the big nOte files - december 2004

updated December 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 17, 21, 25 & 28, 2004

  December 28, 2004
ZZZZZ Bozzio concerts in The Netherlands
ZZZZZ The Grancmothers Re:Invented - the Italian tour
ZZZZZ Paul Carman
ZZZZZ Steve Vai
ZZZZZ Ray Collins
ZZZZZ Trubee quotes Trubee
ZZZZZ Magic Band DVD
ZZZZZ Trubee quotes Chekov
ZZZZZ Univers Zero
ZZZZZ The GrandMothers Re:invented
ZZZZZ Residents covers on the web
ZZZZZ The Residents are going to Australia
ZZZZZ Congrats to mama Moon
ZZZZZ Zappa painting on ebay
  December 25, 2004
ZZZZZ Added data & pictures
ZZZZZ The Robert Williams website
ZZZZZ The Nasal Retentive Orchestra has an excellent album out
ZZZZZ Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller in concert, an excellent recording from the trade circuit
ZZZZZ Another fine Keneally concert from the trade circuit
  December 21, 2004
ZZZZZ Another new Zappa bootleg DVD
ZZZZZ Steve Vai on tour
ZZZZZ two new japanes Zappa bootlegs have been spotted
ZZZZZ added a couple of Terry Bozzio album covers
  December 17, 2004
ZZZZZ Zappanale 15: the retrospective DVD and the triple CD set.
ZZZZZ The latest Zappa sampler
ZZZZZ Two brand-new Zappa bootlegs
  December 13, 2004
ZZZZZ WM Recordings - Check it out !
ZZZZZ The George Duke Band featured Napoleon Murphy Brock as a special guest at the Amsterdam concert
ZZZZZ The Laramie County Community College Wind Symphony performed Zappa in concert
ZZZZZ The Agon Orchestra performed Zappa in concert
ZZZZZ The Manhattan School Of Music performed Zappa in concert
ZZZZZ The Metropolis Orchestra in concert
ZZZZZ Wrong Object, featuring Ed Mann on Belgian Radio soon
ZZZZZ Captain Beefheart bootleg
ZZZZZ Larry Grossman website
ZZZZZ More on Cosmosic Productions
ZZZZZ The Ike Willis Project in concert - a review
ZZZZZ Marc Godfroid and Rony Verbiest in concert
ZZZZZ Weirdo Naffn play Zappa
ZZZZZ Corrections to the Klimperei entry
ZZZZZ Zomby Midi Woof
ZZZZZ Magic Band DVD ready to ship
ZZZZZ Napoleon Murphy Brock and George Duke on dutch radio last Sunday
ZZZZZ Stumuk
  December 10, 2004
ZZZZZ Zappa bootleg DVD Pixel Dust
  December 8, 2004
ZZZZZ The Central Scrutinizer Band in concert
ZZZZZ Zappafest in Milwaukee
ZZZZZ Fast 'n Bulbous - The Captain Beefheart Project have an album scheduled
ZZZZZ News from Chris Opperman
ZZZZZ At last: the Zappanale Grapevine
ZZZZZ Picture of the 1971 Mothers Of Invention tour book
ZZZZZ Picture of a rare Zappa bootleg
  December 7, 2004
ZZZZZ The Keneallist: December 2, 2004
ZZZZZ Cosmosis Productions
ZZZZZ Two new Zappa bootlegs


Zappa bootleg: Piquantique - Sydney 1973
  December 5, 2004
ZZZZZ news from The Residents
ZZZZZ John Trubee's back
ZZZZZ news from Sul Divano
ZZZZZ Zappa / Lennon bootleg CD: The Fillmore Tapes
ZZZZZ Zappa Meets Havel, the book (from a couple of years ago)
ZZZZZ Another new Zappa bootleg DVD
ZZZZZ Zappa books, added a couple of pictures
  December 4, 2004
ZZZZZ Bootlegs
ZZZZZ Sul Divano on television !!
ZZZZZ John Trubee - Press Release
ZZZZZ and be sure to check out the October newsletter at thebignotefiles - 2004/11
ZZZZZ the concert calendar


short bits - more info soon

- LeBocal has issued a mini-cd to promote their Zappa album
- Jazzmosis recorded Frank Zappa's 'Blessed Relief' on their selftitled album
- Ossi Duri  : New Live album "Gnan Gnam" - due out in december
- Wrong Object feat. Ed Mann at Cucamong Radio show has been rescheduled to jan 10, 2005


And last but not least...


Terry Bozzio will be in The Netherlands, January 2005: playing concerts, performing with the Metropole Orkest, giving masterclasses and lectures...
  • 2005/01/07 concert ‘concertzaal’, tilburg, NL (with afternoon rehearsal), concert at 20:30 h

  • 2005/01/09 concert  013 popcentrum’, tilburg, NL with metropole orchestra - seated, at 15.00 h

  • 2005/01/10 masterclass '013 popcentrum', tilburg, NL – small set, at 20:00 h

  • 2005/01/11 lecture/dialogue 'fontys conservatoire', tilburg, NL – with students, informal, at 15:00 h

  • 2005/01/12 masterclass 'hedon', zwolle, NL small set, at 15.30 h

  • 2005/01/12 concert 'hedon', zwolle, NL - standing audience, at 20.45 h

  • 2005/01/13 concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, NL - standing audience, at 20.30 h

  • 2005/01/15 concert 'jazzclub paradox', tilburg, NL – small venue, informal, small set, at 21.30 h

  • 2005/01/16 project "railway location project", tilburg, NL – with advanced amateurs, at 19.30 h


Napoleon Murphy Brock, Roy Estrada and Don Preston will once again team up with Ken Rosser and Christopher Garcia to bring you the music of Frank Zappa.

January 2005, they will be touring Italy:

  • 2005/01/19 concert 'rock café', catania, italy

  • 2005/01/21 concert 'marabu club', napoli, italy

  • 2005/01/22 concert 'flog', firenze, italy

  • 2005/01/23 concert 'jailbreak', roma, italy

  • 2005/01/24 concert "jazz festival", 'citta' di castello (pg), italy

  • 2005/01/25 concert 'alcatraz', milano, italy  - with special guest

  • 2005/01/26 concert savona, italy

  • 2005/01/27 concert 'america', torino, italy

  • 2005/01/28 concert 'naima', forli, italy

  • 2005/01/29 concert 'magic bus', venezia (marcon), italy

  • 2005/01/30 concert 'teatro rossetti', trieste, italy
     (with seminary of pfm drummer franz di cioccio and music critic riccardo bertoncelli)


Paul Carman is featured on Russ Freeman & the Rippingtons' "Live in LA".

-- info: Jan van Kemenade


Steve Vai has received a Grammy nomination for “Whispering a Prayer” in the category of Best Rock Instrumental Performance. This is Steve's 8th Grammy nomination. Steve is nominated alongside The Allman Brothers, Los Lonely Boys, Rush and Brian Wilson.


    From Morgan Wright
    December 2004

I met Ray Collins washing dishes in a restaurant in Lahaina Hawaii in the summer of 1976. My friend said "There's a guy washing dishes at Renees who says he was the Mother's original singer." So I went down there to get a job so I could meet this guy, and when I was washing I pretended I didn't know who he was and I started singing "Be a jerk go to work" and other Zappa lyrics just to goof on the guy until he figured out I knew he was Ray Collins. Then he was like, "Yeah, I'm Ray Collins, I hired Frank Zappa in our band when the guitar player quit, we brought Frank in but he wrote all these new songs and became the leader because we all thought he was a genius, I sang on the first 4 albums from Freak Out to Weasels ripped my flesh. Zappa never partied or took any drugs, he was always in the studio making music. He changed the name of the band to the Mothers but we had to add "Of Invention" for the first album because the record company thought Mothers was too risque."

He told me lots of stuff like this, it's not exact quotes, best i can remember. He was in Hawaii because his daughter was going to Maui Community College. She was 19 same as me. So Collins was like 45 then maybe. He was a very nice guy, totally friendly, and totally broke. Zappa never gave him a penny for anything. He was sleeping on the beach and I slept there too because he found the best spot on the beach where there were no cops or anything. That's where people slept in Lahaina if they had no home...on the beach. He used his dish washing money to support his daughter.

He was very nice and I washed dishes with him for 1 week and left, and I grew up to be an optometrist.

-- Morgan Wright OD


Position Statement Wholly Unrelated To A Sentimental Holiday

I don't believe in hexes and curses and spells.
I believe in human agency and human responsibility for all the choices that humans make.

Attributing the actions of gods and spirits and devils to circumstances under which humans suffer is a denial of the responsibility humans must take for their lives, and it's a denial of the innately tragic circumstances of life. Sometimes we suffer and there is no reason.
It's important to come to accept that aspect of existence rather than foisting it off as the product of imaginary entities.

One of my friends here scheduled her work hours around "Touched By An Angel" and would weekly cry while watching the blatherings and antics of Della Reese. I found her behavior so ridiculous that it helped to quell any desire I had to fuck her. Besides, she was a lousy lay and exuded the"don't touch me there" mentality of a frigid housewife. I have no time or patience for that.

John Trubee
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA
"A junkyard dog staked to a short chain chasing himself in tight circles of sorrow and madness"


from beefheart newsgroup:

According to Subdiva the new release date for the Magic Band DVD of the April 2003 gig in London plus docu narrated by the late great John Peel is Jan 3rd, 2005.

-- info: Ted Alvy


"What preposterous nights, what dull, empty days!

Furious card-playing, gourmandising, drinking, endless conversations about the same things, futile activities and conversations taking up the best part of the day and all the best of man's forces, leaving only a stunted, wingless life, just rubbish; and to go away and escape was impossible--one might as well be in a lunatic asylum or in a prison with hard labor."

--Anton Chekov
(from the short story 'The Lady With The Toy Dog')


New official website for Univers Zero

-- info: Michael Bohn


Yes, I know, The Grand Mothers Re : Invented will be touring Yurrip soon. The dates are somewhere else, but here's a little correction for their previous tour::

Their latest concert was on 2004/08/08 in Aschaffenburg in Germany.

For proof & pictures go to

-- correction by Moses


Check out,

 and listen to Mason Shelby taking on 'Constantinople', Sinister Exaggerator', 'The Booker Tease', 'Blue Rosebuds', 'Laughing Song', 'Bach Is Dead' and 'Elvis And His Boss'.

-- info: Ive Hapers


There's loads of news at

  • Australia concerts announced
  • "Animal Lover", a new album, due out on February 14 on Mute
  • various Commercial DVD screenings around the globe, even in Belgium...
  • Residents Radio shows in the U.S. of A. and in Japan.

-- info: Ive Hapers


Matchbox Twenty drummer Paul Doucette and his wife, Moon Unit Zappa, had their first child in New York City on December 21: Matilda Plum Doucette.


"Little Super Devil", a painting by Frank Zappa, offered for sale on ebay.
  • 12 inches by 13.5 inches



December 25, 2004
I finished this yesterday evening, but it was too late to upload, so you have it with a little delay.
A couple of additions (albums by bandmembers), and a very fine new album by the NRO !!


What does one do on x-mas eve? Well, that depends... I, for one, checked out my Robert Williams records, among other things...
I'm finally getting the idea that parts of UM are starting to look like what I would like them to look like.

robert williams: buy my record
    (1981, 12", usa, a & m records  sp-12401)
robert williams: late one night
    (1982, lp, usa, a & m records  amlh 64889)

michael ward: emergency to order
    (1984, ep, usa, secret records 6521)
robert williams: date with the devil’s daughter
    (1998, cd, us, casual tonalities)

bruce fowler & phil teele : synthetic division  (1)
    (1984, lp, usa, fossil records  fo2t-01)
george duke: i love the blues, she heard my cry (7)
    (1976, lp, usa, mps)

steve fowler: captured  (1)
    (1987, lp, usa, eclipse music)
steve fowler: the last blue sky  (2)
    (1992, cd, usa, fossil records)

fowler brothers airpocket: hunter (1)
    (1985, lp, usa, fossil records fbr 001) = the vinyl album
released on cd in 1993, on the same label

tom fowler: heartscapes
    (1992, cd, usa, fossil records)
fowler brothers: breakfast for dinosaurs (2)
(1988, cd, usa, fossil fbr 1002)

bruce fowler: entropy (3)
   (1993, cd, us, fossil records fbr 1005)
chad wackerman: scream (3)
    (1999, cd, usa, efa jazz) - feat. walt fowler

chad wackerman: forty reasons (1)
    (1991, cd, ger, cmp cd 48)
chad wackerman: the view (2)
(1993, cd, ger, cmp 64) - feat. walt fowler

ed mann: get up (1)
    (1989, cd, ger, cmp cd 38)
ed mann: perfect world  (2)
    (1990, cd, ger, cmp  cd 45)
And here's some more pictures that I pasted in the Zappa bootleg section. All three are vinyl albums.

"Poot Face Booogie", famous Zappa U.S. bootleg

"Metal Man" Zappa bootleg on the wizardo label. "Mystery Disc - Box One"; a rip off


Here's the Robert Williams website:

-- info: Charles Ulrich


  • nasal retentive orchestra: live
        (2004, cd, fr, pickaboo nro 004)
    • Album number four for the Nasal Retentive Orchestra.
      I was fortunate enought to see the band live in 2002 at the Zappanale festival. The moment where Jeff Marschalle blew up a chicken with (minor) explosives is a scene that I vividly remember. Behind all the theatrical aspects, however, the Nasal Retentive Orchestra knows how to perform Zappa's music live. It shouldn't suprise you that the band has a certain fondness for the early Mothers material. Songs like 'Absolutely Free' and 'Idiot Bastard Son' bring out the best in the NRO. Christophe Delbrouck's pieces fit in great with the Zappa ones, making this a superb album.
      An great way to start the new year...
    • Check out, or ask your local Zappa dealer.



It looks like the DVDR is making a strong entry in the trade circuit. I recently received a fabulous recording of a promotional concert that Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller did for Taylor Guitars in Fairless Hills, a couple of months ago. About 68 minutes long, and ending with a very impressive 'Inca Roads'...
  • 2004/10/01 mike keneally & bryan beller  - workshop "pro line music", fairless hills, pa, usa

    • soundcheck * l'il * hello * guitar talk * live in japan * guitar talk * dee en'a * desired effect * i'm afraid * splane * potato * q&a * inca roads


There's another fine Mike Keneally concert circulating: the "Taylor Guitars Workshop" that MK did in King Of Prussia in Philadelphia. Great gig.
The track referred to as "The Zappa Audition" is MK answering some questions from the public. One of these is about his Zappa audition. It's quite a funny story (MK knows how to tell a story), and he even plays the intro from 'What's New In Baltimore' on his acoustic guitar.

  • 2004/11/19 mike keneally  - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', King of Prussia, PA, usa

    • pride is a sin * splane * 5 legs * and your bird can sing * machupicchu * father's day * the zappa audition * raining sound * rosemary girl * 1988 was a million years ago * potato * physics * performing miracles * aye-aye monster

    • a 95-minute video recording of this workshop circulates on DVDR.


December 21, 2004
Got no choice. Just got to upload something today. A 'new' Zappa bootleg DVD, but with nothing 'new' on it; Vai tourdates & special tickets; and a bit of news.
Could have been worse...
I have a couple of days of from work, so I'll have some more stuff up soon.


  • frank zappa: a token of his extreme
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, wow corporation wow-086)
    • This is the "Pixel Dust" nephew. From the same Wow Corporation...
      "A Token Of His Extreme" is the third (!!) bootleg DVD (factory pressed) with this title. Probably just done to confuse you and me. Well, this one presents the 1993/03/11 show from BBC television. Nothing really new, but a nice package, though:
    • king kong (from "colour me pop")

    • this town is a sealed tuna sandwich (from "200 motels)

    • cosmik debris (from "kcet-tv special")

    • city of tiny lites (from "baby snakes")

    • stink-foot (from "kcet-tv special")

    • baby snakes (bickford animation)

    • stevie's spanking (from "you are what you is")

    • inca roads (from "kcet-tv special")

    • san bernadino (from "baby snakes")

    • night school (bickford animation)

    • you are what you is (official video)

    • camarillo brillo (from "baby snakes")

    • muffin man (from "baby snakes")

    • g-spot tornado (official video)

    • montana (from "kcet-tv special")

    • black napkins (from "baby snakes")




The next round of our exclusive ticket pre-sales for the 2005 Real Illusions tour will begin Saturday December 18, 2004 at 12 noon in the local time for each show.

We will also begin selling our exclusive "EVO PREMIUM EXPERIENCE" package as an optional upgrade to your ticket purchase.

The following cities are going on sale Saturday, December 18 at 12 noon - local time for each show:

2005/03/01 - Phoenix, AZ
2005/03/02 - Albuquerque, NM (Note: 21+ Venue)
2005/03/08 - Memphis, TN
2005/03/25 - Hartford, CT
2005/03/30 - Sayreville, NJ
2005/03/31 - Boston, MA
2005/04/07 - Columbus, OH


THE EVO PREMIUM EXPERIENCE: $125 (plus ticket price)

The EVO Premium Experience is an option that you can add to your pre-sale ticket purchase, that allows you the exciting opportunity to see Steve and the band prepare for a show; and the ability to ask Steve questions in an intimate group discussion.  Availability is VERY limited for each show - so don't miss out.  The package includes:

  • Preferred seating where applicable.
  • The opportunity to attend a portion of soundcheck. (Usually no less than 15 minutes.)
  • An intimate pre-show group Q&A/Discussion session with Steve. (Usually no less than 15 minutes.)
  • A special EVO Laminate that allows entrance to the portion of soundcheck, Q&A, as well as early entry into the venue where possible.
  • An autographed "Real Illusions: Reflections" CD booklet.
  • An audio CD exclusive to the tour - containing a commentary by Steve Vai on each track of "Real Illusions" along with audio snippets, plus a bonus track that does not appear on the album.
  • Deluxe Tour Program
  • Special Guitar Pick

As mentioned above, the "EVO Premium Experience" will be available as an "add-on" to our exclusive ticket pre-sales through People wishing to purchase the EVO package should choose the "EVO Premium Experience" when ordering on our online store.

Premium package items will be given to you on the evening of the show. You will receive an email with further instructions on what time to attend the "EVO Premium Experience", along with answers to other frequently asked questions as the tour draws nearer.

IMPORTANT: You must bring photo ID, and a printout of your purchase confirmation for the EVO package, with you to the show.

  • NO babes in arms
  • NO video cameras
  • NO recording devices
  • NO flash photography*  (* Cameras allowed subject to venue policy)
  • All sales are final
  • Passes are NOT transferrable
  • Persons who appear drunk or intoxicated will not be allowed into the EVO Premium Experience.

More information on the EVO Premium Experience will be posted on the Tour Dates page.

To see all dates for the 2005 Real Illusions US Tour, visit our Tour Dates page:

Stay glued to for more pre-sales in the coming days!

additions, corrections, ...

  • Tim Buckley  (thanks to Nico Robbemont & Danny Mathys)
  • Wrong Object feat. Ed Mann at Cucamong Radio show has been rescheduled to jan 10, 2005


I can't tell you too much about these as I haven't seen them, but there should be two new Zappa bootleg CD's out, originating from Japan:


added pictures for the Bozzio / Wackerman albums:

-- info: Gerard Wissink

December 17, 2004
Zappanale 15 and a couple of bootlegs. It was quite a couple of days.


  • various artists: zappanale 15 - retrospective
        (2004, dvd, ger, the arf society)
    • The first of the two DVD's to emerge from the 2004 Zappanale festival is the retrospective one. The second on, due out in a couple of months, will highlight the Frogg Café, the Ensemble Creativ and the Zappa Graduates concerts.
      But, as I said, this is the retrospective one.
      Lots of nice shots & interviews. But why is the Ed Mann & Friends part so short?

      Anyway, if you were at the 2004 edition of Zappanale, you'll need this. It's better than a photo-album and it even comes with sound.
  • various artists: zappanale # 15
        (2004, 3cd, ger, arf society)
    • Three days of Zappa music, on three discs, that's what this album is all about. Including numerous fabulous moments: Arf, Frogg Café, Mats/Morgan Band, Przasniczki, the Wrong Object, The Grandmothers, Ed Mann, ..., this set gives a fine idea of what Zappanale was like. Sure, it does include a bunch of non-Zappa related tracks, a couple of Tornadoes who had trouble surfing, and it does lack the Ed Mann performance from Sunday afternoon (a pity, I really liked it), but this album is still a great addition to your collection.
      Make Santa read this and tell him to check out the Arf Sociecty web page.


  • frank zappa: the best of frank zappa
        (2004, cd, uk, ryko rcd10588)
    • It must be December...

      The latest Zappa sampler is called "The Best Of Frank Zappa". It almost has the same tracks as the "Strictly Commercial" album.


  • frank zappa: payback cologne
        (2004, cd-bootleg, ger, moustache's magic music mmm 04/41-42)
    • "Payback Cologne" is a brand-new Zappa bootleg album, presenting the 1982/05/21 concert in Cologne, Germany. "Payback" was the name of the episode of Miami Vice that featured FZ as drugs dealer Mario Fuente, hence the cover.
  • frank zappa: honey, don't you want a man like me?
        (2004, cd-bootleg, ger, moustache's magic music mmm 04/43-44)
    • The latest title on the Moustache's Magic Music label is called "Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?". The digipack includes the complete October 23, 1975 concert, featuring FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Andre Lewis, Terry Bozzio and Roy Estrada.

December 13, 2004
Lots of short bits.

WM recordings

Check it out !!



During the George Duke Band concert at the 'Melkweg' in Amsterdam, 2004/11/24, the audience got a suprise act by Napoleon Murphy Brock. Brock and Duke performed Zappa songs 'Cosmik Debris', 'Uncle Remus' and parts of 'Inca Roads'!


October 26, 2004, the Laramie County Community College Wind Symphony, conducted by Mark Gould, performed Frank Zappa's 'The Dog Breath Variations' in concert at the LCCC Concert Hall in Cheyenne, Wyoming, usa.


November 19, 2004, The Agon Orchestra did another concert performing Zappa material. Conducted by Petr Kofroň, they performed 'Revised Music for Low Budget Symphony Orchestra' at the Arc Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic.


November 3, 2004, The Manhattan School Of Music, conducted by Jim Colonna, performed Frank Zappa's 'The Dog Breath Variations' at the Bordon Auditorium in New York.


The Metropolis Orchestra is giving a concert in Milano, Italy on December 18, so be sure to check you agenda.



July 24, 2004, Wrong Object played at Zappanale in Bad Doberan, Germany. For the occasion, the band was joined by Ed Mann, special guest at the Zappanale festival.

Januari 10, Zjakki Willems' Cucamonga radio shows at Belgian Radio 1 will broadcast a part of this concert.



  • captain beefheart: live from copenhagen 10.31.1975
         (????, cd-bootleg, ??, click clack records)
    • I don't know too much about this disc. I can only say that it's titled "Live From Copenhagen, 10.31.1975", subtitled "Beefheart The Visionary" on the booklet. It sounds like it was recorded in a big hall. Quality could have been better, but it's a nice concert, including a very fine version of 'Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead', written by Frank Zappa, and recorded by Zappa & Van Vliet for the Bongo Fury album.


Larry Grossman, who did the cover art for "Make A Jazz Noise" has a website at:

-- info: Charles Ulrich


December 4, 2004, a screening of "Joe's Garage" as performed/directed by Cosmosis Productions took place in Brooklyn, NY.

Jordan Shapiro was kind enough to add the following info:

Jordan Shapiro: I was the musical director/guitarist/keyboardist for the production of "Joe's Garage" at University of Michigan in April 1999. There's a bunch of info about the show on the site, but I guess you probably already read that if you were on the site.

Basically, the show was an idea of mine starting in 1995, when I graduated from high school in Connecticut and that summer got involved in a small-scale local-community theatre production of "Pink Floyd's The Wall". I went away to college and pretty much all 4 years, I was planning on putting on a stage adaptation of "Joe's Garage" during my final year there. During the planning stages that year of '98 - '99, it snowballed and before I knew it, there were about 50 other students from
all disciplines (visual artists, dancers, actors, graphic designers, animators, set designers, technical artists/designers, etc etc.) excited about being involved with the show. It turned into a very large-scale event, all run by students aged 19 - 21.

Through a random connection, we got ahold of Ike Willis, who was thrilled about our production and our invitation to attend the production and become involved. (he sat in with the band for a bunch of songs).  To his knowledge, at that time, there had never been a stage production of "Joe's Garage". (since then, I think it has been put on by other production companies).

We had use of state-of-the-art equipment thanks to a VERY tech-savvy university, so we were able to document the show very well. The video editing process took about 3 years to complete, due to the fact that we all left the univeristy either that year or the year later and had trouble getting use of editing machines.  But it is completely edited now, with interesting additional material added in to complement the feel and overtones of the piece.

Thanks for the interest in the show.

Jordan Shapiro



Ike Willis Project in concert 2004/12/07 in San Francisco.

from slime.oofytv.set:

Caught this show last night at the Boomboom Room, 2nd ever gig for the Ike Willis Project , the band played mostly the same set as the last gig in May, but sounded a bit more polished/rehearsed.

1st set was ike's compositions, some great tunes, especially the opener instrumental. After about half a dozen songs, his throat took a hit - sounded just fine to me - then a new reggae dancehall number, the band can lay down a irie groove when they get  warmed up.
Threw in a couple of early Beatles tunes including ‘I'll Be Back’.

2nd set was billed as a shred guitar duel [by the evening's host, guitar player mag] between Ike & Mike O'Dell but Ike kinda rolled his eyes & disclaimed 'you do the math'.
It was an interesting duet jam rather than a duel with Ike playin rhythm & Mike experimenting on lead with a good dose of effects all 'round.

The highlight of the evening was back-to-back ‘Black Napkins’ & ‘Outside Now’. After ‘Black Napkins’, Ike says 'This song was written by a friend for me' and launches into ‘Outside Now’, Marley's ‘Runnin Away’, then ‘Filthy Habits’ & ending the set in true style with ‘Muffin Man’.

All for the nominal service charge of 10 bucks, plus guitar player mag people were handing out free copies of this month's & last month's [article on Keneally & Mike Stern in Jan '05] issue.
Ike's now living in s.f. & says he'll be performing around town with some regularity.


Marc Godfroid & Rony Verbiest will be playing at the 'Zaal Alma' in Sint-Jozef Rijkevorsel, Belgium, on Wednesday, December 29, 2004. They have Frank Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay' on their set-list.

-- info: Ive Hapers

I saw them in Antwerp about half a year ago, and they really kicked ass. Hope to see you in Sint-Jozef Rijkevorsel.

  • 2004/12/29 Marc Godfroid & Rony Verbiest  - concert 'zaal alma', sint-jozef rijkevorsel, belgium


Weirdo Naffn has a demo out, called "Shut Up 'N Groove Dr. Zeuch" on which they play Frank Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay'.

Live, they have been performing other Zappa compositions as well: 'Outside Now', 'Bamboozled By Love'.


Two corrections regarding the Klimperei entry in UM:

1. Their fab website is at:

2. The Klimperei cover of a Residents tune is not on their first k7 release, but on a compilation on Underground Productions, called "Hommage To The Residents". (More news soon)

ZOMBY WOOF has some interesting mp3's of Zomby Woof performing Zappa.

-- info: Mauro Porzi


The double Magic Band DVD set that was to be published earlier this year, is finally coming out. The dics will be shipped somewhere the next week.


Yesterday, December 12, Dutch radio show "Mix Van Dat Alles" featured special guests George Duke and Napoleon Murphy Brock in the studio. Co de Kloet talked with them about their time with Zappa and about their musical colaboration.

-- info: Aad Hoogesteger


    Steve L says:
    December 2004

I know Stumuk;
I worked on the Lester Chambers thing.
It's the same guy...he's a really, really cool guy. Still has the big white beard.


December 10, 2004


  • frank zappa: pixel dust
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, wow corperation wow-087)
    • I received a DVDR copy called "Pixel Dust" a couple of months ago. Excellent material.
      And now, I know why it was called Pixel Dust... The source is a very impressive factory pressed bootleg DVD. Just take a look at the cover.
      The disc presents recordings from "The Bitter End", "Colour Me Pop" and the complete "Beat Club" show.

December 8, 2004
A couple of Zappa related concerts, the next couple of days. Check your agenda...



 Desta vez na cidade de São Carlos, interior de São Paulo

 A The Central Scrutinizer Band vai tocar dia 9 de dezembro, quinta Sesc de São Carlos!

 Você, do interior de São Paulo, viaje e venha ouvir grandes obras do mestre Frank Zappa...

Não haverá arrependimentos

 Dia 9 de dezembro - quinta feira - às 20h30 horas -  Sesc São Carlos

R. Com. Alfredo Massei, 700 - 16 - 272 7555

  • 2004/12/09 the central scrutinizer band, concert São Carlos, brasil



info from Fly:

Announcing the 5th annual Zappafest where local bands get together and perform nothing but Frank Zappa tunes. This year's line up includes "Dr. Chow's Love Medicine", "Dog Feud" and "Dupree's Paradise".

Shank Hall is at 1431 N. Farwell. Cover is only $7.00 and it starts at 9:00 pm.

More info from Fly, after I asked him:

I don't know what to tell you besides that once a year, we gather together to play tribute to Zappa.

These bands don't play him much, or at all, the rest of the year. The band I play guitar with is "Dr. Chow's Love Medicine".  Others this year include "Dupree's Paradise" and "Dog Feud".  Also playing will be Mark Shurilla and "Wowie Zowie".  Mark usually plays the music of Buddy Holly and Roy Orberson during the summer to make money and also performs as "McTavish" doing Irish Rock.  He is also in "The Electric Assholes", or "the Blackholes" when they have to censor their name, doing polka punk.  I do not think any of us has a web site.  I am not the organizer but have played every year with Dr. Chow.  The guy who does put it together is Jeff Platt.

But, as I said, one night a year, next Saturday the 11th, we will be only doing Zappa.

  • 2004/12/11 Zappafest at the Shank Hall in Milwaukee.


Almost 40 years ago...

1966/09/17 1967/06/03 & 04


check out

 they are starting a Z series today

that you can enjoy online.

look for alpha beta zappa

-- info: mick & theo



Remember Fast 'n Bulbous: the Captain Beefheart Project, the Phillip Johnston project?

Well, after a silence of a couple of years, it looks like their debut album will be released on Cuneiform next January.

-- info: Danny Mathys


[Chris Opperman Mailing List - Monday, December 6th, 2004]
Episode #28: Here's to Your Rainy Day!

Brought to you by
To order go to or
or call toll-free 1-877-MAD-PHAT (for ordering purposes only, please).

Well, yesterday we had a nice rainy Sunday afternoon.  Johnny D. and I shot some interview footage of myself here at Oppy Central yesterday morning, followed by a lovely in-depth interview with Kat Parsons at her place for the forthcoming Special Opps: Live @ Level One DVD.  She even performed a brand new song for us called "I'll Make You Happy," which, well, made us happy.  Okay!  The exciting news! 

* Andre LaFosse/Jettson/Chris Opperman show TOMORROW NIGHT!
* *** Album #4 - Made-up Songs - STREET DATE 12/21! ***
* Oppy Music Still on Sale!


* Andre LaFosse/Jettson/Chris Opperman show TOMORROW NIGHT!

This Tuesday, December 7th, will be my last show of the year @ Level One (6311 Wilshire).  Andre LaFosse will be opening @ 9:00, followed by Jettson @ 9:30 after which I will be doing a short solo set.  It'll be a really fun night and I hope to see you there.

* Album #4 - Made-up Songs - STREET DATE 12/21!

Thanks to a new program at DiscMakers that lets me custom create up to 500 CD's with a 2-business day turnaround, I'm extremely pleased to announce that my fourth album (and first live album) will be in your mailboxes by Christmas Day!  Pre-orders will begin Monday after Scott Chatfield and I finish mastering the album.  The purchase price is $20 (which includes FREE Priority Mail shipping in the Continental U.S.!  Overseas customers, please e-mail me and we'll figure out how much Global Priority Shipping costs to get to your country) and all orders will be shipped on Saturday, December 18th

I put together a "final" track listing this weekend and listened to it and that got me very excited about it!  It's also the longest album I've ever done, with 19 brand-new songs!  I think it will all fit on one CD, but I might have to lose a song if it doesn't.

  • Special Opps 1. Lestat's Soundcheck
    (Lestat's, San Diego, 2004)

  • Special Opps 2. Sad Teenager Wars
    (Acoustic Playhouse, W. Hollywood, 2003)

  • Chris Opperman/Andre LaFosse 3. Miles Behind
    (Crooked Bar, W. Hollywood, 2002)

  • Special Opps 4. Reap the Whirlwind
    (Lestat's, San Diego, 2004)

  • Chris Opperman & Friends 5. ARRRby's
    (Un-Urban, Santa Monica, CA, 2003)

  • Chris Opperman 6. Balanchine
    (Crooked Bar, W. Hollywood, 2002)

  • Chris Opperman/Andre LaFosse 7. In Sophia's Silent Dream
    (Oppy Central, Los Angeles, 2001)

  • Special Opps 8. Grey Areas
    (Lestat's, San Diego, 2004)

  • Chris Opperman & Friends 9. Taro Lucious I
    (Un-Urban, Santa Monica, CA 2003)

  • Chris Opperman & Friends 10. Taro Lucious II
    (Un-Urban, Santa Monica, CA 2003)

  • Chris Opperman 11. Theme from "Failure"
    (Crooked Bar, W. Hollywood, 2002)

  • Special Opps 12. Hitchhiker (Prototype)
    (Acoustic Playhouse, W. Hollywood, 2003)

  • Special Opps 13. The Walls are Coming Down
    (Lestat's, San Diego, 2004)

  • Chris Opperman 14. Reminisce (When I Was a Baby Universe)
    (Crooked Bar, W. Hollywood, 2002)

  • Special Opps 15. Build a Funky Loop
    (Lestat's, San Diego, 2004)

  • Special Opps 16. Don't Forget About Dre
    (Lestat's, San Diego, 2004)

  • Chris Opperman 17. Thank You for Not Stopping the Tape While I'm Improvising
    (Acoustic Playhouse, W. Hollywood, 2003)

  • Special Opps feat. Kat Parsons 18. Someone to Watch Over Me/To Return to You
    (Acoustic Playhouse, W. Hollywood, 2003)

  • Chris Opperman/Andre LaFosse 19. Film Projector (Out of Focus)
    (Oppy Central, Los Angeles, 2001)


* Oppy Music on Sale Through Christmas!

My entire (current) catalog is still on sale for the special sale price of $30 (plus shipping), which includes Oppy Music I, Klavierstucke, and Concepts of Non-linear Time, so it's basically buy 2 and get 1 free. 

Here is the link to order!  They make great stocking stuffers!  (You will need to copy this entire link into your browser...if you need any help, just e-mail me or call 1-877-MAD-PHAT).*1eb18c95ca0023947870e496d99f6fba0b&dbname=products&itemnum=876&function=add

That's all for now!  Music is the best.

Chris Opperman


  • The brand-new triple CD set with highlights from Zappanale 15 is out;
  • Two DVD's will be published as well: one is ready to be shipped, the other one will be ready soon;
  • There's a draft version of the Zappanale 16 line-up circulating. It includes two of my favourite bands: Doctor Dark, as well as Corrie (van Binsbergen) en de Grote Brokken... Hope they can make it.
  • Other names mentioned are: Weirdo Naffn, The Grand Wazoo, Final Virus, the Paul Green School of Rock, Guru Guru, Alamall, Yahozna, WSTEP, Metropolis Orchestra, the Zappin Buzz Band, the Short Budget Orchestra, the NDR Radio Big Band, Discus and Bogus Pomp (!!!)
  • Special guests for Zappanale 16: Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ike Willis, Frank Goos


Here's a picture of the 1971 tourbook.



  • frank zappa & the mothers of invention: tears began to fall
        (????, cd-bootleg, italy, alegra records)

    • I don't have too much info on this cd-bootleg, but as I added the title to the bootleg listing, I thought I'd share the picture with you.


December 7, 2004
Keneally does his promo thing, and a couple of updates

THE KENEALLIST: December 2, 2004

THE KENEALLIST: December 2, 2004

Another San Diego show to announce --- please bring everyone you've ever met to this:

Mike Keneally: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Rick Musallam: guitar, vocals
Wes Wehmiller: bass
Joe Travers: drums
8:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 15, 2004
BELLY UP TAVERN - 143 South Cedros Avenue - Solana Beach, CA 92075 (just north of San Diego) - 858-481-8140
$15 at the door

This was going to be a Mike Keneally Band gig, but Beller and Nick were unavailable, so I got in touch with two of the most frightening musicians known to man, Joe Travers and Wes Wehmiller.  Those of you who attended our Baked Potato show with Joe a few weeks ago can attest to his unbelievableness (tracks from the show can be requested at so you can hear the magic for yourself).  Joe, of course, has been tremendously busy as the Zappas' Vaultmeister for the past several years, and has worked on all of the recent, wonderful Zappa archive audio and video releases (he is the "Joe" of "Joe's Corsage" and "Joe's Domage").  But never forget that this jewel of a man is first and foremost a beast of a drummer, who did a lot of superb damage on stage with Beer For Dolphins in the mid-nineties.  Wes Wehmiller is a long time member of our musical family - he attended Berklee way back when with Travers and Beller, took part in Bryan Beller's "View" album and live performance, engineered my recording of "No God's A Man" for the Gentle Giant tribute CD, toured for years with Joe Travers in Duran Duran etc. etc. - he's been around for many a year, but this marks his first performance playing Keneally music, and all of us are seriously jazzed to hear this.

We want a lot of people at this show, please!  We'd love to play bigger shows in my hometown more often, so drag whomsoever you can, by the scruff of the neck, over to the Belly-Up on Dec. 15.  Remember, that's capital "B," followed by "elly Up."   

Thank you to those among you who made it to last night's Lestat's acoustic gig - Rick Musallam and I had a good time very severely.  The two-acoustic guitar format is rare for us and a lot of fun to do.  The weirdest thing about Lestat's is that the stage lights are REALLY bright, so even though the audience is RIGHT THERE you still can't see anyone from the stage (I was only just about able to see Bob Tedde's face, and he was about a foot and a half away from me in the front row).  And the audience was so attentive (thank you) that they hardly ever made a sound - so it kind of felt like Rick and I were just playing away in some remote ball of light.  It actually worked real well, we had a nice show. 

Uh-oh!  Watch out for ----

E X C I T I N G   G I F T S   F O R   T H E   H O L I D A Y   S E A S O N F R O M    M O O S E M A R T . C O M

(Sing along now)

Deck the walls with EXOWAX Recordings
(My, oh my, oh hey, just listen to that)
Shower your loved ones with CDs aplenty
(Fa la la, that's right, you heard me sucka)
Grandma gets a large DOG T-shirt
(Nonkertompf, Dancing, DOG, Wooo-den Smoooke)
Order now and you'll be happy
(Ra do da de daaaa, Da Doo Run Runnnnn)

(humming continues)

Available now for pre-order at Moosemart!
Mike Keneally's solo piano recordings of the music of Steve Vai in the luxurious "VAI PIANO REDUCTIONS VOL.1"!  Delivery begins the moment smudge-free copies exist and are delivered to us (a printing error in the artwork doomed the first run of CDs, unfortunately).  Only copies ordered from Moosemart will have a gen-yoo-wine Mark Keneally autograph (sorry, I mean Mike) rendered in lovely golden rendering. 

Available now for immediate purchase at Moosemart! 
DOG Special Edition - CD/DVD set, numbered and autographed by me!  
Wooden Smoke Special Edition - not many left of these signed 2-CD sets, I say!
The Universe Will Provide/Parallel Universe double CD extravagazna - only $20 brings you orchestral fulfillment!

Plus the marvelously black DOG/PLAY LOUD shirt, the beauteous UNIVERSE WILL PROVIDE shirt in both standard shirty-shirt and comely ladies' T, and many other items you can shake a stick at, if you choose!

So that's MOOSEMART......this HOLIDAY....for YOU!!!!


Thanks everyone!  Good night!  Drive safely!

Honk!  Honk!  Why, it's Wobbles, the goose!



from: Cosmosis Productions

The world premiere of the live stage adapatation of "Joe's Garage" was put on by Cosmosis Productions in Ann Arbor, MI in April 1999 at the University of Michigan by 50+ students, w/ sp. guest Ike Willis. The show featured a 7-piece band, 6 modern dancers, a full cast of 10, a larger-than-life Scrutinizer, projections featuring character and digital animation, and quadraphonic sound design. Shot with 6 DV cameras, the show has been edited and put on DVD.

A FREE screening will take place in Brooklyn, NY at Galapagos in Williamsburg on Sat. Dec. 4. at 11PM (download scenes from the show)

Come earlier at 9PM for a free concert by THE PLUTONIC FORMS performing music from the 2001 off-Broadway 'media melt rock odyssey' "Fortune Cookie Dreams"... (featuring members of Project/Object)


Two brand-new Zappa bootleg CD's have surfaced. Both on the Moustache's Magic Music label. More info soon.

  • frank zappa: payback cologne

2 cd digipak - mmm-04 41/42 - 1982/05/21 concert

frank zappa, steve vai, bobby martin, tommy mars, scott thunes, chad wackerman

disc one
1. soundcheck; 2. zoot allures; 3. band introduction; 4. sofa; 5. fine girl; 6. easy meat; 7. dead girls of london; 8. something special to fritz rau ("spargelsong"); 9. shall we take ourselves seriously?; 10. what's new in baltimore*; 11, moggio; 12. drowning witch; 13. envelopes; 14. bamboozled by love; 15. let's move to cleveland (beg.)
disc two
1. drowning witch (end); 2. let's move to cleveland; 3. tinseltown rebellion; 4. approximate; 5. cosmik debris; 6. doreen; 7. goblin girl; 8. the black page #2; 9. sharleena; 10. intro (first encore); 11. strictly genteel; 12. intro (second encore); 13. no, no cherry; 14. the man from utopia; 15. mary lou; 16. intro (third encore); 17. whippin' post.

  • frank zappa: honey, don't you want a man like me

2 cd digipak - mmm-04 43/44 - 1975/10/23 concert boston

frank zappa, napoleon murphy brock, andre lewis, terry bozzio, roy estrada

disc one
1. overture; 2. stage announcer; 3. intro; 4. blues jam; 5. band introduction; 6. stinkfoot; 7. dirty love; 8. how could i be such a fool; 9. i ain't got no heart; 10. i'm not satisfied; 11. black napkins; 12. honey, don't you want a man like me; 13. the illinois enema bandit; 14. advance romance; 15. carolina hard-core ecstasy; 16. lonely little girl
disc two
1. take your clothes of when you dance; 2. what's the ugliest part of your body?; 3. chunga's revenge; 4. drum solo; 5. zoot allures; 6. variations (any downers parts); 7. swallow my pride; 8. camarillo brillo; 9. muffin man; 10. i'm the slime; 11. san ber'dino



  • frank zappa & the mothers: piquantique - sydney 1973
        (????, 2cd-bootleg, ??, killing floor kf 99039/40)

    • This factory pressed bootleg album dates from a couple of years ago. It presents the entire 1973/07/08 concert from Sydney, Australia, with one of my favourite line-ups: Frank Zappa, Ian Underwood, Ruth Underwood, George Duke, Bruce Fowler, Tom Fowler, Jean-Luc Ponty and Ralph Humphrey plus Barry Leef as special guest on 'Road Ladies'.
      Tough one to find.


December 5, 2004
A bit of news and a couple of pictures.


from Mute records (info from Ive)


"Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their object-relations." - Sigmund Freud

The Residents have announced details of a brand new album, their first for Mute, to be released on Valentine's Day 2005. "Animal Lovers" follows the 25th Anniversary re-release of the Commercial Album in the Autumn of 2004.

When Charles Darwin first proposed in the late 1800's that homo sapiens had evolved from and were in fact a species of animal, many humans were horrified. Humans had an unusual need to feel superior, something their fellow animal associates had never quite understood. When Sigmund Freud, a few years later, destroyed the accepted opposition between sanity and madness by locating "normality" on a sliding scale, the poor humans were even more shocked. Taking a step beyond Darwin, Freud believed that the human was an animal in conflict, and informing the human of that very simple concept seemed to only increase the conflict.

In The Residents' "Animal Lover", the creatures who don't really mind if they are animals take an existential look at the upright animal whose normality is sliding toward the wrong end of the spectrum. The human beasts live in a world of primal darkness, their heads forever stuck in the ground like frightened ostriches living in a constant murky dream state.

In creating this picture book of animal tales, The Residents wanted to include a soundtrack that related directly to "animal love." The result is an imaginative CD whose rhythm tracks are based entirely on animal noise mating patterns generated primarily by cicadas and frogs. Also the actual sounds of mating whales and humans were used for longer tonal passages. They weren't mating with each other, by the way.

So the world is filled with tubular entities. Food goes in one end and shit comes out the other. Sperm goes in and babies come out. It's all we've got. That and love.

Animal Lovers is released on Mute on 14th February 2005.


    "A healthy life force is characterized by the willingness
      and ability to fight back against attacks and encroachments
      upon ourselves by others--yet the entire socialization process
      by which we learn to cooperate with others renders us submissive
      to daily, petty attacks and humiliations by others. Yielding to
      external dictates is a form of self-abnegation.

      My question: Are we healthy organisms manifesting a vital life
      force or are we unhealthy, enervated zombie slaves beneath
      the ineluctable yoke of our socialization into submission to
      the eternal collective?"          --John Trubee


T O N Y   M O L I T E R N I  &  S U L  D I V A N O

Presentan su música e interpretan a

F R A N K   Z A P P A


en el Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junín 1930 sala El Aleph (entrada libre y gratuita)

U N  S H O W  I M P E R D I B L E ...!

Sul Divano

  • Tony Moliterni - Guitarra

  • Octavio Caruso - Guitarra

  • Andrés Hayes- Saxo alto

  • Fabio Goy - Saxo tenor

  • Marcos Cabezaz - Marimba

  • Rafael Surijón - Bajo

  • Javier Atencio - Batería

  • Daniel Buzni - voz

  • Músico invitado: Claudio Alsuyet - Teclados

Composición, Dirección & Arreglos: Tony Moliterni



  • john & yoko / plastic ono band with the mothers of invention: the fillmore tapes
        (????, 2cd, ??, master of orange)
    • These recordings have been circulating in the trade circuit for a while, so I was a bit doubtful when someone told me that they had also been released on a factory pressed bootleg, but here they are. The famous Fillmore Tapes in three versions: the mixing board, the Zappa mix and the Lennon mix.
      Superb package as well...


zappa meets havel

by paul berman
    (1998, book, germany, rotbuch zeitgeschehen)

original title:

  • a tale of two utopias
        (1996, book, usa, norton & company)

"Zappa Meets Havel" is a 300-page book that takes a closer look at the demise of the 1968 revolution. Despite the title, there's not too much Zappa content. There's one chapter where Berman talks about Zappa's visit to Prague, where he met Václav Havel, and where the gathered press asked Shirley Temple (the other celebrity that happened to be on the plane) what she thought about Zappa... 


  • frank zappa: a token of his extreme
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, falcon neue medien fnm 0288)
    • It seems like the bootleggers have found a new opportunity: bootleg DVD's. We had a DVD-bootleg called "A Token Of His Extreme" a little while ago, on Room Entertainment. Here's the same title with the same tracks (but in a different order), and even with a similar cover....


I added a couple of covers to the "zappa - books" section.

On the right is the cover of the first edition of "The Lives & Times Of Frank Zappa", published somewhere around 1980.

Below left is a "Zappa Zongbook" from around the same period. Beautiful cover by Peter Pontiac.

Below right is the (very rare) "Zappa & Madres" comic book from 1976. Artwork by Gaspar Fraga.

December 4, 2004
I wanted to get this up before the Trubee concert.


Lately, bootleg collectors are having a difficult time. There are a lot of home-produced CDR's around that are being sold as if they were factory pressed CD's. Most of the bootleg collectors that I know, stay away from the bootleg CDR's, as it is a never-ending story, but even they are fooled every once in a while.
(BTW, they're called bootleg CDR's because they're sold for money, and are not to be confused with the CDR's that are exchanged in the trade circuit (with no money involved).)
Sometimes it's very hard to tell the difference between a bootleg CDR and a factory pressed CD. The fact that some of these bootleg CDR's were / are available through the bootleg circuit only adds to the confusion.

True, some of these bootleg CDR's look and sound fabulous. And yes, they are worth what the collector wants to pay for them....

I added some data about CDR-bootlegs here.

The picture below shows the (very impressive) kaktus records collection:
(picture by Elvis Zappa)


Sul Divano

Te invita a compartir la nota que nos hicieron en el último show en el Teatro Rojas.

El programa es: Cultura Cero, canal 7 (ex ATC) hoy de 20 a 21 hs.

Además te recordamos nuestro próximo show:

JUEVES 09 DE DICIEMBRE a las 20:30 hs. (hiperpuntual) en el

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Sala "El Aleph"

Junin 1930

Otro distinguido show, tocando su música

e interpretando a Frank Zappa.

Entrada gratuita

Al final del show "si queres", podes colaborar con alguna moneda/billete, para ayudarnos a seguir produciendo nuestro espectáculo, gracias....

suL diVANo web site

  • 2004/12/09 concert for tv-show, 'teatro rojas', junin 1930, capital federal, argentina 



John Trubee, leader of the rock band THE UGLY JANITORS OF AMERICA, will give a live musical performance with longtime UGLY JANITOR OF AMERICA vocalist Mark Langton, as well as give an antipoetry rant and proffer bizarre philosophical musings at MR. T's in Highland Park, California on Saturday evening, December 4th, 2004. Mr. Trubee will also relate the amazingly weird story of how he landed his first record contract with Enigma Records for his LP 'The Communists Are Coming To Kill Us!"

The performance is sponsored in conjunction with the recent publication of 'Lost In The Grooves' by Kim Cooper and... published which the story of 'The Communists Are Coming To Kill Us!' is featured, and is the live LA event in a series of international celebrations for 'Lost in the Grooves'.

Other performers at Mr. T's are the Fleagles (writer Edwin Letcher's band, playing songs by the Wylde Mammoths, about whom he wrote), the Supreme Dicks (written about in LITG), writer Brooke Alberts w/ Dave Soyars (playing songs by her essay subjects Mr Fox and Roy Harper) and writer Jackson Del Rey (aka Phil Drucker, ex-Savage Republic, doing a tribute to Monitor, who a different writer covered for the book).

In addition to this performance, John Trubee is currently producing a recording project entitled 'SORROW' with his band, and he produced and promoted the world premiere of his opera 'HAWAIIAN TAN RATFACE' in San Francisco earlier this year.

Mr. Trubee is featured in the recent independent film documentary 'Off The Charts: The Song Poem Story' about the murky song shark industry which was nationally broadcast last year on PBS and shown in film festivals in the United States and abroad. Mr. Trubee is also featured in the film 'Jandek On Corwood' which is currently playing the film festival circuit
here and overseas. Both films have been commercially released on DVD.

      Lost In The Grooves publication event
      Saturday evening, December 4th, 2004
      Mr. T's, 5621 1/2 Figueroa, Highland Park, CA, usa
      (near 57th Ave., park in the rear)

  • 2004/12/04 concert 'mr.t's', highland park, ca, usa



thebignotefiles - 2004/11


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2004/07/22 - Zappanale
    • Remko Serban
    • "Billy The Mountain", a movie by Jürgen Fischer - Music: Captain Ahab
    • a special lecture by a secret "Stone-ethnologist", assisted by Zappa-expert, Jim Cohen

  • 2004/07/22 steve vai - concert ‘metro city’, perth, australia

  • 2004/07/23 - Zappanale
    • Jim Cohen - Talk about FZ
    • The Foolz
    • Arf
    • Frogg Café featuring Ed Mann
    • Mats/Morgan Band
    • Ensemble Creativ
    • Captain Ahab

  • 2004/07/24 - Zappanale
    • Daniel Rohr: Homage to Lou Reed
    • Przasniczki
    • Cellomania
    • The Wrong Object featuring Ed Mann
    • Tornadoes
    • Daniel Rohr and friends: Genesis concept-album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'
    • Kraan

  • 2004/07/24 steve vai - concert ‘the barton theatre’, adelaide, australia

  • 2004/07/25 - Zappanale
    • Frank Goos - Surprise
    • Ole Lukkoye
    • The Grandmothers
    • Zappa Graduates
    • Ed Mann & friends
    • finale

  • 2004/07/25 steve vai - concert ‘the palace’, melbourne, australia

  • 2004/07/26 The Grandmothers concert 'Roxy', Flensburg, Germany
    2004/07/26 steve vai - concert ‘the enmore theatre’, sydney, australia

  • 2004/07/27 The Grandmothers concert 'Kantine', Köln, Germany
    2004/07/27 steve vai - concert ‘the arena’, brisbane, australia

  • 2004/07/28 The Grandmothers concert 'Sinkkasten', Frankfurt, Germany 

  • 2004/07/29 steve vai - concert ‘suntec’, singapore

  • 2004/07/29 The Grandmothers concert ‘objekt 5’, halle, germany

  • 2004/07/30 The Grandmothers concert ‘star club’, dresden, germany

  • 2004/07/31 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', North Hollywood, CA, usa
  • 2004/08/01 The Grandmothers concert 'Fabrik', Hamburg, Germany
    2004/08/01 steve vai - concert ‘taipei city music hall’, taipei
    2004/08/01 frogg cafe  &  the wrong object  -  concert 'chez bouldou', liège, belgium
    2004/08/01 Sul Divano - concert 'la revuelta', capital federal, argentina

  • 2004/08/02 The Grandmothers concert 'Knaack', Berlin, Germany

  • 2004/08/03 steve vai - concert kowloon, hong kong  

  • 2004/08/04 The Grandmothers concert 'B 72', Wien, Austria

  • 2004/08/05 The Grandmothers concert 'Sudhaus', Tübingen, Germany
  • 2004/08/05 steve vai - concert ‘tjm squeare hall’, beijing, china
  • 2004/08/06 The Grandmothers concert 'Café Central', Weinheim, Germany

  • 2004/08/07 The Grandmothers concert 'faust', Hannover, Germany 
    2004/08/07 Afroskull - concert 'the maple leaf bar', new orleans, la, usa

  • 2004/08/12 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the rainbow room’, seattle, wa, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/13 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘nocturnal’, portland, or, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock
    2004/08/13 The Wrong Object - concert "paulusfeesten", oostende, belgium

  • 2004/08/14 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘wow hall’, eugene, or, usa:
    1-Classic Rock Show (Matinee)
    2-Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (Evening)

  • 2004/08/17 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the starlight’, ft collins, co, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

    2004/08/17 Mike Keneally - concert 'Level One', Los Angeles, CA, usa

  • 2004/08/18 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘cervantes masterpiece ballroom’, denver, co, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/19 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘(venue to be announced)’, salt lake city, ut, usa
    1-Classic Rock Show (matinee)
    2-Zappa w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (evening)

  • 2004/08/20 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the wild wild west casino’, las vegas, nv, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/21 The Bogus Pomp Orchestra - concert 'The Tampa Theatre', ??, usa

  • 2004/08/21 Eugene Chadbourne - concert the 'Plusetage' in Baarle-Nassau, NL

  • 2004/08/28 Afroskull - concert 'Tazza Cafe', Providence RI

  • 2004/08/29 Afroskull - concert 'The Unity Ball' - a Bands Against Bush event in NYC

  • 2004/09/03 Afroskull - concert 'The Parkside Lounge', NYC

  • 2004/09/05 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert "Progday Festival", Chappel Hill, NC, USA
    2004/09/05 mike keneally band concert 'lestat's', san diego, ca, usa

  • 2004/09/07 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'The Attic Bar', Detroit, MI, USA

  • 2004/09/08 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Wilbert´s', Cleveland, OH, USA
    2004/09/08 4FM radio show: in concert: steve vai & the metropole orchestra: the aching hunger - part one

  • 2004/09/09 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Montage Grill - Prog 90', Rochester, NY, USA
    2004/09/09 Afroskull - concert 'Freddy's Bar and Backroom', Brooklyn

  • 2004/09/10 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Berklee College Of Music', Boston, MA, USA
    2004/09/10 4FM radio show: spotlight on steve vai: steve & co de kloet discuss the aching hunger
    2004/09/10 absolute ensemble, feat.mike keneally - concert "absolute zappa", musikfest Bremen, bremen, germany
    2004/09/10 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage", 'tivoli', utrecht, the netherlands

  • 2004/09/11 lulu strings & ataraxia orchester schwerin, feat.mike keneally
    - concert / filmmusik 'stadthalle ludwigslust', ludwigslust, germany
    2004/09/11 mike keneally - concert 'piano bar / galerie ander bleiche, ludwigslust, germany
    2004/09/11 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'NJ Prog House', Metlar Bodine, Piscataway, NJ, USA
    2004/09/11 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage", 'patronaat', haarlem, the netherlands
    2004/09/11 The Wrong Object - concert ‘l’an vert’, liège, belgium

  • 2004/09/12 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Tribeca Rock Club', New York, NY, USA
    2004/09/12 The Troupe - concert ''De Kleine Komedie', Amsterdam,NL
    2004/09/12 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage, 'de kleine komedie', amsterdam, the netherlands

  • 2004/09/13 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage", 'schouwburg', enschede, the netherlands

  • 2004/09/14 mike keneally and friends - concert 'waldsee', freiburg, germany

  • 2004/09/15 4FM radio show: in concert: steve vai & the metropole orchestra: the aching hunger - part two

  • 2004/09/16 the Central Scrutinzer - concert 'café piupiu', são paulo, brasil
    2004/09/16 mike keneally and friends - concert 'objekt 5', halle, germany

  • 2004/09/17 mike keneally and friends - concert 'der club', heiligenhaus, germany
    2004/09/17-25 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford)
      "Antimatter Festival of Underground Film & Video", Victoria, BC, Canada

  • 2004/09/18 the Absolute Ensemble, feat. M Keneally & NM Brock - concert cologne, germany

  • 2004/09/22 & 25 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Ottawa Animation Festival", Ottawa, ON, Canada

  • 2004/09/23 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', fairfax, va, usa
    2004/09/23-26 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival", Birmingham, AL, usa
    2004/09/23 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Space 538", Portland, ME, usa
    2004/09/23-27 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Red Vic Movie House", San Francisco, CA, usa

  • 2004/09/24 Afroskull - concert 'Cafe 111', Brooklyn
    2004/09/24 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'music central', egg harbor township, nj, usa

  • 2004/09/25 mike keneally & bryan beller - concert 'orion sound studios', baltimore, md, usa

  • 2004/09/27 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', manhattan, ny, usa

  • 2004/09/28 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘iron horse music hall’, northampton, ma, usa
    2004/09/28 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'union music', worcester, ma, usa

  • 2004/09/29 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘valentine's’, albany, ny, usa
    2004/09/29 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', colonie, ny, usa

  • 2004/09/30 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the call’, providence, ri, usa
    2004/09/30 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', totowa, nj, usa

  • 2004/10/01 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the conduit’, trenton, nj, usa
    2004/10/01 mike keneally & bryan beller  - workshop 'pro line music', fairless hills, pa, usa

  • 2004/10/02 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘funk box’, baltimore, md, usa
    2004/10/02 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford)
     "20,000 Leagues Under the Industry Film Festival", Cleveland, OH, usa

  • 2004/10/03 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "New Genre Festival", Tulsa, OK, usa

  • 2004/10/04 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘club café’, pittsburgh, usa

  • 2004/10/05 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘club café’, pittsburgh, usa
    2004/10/05-16 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Flanders International Film Festival Ghent", Ghent, Belgium

  • 2004/10/06 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘club infinity’, buffalo, ny, usu
    2004/10/06 The Central Scrutinizer - concert 'bar avenida', são paulo, brasil

  • 2004/10/07 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘magic bag’, detroit, mi, usa

  • 2004/10/08 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the agora’, cleveland, oh, usa
    2004/10/08-10 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Red Bank Film Festival", Red Bank, NJ, usa

  • 2004/10/09 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘martyrs’, chicago, il, usa

  • 2004/10/10 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘martyrs’, chicago, il, usa

  • 2004/10/11 4FM radio show: the universe will provide on cd! mike keneally & co de kloet discuss TUWP

  • 2004/10/12 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the fox’, boulder, co, usa

  • 2004/10/14-24 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Starz Denver International Film Festival", Denver, CO, usa

  • 2004/10/15 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the rainbow’, seattle, wa, usa
    2004/10/15-17 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "FilmFest Kansas City", Kansas City, MO, usa

  • 2004/10/16 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the rainbow’, seattle, wa, usa

  • 2004/10/17 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘dante’s’, portland, or, usa

  • 2004/10/18 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘wow hall’, eugene, or, usa
    2004/10/18 4FM radio show: chamber works: the radio premiere of the studio version of chamber works, by terry bozzio and the metropole orchestra

  • 2004/10/19 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the bean scene’, chico, ca, usa

  • 2004/10/20 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the independent’, san francisco, ca, usa
    2004/10/20-21 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Starz Denver International Film Festival ",Denver, CO, usa

  • 2004/10/21 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘last day saloon north’, santa rosa, ca, usa

  • 2004/10/22 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘brookdale lodge’, santa cruz, ca, usa
    2004/10/22 4FM radio show: spotlight on chris opperman. opperman & de kloet discuss and play oppy music, including material only heard on this show
    2004/10/22-28 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Indie Memphis Film Festival",Memphis, TN, usa

  • 2004/10/23 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘winston's’, san diego, ca, usa

  • 2004/10/25 Sul Divano - radio shows "la rock & pop) - fm 95.9
  • 2004/10/26 mike keneally - workshop 'a sharp music', renton, wa, usa

  • 2004/10/27 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘quixotes’, denver, co, usa
    2004/10/27 mike keneally - workshop 'guitar center', eugene, or, usa
    2004/10/27 Sul Divano - concert 'centro cultural ricardo rojas', capital federal, argentina

  • 2004/10/28 4FM radio show: exclusive acoustic studio session with mike keneally and bryan beller
    mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', beaverton, or, usa
    2004/10/28 The Central Scrutinzer Band - concert 'cafe piupiu', são paulo, brasil

  • 2004/10/29 4FM radio show: spotlight on bryan beller: beller and de kloet talk about view
    mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', tacoma, wa, usa
    2004/10/29 & 31 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Cleveland Museum of Art", Cleveland, OH, usa

  • 2004/10/30 Doctor Dark concert 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa

  • 2004/11/01 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘ciceros’, st. louis, mo, usa

  • 2004/11/04 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘variety playhouse’, atlanta, ga, usa
    2004/11/04 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Get Real Film Festival", Minneapolis, MN, usa
    2004/11/04 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Asheville International Film Festival", Asheville, NC, usa
    2004/11/04-07 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference", Lexington, KY, usa

  • 2004/11/05 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘visulite’, charlotte, nc, usa

  • 2004/11/06 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘stella’, asheville, nc, usa
  • 2004/11/08 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘world café’, philadelphia, pa, usa

  • 2004/11/10 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the middle east’, cambridge, ma, usa

  • 2004/11/10-E- the Ed Palermo Big Band - concert 'iridium', nyc, ny, usa

  • 2004/11/10-L- the Ed Palermo Big Band - concert 'iridium', nyc,ny,  usa

  • 2004/11/11 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘webster theatre’, hartford, ct, usa

  • 2004/11/11 Steve Vai - dutch radio 4 radio show - 2300-24.00 h

  • 2004/11/12 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘stone pony’, asbury park, nj, usa
    2004/11/12 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Detroit Docs International Film Festival", Detroit, MI, usa

  • 2004/11/13 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - – /  concert ‘river st jazz cafe'’, wilkes barre, pa, usa

  • 2004/11/13 Voice oF CheeZ - concert 'nietzches', buffalo, ny, usa

  • 2004/11/14 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘knitting factory’, nyc, ny, usa
  • 2004/11/14 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Daytona Beach Film Festival", Daytona Beach, FL, usa
  • 2004/11/15 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert – portland, me, usa
  • 2004/11/16 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘nectars’- burlington, vt, usa
  • 2004/11/16 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', Carle Place, NY, usa
  • 2004/11/17 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', Springfield, NJ, usa
  • 2004/11/18 Wrong Object - concert ‘colors café’ (rue souverain pont), liège, 21h00
  • 2004/11/18 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', New Haven, CT, usa
  • 2004/11/19 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', King of Prussia, PA, usa

  • 2004/11/20 -  4:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music',Richmond, VA, usa

  • 2004/11/22 George Duke concert 'Doelen', Rotterdam, NL
  • 2004/11/24 George Duke - concert 'de melkweg', amsterdam, NL
  • 2004/11/25 The Central Scrutinizer Band - concert 'café piupiu', são paulo, brasil
  • 2004/11/27 Michael Borstlap + the Metropole Orkest, feat.Napoleon Murphy Brock
        concert 'oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2004/11/30 G3 - concert 'auditorio nacional', mexico city, mexico
  • 2004/12/03 G3 - concert 'claro hall',  rio de janeiro, brazil
  • 2004/12/04 G3 - concert 'credicard hall',  sao paulo, brazil
  • 2004/12/04 Petulant Frenzy - concert 'the Basement', Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia
  • 2004/12/04 John Trubee - concert 'mr.t's', highland park, ca, usa
  • 2004/12/05 G3 - concert 'credicard hall',  sao paulo, brazil
  • 2004/12/05 Doctor Dark  //  Eugene Chadbourne - concert 'the cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa
  • 2004/12/07 G3 - concert 'luna park',  buenos aires, argentina
  • 2004/12/07 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) 'Two Boots Pioneer Theater', New York City, ny, usa
  • 2004/12/08 G3 - concert 'luna park',  buenos aires, argentina
  • 2004/12/09 G3 - concert 'luna park',  buenos aires, argentina
  • 2004/12/09 Wrong Object - concert ‘phoenix club’ (rue de la sirène), liège, 21h00  (w. Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra)
  • 2004/12/09 Sul Divano - concert for tv-show, 'teatro rojas', junin 1930, capital federal, argentina 
  • 2004/12/09 the central scrutinizer band, concert São Carlos, brasil
  • 2004/12/11 G3 - concert 'estadio chile',  santiago, chile
  • 2004/12/11 Zappafest at the Shank Hall in Milwaukee
  • 2004/12/15 Steve Vai - dutch radio 4 radio show -  23.00-24.00 h - the aching hunger bonus show - part one
  • 2004/12/18 The Metropolis Orchestra - concert 'scimmie', milano, italy
  • 2004/12/22 Steve Vai - dutch radio 4 radio show -  23.00-24.00 h - the aching hunger bonus show - part two
  • 2004/12/29 Marc Godfroid & Rony Verbiest  - concert 'zaal alma', sint-jozef rijkevorsel, belgium
  • 2005/01/-- Napoleon Murphy Brock  -  dutch radio show "Blindfold Test", with Charles Pater
  • 2005/01/07 Terry Bozzio - concert ‘concertzaal’, tilburg, NL (with afternoon rehearsal), concert at 20:30 h

  • 2005/01/09 Terry Bozzio + the Metropole Orkest- concert  013 popcentrum’, tilburg, NL with metropole orchestra - seated, at 15.00 h

  • 2005/01/10 Terry Bozzio - masterclass '013 popcentrum', tilburg, NL – small set, at 20:00 h

  • 2005/01/10 cucamonga radio show, belgian radio 1: wrong object feat. ed mann

  • 2005/01/11 Terry Bozzio - lecture/dialogue 'fontys conservatoire', tilburg, NL – with students, informal, at 15:00 h

  • 2005/01/12 Terry Bozzio - masterclass 'hedon', zwolle, NL small set, at 15.30 h

  • 2005/01/12 Terry Bozzio - concert 'hedon', zwolle, NL - standing audience, at 20.45 h

  • 2005/01/13 Terry Bozzio - concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, NL - standing audience, at 20.30 h

  • 2005/01/15 Terry Bozzio - concert 'jazzclub paradox', tilburg, NL – small venue, informal, small set, at 21.30 h

  • 2005/01/16 Terry Bozzio - project "railway location project", tilburg, NL – with advanced amateurs, at 19.30 h

  • 2005/01/19 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'rock café', catania, italy

  • 2005/01/21 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'marabu club', napoli, italy

  • 2005/01/22 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'flog', firenze, italy

  • 2005/01/23 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'jailbreak', roma, italy

  • 2005/01/24 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert "jazz festival", 'citta' di castello (pg), italy

  • 2005/01/25 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'alcatraz', milano, italy  - with special guest

  • 2005/01/26 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert savona, italy

  • 2005/01/27 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'america', torino, italy

  • 2005/01/28 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'naima', forli, italy

  • 2005/01/29 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'magic bus', venezia (marcon), italy

  • 2005/01/30 The Grandmothers Re:Invented - concert 'teatro rossetti', trieste, italy
     (with seminary of pfm drummer franz di cioccio and music critic riccardo bertoncelli)

  • 2005/03/01 Steve Vai - concert Phoenix, AZ, usa

  • 2005/03/02 Steve Vai - concert Albuquerque, NM, usa (Note: 21+ Venue)

  • 2005/03/08 Steve Vai - concert Memphis, TN, usa

  • 2005/03/25 Steve Vai - concert Hartford, CT, usa

  • 2005/03/30 Steve Vai - concert Sayreville, NJ, usa

  • 2005/03/31 Steve Vai - concert Boston, MA, usa

  • 2005/04/07 Steve Vai - concert Columbus, OH, usa