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Short bits:
 * * *  Hans Vandenburg's latest project is called Dierenpark. They have an album out, called "Slip-Tong" on which you can hear a 'Peaches En Regalia' intro drum roll for about two seconds... * * * 

* * * Belgian band Alien Bitesize recorded Frank Zappa's 'Pygmy Twylyte' on their new album. * * * 

* * * The Accademia Amieta Ensemble performs Zappa on their "Strictly Off Limits" album.

* * * The Nasal Retentive Orchestra has a new album scheduled for release on October 30 !! * * *

OK. I'm off to see the Wrong Object who will be playing in Mechelen tonight.


Yes, it's happening tonight, and tomorrow night, right here in Belgium. The Wrong Object will be doing a concert with Special Guests Annie Whitehead and Harry Becket, and even a couple of Special Mystery Guests have been announced...

  • 2006/10/26 The Wrong Object - concert 'Cultuurcentrum Mechelen', Mechelen, Belgium - 20h30
    with guests Annie Whitehead & Harry Becket

  • 2006/10/27 The Wrong Object - concert 'L'An Vert', Liège, Belgium - 20h30
    with guests Annie Whitehead & Harry Becket




Hello there.

So you know Trance-Fusion is out at long (fill in the blank) last. We here at UMRK were certainly hoping that MOFO would be on its heels. This the busiest time for production for Everyone In The World. I'm not here to talk about excuses but rather to say, be of good cheer, it will be here this year.
The original street dat for the 2 CD MOFO was set for 11/7/2006 and it looks like there will be at least a two week delay. This is not an official confirmation. When we know for sure, we will let you know for sure. Yes and but also we sincerely regret to inform you the 4 CD Limited Edition MOFO is a Monster with BIG TEETH and is madly chomping its way through the calendar and we're hoping that it doesn't develop a strong Taste for Turkey. If it does, it'll probably leave the table on 4 December. Some times things just happen that way around here.

Meanwhile there are some Wicked Seasonal Shirts suddenly available, perfect pumpkin-carving attire.

Here is wishing you all a great Halloween.
Wish you could all be in New York for Zappa Plays Zappa. Maybe next year it will go Live into your homes. Cross your black cats and bat wings.

Music is the Best!





I already told you that Ike Willis did three concerts with Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo and Muffin Men's Martin Smith in the Netherlands in October 2006.

The picture on the right shows long-time fan Werner Dierckx with Ike Willis before the Vlissingen gig.

Ike was in great shape and was part of a brilliant concert.



A story for the John Smothers biography


Thought you might enjoy this.

Me and a bunch of friends were at a Zappa show a the Sunrise Music Theatre in Lauderdale, and during the show, Frank was motioning to some girl in the audience like he wanted her to come on stage.,  So she stands up from her front row seat and gets ready to step up on stage and Bald headed JOhn comes out of nowhere and hits her in the chest with some kind of extendable baton.  KNocked her right on her ass.  So a few of us right behind her started yellin shit at him (we thought it was pretty uncool) like we were gonna kick his ass or something.  Well, John heard us yellin at him and put that evil ass stare on me.....I sat down pretty quick after it looked like he was ready to come out in the audience.  He was a very intimidating guy.

-- Tom "Zappachild" Glancy




message from John Kaminski
2006 10 01



I recently saw your web page on Vito Paulekas and saw his sculpture I currently have.

The title you mentioned of the piece, "Hollywood" is incorrect. The correct title is "Cinema Arts".

I also have the program of the gallery showing (1966) of this piece among others of his. So, I'm sure of the title.

I'm also including a better photo of the sculpture which you are welcome to use on your web site. Credits appreciated.

If you would like anything else from me concerning this topic, feel free to email me.


John Kaminski

Chicago, IL


-- picture by John Kaminski



Here's part of a little message from DOOT!:

"On September 13 we opened for Don' Preston's Akashic Ensemble (Don Preston, Andre Cholmondeley, Cheri Jiosne) at the Space in Hamden, CT. Tim Palmieri opened the night with a blast of a solo performance, and we had a nice short set to warm things up for Don. 
Andre joined us for the DOOT! Quartet Reprise. We played with this lineup at Brass City Records earlier this year. Don's set was an inspiration. He opened with a solo acoustic piano versions of Uncle Meat, and closed with a solo acoustic piano version of Pound for a Brown (on the bus). In between it was the trio making the Space throb with pleasure. Don's Exorcism of GWB was particularly awesome. A load of gig pics here:
Our pal John Columbus was there and took pics of DOOT!, but that means that we may never see them again! C'mon John! make with the photos already!

Check out Don's Myspace page: "

I'm assuming that Pete took the pictures of the Don Preston Akashic Ensemble. Here's a sample:

The Don Preston Akashic Ensemble: André Cholmondeley - Don Preston - Cheri Jiosne
2006/09/13 at 'The Space', Hamden, CT, usa
(picture by Pete Brunelli)



You knew it. I knew it. The girl in the picture on the right (who you might call Paris) does not only like Beefheart, but she's into R.Stevie Moore as well.

Isn't that outrageous?

Well, so are R.Stevie Moore's YouTube movies:

(borrowed the picture from R.Stevie's YouTube page...)






SAINT PETERSBURG, FL October 7. 2006.

Bogus Pomp will unleash its 11th annual ZAPPAWEEN concert performing the late master's work with their signature brand that has endeared them to serious Zappa fans all over the world. Yes, Zappa music demands precision, conviction and of course CHOPS.  But since this is ZAPPAWEEN 11, there will be healthy doses of serious buffoonery to go along with the serious performance.

Sure, Dweezil is out playing his dad´s stuff, but make no mistake Bogus Pomp got permission from Mrs. Z long before DZ ever did and no, they´re not in it for the money.

Count on lots of laughs and a costume contest with crazy prizes. Zappaween has become such an amazing annual event and this 11 year anniversary should be the best yet. ZAPPAWEEN 11 happens on Saturday, October 28th at Jannus Landing, in downtown St. Petersburg. Tickets are $15. Gates open at 7:00pm, show time at 9:00pm. As always, audio and video recording devices are welcomed and encouraged.

 Bogus Pomp is a 10 piece ensemble based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since 1994, the group has performed the music of Frank Zappa exclusively. Bogus Pomp's members are an unlikely combination of educators, symphony players, jazzers, and rockers, all with a common interest in Zappa's repertoire. This diversity is a key factor in the group´s ability to recreate Zappa's compositions in the style of his 70's and early 80's rock bands. In addition to Zappaween, the group has presented several memorable concerts with the Florida Orchestra, The Buffalo Philharmonic; a cappella legends The Persuasions, and at the annual Zappanale Festival in Germany.

#   #   #



True, I don't know much about the Big City Orchestra. Except the fact that they once covered a Residents tune...

So, thanx to Das from Ubuibi I've been clicking on the below links, downloading and listening to a bunch of stuff and I advice you to do the same.

But watch out, as you might be surprised.


bigCityOrchestre web:

no other radio network:




Whitesnake, featuring Steve Vai

  • 1990/06/12 Whitesnake - concert 'Winnipeg Arena', Winnipeg, Canada

    • David Coverdale - vocals, Steve Vai - guitar, Adrian Vandenberge - guitar, Tommy Aldridge - drums, Rudy Sarzo - bass

    • Slip Of The Tongue, Slide It In, Judgement Day, Slow And Easy, Is This Love?, Kittens Got Claws, Adrian Vandenberge solo, The Deeper The Love, Cheap And Nasty, Crying In The Rain, Steve Vai Solo, Here I Go Again, Bad Boys, Still Of The Night

    • A 108-minute audience recording of this show circulates




WM Recordings celebrates its 50th release:

Zloty Dawai - Dada work chant

Take your seat and have another journey into the weird accoustic world of Zloty Dawai. Is it Free Jazz? Is it Noise? The Zloties don't give a damn.
The five guys from Cologne just recorded this one in 4 different takes
directly on CD. Totally improvised - no overdubs - no censorship. 

Download it here: 

More Zloty Dawai here: 

best wishes,

Marco Kalnenek


p.s. we also have some stuff on eMusic now:




Legendary Turtles Member Aids Struggling Musicians

2006/10/01- Nashville, TN - Music industry veteran Mark Volman, founding member, vocalist and manager of the legendary music group The Turtles featuring Flo &Eddie, has recently launched a new website that is proving to be a valuable tool for struggling and misguided musicians everywhere. Volman, who has sold over 60 million records worldwide with The Turtles and Flo &Eddie and has sung on hit records for such notable artists as John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, T. Rex, Blondie, Todd Rundgren, and Ozzy Osbourne , has survived in the music business for over 40 years as a musical artist, on-air radio personality, radio syndicator, record producer, writer and journalist for national music magazines and network television.

"For every successful story, there are many more reflecting the outcomes of battered lives left to fade away in the wake of misguided musical choices and decisions... Many, I should say most artists, have no idea of a long-range plan for survival, and the idea of having a plan for a career is so far away from their reality that most will find themselves signing one bad deal after another...over and over again. It is my goal to teach musicians and entrepreneurs how not to be abused by the sharks in the industry," says Volman.

Born from the idea of helping educate musicians about the pitfalls of the music industry, Mark Volman, also a former member of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention, created . Through his inspiring and motivational lectures, workshops, seminars, courses and one-on-one consultations about the music industry, he brings extensive first-hand information, a history rich in support of independent music and a commitment to explain the complexities of an industry challenged by constant change and fierce competition.

"Nobody knows the 'chutes and ladders' of the music business better than Mark Volman." - Joe Stefko (drummer with Meatloaf, Hot Tuna, Jim Steinman)

Once signed up to, for a nominal consultation fee, Mark Volman , who is currently a professor at Belmont University's Mike Curb School of Entertainment and Music Business, will discuss such topics as: Contract Negotiations, Creating a Career Plan, Band Partnerships, Costs Breakdowns and Budgets, Songwriting, Choosing a Manager, Radio Airplay, Label Signing... From contract advice to dealing with band members wives, just about any subject in the music industry can be broached upon during a consultation with Mark.

"With more than 40 years of experience in all facets of the music and entertainment industry, there isn't a more knowledgeable person when it comes to the way it all works than Mark Volman . If I needed help or advice about a career move in this business he'd be the first person I'd talk to. Plus he's cheaper than a lawyer." - Jim Pons (songwriter, producer and former bass player with The Leaves, The Turtles and Mothers Of Invention)

For more information go to:





  • pierrejean gaucher: la fontaine & le gaucher
        (2005, cd, france, nocturne)
    • The latest Pierrjean Gaucher project is entitled "La Fontaine & Le Gaucher". Pierrejean Gaucher has put the tales of Jean de la Fontaine to music.

      Pierrejean Gaucher is an extremely gifted jazz guitar player. You should already own his fabulous "Zappe Zappa" album, or the beautiful "Let's Move To Cologne" live album, where he shows the fine things that one can do with a Zappa composition.

      "La Fontaine & Le Gaucher" takes it one step further: as the narrator tells one of de la Fontaine's stories, the music takes you along for a ride.

      This is good. This is really good. And it even contains a lot of Zappa clues & teases. The entire album breathes a Greggery Peccary atmosphere, including a joyful play on the 'New Brown Clouds' theme (with a superb guitar solo) in track 2, or the little theme that ends track 3.

      My favourite tracks are 'Le Corbeau Et Le Renard (part 2)', a short instrumental track, and 'Le Loup Et La Cigogne (part 2)', which is a more up-tempo composition with a great interaction between the keyboard and the guitar.

      Excellent stuff. Essential listening.

      And if that isn't enough, the album / book has some superb illustrations as well. Check it out.


from URR
2006 10 20

Chesters Gorilla,

We are gearing up for a cool batch of ZAPPAWEEN shows!!!


  Other URR shows...


  Layla Hall is drummer of the month at...

  She will be in Akron, OH Oct 21-22 to compete in the...
"East Coast's Best Drummer of 2006 - East Coast Chops"
My prediction... she will kick some serious butt!!!


Project Object will be back on the road sometime around Dec17...

  Check out "The Pojama People" ex-PO drummer Glenn Leonard...

  Here is their latest mailer...

  Our only Halloween show will be at The Rainbow in Seattle on Saturday October 28 and of course it'll be a Costume Party.  There will be prizes for best men's, women's and Zappa look-alike.

  Now, add Zappa claymation artist Bruce Bickford into the mix! He will be appearing onstage with us along with some of the original models used in the Baby Snakes and Dub Room Special videos. He may even be coaxed into telling you the story of Monster Road.

  Thanks to everybody for all the cool birthday greetings!!!

                        She go MOOO....





November 4th, the Czech Zappa Fan Club will have its 10th club meeting in Moravska Trebova.

If you want to support the Czech Zappa Fan Club, and if you want to get hold of some nice goodies at the same time, you should check out the Hurnik album (variations on Lumpy Gravy), or buy (at least) one of their fabulous t-shirts.

One T-shirt =  15 euro, the CD = 12 euro.
postage = 5 euro (for one item, and probably less for the second one...)


as displayed on the zappa dot com forum:

  • 2006/10/18 concert ‘Paramount Theatre’, Denver, CO, usa

    • special guests: Napoleon Murphy Brock, Terry Bozzio & Steve Vai

    • Andy, Call Any Vegetable, Tell Me you Love Me, Who Are The Brain Police, Can't Afford no Shoes, Willie the Pimp, Pygmy Twylyte, Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, I'm The Slime, Pound For A Brown, Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast, Father Oblivion, Inca Roads, Terry chats with Dweezil, I'm So Cute, Tryin' to Grow a Chin, Advance Romance, Punky's Whips, Terry and Dweezil talk about Frank, The Black Page, The Black Page #2 (with Steve Vai), Peaches en Regalia, Montana, Village of the Sun, Echidna's Arf (of You), Dweezil chats with the audience, Zomby Woof, Black Napkins, The Torture Never Stops

    • Encores: Orange County/ Trouble Every Day, Tush Tush Tush, Regyptian Strut

  • 2006/10/19 concert ‘Ameristar Casino’, Kansas City, MO, usa

    • special guests: Napoleon Murphy Brock, Terry Bozzio & Steve Vai

    • Andy, Call Any Vegetable, Who Are The Brain Police, Can't Afford no Shoes, Pygmy Twylyte, Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, I'm The Slime, Pound For A Brown, Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast, Father Oblivion, Inca Roads, I'm So Cute, Tryin' to Grow a Chin, Advance Romance, Punky's Whips, The Black Page #2, Peaches en Regalia, Montana, Village of the Sun, Echidna's Arf (of You), Zomby Woof, Black Napkins, The Torture Never Stops, Trouble Every Day, Regyptian Strut

    • Encores: Trouble Every Day, Hungry Freaks, Regyptian Strut

  • 2006/10/20 concert ‘Orpheum Theatre’, Minneapolis, MN, usa

    • special guests: Napoleon Murphy Brock, Terry Bozzio & Steve Vai

    • Andy, Call Any Vegetable, Tell Me you Love Me, Who Are The Brain Police, Can't Afford no Shoes, Willie the Pimp, Idiot Bastard Son, Pygmy Twylyte, Cheepnis, I'm The Slime, Pound For A Brown, Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast, Father Oblivion, Inca Roads, I'm So Cute, Tryin' to Grow a Chin, Advance Romance, Punky's Whips, The Black Page #2, Peaches en Regalia, Montana, Zomby Woof, Black Napkins, The Torture Never Stops

    • Encores: Trouble Every Day, Regyptian Strut

  • 2006/10/22 concert ‘Canton Palace Theatre’, Cleveland, OH, usa

    • special guests: Napoleon Murphy Brock, Terry Bozzio & Steve Vai

    • Andy, Call Any Vegetable, Tell Me You Love Me, Who are the Brain Police?, Can't Afford No Shoes, Willie the Pimp, Pygmy Twylyte, Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, I'm the Slime, Pound for a Brown, Don't Eat the Yellow Snow > St Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast > Father O'Blivion, Inca Roads, I'm So Cute, Trying to Grow a Chin, Advance Romance, Punky's Whips, The Black Page, Peaches en Regalia, Montana, Village of the Sun, Zomby Woof, Black Napkins, The Torture Never Stops

    • Encores: More Trouble Every Day > Band introductions > Token of My Extreme (Reprise), Regypian Strut 


So you don't know where Wervik is? 


There's a couple of new releases out on Lama Records, a small Belgian label. More on these soon.

In the meantime, Onehouse was kind enough to send me scans & info-sheets of quite a number of older Lama releases, even a couple from the Fuss label. So here's some Belgian alternative music data:

Common factor in all of these releases is Kim Kangaroo. Check out his entry for more info.

I just love these sort of things...

  • modern bog: the first casket
        (1983, k7, bel, fuss records fuss 004)
    • Issued in 1983 (!!!), this tape was the first release by Modern Bog. On Fuss Records.
      It has been reissued in 2003, on cdr, with some extra tracks, on Lama Records.
      And, no, that's not the Beatles...
      And, yes, if you're into the Residents, you should check this out.


  • various artists: fab first five
        (1993, k7, bel, lama tapes 008)
    • A Lama compilation tape from 1993. Pieces from Les Chiens Comiques, Tom's Toilet Foundation, J.Phlitman & K.Kangaroo and The Ketchup Cowboys.

  • various artists: lama 95 - hihi
        (1995, k7, bel, lama recordings xp2)
    • Looking at the tracklist, the "Lama 95 - Hihi" tape was a compilation that included material by Les Chiens Comiques, Jay Phlitman & K.Kangaroo, Moosy Cat Talks, Elfenbeischwarz, and Isthmus In Irk.




from Kilissa Cissoko
2006 10 19

Byron Brown (Updated lyrics for Fall 2006)
Sung to the tune of Bobby Brown ...
(note: for those of you outside of Western New York---Byron Brown is Mayor of Buffalo. Um... we just had a major natural disaster...if you had not heard....two feet of snow in OCTOBER...90% of the trees are damaged, streets blocked by fallen trees, power lines torn down...)

Hey there, people, I´m Byron Brown
Woke up to a disaster all over my town
But my chainsaw´s rippin´, my generator´s crankin´
I got plenty of beer, I´m not just sitting back wankin´
I called my friends at the National Guard
They´re gonna dig us out, you see this job´s not so hard
But first they´ll clean up Amherst and Clarence
Those Republicans are messing with my fine appearance
Oh, God, why you knockin´ down all my trees
I´ll go to church, I´ll get down on my knees
I coulda swore You were on my side
But now I´m scared to walk the dark streets of the East Side
(walk the streets, walk the streets, walk on the east side)

We wasn´t ready for snow in October
Emergency Management means you gotta stay sober
National Grid took a week to get our lights up
We´ll be paying through the nose when they raise our rates up
And we´re sure to get f**ked by that whore named FEMA
I heard she was pretty good after Katrina and Rita
But as a disaster-they won´t rate us
Why does everyone in this country hate us?
Oh, God... is Buffalo that pathetic?
With a losing football team, it´s just antithetic
Being Mayor shoulda been nice step stone
But now I´m dragging branches, and I can´t use my cell phone
Oh, God, Oh, God, can you hear me praying?
Is this some kind of punishment for the lies I´ve been saying.. 
I thought that Casino Deal would get me into Heaven...
Oh, well..."School´s out, kids-until two-thousand and seven..."

And my name is Bryon Brown
Watch me now We´re all going down



2006 10 20
Frogg Café says:

Hope to see some of you crazy Long Islanders out at the show tomorrow night! Peace ~Suss

Saturday, October 21
University Café
SUNY Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11790
9:00 - Frogg Café
10:30 - Moodras
Tickets - $6 at the door




THE KENEALLIST: SoCal Shows with MKB, Thunes, Minnemann & Shakespeare
2006 10 20

Thanks for a fantastic tour!

Here's a thank you, proffered most sincerely, to everyone who saw Bryan Beller and I on the Taylor Tour we just completed, and/or who saw our electric gig in St. Louis with the fabulous Eric Slick on drums. This was an absolutely marvelous tour for us and our tour manager/traveling partner Scott Chatfield and we thank you with all manner of profusions.

Now you West Coasters have a major assignment, which is to come over to Dizzy's in San Diego this Saturday and offer encouragement to myself and Scott Thunes at our first performance together in the USA for over a decade, joined by the brilliant Brock Avery on drums and featuring Greek-chorus-type musical commentary by my lovely niece, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jen Scaffidi. Another mindblowing Circus of Values event is shaping up just for YOU - are you man or woman enough to accept what we have to offer? Details, I say!:

Mike's intimate improvisation series

Mike Keneally's Circus of Values
returns to
344 Seventh Avenue
(between J & K, on the edge of San Diego's East Village)
San Diego, CA 92101
Tickets: $15
All ages welcome
Info: 858.270.7467
(Street parking is free; you can even park in yellow commercial zones. The closest pay parking is 1/2-block away: the 6th & K Parkade for $7 all evening.)

Saturday, October 21, 2006
8:30 p.m.
Featuring Mike, the legendary Scott Thunes on bass, special guest Jen Scaffidi and Brock Avery (Wayne Kramer) on drums.

Shakespeare in Balboa Park

A few months ago I participated in a performance of Shakespeare sonnets with San Diego jazz radio luminary Claudia Russell -- she recited and I provided guitar accompaniment. It was a real beatnik moment and one that I had hoped would happen again sometime. Well, be careful what you wish for, 'cause here it comes again. Be here, Bardophiles:

The San Diego Shakespeare Society Presents
A San Diego Celebrity Sonnets Evening
Featuring Mike Keneally on guitar, accompanying Jazz 88 Program Director Claudia Russell on sonnets VIII and XVII, along with many other San Diego celebrities.
Monday, October 23, 2006
7:30 p.m.
Old Globe Theatre
1363 Old Globe Way, Balboa Park
San Diego, CA 92101
Admission free, donations gratefully accepted.

  • 2006/10/23 Claudia Russel / Mike Keneally - performance 'Old Globe Theatre', San Diego, Ca, usa

Another Circus of Values event in early November at Dizzy's

Mike's intimate improvisation series
Mike Keneally's Circus of Values
returns to
344 Seventh Avenue
(between J & K, on the edge of San Diego's East Village)
San Diego, CA 92101
Tickets: $15
All ages welcome
Info: 858.270.7467
(Street parking is free; you can even park in yellow commercial zones. The closest pay parking is 1/2-block away: the 6th & K Parkade for $7 all evening.)
Friday, November 3, 2006
8:30 p.m.
Featuring Mike, Bryan Beller on bass, Rick Musallam on guitar, Marco Minnemann (new San Diego resident!) on drums!

The same lineup appears the following night at the Baked Potato:

Mike Keneally Band
Featuring Mike, Bryan Beller on bass, Rick Musallam on guitar, Marco Minnemann on drums
Saturday, November 4, 2006
The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA 91604
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Shows: 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.
Tickets $20
Info: 818-980-1615

This will be an interesting pair of gigs - the same four guys, but on Nov. 3 we'll be improvising all night, and on Nov. 4 we'll be playing a bunch of composed stuff. These will be our first US performances with Marco on drums - if you haven't heard this particular genius do his things, prepare to have all your socks blown off whether you're wearing them or not.



  • the residents: best left unspoken: volume one
        (2006, cd, usa, ralph records ra022)
    • The "Best Left Unspoken" series includes material that has been previousy unreleased, or material that has only been available in very limited releases.
      This first volume presents the "Pollex Christi" puzzle from 1997, the Golden Goat DVD single, a couple of tracks from the UWEB fanclub-series, but also a buch of 'new', unheard tracks from various sessions.

      Without the presence of a consistent theme or story, most of the attention goes to the (almost instrumental) music. A daring experiment for a band that normally  leans on multi-media.

      "Best Left Unspoken" is a very impressive album. It'll force you to listen in another, yet enjoyable way, to the music of your Rezifriends. 



2006 10 20

the only ZAPPA alumni consistently performing the music of the maestro
since 2002
80 concerts plus so far
anything else is not an original for more, more, more..................

2006/11/05 - 22:00 h
Main Stage Bosanski kulturni centar - sarajevo jazz festival 2006 

2006/11/07 - 21:00 h
SKC Velika Sala

2006/11/09 - 21:00 h
Pere.Strojka, club Aquarius

The band plays Zappa's music from 1965 to 1975, with spirit, humor and precision, which this music requires. The show is based on contradictions of eclecticism, seriousness, and circus performance, staying truthful to the phenomenon of Frank Zappa. 

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock (with FZ  1974 - 1984) - vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, suavenicity, dancing(!)

  • Roy Estrada (with FZ  1964 - 1984) - bass, pachuco Falsettos, and operatic madness

  • Don Preston (with FZ  1966 - 1974) - piano, keyboard, synthesizers, electronics, vocals

  • Miroslav Tadic stunt guitar, snake guitar, loud guitar

  • Christopher Garcia  drums, percussion, marimba, vocals


Wednesday, November 29, 2006
House of Blues Anaheim
Anaheim, CA 92802
show time: 8:00 PM

Thursday, November 30, 2006
House of Blues Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, CA 90069
show time: 9:00 PM



"Rare are the musicians who can even play Zappa's music, let alone make it live and breathe. So Thank the Lord for the Grande Mothers. The people who loved their music last year ranged in age from 16 to 60, and it's safe to say that a fine time was had by all."
Dugg Simpson, Artistic Director for the Vancouver Folk Festival

"These days Roy Estrada, along with Don Preston, and Napoleon Murphy Brock from Zappa's mid to late 70's Mothers, are touring the world as the Grande Mothers and keeping Zappa's music alive. They were here at the Folk Festival last year and due to public demand are returning. Believe me, if you ever dug Zappa you don't want to miss these guys. They're fun and fuuuuunnnny. They're wicked musicians and they blew a few minds last summer there on Jericho Beach..."

"the quintet known as the Grande Mothers served up vintage psychedelia - rock songs with surreal lyrics, jazz-like harmonies and melodic complexity, with flashes of wacky satire on a par with Monty Python's Flying Circus."

"Fans of Frank Zappa are going to freak out for the Grande Mothers. Zappa and his band were creating a mixture of acid rock, psychedelia, doo-wop, avant-garde, tape experiments, funk and jazz. With three different Zappa eras represented, the Grande Mothers have a wide palette of material to choose from."
Winnipeg Free Press

"So if necessity is the mother of invention, does than mean that the Grande Mothers gave birth to necessity?  Could be true, considering this is a band that needs to be seen........."




"Just got back from the show,suffice to say it was amazing!!!! I enjoyed it more than ZPZ, the vibe was just so much more a zappa show, (despite only having five band members.) The guitar solos were monstrously beautiful, and the drumming was interstellar! Nappy!!!! dear god that was impressive!!!! and Roy, hey, I thought he didn't play bass good since he was a mexican!!! he's better than he was on OZ even, trust me!!! and Don's solo on Trouble Every Day was unbelievably perfect. PLUS!!! they didn't shy away from the political comments, which, ZPZ playing Trouble Every Day without making it fit the modern time was ridiculous. All in all, it was amazing!!!"

"I too was at this concert, it was INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I thought ZPZ was great and all, but this just blew my mind (I was at a lack of words during the intermission). One thing I really appreciated was that these Mothers really went out there and experimented onstage, in true Zappa fashion.  A personal pick of the evening was their rendition of Twenty Small Cigars, a choice I was not expecting. They played with so much soul, so much love, it was incredible. Napoleon's sax playing during this number was heart wrenching. Beautiful. One of the best non-musical moments of the night was when they talked about Zappa's legacy, and then lead the audience in a round of applause for Frank himself. All in all, a great show. I can't help but wonder when the next Zappa-themed show will come around here. I hope that the Grande Mothers (or as they really should be called, as pointed out by the announcer at the concert, The Mothers of Invention) come back soon, I'd go to another concert without hesitation. I could go on for another 25 pages, I hardly even scratched the surface of all my feelings about the show. But I'll tastefully stop now."


"I was at the Ottawa show last night. Don, Napoleon and Roy were signing albums for people before the show. The show itself was one of the most incredible things I've witnessed. Unfortunately we didn't get Peaches or Slime (but Montanna was played) but what impressed me was how much of WOIIFTM was played. We got Lonely Little Girl (which was greatly extended from the album version), Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? and The Idiot Bastard Son. We also got a lot of material from One Size Fits All, the highlights being excellent versions of Poegen and Sofa. A real highlight was Village of the Sun which was played like on the Roxy album. Napoleon mentioned the Helsinki live show at one point; "If anyone shouts out anymore requests it's gonna cost you 20 marcs!" Roy even did a very brief aria. He started by teasing us with little 10 second bits and saying "That's all you get" before giving in and singing a bit of Baby Snakes. The signing session after the show was great as well. Roy Estrada was especially nice to me. Near the end of the show two young women got up on the stage to dance. I joked around with Napoleon about his reputation as a lady's man, reminding him of about his great line from the Pisspot the rabbit interview, "If you shake your booty, anything is possible." He chuckled and grinned sheepishly. I said thank-you so much for coming to Ottawa and giving such an excellent show and he promised the Grande Mothers would come to Canada again."






The Eleventh annual Zappaween festival is happening at Jannus Landing next Saturday, October 28th in downtown St.Petersburg.  Bogus Pomp has over three hours of incredible music planned for this show.  A new Dean guitar will be given away to the best costume.  As always, audio and video recording is welcomed and encouraged. 

Tickets, $20, doors 7pm, showtime 8pm, all ages show. 

Virtuoso violinist Dan Campbell will be joining Bogus Pomp again for this show so, be ready.  This is the biggest show of the year for BP and it's gonna be very special.   We have some new songs for everyone too!!!  Don't forget,... Saturday, October 28th at Jannus Landing, 8pm. 

-- Jerry

  • 2006/10/28 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Jannus Landing', St. Petersburg, Florida, usa


FROGG CAFE 2006 10 17



Hi Everyone,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. We have 4 new shows for you (see below for details) including a return to Stonybrook this Saturday! We are especially excited about performing again at the Towne Crier in Pawling, NY and our second show at Orion Studios in Baltimore, MD. We are finishing up our live CD and it will hopefully be a January 2007 release with 10TRecords, but maybe sooner. Also see below for details of Frank Camiola's (original FC guitarist) new project entitled Cardboard Amanda.

See you soon!

Frogg Café


Saturday, October 21 (This Saturday!)
University Café
SUNY Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11790
9:00 - Frogg Café
10:30 - Moodras
Tickets - $6 at the door

Saturday, October 28
Hat City Ale House 
253 Main Street 
Danbury, CT 06810 
(203) 790-4287 
10:00 - Moodras 
11:30 - Frogg Café

Saturday December 2
Orion Sound Studios
2903 Whittington Ave
Suite C
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 646-7334
8 pm - Rare Blend
9 pm - Frogg Café
Tickets $15

Saturday, December 16
Towne Crier
130 Route 22
Pawling, NY
9 pm - Frogg Café
10:15 - Izz
Tickets $20/$17.50 members


Frank Camiola, Chris Tunney and Dee Harris
Available exclusively at

I just listened to this for the first time the other day and it is a WILD ride. A must have, there's nothing like it.

Here is a snippet from a recent review:

"There's nothing "normal" at all about this disk's approach, and one wouldn't want to hear it any other way: Unlikely rhythms play against one another on equally unlikely instrumentation; diminutive sounds are juxtaposed within the scope of large ambiances; clearly defined "jazz/blues" vocals (that approximate Tuvan throat singing overtones- very strange) often lead us thru songs where atypically composed melodies become the glue holding together abnormally improvised settings. It's not for the squeamish or faint of heart, but those of us with "da noive" enough to have a sense of humor these days will enjoy its tongue-in-cheek malice aforethought and DIY ethi, immensely. It's a tad psychotic actually (I mean that in the best of ways). So, while I suspect people of all ages could develop a Cheshire Cat grin from listening to this disk, they shouldn't let their loved ones know where it came from. In a class by itself."


FROGG CDS are available, including Noodles, at:

FREE Frogg Café Concert Downloads:


I already told you that the last couple of weeks have been rather hectic at the UM Temple. Mainly because of some construction works, but also because I saw a couple of great concerts.

Highlights were the Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo shows. I saw the band in Delft and in Vlissingen (both in NL), and they blew me away on both occasions.

CBB featured Ike Willis and Muffin Men Martin Smith as special guests.
An excellent choice because Ike's voice (& guitar playing) & Martin's trumpet fitted in nicely with laid-back groovy sound that CBB is so good at.

There were some minor sound problems in Delft, but the show was fabulous. Not in the least because Jeff Hollie had turned up, joining the band and his pal Ike Willis on stage for a couple of songs.

The gig in Vlissingen was excellent as well. My favourite moment was Ike's (almost solo) encore of 'Outside Now'...

Tip to the hat to CBB !! Thanks guys.


The one and only Jeff Hollie...

20061020, and there'll be more tomorrow...


Just for the fun of it, here's two more Adrian Belew albums. Both albums are out on Sanctuary Records and show Adrian at his best.

If you're into Adrian's typical experimental guitar sound, these albums will be right up your alley.

I really like this stuff.


  • various artists: nu acoustic
        (2002, cd, uk, extreme music xcd073)
    • A little while ago, I mentioned "Skate Rock", an album to which Dweezil Zappa and Blues Saraceno contributed. "Nu Acoustic" is another title in the Extreme Music series.
      The Extreme Music label offers music for various professional purposes. You might come across this music in commercials, cartoons, or even documentaries. The Extreme Music albums are not available to the general public, but they do contain excellent pieces of music. You can listen to bits of it through the Extreme Music website.




from André Cholmondeley
subject: Former Project/Object members --LOVETESTER --"1000th SONG" show!!/..and Andre' on DiMeola Tour


-hello from the DiMeola Tour 
-Project/Object dates coming soon 
-LOVETESTER 100th song about to land in Brooklyn!! 

hey all

Andre' here, still on tour crewing/guitar teching/road managing AL DiMEOLA (another great Italian!!) 
Sitting in the Hilton in Germantown/Memphis TN, we just played to almost 700 pp in the Germantown Perf Art Centre, sweet. 
Hung out with Paul Reed Smith for hours at his house a cpl weeks ago... i could get used to this job, AS INSANE AS IT IS., heh heh. 

So - check his site , come see his amazing 5pc electric band!! there are clips from the new CD there -- also - I'm doing the volunteer roadie/free tickets deal that P/O does so drop me a line if interested. 



-stay tuned for news of Project/Object on the road dec17-jan 14 or so...emailing you soon!!



You gotta check out LOVETESTER -- an amazing "instant genius compositions" band made up of one of the original drummer duo and keys player from PROJECT OBJECT -- Wes Paich and Jeff "Boxy" Breedlove. Jeff plays BASS in this band (and also my trio Hidden Agenda) Rick Bartow was our wonderful 2nd bassist for manyyears, plays GUITAR in this band. Confused yet?? 

These guys are great, and have been giving away A SONG A DAY on their site!! some fantastic, phantasmagoric, crazy music - you'd love it - surf over to and give a listen, LOUD, and at work. 

ANYWAY -- NYC area people -- run, go, train, bus, fly (safely) there and check them out as their THOUSANDTH SONG is created LIVE!!


From Drummer Wes Paich:

"[Hi everyone...]

we're doing our 1000th song gig on sat the 21st of october, at the parkside lounge in brooklyn. gonna make up our 1000th song on the spot. 
all info is here 




Thank You,





In 1982, Editoriali Fabri released "Rock Storia e Musica: Frank Zappa", a 32-page booklet and a tape.
The tape didn't contain any unreleased material:

side A

  • city of tiny lites
  • dancin' fool
  • crew slut
  • heavenly bank account

side B

  • you are what you is
  • love of my life
  • brown shoes don't make it
  • peaches III



The Ed Palermo Big Band is touring, promoting their new & fabulous album.

Here's the setlist of their gig at the Sonar in Baltimore:

  • 2006/09/21 concert 'Sonar', Baltimore, MD, usa
    • set one: Intro, Penis Dimension --> RDNZL, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, Lumpy Gravy,  Sleep Dirt, Cleetus Alreetus Alrightus, Gspot Tornado / Jingo / Caravan, Uncle Remus --> Pygmy Twylyte --> Dummy Up, Intros --> Dummy Up --> Pygmy Twylyte --> Twenty Small Cigars --> Village Of The Sun --> Echidna's Arf Of You --> Drums --> Don't You Ever Wash That Thing
    • set two: Brass Opening --> Andy, Idiot Bastard Son --> Peaches En Regalia, Janet's Big Dance Number --> King Kong, Uncle Meat --> Inca Roads --> We Are Not Alone


Phew... Hectic times. We're 'rebuilding' the house which not only is a lot of work, but it also means that a lot of my stuff has been put into boxes or in plastic covers. Tough. And it will last one more week...
I did catch Gary Lucas in concert. And Tegennenoam. And Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo (twice) with special guests!! Awesome. So you won't hear me complaining...



Dutch big band XLJAZZ performed the music of Frank Zappa in concert.

Thanks to Youngpumpkin, one of the shows is available through the Zappateers site. Impressive.




"Populaires et Savantes à la fois"
Orchestra Philharmonique de Radio France

Charles Ives / Elliott Carter / Frank Zappa

Concerts Portes ouvertes
Salle Olivier Messiaen, Maison de Radio France, Paris, France
September 22, 2006

(Broadcast: Prima la Musica, France Musique, october 2, 2006)

Presentation by Renaud Gagneux

Pierre-Laurent Aimard: piano (2,4,5,6,7,9)
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (4,5,6,7,9,11)
Peter Eötvös: direction
Alejo Perez: chief assistant
Svetlin Roussev: violin solo
Choeur de Radio France (4,5,6,7)
Vladislav Tchernouchenko: chief of choir
David Moss: voice (11)
Omar Ebrahim: voice (11)

  • Charles Ives :
    • Presentation 5:13
    • Sonate pour piano seul n°2 "CONCORD" (extrait : 2e mouvement, Hawthorne) 13:19
    • Presentation 3:23
    • Symphonie n°4:
      • Prélude: Maestroso 3:42
      • Allegretto 11:11
      • Fugue: Andante moderato 8:00
      • Largo maestroso 9:27
  • Elliott Carter :
    • Presentation 1:10
    • Dialogue 13:39
  • Frank Zappa:
    • Presentation 1:19
    • The adventures of Greggery Peccary 21:37
    • Final 0:34



If you're into concert recordings, you should definitely check out DimeADozen. A couple of weeks ago, a Ponty concert from 1978 got distributed. Excellent stuff 41 minutes in very fine quality (taken from a radio broadcast).

And check out those bandmembers:

  • 1978/11/15 Jean-Luc Ponty - concert 'Paramount Theater For The Performing Arts', austin, texas, usa
    • Jean-Luc Ponty: electric violin, Ralph Armstrong: electric bass, Allan Zavod: keyboards, Joaquin Lievano: electric guitar, Casey Scheurell: drums 
    • setlist
      • NPR 'Jazz Alive' Intro, The Art Of Happiness, Don't Let The World Pass You By, I Only Feel Good With You, Ethereal Mood, No Strings Attached, Egocentric Molecules, NPR 'Jazz Alive' Outro 



Chad Wackerman has been touring with Allan Holdsworth. A couple of concert recordings turned up at Dime.




Another excellent Adrian Belew concert recording turned up recently:

  • 1989/07/18 Adrian Belew - concert 'Paradise Theatre', Boston, MA, usa
    • Adrian Belew - guitar, vocals, Rick Fox - keyboards, wind instruments, vocals, Mike Hodges - drums, vocals
    • setlist
      • Hot Zoo, 3 Of A Perfect Pair, intros, Bad Days, Coconuts, One Of Those Days, Bird In A Box, 1967, Oh Daddy, Heart Beat, House Of Cards, Bumpity Bump, Motor Bungalow, Rail Song, Super Boy, Elephant Talk, ovation & dj
      • First Encore: Guitar Sounds, Big Electric Cat, ovation & dj
      • Second Encore: Pretty Woman, ovation & dj
    • WBCN-FM Stereo Simulcast, 112 minutes



Big Band 86 is a project by Marc Godfroid.

The band will be performing the music of Frank Zappa on 2006/11/02 in Geeraardsbergen, Belgium at café 'De Eendracht'.

donderdag 2 november 2006, 20u30
Café De Eendracht
Markt 9
9500 Geraardsbergen
Inkom 6€

2006/11/02 Big Band 86 - concert 'café de eendracht', Geeraardsbergen, Belgium





          No Reverence For The Dead
         Copyright c 2006 John Trubee


          I regularly read the obituaries to remind myself
          That I won't be here forever
          That whatever I must do           
           I must accomplish NOW
          To not waste my time
          To structure the brief time of my life

          According to the obits, no one who dies
          Ever shits on others
          Ever commits crimes
          Ever does anything wrong:
          They are all perfect angels

          However, life experience informs me
          That human beings habitually torture and kill each other
          Dominate each other
          Ceaselessly torment each other

          Yet we're asked to ignore the shitty behavior
          Of these rats 'n' brats
          Simply because they died

          I refuse to revere the dead
          Until the living revere the living.

John Trubee
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa CA 95402 USA
"A junkyard dog staked to a short chain
 chasing himself in tight circles of sorrow and madness."




Guy Darol has written three books about Zappa. In 1996, he wrote "Frank Zappa, La Parade de l'Homme-Wazoo"; in 2000 he co-wrote some sort of Zappa dictionary "Zappa de Z à A", together with Dominique Jeunot; and more recently, in 2003, he finished "Frank Zappa, l'Amérique en déshabillé".

On his impressive website,, he blogs about literature and music.

The 2006 10 11 entry is about the soon to be published Freak Out box and the Trance-Fusion album.

Here's the Trance-Fusion tracklist:

  1. Chunga's Revenge (London, 4/19/88, w/Dweezil)

  2. Bowling on Charen ("Wild Love" solo, NYC, 10/28/77 #1)

  3. Good Lobna ("Cleveland" solo, Memphis 12/4/84)

  4. A Cold Dark Matter ("Inca Roads" solo from Allentown, 3/19/88)

  5. Butter Or Canons ("Cleveland" solo from NYC, 8/25/84)

  6. Ask Dr. Stupid ("Easy Meat" solo from Eppelheim, 3/21/79)

  7. Scratch & Sniff ("City of Tiny Lights" solo from Brighton 4/16/88)

  8. Trance-Fusion ("Marqueson's Chicken" solo from Stuttgart, 5/24/88)

  9. Gorgo ("Torture" solo from Stockholm, 5/1/88)

  10. Diplodocus ("King Kong" solo from Providence, 10/26/84)

  11. Soul Polka ("Oh No" solo from Allentown, 3/19/88)

  12. For Giuseppe Franco ("Hot Plate Heaven" solo from Seattle 12/17/84 #2)

  13. After Dinner Smoker (another "Torture" solo from Genoa, 6/9/88)

  14. Light Is All That Matters ("Cleveland" solo(s) from Seattle, 12/17/84 #2)

  15. Finding Higg's Boson ("Hot Plate Heaven" solo from Vienna, 5/8/88)

  16. Bavarian Sunset (post-"Walrus" jam from Munich, 05/09/88, w/ Dweezil)

Furthermore, the 2006 10 07 entry on mentioned the BBC Radio 4 special celebrating the 40th anniv of Freak Out with Germaine Greer, Gail and Dweezil Zappa, Peter Occhiogrosso and David Butcher.
(Haven't heard this one. Let me know if you taped it...)




Hey gang,

Don't forget Bogus Pomp playing their 11th Zappaween on Saturday October 28 at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg. I will provide additional details soon.

Also, tickets are on sale for Zappa Plays Zappa in Boca Raton on December 10 and the Hard Rock in Orlando on December 11 via Ticketmaster. If you go, don't forget to wear your Bogus Pomp shirts! If you are not aware of this event you can find details at

-- Fred

  • 2006/10/28 Bogus Pomp - concert ' Jannus Landing', St. Petersburg, Florida, usa



ZpZ newsflash


ZAPPA Plays ZAPPA is out and about for October and suddenly December and there will be another round of the ever-popular auctions for selected seats and such at selected tour dates. Starting NOW, you have a chance to bid on premium seats, a tour poster, and access to sound check the night of the show. See below for those special dates for those special auctions.And, starting Wednesday, Sept 27th, ALL Shows (except for Vancouver, which is on-sale at a later date) will run a pre-sale. Once again, you can get your tickets for that here:

Yes, except and also, butthe New Orleans and Cabazon shows will not have auctions - instead, for $100, you will have access to the ZAPPA Plays ZAPPA soundcheck, as well as tickets to the show. These tickets are very limited and only available through the Front Gate presale, starting on Wed, Sept 27th. Tickets are available here:


Auction Info and links:


Full Tour dates here:

  • 12-10 Boca Raton, FL: Mizner Amphitheater --- Public on-sale 9/29 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-11 Orlando, FL: Hard Rock Live --- Public on-sale 9/29 through Tickemaster

  • 12-12 Atlanta, GA: Tabernacle --- Public on-sale 9/30 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-13 Louisville, KY: Louisville Palace --- Public on-sale 9/29 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-14 St. Louis, MO: The Pageant --- Public on-sale 9/29 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-16 Dallas, TX: Nokia Theater --- Public on-sale 9/29 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-17 Houston, TX: Verizon Wireless Theater --- Public on-sale 9/30 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-18 New Orleans, LA: House of Blues --- Public on-sale 9/30 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-20 Vancouver, BC: Orpheum Theater (onsale TBA, will keep you posted)

  • 12-21 Portland, OR: Roseland Theater --- Public on-sale 9/29 through

  • 12-22 Seattle, WA: Paramount Theater --- Public on-sale 9/30 through Ticketmaster

  • 12-30 Cabazon, CA: Key Club @ Morongo --- Public on-sale 9/29 through Ticketmaster

Special guests for all shows* are Napoleon Murphy Brock, Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio. (*Terry will not be performing at the December 30 show.)

For more information, visit



Zappa plays Zappa - the return of...



You can't know these sort of things soon enough:

Zappanale 18 will take place in Bad Doberan (near Rostock), Germany on August 3 - 5, 2007.





Hi there,

In commemoration of the FOURtieth Anniversary of a World That Contains Freak Out! we are so very pleased to present the FZ Audiography and Documentary Evidence (for the first time this century) of those certain recording sessions that occurred in Los Angeles between March and April of 1966.  Who Could Imagine???  Well, we all know the answer to that question.  This exciting and Deluxe, Limited Edition contains FOUR historically magnificent discs for your Audio Gratification.  And a Gorgeous booklet - with the original art and lots of special surprises - and your name too.  

Read on. 

And yes, directly from the Vault to you, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to have your name included in the List of Lists - as a person of interest who contributed in a material way to make this music possible.  With all due respect to AAAFNRAA, this is a limited offer and you must act quickly or forever hold your peace.   (No, we did not say to withhold Peace!)   This is Exclusive to Barfko-Swill.

Shortly after you receive this email with all of this stunning information you will be able to go to and see that the Pre-Order is for real.  And we also want to assure those of you who are possibly frightened of something that costs as much as Ms Pinky in these days of (speaking of) highly inflated gas prices and unseasonably rising global tensions and air temperatures that there will also be available a Very Wonderful Two Disc FZ Audio Documentary Release that might well turn up in greater convenience in your favorite record store (Is there such a Beast Anymore?).  But for those of you without FEAR, who crave the Origin of the Species in all its Tactile and Audiophile MAGNIFICENCE, you know what to do.  And we thank you for allowing us the pleasure of you r audience for FZ.

We feel it is our duty . . .


the Barfies

dieter jakob's zappa bootleg book...

I've told you about Dieter Jakob's book on Zappa bootlegs. Here's an update:

You can’t do that on bootz anymore – Volume 1: The vinyl

I am going to write a (picture-)book about Zappa vinyl bootlegs and try to get together all photos of the bootlegs I know. As far as I know only the photos of the below mentioned bootlegs are still missing for my book. 

List of vinyl bootlegs (photos wanted):

  • At Lorely (2LP GREY+WHITE Vinyl Coloured Cover)
  • Charlie's Favourite (2LP Testpressing)
  • Christmas in New York in '76 (LP) **
  • Dortmund 1984 (LP Green Vinyl)
  • Frankie Meets Bobby [only one side is Zappa] (LP Clear Vinyl)
  • Frankie Meets Bobby [only one side is Zappa] (LP Green Vinyl)
  • From the Vaults to the Biggest Halls Volume 1 (LP) **
  • Leatherette (2LP B/W Comic Deluxe Cover RED Vinyl)
  • Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings (LP BLACK Vinyl BW SCRAPMETAL INSERT) Slipped Disc Records Label
  • S' n M (LP) **
  • Saarbrücken '78 (2LP BLACK VINYL) NOT Fooeee (Beat The Boot Box) Version
  • Saarbrücken '78 (2LP BLACK/BLUE VINYL)
  • Saarbrücken '78 (2LP YELLOW VINYL)
  • The Best of ... Pappa Zappa & Any Way the Wind Blows (2LP ) **
  • Zappaskance (2LP) **

The discs marked with ** are only known by name from various more or less reliable sources. I’m quite sure that they are not existing and results of misinterpreted labels or just homemade fakes of “serious” bootlegs. Anyway, if somebody should know something about these discs, I’d appreciate a lot to get the information. Anyway, I’d be happy if anybody from the huge Zappa fan community could help me to get a photo or a scan of all these missing boots.

Music is the best!



So here's the deal, if you have any of these bootlegs, and if you're able to take a digital picture of it, let me know at and I will forward you Dieter's e-mail address.  



the concert calendar * the concert calendar

search via

  • 2006/07/02 Frank Zappa / MOI - "Freak Out" - radio show, dutch "4fm", radio 4, NL

  • 2006/07/09 Frank Zappa / MOI - "Freak Out" - radio show, dutch "4fm", radio 4, NL

  • 2006/07/16 Frank Zappa / MOI - "Freak Out" - radio show, dutch "4fm", radio 4, NL

  • 2006/07/23 Frank Zappa / MOI - "Freak Out" - radio show, dutch "4fm", radio 4, NL

  • 2006/07/30 Frank Zappa / MOI - "Freak Out" - radio show, dutch "4fm", radio 4, NL


  • 2006/10/05 Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo feat. Ike Willis & Martin Smith – concert ‘Speakers’, Delft, the Netherlands

  • 2006/10/05 XLJAZZ - concert 'Rasa', Utrecht, NL - performing Frank Zappa
  • 2006/10/06 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Marguerite's Music', Moorhead, MN, usa

  • 2006/10/07 Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo feat. Ike Willis & Martin Smith – concert ‘De Piek’, Vlissingen, the Netherlands

  • 2006/10/07 XLJAZZ - concert 'Bimhuis', Amsterdam, NL - performing Frank Zappa

  • 2006/10/08 Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo feat. Ike Willis & Martin Smith – concert ‘De Engelstede’, Engelbert/Groningen, the Netherlands 
  • 2006/10/08 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Kenny's Music', Grand Forks, ND, usa

  • 2006/10/09 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Eckroth Music Co.', Bismarck, ND, usa

  • 2006/10/10 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Engel Music', Aberdeen, SD, usa

  • 2006/10/12 Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller - concert 'Mojo's Music', Edwardsville, IL, usa

  •  2006/10/13 Keneally / Beller / Slick - concert 'Off Broadway', St.Louis, MO, usa

  • 2006/10/18 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Paramount Theatre’, Denver, CO, usa

  • 2006/10/19 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Ameristar Casino’, Kansas City, MO, usa

  • 2006/10/20 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Orpheum Theatre’, Minneapolis, MN, usa  

  • 2006/10/21 FZLE - concert 'Hallsberg Jazz & Bluesklubb', Hallsberg, Sweden

  • 2006/10/21 Mike Keneally's Circus of Values - concert 'Dizzy's', San Diego, CA, usa

  • 2006/10/21 Frogg Café - concert 'University Café', SUNY Stony Brook, NY, usa

  • 2006/10/22 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Canton Palace Theatre’, Cleveland, OH, usa

  • 2006/10/23 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘University of Buffalo’, Buffalo, NY, usa  

  • 2006/10/23 Claudia Russel / Mike Keneally - performance 'Old Globe Theatre', San Diego, Ca, usa

  • 2006/10/25 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Prov. Performing Arts Center’, Providence, RI, usa

  • 2006/10/26 The Wrong Object - concert Mechelen, Belgium - (afternoon - private gig) w. guests 

  • 2006/10/26 The Wrong Object - concert 'Cultuurcentrum Mechelen', Belgium - 20h30 w. guests

  • 2006/10/26 (20:00 UHR) Daniel Rohr - performance "ZAPPA!" Alles über Frank" im "Haus der Jugend"  Ludwigshafen, Germany

  • 2006/10/ 26 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert Whites Bar, Saginaw, MI, usa

  • 2006/10/27 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Borgata’, Atlantic City, NJ, usa  
    2006/10/27 (20:00 UHR ) Daniel Rohr - performance "ZAPPA!" Alles über Frank" im "Theater"  Bielefeld, Germany

  • 2006/10/27 The Wrong Object - concert 'L'An Vert', Liège, Belgium - 20h30 w. guests Annie Whitehead & Harry Becket

  • 2006/10/28 (20:00 UHR ) Daniel Rohr - performance "ZAPPA!" Alles über Frank" im "Theater"  Bielefeld, Germany

  • 2006/10/28 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Jannus Landing', St. Petersburg, Florida, usa

  • 2006/10/28 The Pojama People - concert The Rainbow, Seattle, WA, usa

  • 2006/10/29 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Chevrolet Theatre’, Wallingford, CT, usa

  • 2006/10/30 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Warner Theatre’, Washinton, DC, usa

  • 2006/10/31 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ‘Theater at Madison Square Garden’, New York, NY, usa
  • 2006/11/02 Big Band 86 - concert 'café de eendracht', Geeraardsbergen, Belgium
  • 2006/11/02 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert Founders Brewing Co, Grand Rapids, MI, usa
  • 2006/11/03 Mike Keneally's Circus of Values - concert 'Dizzy's', San Diego, CA, usa

  • 2006/11/03 Ugly Radio Rebellion - concert Club Khameleon, Kent Ohio, usa

  • 2006/11/04 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', Studio City, CA, usa

  • 2006/11/05 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'Bosanski kulturni centar', Sarajevo, Bosnia - Herzegovina

  • 2006/11/07 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'SKC Velika Sala', Beograd, Serbia

  • 2006/11/09 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'Pere.Strojka, club Aquarius', Zagreb, Croatia

  • 2006/11/15 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de meerse', hoofddorp, nl
  • 2006/11/17 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'schouwburg', gouda, nl
  • 2006/11/18 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'zuiderpershuis', antwerp, belgium
  • 2006/11/19 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de vest', alkmaar, nl
  • 2006/11/24 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de lievekamp', oss, nl
  • 2006/11/24 (20:00 UHR ) Daniel Rohr - performance "ZAPPA!" Alles über Frank" im "Waldsee"  Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany

  • 2006/11/25 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de metropole', almere, nl
  • 2006/11/25 (20:00 UHR ) Daniel Rohr - performance "ZAPPA!" Alles über Frank" im "Waldsee"  Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany
  • 2006/11/29 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'House of Blues Anaheim', Anaheim, CA, usa 

  • 2006/11/30 The Grande Mothers Re:Invented - concert 'House of Blues Sunset Strip', West Hollywood, CA , usa 

  • 2006/12/01 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'de spiegel', zwolle, nl
  • 2006/12/02 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'muziekgebouw aan 't ij', amsterdam, nl
  • 2006/12/02 CRAM - concert 'plusetage', baarle-nassua, the netherlands
  • 2006/12/02 The Voice of Cheez - concert Nietzsche's, Buffalo, NY, usa
  • 2006/12/04 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'theater aan de parade', den bosch, nl
  • 2006/12/07 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'lucent danstheater', den haag, nl
  • 2006/12/08 The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio - concert 'muziekcentrum', enschede, nl


  • 2007/01/20 (20:00 UHR ) Daniel Rohr - performance "ZAPPA!" Alles über Frank" im "Zehntscheuer"  Ravensburg, Germany

  • 2007/03/27 Asko Ensemble & Palinckx - concert 'muziekgebouw aan't ij', amsterdam, NL

  • 2007/04/24 Asko Ensemble - concert 'muziekgebouw aan't ij', amsterdam, NL- performing music by corrie van binsbergen