the big nOte files - november 2004

updated november 2, 3, 5, 7, 20, 24 & 28, 2004


ZZZZZ Buzz Gardner
ZZZZZ Queen of Japan recorded Zappa's 'Bobby Brown'
ZZZZZ Orchestra Spaziale: new data
ZZZZZ Ramblin' Rex Jakabosky update
ZZZZZ Napoleon Murphy Brock on dutch radio in January
ZZZZZ Petulant Frenzy: concert & downloads
ZZZZZ Musiq, new french music mag has an article on Zappa
ZZZZZ Chris Opperman's November 15 newsletter
ZZZZZ various concerts announced
ZZZZZ Monster Road Update
ZZZZZ Additions
ZZZZZ Wild Man Fischer news
ZZZZZ The Zappa Patio is back
ZZZZZ Grandmother Issues
ZZZZZ Wrong Object show canceled
ZZZZZ Wind Ensemble performed Zappa
ZZZZZ Zappa Links
ZZZZZ Another Zappa bootleg DVD
ZZZZZ New in Rezzieland
ZZZZZ Fool Moon has a new album out
ZZZZZ Extract update
ZZZZZ the Gabor Szabo Ensemble
ZZZZZ More Project/Object info
ZZZZZ Info on the Basooties
ZZZZZ Voice of Cheez update
ZZZZZ John Trubee makes more noise
ZZZZZ Beefheart and Zappa book covers
ZZZZZ John Trubee makes some noise
ZZZZZ The Central Scrutinizer Band schedules a new concert
ZZZZZ Review about the Miles Zappa book
ZZZZZ Fabulous Zappa site
ZZZZZ Michal Pavlíček sampler includes Zappa jam
ZZZZZ Filia Irata covered Frank Zappa
ZZZZZ Old George Duke band pictures (including Nappy)
ZZZZZ Sheik Yerbouti played some gigs with Napoleon Murphy Brock
ZZZZZ A Warren Cuccurullo sighting by Ed
ZZZZZ Agamon, featuring Mats & Morgan
ZZZZZ The Keneallist, november 5, 2004
ZZZZZ Dr. Yo in a Residents mood
ZZZZZ Acid Mothers Temple does Zappa on record
ZZZZZ The new Zita Swoon album
ZZZZZ Fake postage stamps - continued
ZZZZZ Doctor Dark and Eugene Chadbourne team up for a special concert
ZZZZZ Ed Palermo's Big Band will be performing Zappa music again
ZZZZZ Latest news on Chris Opperman
ZZZZZ Wrong Object: new concert dates
ZZZZZ The Residents covered
ZZZZZ The Residents: news and more news
ZZZZZ Two new Zappa bootleg DVDs have surfaced
ZZZZZ Project/Object is still touring - check these dates
ZZZZZ Radio 4FM will premiere the new Steve Vai album
ZZZZZ Morgan Ågren gets a special treat in Drummerworld dot com
ZZZZZ Two new Zappa bootlegs surfaced
ZZZZZ Steve Vai: new release & contributions
ZZZZZ Steve Vai is starting a Download Store
ZZZZZ The Voice OF CheeZ will be playing another concert very soon
ZZZZZ Bogus Pomp Orchestra download
ZZZZZ More Steve Vai news: all about his dutch Radio 4 shows
ZZZZZ Sculptor Michael Keropian has some advertisamental news
ZZZZZ George Winston covers Frank Zappa on his new album
ZZZZZ Gary Lucas: adding two albums to his discography
ZZZZZ Zappa bootlegs, lotsa pictures
ZZZZZ and be sure to check out the October newsletter at thebignOtefiles - 2004/10
ZZZZZ the concert calendar


short bits - more info soon

- LeBocal has issued a mini-cd to promote their Zappa album
- The Nasal Retentive Orchestra is working on a new album
- Jazzmosis recorded Frank Zappa's 'Blessed Relief' on their selftitled album
- Ossi Duri  : New Live album "Gnan Gnam" - due out in december



A quick update...
Talk to you again soon.


I was informed that Buzz Gardner passed away, January 2004.


I don't know too much about this, I can only tell you what I heard:

Queen Of Japan recorded Frank Zappa's 'Bobby Brown'. The track can be found on :

  • queen of japan: nightlife in tokyo
        (2001, 12", germnay, erkrankung durch musique) - incl. 'bobby brown' (frank zappa)
  • queen of japan: nightlife in tokyo
        (2001, cd, autriche, angelika köhlermann) - incl. 'bobby brown' (frank zappa)



Mauro Porzi has more info on the Orchestra Spaziale (Thank you, Mauro !!)
  • 2003/12/06 concert "Orchestra Spaziale meets Zappafrank", auditorium RAI, rome, italy
    • line-up

      • Giorgio Casadei: arrangements, conduction, electric guitar * Massimo Semprini: alto sax, tenor sax, flute * Ivan Valentini: alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax * Adriano Pancaldi: tenor sax, soprano sax * Marco Zanardi: baritone sax, tenor sax, clarinet * Daniele Giardina: trumpet * Mario Gigliotti: trumpet * Manolo Nardi: trumpet * Federico Tassani: trombone * Marina Ciccarelli: trombone * Marco Dal Pane: piano, keyboards * Alessandro Lamborghini: electric guitar * Andrea Taravelli: electric bass * Claudio Trotta: drums * Vincenzo Vasi: vocals, theremin

    • setlist
      • regyptian strut * medley: let's make the water turn black / the torture never stops / pygmy twylyte * mexican intro * how could i be such a fool * holiday in berlin * run home slow * outside now (dedicated to alfredo impullitti) * uncle meat * rdnzl * oh no
    • broadcast on Rai Radio Tre

-- info: Mauro Porzi


'Ramblin' Rex' Jakabosky went to school at the Antelope Valley Junior High School, where he met, a.o., Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart (Jakabosky was one year younger than Zappa). During this period Zappa was in the Black Outs, and Jakabosky sat in with the Black Outs a couple of times when their piano player couldn't make the gig. Somewhere around 1957.

Jakobosky quit high school in his senior year and went to work with his father, framing houses. Around 1961, Jakabosky and Zappa ran into each other in a music store in Ontario, and re-established contact. Jakabosky started playing with the bands that Zappa was in (the Black Outs, the Soots, ... changing names often) during 1961 and 1962.

He also was part of the people that Frank Zappa recorded with at studio Z in Cucamonga.

Picture on the right below, taken from the Ramblin Rex website:

Black Page magazine issues 50 and 51 (1995) feature a 16-page interview with Rex Jakabosky and "Cucamonga", Belgian radio show on Radio 1, featured an interview with Rex Jakabosky somewhere in the nineties.

Harry adds:

Ramblin Rex is in Corvallis Oregon USA. Been here and gone manytimes, spent a number of years in the Czech Republic. He is a street musician, most recently, a decade or so heavily dedicated to his religon. He IS with out any question, an incredible artist. I have known him some 25-30 years. He sporadically records, and even less often appears in small venues as a one man band or with some outstanding back up musicians of local residence.
He is also friends with Gary Rowles,a long time local, yes, son of Jimmy Rowles. Rowles has a recording studio here.


November 27, 2004, Michael Brostlap and the Metropole Orkest, featuring Napoleon Murphy Brock did a concert at 'The Oosterpoort', in Groningen, the Netherlands.

A couple of days earlier, Napoleon recorded an episode for Charles Pater's "Blindfold Test", a radio show in which the guest has to comment on various pieces that Charles picks out of his record collection. Broadcast in January 2005.

The picture on the right shows Napoleon Murphy Brock together with Charles Pater, 2004/11/24.


  • 2004/12/04 Petulant Frenzy - concert 'the Basement', Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

    from Petulant Frenzy
    november 2004

Hi Boys and Girls,

That's right, you read right, the Basement will be again lowering their standards to let us channel Frank to various levels of your satisfaction.

The gig will feature a clutch of new tunes, and a bunch of other "special entertainment events" that will be performed by individuals who can be classed as very special indeed, some professionally so.

Extra special specialness will also come in the form of this being the last gig for one of the Frenzy, who will be retiring for the sake of their physical and mental wellbeing. We're not sure who that is yet, so you'd better turn up and find out.

Oh, there's also another download at:

Love ya' leisure.

Mr D

→ be sure to check out the downloads, three excellent mystery tracks from the Petulant Frenzy universe.


MUSIQ no.1

Muziq is a new french music magazine. In it's first issue (november 2004) it discusses Zappa's 5.1 releases.


CHRIS OPPERMAN - Nov 15, 2004

[Chris Opperman Mailing List - Monday, November 15th, 2004]

Episode #27: Welcome to the Purple States of America 

Brought to you by
To order go to or
or call toll-free 1-877-MAD-PHAT (for ordering purposes only, please).

I know that a lot of you were probably expecting me to say something before the election, but I was really sick that week (I'm better now, thanks).  Anyway, now that the election is over there's a lot of talk about blue states and red states.  Well, I propose that we end all of this partisanship and all work together as the Purple States of America for a better and brighter future.  I hope that didn't come out as cheesy as I just imagined it did.  Um, anyway, let's get on with it, shall we?

* 26th Birthday Party Next Saturday 11/20 @ Room 5!

* Oppy Music on Sale Through Christmas!

* Bootleg Club, Vol. I: Made-Up Songs

* Bootleg Club, Vol. II: Special Opps: Live @ Level One DVD

* Changes at Purple Cow Records

* Thank You List 2004


26th Birthday Party Next Saturday 11/20 @ Room 5!

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but what a year it was!  Once again, we'll be celebrating my birthday with a concert.  So come on down THIS SATURDAY, November 20th as we celebrate @ Room 5 (143 N. La Brea, 2nd Floor) with opening sets by Leenore (8:30), Nikki Katt (9:15), Ben Weinthraub (10:00), and myself (10:30). 

I will be doing a mostly solo piano set for the first two-thirds of the concert for those of you who have been fiending to see a live performance of compositions like "Sharel's Lullabye II," and "T. Williams," among other things and then for the end of the program a scaled-down version of Special Opps is going to take the stage for a few songs for those of you who enjoy the rock stuff more.  They actually have a decent piano @ Room 5 so it'll be excellent for those of you who have been wanting to see me perform on a real piano.  The cover is $5 with a print-out of this mailing list entry and I believe it's all ages (you just can't sit at the bar if you're under 21).  Anyway, I hope to see you there.

Oppy Music on Sale Through Christmas!

What would I like for my birthday?  I'm so glad you asked that question.  I would actually really like to sell some extra CD's!  So I have put the entire catalog on sale for the special sale price of $30 (plus shipping), which includes Oppy Music I, Klavierstucke, and Concepts of Non-linear Time, so it's basically buy 2 and get 1 free. 

Here is the link to order!  They make great stocking stuffers!  (You will need to copy this entire link into your browser...if you need any help, just e-mail me).*1eb18c95ca0023947870e496d99f6fba0b&dbname=products&itemnum=876&function=add

 Made-Up Songs

Speaking of stocking stuffers, I now have enough material for the live compilation that I'm working on called "Made-up Songs." Scott Chatfield and I are going to master it in early December at Chatfield Manor.  Once the master is complete, the music will be immediately available either by pay-for-download from for $15 (including an Acrobat document of the artwork) or for $25 (plus shipping) I will burn it myself and draw a unique sketch for you on the back of the CD booklet.  Here are some of the tracks that will (probably) be included on the compilation:

  • Out of Focus (w/Andre LaFosse, rehearsal @ Oppy Central, 2001)

  • In Sophia's Silent Dream (w/Andre LaFosse, rehearsal @ Oppy Central, 2001)

  • Reminisce (When I was a Baby Universe) (solo piano, The Crooked Bar, 2002)

  • Miles Behind (w/Andre LaFosse, The Crooked Bar, 2002)

  • Balanchine (solo, The Crooked Bar, 2002)

  • Theme from "Failure" (solo, The Crooked Bar, 2002)

  • Taro Lucious I (Chris Opperman & Friends, The UnUrban, 2003)

  • Taro Lucious II (Chris Opperman & Friends, The UnUrban, 2003)

  • ARRRby's (Chris Opperman & Friends, The UnUrban, 2003)

  • Sad Teenager Wars (Special Opps, Tempest, 2003)

  • Hitchhiker (Prototype) (Special Opps, Tempest, 2003)

  • Freedom Fries (Special Opps, Tempest, 2003)

  • Thank You for Not Stopping the Tape While I'm Improvising (solo, Tempest, 2003)

  • Someone to Watch Over Me/To Return to You (Special Opps w/Kat Parsons, Tempest, 2003)

  • Reap the Whirlwind (Special Opps, Lestat's, 2004)

  • Vampire Lestat  (Special Opps, Lestat's, 2004)

  • Build a Funky Loop (Special Opps, Lestat's, 2004)

Now, I will let you know up front that the recording quality of some of the songs is better than some of the other songs, hence the "bootleg" clause.  These are live tracks recorded throughout Los Angeles/San Diego and I have been at the mercy of whomever was working sound that night to get these songs recorded, so I am grateful to have an aural document of this stuff at all.  There are only a couple of moments that offend me, but Scott Chatfield and I are going to do the absolute best we can to clean those moments up.

That having been said, this is going to be a very cool record featuring music ACTUALLY PERFORMED LIVE by REAL MUSICIANS AND SINGERS with NO OVERDUBS.  And why is everyone so surprised that Ashlee Simpson was busted for lip synching?  They've ALL been doing it for YEARS.  That's why they're ENTERTAINERS and not MUSICIANS.

Bootleg Club, Vol. II: Special Opps: Live @ Level One DVD

Johnny D. and I have finished editing 8 of the 9 songs that will appear in the main feature of the Special Opps live DVD that we're working on!  The DVD will include the ENTIRE August 24th Special Opps concert @ Level One as well as a ton of bonus features and videos.  You will enjoy it immensely and this will be coming your way in Spring, 2005.  Boo-yah.  Track list:

  1. Johannah Intro

  2. Haasis

  3. Beware of the Random Factor

  4. Miles Behind

  5. Electric Jihad

  6. Sophia's Dream

  7. Kamp Keneally

  8. Tanya's Song

  9. Someone to Watch Over Me/To Return to You

Musicians: Chris Opperman (piano), Andre LaFosse (guitar), Jen Kuhn (electric cello), Isaac Slape (bass guitar), Kevin Dooley (drums), featuring special guest Kat Parsons on vocals.  Recorded & videotaped live @ Level One on August 24th, 2004 by John Digilio and Steve Laub.  There will be a discounted price for those of you who were actually at that concert!

Changes at Purple Cow Records

I am proud to announce that my record label, Purple Cow Records is no longer a one-man operation.  John Digilio (Johnny D.) is now Director of Video/DVD Production responsible for the production/editing aspects of all of our video projects, including the forthcoming DVD Bootleg club and the videos you can see @  We've been working together for almost six months now and I can't even begin to tell you how great he is to work with.  I am extremely fortunate to have him on my team.

The second major change is the addition of Gabi Kochlani as Licensing Coordinator for both Purple Cow Records and its music publishing arm Phantom Moo Music.  She's going to be the point person for the campaign we're launching to get my songs placed into film and television.  Since I have 100% ownership of all my masters and copyrights, she is able to negotiate both the master and the copyright on a most favored nations basis.  Hopefully this will generate the kind of income that I need to properly record the new compositions I have been working on over the past couple years.

I, of course, am still the President, and the time has come to turn this into a profitable enterprise.  So if anybody has any ideas, please, let me know.

Thank You List 2004

 Well, another year of my life has come and gone and that means that it's time for another thank you list!  Presented in alphabetical order, I would like to thank everyone who made my 25th year the best year for my music ever (and profuse apologies to anyone who feels they should have been included on this list but wasn't. I assure you that it's just because I'm feeling sleepy right now):

First I would like to thank my parents, my sister, and the rest of my family.  Then I would like to thank Cleo Antonelli, The Astra Heights, Arthur Barrow, Dick Bakker & The Metropole Orkest, Bryan Beller, Nancy Braun, Michael Canaan, Scott Chatfield, Johnny Choi, Scott Colomby, Co de Kloet and everyone at NPS Radio (plus Will & Bert), Kevin Dooley, Jason Feinberg, Clark Freeman and everyone at the Sight Unseen Theatre Group, David Gaziel, Jeff Gray, Mike Grey and everyone at Level One, Mara Hitner, Ping Hu, Emily Hudson, Zakir Hussein, everyone at Jo Ann Kane Music Services, The Josh Green Band, Nikki Katt, Arden Kaywin, Mike Keneally, Clint Kenney, Blair Kluberton, Gabi Kochlani, Jen Kuhn, Andre LaFosse, Steve Laub, everyone at Lestat's, Abraham Libbos, Todd Lieberman, Manders, Paul Maylone, Talia Mays, Marnie McFair, Heday Mercury, Bret Merrit, Sheena Metal, Becky Meyer, Melinda Mondrala, Kelly Mullis, Kelda Nelson, Kat Parsons, Richard Pike, Blair Rogue, everyone at Room 5, Ali S, Anthony Saragueta, Libbie Schrader, Nicki Scott, Zach Sinick, Kahlil Sabbagh, Mike Sammis, Ruta Sepetys, Shankar & Gingger, Motti Shulman, Isaac Slape, Tanya Smith, Brian Smith, Ted Strain, Monica Temperly, Tenley, Charlotte Towne, Tom Trapp, Cosette Trombino, everyone at UMG Accounting, everyone at Universal Music Publishing Group, J Warner, Sean Westergaard, Tiffiny Whitney, Steve & Pia Vai, Ben Weinthraub, Wendy Wilson, all the temp agencies and casting agencies I worked with this summer, all my Holland peeps and the rest of my friends from around the world.  I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH MUSIC I GOT DONE THIS YEAR!  Phew!

And that's a wrap.  I'm going to sleep now.  Music is the best.

-- Chris Opperman


2004/11/24 George Duke - concert 'de melkweg', amsterdam, NL

2004/11/27 Michael Borstlap + the Metropole Orkest, feat.Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert 'oosterpoort', groningen, NL

2005/01/09 (15:00 h) Terry Bozzio + the Metropole Orkest- concert '013', Tilburg, NL

2005/01/12 Terry Bozzio concert 'hedon', zwolle, NL

2005/01/13 Terry Bozzio - concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, NL

-- info: Black Page / Aad


"Monster Road" update by Brett Ingram and Jim Haverkamp:

Hello everyone,

A quick note to end 2004 to let you know that "Monster Road" will be screening in New York City at a "Best of Slamdance" showcase on Tuesday, December 7 at 7 pm at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater, 155 E 3rd St (at Ave A). Jim Haverkamp will be there at the screening, so please come say hello if you are in the area. After the screening, the Slamdance crew will be announcing the lineup for the 11th annual fest, to be held January 21-28, 2005 in Park City, Utah, so stick around for the celebration.


We really would like to pack the house for this show, so if you have friends, neighbors, students, podiatrists, or any other living human connection in the NYC area, please let them know or better yet, bring them along!

We're very happy to be ending the year the way we began it, with the fine folks at Slamdance. We were honored to premiere the film this past January at the 10th annual Slamdance Film Festival, and were totally floored to garner their Jury Prize for Best Documentary. In the intervening months we've screened at over 50 film festivals around the world and have garnered several more awards, most recently the Best Documentary prizes at the Red Bank International Film Festival and the Indie Memphis Film Festival. It has truly been an amazing year for us, and we thank you, our friends old and new, for your support and encouragement along the way.

We are still entering the film into festivals and are pursuing distribution, so we'll definitely keep you appraised of the latest developments. For now, thank you very much, and have a terrific holiday season.

-- Brett Ingram
-- Jim Haverkamp

"Monster Road" web site: <>

Two Boots Pioneer Theater: <>

Slamdance Film Festival: <>


additions (by Mauro Porzi):

setlist for the Stefano Bollani concert:

  • 2004/10/10 concert 'cappella paolina' of quirinale, rome, italy
    • giroconlon (s. bollani) * like someone in love (j. van heusen) * mayreh (h. silver) * i treni che vorrei (s. bollani) * danza del gaucho matrero (a. ginastera) * eat that question (f. zappa) * sophisticated lady (d. ellington) * il domatore di pulci (s. bollani) * el choclo (villoldo) * elena e il suo violino (s. bollani) * birdland (j. zawinul)

I wish to add some detail to "Zapping - a tribute to the music of Frank Zappa"

The band of italian jazz and rock musicians: Giovanni Lindo Ferretti: vocal  * Peppe Servillo: vocal *  Mauro Negri: sax, clarinet *  Gianluca Petrella (great musician!): trombone *  Stefano Bollani (the best!): piano *  Gianni Maroccolo: electric bass *  Furio Di Castri (artistic direction): acoustic bass *  Pierpaolo Ferroni: drums * Cristiano Della Monica: percussion

During the show Giovanni Lindo Ferretti (vocalist of rock group CSI and PGR) with a mask of Frank Zappa on the face read passages of writings of Frank Zappa before every song . I don’t remember the complete track list.Some of the songs are Peaches en Regalia, King Kong, The Black Page (as the version on Lather album) Let’s Move to Cleveland (fantastic piano solo of Bollani) Idiot Bastard Son (italian version sung by Peppe Servillo vocalist of pop group Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel) and many others that I don’t remember. However a night of very great music. I moved from Rome (420 km!) with my family for it!!!!.

Galactic (see played Zappa's 'Willie The Pimp' at the Bonnaroo Theatre, Manchester Tn 23 june 2002 during their first set.

Zappatistas played a concert in Italy, june 2003:

john etheridge: guitar
simon bates: saxophone
simon finch: trumpet
annie whitehead: trombone
steve lodder: keyboards
rob statham: bass
mike bradley: drums
teena lyle: percussion, vibes

  • 2003/06/26 concert "Brianza Open Jazz Festival", Monza, Mi, Italy
    • peaches en regalia * grand wazoo * let’s make the water turn black * sofa no 1 * eat that question * sexual harassment in the workplace * king kong * sleep dirt * big swifty * medley: harry you’re a beast / oh no / theme from lumpy gravy * i’m the slime
    • broadcast on Rai Radio Tre

-- Mauro Porzi


There's a Wild Man Fischer documentary in the making:

It should also include a new Gail Zappa interview


The Zappa Patio is back:


THE KENEALLIST: Nov. 15, 2004

The website:
Free Keneally music 24/7:
Free Keneally music downloads:
CDs and merchandise:
The Keneally Usenet newsgroup:


Hi, Scott here once again. Mike's getting ready for this week's northeast Taylor Tour (I'll be there, too), so this here's my Keneallist, if you don't mind.


Treat your high-speed internet connection to the free hi-fi splendor of the new 96k mp3Pro audio stream at Radio Keneally! It features almost twice the sound quality of our previous 56k stream (which we may eventually phase out). A 24k stream is also available for dialup connections. Highly recommended mp3Pro listening is possible using WinAmp for Windows and Audion 3 for Mac.

In addition, lotsa new tracks have been added to Radio Keneally, some unavailable anyplace else. Music from all of Mike's latest (and oldest) releases is there, including tracks from "Vai Piano Reductions Vol. 1," his upcoming CD of Vai compositions arranged and played on grand piano by Mike (see entry below). It's all happening now at


If you're around, please stop by. We have fun and lots of MK CDs and T-shirts are available on the spot for Mike to sign. If you want.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Sam Ash Music - 385 Old Country Road - Carle Place, NY - 516-333-8700

Wednesday, November 17, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Sam Ash Music - 155 Route 22 - Springfield, NJ - 973-376-5161

Thursday, November 18, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Sam Ash Music - 95 Amity Road - New Haven, CT - 203-389-0500

Friday, November 19, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
Sam Ash Music - 139 East DeKalb Pike - King of Prussia, PA - 610-265-6444

Saturday afternoon, November 20, 2004, 4:00 p.m.
Sam Ash Music - 9110A West Broad Street - Richmond, VA - 804-967-0707


"Vai Piano Reductions Vol. 1," which is now pre-ordering now at and, should be shipping soon. The snazzy covers have taken a bit longer to fabricate than originally thought, but worth it they will certainly be. Copies bought at will be personally autographed by Mike, don't you know.

Don't forget, "Dog," "The Universe Will Provide" with "Parallel Universe," and every other Exowax CD and T-shirt are awaiting new homes at


Even though it's been available online at for a few months, Mike Keneally Band's acclaimed "Dog" officially has its day in the stores this Tuesday, November 16. If you're thinking of buying one for yourself or as a holiday gift, now it's as close as your quaint neighborhood record emporium.


Mike provided the music for "The J K Conspiracy," a film created by San Diego radio's top-rated Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw morning show at 101.5 KGB-FM. The theatre premiere is this Thursday, November 18 in San Diego-- tickets can be won by listening to DSC on KGB. The trailer for the comedy, starring Bob Costas, Don Rickles and many more (including a bit part by me, Scott) is viewable online now at A DVD will be available for purchase soon, with profits going to good causes.


The readers of England's "Guitarist" magazine saw fit to include Mike in their list of "101 Unsung Guitar Heroes." Mike's in good company among John Lennon, Neil Young, Andy Partridge, The Edge, Jan Akkerman, Tommy Bolin, Lowell George, Danny Gatton, Michael Hedges, Bill Frisell and dozens more.

The Mike Keneally entry reads:

"Think of the best player you're aware of.  Now, look up a bit higher and the soles of the shoes you spy 50 feet above you are those of Keneally, the man who Frank Zappa called 'a genius'.  And he was right.
Did you know?  Keneally prefers to describe himself as a keyboard player.  D'oh!
Guitarist pick: Nonkertompf (1999)
You say: 'The only guitarist to share a stage with Vai and blow him away!' - Don Seigler"

Geez! Mike's not sure Frank ever said he was a genius, and he doesn't actually prefer to be called a keyboardist, but the honor is richly appreciated by Mike. "Guitarist" is on newsstands now. Future issues will include a CD track from "Dog" and video from "Dog DVD."

Also, Mike's feature article in "Guitar Player" (and full-page ad, see will be out next month.


Big dog.
Little dog.
Big dogs and little dogs.
Black and white dogs.
"Do you like my hat?"
"I do not."


Late 2002 there were two different bands called the Grandmothers, or to be more precise: one was called the Grandmothers and was scheduling a tour (featuring Jimmy Carl Black and Sandro Oliva); the other one (since August 2002) featured Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Roy Estrada and Napoleon Murphy Brock was called the Grandmothers Re:Invented.

Sandro Oliva and Jimmy Carl Black weren't too happy with the situation and canceled the tour, breaking op the Grandmothers (of old).

The Grandmothers Re:Invented are still around and are scheduled to play in Italy, januari 2005, and have bookings coming up in Europe and in the States for 2006.


The 2004/12/09 Wrong Object - concert ‘phoenix club’ (rue de la sirène), liège, 21h00  (w. Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra) has been postponed to a later date.


September 15, 2004, the Wind Ensemble performed Frank Zappa's 'Dog Breath Variations' at the 'Manhattan School Of Music', in New York City, NY, usa, along with pieces by a.o. Stravinsky.


Don't you just love the internet...



  • frank zappa & the mothers of invention:
     stockholm in bondage
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, crime crow productions ccpdvd001)
    • Here's another Zappa bootleg DVD. The first release on Crime Crow Productions...
      This disc presents the famous 1973/08/21 concert in Stockholm, Sweden. Better known as the "Opopoppa Special".
      In his FZ Shows document, Jon Naurin states that the last 20 minutes of this show were broadcast on Swedish TV in August, and the rest of the show later that year.
      Anyway, this is an excellent (and complete) show. It's of better quality than the partial, 56-minute show that has been circulating on DVDR for a while.


A promotional Residents single.

"The Commercial Album", a classic Residents album, now out on Mute Records. A little 36-page (didn't count) album that includes the CD. Fabulous.

"I Murdered Mommy!", the brand-new Residents release by The Cryptic Corp. Verrry impressive.
"The Commercial DVD". Also on Mute. I watched part of it with my kids yesterday afternoon. Big fun & Educational.


  • fool moon:
        (2004, cd, france, private release)
    • Ten years after their debut album (on which they covered Frank Zappa's 'More Trouble Every Day')  Fool Moon is back with a live album.
      This is a straight-forward, guitar orientated rock album. No original material, but all classic rock songs: W. Dixon, The Stones, The Beatles, CCR, James Brown, ... they all get the Fool Moon treatment.
      Recorded live, the album gives an excellent idea of what a Fool Moon concert sounds like.
      I like it.
    • As this is a private release, I don't know if you'll be able to find it in the store, so check out for more info.


    from Brian Dean

Extract played at the Zappa Hoot Night #3 (also known as Zappafest III) to benefit the American Cancer Society at Ruta Maya International Headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The show was attended briefly by Terry Bozzio and son who each sat in with one of the other bands earlier in the evening. I'm sure the organizer Victor Bustos with Raised By Aliens could provide you with more details on that.The poster for the show is at:

This would be the update for the Extract page:

Zappa Hoot Night #3 was held Thursday November 11, 2004 at Ruta Maya International Headquarters in Austin, Texas.


  • Lonnie Velvet: lead vocals, vibraphone
  • Brendan Vlass: bass, sandwiches
  • Blake Phillips: drums
  • Steve Terebecki: keys, rythym guitar, vocals
  • Jason Lowrie: lead guitar

* Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top * Latex Solar Beef * Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy * Panty Rap * Twenty Small Cigars (vibe solo) * Duodenum * Dropout Boogie * Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance * Wind Up Workin In A Gas Station

-- Brian Dean



from AFFZ (Bill & Charles)

A little bit of trivia to start your day.

Bob Harris (1) and Tony "Batman" Ortega spotted on as part of the Gabor Szabo Quintet.


    From Andre Cholmondeley
    November 19, 2004

Hey folks

Well - we made it back home. What a ball club. Thanks first and foremost to Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Eric Svalgard, Dave Johnsen, Glenn Leonard, Laura Eggplant Wilson, Jon Pakalolo Braun and our management, Howie and Mike at Hey - I'll even look in the mirror and say "Thanks for believing in insanity"

51 days, 39 gigs, or whatever way you count it with a couple 2-nighters etc. Weather was great to us - we SAW snow on the highway once that I can remember..and had to load in rain a couple times. Otherwise - perfection. It was great seeing you all, what an amazing fan base. THANKS so much for the support and making sure we can sustain this INSANE idea of ...performing the music of a ten-years-gone, still largely unknown musical iconoclast. That's why we do it...and clearly there are a lot of you lurking out there in the towns and cities of the USA. Musically  - it was one of our best tours, the fun was exceptional as well. And the politics kept us laughing, somehow. Check out , go to the forum, for lotsa pix, setlists and more.

Stay tuned for more about how it all went, pictures etc. THE roll call of "WEAPONS OF MASS DISTORTION" and special guests was mind-numbing. We kept finding them, including:

Mike Keneally (MK Band, Zappa band 1988) - Albany NY
Denny Walley - (Zappa band 1975-81) -Atlanta GA, Asheville NC
Jon Fishman (drums, PHISH, Pork Tornado, JMP) - Burlington VT
Seahag (  PT Proj/Obj- guitar ) - several E-coast shows
Jordan Shapiro ( PT Proj/Obj keys)- several E-coast shows
Jon Braun (drums, & Proj/Obj driver) -most cities
Ed Palermo - ( Asbury Park NJ, NYC NY
Jimmy Wilson - (Flugelhorn, trumpet) Baltimore MD, Cleveland OH
Dave Fiuczynski - (, guitar & fretless gtr) Cambridge MA
Gary Lucas ( -ex Beefheart, Jeff Buckley,  guitar) - NYC NY
Carl Restivo (ex-Proj/Obj gtr/voc, IZ. Vocals- NYC NY
Joe Hendel (trombone, Yale sophomore) - Hartford CT, NYC NY
Reverend B-ill ( guitar) - Asbury Park NJ
Keith Ackerman (FOH mix, Atomic Bitchwax-drums) - Asbury Park NJ
Kirk Miller (FOH mxi, WEEN FOH 15+ years) - NYC NY
Colin Stetson (sax, ANTIBALAS) - NYC, NY
Jamie Masefield (mando, Jazz Mandolin Project/JMP) - Burlington VT
Will Bernard (indep. artist, guitar) - NYC NY
Maddie Svalgard (voc, Berklee freshman) - Cambridge MA, Hartford CT
Max Svalgard (bass,, bass) - Phila & Downington PA
Chris Cali  (keys, Ike willis Project) - Baltimore MD
(And a couple others whose names I missed, help anyone?? The sax player in NYC and the other vocalist in Cambridge.)

THANKS to them all for making it an INSANE ride

-- andre cholmondeley


Frank Zappa's 'You Didn't Try To Call Me" was recorded by the Basooties (from East Gary Indiana) at Chess Studios Chicago in 1967.
  • Terry Handley: lead singer
  • Jerry Carden: rhythm guitar /vocals
  • Will Jenkins: lead guitar
  • Danny Evanoff: keys/vocals
  • Jerry Wheat: bass guitar
  • Dennis Maloney: drums

-- info: William Jenkins

More info from William Jenkins, answering my questions:

"The label name was Muffin. "You didn't try to call me" was recorded at chess studios chicago in 1967. Stu Black was the engineer. He had done the stones at the same studio. I think that the label was owned by the band and our manager (Tom Allison of valparaiso Indiana).  We distributed the singles ourselves and after the first pressing we were never picked up on WLS chicago or other larger stations. We performed a lot of  Zappa live starting with the freakout album in I think 1966 or 67. We released  "you didn't try to call me" as a "B" side of a 7", with a song written by Curtis Mayfield called "I'm so proud" as the "a" side. Our manager thought it was a little too risky as an "A" side at the time. We were #1 on am WLTH in Gary Indiana and on a few other local stations for 5 or so weeks. Strange enough is we later in 1969 signed with Bizarre Reprise label. This label was owned or controlled by Frank Zappa. Captain beefheart was also on this label I think. We recorded out of G.M. studios in Detroit and we were resigned for a second year. The reason we picked a Zappa tune is we simply loved Zappa. The band never completed a full releasable album.  The photo shows left side going up stairs Danny Evanoff, Jerry Carden, and Jerry Wheat (top). Will Jenkins (me)sitting, Dennis Malonee front right and Terry Handley above right. Thanks for your interest. I still perform and record around the Atlanta ga, area. Hope you can use the photo."

-- Will Jenkins 

P.S. Yes I Was the lead guitar player and was 16 years old in the 1967 photo.


Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2004
Subject: Didn't OUR Votes Count?

Voice of Cheez Update!

We had a GREAT time November 13 at our "Didn't OUR Votes Count?" show. About 60 people came out for the fun—including, of course, the Billy The Mountain Guy. He never misses a show. For some reason the band was fixated on "snausages", so our apologies to the die-hard FZ freaks for changing the words around whenever possible to mention those tasty dog treats.
Best fan mail to date:

Hey Guys,
This lastshow in Buffalo was awesome. We enjoyed the new playlist alot although we missed Joe's Garage its my favorite song.
Cant wait for the next show you guys sound better and better every time and the girls get cuter and cuter!
Thanks for the great time and see you soon.
Pat and Mark

Kudos to Tom on his splendid Imaginary Guitar Solo on Watermelon in Easter Hay. If you weren't there...we all saw God, or at least some representative deity was in the house.

The new tunes on our list put us all in Harmony Heaven:
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted, Po-Jama People and Sharleena.
Check our website for FREE MP3 DOWLOAD. Help Yourself. Share with a friend.

January show in the works.
PLUS--possible FZ Festival in Pittsburgh this Spring with Ugly Radio Rebellion (Detroit) and Doctor Dark (Connecticut)...details to come!

we love ya,
Guacamole Queen


It has been too long, so I'm just posting this now, and I'll do some more stuff tomorrow...



John Trubee says:

"Rules are arbitrary, capricious, and are mainly designed to maintain hierarchy. If the people on the bottom ignore them, they mean nothing."

"Remember the Wizard of Oz--'just ignore that man behind the curtain'? Rules and social conventions share a similar dynamic-- they intimidate the rule followers, but when you poke a hole in them you often find that there's nothing there. The most effective policeman is the one we have planted in our heads. I often tell the policeman in my head to go take a long donut break. This is the most liberating thing I've discovered in my life."


Bruno Le Tohic was kind enough to send me some pictures of Zappa books. A good enough reason for me to pull some books out of the shelves and to take some pictures as well...
I added a couple of them on the right and below, but there's more, so check out:

frank zappa - books

captain beefheart - books


In light of recent developments in which the tenor of public debate has descended into bitter rancor and in which the dominate force has inverted previously held values, I heartily recommend changing the name of this country to:


Overarching principles expressed on those faded and useless pieces of paper from over 200 years ago no longer apply. What matters most is team spirit, loyalty, adherence to the flag, patriotism, wealth, and success solely predicated upon the accumulation of wealth and possessions and beating the other guy.

Even our chief executive once owned a sports team, proudly eschews books and newspapers and reading, and lauds loyalty to the team as the highest virtue. We all ought to emulate his excellent example.

Our current nation-state resembles a humongous sporting event with aggressive, muscular meat puppets enacting our collective will on the bloody playing field while vulgar, obese, pasty-faced mediocrities hoot a collective roar from the stands. Emotion and loyalty to the team override those archaic totems of ideas, principles, reason, and expression of ideas. Books and the ideas in them are no longer of import; only egghead fags fuss with that bullshit. Only power, celebrity, money, and beating the losers make life worth living.

That glorious flag which some egghead fags sneer at as a mere rag on a stick accounts for more than the quaint, antiquated crap written in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Only egghead fags place greater weight on words and ideas and principles than on success and winning as previously defined in the real world.

Salute the flag!

Go team, go!
Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

-- John Trubee




 A The Central Scrutinizer Band vai tocar dia 25 de Novembro, quinta Café Piupiu!


Venha (re)lembrar grandes obras do mestre Frank Zappa...

Dia 25 de Novembro - quinta feira - às 22 horas -  Café Piupiu

R. Treze de Maio 134 no Bixiga - 3258 8066

preço único R$10,00 - não tem consumação mínima

  • 2004/11/25 concert 'café piupiu', são paulo, brasil




The odd riffs and dissonant chords in a rock innovator's life

Zappa A Biography Barry Miles Grove Press: 464 pp., $25

by Carmela Ciuraru

A decade after his death from prostate cancer, Frank Zappa is still bestowed with such labels as "icon," "legend" and "cult hero." He was also a weird and complicated guy, which added to his appeal although not always. Along with his prodigious, oddball musical output, he left a long trail of poorly handled relationships, both personal and professional.

As Barry Miles makes clear in this exhaustive biography, Zappa's ardent fans are as eccentric as he was. Miles notes that a tiny sphere orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter was named 3834 Zappafrank, "after the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center was subjected to the largest lobbying effort ever seen in the naming of more than 3,000 asteroids."

Zappa's path to fame was an unlikely one. He led a lonely, itinerant childhood, and often got in trouble at school. He showed a love of music early on and was keenly interested in musical experimentation. As a teenager, his main problem was finding others with similarly off-kilter tastes.

By the mid-1960s, Zappa formed the Mothers of Invention and made the irreverent, challenging music that would define him. Case in point: In the liner notes for the group's album "Freak Out," Zappa described the song "The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet" as "what freaks sound like when you turn them loose in a recording studio at one o'clock in the morning with $500 worth of rented percussion equipment."

That album proved groundbreaking. It was "the first rock double-album, the first rock 'concept' album and musically it was about as cutting-edge as a rock album could be without being classified as avant-garde jazz or modern classical," Miles writes.

"Over the years it has consistently been voted as one of the top 100 greatest albums ever made and even today it has not aged, even if the recording quality now seems a bit raw."

As he became influential musically (even before going solo), Zappa seemed resolutely alone. He felt no kinship with the so-called counterculture movement, which he derided as a "commercial joke." The bohemian-minded Zappa heartily supported such notions as group sex, but he opposed other aspects, most notably drug use, because he hated losing control. Zappa seemed unable, or unwilling, to fit in with groups of any kind.

Nor was he well regarded by some musical peers. Lou Reed, then heading the Velvet Underground, shared a concert tour (and a record label) with Zappa and was dismissive of his band: " 'They can't play and they can't write¦. Frank Zappa is the most untalented bore who ever lived,' " Miles quotes Reed as saying at the time. While Reed had a distinctly East Coast sensibility, Zappa was firmly rooted on the West Coast” another thing Reed mocked.

Miles' admiration for Zappa's wildly creative artistry is obvious, but he also explores his subject's darker side. He treated bandmates as employees rather than collaborators. He had a misanthropic streak and a tenacious, unappealing fascination with smut and toilet humor, often reflected in his music.

He regarded feminism with suspicion, and sometimes he was accused of being blatantly misogynistic. A self-absorbed workaholic, he neglected his wife and children. He alienated fans, business partners, family and friends to an extent that seemed willfully self-destructive.

"Zappa," says Miles, "inhabited a cold, hard world."

Miles' account is a useful addition to the numerous published books about Zappa, including an autobiography, and its flaws are few and relatively minor. But Miles is easier on his subject than he might have been.

And he offers a surfeit of mundane information: "[Zappa] had a lifelong aversion to pasta. The only Italian food he could bear to eat was pizza. He had an abhorrence of anything with garlic or onions in it, even the slightest trace, which meant he rarely ate in Italian restaurants."

In the end, Miles characterizes Zappa, for better or worse, as "an iconoclast in the male tradition of Neal Cassady, Hunter S. Thompson, William S. Burroughs, Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsberg, Lenny Bruce and the early Norman Mailer."

Surely the merit of being lumped with those towering rogues is questionable. All were iconoclasts, but do they deserve to be regarded as more admirable than troubling? That depends on who's asking.


-- info: Eric-Jan Keulemans


  • michal pavlíček: story 1982 - 2003
        (2003, cd, cs, report 2003/12)
    • The December 2003 issue of Czech magazine Report included a CD that presents a sort of Best Of of Michal Pavlíček. Michal Pavlíček has been in numerous bands, one of which is Pražský Výběr. The album includes the famous improvisation they did with Frank Zappa, entitled 'Improvizace V A Dur S Frankem Zappou'.
      The Zappa track has been released before (on two
      Pražský Výběr albums), but even without this track, this Pavlíček sampler would be very impressive.


  • various artists: des mittelalters weibliche gesänge 1
        (2004, cd, ger, angelstar spv cd 085-81862)
    • Now here's a great find: "Des Mittelalters Weibliche Gesänge", which would translate into something like Midiaeval Female Vocal Pieces. And that's exactly what it is, except for one track: 'Tilten & Pier" by Filia Irata.
      There's no composer credits to be found, but 'Tilten & Pier' is a (superb) German version of Zappa's 'Titties and Beer'.


Matt Howarth, the comic book artist who did the "The Comix Of Two Cities" and "Stalking Ralph", both featuring The Residents, has done a 16-page comic book that is included with the latest Quarkspace CD "Node In Peril".

-- info: Danny Mathys

Psychedelic Sunday Night.
I have to pull that Acid Mothers Temple out of my CD player...


I got this link through the "Nederzappa" yahoo group. Check these out.
pictures by Hanzo


About a week ago, german band Sheik Yerbouti did a couple of gigs with Napoleon Murphy Brock. If all goes well, we might be able to find some of these recordings on one of the next Sheik Yerbouti releases.
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about this earlier, but the message that I found on the newsgroup stated November instead of October...


Ed says:

i recently came across a clip of a video interview with warren cucurrulo. i looked on the info you had on him but it's not mentioned.
in this video i found though, warren is laying in a bathtub giving the interview completely naked!
is this real, if you've heard about it?
i'm not sure as to the date since there's no real info on it. and the interviewer is not shown it's just warren laying in the tub talking in his birthday suit.


  • agamon: open your eyes
        (1993, cd, sw, mellotronen cd 006)
    • Agamon is Magnus Andersson's project. As he thanks the Beatles, Nappy, the Mothers and Uncle Frank in his liner notes, I was quite curious as what to expect. The album does feature Morgan Ågren and Mats Öberg.
      I like it. Especially the songs where Mats does the 'co-lead vocals'.

-- info: Danny Mathys



The website:
Free Keneally music 24/7:
Free Keneally music downloads:
CDs and merchandise:
The Keneally Usenet newsgroup:

Hi, everybody!  This is Alvin, the famous TV chipmunk!  I'd like to tell ya about a few of the exciting things going on in Keneally-land!  Well, come on, everybody!  Let's…ah, gee, my golf appointment is in twenty minutes!  Sorry, folks!  I leave the remainder of the announcements to Mike!  Hi, Mike!  Bye!

Yeah, thanks for basically nothing, rodent.   Hey folks, Mike here.  Hope you're all doing OK.  Here's things ---


  1. Vai Piano Reductions Vol. 1

  2. DOG in stores November 16

  3. TUWP/PU still available

  4. Radio Keneally

  5. Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw Movie

  6. Taylor Tour

  7. Cool new ads



This is pretty exciting.  I recorded those solo piano arrangements of Steve Vai material around five years ago and had forgotten how most of them sounded - Steve has done an incredible job with the mixing and sequencing.  Bernie Grundman (who mastered “hat.” and “Boil That Dust Speck”) mastered the final version and it really does sound phenomenal.  The whole package is very beautiful - you'll like it.  Here's the song list:

All About Eve * Die To Live * Salamanders In The Sun * Bledsoe Bluvd * Ballerina 12/24 * Touching Tongues * Dyin' Day * Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters * Sisters * Pig * Junkie

The album is available only from and  Copies purchased from will be personally autographed by me.

Steve, who I love a lot, wrote the following in the liner notes for this package, which modesty almost forbids me to - oh, what the heck:

"I believe that Mike Keneally is one of the most creative and gifted musicians God has graced us with. I have witnessed him do things on various instruments (at the same time occasionally) that defy reality, and though his technical command of his instruments is extraordinary, it's the profound voice of his inner ear that is truly the trump card of his brilliance. How could I have been so fortunate that he accepted to take on this project?"

Unbelievable.  I feel very fortunate my own damn self.  Thank you Steve.



Finally the album makes it to retail.  Press coverage of the album, advertisements, features/interviews etc. will blossom like things in the dew (check January issue of Guitar Player for feature and full-page ad) [see below for a sneak preview].  Maybe even radio airplay, jeez, imagine that.  We'll try anything.  Look for me/us on the road a lot next year, for that is how I feel.  I want to be out there banging on things and making a lot of noise.  So we'll just see how much noise we can make.   Yopp!  (12-point reference)

Still available from - the special edition of “Dog” with DVD, signed and numbered by me.  A limited edition of 2500 and most of them have been sold, and I always get really sad emails from people angry at themselves for not buying limited editions while they're available and then they're suddenly unavailable and they write to me “Oh Mike!  I waited too long and now <fill in the blank highly desirable currently unavailable thingy> is no longer available, what should I do?”  Yeah!  Cry me a river, grape nut!  Anyway, please buy your very own “Dog” CD/DVD special edition while you still can, and next time I see you we'll nod at each other knowingly because you have got it going on.  Dog shirts available at Moosemart too!  We must be…inSAAAAANE!



It's true, you know.  “The Universe Will Provide” (my instrumental composition for guitar and orchestra, recorded by the Metropole Orkest and myself) plus “Parallel Universe” (audio CD documentary of the making of TUWP featuring outtakes, live recordings, computer demos, and what have you) are still available as a 2-CD special edition for a mere twenty bucks at  I hasten to remind you, Skeezitz, that Moosemart is the ONLY place you can find “Parallel Universe.”  And find it?  You should.  Also TUWP shirts still available, in regular design and ladies' design, which is proving to be very popular.  Guys, you know the special woman in your life is seriously needing one of these shirts for the holidays.  Women, you should obviously buy the regular TUWP shirt for your man.  Walk around together, ostentatiously clinging to the notion that no matter what anyone may think, the Universe does continue to provide!  Hoo boy!



An internet radio station playing nothing but Mike Keneally music?  Can this be allowed? 

Yeah, it's allowed if WE SAY IT IS!  THIS IS IT!!  The music THEY don't want you to hear!  Voted most controversial website which plays nothing but Mike Keneally music by!  Don't let your guard down people!  Listen to nothing but RADIO KENEALLY!

Seriously - soon we'll be adding lots of new songs and radio ID's.  Next week I've got a few days to devote to programming Radio Keneally and I will, I will.



Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw are the morning team on San Diego radio station KGB-FM.  Each year they release a compilation CD of their best radio bits to raise funds for charities at Christmas.  This year their CD is being bundled with a DVD, a comedy film called “The JK Conspiracy” written and directed by Cookie Chainsaw Randolph and featuring the music of me, Mike.  It's songs from my last three albums, in some cases mixed differently (like there's a cool instrumental remix of “I Was Not Ready For You,” for instance).  Guest stars in this production include Bob Costas and Don Rickles - it's a really ambitious production and pretty freakin' hilarious.  It'll be available at local chain stores in San Diego (they're pressing 25,000 of them!), but for more information check out the KGB-FM website,



    I will once again be on the road, playing and singing the praises of Taylor Guitars.  Join me at these exciting locations!

    Mike Keneally Solo  -  Taylor Acoustic Guitar Workshops  -  Admission Free

    2004/11/16 - 7:00 p.m. - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', Carle Place, NY, usa

  • 2004/11/17 - 7:00 p.m. - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', Springfield, NJ, usa

  • 2004/11/18 - 7:00 p.m. - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', New Haven, CT, usa

  • 2004/11/19 - 7:00 p.m. - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', King of Prussia, PA, usa

  • 2004/11/20 -  4:00 p.m. - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music',Richmond, VA, usa



And, hey, if you want to see the advertisements which Atticus Wolrab designed for the new issues of Guitar Player and ICE Magazine, you can see them here:

Share them with all seventy of your friends and make them Keneally Konscious!  Come on world!

All righty.  Love you all.  Good fortune to all of us.

-- mk



Oh, no!  Oh, no!  No time for a poem!
If time were a donkey, I'd wish I could slow him!
If time were some pillows, just think of it, ay?
Time's neither pillows nor donkey today!


Dr. Yo recorded a tribute to his musical heroes, called "Unoriginal Masters". It is available for download at his website:

Track 8 is "Walter Westinghouse", written by The Residents.



  • acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o.: hypnotic liquid machine from the golden utopia
        (2004, cd, ??, amtcd)
    • Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. performed Frank Zappa's 'Willie The Pimp' in concert on 2004/01/31 at Bears "70's Rock Tribute". It got released as a bonus track on their 2004 album "Hypnotic Liquid Machine From The Golden Utopia". The track lasts some 16 minutes and is credited to Captain Bret Heart & Terry Funk Zappa.
      It's a psychedelic monster jam.

      As usual, this is a limited release.

-- info: Danny Mathys

Lots of new concert dates. Be sure to check your agenda.
Talk again to you soon,...


  • zita swoon: a song for a girls
        (2004, cd, be, chikaree records asaag 300)
    • Finally, a new album by Stef Kamil Carlens' Zita Swoon. Don't ask me about the title (SKC has a perfect explanation for it). All that I can say is that this is another great Zita Swoon album.
      If you don't know about Zita Swoon, here's the perfect introduction. If you've heard them before, you'll know what to expect.


Do you remember the beautiful but fake postage stamps that I mentioned last month. Issued by what a called 'not a real country'.
Charles Ulrich was kind enough to correct me on this:

Udmurtia is a real place. It's part of the Russian Federation. See

But the official territorial entities making up the Russian Federation do not issue their own stamps. See

This also applies to the Tuvan FZ stamps.

-- Charles Ulrich


Talking about a dynamite show...

Doctor Dark will be sharing the bill with the inimitable Dr. Eugene Chadbourne on Sunday, December 5th, 2004 at The Cafe Nine on 250 State St. New Haven, CT. Doors open at 7:00pm show starts at 7:30pm.

Dr. Chadbourne will be performing some solo stuff, but will also do some music with Doctor Dark backing him up.

James, get me my plane. And send a note to these G3 guys that I won't make it to Brazil. Something more important has come up.



Ed Palermo says:

Hi, folks.

It's been a while, but we return Wednesday, November 10 at the premier NY jazz club, Iridium. We played there once this past summer and it was a blast! The stage is smaller than the Bottom Line and BB King's, so the audience is much closer to the players. Also, it's more of an acoustic vibe because we use almost no mics. Very intimate, but rockin! We'll be focusing on Zappa's jazzier stuff. Mostly instrumentals, but Carl Restivo will be joining us to play guitar and sing for a few numbers. And I'm feverishly working on a brand new chart on Jazz From Hell's "Night School". We're also bringing back one we only played twice at the Bottom Line, "Be-Bop Tango".

IRIDIUM (New York City-51st and Bway) 212-582-2121 Wednesday, November 10 2 shows-8+10 PM
We hope you can make it. It will be our last show of Zappa material until spring or summer. ed

  • 2004/11/10-E- the Ed Palermo Big Band - concert 'iridium', nyc, ny, usa

  • 2004/11/10-L- the Ed Palermo Big Band - concert 'iridium', nyc,ny,  usa



Chris Opperman has quit the Shankar band.

Good news is, however, that the 2004/10/22 4FM radio show (the netherlands) is available for your ears at:



Belgian band Wrong Object will be playing a couple of concerts that will include a bunch of Zappa compositions:
  • 2004/11/18 concert ‘colors café’ (rue souverain pont), liège, 21h00

  • 2004/12/09 concert ‘phoenix club’ (rue de la sirène), liège, 21h00 (w. Rêve d'Eléphant Orch.)



On, one can find a couple of fine Residents tunes, as performed by Uri:
  1. god in three persons
  2. i murdered mommy
  3. kaw-liga
  4. moles are coming
  5. numb erone

-- info: Ive Hapers



Out now:
  • The Residents: I Muredered Mommy
    ** This is the soundtrack from the abandoned CD ROM project of the same name. A lot of thought had been put into the project, and a team had been assembled. We gathered up the (very long) treatment for the project, put it in a (very long) booklet, and a DVD sized digipak with slip cover. Of course the CDROM never did become a reality as a product, and there is no video on this release, only audio. But you can read along about the characters, the various plot changes, the way the CDROM was to be programmed and a whole lot more. Only 1000 copies will be available, all numbered. **
  • The Residents: Viva Las Vegas
    ** A promo only CD, but available at Euroralph **
  • The Residents: The Commercial Album 25th Anniversary CD
  • The Residents: The Commercial DVD

and there's more. Ive Hapers sent the following link along:




Two new Zappa bootleg DVDs have been surfacing. The first one is called "200 Motels", the second one "No Commercial Potential".

I knew of No Commercial Potential as a DVDR, but it looks like it that the source actually is a factory pressed DVD bootleg:

Info from David Wills (from the back-cover of the DVD):

Frank Zappa: No Commercial Potential - 1967-1968 Video Comp DVD

FZ   1967 - 1968   MOTHERS & OTHERS
( mother people nyc archives volume two )

1967 'Inside Pop - The Rock Revolution' 13:30 cbs-tv news special on the 'generation gap'
Presented by 'establishment guy' conductor leonard bernstein featuring tim buckley brian wilson roger mcguinn graham nash & others includes great short 'semi-political apocalyptic' intvw /w/ fz

  • 1967 Bitter End NYC 5:05

    • suzy creemcheese 1:37
      ( watch as fz clearly mouthes "you're a motherf*cker!" at least a half-dozen times! )

    • In Memoriam: Hieronymous Bosch 3:25

  • suzy creamcheese b&w promo film 3:11

  • Oct 3 or 4 ( 23rd? ) 1968 'Colour Me Pop UK BBC-TV   3:31
    ( FZ intvw   ".before america scarfes up the world & shits on it!" )

  • Ruben & The Jets "in the sky" 2:00
    ( roy estrada has such a sweet voice! )

  • Oct 6 1968 Beat Club Bremen Germany   39:00
    ( FZ on German TV the name of the program was 'Lieder Liches' )
    ( also known as   'Happening Im Studio' )

    • 'improvised avant teen dance party theme song'   3:11

    • June 19 1970 intvw /w/ fz 4:08

    • King Kong/Improvisation   2:18

    • 'The String Quartet' ( 'loosely' incorporating the following selections )

      • A Pound for a Brown (on the Bus)   8:30

      • Sleeping in a Jar   7:30

      • Uncle Meat   4:18

      • Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask ["Improvisation"]   3:45

      • Lohengrin [Wagner]   1:25

      • Let's Make the Water Turn Black / etc finale improvisation.   3:50

      • "The String Quartet" was an early number which contained melodies of "A Pound for a Brown on the Bus" and "Sleeping in a Jar" (which of course were then released on 'Uncle Meat' 2LP in April 1969 )

  • "The Real Uncle Meat!"   42:00
    (which in fact is the complete 42 min "Suzy Creamcheese What's Got Into You? "'s.html#SuzyCreamcheese)
    ( soundtrack music is 'collaged' from studio recordings )

    • suzy creemcheese 3:25

    • lumpy gravy guitar song 4:40

    • some avant schtuff   1:00

    • duchess of prunes 0:25

    • lotsa avant schtuff   13:25

    • who are the brain police?   3:20

    • more avant schtuff fum unc meat   5:20

    • it can't happen here / suzy creemcheese reprise 0:50

    • lumpy gravy guitar song reprise / etc 6:55

    • call any vegetable 2:00
      ( what a pumpkin! )

  • footage includes 'we're only in it for th' money' foto session. moon as a baby.garrick theatre.mothers @ heathrow. taxi in london.walking around piccadilly square.royal albert hall ( rest assured we did whatever we could to make this look 'good' )
    ( frame-by-frame digital filter-processing encoding took 24 hours! )

  •  ~ 106 MINUTES ~



RIP John Peel.

My your God be with you.


Be sure to check out the concert calendar for the latest dates of the Project/Object tour. Their 2004/11/04 concert at the ‘Variety Playhouse’ in Atlanta featured Denny Walley as special guest !!

P/O, featuring both Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock:

featuring Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/11/08 concert ‘world café’, philadelphia, pa, usa

  • 2004/11/09 - recording day

  • 2004/11/10 concert ‘the middle east’, cambridge, ma, usa

  • 2004/11/11 concert ‘webster theatre’, hartford, ct, usa

  • 2004/11/12 concert ‘stone pony’, asbury park, nj, usa - - ike's birthday!!!

  • 2004/11/13 – private show /  concert ‘river st jazz cafe'’, wilkes barre, pa, usa

  • 2004/11/14 concert ‘knitting factory’, nyc, ny, usa
  • 2004/11/15 concert – portland, me, usa
  • 2004/11/16 concert ‘nectars’- burlington, vt, usa



Those of you livin' in the neighbourhood of Austin, Texas, probably know what I'm talking about.
For the third year in a row, the Zappa Hoot Night will feature bands playing the music of Frank Zappa, to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.


World Premiere

Sunday, november 7, 2004, Dutch Radio 4 will air the brand-new Steve Vai album "Piano Reductions volume 1". The album will be released in the US of A november 16.

-- info: Co de Kloet

I still have a bunch of info & messages to go through, so I'll be back tomorrow with another load of news.




Morgan Ågren is featured in Drummerworld dot com. Read all about it:



  • frank zappa: whats new in berlin?
        (????, cd, ??,
    hw 021)
    • I don't know if this really is a 'new' album, but I only found out about it recently.
      Bootleg collectors are having a hard time, lately. A lot of the material that is offered, are so-called bootlegs, but are in fact home-burned CDRs. Even worse, some material that is offered, are CDR copies of 'real' (read: factory pressed) bootlegs.
      "Whats new in Berlin?" (no apostrophe (')) presents the first part of the 1982/05/12 Berlin concert. Limited to 500, numbered copies.

  • frank zappa: frank zappa brings yellow snow to rochester & buffalo
        (????, cd, ??,
    dripping cow records dcr 04)
    • "Frank Zappa Brings Yellow Snow To Rochester & Buffalo" is another bootleg CD. Focusing on 1974, the album presents parts from the 1974/11/14 Rochester and the 1974/11/15 Buffalo concert.
      George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ruth Underwood, ... You get the picture.
      This is another hard-to-find limited release: 500 numbered copies.


There are quite a number of new Vai (related) releases coming, the next couple of months:
  • steve vai: piano reductions, volume one
        (2004, cd, usa, favored nations)
  • bob carpenter: the sun, the moon, the stars
        (2004, cd, usa, favored nations) - feat. steve & pia vai
  • soundtrack: halo 2
        (2004, cd, usa, ??) - feat. steve vai
  • various artists: crossroads guitar festival
        (2004, 2dvd, aus, ??) - feat. steve vai



From the Vai newsletter:

The Vai-Tunes Music Downloads Store is finally here! This brand-new online store features unreleased and rare songs by Steve, along with rare and exclusive video. Four audio files are currently available - in both high quality AAC and MP3 files. “Burning Bush” is an unreleased track recorded during The Ultra Zone sessions. “Mag Jam” was recorded for UK Guitar Magazine around the same time. We have just added two new tracks: “As Above” and “So Below” - originally the opening and closing tracks for an early configuration of The Ultra Zone. We will be adding more downloads - both audio and video in the coming weeks and months.

Purchasing files from the VAI-Tunes Music Download Stores is easy. Payment can be made by either PayPal or credit card. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve the store. You can either post your comments on our Message Boards or send us an email.

Click here to visit the VAI-Tunes Store!



The Voice oF CheeZ
plays music by Frank Zappa

Saturday, NOVEMBER 13, 2004
same bat time, same bat station
8 pm to midnite
Nietzsche's 248 Allen St.
Buffalo, NY

  • 2004/11/13 Voice oF CheeZ - concert 'nietzches', buffalo, ny, usa



Fred Hemmer says:

It's not Zappaween but at least its Bogus Pomp music. Go to for selections from the August 21 Bogus Pomp Orchestra show.

-- Fred

And Fred is right. Check these pieces out. Almost 50 minutes of absolute joy.


Co de Kloet says:

After the highly succesful Steve Vai / 4FM broadcasts in September we are proud to announce three more radio shows!

  • 2004/11/11 - 2300-24.00 hrs Dutch time on radio 4 and via Webradio (

    • The missing link between contemporary music and the rock 'n'roll guitar solo: Steve Vai.

    • An hour’s worth of conversation between Steve Vai and Co de Kloet as well as exclusive audio material. This is an updated version of the 2001 NPS special.

    • Includes music by John Cage, Nicollò Paganini, Edgard Varèse, Leonard Bernstein, Frank Zappa, Charles Ives and of course Steve Vai.

  • 2004/12/15 - 23.00-24.00 hrs Dutch time on radio 4 and via Webradio (


  • 2004/12/22 - 23.00-24.00 hrs Dutch time on radio 4 and via Webradio (


    • After the 3 one hour September broadcasts of Steve Vai and The Metropole Orkest performing THE ACHING HUNGER, we have decided to present two bonus shows: included are mixes from legendary performances in Amsterdam that were NOT included in the September shows (like another explosive version of Kill The Guy With The Ball, The Attitude Song, Amsterdam version of Lotus Feet and others).

BUT THERE IS MORE: Listeners have the chance to request REPEATS from the pieces that aired in September. REQUEST ONLY PER EMAIL VIA


and here's the info on the previous Vai specials that radio 4 aired:
  • 2004/09/08 radio broadcast dutch radio 4: steve vai & the metropole orkest
    • is it over yet? * theadolite * memories of a silent rose * helios & vesta * kill the guy with the ball * gentle ways/reflections * answers * the attitude song
    • source: 2004/05/22 concert groningen, nl
  • 2004/09/10 radio broadcast dutch radio 4: steve vai & the metropole orkest
    • liberty * reflections(*) * memories of a silent rose (*)+(**) * answers(*) * lotus feet * is it over yet?
    • source: 2004/05/22 concert groningen, nl,
      plus (*) 2004/05/23 concert amsterdam, nl  &  (**) 2004/05/24 concert amsterdam, nl
  • 2004/09/15 radio broadcast dutch radio 4: steve vai & the metropole orkest
    • helios & vesta * theadolite * frangelica * gentle ways/reflections * murder * answers * ballerina * for the love of god * the attitude song
    • source: 2004/05/24 concert amsterdam, nl


A message from Mike Keropian:

Hello All,

I now have an alternative "finish" for the 5.5" Zappa and the 7" Varese portrait busts. I call this new finish "Clay Finish" for lack of a better name. There are new photos on the following webpage:

Please specify which finish you prefer when ordering. I accept Paypal and Money Orders.

  • Frank Zappa (5.5 inch) bonded bronze or clay finish portrait bust.

  • Edgard Varese  (7 inch) bonded bronze or clay finish portrait bust.

Both are available for $100 each + shipping.

Frank Zappa (10.25 inch) bonded bronze portrait bust....$300 + shipping.

Bronze (hot-cast versions) are also available for each of the portraits above, contact me for current pricing.
I ship internationally as well!!

Best Regards,

Mike Keropian


George Winston's latest album, ""Montana - A Love Story" includes a coverversion of Frank Zappa's 'Little House I used to Live in'.

- info: Luc Reniers


  • gary lucas & jozef van wissem: diplopia
        (2003, cd, nl, bvhaast 0103)
    • A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the "The Universe Of Absence" album by Gary Lucas & Jozef van Wissem, the second album that they did together.
      "Diplopia" is their first collaboration. All pieces written by Jozef van Wissem (and sounding very classical). It's an okay album, but I prefer "The Universe" as it takes on a bunch of modern, poppy tunes.

  • free flying: free flying
        (2004, cd, czech, faust records fr 26-2331)
    • The name says it all. "Free Flying" is all about sponaneous improvisations. It is a project that Gary Lucas did with a couple of Czech musicians, and it sounds great. It's remarkable how recognisable Gary Lucas' guitar playing sounds, even in a completely improvised piece.
      I like this a lot.

The Zappa Patio is off-line, but should be back soon. I thought I'd throw in my two cents...
There's a lot of info that I should add, so I'll be talking again to you tomorrow.



For your visual enjoyment, here's some more Zappa bootleg covers.
I also started to add some data to these titles. The first part looks something like this:


























the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2004/07/22 - Zappanale
    • Remko Serban
    • "Billy The Mountain", a movie by Jürgen Fischer - Music: Captain Ahab
    • a special lecture by a secret "Stone-ethnologist", assisted by Zappa-expert, Jim Cohen

  • 2004/07/22 steve vai - concert ‘metro city’, perth, australia

  • 2004/07/23 - Zappanale
    • Jim Cohen - Talk about FZ
    • The Foolz
    • Arf
    • Frogg Café featuring Ed Mann
    • Mats/Morgan Band
    • Ensemble Creativ
    • Captain Ahab

  • 2004/07/24 - Zappanale
    • Daniel Rohr: Homage to Lou Reed
    • Przasniczki
    • Cellomania
    • The Wrong Object featuring Ed Mann
    • Tornadoes
    • Daniel Rohr and friends: Genesis concept-album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'
    • Kraan

  • 2004/07/24 steve vai - concert ‘the barton theatre’, adelaide, australia

  • 2004/07/25 - Zappanale
    • Frank Goos - Surprise
    • Ole Lukkoye
    • The Grandmothers
    • Zappa Graduates
    • Ed Mann & friends
    • finale

  • 2004/07/25 steve vai - concert ‘the palace’, melbourne, australia

  • 2004/07/26 The Grandmothers concert 'Roxy', Flensburg, Germany
    2004/07/26 steve vai - concert ‘the enmore theatre’, sydney, australia

  • 2004/07/27 The Grandmothers concert 'Kantine', Köln, Germany
    2004/07/27 steve vai - concert ‘the arena’, brisbane, australia

  • 2004/07/28 The Grandmothers concert 'Sinkkasten', Frankfurt, Germany 

  • 2004/07/29 steve vai - concert ‘suntec’, singapore

  • 2004/07/29 The Grandmothers concert ‘objekt 5’, halle, germany

  • 2004/07/30 The Grandmothers concert ‘star club’, dresden, germany

  • 2004/07/31 Mike Keneally Band - concert 'The Baked Potato', North Hollywood, CA, usa
  • 2004/08/01 The Grandmothers concert 'Fabrik', Hamburg, Germany
    2004/08/01 steve vai - concert ‘taipei city music hall’, taipei
    2004/08/01 frogg cafe  &  the wrong object  -  concert 'chez bouldou', liège, belgium
    2004/08/01 Sul Divano - concert 'la revuelta', capital federal, argentina

  • 2004/08/02 The Grandmothers concert 'Knaack', Berlin, Germany

  • 2004/08/03 steve vai - concert kowloon, hong kong  

  • 2004/08/04 The Grandmothers concert 'B 72', Wien, Austria

  • 2004/08/05 The Grandmothers concert 'Sudhaus', Tübingen, Germany
  • 2004/08/05 steve vai - concert ‘tjm squeare hall’, beijing, china
  • 2004/08/06 The Grandmothers concert 'Café Central', Weinheim, Germany

  • 2004/08/07 The Grandmothers concert 'faust', Hannover, Germany 
    2004/08/07 Afroskull - concert 'the maple leaf bar', new orleans, la, usa

  • 2004/08/12 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the rainbow room’, seattle, wa, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/13 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘nocturnal’, portland, or, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock
    2004/08/13 The Wrong Object - concert "paulusfeesten", oostende, belgium

  • 2004/08/14 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘wow hall’, eugene, or, usa:
    1-Classic Rock Show (Matinee)
    2-Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (Evening)

  • 2004/08/17 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the starlight’, ft collins, co, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

    2004/08/17 Mike Keneally - concert 'Level One', Los Angeles, CA, usa

  • 2004/08/18 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘cervantes masterpiece ballroom’, denver, co, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/19 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘(venue to be announced)’, salt lake city, ut, usa
    1-Classic Rock Show (matinee)
    2-Zappa w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (evening)

  • 2004/08/20 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the wild wild west casino’, las vegas, nv, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/21 The Bogus Pomp Orchestra - concert 'The Tampa Theatre', ??, usa

  • 2004/08/21 Eugene Chadbourne - concert the 'Plusetage' in Baarle-Nassau, NL

  • 2004/08/28 Afroskull - concert 'Tazza Cafe', Providence RI

  • 2004/08/29 Afroskull - concert 'The Unity Ball' - a Bands Against Bush event in NYC

  • 2004/09/03 Afroskull - concert 'The Parkside Lounge', NYC

  • 2004/09/05 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert "Progday Festival", Chappel Hill, NC, USA
    2004/09/05 mike keneally band concert 'lestat's', san diego, ca, usa

  • 2004/09/07 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'The Attic Bar', Detroit, MI, USA

  • 2004/09/08 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Wilbert´s', Cleveland, OH, USA
    2004/09/08 4FM radio show: in concert: steve vai & the metropole orchestra: the aching hunger - part one

  • 2004/09/09 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Montage Grill - Prog 90', Rochester, NY, USA
    2004/09/09 Afroskull - concert 'Freddy's Bar and Backroom', Brooklyn

  • 2004/09/10 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Berklee College Of Music', Boston, MA, USA
    2004/09/10 4FM radio show: spotlight on steve vai: steve & co de kloet discuss the aching hunger
    2004/09/10 absolute ensemble, feat.mike keneally - concert "absolute zappa", musikfest Bremen, bremen, germany
    2004/09/10 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage", 'tivoli', utrecht, the netherlands

  • 2004/09/11 lulu strings & ataraxia orchester schwerin, feat.mike keneally
    - concert / filmmusik 'stadthalle ludwigslust', ludwigslust, germany
    2004/09/11 mike keneally - concert 'piano bar / galerie ander bleiche, ludwigslust, germany
    2004/09/11 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'NJ Prog House', Metlar Bodine, Piscataway, NJ, USA
    2004/09/11 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage", 'patronaat', haarlem, the netherlands
    2004/09/11 The Wrong Object - concert ‘l’an vert’, liège, belgium

  • 2004/09/12 The Mats / Morgan Band - concert 'Tribeca Rock Club', New York, NY, USA
    2004/09/12 The Troupe - concert ''De Kleine Komedie', Amsterdam,NL
    2004/09/12 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage, 'de kleine komedie', amsterdam, the netherlands

  • 2004/09/13 The Troupe - performance "joe's garage", 'schouwburg', enschede, the netherlands

  • 2004/09/14 mike keneally and friends - concert 'waldsee', freiburg, germany

  • 2004/09/15 4FM radio show: in concert: steve vai & the metropole orchestra: the aching hunger - part two

  • 2004/09/16 the Central Scrutinzer - concert 'café piupiu', são paulo, brasil
    2004/09/16 mike keneally and friends - concert 'objekt 5', halle, germany

  • 2004/09/17 mike keneally and friends - concert 'der club', heiligenhaus, germany
    2004/09/17-25 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford)
      "Antimatter Festival of Underground Film & Video", Victoria, BC, Canada

  • 2004/09/18 the Absolute Ensemble, feat. M Keneally & NM Brock - concert cologne, germany

  • 2004/09/22 & 25 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Ottawa Animation Festival", Ottawa, ON, Canada

  • 2004/09/23 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', fairfax, va, usa
    2004/09/23-26 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival", Birmingham, AL, usa
    2004/09/23 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Space 538", Portland, ME, usa
    2004/09/23-27 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Red Vic Movie House", San Francisco, CA, usa

  • 2004/09/24 Afroskull - concert 'Cafe 111', Brooklyn
    2004/09/24 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'music central', egg harbor township, nj, usa

  • 2004/09/25 mike keneally & bryan beller - concert 'orion sound studios', baltimore, md, usa

  • 2004/09/27 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', manhattan, ny, usa

  • 2004/09/28 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘iron horse music hall’, northampton, ma, usa
    2004/09/28 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'union music', worcester, ma, usa

  • 2004/09/29 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘valentine's’, albany, ny, usa
    2004/09/29 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', colonie, ny, usa

  • 2004/09/30 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the call’, providence, ri, usa
    2004/09/30 mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', totowa, nj, usa

  • 2004/10/01 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the conduit’, trenton, nj, usa
    2004/10/01 mike keneally & bryan beller  - workshop 'pro line music', fairless hills, pa, usa

  • 2004/10/02 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘funk box’, baltimore, md, usa
    2004/10/02 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford)
     "20,000 Leagues Under the Industry Film Festival", Cleveland, OH, usa

  • 2004/10/03 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "New Genre Festival", Tulsa, OK, usa

  • 2004/10/04 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘club café’, pittsburgh, usa

  • 2004/10/05 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘club café’, pittsburgh, usa
    2004/10/05-16 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Flanders International Film Festival Ghent", Ghent, Belgium

  • 2004/10/06 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘club infinity’, buffalo, ny, usu
    2004/10/06 The Central Scrutinizer - concert 'bar avenida', são paulo, brasil

  • 2004/10/07 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘magic bag’, detroit, mi, usa

  • 2004/10/08 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the agora’, cleveland, oh, usa
    2004/10/08-10 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Red Bank Film Festival", Red Bank, NJ, usa

  • 2004/10/09 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘martyrs’, chicago, il, usa

  • 2004/10/10 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘martyrs’, chicago, il, usa

  • 2004/10/11 4FM radio show: the universe will provide on cd! mike keneally & co de kloet discuss TUWP

  • 2004/10/12 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the fox’, boulder, co, usa

  • 2004/10/14-24 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Starz Denver International Film Festival", Denver, CO, usa

  • 2004/10/15 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the rainbow’, seattle, wa, usa
    2004/10/15-17 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "FilmFest Kansas City", Kansas City, MO, usa

  • 2004/10/16 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the rainbow’, seattle, wa, usa

  • 2004/10/17 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘dante’s’, portland, or, usa

  • 2004/10/18 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘wow hall’, eugene, or, usa
    2004/10/18 4FM radio show: chamber works: the radio premiere of the studio version of chamber works, by terry bozzio and the metropole orchestra

  • 2004/10/19 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the bean scene’, chico, ca, usa

  • 2004/10/20 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the independent’, san francisco, ca, usa
    2004/10/20-21 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Starz Denver International Film Festival ",Denver, CO, usa

  • 2004/10/21 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘last day saloon north’, santa rosa, ca, usa

  • 2004/10/22 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘brookdale lodge’, santa cruz, ca, usa
    2004/10/22 4FM radio show: spotlight on chris opperman. opperman & de kloet discuss and play oppy music, including material only heard on this show
    2004/10/22-28 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Indie Memphis Film Festival",Memphis, TN, usa

  • 2004/10/23 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘winston's’, san diego, ca, usa

  • 2004/10/25 Sul Divano - radio shows "la rock & pop) - fm 95.9
  • 2004/10/26 mike keneally - workshop 'a sharp music', renton, wa, usa

  • 2004/10/27 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘quixotes’, denver, co, usa
    2004/10/27 mike keneally - workshop 'guitar center', eugene, or, usa
    2004/10/27 Sul Divano - concert 'centro cultural ricardo rojas', capital federal, argentina

  • 2004/10/28 4FM radio show: exclusive acoustic studio session with mike keneally and bryan beller
    mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', beaverton, or, usa
    2004/10/28 The Central Scrutinzer Band - concert 'cafe piupiu', são paulo, brasil

  • 2004/10/29 4FM radio show: spotlight on bryan beller: beller and de kloet talk about view
    mike keneally & bryan beller - workshop 'guitar center', tacoma, wa, usa
    2004/10/29 & 31 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Cleveland Museum of Art", Cleveland, OH, usa

  • 2004/10/30 Doctor Dark concert 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa

  • 2004/11/01 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘ciceros’, st. louis, mo, usa

  • 2004/11/04 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘variety playhouse’, atlanta, ga, usa
    2004/11/04 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Get Real Film Festival", Minneapolis, MN, usa
    2004/11/04 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Asheville International Film Festival", Asheville, NC, usa
    2004/11/04-07 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference", Lexington, KY, usa

  • 2004/11/05 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘visulite’, charlotte, nc, usa

  • 2004/11/06 P/O, feat. IW - concert ‘stella’, asheville, nc, usa
  • 2004/11/08 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘world café’, philadelphia, pa, usa

  • 2004/11/10 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘the middle east’, cambridge, ma, usa

  • 2004/11/10-E- the Ed Palermo Big Band - concert 'iridium', nyc, ny, usa

  • 2004/11/10-L- the Ed Palermo Big Band - concert 'iridium', nyc,ny,  usa

  • 2004/11/11 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘webster theatre’, hartford, ct, usa

  • 2004/11/11 Steve Vai - dutch radio 4 radio show - 2300-24.00 h

  • 2004/11/12 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘stone pony’, asbury park, nj, usa
    2004/11/12 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Detroit Docs International Film Festival", Detroit, MI, usa

  • 2004/11/13 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - – /  concert ‘river st jazz cafe'’, wilkes barre, pa, usa

  • 2004/11/13 Voice oF CheeZ - concert 'nietzches', buffalo, ny, usa

  • 2004/11/14 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘knitting factory’, nyc, ny, usa
  • 2004/11/14 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) "Daytona Beach Film Festival", Daytona Beach, FL, usa
  • 2004/11/15 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert – portland, me, usa
  • 2004/11/16 P/O, feat. IW & NMB - concert ‘nectars’- burlington, vt, usa
  • 2004/11/16 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', Carle Place, NY, usa
  • 2004/11/17 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', Springfield, NJ, usa
  • 2004/11/18 Wrong Object - concert ‘colors café’ (rue souverain pont), liège, 21h00
  • 2004/11/18 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', New Haven, CT, usa
  • 2004/11/19 - 7:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music', King of Prussia, PA, usa

  • 2004/11/20 -  4:00 p.m. Mike Keneally - guitar workshop, 'Sam Ash Music',Richmond, VA, usa

  • 2004/11/22 George Duke concert 'Doelen', Rotterdam, NL
  • 2004/11/24 George Duke - concert 'de melkweg', amsterdam, NL
  • 2004/11/25 The Central Scrutinizer Band - concert 'café piupiu', são paulo, brasil
  • 2004/11/27 Michael Borstlap + the Metropole Orkest, feat.Napoleon Murphy Brock
        concert 'oosterpoort', groningen, NL
  • 2004/11/30 G3 - concert 'auditorio nacional', mexico city, mexico
  • 2004/12/03 G3 - concert 'claro hall',  rio de janeiro, brazil
  • 2004/12/04 G3 - concert 'credicard hall',  sao paulo, brazil
  • 2004/12/04 Petulant Frenzy - concert 'the Basement', Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia
  • 2004/12/05 G3 - concert 'credicard hall',  sao paulo, brazil
  • 2004/12/05 Doctor Dark  //  Eugene Chadbourne - concert 'the cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa
  • 2004/12/07 G3 - concert 'luna park',  buenos aires, argentina
  • 2004/12/07 MONSTER ROAD (Bruce Bickford) 'Two Boots Pioneer Theater', New York City, ny, usa
  • 2004/12/08 G3 - concert 'luna park',  buenos aires, argentina
  • 2004/12/09 G3 - concert 'luna park',  buenos aires, argentina
  • 2004/12/09 Wrong Object - concert ‘phoenix club’ (rue de la sirène), liège, 21h00  (w. Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra)
  • 2004/12/11 G3 - concert 'estadio chile',  santiago, chile
  • 2004/12/15 Steve Vai - dutch radio 4 radio show -  23.00-24.00 h - the aching hunger bonus show - part one
  • 2004/12/22 Steve Vai - dutch radio 4 radio show -  23.00-24.00 h - the aching hunger bonus show - part two
  • 2005/01/-- Napoleon Murphy Brock  -  dutch radio show "Blindfold Test", with Charles Pater
  • 2005/01/09 (15:00 h) Terry Bozzio + the Metropole Orkest- concert '013', Tilburg, NL
  • 2005/01/12 Terry Bozzio concert 'hedon', zwolle, NL
  • 2005/01/13 Terry Bozzio - concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, NL