modern bog

003 - the diary of god / luluwap!

1984 k7 bel fuss records fuss 008

recorded september - december 1983

  d.down: synthesizer
  kim kangaroo: synthesizer, voice, drums
  a.ass: guitar
  e.egg:  background voice
  mister pingpongballoon piano

all songs written by k.kangaroo

side one: the diary of god

  1. the birth of god
  2. god created the world
  3. god created night and day
  4. god created the animals
  5. god created the human
  6. is god a woman?
  7. god created the music
  8. god was furious
  9. some people honour god
  10. god hasn't paper for his diary enough

side two: luluwap

  1. good old days
  2. a miniver eat a minnow
  3. lucy and the jelly-fish
  4. luminous cow
  5. the cortege of the walnut
  6. goblin-song
  7. bad skeletons are just like phantoms
  8. frozen sisters
  9. thank you for the jungle !!!
  10. a house is following a sheep
  11. snort experiences
  12. i don't want to sing for you