kim kangaroo

and oops to the other wolves...

1990 k7 bel lama tapes 004


side one

  1. woonawax (easter food dreams part 0)
  2. la dy of toadstools
  3. a day with the children of god
  4. mother died on a hill
  5. crossing a street
  6. food = art
  7. learning the see the sea
  8. bartholdy is a free man (sexy dirk socks)
  9. take me to the dumps
  10. your lunch in the glue
  11. and "oops" to the other wolves
  12. the pixie of sunday (i fucked her)
  13. peel them if you are
  14. my neighbours are lions

side two: easter food dreams part 1

  1. my sister became a robot
  2. in this land of frogs
  3. sword of fear
  4. a terrible present
  5. shrinking cat
  6. neglectful and lonely
  7. festival of jealousy
  8. oh daniella
  9. hollow balls / panic living room
  10. that day was like a cartoon
  11. grand daddy's gardenfight
  12. farno
  13. the footsteps of my mother
  14. dreamworld