andré cholmondeley

André Cholmondeley plays the guitar in Project/Object, a band that performs the music of Frank Zappa.

He is also a part of Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble, and he performed with Doot! on several occasions.

The picture on the right, shows Ike Willis, Mike Keneally and André Cholmondeley.

January 24, 2003, Daniel Carter (sax, trumpet and flute) and André Cholmondeley did a jam session at a radio station.

In 2012, André Cholmondeley teamed up with Josh Rosenstein (bass) and Zach Alberto (drums) to form Delicious.

Together with Brett Spivey, André started Grounded.


1 project/object: absolutely live
    (2000, cd, usa, phoenix media group 3020) - feat. ike willis, gary lucas, joe deninzon, all comp. by frank zappa

2 project/object: the dream of the dog
    (2002, cd, usa, private release) - improvised music, using familiar zappa chords & vamps

various artists: zappanale 13
    (2003, 3cd, ger, arf society) – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
various artists: zappanale # 13
    (2003, cd, ger, arf society) – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
  neonfire: neonfire
    (2005, cd, usa, crossfire publications 9502-2) - feat.candy zappa, napoleon murphy brock

  andré cholmondeley: enigma with attitude
    (2006, cd, usa, te001)

  doot!: live @ mattatuck museum
    (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. 'filthy habits', 'gumbo variations', 'pound for a brown dwarf nebula' (f.zappa)

  doot!: live at brass city records
    (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl.
'filthy habits' (frank zappa)

  doot!: doot!
    (2006, cdr, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. various frank zappa & jimi hendix themes

  doot!: live at zappanale 17
    (2006, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. 'chunga's revenge', 'filthy habits', 'pink / black napkins' (frank zappa)

  various artists: zappanale 17
    (2006, 2cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: zappanale 17 - retrospective
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  doot!: doot! 2007 mega-sampler
, cdr-promo, usa, cholly hoss productions / private release) - incl. 'filthy habitz', 'pink / black napkins'  (frank zappa)

  don preston: vile foamy ectoplasm
    (2007, cd, usa, crossfire publications) - feat. frank zappa, ex-moi and ex-zappa bandmembers
  project/object: zappanale 18
    (2007, dvdr, ger, private release) - all zappa material / feat. don preston, napoleon murphy brock &
  the grandmothers: it happened here
    (2008, 2cdr, ger, arf society) = the grandmothers (with special guests) concert at zappanale in 2002

grandm_ithappenedhere.jpg (26054 bytes)

project/object: zappanale 20
    (2009, dvdr, ger, private release) - all zappa material / feat. ike willis, don preston, robert martin, denny walley &

  julie slick: julie slick
    (2010, cd, usa, private release) - feat. eric slick, marco minnemann, andré cholmondeley

julieslick_st.jpg (25918 bytes)

  candy zappa: be perfectly frank...
    (2011, cd, usa, porterville records / crossfire publications) - incl. various frank zappa compositions  //  feat. frank zappa, ike willis, don preston

candyzappa_tobeperfectlyfrank.jpg (24641 bytes)

  grounded: a clear road to everywhere
    (2012, download, usa, bandcamp) = andré cholmondeley and brett spivey
grounded_aroadtoeverywhere.jpg (41743 bytes)


random notes

2011 08


Project/Object is returning to Zappanale !! In a couple of weeks, the band will be giving their fourth concert in Bad Doberan. Here's a short chat with André Cholmondely, guitar player, vocalist and the man behind Project/Object.

UniMuta : Hi André, how are you doing? It seems like you've been pretty busy lately, touring the world. Can you share some of it with us?

André Cholmondeley : Thanks Peter, yes, a slow couple months , but since the spring I've been very busy with projects.
In April I did a tour with the historic "UK Reunion" of Eddie Jobson and John Wetton, with Marco Minnemann & Alex Machacek. Zappa fans know Eddie well from the Zappa in New York and recently,  Philly 1976 albums. Some of them know Alex from his band with Bozzio, and Marco from his CDs with Mike Keneally. So -- lots of Zappa connection there -- and both Marco & Alex will be with Eddie at Zappanale. They did material from their legendary UK and DANGER MONEY albums, we toured NY, Boston , San Francisco and three gigs in Japan, shortly after the tsunami. It was a fantastic tour to be a part of -- I did guitar & bass tech for John Wetton, and some of the advance planning for the shows. Great stuff, Wetton is my favorite prog vocalist, he's still towering in what he does, as is Eddie. At this moment I am finishing up a month-long tour with YES and STYX, working for Steve Howe...we're just winding down a month of crisscrossing the USA, pretty much every region. A fantastic time as it always is working with the heroes of my youth. Such a learning experience on all levels, and Steve is just astounding, so on top of his game on the guitar. Yes in general has been doing some great shows, and working with the Styx band & crew has been a total pleasure as well. Super people.

UniMuta : And how is Project/Object doing? You did another short tour earlier this year with special guests Ike Willis and Ray White. Are you getting accustomed to sharing the stage with these monuments?

André Cholmondeley : It's really great, I mean I grew up looking up to those guys of course, and the 1984 tour was the first one I saw, so they really had an effect on the 19 year old Andre´. Getting to meet them on that tour was unimaginably cool. Yes, I'm accustomed now to working with them, we're close friends offstage for ages. It's still amazing when I think about it, though. Again -- I learn so much from those guys - on so many levels, performance, Zappa history, guitar skills & ideas. The stories we've heard from them , and from the many other alumni, priceless. It's also been great just seeing the fans enjoy seeing the actual guys from their favorite 70s and 80s albums. It's one of my favorite periods of Frank, and clearly a fave of many people actually.

UniMuta : In the years that you've been touring and performing the music of Frank Zappa, have you seen an evolution in the public, in the appreciation? I guess that it's never been easy to find gigs performing the music of Frank Zappa. Has it been getting easier throughout the years, or is it getting more difficult instead?

André Cholmondeley : That's a great question actually. I'd say BOTH things are true..... In the many years since I added this insane task to my life, I've seen a great evolution, countless people who still write in and say "I never 'got' Zappa until I saw the music live" and now they are big fans and have tons of the records. I'm not sitting here taking credit for that, either -- I hear this from our colleagues the Muffin Men, Bogus Pomp, Ed Palermo Big Band, Zappatistas and all the great bands who play Zappanale. Every time I'm there in Germany I meet people who are novices amongst the total hardcore freaks....and on our own tours I meet people all the time who say "I had two or three Zappa albums when my friend brought me to see you guys.... now I've seen you 6 times and I have 35 albums ! Thanks for bringing the guys back every year...." So that feels great.

Having said that - - and to the other side of the coin, it's tougher for EVERYONE in the music biz these recent few years, the economy worldwide affects attendance, and other factors like the shifting into a generation with a high percent of dance and DJ music fans. Also there are so many more Zappa-tribute bands, including the great tours put on by Dweezil, of course. Despite the many lawsuits and attacks directed from them towards my band , and towards the Zappanale & others, I heartily recommend that people see his ZPZ show, it's a great and honorable tribute to his dad's music. However, it's clear that each of us various and worldwide bands also brings a valid voice to celebrating Frank Zappa.

UniMuta : And Project/Object is coming to Zappanale again. For the fourth time. Are you looking forward to it?

André Cholmondeley : Very much so! First off I always love coming to Germany. Despite their reputation as gruff, humorless people, I find the Germans warm, friendly and fantastic. The food and beer are superb, people are always shocked that as a 27 year vegetarian I say that -- but it's true!! A very veg-friendly country, along with the cornucopia of pork sausages, they love their mushrooms, greens, dark bread and vegetables. I also love the old architecture and amazing green landscape on long drives. Fantastic place. I've now been there also on tour with Al Di Meola and Adrian Belew, as well as several cities with Project/Object in 2010. So those memories alway frame the Zappanale visits. So we do look forward to checking out a lot of bands, playing there twice (PO will also be the backing band for Chris Opperman as well).

It'll be great to see old friends, meet new ones, and a special part of the trip for me will be to remember & reflect on the grounds for my lost partner Cheri Jiosne, who attended with me three times, performing there once with Don Preston's Akashic. She is/was half-german and loved it there immensely as well.

UniMuta : I heard that you were trying to put together a small European tour before or after Zappanale. What's the status on that?

André Cholmondeley : It's very difficult to book gigs anywhere in Europe in August!! Why do I make myself crazy and keep trying to do it? But yes , after Zappanale we will play in London UK at Half Moon in Putney on 23 August, then two nights in Lithuania, 26th Vilnius LT and on the 27th Palanga LT.

UniMuta : Let's talk Zappanale some more. Who will you be bringing with you? What's the line-up going to be?

André Cholmondeley : We will continue the run we've been having reuniting Ike Willis & Ray White, it's just such a great combination of voices. Returning also are longtime keys player Eric Svalgard and bassist Dave Johnsen. New to the band since February is our fantastic drummer Ryan Berg, doing his first gigs in Europe. Our special guest on violin will be the lovely and talented Liz Cary, she's been playing shows with us in the US, between tours with her band Igor's Egg, and her place as touring violinist with Ritchie Blackmore's medieval/renaissance acoustic music group "Blackmore's Night".

UniMuta : Have you seen the Zappanale program? What's the band that everybody's got to see? (besides P/O, of course)

André Cholmondeley : Well I'm biased, and I've seen most of his return-to-live-music shows since 2009 since I work for him, but definitely the Eddie Jobson show. It's incredible that Eddie has decided to get back to live music after a quarter century, that's a whole interview right there. But also Gary Lucas, Essra Mohawk, fantastic!! Gary actually has played with us a few times, he's on our one CD from 2000. I'm very excited to finally meet and hear Co de Kloet, who has some fantastic synth based music out on iTunes, and has been a very supportive friend of the band for many years. Seeing legendary bands like Colosseum and Plastic People is also a very exciting prospect. Performing again with Robert Martin is sure to be a highlight as well.

UniMuta : It'll be fun. Thanks for the interview & see you soon.
Looking forward to the P/O concert.

Project/Object, featuring Ray White and Ike Willis, will be performing at the Zappanale festival on Friday, August 19, 2011.
Not to be missed.



From: Andre Cholmondeley (of Project/Object)  -
Date: May 23, 2005

hello and happy spring...if you actually are having one....

WELCOME TO THE EMAIL LIST!! This is Andre' here - from project/object, the UNOFFICIAL tribute to Frank Zappa, heh heh.

Haven't had a chance to 'return to normal' after the April -project/object tour...came right back to NJ to help close down the store i ran with my partner Cheri. After 10 years, we had to close the doors of our natural/organic food store. It's been a nutty, crazy couple of weeks. Thanks for coming to the shows and especially for writing in.

Well, it's time for me to go full time MUSICIAN and see what happens. Wow!! I'm broke!!! It works already!!! I was also thinking of stand-up comedy. What do you think? Playing, writing music, writing words about music, booking shows, loading gear, demos, maybe even some teaching - i'm gonna do it all. let's see.

OK -there's a bunch of music already planned for the year ahead:

2005/06/24 project/object/acoustic - June 24 with ED MANN and Astrograss - NYC - Knitting Factory/Tap Bar
-JULY NYC gig with CHRIS OPPERMAN (keyboards w/Keneally, Vai, Shankar) with p/o as his band
- Fall Electronic music and University Lecture Tour with Zappa/Mothers Alumni Don Preston.
- Fall UnOfficial Tour with Zappa Alumni Ike WIllis & Napoleon M Brock.

....and Coming up NEXT WEEK --
ONTOUR with the always amazing DON PRESTON. Many of you saw Don with project/object a couple years ago, or with the Grandmothers. He experimented with homemade syntghs in the early 60s before he met Zappa. His trademark analog synth work is on a dozen Zappa/Mothers Of Invention albums from 1966-74 and countless others released in the 80s and 90s. Since that time he's cranked out too much music to list here...and he keeps on going at 72...his trip out east is centered on his appearance at the MOOGFEST, the celebration of all things Moog, especially mad synth genius Bob Moog. All show Details below.



MOOGFEST III -BB Kings Blues Club - Annual celebration of all things Moog, featuring Pioneers of electronica, including one of the first people to ever play a Moog Synth- Don Preston, along with Edgar Winter, Bernie Worrell (P-FUNK), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), DJ Logic, Eumir Deodato, Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Adam Holzman (fr. Miles Davis), Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Sabina & Didi (Brazilian Girls), Steve Molitz (Particle) and many more!!

Performing with DON PRESTON (MOOG VOYAGER) will be Andre' Cholmondeley (guitar synth, MOOG ROGUE and MOOG EFFECTS) & Cheri Jiosne (synth percussion, MOOG EFFECTS, loops)-Stay tuned for more DON PRESTON dates Fall 2005.

Project/Object Acoustic -LIVE!!-
Project Object & Project Object Acoustic Tours


DON PRESTON Akashic Ensemble "Inner Realities Of Evolution"

Or call 1-800-buy-my-cd ask for artist ..also....

ANDRE' CHOLMONDELEY "Spirit, Magnetics and Entropy"
strange guitar landscape, loops, electronic beats, percussion, ambience
available via this email or ontour. SOON ON CDBABY.


-- Andre Cholmondeley

From: André Cholmondeley

Tonight - NYC!! "project/object/acoustic" w/ ED MANN...the MUSIC of FRANK ZAPPA

happy mid june to you. just got back from the short don preston tour -- a lot of fun, a lot of freaked-out people were freaked and wild music was made. if you made it, t hanks for coming. especially you crazies in Baltimore - wow! THen i had a great week in Jamaica - if you're ever looking for an incredible place to stay check

But then i got back , and a couple days later succumbed to some kinda food poisoning?/stomach flu?/...4 days of insane nausea...dry heaving etc. I'VE NEVER FELT WORSE.... didn't think i would make the gig tonnight, and actually i'm only about 70% sure right now!!! So - here's wishing me well..and hope to see you FRIDAY NIGHT - a RARE appearance of the legendary ED MANN on percussion!!! LIVE in NEW YORK...

Tonight....we perform the MUSIC OF FRANK ZAPPA acoustically - with the great ED MANN on percussion.....

Unplugged Zappa....with acoustic percussion....and project/obejct keys player JORDAN SHAPIRO's newgrass band --also featuring ED MANN.

thanks - andre'


Napoleon Murphy Brock
Eric Svalgard
Madi Diaz

Napoleon's message:"

"Hey Guy's,

I'm in this movie, and they also play two of my songs from "Balls" in this movie.  It will be in the theatre's next month.  I think on June 3rd.  Keep checking your movie guide.  And look for the picture of the kid with the hair.  SMILEEEEEEEEEEE



Love you all,



Oh - and ONE MORE THING -- if yer in the NYC area -- you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS the mahavishnu project with their special ‘VISHNU-FEST shows... just DONT miss 'em..




The Mahavishnu Project performs in New York for the first time in over a year, presenting a three day celebration of guitarist John McLaughlin’s seminal Mahavishnu Orchestra music, live at The Cutting Room in New York City!       

Wednesday July 13th  (9:30pm)

“The Essential Mahavishnu”

The Mahavishnu Project play email requests from “Birds of Fire”, “The Inner Mounting Flame” and “Between Nothingness & Eternity” and "Visions of The Emerald Beyond".  Special guests include Premik Russell Tubbs (saxophonist from “Emerald Beyond”), keyboardist Chris Clark and many more! 

[Send song requests to]

Thursday July 14th  (7:30pm)


An evening of unique acoustic interpretations of Mahavishnu classics by the members of the Mahavishnu Project - much more then "Lotus" and "Thousand Island Park".  Plus special Middle Eastern interpretations featuring oud, kanoon, and dumbeg by Ara Dinkjian of Night Ark and friends.

Friday July 15th  (7:30pm)

“The Complete Inner Mounting Flame”

The Mahavishnu Project reinterprets the entire first Mahavishnu Orchestra disc – the one that started it all - from start to finish!  Special guests TBA.     

The Mahavishnu Project is:

“Just a little note of appreciation for what you are bringing back to life. This musical period was the beginning of finding my own way in music, and to hear you guys playing those tunes in such an unbelievable way is quite amazing. Great job!! Keep up the good work.” 

-John McLaughlin   


Admission is $20 each night 

[Advance Tickets Strongly Recommended] 

THE CUTTING ROOM * 19 W. 24th Street * New York NY (212)691-1900 *

Upcoming European appearances:

Visit for all tour dates


DON - WNYC 5/31/05


February 2006

hey folks...y buenas dias a tu...!! Hope you are well. Andre' here of PROJECT/OBJECT..the UnOfficial Zappa Music Purveyors....

Stay tuned for some breaking project/object news real soon.. we will be on tour -- Mid April to Mid May 2006.....with Special Guest IKE WILLIS
(Napoleon will be on tour w/GRANDMOTHERS in Europe...if the cartoon-sensitive mobs leave any of it standing)

For Project/Object this will be an eastern USA tour only...sorry.....and...sadly the southern and western stops will be scarce.. A BUNCH of new setlist stuff and as always some surprises...sorpresas if you prefer..

This just in....We have hired a new drummer! Indeed, ERIC SLICK, drumming wunderkind from the SCHOOL OF ROCK, will be driving the band this tour...More details soon -keep watching this space. Thanks to Glennard for several great, crazy tours in the PO drumseat.

Also- stay tuned for the big INSIDIOUS RAYS tour -- check

Right Now-- a couple news items/reminders --

1. I will be playing some shows here in the USA (May/June) and at ZAPPANALE and Holland (July) with DOOT -- a great improv/free jazz/looping/ambient duo (now often a trio!!) with Pete Brunelli and Steve Chillemi from DR DARK. In keeping with the fine Italian-ness of this outfit - i will be known as Andre' Cholmondelli. Stay tuned!!

2. our illustrious and diverse bass player DAVE JOHNSEN is now playing in the incredible MAHAVISHNU PROJECT..!! In fact - three great new members in the band (see below). Some of you saw Guitarist GLENN ALEXANDER for the first time when his band STRETCH opened for us this past fall... don't miss these shows if you are within a day's drive of NYC!!! They will do ONE COMPLETE album every week!!

that's.....TONIGHT AT IRIDIUM....!!!

THE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT: Glenn Alexander: guitar * Adam Holzman: keyboards * Rob Thomas: violin * Dave Johnsen: bass * Gregg Bendian: drums

3. ADRIAN BELEW with SCHOOL of ROCK!!! Yes -- genius guitarist, texturalist supreme Adrian will do a couple shows with the kids of SOR.
You know his work from King Crimson (1981-present), Talking Heads, Zappa, Bowie, NIN, and so much more... don't miss this unique tour!!

wow!! you read this far. you are too fkcin cool.thank you - and keep supporting independent musicians - you're all we've got!!


Project/Object , Attn: Andre'
Box 138
Red Bank NJ

February 2006


Oh i forgot to mention a couple things. sorry for the double email...

1. ADRIAN BELEW will ALSO be doing a clinic at the Bergen SCHOOL OF ROCK, where i have been working since december, fantastic time running
rehearsals with 8 thru 16 yr old rock n roll kids!! Be there as ADRIAN does a clinic and performs his music with/without the kids!!

2006/02/12 ADRIAN BELEW CLINIC Bergen School Of Rock 2pm
(other dates and info at

2. AND... how could i forget -se me olvido- i am liquidating some GEAR.. i gotta make well as eat since the middletown school district if f**king with my livelihood!! There, I said it!!

So - if you are a guitarist or similar gear addict -- check out my 2 for sale --CHEAP, NO reserve!:

ROLAND VG 8 - the original, COSM amp and FX unit --incredible tones, NOT a synth but FX ROLAND GR1 - the flagship guitar synth, super programmable/sequencer onboard ..both units require a steel string gtr with the Roland GK pickup (GK2A, GK2, Gk3 etc)


February 15, 2006

Don Preston on tour

MON 13 MAR - Taping live at BBC Radio for APRIL 28 web/broadcast, London, UK
TUE 14 MAR - Performance @ VORTEX JAZZ, London, UK
WED 15 MAR - Rotterdam, Netherlands, CODARTS -- Don Preston Lecture, Performance
Stay tuned for more DON PRESTON activity in Holland/UK!!!

From André Cholmondeley, 2006 02 22

Hey folks. a lot going on. Too much, perhaps, yikes!!!

Project Object plans... Don Preston dates...gettiing a CD project done... getting ready for my premier show with DOOT...(MARCH 3, Ct) .....I am trying to remember to sleep as I complete plans on the quick DON PRESTON run in England/Holland/Ireland. Project/Object's MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 2006 tour is about to post dates as well -- right now we have these, more coming in days!!!:



Don Preston Akashic Ensemble - Europe MARCH 2006

André Cholmondeley 2006 03 03


hey all

more dates being confirmed every day for the Project Object "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" tour. Why do we call it that?? Well hey -it's FAR more than a jibe at W's almost 3-year old claim, in light of the abysmal mess that is now the Saving of the Iraqi people (Which Indeed, was and IS a noble idea all can support. Save these poor civilians, someone!).

No no no it's much more than that - we REALLY have ACCOMPLISHED our MISSION --we have taken Zappa music to the streets, to the towns and hovels , the clubs and bars and theatres... to the generations that spilled beer on their beards with Flo + Eddie and their Grandkids. So- stay tuned for all the tourdates, there are a couple at the end of this mail. We aren't going anywhere, but in the light of all this talk of 'official '' and 'authentic' zappa bands, i thought it prudent to remind myself that i have busted my ass for a dozen years to do this shit, enduring nothing but brickbats and legal abuse from Gail Zappa and her henchmen!! And YOU PEOPLE -- i have to humbly bow and thank you for your undying support for the band and our MISSION... CRANKING SOME FRANK!!

Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa Apr-May 06
Special Guest - IKE WILLIS

12 Philadelphia, World Café - with SCHOOL OF ROCK ALL-STARS
13 Sayreville NJ Starland Ballroom - with the MAHAVISHNU PROJECT
14 Albany, NY Valentine's
15 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
16 Northampton, MA Iron Horse
17 Providence, RI The Century
18 Boston, MA Harpers Ferry
19 New Haven, CT Toad's
21 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
22 Chicago Martyrs
23 St. Louis, MO Cicero's
25 Detroit, MI Magic Bag
25 tba
28 Asheville, NC/NC Stella Blue

DOOT - Improvised/Composed trio music - East Coast USA Shows - May06
March 3rd, Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury,CT
March 25th, Brass City records, Waterbury,CT.
May 13th, Neitcheze's, Buffalo, NY w/Voice of Cheez (regular DUO show,
Andre' ontour with P/O)
May 19th Buttonwood Tree, Middletown, CT

André Cholmondeley 2006 03 03


  1. Don Preston shows in UK, NL

  2. DOOT -early show 5:30pm today-Waterbury CT!! Brunelli, Chillemi, Cholmondelli

  3. SEAHAG has some shows always.!!.

  4. Project/Object UPDATED TOURDATES

  5. GONGZILLA on tour (Bon Lozaga, Hansford Rowe, Sam Aliano and friends!!)

  6. INSIDIOUS RAYS TOUR continues!!


  8. Jammin' Jon (Kiebon) - (original "project/object" guitarist [diff. band])

  9. Lovetester - gives away music all year!!! Every day another track!!

  10. - critical of all sides


Greetings all. Andre' here of........MYSELF, PROJECT/OBJECT, JFK's LSD UFO, DON PRESTON's AKASHIC ENSEMBLE, HIDDEN AGENDA and now DOOT. So - somehow you screwed up and gave me access to your email!! Ha ha, kidding! Thanks, i'll keep it sparse. Look out for my NEW CD if i get my sh*t together in time. I have to censor that 'cos some of you are in offices that read SPAM if certain english words are used... ALSO- please give me feedback if you can't see the text in different sizes, like if you're on some lame Microsoft bullsh*t. hah ha c'mon, laugh. Here's hoping your day is filled with music to dull the pain of thinking about our chances of survival on planet earth. Get your mind and soul together baby, 'cos the icecaps are melting, polar bears are drowning, and Inuits are seeing wasps and robins for the first time. Folks, We should all be listening to more Bjork (drawing restraint 9 rules!), the new Live Mars Volta, and on 3/14 the new Sepultura ! I for one am trying to keep live/life full.

  1. Getting set , miniaturizing my electronic gear/world for the whirlwind handful of dates with Don Preston in UK, NL. European list members - email me for further details and to tell us where the good hash is. Dates are: Don Preston Akashic Ensemble - Europe MARCH 2006 Don Preston-keys/synth/mac/EMS, Andre' Cholmondeley-guitar/synth/samples, Cheri Jiosne-percussion/synth/bitcrushing
     MON13 BBC Radio 3, London ENGLAND "Mixing It" programme -(Recording Session for APR28 airing)
     TUE14 Vortex Jazz, London ENGLAND 830pm -one set- opening for CARL ORR DANGERFUNK
     WED15 De Schiecentrale, Rotterdam HOLLAND - Don Lecture 2pm + Concert
     THU16 De Schiecentrale, Rotterdam HOLLAND 9pm
     SAT18 Pavilion Bar, Belfast IRELAND 9pm Two Sets - ST PATTY's DAY WEEKEND!!!
    Photos, Tour Sept 2005 Woodstock NY 040204
    Akashic Ensemble
    012403 Andre' & Daniel Carter (sax)

  2. DOOT is a fine little trio -- drums/bass/gtr -Improv, jazziness, loops, synth craziness, stompin' polyrhythmic drums, a couple odd covers. I humbly join PETE BRUNELLI and STEVE CHILLEMI, former rhythm-section of DR DARK (Cpt Beefheart tribute). We'll also be in GERMANY at the Zappanale --doing mostly originals -with a TON of Zappa bands & the remains of Soft Machine (RIP Elton Dean!!) TONIGHT!!
    2006/03/03 -Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, CT
    If you miss that then you can catch us later in the month at Brass City Records on March 25th at 7pm-ish. We will have a mailing in the next week with all the details. DOOT-site Gig listings, links, mp3's.. everything a growing body needs.

  3. Mi hermano - ROBBIE 'SEAHAG' MANGANO is on stage a bunch this weekend - check him and his world out at You have a choice - be scared or Inspired by this crazy genius musician. I choose to bask in the love, music and non-judgmental buddha energy that he pours out. Can there be a nicer guy behind a guitar?? Stand by for his NEW CD with 'sound of urchin' later in 2006. THURSDAY March 9 2006 THE SOUND OF URCHIN Lit Lounge 93 2nd Ave, NY, NY with Dave Dreiwitz (Ween/Instant Death)&project debut "Crescent Moon"! Also/Spores from LA (Molly from Mondo Generator!) FRIDAY March 10 2006 WHITE CLAM- Delancey Lounge. 168 Delancey St, NY, NY White Clam at 10:30. SATURDAY March 11 2006 WRONG (world tour) at John and Peters 96 S. Main Street New Hope, PA 18938 215-862-5981 directions: WRONG goes on at Midnight. Dennis D goes on at eleven. Whiskey Bottle Astronaut @ 10. If you don't know any of these bands, they are all awesome. Check the links next to the band names to learn more! Upcoming : ERIC ROTH SOUL REVIEW...march 23rd Http://

  4. project/object more details in an email soon -- now locking the last couple dates on this tour.
    Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa
    Apr-May 2006
    Special Guest - IKE WILLIS
     2006/04/12 Philadelphia, PA World Café W/SCHOOL OF ROCK ALLSTARS!!
    2006/04/13 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom w/ MAHAVISHNU PROJECT!
    2006/04/14 Albany, NY Valentine's
    2006/04/15 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
    2006/04/16 Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall
    2006/04/17 Providence, RI The Century
    2006/04/18 Boston, MA Harpers Ferry
    2006/04/19 New Haven, CT Toad's
    2006/04/20 OFF
    2006/04/21 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
    2006/04/22 Chicago Martyrs
    2006/04/23 St. Louis, MO Cicero's
    2006/04/24 Detroit, MI Magic Bag
    2006/04/25 Cincinnati Poison Room
    2006/04/26 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
    2006/04/27 Louisville, KY Headliners
    2006/04/28 Asheville, NC Stella Blue
    2006/04/29 Atlanta, GA 5 Spot
    2006/05/07 New York, NY BB King's Blues

  5. GONGZILLA on tour (Bon Lozaga, Hansford Rowe, Sam Aliano and friends!!) Many of you saw our good friend and guitar legend BON LOZAGA tear up the fretboard with PROJECT.OBJECT on our recent fall tour 05 - Some of you know him from his pioneering fusion work in the 70s-80s alongside Hansford Rowe, Mino Cinelu, Allan Holdsworth and Benoit and (the late) Pierre Moerlen in GONG. Lately G-ZILLA have been jamming with drum-phenom Gary Husband, moe. and Dave Fiuczynski amongst others, blazing into the jamband scene with a fury. details at GONGZILLA TOUR March 23 Raleigh, NC  - The Pour House March 24 Virginia Beach, VA  - The Jewish Mother March 25 Wilmington, NC  - The Soapbox March 29 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 - with Onomata March 30 Richmond, VA  - Fusion March 31 Greenville, NC  - The Red Rooster April 1 New Hope, PA  - Triumph Brewing Co April 2 Philadelphia, PA  - World Cafe Live April 5 Elon College, NC - The Lighthouse Tavern - with Anonymous April 6 Murfreesboro, NC - Zakk's April 7 Hanover, PA  - KClinger's Tavern April 8 Cleveland, OH - Wilbert's      May 3 Baltimore, MD - 8 X 10 with the Mark Hopkins Band May 6 Wilkes Barre, PA - River Street Jazz Cafe June 3 Kill Devil Hills, NC - Outer Banks Brewing Station June 10 Charlotte, NC - The Evening Muse

  6. INSIDIOUS RAYS TOUR continues!! - 3/3 Fri The Way Out Club St Louis, MO Doors 8 pm $10 21 + with Fattback! 3/4 Sat The Blue Fugue 120 S 9th St Columbia, MO 9pm with Fattback! 3/5 Sun The Replay Lounge 10th & Massachusetts Lawrence, KS with Fattback! 3/7 Tue Davey's Uptown Rambler 3402 Main Street Kansas City, MO with Fattback! 3/8Wed TBA Memphis Tennessee 3/9 Thu The 5 Spot Euclid Ave Atlanta, GA $8 404-223-1100 3/10 Fri Jewish Mother 3108 Pacific Ave. Virginia Beach, VA 9 pm $5 ALL AGES!!!757-422-5430 with Duburbia!!! 3/11 Sat TBA Virginia 3/12 Sun The Paul Green School Of Rock 478 Acorn Lane Downingtown, PA 7 pm $8 ALL AGES!!! more details TBA 3/13 Mon Mill Hill Saloon 300 South Broad @ Market Trenton NJ 9 pm $5 21 + 609-394-7222 w/special guest, TBA 3/14 Tue Club 218 218 South Street Philadelphia, PA 9pm 21+ one more band TBA 3/15 Wed Da Funky Phish 1668 Union Blvd Bayshore NY 11706 9:30pm 18 to enter 21 to d 631 665 9851 3/16 Thu Club Metronome 188 Main St. Burlington, VT w/the program 3/17 Fri LocalFolk Smokehouse 9 VT Route 17 Waitsfield, VT 9 pm 21 + 3/18 Sat The Red Square 388 broadway Albany, NY 8 pm $5 18+ !! 518 432 8584

  7. MAHAVISHNU PROJECT dates!! (w/PO, I-RAYS bassist DAVE JOHNSEN..) THE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT: Glenn Alexander guitar Adam Holzman keyboards Rob Thomas violin Dave Johnsen bass Gregg Bendian drums PERFORMING  "THE COMPLETE MASTERWORKS (part 4)" "BETWEEN NOTHINGNESS & ETERNITY" (plus an All Requests Set) Sat. March 4, 2006 (7:30pm - two sets) NJ Proghouse Old Franklin Schoolhouse 491 Middlesex Ave Metuchen, NJ 08840 Admission is $25 Click here to purchase tickets AND NEXT WEEK..... Sat. Mar 11, 2006 (8pm - two sets) Orion Sound Studios 2903 Whittington Ave Baltimore MD 21230 (410)646-7334 Admission: $15

  8. Jammin' Jon - (original "project/object" guitarist [diff. band]) my buddy Jon Kiebon..had a band called PROJECT.OBJECT a long time ago. He very graciously let us use the name when the confusion ensued over a decade ago. Check out his nutty, wonderful, Zappa-influenced world at

  9. Lovetester - gives away music all year!!! Every day another track!! check out -- this is the site of former project/object punters Rick Bartow, Jeff "boxy" Breedlove, and Wes Paich - they are giving away A SONG EVERY DAY!! for the entire 2006.. you're about 60 songs down, so catch up!! 

  10. - critical of all sides i USUALLY leave overt political stuff off this list -- if you would like more political commentary and fwds (strangely, some of you do!!) then pls email me and i will put you on a separate list for rational discussion of current insanity and lies pouring out of the white house, even worse ones than what poured out of the Intern-cuddling, pot inhaling Clinton white house. is great , as is -- for debunking bias on both sides of the corporate oiligarchy/moneypit. Cheers, mates Details for PO tour coming soon.... thanks for reading this far.

Project/Object Tour Update


1-my current ebay item
2-long, sometimes bitter spiel about the Project/Object "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" tour and RELIX article
(includes-call for Voter-registration help at each venue.)


Hello...has spring sprung??

Hope you are well and ready for the new season......

1- First off - a completely self-serving commercial message, my UN-sanctioned "Gear-for-Food" program continues with another fine pedal on ebay -- check it out if you are so inclined: a rare Digitech Whammy Pedal II, this is the black one, not the red. It's the 2nd one they came out with, some prefer the sound of this one to the original, at the very least it's the easiest one to change intervals on in performance. There's about a day left on it:

2-In other, bigger news - we will hit the road in a matter of days.... another round of ZAPPA MUSIC served up to you.. a short Project Object tour of the northeastern quadrant, USA....special guests - at TWO SHOWS each, will be ED MANN/percussion and DENNY WALLEY/slide guitar supreme.
Openers along the way (see dates for details) will include the PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK and the MAHAVISHNU PROJECT (with P/O basssist Dave Johnsen).

FIRST - let me solicit your HELP - anyone interested in the usual VOLUNTEER ROADIE deal...just email me back. But more importantly --- if you have a way to help plan/coordinate a bipartisan VOTER REGISTRATION drive at any of the shows - drop me an email ASAP. We did this a few times years ago - Frank of course did it in 1988, and ALWAYS urged people to get involved/register and VOTE.

In these times -- it's so much more important. The ONLY thing i see working is LOCAL INVOLVEMENT. We could go on and on about the misery at the top of the rotting fish...but -- THERE IS GREAT STUFF HAPPENING in AMERICA, coast to coast... in TOWNS and CITIES!! Really!! if you look it up -- quietly, people are doing some good environmental stuff, at least 200 mayors have signed legislation that basically commits their cities/towns to KYOTO TREATY changes and planning. And you have all kinds of independent stuff cropping up. I also think- NO MATTER YOUR AFFILIATION -- you should be concerned about one party, ANY party - having complete control of the congress/legislative branch the judicial branch, AND the executive branch!!!! And - even if that happens ---and it logically/legally WILL- then said party should be bending over BACKWARDS to make sure they have transparency, meritocracy and openness. I don't have to continue, do I?? So- please...HELP US provide for and remind people to - ACT LOCALLY!!! even if you HATE the whole voting thing... how about those LOCAL bond budgets.... etc.

So--it's the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED tour. Why call it that?? well- of course, there's the not-so-ironic reality that Bush, with great, expensive fanfare, declared his little Iraq mission 'accomplished' over three years ago, sure, that comes to mind. The atrocious, failed mess that BushCo and his NeoCons have created up there is hard to forget, but hey - MUSIC CAN MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER..! is MUSIC we will deliver!! It's incredible that Condi has (now???) admitted to "THOUSANDS OF ERRORS" in the war on Iraq. Jeezus.

But really - I want to CELEBRATE that the "mission" I set out to "accomplish" back in about 1990 or 1992...has largely been met...!!
Indeed - the simple goal of getting out there and raising the profile of this music one set of ears at a time, and often hundreds of sets of ears at a time....has come true. We want to pause, rest on our laurels for a minute...!!

We want to thank you folks for coming out each and every time, and helping support what we do. No is getting rich doing this, and like you, our love for all music and especially Zappa is what drives us. We really do get some amazing energy out of you Zappa-freaks, thank you for being so good to us.

I want to thank every band member who has passed through the ringer that is project/object.. and especially the ones that are there NOW. As we go out on this tour, we have a NEW DRUMMER (Eric Slick) and some NEW MUSIC selected from the giant list of possibilities, plus some stuff we haven't done in 5 or 6 years.

Also-the larger ZAPPA-landscape has changed , the Zappa family is FINALLY doing some really cool stuff - the recent, great IMAGINARY DISEASES live CD -is the long awaited Grand Wazoo band, and the "Zappa plays Zappa" tour is a fantastic lineup of alumni and Zappa family, they will be touring Europe and US dates are coming in right now.

We want to thank the entire jamband community, which has always been very supportive to P/O, has embraced Zappa and in fact, the current issue of RELIX features Frank heavily! (BTW -Next issue... wow- a Pete Townshend cover story...!) But Did Pete convince them what/who to write about beforehand???

What!!?? Rumor has it, well-sourced rumor, that Gail and the Zappa forces.... coerced RELIX into NOT MENTIONING any other Zappa cover bands stuff....and to only interviewing the TWO (TWO!!!) Zappa alumni that they did talk to - albeit good choices - Steve Vai and Mike Keneally.

What a bummer- to be SEEMINGLY forced and browbeaten into NOT mentioning, for starters, the Zappanale, the Grandmothers(!!), Bogus Pomp, Ed Palermo, Voice of Cheez, URR, Muffin Men, School OF Rock, Jimmy Carl Black....and yes, P/O, especially when they interviewed several people who have PERFORMED with us!! (Garl Lucas, Mike Keneally, Chuck Garvey of moe.) or people we have shared bills with (yonder mtn, moe., disco biscuits)

Am i bitter?? f*ck yeah!!! and why can't i even write "f*ck" properly?? well, 'cos some of you have jobs with web-servers that block english words from email..sorry..!! But yeah -- thanks RELIX for damaging forever your journalistic integrity, as far as i';m concerned.. How can i read it now and trust that they did the WHOLE story and not just what the paranoid/control freak artist wanted? I really want to get to the bottom of this...... anyone have some dirt???

I love RELIX... we even know some people there, and i will await hearing their side of this... but -- fans are already restless about the rest of us - all these people working -high profile- globally to further frank's music - that were left unmentioned. Maybe they are just planning to write about the Zappa-revolution another day. The work that Phish, moe., Zappanale, P/O and countless others have done to advance this music... i am proud to be a part of it! We'll see.

BTW - in the (great series of articles) -- there is an interview with GAIL ZAPPA.
With her characteristic "charm", Gail proclaims that bands who don't "turn in their setlists for licensing" are "f*cking people over" by not getting permission. I fail to see how going broke for a dozen years, living in cheap, sh*tty hotels for 6 weeks, and eating out of truck stops, just to have fun doing this music, is "f*cking over gail zappa", but , i have given up trying to plumb the depths of her bitter insanity. F*CK GAIL ZAPPA AND HER BULLSH*T. There , i said it.

Anyway --i am elated that FRANK got the press he deserves in that community. All of this means - more people will get a chance to hear Frank's music performed..... we are proud to be a part of keeping this music alive.

So -while our "Mission" has been "Accomplished" - we have gotten this music to new audiences, and we pause to ponder it all -- we will continue playing this music for as long as we can!!! Viva Zappa!! Viva Original Music!! F*ck the Haters!!

thanks for reading this/let's REGISTER AND VOTE



Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa Apr-May 06

Special Guest - IKE WILLIS

12 Philadelphia, PA World Café
13 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom w/the Mahavishnu Project
14 Albany, NY Valentine's with Special Guest ED MANN - PERCUSSION (Zappa band 1977-1988)
15 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
16 Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall with Special Guest ED MANN - PERCUSSION (Zappa band 1977-1988)
17 Providence, RI The Century
18 Boston, MA Harpers Ferry
19 New Haven, CT Toad's
20 OFF
21 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
22 Chicago Martyrs
23 St. Louis, MO Cicero's
24 Detroit, MI Magic Bag
25 Cincinnati Poison Room
26 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
27 Louisville, KY Headliners
28 Asheville, NC Stella Blue w/ Special Guest DENNY WALLEY (slide guitar, Zappa band 1975-1984)
29 Atlanta, GA 5 Spot w/ Special Guest DENNY WALLEY (slide guitar, Zappa band 1975-1984)
30 OFF

1 Charleston, SC Pour House
2 Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle
3 Charlotte, NC Visulite
4 Charleston, WV Empty Glass
5 Harrisburg, PA Appalachian Brewing Co. w/ Green Onions
6 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live w/ School of Rock
7 New York, NY CODA
9 Trumansburg NY Rongovian Embassy
10 Rochester, NY Milestones
11 Plains, PA River St. Jazz
12 Pittsburgh, PA Club Café 8pm show - 2 sets
13 Pittsburgh, PA Club Café Early Show 6pm Doors 1 Long Set 7pm - 9:30pm


from: andré cholmondeley
subject: Project/Object... off and running...

hello a quick one while i'm away...on tour

just to say - WE ARE ON THE ROAD. tour started last night in Philly, 'twas a blast with our friends from SCHOOL of ROCK

Tonight!!! Homestate Gig at Starland Ballroom..don't miss it..this is perhaps the best venue on the e coast...... and in most of the USA


1.Due to schedule changes, Ed Mann will NOT be performing at the SUNDAY APR 16 Iron Horse show-- sorry for any inconvenience
check out his tour in europe , Apr 19-23 in Germany, details at

2. Due to a kind universe -- SEAHAG aka ROBBBIE MANGANO has joined us for the first week of gigs!!! Check the tourdates page for more info,
but he will be on tour with us thru SUNDAY APR 16 at least!!

3. My new cd "ENIGMA WITH ATTITUDE" has been released, and is available at shows and for digital download!! Details on that to follow, or email me back, or check out

4. Ike WIllis's two CDs hav also bee re-released by the same company

see you there!!


from: andré cholmondeley
subject: Robbie 'Seahag' Mangano update

hey folks

wow. back in NJ... we just had an amazing time at STARLAND BALLROOM... Mahavishnu Project wowed them, then we rocked the crowd for nearly 3
hrs... an amazing, crazy Jersey crowd!! It was good to play at home -- so many familiar faces, old friends..and tons of new people. A dream gig. That venue is just one of the BEST, right up there with Variety Playhouse (ATL) and the Fox Theater (Boulder). Intense. One of the greatest sound systems I've even seen or heard, holy crap. And ironically, we missed NJ's smoke free revolution by 24 hrs...!! We played the LAST show in that venue under the 'breathe my smoke' rules......

OK -I wanted to send a quick note to inform you --


SEAHAG aka ROBBBIE MANGANO has joined us for the first several gigs!!!

He will be playing UNTIL April 19 - Toad's Place.

We hope he'll be able to squeeze a couple gigs into his nutty schedule at the end of the tour!! Stay tuned to the site for updates..and check out Robbie's world at for wonderment and musical insanities.

See you in Albany tonight!!



from André Cholmondeley
subject: Project/Object & Don Preston

hello hello

we are in cleveland, the heart of rock n roll... myself and Eric 'n Eric just returned from a morning walk thru the HALL of FAME. Yeah, that was cool. It's easy to be real hip and shun the whole Academy/Hall thing...but... personally, I'm a sucker for the artifacts and actual instruments from amazing sessions etc that they have. A couple dumb exhibits, but all in all a blast of 100 years of incredible music & history. There's something special about seeing all the cool letters, guitars, amps, boots and other stuff from this mad pile of energy called rock n roll.

The project/object Tour continues into the Midwest -- c'mon out, and help us spread the word , if you have friends in the upcoming towns!!

And -this just in- the mighty SEAHAG (Roberto Mangano) will be along until ATLANTA 4/29, at least!

in the Hag's own words:" I've been touring for the past week around the northeast. I originally tried to play only a week at first, but the oceans have swept the hag into 10 more days of sailing the seas of fabreeze........I'll be selling Sound of Urchin cds at the merch booth! See you there,

Thanks, Seahag" ps ---check out Hag's video-directorial debut at

As many of you know - a month ago we had some performances with the legendary DON PRESTON in London, Rotterdam and Belfast. An incredible time, that i will sometime on this tour post my diaries of.... but a highlight was visiting and performing at the BBC studios at Maida Vale.
Wow. London. Incredible time.

Today the webcast will be posted on bbc's site -links are below. They will leave it up there for one week so download the hell out of it.
Yo Jonny Pakalolo, check it out - we are on right before the Flaming Lips!!


PS my NEW CD "Enigma With Attitude" is available at the merch-table, in real life, soon for digital download at
It's an hour of guitar experiments, ambient hip-hop influenced rock n roll instrumentals after too many 70s electronic records and news programs.

DON PRESTON AKASHIC ENSEMBLE bbc3 radio performance and interviews.
from MARCH 2006 mini-tour

here is:


Mixing It
21 April 2006
Friday 21 April 2006 22:15-23:30 (Radio 3)

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a session by the Akashic Ensemble, an improvising electronics trio led by Los Angeles-based keyboard player and one-time Frank Zappa collaborator Don Preston - with Andre Cholmondeley (guitar, samples) and Cheri Jiosne (drum synth, samples).
1 hour 15 minutes

From: Andre' Cholmondeley
2006 05 09
Subject: Project Object - Final Wk of tour..PLUS....Tonight!! in Allston/Boston..Gongzilla w/Special Guest David Fiuczynski

hey y'all

RED ALERT!!! TONIGHT -- IN ALLSTON/BOSTON MA -- our good friends David Fiuczynski and Bon Lozaga!!

Tonight! Monday May 8, 2006
KiF David Fiuczynski - guitar, Jeremy McDonald - bass, Nikolay Moiseenko - alto sax, Dana Hawkins - drums With Gongzilla (BOB LOZAGA, HANSFORD ROWE!!) w/Special Guest David Fiuczynski Harpers Ferry 158 Brighton Ave Allston MA 02134 -- a great time was had by all in NYC last night!!
Project/Object played a hot new yawk show at CODA and was joined by a host of incredible guests..including....Adam Holzman, David Fiuczynski, Gregg Bendian, Ed Palermo...

The tour has been going great, we're doing some fresh material and with our new drummer Eric Slick..we have just entered a whole new phaze of creativity, accuracy and dynamics. At the age of 18, Eric is way ahead of 'the schedule' as if that existed anyway, and we are honored to have him along.

We have a week of gigs left -- check one out or please let a friend or three know if we are hitting their town...!
run to

Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa Apr-May 06

Andre' Cholmondeley Guitar, Vocals
David Johnsen Bass, Vocals
Robert 'Seahag' Mangano Guitar, Vocals (NOT in Pittsburgh)
Eric Slick Drums, Vocals
Eric Svalgard Keys, Vocals
IKE WILLIS Special Guest - Guitar, Vocals

Tue9/Trumansburg NY/Rongovian Embassy Wed10/Rochester, NY/Milestones
Thu11/Plains, PA/River St. Jazz
Fri12 & Sat 13/Pittsburgh, PA/Club Café
Sun14 School Of Rock/Hackensack NJ

Well this is late notice but if you're in Allston MA tonight you really should catch the crazy double bill of :


David Fiuczynski - guitar
Jeremy McDonald - bass
Nikolay Moiseenko - alto sax
Dana Hawkins - drums

With Gongzilla w/Special Guest David Fiuczynski Monday May 8, 2006

Harpers Ferry 158 Brighton Ave Allston MA 02134
18+ $10 9:30 pm- 1am
tickets can be purchased in advance at or 1-800-594-TIXX

Project Object NYC, CODA 5-7-06 special guest Musician Info:

Check 'em out!

Gregg Bendian drums Gregg currently leads Interzone, Trio Pianissimo, the Mahavishnu Project, and has recently released an acoustic trio CD.
The Mahavishnu Project will be the house band at Moogfest June 22, and back JAN HAMMER. Our own DAVID JOHNSEN is also on bass in 'the

Adam Holzman keys Adam currently leads the funk-fusion "Brave New World", was Miles Davis' keyboardist & musical director 1985-1989, also
in Wayne Shorter Band, the Mahavishnu Project)

David Fiuczynski guitar David currently leads at least 5 bands - screaming headless torsos AND headless torsos.....Kif (who opened the show last night), Black cherry Acid Lab, Jazz Punk, as well as projects with John Medeski , Lian Amber...on and on..)

Bobby Cleveland keys
student of PO kybst Eric Svalgard, played Peaches. Look out for Bobby onstage (

Laura Wilson vocal
Laura is our very amazing merch queen and CEO of Driver Dep't. She also designs, prints and delivers the t-shirts and designs our stickers, posters and assorted other website art and CD covers. Wow! check her world out. She also sings on 'Uncle Remus' these days, and we're trying to convince to to bring her violin skills to the stage!

-I also have a new solo CD out - "Enigma With Attitude" - i will be sending out a formal email on that once a get a minute!! the cd will soon (any day) also be available online at It's a collection of little experimental moments, some ambient stuff, some rockin' guitar, imitation twang, and whatever.

I'm also doing some gigs with : DOOT!

DOOT - Improvised/Composed trio music

May 13th, Neitcheze's, Buffalo, NY  w/Voice of Cheez (regular DUO show, Andre' ontour with P/O)
May 19th Buttonwood Tree, Middletown, CT
July 17 - Bad Doberan Germany - ZAPPANALE
webcast live at

From: Andre' Cholmondeley
2006 05 09 - part two
Subject: Project Object/NEW NJ GIG SUN MAY 14 !!/FINAL WEEK-SPRING TOUR/Jordan-Astrograss & Seahag-Sound of Urchin LIVE onstage in VT!

PART TWO of today's earlier email.....

-BTW - welcome all you new folks to the email list and PLEASE spread the word, fwd this to any kindred music fans in other areas, we may be going near them!! THANKS

-NEW PICS from photog Rob Grego

-9 min VIDEO of P/O onstage with Katie Jacoby- got to search "eat that question"

Well here we go folks... one more week of craziness and ZAPPA MUSIC, it's been a great run, especially the new places and the places like Milwaukee WI, Cincinnati and Cleveland OH, and Charleston WV (man - they were CRAZY there!!) it's the small towns hungry for music that are often the best. Some great people, awesome rooms and the usual amazing array of crap "made in china" to laugh at in truckstops. ha ha!! the communists have won after all!!

Last night in NYC was one of the examples of the true "orchestral object" sound that i love-- where we have Robbie "seahag" Mangano, Jordan "J-Ro" Shapiro and Ed Palermo. It's been great having the Hag back on the road!

One week of SPRING TOUR 2006 left -- check one out or please let a friend or three know if we are hitting their town...!
run to



(frank zappa and the) MOTHERS DAY

Sunday May 14 PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK -- - Bergen County/hackensack NJ
31 schreiffer st Hackensack NJ
$10 Doors:6pm Show: 7pm
Special Guests Ed Palermo, Gregg Bendian, Kathy Sheppard (director at SOR, former Project/Object tour keyboardist) and others TBA!!!

(PS - come back to the Bergen SOR the next night.. for a clinic/performance with ALLAN HOLDSWORTH and CHAD WACKERMAN!!!)

Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa Apr-May 06 Andre' Cholmondeley Guitar, Vocals --David Johnsen Bass, Vocals --Robert 'Seahag' Mangano Guitar, Vocals (NOT in Pittsburgh)--Eric Slick Drums, Vocals-- Eric Svalgard Keys, Vocals-- IKE WILLIS Special Guest - Guitar, Vocals

MAY 2006
Tue9/Trumansburg NY/Rongovian Embassy Wed10/Rochester, NY/Milestones 
Thu11/Plains, PA/River St. Jazz
Fri12 & Sat 13/Pittsburgh, PA/Club Café
Sun14 School Of Rock/Hackensack NJ


VT people!! --you should check out a crazy Big show at Nectar's on Saturday night:

Saturday May 13
Nectars, Burlington, VT
Astrograss (with JORDAN SHAPIRO) is opening up for Sound of Urchin (WITH ROBBIE "SEAHAG' MANGANO)

Astrograss: 8 - 9   (w/ surprise guests )
Lightning Ridge: 9:30 - 10:30   (some local Burlington rock band)
Sound of Urchin 11  -  ???

should be a crazy night...

Sunday May 14th
The Higher Ground Ballroom
-an afternoon Mother's Day show...3:00 showtime.
(Mothers get in for free)

bassist Dave....what a driven human being. He devours difficult bass parts as if they are food (namely a Mission district SF burrito) , tearing them apart with gusto, and re-assembling them with perfection.
His talents are way too much for one band, and besides the punk-funk-rockin'-surfin' INSIDIOUS RAYS ( he be rockin' the bass with his duo QUISQUEYA, MPB (with seahag) and THE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT with Gregg Bendian, Adam Holzman, Glenn Alexander and Rob Thomas.

What can one say?? check this man out -- he will change your understanding of the limits of human possibilities. I'm looking for investors so i can produce my dream tour - "The Underground G3 - Mangano, Fiuczynski, Keneally" .
Robbie has dubbed this "MFK" !! Hey, i can dream can't i?? Investors, tour promoters --email me!! Robbie is in too many bands to count - incl. WRONG , MPB and SOUND OF URCHIN He even destroys on bass with ERIC ROTH's band. surf on over.

Jordan (AKA J-Ro) played in Project/Object for over 3 yrs, and he just reminded me that the 1st time was over 6 years ago! Man - time is flying. I consider him a full band member that has to take long breaks.
His style complements E-Sval perfectly, and Zappa material is often so textural, dense and layered - and Jordan always instinctively adds the parts that are needed. Jordan usually appears for any NYC area gigs, and helps complete the Tommy Mars- Peter Wolf -Bobby Martin multi keyboard vibe of the early 80s Zappa band that I crave. His multi talent also extends to guitar and mandolin, which adds a completely new element to Zappa music! Check out his recordings and live 'newgrass'
music world at

the newest member of the PROJECT/OBJECT insanity, Eric has been blowing audiences away at every stop. Yet - he is only interested in getting better every day , while enjoying the glory of music - which is a beautiful, inspired way to be. i've learned a ton from this kid less than half my age. His minimal approach to drum hardware says it all, and says it with less. I continually have to glance back to see how is creating thunder he does with "only" FOUR drums and 3 cymbals (yes, nerd, that counts the HH as one...).  It's An honor to have him driving the band at age 18, even tho' he can't legally drive the VAN. LOL!! And wow - for starters -he loves the WHO, the MINUTEMEN and the MELVINS.
this is a dream. Check out some of his original music  at and stay tuned, i know he was writing and editing some wild music on his laptop on this tour....

ERIC SVALGARD Eric is simply one of the hardest working men in music. Another inspiration in so many ways - his work ethic and his general ethics help us all see what  the hell we need to prioritize. His insane Moog creations every night have been spinning heads everywhere. And his underrated jazz-piano vibe rounds out the distorted-rock sound of certain Zappa setlists. We're all proud of his recent venture - he is opening his own branch of the SCHOOL OF ROCK in Wilmington DE on July 1 2006!!

ED PALERMO (special guest)
Ed graces us with his presence and great sax playing whenever we are near his NJ stomping ground. He showed up last night, kicked ass and took names...he will be at the tour closer next sunday night as well in Hackensack at the SCHOOL OF ROCK

Look for Ed's new CD with the Palermo Big Band  on May 23!! hear a clip of RDNZL!! click:


I'm the ill-advised wacko who decide this band was neccesarry.
Fortunately, enough of you agree that i can somehow get the show on the road repeatedly, despite professional, logical financial advice. I am about to launch all kinds of cool stuff so stay tuned.. some solo music shows, another 2 CDs in my mind, but my NEW CD is out and ready ... you can get it at shows or soon thru CD baby etc - stay tuned. ALso coming up for me - summer shows in Holland & Germany and a sept-oct tour of NE USA with DON PRESTON.

Thanks for reading this. Drop me a line.

From: Andre' Cholmondeley
2006 05 09
DOOT!! tonight...CT.... "project/reject" next week NYC

hey y'all

gigging TONIGHT in CT... i know summa you are local..come on out and freak out with us!!! This is the mad-space-jazz-tripped out trio DOOT!
Let us scramble yr friday night brains....

May 19th, 2006 @ 8:00PM
The Buttonwood Tree
Main Street, Middletown, CT
Doot! trio w/ Andre Cholmondeley on guitar
Suggested Donation $10


..and NEXT WEEK -- it's project/object keyboard player JORDAN SHAPIRO's 29th birthday bash - with LOTS of p/o content....!!
29 times around the sun.. cool

Wed. May 24

at the Parkside Lounge.. 314 E. Houston St., @ Attorney, btw Ave. A and Ave. B

8:00 PROJECT/REJECT.... (ex-Project/Object members)
9:00 Two Man Gentelman Band ... (busking duo)
10:00 Cold River ... (my group)
11:00 Mangano, Passatino and Balls (seahag's side project)

some words from JORDAN SHAPIRO about the perfomances:

This is the 1st gig EVER by this group, consisting of members and crew of Project/Object from the pre-2003 years. Rick Bartow, Mumbo, Boxy, Wes, Spackle and myself. For 3+ years we have met at Wes' studio infrequently, jammed and created songs spontaneously. There are over 200 Reject songs. For our debut peformance, we have checked out the archives and picked 10 songs to 're-learn' and perform.

Two Man Gentleman Band
These guys played before me at a solo gig I did at the Postcrypt Coffehouse up at Columbia. They were the only people in the audience who were willing to sing along with me on my newest kids song, "Let Me Stay Up All Night". I didn't even get to hear them play, but I believe they're very musical and will give us all a good laugh.

Cold River
This will the 3rd gig ever by this group, and it's been a different lineup every time. As I type this, I know it will definately include myself on mandolin and guitars, J.Y.Jelly on drums, Adam Armstrong on bass, Paul Cox on keys, Jen Milich providing background vox and possibly Alan Grubner on fiddle. We will be performing original material originally intended for a rock-opera that never got off the ground...and also some very old traditional songs.

Mangano, Passatino and Balls.
Robbie "Seahag" Mangano along with his sidekick Elliot Passatino recorded some pretty twisted music 5-6 years ago and called the tape "mangano, passatino and balls". ('Balls' was the name for the drum machine they used) They've since recorded more songs and even played a couple of gigs. On Wednesday, their spectacular rhythm section will include Project/Object bass player Dave Johnsen and 18 year old Project/Object drummer Eric Slick.. (who has recently been drafted by Adrian Belew to play drums for his upcoming European tour!!! Congrats Slick!!)

DOOT! - Improvised/Composed trio music 

Sun Jul 16 - Noon, Bad Doberan Germany - ZAPPANALE
webcast live at - the music of frank zappa, live!! - andre's music, don preston tours - contact me/us

some DOOT stuff..

from March 03 2006, Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury,CT 2nd set audio. page for a few pics from the show.

André Cholmondeley
2006 06 06

THE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT: The music of John McLaughlin & The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Rediscovered...

hello all. Andre' here from Project/Object et al.

If you are at all a fan of the guitar genius of JOHN HAVE to check out the Mahavishnu Book "Power, Passion and Beauty"

It's incredible, chock full of amazing quotes and stories from the ENTIRE ORIGINAL MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA and members from later incarnations, including/as well as Jazz and Fusion monsters like Pat Metheny, Narada Michael Walden, Jeff Beck, and Mahavishnu Project's own Gregg Bendian &Rob Thomas !!

Don't miss these guys -- they will rip your head off!!
-Andre' (on tour in VA, see next email!!)

Book website:

The music of John McLaughlin & The Mahavishnu Orchestra -
Gregg Bendian, drums
Glenn Alexander, guitar
Adam Holzman, keyboards
Rob Thomas, violin
Dave Johnsen, bass

Thu. JUNE 8 (9:30pm) * River St Jazz Cafe * Wilkes Barre PA *

Fri JUNE 9 (6:30 & 10pm) * Milestones Music Hall * Rochester Jazz Festival *

Sat JUNE 10 (9pm - 2 sets) * Rongovian Embassy * Trumansburg NY *

from: André Cholmondeley
2006 06 06
subject: Al Dimeola on tour

hello again!!

still Andre' here, now with (one of) my other hat(s) on.

RE: the previous email.....Speaking of...guitar legends, and John McLaughlin (the last email) In a bizarre twist of fate and in testament to the strangeness of the universe, I am on the road doing a quick tour with John's old friend and musical compatriot....

Al DiMeola !

I am traveling with the band, doing all kinds of stuff starting with teching Al's guitars. Um. Yeah, it's crazy. 
Finally, years running P/O tours and 'wasting' time poring over guitar synth manuals have paid off!!
See ya on the road!! Look out for my account of the MOST beautiful/scary flight i have ever taken in my life -- to Rouyn-Naranda, Canada...we flew in a 'puddle-jumper', little 2 engine Beechcraft plane, where Al (in a trio setting with drummer/percussionists) played an amazing set at a Guitar Fest> Google that town, it's incredible. We flew over at least 10,000 lakes on the mind is blown. 24 hrs later, we are in Virginia.

As a fan for at least a quarter-century, of course, I'm biased - but Al is DESTROYING on this tour. I can't believe i'm standing 10 ft away and hearing this insanity. He is doing Ovation acoustic and some sick electric work (of course) on a sweet PRS. The band is his longtime trio of percussionist Gumbi Ortiz, drummer Ernie Adams, keyboardist Mario Parmisano, and new bassist Andy Galore. Just killer. Don't miss it. and come say hi!!!

Al DiMeola - ON TOUR

2006/06/06 - ALEXANDRIA VA, BIRCHMERE MUSIC HALL 4.5hrs 253mi
2006/06/07 - BALTIMORE, MD RAMS HEAD LIVE 1hr 46mi
2006/06/11 - ATLANTA, GA THE VARIETY PLAYHOUSE 2hr 118mi

André Cholmondeley
2006 08 03

hello all just a quick.(and kinda late) note to tell you that the very great PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK kids are on the road!!! check 'em out-- doing the best of all kinds of rock n roll, prog rock and other oddities, even a bit of Zappa!!

(dates w/2 locations are simultaneous shows..with two ensembles)


Andre' Cholmondeley, Next Performances:

2006/08/30 HIDDEN AGENDA - concert The Saint, Asbury Park NJ

2006/09/02 - 17 on tour with Don Preston Akashic Ensemble, Northeast USA

Andre' Cholmondeley -Tour Booking
- Insidious Rays, Mahavishnu Project, Don Preston, Ike Willis (EU) -The Al DiMeola Project - Guitar Tech/Tour Manager
-Project/Object - Guitarist/Tour Manager
-Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble - Synth/Guitarist/Tour Mgr
-Hidden Agenda - Synth/Guitarist
- DOOT! - Synth/Guitarist

ON TOUR SOON- FALL 2006 USA and EUROPE with: The Al DiMeola Project

Various DiMeola VIDEOS!

Check out my NEW CD!! Andre' Cholmondeley "ENIGMA WITH ATTITUDE" Soundbytes/Download as MP3s/Buy it as a CD!!

André Cholmondeley
2006 08 03

hey folks message #2.

I know-- it's been a WHILE..since late June perhaps..??? I was in England, Holland and Germany, played some gigs on mainland Europe.... and did the tourist/couch surf thing in holland and UK... it was amazing!!

Check out these specials shows –

ZAPPA music performed by ED PALERMO BIG BAND, with CANDY ZAPPA _ Frank's younger sister!!!

2006/08/17  Ed Palermo Big Band - concert (8:30PM) Hecksher Park, Chapin Rainbow Stage Huntington, NY

2006/09/04  Ed Palermo Big Band - concert  (6:00PM) Detroit Jazz Fest Detroit, MI

here's a note from NIGEY LENNON, old friend of FZ..... 
Hello fans, fiends and friends -- ZAPPA SINGS ZAPPA now has its (their?) own little cubicle on MySpace Music, thanks to another great Belgian, Gina Vodegel! Please feel free to visit, add comments, or even list yourself as a friend of the group, should you feel so inclined. Watch the "Events" category for news on upcoming performances...there may even be a blog, when there's something noteworthy to report.

See you there!


The ZAPPA SINGS ZAPPA East Coast Sub-Assistant Promotion Team

thank you,

732.530.7297 office/home 732.233.5554 cell

André Cholmondeley
2006 08 10

BELEW...PRESTON...KENEALLY news.......Zappa Alumni on the Loose !......and ZAPPA 'freak out' reissue + CANDY ZAPPA CORRECTION

Hey y'all. Hope you are well. Oh boy - as I start to write this.....Here we go again -- Red Alert..whew...the cable news is filled with the madness. Humans. What a mess. What a bunch of crazy monkeys we turned out to be. Watch that movie Space Odyssey: 2001 again. 

Meanwhile - in the only dimension that seems to consistently make sense to me -the SONIC DIMENSION, we have some news. All of it Zappa related in one way or another. Thanks for signing up on our email list. Please let me know if you're getting duplicates. ALSO -- anyone with PRESS CONTACTS - please drop me a line! 



Oops -- I mis-interpreted the info on the ZAPPA SINGS ZAPPA page -- and told y'all that CANDY ZAPPA will be at those upcoming shows. She IS part of the overall project - BUT WILL NOT BE ON THE AUGUST 2006 shows. 

In fact - on vocals will be Napoleon Murphy Brock and John Tobacco - one show each. Nigey Lennon clarifies all in this letter: 

their site 

"Hi Andre --

"Sorry for the confusion. The site was actually designed by a fan in Belgium, and it is in need of some reorganizing which I haven't had time for so far. 

Candy is definitely part of the Zappa Sings Zappa project. We hope to tour this fall. In the meanwhile, I thought it would be good to list Ed's gigs, since John appears with him, and Ed's band and L/T/Z share musicians: it's the same basic band, playing the same basic material as arranged by Ed. Future gig listings will be clear as to whether Candy is appearing.....AGAIN --- Candy won't be singing at either of these two shows. John Tabacco will be handling the vox at Hecksher Park, and Napoleon at Detroit. 

Thanks for your help! 




Adrian is on tour right now with his amazing new POWER TRIO, featuring my good buddies ERIC SLICK (drums) and JULIE SLICK (bass) - as you probably know--Eric is the DRUMMER FOR PROJECT/OBJECT! The NYC show at BB King's on tuesday was just INCREDIBLE -- huge sound, power-pop-fusion-experimental-soundpainting-madness-exhilirating-guitarification!! Don't miss this tour -- It's short but sweet and only hits a few stops - GET TICKETS NOW!! SOME SHOWS ARE SELLING OUT, you do NOT want to miss this -- Setlist includes the BEST of Adrian's ENTIRE catalog, great new stuff from SIDES 1,2,3, and of course some 80s KING CRIMSON CLASSICS!!: (PS - Look out for the CURREN tour 

●Tonight -08/10 Turning Point - Piermont, NY (SOLD OUT!!!) ●08/11 Buffalo Icon - Buffalo, NY ●08/12 Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe ●08/14 Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live ●08/16 Chastain Park - Atlanta, GA ●08/17 Freebird Live - Jacksonville, FL ●08/18 State Theatre - St. Petersburg, FL ●08/19 Bamboo Room - Lake Worth, FL



Don will be lecturing on the History Of Synths/Avant Garde Electronic Music and unique Scores. This time around we'll stop at Yale, U MASS, and Cornell Universities. Don will demonstrate and perform on his highly *modified* vintage Minimoog, once owned by his buddy -Tangerine Dream's Michael Hoenig. There will also be performances after each lecture, some at the lecture halls, some at local venues. Email me for details or see the links. We'll be playing several new pieces by Don, and he will be performing some solo jazz-piano. MOOG technology will figure heavily, the group will also have a MOOG RME Voyager as well as some MOOGERFOOGER pedals onstage!! 

More info from those wackos at Here are our dates - come out and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DON - he'll turn 74 on Sep 21!! 




THU 7 MONTREAL QUEBEC Mile End Cultural Center -AKA "Main Hall"



MON 11 ITHACA NY Cornell Univ. -midday/lecture/performance

TUE 12 TRUMANSBURG NY Rongovian Embassy

WED 13 NEW HAVEN CT Yale Univ. midday/lecture/performance

WED 13 HAMDEN CT The Space -

THU 14 LOWELL, MA University of Mass., Lowell -midday/lecture/performance

FRI 15 CAMBRIDGE MA Lily Pad (was "zeitgeist") http://www/

SAT 16 PROVIDENCE RI AS220 -evening/lecture/performance




Didja order the new MK band CD/DVDD "Guitar Therapy" - well - you should -- it rules!!

DON'T MISS the Mike Keneally Re-Master/Re-Issues of the classics "BOIL THAT DUST SPECK" and "HAT"

get thee to 

ALSO - enjoy this great little vid of MK & band tracking "weekend" back in 1994  



Finally!!! Freak Out is gonna be re-issued, with all kinds of extra schwag. A little hefty at $70 but .. it's a FOUR-CD set. Check it out at

Xicks dig it!! 


I recently released a NEW CD!! It's a chunk of wacked out guitar, synth loops and sampled madness to make you laugh at the news for relief. I will have it at all upcoming shows. Andre' Cholmondeley "ENIGMA WITH ATTITUDE"

Soundbytes..Download as MP3s....Buy a CD!

ALSO.....I am now the TourManager/Guitar Tech for - The Al DiMeola Project. Let's hear it for *another great Italian* !!

We'll be on tour starting about SEP 22 in Virginia, throughout the east coast USA till OCT 23, then over to Europe OCT 27-NOV 20 or so, then the West Coast USA from NOV25 on!! Then..spots around the globe. Chile, Asia and more. Wow. Stay tuned, and come say hi. Al's new CD features special guests Chick Corea, John Pattitucci, Steve Gadd and his 70s/80s keyboard player Barry Miles !! give a listen at 



Look for some activity after Christmas 2006.....We are on hiatus right now -- as you see Eric Slick (BELEW BAND) and I are real busy!!! Eric Svalgard is real busy running his School Of Rock in Wilmington DE, and David Johnsen is busy with the Mahavishnu Project -check out their insanity at



Oh..and OK. See you on tour SOMEWHERE....back to the grindstone....

Xiao and thank you,


André Cholmondeley
2006 08 13

BELEW POWER TRIO!!!! tomorrow in Philadelphia...don't miss it...also IKE WILLIS OREGON!!

hey everyone...

FIRST OFF - Since so many people keep asking -- a few things about ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA:


1-yes we know about it, we in fact PLUGGED it from stage all during the spring PO tour

2-I, and the band, still say - SUPPORT ALL ZAPPA RELATED ACTIVITIES.

3-yes there will be another one, this fall, with a similar lineup to the other tours so far

4-yes GAIL ZAPPA hates us with a passion - just as she hates most or all of the Zappa-repertoire bands planet-wide. She has spent a small fortune trying to sue us since, oh, 1995 or so..and NEVER has she gotten a fcuking DIME ooutt ame..though I have had to spend a grand or so on P/O's lawyer. ONE gig was cancelled as a result of her insane anti-zappa activities.

5-Gail dislikes, or seems to be disliked by - the VAST MAJORITY of Zappa-alumni. Just take a look at how many more she will get on this tour. Where are the MAJOR players..the MOTHERS.. Ike Willis...The Fowlers... the 1988 band guys......?????

There are a handful of fantastic people she still talks to - but she will just as quickly dismiss them..for playing with little old project/object, as she has done to certain fine alumni. Also-thanks - we KNOW she has 'copywritten' the name 'project/object' - it doesn't affect us and is a typical waste of her money. Even if it did, we'd carry on under a different name 'cos FRANK -on his deathbed-asked all fans to PLAY HIS MUSIC. OK - i am feeling sick - enough of this and hope that answers a couple dozen emails in one swell foop.



well- many of you are seeing this BELEW incredible tour -- if not -- make plans and GO!. Adrian's rare solo tours are a thing of wonder, always have been. But his current lineup -- man oh man can you saw nukular energy??? Yep - I admit it - i'm TOTALLY biased, his rhythm section is made of of good friends - THE SLICKS from Philly. many of you were regaled with ERIC SLICK on the spring 2006 Project Object Tour. Well- he and sister Julie Slick (bass) are now driving the BELEW POWER TRIO. The show early this week in NYC was a-m-a-z-i-n-g to say the least.. (and YES, to answer a couple of you -- they ARE related to GRACE, she is their 2nd cousin by marriage. So- bring them Airplane boots to pass along to me. BTW -- speaking of Airplane-Project/Object continuity --- Airplane's vocalist for a decade or so is DIANA MANGANO -- cousin of ROBBIE "SEAHAG" MANGANO!!)




Adrian -with his new POWER TRIO, featuring ERIC SLICK (drums) and JULIE SLICK (bass) - The NYC show at BB King's on tuesday was just INCREDIBLE -- huge sound, power-pop-fusion-experimental-soundpainting-madness-exhilirating-guitarification!! Don't miss this tour -- It's short but sweet and only hits a few stops - GET TICKETS NOW!! SOME SHOWS ARE SELLING OUT, you do NOT want to miss this -- Setlist includes the BEST of Adrian's ENTIRE catalog, great new stuff from SIDES 1,2,3, and of course some 80s KING CRIMSON CLASSICS!!:

●Tomorrow NIGHT -- Get tickets NOW this may sellout! ●08/14 Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live ●08/16 Chastain Park - Atlanta, GA ●08/17 Freebird Live - Jacksonville, FL ●08/18 State Theatre - St. Petersburg, FL ●08/19 Bamboo Room - Lake Worth, FL




IKE WILLIS now lives in LA, nuff said. He is doing some shows in OREGON with ex-PO drummer and apparent masochist GLENN LEONARD. Check these shows out !! See Ike tear it up again in the Northwest!!

Pojama People featuring Ike Willis performing the music of Frank Zappa

Aug 22 The Rainbow 722 NE 45th Street Seattle, WA 206-634-1761

Aug 23 DANTE'S 1 SW 3rd Avenue & Burnside Portland, Oregon 97204503-226-6630

Aug 24 WOW Hall 291 W 8th Ave Eugene, OR 541-687-2746

To join the Pojama People mailing list, send a request to:



OH - BTW --Below we have my typically self-aggrandizing photo of the day -- about a month ago I was lucky enough to jam a bit with a major hero -= Mr Adrian Belew hisself - onstage July 16 , Bad Doberan Germany - one of my FAVORITE little towns anywhere. So tranquil... air so incredible coming off the Baltic..mmmmm. Right here we were jamming the solo vamp from Zappa's "Packard Goose", earlier we did "Muffin Man" and i blew the easiest words in the universe since i never sing the damn song. Oh well - all Pilsner-inspired fun. having seen Adrian live since Feb 1982 (King Crimson, Rutgers University) when i was about 17... then many MANY solo tours, also - a fave Adrian show-with one of my top 5 artists DAVID BOWIE when Ade toured with DB's greatest hits band in 1990 (amazing tour!! when will the dame release that stuff!!) So - this was a very cool, wacky honor and i thank the mad genius PAUL GREEN for dragging me up there as utility guitarist/bassist and to generally make a fool of myself.

And -- LET ME PLUG MY OWN MUSIC ... - wow-- from the last email I actually had a couple people order my CD - thanks!! So-- if you are into the weirder side of things -- check it out , give alisten and you can buy one track, 6 tracks or the whole damn CD, digitally or 'actual'.

To check out :Andre' Cholmondeley "ENIGMA WITH ATTITUDE" and get Soundbytes/Download MP3s/Buy it as a CD!!


It's mostly solo weirdness, done on a VS 880, a laptop , one track of my band HIDDEN AGENDA live in NYC and one track recorded live by engineer Frank Bellina in Philly as part of a Don Preston concert in sep2005 when i had a featured moment. Check it out!

And SCROLL DOWN for even more news --- the DON PRESTON akashic tour is coming soon. I wish you could xeck it out.....


André Cholmondeley
2006 08 15

Don Preston - BUY NYC tickets! /also.....MAHAVISHNU ORGAN TRIO tomorrow night/NYC

Folks, i'll be blunt. Last time we were booked at this place (THE MONKEY) in NYC, we had to cancel due to poor pre-sales. Sadly, i was fielding emails for days after the event explaining this to disappointed fans...SO--if you want to catch the NYC show on sun sep 17 - PLEASE PLEASE go now and get tickets. It is an audiophile, high-end listening environment -- only about 40 seats, and rigged for 5.1 surround sound! Due to the special circumstances and expense of the venue - we have to guarantee revenue before the doors are open. Since it's NOT a bar - tickets are the only revenue. It's on the 12th floor of a midtown office building..... Click on the Monkey site for more ticket info. Pre-sales will guarantee this show goes on...

SUN SEP 17 NEW YORK CITY NY The Monkey SHOW / 8pm 

DON PRESTON AKASHIC fall tour 2006

DON PRESTON - MINIMOOG, Air Synth, Air Fx, Apple computer, toy piano, vocals
ANDRE' CHOLMONDELEY - guitar/MOOG Voyager , loops, MOOG MuRf, vocals
CHERI JIOSNE - HPD -percussion/synth, samples, loops, vocals



THU SEP 7 MONTREAL QUEBEC Mile End Cultural Center (Main Hall)

SUN SEP 10 PHOENIXVILLE PA Steel City Coffeehouse

MON SEP 11 ITHACA NY Cornell Univ. -LECTURE & PERF/12:15pm - FREE to public

TUE SEP 12 TRUMANSBURG NY Rongovian Embassy SHOW/7pm

WED SEP 13 NEW HAVEN CT Yale -Sprague/Morse Recital Hall - LECTURE &PERF/10:30am

WED SEP 13 HAMDEN CT The Space - SHOW/7pm

THU SEP 14 LOWELL, MA University of Mass., Lowell -LECTURE/PERF 1:00pm-3:00pm

FRI SEP 15 *POSTPONED/RESCHEDULING*club CLOSED DOWN for NOISE /re-booking --http://www/




In other news -Check out this fractal-offshoot of the amazing MAHAVISHNU PROJECT!


Hidden Agenda, Live this week

Tonight......LIVE.ORIGINAL.MUSIC......w/yours truly, Andre' Cholmondeley and co-conspirators in rock!!!


2006/09/01- hidden agenda CODA, NYC 9:30PM ALSO WITH VICIO, ADAM GILBERT, THE YAZ BAND ANDRE' CHOLMONDELEY - guitar, voc JEFF'BOXY' BREEDLOVE - bass BOB RAMOS - drums, perc Doors at 7pm Tickets are $10 Advance ticket information (800) 594-TIXX or 18 to enter and 21 to drink (College ID is accepted) , CODA 34 East 34th Street (@ Madison) NYC 10016 (212) 685-3434

It's good to get back on the boards with some old and NEW HIDDEN AGENDA material, and a couple cool covers. It's always new when it's a new lineup as I love what different combos bring to the band sound. This is a band i have had on/off since the mid 90s, and i'm real excited about this lineup --eine kleine historisch... Boxy was the original keys-player in PROJECT/OBJECT back in the day..he pushed the band to new levels... then picked up the bass and played in earlier incarnations of HIDDEN AGENDA and BLUES AGENDA..both with Jason Silverio on's great to have him back in the fold and low-end killin' on the bass....I can't decide what he's better on, keys or bass...or guitar!!! Bob Ramos was the drummer in the FIRST band i was ever in , back in the early 80s - "circle of fifths" (LOL!!). We went on to start a band with Ben Davis called RHYTHM METHOD that took 80s new brunswick (our college town) by storm...then we did a killer pop-punk album with FALSE actually sold some numbers in Italy, then the lead singer jumped out of a window.....later Bob and I did our first tour ever - a few weeks in CA with the NICK CLEMONS BAND (the big man's son)......Bob is playing better than ever and always brings his kickass polyrhythms to the table... Finally we are all jamming -for the first time - and it's a great great thing! We're doing a bunch of my original songs, and a couple covers of Santana, Zappa and Sonny Sharrock. Gee, listen to much guitar music, Andre'? Anyway -After all these years, to play with two good friends is a fantastic thing and means more than all the covers and sold out theatres. Amazingly, while we've all known each other over 20 yrs, these will be our first gigs together. ......SEE YOU THERE!!



THU SEP 7 MONTREAL QUEBEC Mile End Cultural Center (Main Hall) NEW DATE!!

SAT SEP 9 RED BANK NJ Synapse Studios (w/Modern Dance) SHOW/8pm

SUN SEP 10 PHOENIXVILLE PA Steel City Coffeehouse

MON SEP 11 ITHACA NY Cornell Univ. -LECTURE & PERF/12:15pm - FREE to public

TUE SEP 12 TRUMANSBURG NY Rongovian Embassy SHOW/7pm

WED SEP 13 NEW HAVEN CT Yale -Sprague/Morse Recital Hall LECTURE &PERF/10:30am

WED SEP 13 HAMDEN CT The Space - SHOW/7pm

THU SEP 14 LOWELL, MA University of Mass., Lowell -LECTURE/PERF 1:00pm-3:00pm

FRI SEP 15 CAMBRIDGE MA Lily Pad http://www/



Check out my NEW CD!! Andre' Cholmondeley "ENIGMA WITH ATTITUDE" get Soundbytes/Download as MP3s/Buy it as a CD!! SEP22-DEC17 2006 ON TOUR - USA and EUROPE......... Tour Manager/Guitar Tech - The Al DiMeola Project Thank You, Andre' Andre' Cholmondeley, Tour Mgr/Guitar Tech Al DiMeola Productions 732.530.7297 office/home 732.233.5554 cell Andre' on Tour with synth legend DON PRESTON SEP 2006: ON TOUR SOON WITH AL DIMEOLA Tour Manager/Guitar Tech - The Al DiMeola Project -USA & EUROPE DATES

2006 09 09

André Cholmondeley: 


two gigs in, having a blast on the don preston tour...we were just in two of my favorite cities -- Burlington VT and Montreal QC. Far more Montreal actually. sorry, hippies... Wow..what a city!!

We are in NJ tonight -- the only area gig other than the NYC gig next weekend, at the MONKEY, an audiophile room on the 12th floor in midtown Manhattan...with 5.1 surround sound, speakers all around the listening space !! You have to hear it to believe it. Again -- i urge you to get advance tickets for that one -- very important to do that. For secure ticket purchases --Check out

See you on tour!!! Celebrating Don doing over 50 years of experimental music and jazz piano!!



ON TOUR SOON- FALL 2006 USA and EUROPE with: The Al DiMeola Project (


COMING IN DEC 2006/JAN 2007 !!! - the music of frank zappa, live!! - andre's music, don preston tours

Thank You,


André Cholmondeley
2006 09 12

hello everyone the Don tour is going great -- so cool to meet all you jazz piano and electronic music fans... some of you hearing this kind of music for the 1st time and loving it - that is the coolest!!
Yesterday -Don just had a great lecture at Cornell then we played a short set. He projected pictures from his great history with Moogs and doing soundtracks and tours, and took some cool questions at the end. Fellow Synth legend DAVID BORDEN was in attendance!!! was a pleasure to hang with him again...and have a great Thai meal , talking music etc. David recently did a concert with laptops...loaded with samples he has personally made of his REAL ANALOG instruments. Look him up -- he founded Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co - the FIRST all-Moog band back in c. 1970....

ALERT -- if you are interested in getting tickets and seeing us in NYC -- PLEASE DO SO NOW -- as I had warned -- this show is dependent on JUST a few of you supporting it -- it;;s a small room -- 35 people??? and we have yet to sell enough tickets to warrant the owner opening the doors!!! It's SUN SEP 17 NEW YORK CITY NY The Monkey SHOW/8pm

yep folks -this is blackmail . from a black male - IF YOU DON'T GET TICKETS NOW AND YOU WANNA GO _- this show will be cancelled... bummer. I am even willing to buy a couple myself if we get close!! So- i KNOW a bunch of you are thinking abt ity -- you've emailed me with questions.. go get yer tickets -- DO NOT GET THEM AT THE DOOR --we MUST have advance sales to have this special venue open it's doors.....thanks

meanwhile -- here are the other dates... see ya there!! the website is below as well. Wednesday, September 13 2006, is shaping up to be a wild time at the Space in Hamden, CT Yours truly, Andre will also play with DOOT! including Nate Trier on keys.... as a trio with Pete Brunelli/bass and Steve Chillemi/drums we played at the ZAPPANALE this past july.....Also performing first on the bill will be Tim Palmieri, founding member and principal guitarist for Connecticut-based jammers "The Breakfast".  All indications point to Tim being poised to tear the joint down, so be there early. Doors at 7pm, $10 cover

André Cholmondeley

NYC alert!!! --- Don Preston....... 

SUN SEP 17 - Tonight!! Tour Finale!!!!!
Don Preston Akashic Ensemble-8pm The Monkey
NEW YORK CITY NY 37 W 26th St, Suite 1201 (betw. 6th and Bd'way) SHOW/8pm

hello back from new england..... always amazing up there.. and the weather is great....also Ithaca NY -- wow!! such a cool place.. finger!....CT was great -- YALE university, playing on a huge stage.... right next door to the SKULL & BONES headquarters..eerie building -- (no writing or number for the address.. weird stone building with STRANGE, it's real!..later we played THE SPACE and i got to jam with my good buddies DOOT!... then bassist Pete took us out for quick late nite dinner at the BEST falafel place -- MAMOUN's......Lowell MA was incredible...we played in front of 400-500 fantastic students at U Mass....damn i wish that was filmed!!! It was their 'recital hour' and we went over incredibly. I've said it a million times --especially since being at Paul Green School Of Rock --I have so much faith in so much of the next generation... we met some great young people who were into all kinds of music....

electronic..rock..jazz..classical.. i met a couple future midi-guitarists..and i explained to a wide- eyed young woman that she COULD indeed MIDI-fy her violin..( so many of the students were blown away by the MOOG energy... we had the full spectrum onstage -- a vintage MINIMOOG as well as my MINIMOOG VOYAGER RME..... Cambridge MA was buzzing with energy as usual... we played a packed little place called LILY PAD, Don loves the Kawai grand piano there and played some great stuff on it..... and last night we were at ( in one of my fave cities - Providence RI....what a venue!! performance gallery.. great bar...and amazing mexican food...i am california burrito SNOB and they blew me away... great show.. great people who turned out for a 60 mins lecture before the show....the show went great and a fantastic crowd hung out for 90 mins of very strange cool..... ANYWAY -- come see us tonight!! LAST SHOW on this tour... and wish Don a early HAPPY 74th BIRTHDAY (sep 21 1932)... the tour has been great but as the old saying goes.... "If you want to Jazz... if you want to starve TO electronic music!!" hah hah! yeah - no one getting rich doing THIS weird shit!! We may pull the plug here in the US for a this in Europe if at all.. it;'s tough - the people who do come out -- YOU ARE AMAZING and in some places packed. But - like ALL touring bands right now -- it's rough out there!!!!! anyway -- see you soon --my next venture starts..thursday!! with the Al DiMeola tour -- i will be teching and tour managing --- check this email in a cpl days for the entire schedule!


Don't forget --check out some free downloadable music and info at

We will add A LOT of stuff from this tour, including some great video, soon!! 

SUN SEP 17 - Tonight!!!!!
The Monkey
NEW YORK CITY NY 37 W 26th St, Suite 1201 (betw. 6th and Bd'way) SHOW/8pm
this is a dedicated listening space....5.1 surround sound audio..! following the show will be a wine and cheese reception....come wish Don a safe trip back to Los Angeles... 

DON PRESTON - Vintage/Mod-o-fied MINIMOOG, Air Synth, Air Fx, Apple computer, Piano, vocals, madness at 73
ANDRE' CHOLMONDELEY - synth-guitar/MOOG Voyager , loops, MOOG MuRf, samples, vocals
CHERI JIOSNE - Roland HPD15-percussion/synth, loops, vocals

from André Cholmondeley
subject: Former Project/Object members --LOVETESTER --"1000th SONG" show!!/..and Andre' on DiMeola Tour


-hello from the DiMeola Tour 
-Project/Object dates coming soon 
-LOVETESTER 100th song about to land in Brooklyn!! 

hey all

Andre' here, still on tour crewing/guitar teching/road managing AL DiMEOLA (another great Italian!!) 
Sitting in the Hilton in Germantown/Memphis TN, we just played to almost 700 pp in the Germantown Perf Art Centre, sweet. 
Hung out with Paul Reed Smith for hours at his house a cpl weeks ago... i could get used to this job, AS INSANE AS IT IS., heh heh. 

So - check his site , come see his amazing 5pc electric band!! there are clips from the new CD there -- also - I'm doing the volunteer roadie/free tickets deal that P/O does so drop me a line if interested. 



-stay tuned for news of Project/Object on the road dec17-jan 14 or so...emailing you soon!!



You gotta check out LOVETESTER -- an amazing "instant genius compositions" band made up of one of the original drummer duo and keys player from PROJECT OBJECT -- Wes Paich and Jeff "Boxy" Breedlove. Jeff plays BASS in this band (and also my trio Hidden Agenda) Rick Bartow was our wonderful 2nd bassist for manyyears, plays GUITAR in this band. Confused yet?? 

These guys are great, and have been giving away A SONG A DAY on their site!! some fantastic, phantasmagoric, crazy music - you'd love it - surf over to and give a listen, LOUD, and at work. 

ANYWAY -- NYC area people -- run, go, train, bus, fly (safely) there and check them out as their THOUSANDTH SONG is created LIVE!!


From Drummer Wes Paich:

"[Hi everyone...]

we're doing our 1000th song gig on sat the 21st of october, at the parkside lounge in brooklyn. gonna make up our 1000th song on the spot. 
all info is here 




Thank You,


2007 05 04

Hello Folks Andre' here

Quick Update
---- P/O is off for the spring...doing lotsa other stuff.... we're all writing and playing and practicing and recording CD to various degrees.....I just completed my work as Tour Manager for AL DI MEOLA...I got to put on shows on four continents, it was amazing! We recently got back from Hungary, Poland and Israel, which were all amazing places to see.
Check out to see some cool video from Israel and Morocco. In Israel we put on SEVEN sold-out club shows in 3 days....I don't think I've worked harder in this industry other than that memorable weekend.. Now - i gotta run - but here is an important message from our buddy Scott Tepper (contact info below) who has a great idea for those of you headed to the ZAPPANALE (where both Project/Object w/Ike Willis AND the Don Preston Akashic Ensemble will perform) - He has organized a little tour before the festival, touring through Berlin, Prague etc. Check it out - it's a great deal!!



Vacation Vibrations
Let's think summer, OK?  Nothing like a nice cold beer in the summer.  How about a nice cold German beer?  In Germany?   This summer, Project/Object is thrilled to return to the lovely city of Bad Doberan in Germany for the 18th annual Zappanale, the great gathering of Appliantologists and Dental Floss Tycoons August 2-5 that celebrates FZ's life, music, and "conceptual continuity". 

The Zappanale features Zappa tribute bands, former Zappa band members, and other musicians and performance artists with kindred styles and interests from all over the world. Thomas Dippel, president Germany's Arf-Society, the non-profit group behind the Zappanale, describes the event: "Unlike a lot of festivals, the Zappanale is designed as a complete Zappa experience, not just a parade of bands. The atmosphere on the festival grounds is every bit as important as what happens on stage. The whole city of Bad Doberan accommodates the festival, from our honorary member Mayor Polzin to the café waitresses in the town square."

We'll be there, of course, with our spiritual leader Ike Willis.  Also representing the USofA will be longtime Zappa drummer Chad Wackerman with his group, the Don Preston Akashic Ensemble, and new friends Kimono Draggin'.
European bands scheduled are French big band Le Bocal, Italy's I Virtuosi Dal Pianeta Talento, Team Zappa from Norway, Zappatronix from Switzerland, Polish progressive metal band Indukti, Space Debris from Denmark, Germany's own Trigon, and more.

 If you would like to come see us at the Zappanale and have an "absolutely Zappa" summer vacation, sign up for " Farther Oblivion Tour 2007".  Tour company Vacation Vibrations is offering a package that will take you to the festival and other Zappa-related sights and ceremonies in Berlin and Prague.
The fun begins in Berlin on July 27. You'll tour the city, and attend an extraordinary event on July 28th when the city of Berlin formally renames a street as "Frank-Zappa-Strasse". This will be the first street in Germany named for a rock star, and the first street in the world named for Frank Zappa. The dedication will be followed by live music and a little party. (Zappa fans in Berlin on a Saturday night -- should be a quiet little affair.) 
From Berlin the tour will proceed to Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Did you know that FZ holds a special place in Czech history?  Former Czech president Vaclav Havel called Zappa 'one of the gods of the Czech underground' for his uncompromising belief in freedom of thought and expression. Frank's music, smuggled in and enjoyed at risk of imprisonment, inspired people to resist totalitarianism.  That spirit lives on today. 
After enjoying Prague, it's back up to Bad Doberan for the Zappanale.  Arf-Society's Thomas Dippel comments, "For over fifteen years we've maintained close contact with our American fans; we're thrilled that Vacation Vibrations has now put together an organized Frank Zappa excursion."   When you "get on the bus" for Farther Oblivion, you will also be part of an exclusive get-together with Ike!  Tour operator Scott Tepper says, "We are honored that Ike has graciously offered to spend time with our group." Ike will share memories of times with Zappa and the band in the studio, on the road, and just one-on-one, and answer questions. The exact timing of that event will be announced closer to the tour date.   Tour participants who want to continue their vacation after the Zappanale can book an optional 3-night extension to Amsterdam, another awesome city with legendary nightlife that is also devoted to independent thinking and freedom of expression.

Vacation Vibrations is a division of American International Tour Groups, a group tour operator  specializing in customized group trips since 1990. American International's founder and CEO Sam Schlossberg says, "Vacation Vibrations' Farther Oblivion Tour 2007 is another example of what we are so good at: planning trips to meet the needs of groups with a very specialized interest. As always, people on our trip will have a great time!" 
For more information about the tour, visit , email Scott Tepper at , or call him at 617-721-7996.

Andre' Cholmondeley:
Booking -Mahavishnu Project, Don Preston, Ike Willis (EU)
Guitarist - Project/Object, Hidden Agenda, Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble
ZAPPA TRIBUTE PERFORMANCES - the music of frank zappa, live!!

2007 05 04 part two

Hey again

Tomorrow ( SAT MAY 5 - cinco de mayo) we have a cool show out on the planet Brooklyn..... don't miss it!!

A night of eclectic, new music featuring three different members of Project/Object...... 

Eric Roth Soul Review - 9:00 PM + CBS - 11:00 PM
Saturday May 5
The Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia Street
btw Woodhull and Hamilton Ave.
New York 11231 (Carroll Gardens West/ Red Hook)
F/G trains to Carroll St.
$5 cover BYOB (you can also bring drinks over from Moonshine Bar next door) 9:00 PM

Eric Roth Soul Review

The Eric Roth Soul Review plays a high-energy dance-able firestorm, complete with incendiary lyrics, heightening the drama of this music theater machine. According to Seahag, "Singing songs from the jewish perspective from a jewish perspective. Eric Roth is awesome and jewish--- a composition teacher at the brooklyn college of music, wrote the most killa intricate tunes for these subjects. The shit is really funny and also really dope. The musicians (bass, drums, keys, and two saxophones--that's right, NO GUITAR) will be "eyes glued on the sheet music" for these tunes cause this is intense like a roadmap through iraq" 

11:00 PM CBS

CBS incorporates live PA with guitar/synth, bass and processed trumpet toimprovise modern electronic jazz .... 

DIRECTIONS from SUBWAY: Jalopy is a 10 min. walk from the F or G train. Take the F or G to Carroll Street Station exit @ the front of the train you will be on the corner of Smith & 2nd place go to your left one block on Smith to 1st place go to your left & walk down 1st place for about 7 min. you will pass Court Street, Clinton Street, Henry Street, & get to Hicks Street where you will take a foot-bridge over the BQE highway. At the bottom of the stairs on the other side, go to your right 2 blocks, past Summit Street to Woodhull St. turn right down Woodhull to Columbia Street (the next block) go to your left & JALOPY & Moonshine (the bar) are right there.

Andre' Cholmondeley
Booking -Mahavishnu Project, Don Preston, Ike Willis (EU)
Guitarist - Project/Object, Hidden Agenda, Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble 
ZAPPA TRIBUTE PERFORMANCES - the music of frank zappa, live!!    

2007 05 04 part three

And one more announcement - Zappa Fans in the Delaware, MD, PA, DC, NJ area -- come on out!!! 

Ed Mann will be performing with SCHOOL OF ROCK


details: School of Rock-Wilmington

Eric Svalgard, P/O keyboardist and Director of the School of Rock in Wilmington, DE has been working with the Downingtown SoR kids on their Zappa show. As a special treat for them and for all Zappa fans, he is proud to announce that the kids will do a special one night show in his home venue at The Grand Opera House with SPECIAL: GUEST ARTIST ED MANN.

As you probably know Ed was with Frank's band for over ten years. The show will be at the 300 seat "Baby Grand" auditorium. Tickets are $20 and are available only through the school at or 302-225-ROCK (7625). Eric tells me that there are some seriously talented kids involved, Eric Slick and The Seahag have been helping him out at rehearsals and it promises to be a special evening of Zappa music.


Friday June 15 8:00pm
The Grand Opera House
"Baby Grand" auditorium
Tickets $20
available only via or 302-225-ROCK (7625)
Eric  Svalgård
Director School of Rock-Wilmington
and on the road with Project Object

Andre' Cholmondeley
Booking -Mahavishnu Project, Don Preston, Ike Willis (EU)
Guitarist - Project/Object, Hidden Agenda, Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble 
ZAPPA TRIBUTE PERFORMANCES - the music of frank zappa, live!!

2007 05 05 - André Cholmondeley

hello Andre' here'

I'm happy to say i'll be onstage in brooklyn tonight (wow -- apparently only the SECOND time i've ever played in brooklyn).. 

Eric Roth Soul Review - 9:00 PM CBS - 11:00 PM
Saturday May 5 - TONIGHT!!!!!
The Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia Street, btw Woodhull and Hamilton Ave.
New York 11231 (Carroll Gardens West/ Red Hook)
F/G trains to Carroll St.
$5 cover (donations encouraged..)
BYOB (you can also bring drinks over from Moonshine Bar next door)

we're calling the group CBS (since we had to come up with something , we went with the good ol' post modern "stick your surname initials together-in-a-tongue-in-cheek-ironic-reference-to-being-a-corporation, with the bonus that it coincides with a real one, CBS!

" The gig is CHEAP at $5 but donations encouraged/welcomed. Also on the bill are my dear buddies from PROJECT/OBJECT - Robbie "seahag" Mangano and Jordan Shapiro and the great Eric Roth. Details of their Madness abound, below. 

What music(s) are we playing with CBS?
Well--it's a trio with some friends I just did some recording with - 

HEAR/BUY my recent CD or tracks at or - just search "cholmondeley" on either one
We're gonna dig into some live miles/aphex twin influenced spacey modern electronica-jazz with guitar, synth, bass and processed trumpet to improvise modern electronic jazz ....look out for our recent recordings to hit the web and/or a CD somewhere.
It's strange and a lot of fun glue-ing together all the influences.. but before we perform - you MUST see... 

Eric Roth Soul Review - 9:00 PM

The Eric Roth Soul Review plays a high-energy dance-able firestorm, complete with incendiary lyrics, heightening the drama of this music theater machine. According to Seahag, "Singing songs from the jewish perspective from a jewish perspective. Eric Roth is awesome and jewish--- a composition teacher at the brooklyn college of music, wrote the most killa intricate tunes for these subjects. The shit is really funny and also really dope. The musicians (bass, drums, keys, and two saxophones--that's right, NO GUITAR) will be "eyes glued on the sheet music" for these tunes cause this is intense like a roadmap through iraq" Eric Roth - lead vocals, kazoo, percussion 

DIRECTIONS from SUBWAY: Jalopy is a 10 min. walk from the F or G train. Take the F or G to Carroll Street Station exit @ the front of the train you will be on the corner of Smith & 2nd place go to your left one block on Smith to 1st place go to your left & walk down 1st place for about 7 min. you will pass Court Street, Clinton Street, Henry Street, & get to Hicks Street where you will take a foot-bridge over the BQE highway. At the bottom of the stairs on the other side, go to your right 2 blocks, past Summit Street to Woodhull St. turn right down Woodhull to Columbia Street (the next block) go to your left & JALOPY & Moonshine (the bar) are right there. 

Andre' Cholmondeley
Booking -Mahavishnu Project, Don Preston, Ike Willis (EU)
Guitarist - Project/Object, Hidden Agenda, Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble 
ZAPPA TRIBUTE PERFORMANCES - the music of frank zappa, live!!

2007 07 23 - André Cholmondeley  

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Hey everyone Hope all is well. Lots going on.... too much at times, I can't think straight 

We're about to leave for EUROPE -- one show at Zappanale with Project/Object, one set with Don Preston Akashic, then we go onwards with Don to Prague and then Vienna. Being a musician really sucks sometimes.....LOL.
Then we have a 75th birthday tour with Don in sept..and a major P/O tour in Oct/Nov with Ike Willis & Napoleon Murphy Brock (ex-vocalist for Dweezil's ZPZ!) In any event... I have been booking some shows - and I have my FIRST EVER full on Production/Promotion (which really means - I'm the jerk who loses his shirt if enough people don't show up!!) Stay tuned for further developments --but if you are in the Asheville NC area (where I now live), c'mon down to the show -- or tell someone you know in Western NC!! Spread the word, let;'s pack this place. -thanks Andre'


Stella Blue

Adrian Belew Power Trio. 21+ Tickets $18 adv, $20 day of 

Join Legendary Adrian Belew in a rare appearance in Asheville NC. Catch one of his few USA dates this summer. The Power Trio will be fresh back from a week-long engagement in Japan (where they survived the earthquake!!). Adrian Belew is noted not only for his incredible and varied solo albums since 1982, but also for his countless tours and sessions with Herbie Hancock, Frank Zappa, Laurie Anderson, The Bears, Tom-Tom Club, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Jean-Michel Jarre, Paul Simon, Nine Inch Nails, Jars Of Clay, Mike Oldfield and more. Prog-heads know him well as the lead-vocalist and guitar-partner to Robert Fripp in KING CRIMSON since 1981. His trio since 2006 has consisted of Eric Slick/Drums and Julie Slick/Bass. (some of you may know Eric from his drum-chair position in PROJECT/OBJECT)
Featuring : Big Electric Music from Belew's entire career, incredible guitar textures and loops, and spirited trio improv.
Venue Phone: 828.236.2424
Event Email:
Ages: 21+
Adrian Belew Power Trio
Date of Event: Sun Aug 19/07
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Show Time: 7:00 PM
Ticket Limit Per Trans:8
Ticket Price: $18.00

2007 09 26 - André Cholmondeley

Don Preston tonite in Cambridge

Hey there

If you're in the Boston/Cambridge area....we have a couple dates there!!


details -- other TOUR DATES BELOW


Andre' Cholmondeley

ThinkElectronic Productions



New Electronic/Jazz/Experimental/Orchestral pieces by Don Preston and Trio

NEW CDS and Re-releases OUT NOW!





OCTOBER 2007 - the music of frank zappa, live!!


2007 10 10 (1) - André Cholmondeley



OCTOBER 2007 - the music of frank zappa, live!!

Hey there.....

Andre' here.

here I am again...awake at 4:30am in some hotel in Wilmington DE...... we must be on tour !
Well well, it's Project/Object Time..... we are back on the road.. It's been since about mid January...and it's good to be starting up tonite on a very quick run.....

Dates are below..and of course at the site....

First -- the URGENT/TIMELY news.. we had a gig get cancelled for this coming sat 13 oct... but we moved it 3 blocks away -- 
So please note -- the STONE PONY/ASBURY PARK NJ  gig for sat 13 oct now at...ASBURY LANES/ASBURY PARK NJ, same day --sat 13oct...

This gig was pulled from the flames... and saved... Without getting into details -- certain "dark forces" seek to prevent us - and many others -from performing this music.. they will never stop us, until we are ready to stop and pass the baton. The show will always go on!! Frank asked for fans to PLAY HIS MUSIC and ...we will do our small part.


Andre' Cholmondeley
ThinkElectronic Productions


We are celebrating over TEN YEARS of LIVE Zappa Music...with the amazing people who recorded it!

Other than Frank Zappa himself...we are The World's ONLY band that has featured live onstage ZAPPA ALUMNI --- Ike Willis, Ed Mann, Mike Keneally, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Denny Walley, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Bob Harris, Thana Harris, Jimmy Carl Black, Ray White, Al Malkin, Arthur Barrow, Roy Estrada, and even claymation genius Bruce Bickford (Baby Snakes/Dub Room movies) !!!

Other guests have included Ed Palermo (EP Big Band), Dave Fiuczynski (Screaming Headless Torsos/Kif/Hiromi), Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs/Steve Morse/Joe Satriani), Jerry Cuccurullo (Warren Cuccurullo Band/ L. Shankar/Dweezil Zappa) , Chris Opperman (Shankar, Mike Keneally Band, Steve Vai orchestrator)  Tom Trapp (Steve Vai orchestrator), Joe Deninzon (Stratospheerius), Bon Lozaga (Gongzilla), Gary Lucas (Guitar/Captain Beefheart), Jimmy Wilson (Dennis Chambers Band), Jim Loughlin & Chuck Garvey (moe.), Gregg Bendian (Mahavishnu Project, The Musical Box), Adam Holzman (Brave New World, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Project), Jerry Outlaw (Bogus Pomp), Kilissa Cissoko (Voice Of Cheez), Elliott Levin (New Ghost),  and soooooo many more. We thank them ALL for expanding the scope of what we are trying to do to celebrate and promote Zappa's music.

As we look back on this great , fun decade of playing for YOU, the special supportive audience -- we are incredibly touched and honored also that... our audience members have included Candy Zappa, Bob Zappa, Carl Zappa (Frank's siblings), "Bald Headed" John Smothers (Zappa Bodyguard for many years), "Donna U Wanna" & "Janet The Planet" (fr. BABY SNAKES movie), Coy Featherstone (Zappa lighting director for many yrs), Elliott Ingber (Zappa's guitarist on FREAK OUT!), Nick Cave, Bob Musso, Matt Resnicoff (guitar historian, editor of MUSICIAN/GUITAR WORLD), Matt Groening (Simpsons Creator), Gary Green (GENTLE GIANT), Artimus Pyle (Skynyrd drummer)....Paul Kersey (drummer/Max Webster) Mark Wood (Violin Madman), Dave Dreiwitz & Claude Coleman (WEEN), John Ferenzik (keys/Todd Rundgren band), Jimmy Leslie (GUITAR PLAYER mag.)...Bob Moog (MOOG synthesizer inventor/pioneer) and sooo many more. A complete honor and inspiration -- all of it !

Indulge me as I reminisce about what a special ride it has been!! Come celebrate with all of us again.....

Coming in Nov2007 and beyond ....Look out for DELICIOUS on tour with Andre' and Eric Slick.. psychedelic stonerrock with a twist...

Oh - and I can't resist a Politics Minute:
(to those of you in the USA)....The US Congress just wasted your TIME and TAX DOLLARS when they VOTED ON AN AD!!!. 
Whatever your thoughts on - doesn't matter. I'm certain you don't want the congress -- in these times - officially condemning FREE AMERICAN SPEECH.

Here's how these fools wasted (y)our time:
Both branches of Congress approved a resolution to condemn's newspaper ad that was titled "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?"
the House of Representatives voted 341-79 (420 voted, braah, out of 435)
the Senate voted 72-25. (97 voted out of 100)
These JERKS miss votes, stay home or whatever for REALLY IMPORTANT votes.....and for this nonsense they show up!! What a farce.

2007 10 10  (2) - André Cholmondeley

hello one more time today folks....

Just wanted to alert you -- the various Zappa alumni remain VERY busy -- BTW -- in the middle of the DON PRESTON tour, we took him to see STEVE VAI... what an amazing show, amazing night, and special time as Don and Steve spoke for a while after the show.

Well - here is info on some great new CDs --from publisher/independent CD producer/engineer --GREG RUSSO -- author of the great Zappa book COSMIK DEBRIS. He aLso has done excellent books on Jethro Tull, Manfred Mann, The Yardbirds and more!

PS - the first CD he mentions NEONFIRE, is a power-pop project --features Candy Zappa, Napoleon Murphy Brock and yours truly Andre' Cholmondeley on all guitars.......also not listed is the new NAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK cd..which we will have for sale on this tour.


Hi, I’m Greg Russo, owner of Crossfire Publications.  In addition to the FZ book that I wrote and published, “Cosmik Debris,” my company has recently released CDs by many former members of Zappa’s bands as well as artists that worked with Frank in the studio.  There are lots more on the way.  Here is a list of what we have available so far, along with links to CD Baby and iTunes for people that would like to listen and/or download tracks:

NEONFIRE – Neonfire


THE TORNADOES – Charge Of The Tornadoes

JIMMY CARL BLACK – When Do We Get Paid?

DON PRESTON – Vile Foamy Ectoplasm

BUNK GARDNER – It’s All Bunk!


JIMMY CARL BLACK – Where’s The $%&§#@' Beer?

All of our CDs and books are also available on Project/Object’s tour, and at, and

All of these CDs can be heard on Rhapsody, Napster and dozens of other sites.
A few more CDs are in progress right now:

Currently, I’m finalizing the publishing and master agreements to release the recordings made at PAL Studios – the studio that owner Paul Buff sold to Frank Zappa in 1964.  Once Zappa bought the studio, it became known as Studio Z.  There will be a series of at least 7 CDs of PAL recordings taken from master tapes and acetates, and there are over a half dozen UNRELEASED tracks with Zappa.  I expect to release the first volume in the series in time for the holidays.  These CDs reveal how Paul Buff, and a little later on, Frank Zappa, created their earliest works.  All of these recordings are very rare and expensive if you can find them, but they will all be made available through this series at a fraction of the cost.
In the next few months and into early 2008, we also plan to release Don Preston’s “Retrospective,” Napoleon Murphy Brock’s “Before Frank” and “After Frank – 2nd Movement,” Jimmy Carl Black’s “Brown, Black & Blue” (with Arthur Brown), “Can I Borrow A Couple Of Bucks Until The End Of The Week?” and “If We’d Only Been Living In California…,” Candy Zappa’s “My Brother Was A Mother” and both of Nolan Porter’s albums: “No Apologies” and “Nolan.” Thanks for supporting REAL music played by REAL people! GR



OCTOBER 2007 - the music of frank zappa, live!!


2007 11 02 - André Cholmondeley

Delicious in Asheville


i know you are far and wide... so forgive this if you are far away from Western NC...
but if you're within striking distance of Ashevilel NC-  you should be at STELLA BLUE tomorrow night - 

Sat Nov 3

for the premiere of the new lineup of DELICIOUS

This is a great Asheville based band....with some fresh and radical new blood.......

Joining founding member/bassist Josh Rosenstein will be myself, Andre' Cholmondeley on guitar and drummer Eric Slick (Project/Object & Adrian Belew Power Trio )!!!

Don't miss it!! and... if you're up north - look out for us soon!!!!




@ Stella Blue
31 Patton Ave
Asheville, NC 

To hear some DELICIOUS - visit - delicious!!!

Stay tuned for news of PROJECT/OBJECT - the music of frank zappa, live!!

2008 01 - André Cholmondeley




2008 01 20 - André Cholmondeley

Hello there

Out in Los Angeles right now @ the NAMM show..doing some short demos at the Moog booth of their great new MP-201 pedal, which you can see here:  The show is crazy, like a giant toy store of musical gear....


1. I'll be on the road in a couple days with DELICIOUS  - a great trio that need of two band members. So Eric Slick and I dug the music, joined and we have some shows coming up in WILKES BARRE PA, PHILA PA, NEW YORK NY, ASBURY PK NJ.; Check out the band and come on out!! We have a blast, it's all at once very heavy and crazy, yet grooving and spaced out as well. Man.

2.  I'll be on the road in a couple weeks with the ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO on our WINTER 2008 TOUR.
The dates start in Seattle WA on Tues 19 Feb, check the site or below. Don't miss Adrian's amazing new CD with his trio - LIVE....

3. stay tuned for more updates in p/o world. Be good to yourselves and DRINK WATER..







Recordings with old band members:

Tour Manager/Tech: Adrian Belew Power Trio
Winter Tour Feb 19-Mar 15 2008

Moog Music Demo Clinician: NAMM 2008
Jan 17-20 2008



MARCH 2008

2008 01 20 (2)- André Cholmondeley



Just wanted to correct/clarify a few things.
I won't be PLAYING with Adrian Belew's band....I will be teching and tour managing for come say 'high' !!

His band consists of a trio-- rounded out by Eric Slick  on drums and Julie Slick  on bass.

Check out Adrian's site for a great, 5 minute autobiographical video called  "life in a nutshell"

And --Don't miss Adrian's amazing new CD with his trio - LIVE....

Available exclusively at his website (go hear clips NOW!!!)



2008 04 09, Andre Cholmondeley says


greetings and welcome to april....

Lots going on -- Lots of music all around... on the road now with DELICIOUS, will be back out tour managing in May/June with the Adrian Belew Trio, eastern USA. Then some more shows in May..We are trying to get some Project/Object shows together as well-- stay tuned..!

Come out and rock with Delicious. We are a three-piece band, dealing with the thorny issue of..Sonic Mayhem and What to Do About It. It's heavy...but we can induce quite the cough-medicine style buzz as well, and keep it rhythmically interesting..

We're honored on some of these shows to be sharing the stage with the great ATOMIC BITCHWAX (Finn Ryan, Chris Kosnik and Bob Pantella of MONSTER MAGNET) and on some shows with the fantastic CRESCENT MOON (Eric Slick on double duty drums, and Dave Dreiwitz of WEEN).

More info below. Check the sites for details or email back. For more on our fellow bands .....Check out:

and for those of you far afield - THERE IS A WEBCAST:
FRIDAY, april 11 2008
10pm USA-ET
(both delicious and atomic bitchwax will be webcast)





APRIL 2008

2008/04/10 Delicious - concert 'toy eaters', jersey city, nj, usa

2008/04/11 Delicious - concert 'asbury lanes', asbury park, nj, usa  w/ATOMIC BITCHWAX  (live webcast  -

2008/04/12 Delicious - concert 'black lodge', phila, pa, usa   w/ATOMIC BiTCHWAX

2008/04/13 Delicious - concert 'midway café', boston, ma, usa

2008/04/15 Delicious - concert 'john & peter's', new hope, pa, usa  w/CRESCENT MOON*

2008/04/17 Delicious - concert 'ace of clubs', new york, ny, usa   w/ATOMIC BiTCHWAX,  CRESCENT MOON*

2008/04/18 Delicious - concert 'nectar's', burlington, vt, usa

(crescent moon= eric slick and dave dreiwitz (ween bassist))


MAY 2008

2008/05/24 Delicious - concert 'stella blue', asheville, nc, usa

2008/05/25 Delicious - concert 'Asheville Music Jamboree', asheville, nc, usa   (


(Sound improves if you lower the volume on the youtube player & raise it on your speakers)

ALSO:  unedited JAN 2008 NYC show....warts and all:


more info at as well

2008 06 06

hello Friends....

Sorry -- this became kind of a long letter, but it helped me exorcise some real negative shit. It took me two hours.

I was working for ADRIAN BELEW,  opening for ZPZ at  Ottawa Bluesfest, Canada (Sat 5 July 2008)

Stuff turned REAL ugly.....

Basically---- one of Dweezil Zappa's guys, under his direct orders - threatened, pushed and physically attacked me.... !

For the horrible act of walking onto the stage to watch and enjoy the show. Really.

I should consider legal action was ...real ugly. real scary. I was shaking like a leaf... They have sued me many times, tried to at least. Should I return the favor? I ask your advice -- should I seek legal action?? I have countless witnesses, I was at work in a professional capacity. Canada law on this is actually quite bad news for someone who would want to work here again....I could cripple the Zappa family financially, real bad news since they are losing their shirts trying to do these tours, pay cuts, playing smaller and smaller venues etc isn't helping from what I hear.

Their Monitor guy, Dave,  almost shoved me off the stage, a 10 to 15ft drop, so scary. Scenes of "broken leg in London Orchestra pit" may dance through your head......

These people actually had a MEETING on THE BUS...Tour Manager, Dweezil, crew, etc. Wrap your mind around the level off dysfunction -- to have a fucking MEETING about a guy you hate --- a guy who has never really done anything but piss you off for some reason. Imagine being so unprofessional -- and self-important -- to think that a HUGE festival, should do your bidding and ban people from public areas. I know - Unreal. - But -- par for the course in Post-Mortem Zappa-land. No surprise. Bullying at every turn.

After a meeting on the bus --Dweezil then demanded from the Festival stage manager (ONE HOUR before their show!!) that I would NOT BE SEEN by him (Dweezil).....!! he asked that he NOT SEE ME AT ALL, EVER, throughout the night. I can't wait to see when he delivers to the shocked people at TODAY's festival the same pompous request.

The incredible, pro stage mgr guy, Wiggy,  from the Ottawa Bluesfest, ensured cooler heads prevailed all night. I hope we work together again.

Ok, Now, this is a GIANT festival with about 230 bands...11 days.... we are on a fucking SIDE STAGE -- and Dweezil DEMANDS of the festival staff- ONE HOUR BEFORE HIS SHOW - to KEEP ME OFF THE STAGE (even the side stage, monitor area, backstage, etc!!) and make sure he (DWEEZIL) NEVER SEE ME!!!! Can you even wrap your mind around that??? he wanted to CONTROL the attendance  - at a public event he is getting paid to be at - of someone he is soooo pissed at. Unreal.

The (very cool) stage manager , when I asked him -- said " Dude - no, I have NO PROBLEM with you going into the AUDIENCE and watching them, front row, whatever. I just have to respect these guys and ask you to stay off the stage. I wanna run a smooth show - I am here for 11 days, I have no time for issues"

As you all know-- I'm a fucking PRO, and I of course honored the request -- I stayed off stage. But this is after FINDING OUT for the first time....with the prick monitor guy SCREAMING IN MY FACE AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS -- SPITTING IN MY GODDAMN FACE...and pushing me backwards to the edge.... it was terrifying and I've seen a lot of dark shit in this life, trust me on that.

It was unreal. Surreal. The best part is -- before ZPZ played - BELEW played--- and I had met this very same guy - Dave - monitor guy -- and he was COOL!! We were rapping, talking gear, he showed me a pic on his computer of his guitar-rig..which featured the same amp that Adrian uses (Johnson JM 150), like good nerds we chuckled about that as well as his computer gadget his laptop sat on...some device with 2 fans to cool it off, blah blah blah. We talked about him being new on the crew, after I said "Napoleon says hi" --"oh no -- that was the old guy, I am new since last year, etc etc"....We talked all kinds of stuff -- later he claimed "Well I thought you were just acting like nothing was going on". Wow.

So-- SAME GUY turn into a RAGING PSYCHO 2 hrs later!!!! He literally almost pushed me off the stage and down some steps. It was scary shit. I can't emphazise that enough. I am shaking still, almost 12 hrs later as i type this after 4 hrs sleep.

I'm not easily shaken, you know that. But I drive 5 hrs today -- to another fest where ZPZ again plays right after us --- and I dunno how it will turn out. I went to the monitor guy after the show and said "Dude, do you have something to say to me"??

He copped TONS of attitude, but I actually got him to begrudgingly apologize, I accepted it, kinda, since he claimed he had been TOLD by up to 6 people that I was FULLY INFORMED of my "persona non grata" status. Well- I wasn't informed. The FIRST TIME I knew about ANY of this crap was when he violently accosted me!!

I think I will call the next P/O tour by that title. --- PERSONA NON GRATA. how do you like it??

I feel extra let down that I wasn't warned, wasn't told. Joe Travers, the bass player Pete and other crew/band members said hi, some shook my hand, we rapped. I - as I always try to -- will give the benefit of the doubt that each person thought "Oh - I thought Someone ELSE told him". I feel sorry for these people -- including my hero Thomas Nordegg -- thee greatest guitar tech in the Solar System, who I had a lovely time hanging with all afternoon before I loaded in.

I feel sorry that they are all caught between the horrible pressure of being told to DISS ME as part of their job....and knowing me for years and knowing who and what I really am. Terrible - to put people in that position. But that's how tyrants operate. Pitting people against each other. It's worked for centuries. Check the history books.

OK. whatever. But does the 'adult' monitor guy need to have dealt with it that way??? Screaming at the TOP of his lungs, spitting his filthy fucking spit in my face, pushing me backwards in shock?? Later he even justified the screaming (!!) --- "hey my in-ear monitors were on". Yeah right. Any pro engineer knows how loud they are talking!! Ridiculous. Dude has major issues and I will make sure I deal with him today with lost of witnesses around.

Thank you,


2008 10
from André Cholmondeley
Music News

Hello Y'all

Andre' here, reporting from 2000+ft above sea level, in the beautiful mountains of  .....Asheville NC.

Some of you are local -- if so -- c'mon out TONIGHT (SAT 11OCT) to Stella Blue (downstairs)-- I'll be performing with DELICIOUS , it's our first gig this year with a sub-drummer. (our (un)usual drummer Eric Slick is ensconced at the Belew Compound working on the new setlist and new album!!)

We will tear it up tonite, kind of a farewell gig for me before I hit the road (sigh, working for someone else's music, grrr) But ya gotta pay the bills...might as well be with rock n roll. Speaking of which -- I can't help but recommend my fave new album The Clash"Llive at Shea Stadium, (just out 7 Oct 2008) finally a great sounding document of the show that took place during the 1982 tour they did with THE WHO and David Johansen. Stunning. So fking good, they are....Anyway .....see you tonight, local peeps....I';ll be channeling Mick and Joe...

Delicious is a heavy/spacey rock trio that brings the goods. Look for us soon in your hood...

Otherwise in the news for NOVEMBER -- PROJECT/OBJECT will also soon tour, performing ZAPPA MUSIC -- see below for what the rest of my damn year looks like!! It's sick but I love it...

This time we will hit the boards for a week or so ..with the legendary Zappa Band Members IKE WILLIS and ED MANN. We are working on lots of surprise soon -- so stay tuned...! This run will piss many of you off, I'm sorry, since it hits the tri-state NY area only.... BUT keep the faith -- we wanna get out to new places in 2009!

Coming up this week -- Project/Object drummer Eric and I are about to leave for wonderful spots all around Western Europe..Eric also drums for the legendary ADRIAN BELEW, his sister Julie rocks the bass in that trio. So -- if you're in the EU-c'mon out to a show, email me too!

PS - On a sad note  - original Zappa/Mothers drummer JIMMY CARL BLACK is very ill - Please check out his myspace for details on helping him with donations or just buying a CD.... Jimmy has always been very good to us and we are wishing him well every day.

featuring IKE WILLIS & ED MANN
the music of Frank Zappa

*the Actual music...with the Actual Alumni*

André Cholmondeley
Tour Manager/Tech/Assistant Manager/Promotions
Adrian Belew Power Trio



featuring IKE WILLIS & ED MANN
the music of Frank Zappa

*the Actual music...with the Actual Alumni*


APRIL 2009 - Midwest USA

Read BelewBlog, Get BelewMusic, Check Belewdates, See BelewNews.

2009 05 31

from André


Hope all is well

THANKS to all the people who signed up in the last 6 months, really appreciate your support in all that we do with PROJECT/OBJECT.  Stay tuned for some special shows this year. We understand that you want to see the guys who made the original records.

Here is a brief update of some stuff I am involved with on one level or another

I was trying to send you a cool graphic for these shows tonight/tomorrow in NJ but I am using dialup!!
Be well, Hope to see you at a show.


School of Rock Bergen
with Grammy-Winning musician Napoleon Murphy Brock:

The Paul Green School of Rock Music is the nation's premier performance-based rock  music program.  The program helps students realize their potential as artists, puts them on stage in front of as many people as possible, and helps foster a new generation of incredible musicians.  The School of Rock provides opportunities for students to learn from and perform with internationally recognized rock musicians.  Napoleon Brock Murphy is just one of the many guest professors and recognized artists to perform with students at the School of Rock.  Past guest professors include Peter Frampton, Jon Anderson, John Wetton, Anton Fig, and Alan Holdsworth.

Napoleon Murphy Brock is a recent Grammy Award winning singer, saxophonist, and flautist best known for his work with Frank Zappa.  Brock still regularly tours with fellow Zappa alumni from the Mothers of Invention and plays the music of Frank Zappa in various bands.  Brock is not only recognized for his musical talents but also his support for the School of Rock.  In 2005, he appeared in Rock School, a documentary about The Paul Green School of Rock Music.   These performances are with students who participated in the School of Rock's Zappa Clinic. For additional information on these events and others at The School of Rock visit 


I play guitar in this band, a noisy, spaced-out, rock trio


I'll be teching for Adrian. I usually Tour Manage for him but I can't call one day a 'tour'


PROJECT/OBJECT - the music of Frank Zappa
and special guest RAY WHITE (on July 4 only!!!!)

I play guitar in this band, a tribute to the great music of..well you know. We also have Eric Svalgard/keys, Eric Slick/drums, Robbie "Seahag" Mangano/bass. Ray White will join us on July 4 only, we have had the pleasure of performing with him a few times since 2000.



The Actual Music of FRANK ZAPPA....Live
Featuring the Actual Alumni from his bands....


Zappa Tours and Albums 1978-1988

Mothers Of Invention & Zappa Tours and Albums 1966-1974

IKE & DON- On Historic European Tour Together for the Very First Time!!!

"You want to see the actual people who recorded your favorite Zappa and Mothers albums? Performing all eras of Zappa? Come to us. We'll take care of you"



2009 08 05

Hello Again

First I want to dedicate - to my dear Mother -this period of musical action, this move forward back into the world of music, which has been so healing for me in these times. It's really an amazing force, I knew that but now i REALLY know it, it's powerful.

I dedicate this tour and my musical energy - with all my heart to my dear mother Janette Softleigh who passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago, we believe early on July 14, leaving my sister Lisa and I. She was not sick per se, the usual stuff of a 68 yr old, some high BP, some diabetes, pretty healthy and active actually. line dancing twice a week, caring for three little girls 2,4, and 6........

But tragically she had Sleep Apnea, a snoring./breathing disorder that can be lethal.?

She diligently wore a breathing device for a year and 1/2, it seems she laid down to rest, watching TV, and fell asleep on one of the nights she really needed the machine. It still feels like I just heard the news, but I am really trying to do as she asked:?


" Those persons who really, really knew me, would know that I would not leave without first preparing a program for my own service.? I have always said to relatives and friends that I did not want any sadness, a few tears maybe, but not too much talk about me...."

-Janette Softleigh. June 27 1941- July 14 2009


Yes - she wrote her own funeral service program. Left for us on her computer. Not as shocking as you might think-- a few years after her 2nd marriage ended in 1983 with Neville Softleigh's untimely death, her partner for 16 years (until his?untimely death)?was a funeral director Nicky Childs, and working for him on 100s of funeral programs she became comfortable with the idea. She also saw the chaos when families were not ready and had nothing planned. Amazing lady! She said "Not my damn kids!! " and she set to work planning and preparing, years ago actually.?

I was very very very "lucky" to have seen her twice in the week preceding her death. She came out to see PROJECT/OBJECT on 07 July in Annapolis, as she always did when we were near her home in Silver Spring MD. IN fact -- she told someone that it was "the best show I've seen them do" which really is so great to hear, and helps the healing process. Then - in a "coincidence" that will haunt me (in a good way) forever - My Dad -- who lives in Guyana , South America, "happened" to be here and we had dinner together. One last time.?

We had the occasion to be together maybe once every two or three years, sometimes every ten! You have to understand that in June/July he was travelling with his wife to India, England, Canada, USA, and a few other stops over a two months period. And he arrived in the town next to hers to stay with friends...5 days before she left this earth. I'll share a website at some time with the beautiful final pictures of us all together. There are a dozen other mind-blowing coincidences around this whole event that I will share there. She did get to spend a lot of time with her kids even tho' we travelled a lot, Lisa got to spend a great week with her when she came over from the UK for the Obama inauguration.

So -- thanks for reading this so far. I'm writing this - because You've all helped me have a musical life, which my mother was so very supportive of!! I love her so much for so many things -- -- but her total support of what I do was/is priceless. In fact -- our last phone call ever --was her telling me, very excitedly, that her plans had changed - and she would be able to arrive early for an Adrian Belew show near her at the end of August!! She was a big fan, and came to see him twice, she also came out to see every Al DiMeola show in her area when I worked for him. She was amazing! Calling me to say "I'll be at the gig!! What time?!?!"

Those of you in Baltimore or Annapolis -- you all were so very kind and loving whenever I introduced her at shows --She always got a huge cheer as she grinned and waved to the crowd.!! thank you for that memory, we'll celebrate her specially next time thru...

So -- here is the current music news. Thank you again so much for indulging me. It really helps me to cope and make sense in this shocking new reality. Again --Thanks for your concern, support and love, all who have written and surely will. I really really appreciate you taking the time. Slowly responding to each and everyone.

Just a quick note, esp. for our friends over the pond -- and please- if you have relatives/friends in mainland Europe, please let them know about these upcoming shows -- and the Zappanale 20 festival in Bad Doberan

It's the 20th Year of the fest, and our third time there since 2002. The lineup is amazing, and our show their wraps up a quick 5 date run, our first in Europe. I'll also be celebrating TWENTY FIVE YEARS since my first Zappa show ever (Aug 13 1984) as well as?TWENTY FIVE YEARS since meeting my good friend and touring buddy IKE WILLIS, Zappa's lead vocalist/guitarist from 1978-1988. I met him along with Scott Thunes and Chad out by the T shirts on (Aug 16 1984)......amazing, what, 25 yrs??!

From There will be some webcasted stuff as usual, check it out next week (14-16 Aug)

So -- hope to see you in Europe!!

PROJECT/OBJECT -?the music of Frank Zappa


  • SAT 8 Prague Czech Republic/CZ - Lucerna music bar

  • SUN 9  Eindhoven Netherlands/NL   -Effenaar

  • TUE 11 Laredo Spain/ES  - Polideportivo Municipal Emilio Amavisca

  • THU 13 Berlin Germany/DE - Dot club

  • FRI 14 Bad doberan?Germany/DE? - Zappanale 20


The Actual Music of?FRANK ZAPPA....Live
Featuring the Actual Alumni from his bands....


"You want to see the actual people who recorded your favorite?Zappa and Mothers albums? Performing all eras of Zappa? Come to?us. We'll take care of you"


Additional Info for 11 Aug,?Laredo (Cantabria, Spain)

Bands: Filthy Habits, Project/Object featuring Ike Willis & Don Preston, Caballero Reynaldo

Start Time: 21:00h

Project/Object: 23:30h


2010 03 20 - Tour news.. Hidden Agenda, Don & Bunk, stay tuned for Project/Object news!!

In this message:

  1. Upcoming shows for my trio, <hidden agenda> ....

  2. Update on Cheri Jiosne....

  3. Don Preston & Bunk Gardner on tour......(FIRST SHOW THIS SUNDAY at WILMINGTON SCHOOL OF ROCK!!)

  4. Project/Object Europe..coming soon!

Greetings...! Lots of amazing stuff coming up.... But I wanted to drop you a quick note about what's IMMEDIATELY coming up...

If you're into this sort of thing --please connect up with me on the overwhelming, but quite useful social media sites. This will be a music-filled year (again) :

and as always:

In a few days -- I will be on a short run with my occasional trio <hidden agenda>.
Come on out and check out our often odd, but weirdly soothing mix of rock, pop, electronics and guitar instrumentals.

This run concludes with and is inspired by the Second in a series of  benefits for my other half  - Cheri Jiosne. Many of you know she has been VALIANTLY fighting breast cancer -- and you have helped us out over the last several months and we really appreciate that more than words can convey.


The fight continues -- but the good news is-- her new treatment protocol since Nov 2009 is working well -- we are seeing significant shrinking of the tumor, and new cancer growth that was showing up in oct/nov is now gone!! Recent blood tests have also been great. More info on what she's doing :

So we continue on the same regimen, working towards the next three-month checkup. I continue to work overtime and to reach out to friends and family for any help they can offer, since our small amount of insurance ran out long ago.

Stand by -- I have two major tour announcements I am proud to be a part of, I'll be very busy for the next 6-8 the USA, Canada ( a tiny bit), and Europe........


MARCH 2010 Tourlette with  <hidden agenda>
trio playing a few covers, improv and music by andré cholmondeley

  • DRUMS: bob ramos, jon braun(thu/25th)

  • BASS: antar goodwin, julie slick(fri/26th)

  • GUITAR: andré cholmondeley


  • 24 WED NJ New Brunswick  COURT TAVERN (with Stretch* & Eastern Potato) 8:00pm start!!

  • 25 THU PA Plains JAZZ CAFE'  (with Stretch*)

  • 26 FRI PA Bethlehem FUNHOUSE (with Great White Caps)

  • 27 SAT TBA

  • 28 SUN NJ Asbury Park A BENEFIT FOR CHERI JIOSNE Doors 4:00pm Music from 5:00pm>>>
    ASBURY LANES (Cheri Jiosne Benefit #2)
    With Silent Auction
    Music By:
    The Ribeye Brothers
    hidden agenda, DubProof, Mike Haleta Laptop, Great White Caps, Alan Gowa, Alice Balzarini & others
    Healthy Snacks by Laura Dardi. Bowling. Info Table. Raffle.

*STRETCH.....the legendary jazz/rock/funk/fusion trio.

original lineup:

  • Dave LaRue (bassist also of the STEVE MORSE BAND, DIXIE DREGS,  JOE SATRIANI)

  • Glenn Alexander -guitar

  • Bill Elder- drums

to help Cheri directly:

Check, money order, or Visa gift Card etc:
PO BOX 16672

or via PAYPAL:
to the account ""


the Don and Bunk Show...on tour!!

THIS SUNDAY -- for those of you in the Wilmington DE, Philly, Baltimore area -- Don't miss an amazing and rare show with the two and only DON PRESTON & BUNK GARDNER from the Mothers Of Invention.......

These guys have been playing jazz, rock, and experimental music for around 50 years! They know what they are doing!! Do not try this at home -- instead - catch their shows..... I've had the pleasure of touring and recording with these gentlemen, and there is...simply nothing like it.

The tour opens at SCHOOL OF ROCK in Wilmington DE, General Admission only $10.


Other shows...

The Don & Bunk Show East Coast Tour

  • Mar 21 The Garage-Willmington, MD

  • Mar 24 Bearsville theater Woodstock NY

  • Mar 25 Rongovian Trumansburg, NY

  • Mar 26 The Magic Room Boston, MA

  • Mar 27, Toads Place New Haven, CT

  • Mar 31, The Hi Hat Providence, RI

  • Apr 1, Sullivan Hall, NYC


January 24, 2003, Daniel Carter (sax, trumpet and flute) and André Cholmondeley did a jam session at a radio station.
the result can / could be downloaded at:

  1. troubled times (excerpt I)

  2. troubled times (excerpt II)

  3. troubled times (excerpt III)

  4. troubled times (excerpt ufo)

  5. benediction

DELICIOUS, Rock Trio LIVE at Asheville Music Hall

SAT 21 JULY 2012 10pm
31 Patton Ave, Asheville NC

Andre´ Cholmondeley: heavyguitar & looped textures
Josh Rosenstein: Bass Destruction & Mesa Boogie Crush
Zach Alberto: DrumsBeats & Psychorhythms

DELICIOUS: a heavy trio of WNC musicians, our sound is somewhere between early Pink Floyd spaciness and the Melvins. We do all instrumentals..usually.. Check it this Saturday! Music you can think to...because we shut up.







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