remains as active as ever! In 2006 alone, Don did three tours with the Grande Mothers, toured throughout two continents with the Akashic Ensemble , performed upright bass for a musical in Los Angeles, held separate concerts of solo electronic music and his jazz quartet at the L.A. County Museum, and performed Stravinsky's "L'Histoire Du Soldat" in L.A. and Bergen, Norway, also with the Grande Mothers.

This year Don Preston will reach his 75th Birthday (21 SEP) and looks forward to several months of hard work composing, recording and touring to celebrate this long, ongoing life on the cutting edge of music. His performances today range from solo piano that bridges jazz, 12-tone and classical sensibilities, and hard-core experimental electronic music ranging from beats to ambience, flavored by avant-garde poly-rhythms and political satire.

For more information, please visit

Tour Dates:


04 Zappanale Bad Doberan, Germany
09 Rock Cafe' Prague CZ
10 Porgy &Bess Vienna, Austria
11 Porgy &Bess Vienna, Austria
12-14 TBC





2007 07 23

André Cholmondely says:

Hey everyone Hope all is well. Lots going on.... too much at times, I can't think straight 

We're about to leave for EUROPE -- one show at Zappanale with Project/Object, one set with Don Preston Akashic, then we go onwards with Don to Prague and then Vienna. Being a musician really sucks sometimes.....LOL.
Then we have a 75th birthday tour with Don in sept..and a major P/O tour in Oct/Nov with Ike Willis & Napoleon Murphy Brock (ex-vocalist for Dweezil's ZPZ!) In any event... I have been booking some shows - and I have my FIRST EVER full on Production/Promotion (which really means - I'm the jerk who loses his shirt if enough people don't show up!!) Stay tuned for further developments --but if you are in the Asheville NC area (where I now live), c'mon down to the show -- or tell someone you know in Western NC!! Spread the word, let;'s pack this place. -thanks Andre'


Stella Blue

Adrian Belew Power Trio. 21+ Tickets $18 adv, $20 day of 

Join Legendary Adrian Belew in a rare appearance in Asheville NC. Catch one of his few USA dates this summer. The Power Trio will be fresh back from a week-long engagement in Japan (where they survived the earthquake!!). Adrian Belew is noted not only for his incredible and varied solo albums since 1982, but also for his countless tours and sessions with Herbie Hancock, Frank Zappa, Laurie Anderson, The Bears, Tom-Tom Club, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Jean-Michel Jarre, Paul Simon, Nine Inch Nails, Jars Of Clay, Mike Oldfield and more. Prog-heads know him well as the lead-vocalist and guitar-partner to Robert Fripp in KING CRIMSON since 1981. His trio since 2006 has consisted of Eric Slick/Drums and Julie Slick/Bass. (some of you may know Eric from his drum-chair position in PROJECT/OBJECT)
Featuring : Big Electric Music from Belew's entire career, incredible guitar textures and loops, and spirited trio improv.
Venue Phone: 828.236.2424
Event Email:
Ages: 21+
Adrian Belew Power Trio
Date of Event: Sun Aug 19/07
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Show Time: 7:00 PM
Ticket Limit Per Trans:8
Ticket Price: $18.00


2007 07 23


Brazilian journalist / writer Fabio Massari, collected a number of articles and artwork by various writers, composers, musicians, illustrators,... on the subject of Frank Zappa.

The result is a beautiful 222-page book called "Detritos Cósmicos". It got released in Brazil in 2006.

zappa: detritos cósmicos

by fabio massari
    (2006, book, brazil, conrad)

  • I already mentioned this book a little while ago. "Zappa: Detritos Cósmicos" is a collection of writings, assambled by Fabio Massari.
    This book looks fabulous:
    • introdução: "Sobre este Livro", Fabio Massari
    • depoimentos
      • "Black Napkins", André Christovam
      • "Zapping Zappa", Cláudio Júlio Tognolli
      • "Zappa - impressões pessoais", Bento Araújo
      • "Zappaland", Dagomir Marquezi
      • "Aula de rock", Fábio Cascadura
      • "Máximas Zappianas", Allan Sieber
      • "3 x Z", Gastão Moreira
      • "Funk Zappa", Rodrigo Brandão
      • "FZ", Flavão
      • "O encontro de Boulez e Zappa", Rogério Skylab
      • "Lá vai:", Evandro Mesquita
      • "A Brasília de Frank Zappa", Paulo Lima


  • "Zappa", Caco Galhardo
  • "O exercício da inquietude", Wado
  • "Grana & música", Alexandre Matias
  • "FZ", João Lin
  • "Zappa for president", Wander Wildner
  • "Zappa e a no wave", Marco Butcher
  • "Referência para o resto da vida", Rainer Tankred Pappon
  • "Histórias sobre Ike Willis", The Central Scrutinizer Band
  • "O esculacho levado a sério", Jumbo Elektro
  • "Anotações para uma dialética zappiana", Löis Lancaster
  • "Zappa e Yoko Ono", Luiz Calanca
  • "Zappa no Brasil", Kid Vinil
  • "Z.", Bruno Torturra Nogueira
  • "Frank on the beach", Ivan Marsiglia
  • ""Indigesto" e fascinante contato", Pitty & Duda
  • "FZ", Neilton
  • "Frank Zappa e eu...", Thunderbird
  • "Corações despedaçados vão para o olho do cu", Clarah Averbuck
  • "FZ", Diego Medina
  • "Delírio zappiano / massariano", Rodrigo Carneiro
  • "Não sou guitarrista, mas escultor!", Alberto Marsicano
  • "Frank Zappa", Arthur Veríssimo
  • "O homem vestido com roupas de magnésio", Ademir Assunção
  • "FZ", Antonio Amaral
  • "4/12/93", Thales de Menezes
  • "O câncer de Frank Zappa", Fernando Bonassi
  • entrevistas brasileiras
  • uma palavrinha
  • entrevista: José Nogueira
  • entrevista: Fabio Massari
  • artigos por fabio massari
    • perfil de Frank Zappa
    • Abertura de entrevista com Frank Zappa
    • Yellow Shark
    • Três lançamentos fazem tributo a Frank Zappa
    • Carta aberta a Frank Zappa
    • No Commercial Potential
    • Civilization Phaze
    • Zappa
    • Ike Willis no Brasil
  • zappagrafia



I noticed that there were still quite some pictures missing from the Zappa - books section. Here's a couple of new one:
  • the real frank zappa book
    by frank zappa / p.occhiogrosso
    (1989, book, uk, picador) - hardcover
  • the frank zappa companion - four decades of commentary
    by r.kostelanetz
        (1997, book, uk, schirmer books)

  • zappa par zappa
    avec peter occhiogrosso
        (2000, book, france, l'archipel)
    = french translation of "the real frank zappa book", translation by Jean-Marie Millet




I have to keep repeating it. This is one hell of a project:

Check it out.


How time flies. Here's the posters for two Brussels concerts: 1979 and 1984

1979 02 21 Brussels, Belgium 1984 09 07 Brussels, Belgium


Here's another collectable item from Russia:
  • frank zappa: cradle rock
        (????, 6"-flexi, russia, ??)

blue vinyl, folded b/w cover, one-side mono recording

6" flexi from russia


Dr.Dot says hi!


German band Trigon play what some people call JamProg (JamBand / Progressive Rock). They themselves call it "HeavyZenJazz".

The band consists of

  • Rainer Lange: Gitarre
  • Stefan Lange: Bass
  • Tihomir Lozanovski: Drums

Trigon is scheduled to take part in the 2007 edition of the Zappanale festival. They headline Friday!

The band has a new album out, called "Emergent".


2007 07 20: Stefan Lange, bass player for Trigon, answers some questions

UM: How do you feel about playing at Zappanale?

Stefan: I feel good. No ... let me try again: AWESOME!  :-)

UM: Had you heard of the festival before?

Stefan: Yes I did. But I never had the chance to visit it as normal guest.

UM: Will you be presenting material of your latest album?

Stefan: We will play about 5-6 titles from our last CD "Emergent", some older stuff and perhaps 1 or 2 new titles.

-> more info soon


French guitar player Christophe Godin will be performing at Zappanale!!

Christophe says: "On Thursday, I will be performing solo, with playbacks. Concerning the Mörglbl show (on Friday), we will present our newest release "Grötesk", as well as some Zappa covers for the first time !"
(The picture on the right was borrowed from the Godin website. It shows Christophe in concert at Lons-le-Saunier. Picture taken by Emilie Vacelet.)


Another concert that I don't want to miss...

2007 07 22


André Cholmondeley tells me that Don Preston will not only perform with his Akashic Ensemble, but also, alongside Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock, with Project/Object.

To celebrate this excellent news, yesterday and today, I've been listening to various projects that Don contributed to in his impressive career. At the same time, I added these records to the United Mutations visual archive. Here you go.

Plus entries for:


Musician and composer Michael Mantler recorded two albums with Don Preston. The first one, in 1985, was called "Alien". The second one was a registration of a concert at the Art-Rock Festival in Frankfurt, Germany. Mantler was asked to participate in this festival, and formed a group with Nick Mason, Jack Bruce, Rick Fenn, Don Preston and John Greaves. This resulted in "Live" in 1987.


Meredith Monk was born in 1942. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and began composing while there.

In 1967, Meredith Monk collaborated with Don Preston. The result "Candy Bullets And Moon" got released on 7".

The picture of the label of this 7" is shown on the right.

In 1968, Monk formed The House, a record company-of-sorts for interdisciplinary works relating both to music, dance,  and film. She signed to the ECM label in the late '70s and has recorded avant-garde works encompassing jazz, classical, and theater music consistently since.



I added a couple of new pictures to Miss Pamela / Pamela Ann Miller / Pamela Des Barres entry.

On the right is the picture of the reprint of "I'm With The Band" from a couple of years ago. Nice picture. Watch the flowers hide her nipple.

Below left is the cover of the french edition of "I'm With The Band". Less flowers...

Below right is Pamela's latest book: "Let's Spend The Night Together", where she talks with various groupies. As in her other books, The GTO's are mentioned quite often.


ZpZ on Morphizm

Scott Thill, editor of Morphizm dot com, asked me some questions regarding Zappa Plays Zappa. Here they are, along with my answers:

Q: What do you think about the Zappa Plays Zappa tour?

I like it. I love to hear Zappa’s music performed by good musicians. During their last tour, I saw the band in Amsterdam, Brussels and Düsseldorf, and all of these shows were great. The idea to bring along musicians that once played with Frank is excellent. Terry Bozzio, Steve Vai and Napoleon Murphy Brock have their own, typical sound. To hear them play Zappa’s music gives it a little extra. Besides the fact that they are great musicians, it gets the sound closer to the real thing.  
I’m also looking forward to hear Ray White again. His vocals are an important piece in the Zappa music history.  
The next couple of weeks, we have two important musical Zappa-related events over here in Europe. There’s the inauguration of the Zappa-Strasse in Berlin, and there’s the Zappanale festival.
It would have been awesome to have the Zappa Plays Zappa band at any of these two events.

Q: Is it a good way for new fans to experience his music?

Of course it is. That’s why I couldn’t understand that the Zappa Plays Zappa tour didn’t bring a “Frank Zappa Record Store” along. If you create new fans, you should give them the opportunity to buy a couple of the original albums, to take home with them.
The same goes for all the long-time fans. While I left the concert hall, after seeing the ZpZ band in Brussels the last time, I said to my friends: “If they have brought a new Zappa album along (we were thinking about Trance-Fusion at the time), everyone will be buying a copy.” They all agreed. Unfortunately, there was nothing to take home.

Q: How long have you been a fan of Zappa's?

Since 1980. I started out with Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Weasels Ripped My Flesh. Listened to them at a friend’s house. He had an older brother (with good taste). I saw the Zappa band live for the first time in 1982.

Q: How long has United Mutations been up? Any idea how big your readership is?

Early 2002, Patrick Neve asked me if was interested in webmastering his "Splat's Zappa Pages", an essential site about Frank Zappa that carried lots of info that came from the affz-newsgroup.
Originally started by Dirk Van De Moortel in 1994, continued by Douglas Obrecht and by Patrick Neve after that, I renamed it United Mutations, used some sort of html, and hit it off.  
I get something between 50 and 70 visitors a day, which I think is great.

Q: Do you think the tour faithfully represents Zappa's experiments with media and music?

Of course not. Each Frank Zappa shows and/or projects was different. With Zappa Plays Zappa you get a very fine attempt to get as close to the original as possible. But you get it the same way every night.
The first time that I heard about the ZpZ project, there was a mention of special guests. For some reason or another, I imagined that each different location might have its own special guest.
It would have been great: Bart Maris or Peter Vermeersch playing a solo in Brussels; Jan Akkerman taking part in one song in Amsterdam; Pierre-Jean Gaucher or Christophe Godin participating in Paris; Mats & Morgan, Mattias Eklundh, Dietmar Bonnen, John Etheridge, Annie Whitehead, ...
THAT would have been something. Sure, it wouldn’t have sounded like the original, as you would be taking a more jazzy / improvisational approach, but you’d get some ‘experiments’, new sounds, new colours... And you would make a link to ‘local’ artists and audiences.

My two cents...



The Polytoxicomane Philharmonie will open the Zappanale festival on Sunday morning.

Their web-site already mentions the vinyl EP that they're about to release, entitled "Polytoxicomane Philharmonie Plays Zappa".




One of the bands that I really don't want to miss at Zappanale, is Kimono Draggin'.

Their "My Summer In Paris" album is from two years ago, but it still sounds as crazy as the first time that I heard it.

Check Kimono Draggin' out at:


URR update

Ugly Radio Rebellion performs the music of Frank Zappa...

7/20/07 (our last 'local' show until October)
King Brewing Co
Pontiac, MI

Jackie O's
Athens, OH

The Phantasy Niteclub
Lakewood, OH
wsg - Dub Room 
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

Garfest Jamboree (Private Party)
Troy, MI

Papa T's
Midlothian, IL

Champs Rock Room
Burbank, IL

In the works;

Tentative shows in GA

Sept 26-29
Mini-Tour with The Industrial Jazz Group
Tentative shows in KY and OH

October 25-28
URR Halloween Mini-Tour
Tentative shows in MI, IL and OH

Press/Promo   This is the online article for the clev. scene which we are also listed in the newspaper listings for the clubs/bars/shows... we also have an article coming out in the Athens Messenger on sat's show!!!

URR will be mentioned and a play on the radio on WHFR 89.3 Thurs 7/19 between 5-6pm (est) to be a part of the listening audience log onto: or tune in to 89.3fm live on the WHFR "Motor" show, 'drive at 5'...   there's an article coming out in this online magazine about us and Laylas win at the Best East Coast Drummer compeititon starting in the new issue July 23rd...

other stuff

Scott is moving to Atlanta, GA on 8/8/07 and we are looking for some agency support to do more gigs and touring on a wider scope, if anyone would like to be involved or has any ideas, please contact us!!!

New Audio!!! We have a ridiculous amount of live recordings covering most of our ever growing playlist and want to make it available to anyone that might be interested... we will post a new song every month for anyone that will request one from our playlist!!! Layla requested 'Andy'... check it out on the 'sounds' page and also some new visuals and other minor site updates...also we will have new Tshirts in a few weeks!!! Advanced 'reservations' are encouraged as it will be a limited supply... and URR '07 PromoPaks are still available!!! 




I added a bit of info to the Team Zappa entry: the band's line-up and a picture:

Team Zappa consists of:

  • Jardar Johansen – vocal
  • Heidi Solheim – vocal
  • Mika Martinussen – bass & vocal
  • Tore Nedgård – keyboards & arrangements
  • Morten Mikkelsen – sax 
  • Petter Marius Gundersen – trumpet
  • Torbjørn Ingvaldsen – trombone & arrangements
  • Ole Morten Larsen – drums
  • Hans Petter Vabog – percussion
  • Stig Mathisen – guitar
  • Thomas Larsen – guitar



  • muzquitos: suck & buzz
        (2007, cdr, nl, private release)
    • I mentioned "Suck & Buzz", the Muzquitos album a little while ago. If I'm not mistaken, I already said that it's quite a nice album and that it includes a number of Zappa compositions: two versions of 'Love Of My Life' (one in dutch), 'Big Leg Emma' and 'Chunga's Revenge'.
    • more info at

      Below a picture of the band in concert.

Rob van Nieuwenhuijzen added: We will be continuing to perform Zappa's music. 'Catholic Girls' and 'Lonesome Cowboy Burt' are being rehearsed.


  • levin, bradford & preston: asymmetrical construct
        (2001, cdr, usa, brain records)
    • For one reason or another, the cover of "Asymmetrical Construct", Don Preston's private release of his collaboration with Elliot Levin and Bobby Bradford wasn't visible...
      It has been corrected.

2007 07 20


  • jeff simmons: naked angels / lucille has messed my mind up
        (2007, 2cd, ger, world in sound records)

German record label World In Sound Record is about to release the two albums that Jeff Simmons released on Zappa's Straight label.

Jeff Simmons, started out in Easy Chair, before joining the Mothers, released both "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up" and "Naked Angels" on Zappa Straight label. The "Lucille" album features Zappa on guitar on two tracks, and includes 'Wonderful Wino', co-written by Simmons / Zappa.



  • let the sun shine in - hair
        (2007, dvd, france, ina)
    • This DVD got released by L'Institut National de l'Audiovisue (INA), to celebrate the 40th birthday of the "Summer of Love". It totals 196 minutes and includes a documentary by Pola Rapapaport, a movie by Philippe Garrell, and another 90 minutes of archives, including the 10-minute performance of Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention at "Forum Musique", originally broadcast on French national television in 1968.
      The Mothers' performance includes
      • 'A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)'
      • 'Sleeping In A Jar'
      • 'Octandre'    (E.Varèse)


-- info from cosmikd at the zappateers site



2007/08/03 - 05  "Zappanale 18"

Thursday - 2007 08 02

Friday - 2007 08 03

Saturday - 2007 08 04

Sunday - 2007 08 05


2007 07 19


  • mf doom:
        (2004, 2lp, usa, rhymesayers entertainment)
    • MF Doom is an alias of Daniel Dumile. He has sampled Frank Zappa on various occasions.

      Together with Madlib (beats), MF Doom is Madvillain. Their 2004 album "Madvillainy" includes a Zappa sample. Track 3, "Meat Grinder", starts with a repeating 'Sleeping In A Jar' sample.

      In 2004, MF Doom sampled Zappa on his second solo album, "MM..Food". Track1, 'Beef Rap' includes a sample of Zappa's 'Would You Like A Snack?', track 8, 'Gumbo', includes samples of Zappa's 'Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown' and of 'Would You Like A Snack?'.

      The "MM..Food" album has been released as a double vinyl album, and on CD. Both editions are quite hard to find. The album will be re-released as a CD (plus a bonus DVD) later this month.




We are happy to announce that Malcolm McNab will be the in-studio guest on Jim Svejda's Show, Thursday, July 19th, from 7 PM until midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time) on KUSC 91.5 FM in Los Angeles and on the Internet.

Malcolm will be interviewed about his successful career and new CD, EXQUISITE. Jim will also be playing the entire CD throughout the program as well as excerpts from several motion picture sound tracks featuring Malcolm.

To listen to the program on the Internet, please click or go to:

also, Royer Labs has posted a feature page on Malcolm and his new CD, "Exquisite" complete with photos and audio clips. To view click or go to:

For more information please also visit: 



  • take another little piece of my heart - a groupie grows up

    by pamela des barres
            (1992, book, usa, morrow)
    • The picture on the right is the cover of Pamela Des Barres' 1992 book: "Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart".
      It was the follow-up to her "I'm With The Band" book from 1988.

2007 07 18


2007 07 10

The venue for the show on 8/4 has been changed to Champs Rock Room in Burbank, IL...

lots more in the works...  arf!



2007 07 17


    from PJP
    2007 07 14
    subject: week went by n now it's july

the illustrious 3-cd pojama people compilation from the feb 07 run is now available for trade. drop me a line. (gleonard9 at

august dates with ike willis:

Pojama People featuring Ike Willis performing the music of Frank Zappa

August 15th Wed
Indigo District
Doors 7pm Show 8pm
$8 advance $10 door
1290 oak street
Eugene OR 97401

  • 2007/08/15 Pojama People - concert 'Indigo District', Eugene, Or, usa

August 16 Thur
The Good Foot
2845 SE Stark   
Portland, Ore.  97214

  • 2007/08/16 Pojama People - concert 'The Good Foot, Portland, Or, usa

August 17 Fri
Mysterious Locale

  • 2007/08/17 Pojama People - concert - mysterious locale - , WA, usa

wanna host your own pojama party like those lucky people in WA? drop us a line.

glenn n all the pojama people



Richard Kolke, dramaturge for the Whip It Out Ensemble, was kind enough to send me the giglist of the Whip It Out Ensemble. So here's the corrected, improved and complete giglist (so far):
  • 2002/09/19 "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary, Canada
  • 2002/09/20 "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary, Canada
  • 2002/09/21 "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary, Canada
  • 2003/01/17 - early show -  "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary', Calgary, Canada
  • 2003/01/17 - late show - "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary', Calgary, Canada
  • 2003/01/18 - early show - "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary', Calgary, Canada
  • 2003/01/18 - late show - "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary', Calgary, Canada
  • 2003/06/26 "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance "Calgary Jazz Festival", 'Olde Scotch Room', Calgary , Canada
  • 2003/06/27 "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance "Edmonton Jazz Festival", 'Sidetrack Cafe', Edmonton , Canada
  • 2003/06/28 "We're Only In It For The Money" - performance "Edmonton Jazz Festival", 'Sidetrack Cafe', Edmonton , Canada
  • 2003/11/27 "The Frank Zappa Christmas Freat-Out" - concert 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary, Canada
  • 2003/11/29 "The Frank Zappa Christmas Freat-Out" - concert 'The Big Secret Theatre', Calgary, Canada
  • 2003/12/04 "The Frank Zappa 10th Anniversary Memorial Freak-Out" - concert 'Ironwood Bar & Grill', Calgary , Canada
  • 2003/12/05 "The Frank Zappa 10th Anniversary Memorial Freak-Out" - concert 'Ironwood Bar & Grill', Calgary , Canada
  • 2003/12/06 "The Frank Zappa 10th Anniversary Memorial Freak-Out" - concert 'Ironwood Bar & Grill', Calgary , Canada
  • 2004/09/26 - open rehearsal - 'Tropicana Bar & Grill', Calgary , Canada
  • 2006/03/04 "The Real Frank Zappa Musical Burlesque", concert 'Ironwood Bar & Grill', Calgary, Canada
  • 2006/03/05 - early show - "The Real Frank Zappa Musical Burlesque", concert 'Ironwood Bar & Grill', Calgary, Canada
  • 2006/03/05 - late show -  "The Real Frank Zappa Musical Burlesque", concert 'Ironwood Bar & Grill', Calgary, Canada
  • 2006/03/06 "The Real Frank Zappa Musical Burlesque", concert 'Ironwood Bar & Grill', Calgary, Canada

Richard Kolke adds: All shows to the end of November 2003 consist of the band's rendition of "We’re Only In It for the Money". All shows afterwards consist of ‘Money’ as the first set with a second set consisting of: Heavy Duty Judy / Trouble Every Day / The Return of the Son of the Hunchback Duke / Call Any Vegetable / Love of My Life / Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy / Eat That Question / Bamboozled by Love / The Illinois Enema Bandit / Zomby Woof / Cheap Thrills / Charva / Sofa.



  • various artists: american dental association radio spots
        (1982, 7", usa, american dental association)
    • Here's another nice picture that has been added to the "oddities" section of the Frank Zappa discography: his contribution to the American Dental Association.


- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt



The Low Budget Research Kitchen is preparing video material that they shot during their Lisbon concert. It should be available through their MySpace website soon.



  • jos steen: devil's music I
        (2007, cdr, bel, private release 'soj neets 30')
    • Belgian bluesman Jos Steen's voice might be compared to that of Howlin' Wolf or Don Van Vliet. It fits perfectly with the raw, unpolished blues that he plays.

      December 2006, Zjakki Willems invited Jimmy Carl Black, Steven de Bruyn and Jos Steen into the Marconi Studio of Radio One in Brussels. The recordings of this Black Brown Stone trio were broadcast every monday of february during Zjakki's "Cucamonga" radio show.

      Jos Steen recorded Frank Zappa's 'Willie The Pimp' on his "Devil's Music" album. This same album also includes his 'Song For Jimmy Carl Black'. The "Devil's Music" album is one of many private releases by Jos Steen.


2007 07 16


  • frank zappa: el paso
        (2007, 2lp-bootleg, ??, swingin' pig)
    • This double vinyl album got released on coloured vinyl (one red and one yellow disc) in a limited, numbered edition of 300 copies.

      It presents the fabulous concert that the 1975 band (including Don Van Vliet) did in El Paso, and features Jimmy Carl Black as special guest.


  • frank zappa: austin 26 oct 1973
        (2007, 2lp-bootleg, ??, zap007)
    • Here's the picture of the recent "Austin 26 Oct 1973" bootleg. It's a double vinyl album, released in a limited edition.
      The black vinyl edition has already been spotted. The red vinyl edition will be out in a couple of weeks...


É isso aí...a The Central Scrutinizer Band volta a tocar grandes pérolas de Frank Zappa

Num evento diferente reunindo vários artistas:


Vai ter livros, exposições, pinturas, dvds e muito som !!

Dia 25 de Julho - quarta feira - às 21 horas

No Bar Avenida

R. Pedroso de Moraes 1036 - pertinho da FNAC

preço único R$15,00

Fone: 011 3814 7383

 Mais informações:



2007 07 05

Look, it's a picture of Allan Holdsworth and me. I opened for Allan in San Diego a few nights ago. Great fun which seemed to go by in a flash.

Right now I'm about to do laundry, then drive to San Pedro for the show at Alva's. Never played this venue before but Marco M. has spoken very highly of it and I'm really looking forward to it, not to mention another night of revelry at the Baked Potato tomorrow.

On July 3 my students at the Paul Green School of Rock San Diego played their first performance of The Wall. It was triumphant and beautiful. I hope as many of you as possible can make it to the next two performances next weekend at the Epicentre.

Best to all of you -- see you soon --




New on WM Recordings:

daghoti. - how tall is robin gibb?

"guess what - i think i saw robin gibb in front of the drugstore."
"the robin gibb?!?"
"and what did he do there in front of the drugstore?"
"dunno, he was just standing there."

daghoti. is a.hofmann (who is not exactly tall) - husband, father, teacher, crank from cologne/germany.
how tall is robin gibb? is his latest album, freely available from WM Recordings.
get it. now.

best wishes,
-- Marco Kalnenek


2006 07 10


Monday, august 6, 2007, at the Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam, a series of short movies about Rotterdam will be shown. The project is entitled "Movies With A View".

One of these short movies is "Distant City Sounds". Originally a piece on Co de Kloet & Menno Kalmann's "Hardcore Ambience" album, it has been transformed by Co and Menno into a movie!!

(the picture on the right is the cover of their Hardcore Ambience album.)


The Orchestra Spaziale has a website.

- thanks to Charles Ulrich for the info

2007 07 15


  • muzquitos: suck & buzz
        (20??, cd?, nl, private release)
    • The first album by the Muzquitos includes a couple of Zappa compostions: 'Love Of My Life' (twice), 'Big Leg Emma' and 'Chunga's Revenge'.
      Great versions, on a very fine sounding album.

      More info soon.

- thanks to Leo for the info

2007 07 14


  • cpt. cheese-beard & the 7 sisters of prevention: live @ the atelier210
       (2007, dvdr-demo, belgium, private release)
    • May 18, I saw Captain Cheese-Beard and his 7 Sisters Of Prevention doing their thing in Etterbeek, Brussels. All Zappa. Quite a show. I liked it a lot.

      Imagine my surprise when I received a DVD-promo from da good ol' capt'n including various highlights of this very concert.
      I enjoyed it all over again: the excellent 'Yo'Mama', the exceptional 'Black Napkins' (what a sax solo !!) and the mysterious misstress and the gorgeous guitar-guest from Spain during 'The Torture Never Stops'.

      Tip to the hat.
      I'll be there the next time...


  • alcatrazz: disturbing the peace (3)
        (2007, cd, uk, bgo records)
    • Here's a brand-new re-release. Originally released in 1985 on vinyl; released in Japan on CD in 1991; and now re-mastered and re-released by BGO Records: the super Alcatrazz album that features Steve Vai not only on guitar, but also on most of the writing credits. 

      It comes in a nice slipcase. (Which is the latest trend, so we will probably be seeing a lot more of this 'slipcasing' in the near future.)


  • françois sarhan: hell (a small detail)
        (2004, cd, france, zig zag territoires)
    • François Sarhan is a French composer of contemporary music. His album "Hell (A Small Detail)" is a collection of pieces, performed by various groups or ensembles. It's quite impressive.
      The album includes Frank Zappa's 'Sleep Dirt' and 'The Black Page', both arranged by François Sarhan and performed by the Rosamonde Quartet.

2007 07 13


  • odin: odin
        (2007, cd, ger, long hair lhc58)
    • In 1972, German band Odin released an album on Vertigo records, including a track called 'Tribute To Frank', a tribute to Zappa. The album got released on CD in 2000.
      Very recently, the album got re-released on Long Hair Records, with one extra track: a live recording from 1972: an almost 14 minute version of Frank Zappa's 'Oh No'!!

2007 07 08


Und noch eine Überraschung

Chen Unst - Cpt. Beefheart Project

Arend Zwicker ist wie Captain Beefheart auch Maler, Bildhauer und Musiker in einem. Er fühlt sich dem Schaffen von Don van Vliet sehr verbunden. Die Projektidee dafür gibt es schon einige Jahre und nun soll sie endlich:

auf die Strasse,
auf die Zappanale,
auf die eigene Bühne.

Die Performance wird erstmals im Rahmen der Warm-Up Party und dann auf der ZAPPANALE aus einem autonomen Truck heraus aufgeführt.

Die Band wird für diesen Anlass neu formiert und setzt sich aus den Projekten - chen unst - und - Balog - zusammen. Es ist keine Coverband, sondern die Jungs arbeiten frei mit dem Text-, Bild-, Film- und Tonmaterial von Captain Beefheart.

Es werden Songs und Sounds zu hören sein, die nicht nur an Captain Beefheart erinnern, sondern auch originale Teile (Sequenzen, Loops ) enthalten.Vorgesehen ist eine Soundcollage vor und nach dem eigentlichen Live-Konzert einschließlich diverser Projektionen.

Das Konzert selbst wird ca. eine Stunde dauern und sich auch der Weiterführung der Beefheart'schen Ideen widmen. Damit soll die Besonderheit der musikalischen Haltung von C.B. (Improvisation, Urwüchsigkeit, Freestyle, Experiment usw.) herausgestellt werden.

Also: Wie kann man mit dem Material heute frei und innovativ im Geiste des Meisters umgehen?
And yet another surprise


Chen Unst - Captain Beefheart Project

Arend Zwicker is a painter, sculptor and musician, just like Captain Beefheart. He feels very connected to Van Vliet's work. The idea has been around for a couple of years, and now, finally:

on the street
on Zappanale
on stage.

The performance will take place at the Warm-Up Party, and on Zappanale, each time from an autonomous truck.

For this occasion, the band will consist of chen unst, and Balog, together. They will not play coverversions, but they will be experimenting with texts, images, movies and sounds of Captain Beefheart.

The songs and sounds that you'll be hearing, will not only remind you of Captain Beefheart, but will also be using original samples (sequences & loops). Also, before and after the actual concert a sound-collage combined with images will be shown.

The concert itself will take about an hour and will focus on the various aspects of Beefheart's ideas: improvisation, freestyle, experiments,...

A free and innovative approach to the music of a genius.


2007 07 08


Over at the Zappateers site, arriverderci.roma1 pointed out a couple of concerts, including one by Giovanni Mancuso...


November 2003, the Ensemble Laboratorio Novamusica, conducted by Giovanni Mancuso, did a project called "ZZZZ...ZAPPAZORN!" with music and films by John Zorn and Frank Zappa. These concerts took place in Padova and in Venice.

2006/05/10, Italian composer and pianist Giovanni Mancuso played a concert entitled "You Can't Do That On Piano Anymore" in which he performed various Frank Zappa compositions.

The picture on the right was borrowed from the Laboratorio Novamusica website and shows Giovanni Mancuso and Cecilia Vendrasco.


Mancuso's latest project is called "OBRA MAESTRA", an opera inspired by Frank Zappa. The music is written by Giovanni Mancuso, the libretto is by Pilar Garcia.

The performances will premiere at

  • 2007/09/06 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy

  • 2007/09/08 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy

  • 2007/09/09 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy




  • 2003/11/22 the Ensemble Laboratorio Novamusica - concert Festival "Videopolis" - Padova, Italy

  • 2003/11/23 the Ensemble Laboratorio Novamusica - concert 'Teatrino Groggia' - Venice, Italy

"You Can't Do That On Piano Anymore"

  • 2006/05/10 concert 'centro d'arte'', padova, italy
    • Giovanni Mancuso: piano
    • Waltz #1 (1958)  *  Drowning Witch Interlude (1981)  *  Igor's Boogie Phase One (1970)  *  Igor's Boogie Phase Two (1970)  *  Penis Dimension (1973)  *  Piano Introduction To Little House I Used To Live In (revised) (1970) *  Sinister Footwear (1984)  *  Brown Shoes Don't Make It (1968) * Dupree's Paradise (1982)

"Obra Maestra" - Giovanni Mancuso / Pilar Garcia / OTLiS (Orchestra del Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto)

  • 2007/09/06 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy

  • 2007/09/08 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy

  • 2007/09/09 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy


-- thanks to arriverderci.roma1


  • françois sarhan: hell (a small detail) and other pieces
        (2004, cd, france, zig zag territoires) - incl. 'sleep dirt' & 'the black page' (frank zappa), performed by the rosamonde quartet

-- more info soon



June 25 until June 29, "Mixtuur", which is a (late night) show on belgian national radio Klara, did a "From Zappa to Berio" special. Each day, a guest could pick the play-list. The first composition had to be one by Berio, and the last one should be a Zappa piece. An interesting concept.

The guests were:

  • Piet Van Bockstal (hobo), from the Ictus Ensemble
  • Arne Deforce (cello), from Chambre d'Action
  • Tino Haenen, former artistic director of the Ars Musica festival
  • Maarten Beirens, musicologist
  • Jan Michiels (piano)

To introduce this week of contemporary music in Mixtuur, the played one hour of Zappa music on 2007/06/08:

  • Frank Zappa: Sofa (Ensemble Ambrosius) - Northern Lights 5013
  • Frank Zappa: Aybe Sea (Zappa Ensemble) - Rykodisc 10578
  • Frank Zappa: Bob in Dacron, First Movement (The London Symphony Orchestra o.l.v. Kent Nagano) - Rykodisc 10540
  • Frank Zappa / arr. François Sarhan: Sleep dirt (Rosamonde Quartet) - Zig Zag 40302
  • Frank Zappa: Serious Music Lecture (Frank Zappa) - Materiali Sonori 593
  • Francesco Zappa: Opus 1: No.1 - First Movement: Andante (Frank Zappa) - Zappa Records 48
  • Frank Zappa: King Kong (Melonious Quartet) - L’Empreinte Digitale 13088
  • Frank Zappa / arr. Ali N. Askin: A Pig With Wings (Ensemble Modern) - RCA 56061-2
  • Frank Zappa: RDNZL - The Orange County Lumber Truck - Echidna's Arf (Of You) (Ensemble Ambrosius) - Northern Lights 5013
  • Frank Zappa: Run Home Slow Theme (Anoniem Orkest) - Rykodisc 10578
  • Frank Zappa: Get whitey (Vlaams Radio Orkest o.l.v. Steven St. Ashbury) - Radio 1 7572
  • Frank Zappa: Little House I Used to Live In (Tomoko Mukaiyama, piano) - BV Haast 9801
  • Frank Zappa: Twenty Small Cigars (Jean-Luc Ponty en Ensemble) - Blue Note 7895392

An excellent choice. A fabulous 60 minutes of music.
And a new name to add to the "Others Of Invention" series: The Rosamonde Quartet.

You can still listen to the shows on webradio through:




I spotted this one on ebay a little while ago. (and, no, I didn't buy it)
  • an interview with captain beefheart / ry cooder - talking about
        (1971, lp-promo, usa, reprise pro 447)
    • The famous Meatball Fulton interview with Captain Beefheart is on side one, recorded in California, in July 1969.
      Side two has an interview with Ry Cooder.
      Both bands were on a tour together in 1971. Ry Cooder opened for Captain Beefheart.


2007 07 05


2007 07 03

Ugly Radio Rebellion performs the music of Frank Zappa...

Upcoming shows;

other FZ;

200707//27 - Zappa Plays Zappa - concert 'Meadowbrook Music Theater', Rochester Hills, MI, usa

We wish you all a safe and Happy 4th of July!!!




2007 07 04



Skip Heller has a new album out:

  • skip heller: along the anchorline: the skip heller trio at sun
        (2007, cdr, usa, private release) - the deluxe version includes a bonus disc: "san fernando valley demos"



2007 07 01


Zappanoia has a new line up . As a musician refuses to die so the project endures, in this litle dirt spot not big enough to welcome any Zappa's family members; The nearest event was Zappa's Madrid concert.
But He lives on around this parts of the globe -Hey! its a way of life!


  • 2007/07/04 concert 'Crew Hassan', Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2007/07/07 concert 'Toca-a Rufar', Seixal, Portugal
  • 2007/07/18 concert 'MusicBox', Lisbon, Portugal

We have this Videos on Line:

Net Promo -

Zapplasticina -

Ritz -

Spk -

Maxim -

Caneças -

Alemanha (Rui) -

Making Of -

-- Eduardo Cunha



Jean-Paul Estiévenart: trumpet - Olivier Stalon: bass - Joe Higham: saxophone

picture taken at: 2007/06/22 - Al-Orkesta - concert 'Jazz Experience', Rijkevorsel, Belgium
with Jean-Paul Estévenart (of Wrong Object fame)



thanks to slime.oofytv.set
  • scene
        (1988/03/03, magazine, usa)
    • The March 3 1988 issue of Cleveland magazine Scene included a one-page interview prior to the Cleveland show.


  • the new yorker
        (1993/12/20, magazine, usa)
    • The December 20 1993 issue of The New Yorker included a two-page article by Matt Groening (idol) and Vaclav Havel (revolutionary).


  • go-set
    (1971/06/05, mag, australia)
    • The June 5, 1971 issue of Australian magazine Go-Set, Vol.6, issue number 23, included a two-page article on Zappa: "A Frank Zappa Spectacular: 200 Motels starring Ringo Starr..."


  • buscadero
        (1994/01, mag, italy)
    • The January issue of Italian magazine Buscadero included a five-page article entitled 'Un Ricordo' by various Italian journalists, fans & authors, including another great italian, Peter Occhigrosso.


  • in sound
        (2006/05, mag, italy)

    • The May issue of Italian In Sound magazine included a half page interview with Dweezil Zappa on ZpZ.



My favourite alternative record label finally got its own website:


2007 07 03


  • the roundtable
        (1970/10/21, magazine, usa)
    • The October 21, 1970 issue of college newspaper The Roundtable includes an article entitled "These Mothers Is Crazy", cntd. on page 6.



  • music
        (1987/07/02, magazine, usa)
    • The July 1987 edition of the weekly mag out of Tampa Bay, Florida, presented "Frank Zappa's Revenge", a 3-page phone interview.


-- slime.oofytv.set


  • the village voice
        (1967/05/25, magazine, usa)
    • The May 25, 1966 issue of The Village Voice, a NYC mag, had Zappa on the cover, a picture taken athe the Village Voice 'Obies' Awards at the Village Gate. The Mothers opened the show with a 20-minute set. The article mentions the Garrick Theater engagement [pigs & repulsive] starts that week, and it includes an ad for the mothers at the cafe a go go (hateful, repugnant & a waste of money).


-- slime.oofytv.set

  • the village voice
        (1966/12/01, magazine, usa)
    • The December 1966 issue of The Village Voice, a NYC mag, had Zappa on the cover, plus a review of The Mothers' 1st ever NYC performance, Balloon Farm, and a half-page ad for the 'Legalize Theraputic Abortion' gig.


-- slime.oofytv.set


poetry - frank zappa

by frank zappa & markos reagos
    (1980, book, greece, ??)

This is a greek songbook, with the american lyrics and greek translation of 29 of Zappa's songs, plus one song by Ambrosia (?):

titties & beer, big leg emma, honey ... man like me, enema bandit, yellow snow, stinkfoot, road ladies, dirty love, inca roads, can't afford no shoes, po-jama people, fl. pogen, evelyn a modified dog, san ber'dino, andy, sofa 2, nice nice very nice [non-zappa song by ambrosia], i'm the slime, cam. brillo, montana, dinah moe h, 50-50, zomby woof, motherly love, you're prob. wondering, peace corps, concentration moon, village of the sun, cheepnis, call any vegetable


-- info: slime.oofytv.set


  • daniele sepe und rote jazz fraktion: suonarne 1 per educarne 100
        (2006, cd, italy, cd 172 il manifesto)
    • Daniele Sepe and his Rote Jazz Fraktion recorded Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia'. Nice version. The melody line is played on a synth, and there's lots of brass to supply the necessary power.
      The entire album is quite nice and it has a superb looking booklet. It's a pity that I can't understand italian...


  • michael kieran harvey: storm nigth
        (2001, cd, australia, abc 461 723-2)
    • Frank Zappa's 'Ruth Is Sleeping' was performed and recorded by the Ensemble Modern as part of their "The Yellow Shark" project. It was first realised as a synclavier piece in the early '80s. Another arrangement of this piece was done by Ali J. Askin for one piano, four hands. It was premiered in this version on two pianos by Ensemble Modern in 1993. The Zappa Foundation permitted Michael Kieran Harvey to transcribe 'Ruth Is Sleeping' for one player for its premiere performance in this version at the 38th Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary Music in 1995. He presented the work again at the 1996 Adelaide Festival.

      Michael Kieran Harvey recorded Frank Zappa's 'Ruth Is Sleeping' on his "Storm Night" album.


2007 07 02


thanks to slime.oofytv.set, here's another excellent bunch of magazine pictures.
  • the beat
        (1988/08, magazine, usa)
    • The August 1988 issue of The Beat, a bi-montly mag from Boston, included a four-page Zappa interview.


  • it - the australian record collectors magazine
        (1995/06, magazine, australia)
    • Issue number 14, the June 1995 issue of It, included a 12-page article entitled: "Collecting Frank Zappa, part 1: The Early Years', including an austalian/new zealand fz discography.


  • l'uomo vogue
        (1982/06, magazine, italy)
    • The june 1982 issue of L'Uomo Vogue included a 1.5 page article on Zappa.


  • guitarist
        (2006/2, mag, australia)

    • The February issue of the Australian Guitarist magazine included a six-page article called 'Viva Zappa', plus commentary by Terry Bozzio (his auditions story), Steve Vai recollections, and Dweezil on the ZpZ tour.


  • recordings of experimental music
        (1984/02, magazine, usa)
    • The February issue of Recordings Of Experimental Music includes a one-page review of Zappa's London Symphony Orchestra Vol.I album.


  • exposé
        (1994/02, magazine, usa)
    • Although this magazine is dated February / March 1993, it's actually from February / March 1994. It includes a two-page article 'Remembering Zappa'.


  • exploitation retrospective #40
        (1994/summer/fall, magazine, usa)
    • This quarterly publication our of Philly / South Jersy included a 4-page article "Zappa Crappa, the young person's guide to frank zappa, an appreciation of and a guide to the wondrous works of Frank Zappa" by John Taylor.


  • go wixyo
        (1969/10/17, magazine, usa)
    • 'Go Wixyo' was a weekly mag, issued by local radio stations. Wixyo is out of Cleveland. The December 17 1969 issue of 'Go Wixoyo' included a one-page 'Zappa Interviewed' piece, plus a one page article entitled 'The Mothers: a disassocated & dispassionate retrospective' by Frank Zappa...and which he calls: "Whatever happened to the Mothers of Invention".

go wmca
    (1969/10/17, magazine, usa)
  • 'Go WMCA' is the same mag as the one mentioned above, but it's out of NYC.


Mike Keneally has a painting for sale on ebay.

It's called "God" and measures 36" x 24".



2007 06 28

The Keneallist, June 28, 2007

Mike's Live Appearances:

Mike Keneally Band (Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam, Doug Lunn & Marco Minnemann)
With the Allan Holdsworth Band (featuring Jimmy Johnson on bass and Chad Wackerman on drums)
Friday, June 29, 2007
Birch North Park Theatre
2891 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104-2929
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Showtime: 8:00 p.m.
Advance tickets: $23 & $28
Day-of-show tickets: $26 and $31
Info: 619-239-8836

Mike Keneally Band (Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam, Doug Lunn & Joe Travers)

hursday, July 5, 2007
Rosalie and Alva Performance Gallery
1417 West 8th Street
San Pedro, CA 90732
Doors open at 8:00 p.m.
Showtime: 9:00 p.m.
Tickets $20
Info: 310-519-1314

Mike Keneally Band (Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam, Doug Lunn & Joe Travers)
Friday, July 6, 2007
The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA 91604
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.
Tickets $20
Info: 818-980-1615

Mike Keneally - Keneally Solo
Saturday, August 18, 2007
International New Music Festival
Gelderland, Germany
More info TBA!


Upcoming appearances with other groups:

MK with the Playground Slap
Monday, July 2, 2007
9:00 p.m.
San Diego County Fair
The Del Mar Fairgrounds
2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard
Del Mar, CA 92014-2216
Phone: (858) 755-1161


Mike Keneally presents PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK MUSIC -- SAN DIEGO performing Pink Floyd's THE WALL

Mike Keneally is the National Music Director of the Paul Green School of Rock, and the Music Director of the new San Diego branch. Since the beginning of April, MK has been training a group of 7 to 18 year-old musicians of varying experience to play the entire "Wall" album. The three shows below are the public debut of Mike's first School of Rock class. Mike will not be performing but he will present, conduct, cajole and make a nuisance of himself all night. The musicians are fantastic and will rock you ferociously.

Gig info:

Tuesday, July 3 4:00 PM
San Diego County Fair
The Del Mar Fairgrounds
2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard
Del Mar, CA 92014-2216
Phone: (858) 755-1161

Friday, July 13 8:00 PM & Saturday, July 14 1:00 PM
The Epicentre
8450 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego CA 92126
Phone: 858-271-4000
Please come hear these amazing kids rip through one of rock's classic albums.



New album, available for free download from WM Recordings:

Jan Turkenburg - Packages to the moon

Ten tracks, some recent, some a little bit older, most of them previously unreleased.

Soon on WM Recordings: new albums by daghoti., Century of Aeroplanes and Gorowski.

best wishes,
Marco Kalnenek


Here's another nice picture: the cover of the Apocrypha bootleg box.

4 cd's, and with a beautiful booklet.

For the track-list, check out: 


info for this "the ark" reincarnation bootleg has been added:

1968/07/18 concert 'the ark', boston, ma, usa
(from 4-track master)
f.zappar.estrada, j.c. black, a.trippi.underwood, d.preston bunk gardnerj.sherwood

  1. big leg emma
  2. some ballet music
  3. status back baby
  4. valerie
  5. my guitar
  6. uncle meat
  7. king kong (medley)

thanks to Hans-Peter Schmidt

And here's the cover of the Exil release of "The Ark", probably one of the most famous Zappa / Mothers bootlegs.


The first two Mike Keneally album, "Hat" and "Boil That Dust Speck" have both been reissued. You probably have read about it in one of Mike's Keneallist newsletters.
Both albums have been remastered and come with an extra dvd.
They're incredible. Both of them.
Here's the track-list, just to give you an idea of what's on it:
"hat", the dvd
  • hat salad (a handy randomizer)
  • 2006 keneally / lunn / panos reunion
    • here is why
    • here is what i dreamed
    • cheddar (charlier watts variation)
  • 1992 hat sessions
    • your quimby dollars at work
    • snowcow
    • uglytown
    • spearmint pup
    • rosemary girl (excerpt)
    • fencing
    • eno and the actor (excerpt)
  • chillers (san diego) september 18, 1993
    • spearmint pup
    • rosemary girl
    • open up!
    • i can't stop
    • spoon guy
    • uglytown
    • performing miracles
    • cheddar
    • car song
    • dhen tin
  • interviews
    • intros, and the story of immune
    • regarding drop control
    • demos + charts
    • where's the session
    • birth of slow quimby
    • regarding spoon guy
    • regarding uglytown
    • speaking of the knife
    • regarding tom freeman
    • a capella here is why
    • influences, and kevin gilbert
    • foodfight
    • doug b. says mike is wrong
    • in the club
    • beller on hat
  • audio archive
    • the car song (drop control version)
    • fencing (original version)
    • always man (original version)
    • performing miracles (drop control version)
    • i can't stop (drop control version)
    • rosemary girl (drop control version)
    • cheddar (demo)
    • eno and the actor (demo)
    • day of the cow 1 (demo)
    • day of the cow 2 (demo)
    • here is what i dreamed (demo)
    • dhen tin (demo)
    • spoon guy (demo)
    • quimby (demo)
    • silverfish (unedited)
    • circus dream music
    • uglytown (demo)
    • spearmint pup (demo)
    • here is why (demo)
    • lou's records jingle
    • intro to eno - guitars only (demo)
    • eno and the actor (demo - instrumental mix)
    • day of the cow 1 (demo - instrumental mix)
    • here is what i dreamed (demo - instrumental mix)
    • dhen tin - guitars only (demo)
    • silverfish dub mix
    • spearmint pup (demo - instrumental mix)
    • snowcow (alternate album mix)
    • rosemary girl (promo single mix)
  • credits


"boil that dust speck", the dvd

the dvd

  • play "the making of boil that dust speck"
    • 'bullys' guitar solo - take 1
    • regarding the title
    • 'skunk' 1994
    • 'skunk' 2006
    • 'top of stove melting'
    • toss + doug
    • 'natty trousers' raw take
    • doubletime + dark overtones
    • ''cause of breakfast' part 1
    • ''cause of breakfast' part 2 (deep fried skinks)
    • ''cause of breakfast' part 3
    • the beller / travers phone call
    • ''cause of breakfast' part 5
    • ''cause of breakfast' part 5b (helen was brash)
    • ''cause of breakfast' part 6
    • live at broadway joe's - buffalo ny june 13 2005
    • dolphins medley
    • high-risk employess
    • 'sooth'
    • percussion track for 'sooth'
    • 'weekend' 1994
    • 'weekend' 2006
    • 'satnam'
    • first takes + absurdity
    • 'good morning sometime'
    • 'my dilemma', and a bass tragedy
    • 'land of broken dreams'
    • 'bryan beller's favorite song'
    • 'weinerschnitzel'
    • 'vent'
    • 'scotch'
    • beer
    • 'blameless', and another bass tragedy
    • 'the desired effect' 2006
    • the artwork
    • 'there have been bad moments'
    • 'i will'
    • jesse's sonogram
    • 'in the bone world'
    • having your diaries published
    • 'aglow'
  • audio archive
    • 'cause of breakfast (extended instrumental mix)
    • top of stove melting (instrumental mix)
    • kranck (unused link)
    • faithful axe (basic track)
    • skunk (instrumental mix)
    • good morning sometime (rough mix)
    • vent (rough mix)
    • natty trousers (no lead vocals)
    • bullys (sic) (rough mix)
    • land of broken dreams (rough mix)
    • satnam, unedited
    • what happened next (alternate mix)
    • bryan beller's favorite song (unedited)
    • there have been bad moments (alternate mix)
    • eiffel (unused link)
    • blameless (different vocals)
    • old boat guy, part two (unedited)
    • "gonna tell you a story..." (alternate mix)
    • ( - ladies and gentlemen, drop control - )
    • economy / killer fish
    • tug (version 1) / deadly jam
    • spores are battling / tug (version 2)
    • the phone call (complete) 



  • the muffin men: muffinz moovies vol.two (1998-2003)
        (2007, dvd, uk, private release)
    • The second volume of these Muffin Men Moovies starts in 1998 and ends in 2003. This means that it contains footage of the famous Zappanale concerts with Jimmy Carl Black, Eugene Chadbourne, Mike Keneally, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Ike Willis.
      Furthermore, this superb production has a lot of footage of the "When Worlds Collide" project.

      There's lots more, including some great bonus material (like the complete Zappanale concert with Jimmy Carl Black & Eugene Chadbourne), but the When Worlds Collide shots, and the Zappanale clips alone make it worth your while.

2007 07 01
The new Vai album, a nice Paulekas slide show and and a couple of pictures of some Zappa-related Phish bootlegs... a nice way to start July.


Here's the covers and track-lists of three Phish bootlegs that include the band performing Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia'.

-- thanks to Hans-Peter Schmidt for info & scans.



Here's a slide-show that Leslie Michel made of some xeroxes of Vito Paulekas sculptures:



  • steve vai: sound theories vol.I & II
        (2007, 2cd, usa, favored nations)
    • In my world, a new Steve Vai album is always a celebration. "Sound Theories vol. I & II" is no exception.
      Sure, I was lucky that the "Aching Hunger" project took place some one hundred and something kilometers from where I live. I got to see one of the concerts that was used for this recording.
      Still, emotional aspects put aside, this is a very impressive album: Steve Vai performs his music with the Metropole Orkest, and that's just one of the best (if not THE best) orchestra's in the world. They rock.

      Performing his pieces with the Orchestra, Vai stresses the melodical richness and lyrical aspects of his better known compositions: "Gentle Ways", "Salamanders In The Sun", "Liberty", "For The Love Of God", "Bledsoe Bluvd", ... Beautiful arrangements and very fine orchestrations.

      Most impressive pieces: "Frangelica pt.I' and 'pt.II'.
    • An essential Steve Vai album.

leftovers from june



The Budapest Autumn Festival has been the major contemporary arts festival in Hungary for over 16 years. The next edition will take place between October 12 and 21, 2007.

The organisation is planning a Frank Zappa Tribute Day. There is talk about concerts with Ed Mann, Mike Keneally and the Symphony Orchestra of the Hungarian Radio (conducted by Adam Fischer).

-- info: Bohouš




Do you have plans for August? How about a stay in Vienna? Not too far away from the 'Porgy & Bess' jazz club...
They have scheduled Wickerl Adam & Conrad Schrenk's Sex Without Nails Bros. as well as the fabulous Don Preston Akashic Ensemble.




  • 2007/11/17 Ensemble Modern - concert "Nuit Contemporaine", 'l'Arsenal', Metz, France
    • ensemble modern, dir. franck ollu
    • the program
      • john adams: shaker loop (pour 7 cordes)
      • frank zappa: ruth is sleeping (pour 2 pianos)
      • steve reich: triple quartet
      • françois sarhan: testimony



2007 06 08

Lol Coxhill & The Wrong Object

October 27, Lol Coxhill & The Wrong Object will be performing at 'De Singer' in Rijkevorsel, Belgium.

Soprano sax player Lol Coxhill is a huge name in the free-jazz, improvisational scene.
The first part of the concert at 'De Singer' will be a solo set by Lol Coxhill. The second part will be a collabortion between Lol Coxhill and The Wrong Object !!
I wonder if they'll take on some Zappa.

The picture on the right shows Lol Coxhill in concert.



Now here's what I call an impressive project:

Andrew Greenaway, aka The Idiot Bastard, has teamed up with Cordelia Records to bring you what might become a very fine selection of songs.

Read all about it on Andrew's essential site:

Contributing artists include

  • Andre Cholmondeley

  • Die Beistelltische

  • Doot!

  • Ensemble Ambrosius

  • Evil Dick & The Banned Members

  • Frazknapp

  • Freedom In Hats

  • John Tabacco

  • Lex Kemper

  • Monty & The Butchers

  • Nigey Lennon

  • Pojama People

  • Project/Object

  • Roddie Gilliard

  • The Thurston Lava Tube

  • The Vegetarians

  • Todd Grubbs

  • The Whip It Out Ensemble

  • The Wrong Object




Dweezil Zappa says:

Hello Everyone,

I've noticed that there seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding the lineup of this year's tour. I would love to clarify things for all of you.

First of all it is important to keep in mind that Frank's music is the only reason this tour exists. We all love it and want to see and hear more of it. It is the true focus and Star of the Show. It's a nice bonus for the fans to have the chance to see musicians who've had previous experience in Frank's band playing his music once again. By no means should their presence on stage be over-emphasized. The mission of everyone on the stage is to present the Music!

As you all know Frank has a vast catalog of multifarious compositions. Over the years he led numerous incarnations of band lineups. Some people stayed for a while, some people left and came back etc. This is not a new concept when it comes to executing Frank's music. In our continuing efforts to provide you with a thrilling concert experience we have embraced some changes in material and in personnel. The ZPZ core band has not changed but we do have a new addition as well as a few probable surprises.

I am extremely excited to be able to present some new songs to you in our setlist this year, aided by the talents of our special guest vocalist, Ray White. I have personally always been a huge fan of the sound of his voice. Hearing him sing "Illinois Enema Bandit" and "Doreen" at rehearsals has been a lot of fun. But hearing him on other songs I've never heard him sing has been even more fun. I'm sure you all will agree when you get your chance to hear him for yourself.

Our special video footage with performances from Frank is also going to be quite provocative.

Later in the year we may even have an international reunion with Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio but that has yet to be confirmed. I'll keep you posted on the status of that as well as any other additions to our lineup.

I have also noticed a few of our European friends requesting ZPZ to come to your hometowns. I would personally love to do more of an extended European tour and visit places like Finland and return to places like Manchester. I have already made my own inquiries into the possibilities of increasing the number of European dates. If it can be done it will done.

I would also like to remind those of you who might be feeling left out for missing last year's tour that the DVD of that tour will be available at the upcoming shows. You can see all 3 + hours of your favorite songs with last years special guests right in your own living room. take a look at the DVD trailer link below. I'm very happy that we were able to capture some of those performances in such fine style for all of you.

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing all of you out there this year.







Ray White

Guitar and Vocals

Ray White is a rock and blues guitarist most well-known as a member of Frank Zappa's touring ensembles. He was drafted into Zappa's band in the fall of 1976, being featured on rhythm guitar and vocals. He participated on such albums as Zappa in New York (featuring a powerful lead vocal on "The Illinois Enema Bandit"), Tinsel Town Rebellion, and You Are What You Is amongst others in Zappa's voluminous catalogue.

Ray has also worked with jam-oriented groups like KVHW, Don't Push the Clown and Umphrey's McGee since his contributions to the Zappa band, and has more recently worked with a variety of Michigan artists, including former Rare Earth Drummer Bob Weaver, as well as members of the funk/fusion combo Generic Produce.




A couple of months ago, I mentioned a new album by Markus Stauss:

The "Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?" will be performed live again.

  • 2007/11/17 Markus Stauss - concert 'De Plusetage', Baarle Nassau, NL


-- info: tom baeten

STEVE VAI 2007 05 03


May 3, 2007


EVO Premium Experience tickets for the USA will go on sale on Friday May 04 - at noon PST.

We will be posting more details on shortly, but in the meantime you can check out our EVO Premium Experience Info page: <>

We also have an EVO 2007 FAQ on the message board. If you have questions, please post them there:

You can access the EVO Ticket Sales here: <>
It's a good idea to create an online account with our ticketing store before tickets go on sale.



  • 2007/09/07 Steve Vai - concert 'Marquee Theatre ',Phoenix, AZ, usa

  • 2007/09/08 Steve Vai - concert 'House of Blues ',Las Vegas, NV, usa

  • 2007/09/09 Steve Vai - concert 'The Grove ',Anaheim, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/10 Steve Vai - concert 'Viejas DreamCatcher Showroom ',San Diego, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/11 Steve Vai - concert 'The Wiltern Theatre ',Los Angeles, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/12 Steve Vai - concert 'The Fillmore ',San Francisco, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/14 Steve Vai - concert 'Roseland Theatre ',Portland, OR, usa

  • 2007/09/15 Steve Vai - concert 'Moore Theater ',Seattle, WA, usa

  • 2007/09/16 Steve Vai - concert 'Commodore Ballroom ',Vancouver, BC, canada

  • 2007/09/19 Steve Vai - concert 'State Theatre ',Minneapolis, MN, usa

  • 2007/09/20 Steve Vai - concert 'Pabst Theatre ',Milwaukee, WI, usa

  • 2007/09/21 Steve Vai - concert 'House of Blues ',Chicago, IL, usa

  • 2007/09/22 Steve Vai - concert 'Royal Oak Music Theatre ',Royal Oak, MI, usa

  • 2007/09/23 Steve Vai - concert 'Massey Hall ',Toronto, ON, canada

  • 2007/09/24 Steve Vai - concert 'Univ. at Buffalo Center For Arts ',Buffalo, NY, usa

  • 2007/09/25 Steve Vai - concert 'Hammerstein Ballroom ',New York, NY, usa

  • 2007/09/27 Steve Vai - concert 'Keswick Theatre ',Philadelphia, PA, usa

  • 2007/09/28 Steve Vai - concert 'Starland Ballroom ',Sayreville, NJ, usa

  • 2007/09/29 Steve Vai - concert 'Borgata Music Box Theatre ',Atlantic City, NJ, usa

  • 2007/09/30 Steve Vai - concert 'Birchmere Bandstand ',Alexandria, VA, usa

  • 2007/10/02 Steve Vai - concert 'The Egg Center for the Perf. Arts ',Albany, NY, usa

  • 2007/10/03 Steve Vai - concert 'Webster Theatre ',Hartford, CT, usa

  • 2007/10/04 Steve Vai - concert 'Berklee Performance Center ',Boston, MA, usa

  • 2007/10/05 Steve Vai - concert 'Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel ',Providence, RI, usa

  • 2007/10/06 Steve Vai - concert 'North Fork Theatre at Westbury ',Westbury, NY, usa



the concert calendar * the concert calendar




  • 2007/09/06 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy

  • 2007/09/07 Steve Vai - concert 'Marquee Theatre ',Phoenix, AZ, usa

  • 2007/09/08 Steve Vai - concert 'House of Blues ',Las Vegas, NV, usa  

  • 2007/09/08 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy

  • 2007/09/08 Adrian Belew Power Trio - concert ‘Teatro Diana’, Guadalajara, MEX

  • 2007/09/09 opera: "Obra Maestra" - performance 'Caio Melisso', Spoleto, Italy

  • 2007/09/08 Sul Divano - concert 'en Foro Gandhi Av. Corrientes 1743 '

  • 2007/09/09 Steve Vai - concert 'The Grove ',Anaheim, CA, usa  

  • 2007/09/09 Mike Keneally - concert "Solo Acoustic at the Acoustic Alliance", 'Brick By Brick', 1130 Buenos Ave., San Diego, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/09 Adrian Belew Power Trio - concert ‘Teatro Metropolitan’, Mexico City, MEX

  • 2007/09/10 Steve Vai - concert 'Viejas DreamCatcher Showroom ',San Diego, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/11 Steve Vai - concert 'The Wiltern Theatre ',Los Angeles, CA, usa  

  • 2007/09/11 Cpt.Cheese-Beard & the 7 Sisters of Prevention - concert 'route 66', verviers, belgium

  • 2007/09/12 Steve Vai - concert 'The Fillmore ',San Francisco, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/14 Steve Vai - concert 'Roseland Theatre ',Portland, OR, usa

  • 2007/09/15 Steve Vai - concert 'Moore Theater ',Seattle, WA, usa  

  • 2007/09/15 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Cuban Club' Ybor City, FL, usa

  • 2007/09/15 Adrian Belew Power Trio - concert “NW Soberstock 2007”, Seattle, WA, usa

  • 2007/09/16 Steve Vai - concert 'Commodore Ballroom ',Vancouver, BC, canada

  • 2007/09/19 Steve Vai - concert 'State Theatre ',Minneapolis, MN, usa

  • 2007/09/20 Steve Vai - concert 'Pabst Theatre ',Milwaukee, WI, usa

  • 2007/09/21 Steve Vai - concert 'House of Blues ',Chicago, IL, usa

  • 2007/09/22 Steve Vai - concert 'Royal Oak Music Theatre ',Royal Oak, MI, usa  

  • 2007/09/22 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'Rosalie and Alva Performance Gallery', San Pedro, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/23 Steve Vai - concert 'Massey Hall ',Toronto, ON, canada

  • 2007/09/23 The Wrong Object - concert "Jazz at Home Festival", Mechelen, Belgium (w. special guest Bart Maris)

  • 2007/09/24 Steve Vai - concert 'Univ. at Buffalo Center For Arts ',Buffalo, NY, usa

  • 2007/09/25 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Shepherds Bush Empire', London, UK

  • 2007/09/25 Steve Vai - concert 'Hammerstein Ballroom ',New York, NY, usa

  • 2007/09/26 Zappa plays Zappa - concert '013', Tilburg, Netherlands

  • 2007/09/27 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Melkweg', Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2007/09/27 Steve Vai - concert 'Keswick Theatre ',Philadelphia, PA, usa  

  • 2007/09/28 Steve Vai - concert 'Starland Ballroom ',Sayreville, NJ, usa 

  • 2007/09/28 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', Studio City, CA, usa

  • 2007/09/29 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Le Fri-Son', Fribourg, Germany

  • 2007/09/29 Steve Vai - concert 'Borgata Music Box Theatre ',Atlantic City, NJ, usa  

  • 2007/09/29 Eugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black  //  Bogus Pomp - concert "Emit Series"

  • 2007/09/30 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Circus Krone', Munich, Germany

  • 2007/09/30 Steve Vai - concert 'Birchmere Bandstand ',Alexandria, VA, usa


  • 2007/10/01 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Jahrhunderthalle', Frankfurt, Germany

  • 2007/10/02 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Philipshalle', Düsseldorf, Germany

  • 2007/10/02 Steve Vai - concert 'The Egg Center for the Perf. Arts ',Albany, NY, usa

  • 2007/10/03 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'KKL Beethovensaal', Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2007/10/03 Steve Vai - concert 'Webster Theatre ',Hartford, CT, usa

  • 2007/10/04 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Messehalle', Erfurt, Germany

  • 2007/10/04 Steve Vai - concert 'Berklee Performance Center ',Boston, MA, usa  

  • 2007/10/04 Struber Jazztett - concert ‘Babylon’, Berlin, Germany

  • 2007/10/05 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Grand Rex', Paris, France

  • 2007/10/05 Steve Vai - concert 'Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel ',Providence, RI, usa

  • 2007/10/06 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Elisabeth Hall', Antwerp, Belgium

  • 2007/10/06 Steve Vai - concert 'North Fork Theatre at Westbury ',Westbury, NY, usa

  • 2007/10/08 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'The Music House', Arhus, Denmark

  • 2007/10/09 Zappa plays Zappa - concert -Venue To Be Announced-, Stavanger, Norway  

  • 2007/10/09 Struber Jazztett - concert ‘Nancy Jazz Pulsations’, Nancy, Lorraine, France

  • 2007/10/10 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Peer Gynt', Bergen, Norway

  • 2007/10/12 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Sentrum Scene', Oslo, Norway

  • 2007/10/13 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Olympen', Lund, Sweden

  • 2007/10/14 Zappa plays Zappa - concert 'Cirkus', Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2007/10/26 The Wrong Object - concert '??', Mechelen, Belgium (private afternoon gig)

  • 2007/10/27 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween 12", Janus Landing

  • 2007/10/27 The Muffin Men - concert ' franzis', wetzlar, germany

  • 2007/10/28 The Muffin Men - concert ' kantine', köln, germany

  • 2007/10/30 The Muffin Men - concert ' objekt5', halle, germany

  • 2007/10/31 The Muffin Men - concert ' quasimodo', berlin, germany

  • 2007/10/31 Sheik Yerbouti – concert ‘Café Hahn', Koblenz, Germany -  “Halloweenparty” with a lot of special guests and a special program !!!

  • 2007/10/31 Zappa plays Zappa - concert ‘Beacon Theatre’,New York, NY, usa