the big nOte files - january 2004

updated 2004/01/18 & 25:

ZZZZZ Rare Bird covered Zappa's 'King Kong'
ZZZZZ up-date on the Bonnen and on the Aigui discography
ZZZZZ link Bozzio and Thunes through high-school
ZZZZZ B'wana Dik has a brand-new website
ZZZZZ additions to the James Youmans discography
ZZZZZ Afroskull announcing a couple of concerts
ZZZZZ Henry Kaiser played Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay' in concert
ZZZZZ Pink Floyd fans looking for the Amougies Pink Floyd / Zappa jam
ZZZZZ extra info on the Maha-Vista Philharmonic 
ZZZZZ new Residents albums: WB:RMX, Brumalia & more
ZZZZZ Hans Annéllsson's band is playing Zappa tribute concerts
ZZZZZ Corrie van Binsbergen is working on two new projects
ZZZZZ Dutch Zappa (re)cover band The FoolZ will be playing a concert 2004/01/25 in Spijkenisse
ZZZZZ The Laatste Show Band played a Zappa tune during a Belgian tv-show
ZZZZZ John Trubee's wiseass quote for the day
ZZZZZ Marc Guillermont recorded an album called "Zappostrophe"
ZZZZZ George Duke is playing concerts, promoting his new album
ZZZZZ Additions to the Others Of Invention section: Italian bands playing Zappa
ZZZZZ More data on the 1994 Andy Emler "Zappa Tribute" concert
ZZZZZ B'wana Dik & Friends will be playing Zappa's music in the Netherlands
ZZZZZ The Wrong Object will be playing Zappa's music in the UK (and also in Belgium)
ZZZZZ An additions to the Lowell George discography
ZZZZZ Zappa tribute album by LeBocal
ZZZZZ More on the Modern Bog Cover Compilation
ZZZZZ concerts, radio broadcasts and more: B'wana Dik, Whatchamacallit, and more  // updated
ZZZZZ Skip Heller anthology "Career Suicide" includes his interpretations of Zappa's 'Take Your Clothes Off..."
ZZZZZ Mike Keneally
ZZZZZ Ossi Duri has a new album out, called "X" (as in ten), with lots of Zappa material & features Zappa alumni
ZZZZZ Residents news
ZZZZZ The Muffin Men / Ensemble 10:10 record from "When Worlds Collide"
ZZZZZ A new Project/Object concert !
ZZZZZ Alexei Aigui and Dietmar Bonnen have a brandnew album playing the music of Frank Zappa
ZZZZZ Newspapers & magazines
ZZZZZ Whatchamacallit has a new demo out
ZZZZZ John Trubee's Christmas feelings
ZZZZZ Doctor Dark concert dates announced !!
ZZZZZ "Monster Road", the documentary about Bruce Bickford is going to premiere
ZZZZZ More John Trubee
ZZZZZ Arthur Barrow has a new album out
ZZZZZ Two new Zappa bootlegs: BreAst, and Sweet Georgia
ZZZZZ Dutch Yahoo Group: Nederzappa
ZZZZZ Grandmothers tour dates
ZZZZZ International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology
ZZZZZ and the concert calendar


Rumour had it that Rare Bird covered Frank Zappa's 'King Kong' on one of their albums. Unfortunately, no-one knew which album that was. The guys only have a couple of albums out, so how tough could that be?

Chris Warot has the answer: it's on a Rare Bird bootleg album, called "Rare Sympathy". This bootleg presents a concert that took place November 9, in 1970 at the Dtld Hall, in Berlin Germany, 11/9/1970. And yes, they played 'King Kong', and yes, it can also be found on this very bootleg.

-- info: Chris Warot


Danny Mathys sent me info on both the Bonnen & Aigui discography. This showed that Alexei Aigui also is / was a part of Ensemble 4'33", the Russian (??) ensemble that recorded a compisition called '4.33 Variations On Frank Zappa's Theme', written by Aigui, on their "Hearts Of 4.33" album.

-- info: Danny Mathys


Did you know Terry Bozzio and Scott Thunes went to the same high school and had the same band teacher?
Sir Francis Drake in San Anselmo, CA

I went to the same school and Scott is a good friend of mine. I was looking at your site and  thought that might be an interesting connection to make.
I remember seeing Bozzio's name on the wall in the band room as recipient of a music scholarship in 1969, I believe. I don't think Scott actually took school band for very long - he was far ahead of the crowd.

-- info: Mike Hawk



B'wana Dik has a website. It's all in Dutch & not completely ready yet, but you can follow the progress at:


Additions to the James Youmans discography.

-- info: Charles Ulrich


From: Afroskull
Subject: Afroskull Mailing List 1/23/03

Greetings and salutations to all. After a brief hiatus, Afroskull is back to kick out the jams in 2004. We're going to be playing at lots of new venues in the near future, including a couple of gigs just around the corner:

Mark your Calendars!

Thursday 2/5 - The Lion's Den - 214 Sullivan St. - NYC - 9pm
This is our first gig in about two months, and our first gig in two years without horns. Expect a stripped-down heavy sound as Afroskull is transformed into a lean, mean funk-rock machine! Also note that this is our first gig at the Lion's Den. We want to get everybody out to this one so we can show them that we mean business.

Wednesday 2/18 - Hogs N' Heffers - 1st Ave. and 96th St. - NYC - 10:00pm
Join Afroskull as we bring the noise to the upper east side for the first time.

Saturday 2/21 - The Red Zone - 79-56 Metropolitan Ave - Queens - 11:15pm
Afroskull's first gig ever in Queens, a borough that can always use some more funk...

Also, we'll be returning to our monthly Parkside Lounge shows in March. Stay tuned for more details.

As usual, Uncle Afroskull wants you! We are still collecting emails for our NYC street team. We need some more folks who are willing to hand out and / or drop off fliers at certain select shows and venues in Manhattan. Naturally, we can hook you up with all sorts of Afroskull goodies in return. If you're interested, contact . Thanks to those who have already responded, we will be contacting you soon!


I recently received a recording from a Henry Kaiser concert, 2002/05/24 at the 'Club Muse' in Albany, CA, USA. Much to my surprise, the band also played Frank Zappa's 'Watermelon In Easter Hay'.
I added Henry Kaiser to the Others Of Invention list.


Talking about concert recordings, I had contact with a couple of (huge) Pink Floyd concert traders the other day. They told me that the Zappa / Pink Floyd jam at the Amougies festival 1969/10/25 is not to be found in the common PF trade circuit. They were convinced that recordings exist and asked if the tape is circulating among Zappa traders. I had to disappoint them.
One of them supplied me with a fine upgrade of the Amougies / PF tracks that do circulate. Without the the IO jam of course.


You may remember that I mentioned the Maha-Vista Philharmonic's Zappa tribute on BBC radio a little while ago.
Charles Ulrich added:

"You may want to mention that Sad-Spangled Banner includes Soup 'N Old Clothes."

-- info: Charles Ulrich


  • the residents: wb:rmx
        (2004, cd, usa, cryptic)
    • There has been a lot happening, Residents-wise speaking. The Big Eyed Ones offered a complete album through their website around Christmas (or Brumalia as it was called in the pre-christian, pageant era, hence the title).
      And only one week later, they offered a pre-sale of WB:RMX, which you should read as "the Warner Brothers Remix" album. The Warner Brothers album was originally recorded (but never released) in 1971, and has been remixed for our pleasure.

This is what the Ralphamerica crew had to say:

Hello Residents enthusiast;

a simple note to let you know (in case you haven't been following along at that there is a new Residents audio release. Sort of old and new: The Residents Warner Bros. Album Remix, or WB:RMX. A long time ago The Residents messed around with some tape devices and came up with a thing they called the Warner Bros Album, but have now taken to messing that old recording up quite a bit. This new lovechild is available in digipak/CD form right now from the Ralph America website. It is not limited, it is not numbered, it is not expensive. The Residents would like everyone to have one, so stop on by and pick one up.

Also, in Disfigured Night DVD news (since many are asking) the latest word from italy is that we will not be shipping the DFN DVD until the end of this month. In our defense, we had this thing wrapped up by Thanksgiving, but due to the holidays, and whatever sort of extra bit of guzzling goes on in Milan, we aren't getting our fab packages until the end of the month. our apologies, as we were told otherwise when we announced the presale. We know the wait will be worth it all.

Anyhow, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday experience, and are recovered from your family visits...
see you in the Ralph corner of the internet...

Sent: 23/01/04 4:03
Subject: [residents] Come and listen to songs submitted by fans like you in a tribute to The Rez's

Come and listen to songs submitted by fans like you in a tribute to The Residents!

Then, record your own!


Hans Annéllsson
's band, One More Time For The World, plays the music of Frank Zappa!

They have already given two concerts, parts of which you can listen to at

  • 2003/11/28 at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • 2003/12/04 at Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden

While checking out his website,, I also noticed that Hans Annéllsson released another album last year. The album is called "One More Time For The World Some More" and has a Zappa composition on it.

  • hans annéllsson: one more time for the world some more
        (2002, cd, swe, ??) - incl. 'what's the ugliest part of your body' (frank zappa)


Corrie van Binsbergen has been quite busy lately. She is preparing a new show for Corrie En De Grote Brokken and she's touring with a 'new' band, Vanbinsbergen's Eclectic Electric.

Better keep an eye out on, Willem Schwertmann's excellent site about Corrie.


Dutch Zappa (re)cover band The Foolz will be playing in Spijkenisse (a bit below Rotterdam), the Netherlands, sunday Januari 25, 2004. The show starts at 16:30 h !!

The FoolZ
bluescafe de Keijzer
Voorstraat 15
tel. 0181 - 61 66 45
Aanvang 16.30 uur


Thursday, January 15, 2004, the Laatste Show Band ("De Laatste Show", TV1, Belgian national television), played Zappa's 'Brown Shoes Don't Make It', while the TV host introduced Aruna Dindane, the newly elected footbal player of the year ("De Gouden Schoen" - "The Golden Shoe").

-- info: Marc De Bruyn


   "The behavior of a normal: he who smugly exalts
     in his passivity and compliance as would a sheep
     who remains in pasture even when the fence is down.
     This inert passivity and submission engenders PRIDE?
     In what kind of diseased, malformed creature?"
                                     --John Trubee


French guitar player (multi-instrumentalist) Marc Guillermont recorded an album called "Zappostrophe", a Zappa tribute album.


George Duke has a new album out. It's called "Face The Music" and it's out on JJ-Tracks 77025.

Promoting his new album, George Duke will be doing a concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL, 2004/02/15.

line-up: George Duke (vocals/keyboards/piano), Ray Fuller (guitar), Michael Manson (bass), Gordon Campbell (drums) and Lori Perry (lead vocals).

-- info: Zjakki Willems


Additions to the Others Of Invention section, Italian bands & compilations:

I had never heard of these. Well, yes, rumours about the Pipco "In Cerca" album, but here you have it: tracklisting, line-up & album covers.

-- info: Andrea Iacoponi


A couple of months ago, I received a 1994 concert recording, labelled "Andy Emler: Hommage to Frank Zappa". A superb concert, if I may add, and in very good quality. Probably taken from the soundboard or an FM broadcast.

Danny Mathys was able to track down the line-up of the band:

  • Andy Emler : keyboards,vocals
  • Michel Massot : trombone,tuba
  • Laurent Dehors : sax,flute
  • Simon Spang-Hansen : sax,flute,clarinet
  • Philippe Sellam : sax
  • Nguyên : guitar
  • Linley Marthe : bass
  • Francis Lassus : drums
  • François Verly : percussion

- info: Danny Mathys


April 2004, B'wana Dik & Friends will play two concerts in the neighbourhood of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Live Zappa music.



Belgian band The Wrong Object will do a couple of concert in the UK.
Those of you who haven't heard them yet, are in for a big surprise.
  • 2004/03/27 concert ‘l'aquilone’, liège, belgium

  • 2004/04/03 concert ‘phoenix arts center’, exeter, uk  --> with the Muffin Men

  • 2004/04/05 concert ‘the beehive’, swindon, uk

Their website,, also mentions a concert scheduled for September (but that might also be a gig they played a couple of months ago. Have to check this.)

  • 2004/09/11 concert ‘l’an vert’, liège, belgium



Here's an addition to the Lowell George discography:

Lowell George recorded with the Meters. He can be heard on their 1974 album "Rejuvenation", on the track 'Just Kissed My Baby'.

- info: Leo Schelvis


  • le bocal: oh no!... just another frank zappa memorial barbecue!
        (2003, cd-pro, france, le chant du monde cdm 035)
    • Every once in a while, I get people asking me: "Why don't you make some sort of list at the end of the year of the really essential stuff?". And I always reply: "It's tough enough to keep up with everything that's being published. I don't want to put my time in such sort of thing".
      And then there is LeBocal. Well, if I were to make a list of essential 2003 releases, this album would certainly make my top five.
      LeBocal is a french collective of 17 professional musicians. "Oh No! ..." is their third album, and as you can imagine by the title, it's an all Zappa album. LeBocal is some sort of Modern Big Band. Very fine arrangements, beautiful interpretations and lots of room for improvisation / soloing. Special guests include Rita Marcotulli, Laurent Zeller (electric violin !!) and Glenn Ferris (on trombone, of course).
      My favorite tracks: 'Take Your Clothes Off...', 'King Kong', 'Mr.Green Genes' and 'Oh No! (vocal version)'.
      Enough said. Take it from someone who listens to Zappa's music every day. You need this.


  • various artists: ghosts are very strong
        (2003, cdr, bel, lama 011)
    • Do you remember me being so excited about the Modern Bog cover compilation?
      Here's a bit of extra info:
      Modern Bog was a very obscure belgian band. I'm talking mid-eighties somewhere.
      Next up, at Lama Recordings?, is a reissue of of some original Modern Bog music.
      "Ghosts Are Very Strong" is an international tribute to Modern Bog.
      As I said last time: "
      If you're into the early Residents stuff, this is a must have ! You will keep on playing it until you can whistle it along."
    • And to celebrate this very Lama Recordings? release, I added some artwork of other belgian obscurities:


Here are some more concerts, radio broadcasts etceteras...
King Crimson
2003/07/12 concert "north sea jazz festival", 'paul acket paviljoen', den haag, the netherlands

I mentioned this excellent concert / broadcast last time.
For those of you who didn't catch it, it'll be on the air again somewhere around spring 2004 on dutch Radio 4, so check your radio guide.

info: Co de Kloet

B'wana Dik and the Excentrifugal Forz
2003/11/28 concert 'kraaij en balder', eindhoven, the netherlands

November the 28th, B'wana Dik and his friends played a concert at 'Kraaij en Balder' in Eindhoven. 'Kraaij en Balder' is a pub, so you should imagine the stage taking up about one third of the available space...

But that didn't bother B'wana Dik and the Excentrifugal Force. They played a very relaxed and entertaining set.  I had a great time and I can only hope that drummer Ruud had a fine birthday party...
For me, one of the highlights was japanese slide-guitar player Satoshi Ueda participating in some excellent guitar soloing.

2003/11/28 concert 'kraaij en balder, eindhoven, the netherlands
  • line-up: maikel hendrikx: vocals * nico v.d. burgt: guitar * ike naar: bassguitar * ruud tiersma: drums * andré stijnen: sax * able groenewolt: violin * geert tiersma: vocals and lead guitar
  • special guest: satoshi ueda on slide-guitar
  • zappologies * carolina hardcore ecstacy * cosmik debris / filthy habits * inca roads * plastic people / asturias * black napkins * the torture never stops * ruud’s birthday * what’s the ugliest part of your body? * here lies love * any downers * yo’ mama
2003/12/20  concert at the "Frank Zappa Memorial" in Sint-Laureins, Belgium

I think I told you last time that Whatchamacallit played a very impressive set at the "Frank Zappa Memorial" in Sint-Laureins a couple of weeks ago.

The picture on the right shows, from left to right, Yann Ghyssels (on vocals) and Pieter Claus (on vibes and stuff).

2003/12/20  concert at the "frank zappa memorial" in sint-laureins, belgium

  • yann gyssels: guitar, vocals * klaas van heddeghem: lead guitar * peter verdonck: sax, vocals * pieter claus: marimba, vibes, effects * wim deroek: keyboards * dieter de mits: bass * ronald dhaene: drums  
  • i'm the slime * hungry freaks, daddy * any kind of pain * inca roads * filthy habbits * the black page * king kong * city of tiny lites * my guitar wants to kill your mama * zomby woof * eat that question * black napkins * love of my life * catholic girls * dancin' fool

Picture taken by Ive Hapers at the 2003/12/20 concert.

They also have a demo out. More info a bit further.

2003/12/22 radio show, radio tilos, hungary

December 22, hungarian radio tilos, broadcasted a 3-hour Zappa special: lots of music, including comments by some members of the Hungarian Zappa Society
B'wana Dik and the Excentrifugal Forz
2003/12/26 concert 'café de groot', eindhoven, the netherlands

What's the best way to celebrate Christmas? How about attending a concert?

I was a bit in doubt, because I had been informed that B'wana Dik and the Excentrifugal Force was going to play three 45-minute sets... In a small pub... Starting at 5.30 pm...

2003/12/26 concert 'kaffee de groot', wilhelminaplein 6, eindhoven, the netherlands
  • line-up: maikel hendrikx: vocals * nico v.d. burgt: guitar * ike naar: bassguitar * ruud tiersma: drums * andré stijnen: sax * geert tiersma: vocals and lead guitar
  • special guests: nicoline: violin, hans sanders: guitar, gerard: guitar, ??(nico's son): guitar
  • set one (special guest: hans sanders)
    music is the best * more trouble every day * mystery roach * cosmik debris / filthy habits * plastic people / asturias * black napkins * spies * my guitar wants to kill your mama
    set two (special guests: gerard & nicoline)
    zappologies * she painted up her face / the torture never stops * lucille * any downers * what's the ugliest part of your body * carolina hardcore ecstacy * willie the pimp * watermelon in easter hay
    set three (special guests: ??, gerard & nicoline)
    heavy duty judy * inca roads * cruisin' for burgers * yo' mama * other people / andy / florentine pogen * treacherous cretins * teenage wind * bamboozled by love

Well, it sure was a long concert. The band took two 15 minute breaks in between, but played from about 6.00 pm until 9.30. Three sets, the latter one lasting almost an hour and a half.
As I had expected, the band sounded quite chaotic. The problem, however, was that the sound wasn't too good. It was hard to hear the lead guitar, and both the sax and the second guitar were way too loud.
The third set was the best one. I really enjoyed the guitar / violin / sax solos & communication.

The picture on the right was taken by Guus Veldhuis.
It shows, from left to right: Geert Tiersma, Maikel Hendrikx, Ike Naar, Nico van der Burgt and André Stijnen. Ruud Tiersma is also present, but behind the drumset.

More pictures (and even a couple of video clips) at:

Mauro Pawlowski
2003/12/28 tv-special "muziek op zondag", national belgian television

Belgium's best kept musical secret, Mauro Pawlowski, was the subject of a one-hour tv-special. This guy knows his Zappa (and Beefheart as well, for that matter). If you don't have a clue of what I'm talking about try something of The Evil Superstars and you'll know what I mean.
The Paul Green School of Rock Music
2003/12/29 concert 'bb king's blues club', nyc, ny, usa

The Paul Green School of Rock Music played their New York City debut show  on december 29, featuring the music of: Zeppelin, Floyd, Yes, Queen, King Crimson, Zappa, The Stones, Metallica, and more.


  • skip heller: career suicide
        (2003, cd, usa, dionysus 123397)
    • Skip Heller's latest album is called "Career Suicide". It's subtitled "The Skip Heller Anthology", but that's not entirely true. The disc does have a couple of previously released tracks, including ‘Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance’ (Frank Zappa) from his "Couch, Los Angeles" album, but for the most part, the album presents unreleased and/or alternate tracks.
      "Career Suicide" has a very jazzy feeling to it. Skip Heller is a fine composer and a fine guitar player as well. He not only plays the Zappa tune as a jazz standard, but he wrote a bunch of tunes that would make great jazz standards as well.
      Very nice album, including 'Giant Steps' (J.Coltrane) and 'Whipping Post' (G.Allman).


Mike Keneally's next album will be called "Dog". As you might know, the latest Mike Keneally albums have been presented in two different editions: limited, special ones, including extra material on an extra disc, or regular ones.
This will also be true for 'Dog'. The special edition will included a DVD with a lot of extra footage.
Those who signed in for the extra edition before 2003/12/31, will receive another bonus as well: a 35-minute cdr preview of Mike Keneally's upcoming Internet Radio Broadcast Service.

More on this (and on the new Mike Keneally Band) on:


  • ossi duri: x
        (2003, cd, italy, frfrfrz 87451)
    • December 1993, the same month that Zappa died, Ossi Duri played their first concert. December 2003, ten years later, they released their tenth anniversary album, called X (ten).
      It's their best album so far. The choice of compositions is challanging and the band plays them all very tight. Special guests on "X" include Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Mike Keneally.
      Alongside the Zappa compositions, the band also recorded a couple of tunes written by Filippo Bellavia. Very Zappa inspired and very funny.



The Residents Website is showing audio snippets of their latest project. Check it out

Meanwhile, the Disfigured Nights DVD has gone into presale, and the Demons Dance Alone (regular edition) is available as well.
And if that's not enough, Euroralph is starting the Vinyl Reissue Series. First up is Meet The Residents in two different editions...

And there's more news. Did you know about the Residents Discussion Group?

I'm also trying to get a bit more info on the bands that cover the Residents. If you have anything to add, please let me know.



André says:
"There is a super special ACOUSTIC Project Object Show coming up!! - 2004/01/24 at 'the Lion's Den', nyc, ny, usa"
  • 2004/01/24 concert 'the lion's den', nyc, ny, usa  -  an acoustic set !!
    • p/o: robbie "seahag" mangano: guitar * andre cholmondeley: guitar * jordan "j-ro" shapiro: guitar * dave johnsen: bass * jordan "j-ro" shapiro: mandolin


  • alexei aigui and dietmar bonnen: black water
        (2003, cd, ger, solyd records slr 0355)
    • This new year is really getting a good start. Alexei Aigui (violin) and Dietmar Bonnen (piano) just released an album on which they play the music of Frank Zappa.
      I enjoy Dietmar Bonnen's approach of Zappa's music. His piano makes it all sound very fluent. "Black Water" has the same angle towards Zappa's music. Alexei Aigui plays the melody lines while Dietmar Bonnen creates the right atmosphere.
      It's very impressive that they can create this sound with just two instruments.
      I played it at New Year's Eve. All night long.


  • 2003/10/17 - Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad: "Geldwolf kiest voor de muziek", moneymaker goes for the music...
    about George Duke's new label and new album
  • the December 2003 issue of Jazzmozaiek (Belgian magazine) had an article on George Duke
  • the December 2003 issue of Rolling Stone (German magazine) had a 17-page article on Frank Zappa
    • "agent provocateur - frank zappa, bürger und schreck", miles
    • "californian nightmares: cover-designer cal schenkel"
    • "dei letzte partitur", sylvie simmons
    • "not only in it for the money", dave rimmer
  • the December 2003 issue of Gitarre & Bass (German magazine) had a 6-page special on Frank Zappa
    • "rock classics: frank zappa", stefan woldach
    • "play zappa"
    • "scott thunes - bass masterclass", markus setzer
  • the December 2003 issue of Music Maker (Dutch magazine) had a 6-page article on George Duke and featured him on the cover of the magazine
  • 2003/12/03 - Newspaper ?? (NL): "Tien jaar dood, maar het genie leeft voort", ten years ago, but the genius lives on...
  • 2003/12/03 - Newspaper Het Eindhovens Dagblad: "Frank Zappa weigert te sterven", Frank Zappa refuses to die...
  • 2003/12/03 - Newspaper Het Brabants Dagblad: "Frank Zappa weigert te sterven", Frank Zappa refuses to die...
  • 2003/12/06 - Newspaper De Volkskrant (NL): "Geestig eerbetoon aan Frank Zappa", about the ASKO Ensemble performance
  • the January 2004 issueof Aloha (Dutch magazine) had a 5-page article on Frank Zappa
    • "de erfenis van frank zappa", edwin ammerlaan
  • the January 2004 issue of Mojo Magazine (UK magazine)  had a 12- page article on Frank Zappa
    • "the father of invention", charels shaar murray
    • "shhh genius at work", sylvie simmons
    • "the last post", phil alexander
    • "keeper of the flame", phil alexander
  • the January 2004 issue of Headache - Rock and Metal Magazine (Dutch mag) had a 3-page article on Steve Vai and also featured Steve Vai on the cover of the magazine


Info: Tom Baeten, Ive Hapers, Martin Herberich, Aad Hoogesteger and François Kneepkens


  • whatchamacallit: abnormals anonymous
        (2003, cdr, bel, demo)
    • The latest Whatchamacallit demo is very impressive. 5 tracks that show their chops.
      This should convince a couple of concert promotors, I guess.
      You can order your copy from Pieter Claus.


"The same people who cry at feel-good movies and
who play Christmas carols at the holidays are the same
ones who shit on their kids and who cut you off in
traffic. It's Hitler weeping over his dead pet canary
all over again. Don't be fooled by any of it."
--John Trubee


It had been a while since I had looked at the Doctor Dark website at, and it looks like they're getting into shape. They added a bunch of concert dates, past, but also a couple of future dates so please take note:

Doctor Dark will be performing:

  • 2004/02/29 concert 'the knitting factory', nyc, ny, usa
      (with the Paul Green School of Rock  and Napoleon Murphy Brock)

  • 2004/04/16 - 18  at The Zappa Festival, Philadelphia, PA, usa
    (yes, it looks like it will be happening !!)



The Bruce Bickford documentary "Monster Road" is going to premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City and it looks like Bruce is going to attend!

There is more info on:


   " 'We are all equal!' proclaims he or she who wishes to deceive you into allowing him or her to ride on your back.
     Equality does not exist in nature, nor does it exist in humanity. Its promotion is a deception espoused
     by those who wish to assert more dominance over you than they currently possess on the hierarchical ladder
     of the status quo. Will you allow them, along with all your other masters, to also dominate you? (Do not
     confuse equality with equal rights under the law)."
                                  --John Trubee 


Arthur Barrow's latest album (his fourth !) is called "on time" and features, besides Arthur, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bruce Fowler, Tommy Mars, Larry Klimas, Don Preston, and others.

Arthur Barrow's website:


  • frank zappa: breast
        (2003, 2cd-bootleg, ger, mmm)
    • There are two new Zappa bootlegs. The first one is called "BreAst". It has the 1979 Zappa band, live in Manchester (1979/02/12) and live in Brest (1979/03/19). As you can see, the two concerts were about a month apart, and this shows in the tracklisting.
      The 1979/03/19 Brest concert, is the complete concert. The show was broadcast on french radio and ended with three songs from another concert. These tracks are not included.
      The 1979/02/12 Manchester concert is taken from another FM broadcast. This is the complete, 51-minute broadcast, but longer audience recordings of this concert do exist.
  • frank zappa: sweet georgia
        (2003, 2cd-bootleg, ger, mmm)
    • Bootleg number two is called "Sweet Georgia", recorded 1977/09/18 in concert at the 'fox theater' in atlanta, georgia, usa.
      It's the complete concert. The sound isn't too good, but it sounds as good as the copy I have at home.

There is a dutch mailing list about Zappa. Well, there has been one for over a year, I guess, but as there are still dutch speaking people that don't know this, I thought I'd include it.
The info (in dutch) goes like this:

Eindelijk! Er is nu een Nederlandstalige mailinglist voor liefhebbers en verzamelaars van het werk van Frank Zappa en aanverwante artiesten. Meld je aan en blijf op de hoogte vna het laatste Zappa-nieuws. Discuzeur mee over Zappa-related onderwerpen. Completeer je verzameling middels ruil met andere leden. Waarom zou je lid worden van Leefbaar Nederland als je je ook kunt aanmelden bij NederZappa?


There have been some minor changes in the The Grandmothers Re:Invented tour: one extra date and one replacement (Helmond, NL by Weert, NL).

Here's the list:

  • 2003/01/09 concert 'moods', zurich, switzerland
  • 2003/01/10 concert firenze, italy
  • 2003/01/11 concert ‘kino’, ebensee, austria
  • 2003/01/12 concert ‘kset’, zagreb, croatia
  • 2003/01/13 concert ‘hirsch’, nürnberg, germany
  • 2003/01/14 concert ‘colos saal’, aschaffenburg, germany
  • 2003/01/15 concert ‘tante ju’, dresden, germany
  • 2003/01/16 concert ‘speicher’, schwerin, germany
  • 2003/01/17 concert ‘gewerkschaftshaus’, erfurt, germany
  • 2003/01/18 concert ‘fabrik’, hamburg, germany
  • 2003/01/19 concert ‘columbia fritz’, berlin, germany
  • 2003/01/21 concert ‘garage’, bergen, norway
  • 2003/01/22 concert ‘rockefeller’, skien, norway
  • 2003/01/23 concert ‘rockefeller’, oslo, norway
  • 2003/01/24 concert ‘rytmeposten’, odense, denmark
  • 2003/01/25 concert ‘r”ucherei’, kiel, germany
  • 2003/01/26 concert ‘harmonie’, bonn, germany
  • 2003/01/27 concert ‘musiktheater rex’, lorsch (bei mannheim) , germany
  • 2003/01/28 concert ‘cc’, sint niklaas, belgium
  • 2003/01/29 concert ‘concorde 2’, brighton, uk
  • 2003/01/30 concert ‘the robin’, wolverhampton, uk
  • 2003/01/31 concert ‘the borderline’, london, uk
  • 2003/02/01 concert ‘de bosuil’, weert, the netherlands
  • 2003/02/02 concert ‘spirit of '66, verviers, belgium
  • 2003/02/03 concert ‘kulturpunkt. friedenskirche’, krefeld, germany
  • 2003/02/04 concert ‘paard’, den haag, the netherlands
  • 2003/02/05 concert zaandam, , the netherlands

addition info at:

ICE-Z: International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology

Message from Militant Esthetix

Dear all
This should be of some interest to you in one way or another.....


As announced in The Wire for January 2004 ...
ICE-Z: International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology
will take place on Friday, 16 January 2004, 10.00-5.30
at Theatro Technis, 26 Crowndale Road, London NW1 1TT
Nearest London Underground station: Mornington Crescent. (Also close, King Cross.)

Admission: 3 Pounds Sterling or 4 Euros
Drawing its speakers from Vancouver, Rome, Leipzig, Paris, Cambridge and Manchester  and London, ICE-Z is a summit meeting for theorists and activists who believe an entertaining, scabrous and CRITICAL popular culture is both possible and necessary. We are Marxists who take seriously Brecht's comment about the proximity of dialectics to laughter. The event is suitable for Zappa fans, Zappa detractors, radical philosophers, anti-capitalists, musicologists, adornoites & pop-studies victims everywhere. It is TOTALLY unfunded by any commercial or academic institutions. Please SPREAD THE WORD!!! United Mutations & Intercontinental Absurdities Inc are today REBORN (and let's not forget the Everpopular Intercontinental Lentil) ...
Er, Where Were We?
The pressure of competition forces cultural producers to niche-market their wares to specific layers of the social totality, thus - whatever their "ostensible politics" - confirming capitalism's division of labour. Yet currently the image of "global unity" has never been so widely invoked, both in politics (the Don't Attack Iraq demonstrations of 15 February 2003) and pop music (an international market). What would a GENUINE UNIVERSAL MUSIC sound like, and could we bear to listen to it? Frank Zappa's rebarbative cocktail of Dada, Avant, Shock Rock and Rhythm'n'Blues still obsesses those of us who demand mass art gives us experience rather than identity. This is the first time these off-piste cultural irritants have collected together, but it won't be the last. Come and stick your oar in while the water's fresh.
Papers (some academic, some, er, less so ...) include: 
Marco Maurizi (Rome) on Theodor Adorno's piano compositions for children, pigs & ponies, Zappa's principle of structural interruption.
Kiki Benzon (Vancouver) on Frank Zappa & Felix Guattari.
Simon Prentis (Hampstead) on "The Torture Never Stops".
Stu Calton (Levenshulme) "Water Melon In Easter Hay: the Poverty of the Individual Spirit".
Sean Bonney (Vauxhall) on the poetics of Trout Mask Replica.
Gamma (Kentish Town) on Snorks, Shopping Bags & Madness.
Keston Sutherland (Cambridge) on Zappa's Prosody.
Dominique Jeunot (Paris) on Animals & Dogs in Zappa's Oeuvre.
Esther Leslie/Ben Watson (Somers Town) "Some Reflections on Zappology as Gnomic Ritual".
Jürgen Gispert (Leipzig) on The Conservatism of Easy Rider: Zappa's Critique of "Freedom".
Richard Hemmings (Leicester) on Randomness in Zappa's Oeuvre.
Paul Sutton (St Mary's) on Iain Sinclair, Zappa, Para-Science & Alchemy.
Francesco Gentile (Rome) "Xenoarrangements, or, Insane Grafts Day-Dreamed by a Zappa hardcore Fanatic not inclined to exit his Monomaniacal World".
Les Fils de L'Invention (Paris) Tableau Vivant concerning the baroque composer and cellist Francesco Zappa (fl. 1763-88).
Eleanor Crook (Cheshunt) moustache installation.
In the evening (7.00pm) Evil Dick & the Banned Members will play their fiendish glitz-rock randomness'n' tunes at the College Arms on Crowndale Road. DJs. Quiz. Prizes. Sandwiches.
Did someone say Fast 'n Bulbous?
What you see damp, Parasitic!
e-details from <> press Entree and then click on
 "ICE-Z: International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology", or, if you prefer, try <> and choose the ICE-Z option
This conference has been organised by Ben Watson, who communicates best via telephone (020) 7388 8679 and meetings in the Halfway House pub in Camden Town ...
This Xmas is ugly and it wants to die

!!!  !!! !!! !!!
Get you to
Jeder Mensch seine eigene Website.........

short bits:

- Billy Bob Thornton says in Aloha that his latest album, The Edge Of The World, is inspired by Zappa. He states that, as soon as it was ready, he drove up to Moon Zappa to show her the record.
(info: Guus Veldhuis)
- added info to the Ossi Duri page
- new entry: Antoine Occhipinty
- adde picture to the André Cholmondeley page
- added a concert setlist of Ed Palermo
- added info to the Dweezil Zappa page
- added info to the Ahmet Zappa page
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