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  • play guitar #19
        (2000, magazine, uk)
    • This guitar instructional mag (with cd) got published in 2000 and included a 1.5 page Zappa article. There is no Zappa track on the CD.

  • buffalo beat
        (2000/03/23, magazine, uk)
    • This issue of Buffalo Beat presented a 2-page article by Jeff Miers: "The BPO Tackles Zappa".


  • holnd festvl
        (2000/06, free newspaper, the netherlands)

    • This Holland Festival program was made available as a free supplement to De Volkskrant (a Dutch newspaper).
      I had a paint-shopped Zappa picture on the cover and a
      2-page article on several different performances of Zappa music and film.

  • holnd fstvl
        (2000/06, newspaper, nl)
    • June 2000, Frank Zappa was the the main theme of the Holland Festival. "HOLND FSTVL - weekkrant 3" was distributed for free during the festival.
      • Zappa-fans bejubelen wederopstanding idool" by LK
      • "Zappa hang in PC Hooftstraat"
      • "Elf vragen aan Oscar van Woensel"
      • "200 Motels in 200 woorden" by KD
      • "Als de muziek je raakt, maakt de mening van een ander niet meer uit" Gail Zappa interview by Simon Prentis
      • "Filmer Zappa deed al wat Coppola voorspelde" by Rob van Erkelens


  • record collector
        (2001/10, magazine, uk)
    • the October 2001 edition of Record Collector had a feature on Frank Zappa
      • "Zappa '69" by Peter Doggett, an 8-page article on Zappa's late sixties and early seventies projects.


  • monster nr.5
        (2002/05, magazine, sweden)
    • The May 2002 issue of Monster included a 4-page Zappa article.

  • record collector
        (2002/11/29, magazine, uk)
    • the November 2002 edition of Goldmine magazine included two articles on Frank Zappa.
      • "Frank Zappa - The Controversy And Touring Hell Of 1970 - 71"
        by Dave Thompson
      • "25 Collectable Frank Zappa Records" by Tim Neely


  • roll
        (2002/12, magazine, turkey)
    • the December issue of Roll included a six page Turkish translation of the '67 interview in Jazz & Pop magazine by Frank Kofsky.


  • guitar part n°110
        (2003/05, mag, fr, studio press)
    • the may 2003 edition of guitar part magazine had a 7-page article on frank zappa, written by j.-b.méchernane

  • fuzz
        (2003/10, magazine, sweden)
    • Issue number 10 of Swedish Furzz magazine, included a 5-page article on FZ.

  • australian guitar
        (2003/10, magazine, australia)
    • The october 2003 issue of the Australian Guitar mag included a 3 page article on Zappa.

  • guitar world
        (2003/12, mag, usa)
    • the December 2003 edition of Guitar World featured a 10-page article / interview of Frank Zappa: "Dynamo Frank" by Alan Di Perna.


  • jazz magazine
        (2003/12, mag, france)

  • t magazine, n.1
        (2004, magazine, uk)
    • This magazine included "The Maths Of Music", an article by M.Blacklock with commentary on Zappa's investigation of the mathematical pop music.

  • la mosca
        (2004, magazine, mexico)
    • Including a 5 page tribute: "Frank Zappa - Un Quijote Ausente (1940-1993)"


  • heaven v.6 n.1
        (2004/01, magazine, the netherlands)
    • Dutch mag Heaven included a 6-page Zappa article by Perry Oostrum.


  • guitar techniques - june 2004
        (2004/06, mag + cd, uk, future publishing)
    • The june 2004 edition of guitar techniques magazine had a transcription of Frank Zappa's 'Zoot Allures'. The CD included  a performance of the track by Guthrie Govan.


  • circuit musiques contemporaines volume 14, no 3
    • Réjean Beaucage: Frank Zappa dans l’univers des musiques «sérieuses»: un parfait étranger?
    • Ben Watson: Frank Zappa’s Legacy: Just Another Hoover?
    • Nathalie Gatti: Frank Zappa, l’esthétique d’un nomade
    • Nicolas Masino: Frank Zappa devant l’éternel : postérité problématique d’un iconoclaste impénitent
    • Louise Morand: La morale de l’histoire... Quelques horizons esthétiques de Frank Zappa
    • Michel F. Côté: Ruer dur et faire entendre (Dix fragments sur l’art politique de Zappa)
    • John Rea: In nomine Zappa, Zappatore. Sketch of an hypothesis (S/Z2) + (sv/gw)
    • + 11 illustrations originales de Cal Schenkel



  • musiq no.1
        (2004/11, mag, france, ??)

  • gitarre & bass
        (2005/01, mag, germany)
    • article + transcriptions of 'i'm the slime' & the 'sheik yerbouti tango'

  • musicmaker
        (2005/08, mag, the netherlands)
    • interview with Gail, Dweezil & Ahmet regarding the Zappa plays Zappa tour.

  • jam
        (2005/09, mag, italy)
    • The September issue of Italian Jam magazine  (vol.12 n.118) included an 11-page Zappa article 'Zappology' with some pre-ZPZ tour publicity, a Zappa puzzle and a selected discography.


  • guitar & bass
        (2005/10, mag, uk)
    • interview with Dweezil & Ahmet regarding the Zappa plays Zappa tour

  • gitarist
        (2005/11, mag, nl)
    • interview with Dweezil & Ahmet regarding the Zappa plays Zappa tour. Also a one-page piece by Steve Vai on Frank Zappa


  • muziq
        (2005/12, mag, fr)

    • an article on the Nasal Retentive Orchestra
    • a 1-page article on Pierrejean Gaucher
    • a 16-page special on Zappa
      • Une Musique Démontée et remotée par Pierrejean Gaucher
      • 10 Disques Pour l'Île DéZerte
      • Vous n'êtes pas Serieux? par Guy Darol
      • Pâte à Modeler & Délires Cocaïnés par Julien Ferté
      • Les Sept Compilimaginaires par Olivier Rigaud
      • You Can Do That With Frank Anytime by Noadya Arnoux

  • guitarist
        (2006/2, mag, australia)

    • The February issue of the Australian Guitarist magazine included a six-page article called 'Viva Zappa', plus commentary by Terry Bozzio (his auditions story), Steve Vai recollections, and Dweezil on the ZpZ tour.

  • touch!
        (2006/03, mag, nl)

    • The february / march issue of Touch! magazine had a 2-page article on Frank Zappa
      • Frank Zappa - Geniale Geilneef by Pedro X


  • guitar collector
        (2006/03, mag, france)

    • The March issue of Guitar Collector has Frank Zappa on the cover. It also includes:
    • "Frank Zappa - La Comedie Humaine" a 10-page biography by Christian Séguret
    • "CQFD" a 2-page article that answers various rumours, by Orville Martin
    • "Discographie"
    • "La Famille Zappa" by Orville Martin
    • and a 12-page guitar style study by Max-Pol Delvaux, including 25 examples on the CD that comes with the mag.


  • relix
        (2006/04, mag, usa)

    • The April issue of Relix magazine includes a Zappa special.
    • "The many minds of Frank" by Richard Gehr, a 1-page article
    • "Vault Allures" by Richard Gehr, a 4-page interview with Gail Zappa and Joe Travers about the recent releases
    • "Absolutely Freaked Out" by Jason Gross, a 2-page article subtitled "Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's West Coast Pop-Art Extremism".
    • "Tokens of Buys Extreme" by Mike McGonigal, a 2-page article subtitled "A consumer's guide to Frank Zappa's Post-Mothers Inventions"
    • "Up The Wazoo" by Christopher R. Weingarten, a 2-page article about "Imaginary Diseases"
    • "Jamming In Joe's Garage - part 1" by Steve Vai, a 1-page article
    • "Jamming In Joe's Garage - part 2" by Mike Keneally, a 1-page article
    • "Zappaesque" by Matthew Van Brink and Jesse Jarnow, a 2-page article subtitled "Or the story of the dots"
    • "Dweezil Plays Frank" by Richard Gehr and Dweezil, a 2-page article about the Zappa plays Zappa tour.

      Add to this the comments of Les Claypool, Yoko Ono, Jon Gutwillig (of the Disco Biscuits), Jake Cinninger (of Umphrey's McGee), Jeff Austin (of the Yonder Mountain String Band), Chuck Garvey (of moe.), Wayne Krantz and a superb illustration by Gary Panter.

      And the CD sampler that comes with the mag includes 'Imaginary Diseases' as the first track.


  • in sound
        (2006/05, mag, italy)

    • The May issue of Italian In Sound magazine included a half page interview with Dweezil Zappa on ZpZ.


  • revolver
        (2006/05, mag, nl)

    • The May/June issue of Revolver magazine included a two-page article on the Zappa plays Zappa tour.
      • "Tour de Frank" by Edwin Ammerlaan.


  • eclipsed
        (2006/05, mag, germany)

    • Eclipsed no.82, the May 2006 issue, had Frank Zappa on the cover and included a 4 page article on the Montreux fire (in 1971).


  • humo
        (2006/05/16, mag, belgium)

    • The May 16 issue of weekly Belgian magazine Humo included a four-page article on the Zappa plays Zappa tour.
      • "Zappa & zonen: de rechtmatige erfgenamen over leven en dood met Frank" by Jurgen Beckers;
      • "Frank Zappa: een handleiding" by CP & SVB.


  • knack focus
        (2006/05/24, mag, belgium)

    • Knack Focus, the Knack supplement, edition May 24, included an illustration as a promo for the Zappa plays Zappa tour.
      • Illustration by Karl.

  • guitar player
        (2006/08, mag, usa)

    • The August 2006 edition of Guitar Player included a Zappa plays Zappa special:
      • Dweezil Zappa and Steve Vai on the cover;
      • "All In The Family" by Darrin Fox, 11-page article / interview with Dweezil Zappa
      • "Frank's Little Italian Virtuoso" by Darrin Fox, 3-page article / interview with Steve Vai
      • "The Vaultmeister" by Darrin Fox, a 1-page article / interview with Joe Travers
      • "Dweezil On His New Album And Old Masters" by Darrin Fox, 1-page article / interview
      • "Vintage Vault - Artifacts - The Guitars Of Frank Zappa" by Darrin Fox, a 2-page article on Frank Zappa's guitars.


  • guitarist
        (2006/09, mag, uk)

    • The September 2006 edition of Guitarist included a "Frank Zappa lesson".


  • classic rock
        (2007/01, mag, russia)

    • Issue number 52 of Classic Rock, included a 1-page article on Zappa:
      Steve Harley (Cockney Rebels) tells about his favorite Zappa's album "Apostrophe'". Interview by Dave Ling.


  • guitar one
        (2007/03, mag + dvd, usa)

    • The March 2007 issue of Guitar One featured the article "How To Play Like Frank Zappa", a three page article by Tom Kolb. It also included a lesson by Mike Keneally.
    • Both tutorials can be found on the bonus DVD.


  • muziq no.9
        (2007/04, mag, france, ??)
    • The April issue of Muziq includes an article on Zappa.

  • mojo classic - volume 2 issue 3
        (2007/04, mag, uk)
    • Mojo Classic Volume 2 Issue 3 is called "The Greatest Album Covers". It has a three-page article (with great pictures) on "We're Only In It", called "With A Little Help...".
      A bit further in the mag, in the 'Cartoons & Illustrations' section, there's also a pic of "Weasels".


  • vpro gids 16
        (2007/04, mag, nl)
    • Issue number 16 of the dutch VPRO gids (radio & tv guide) has Frank Zappa on the cover. This, because of the "Zappa Week" on dutch VPRO television: VPRO will be broadcasting a number of specials on Frank Zappa.


  • wire
        (2007/05, mag, uk)
    • The May 2007 issue of Wire magazine, no.279, dedicated an entire page to Frank Zappa's "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" in its "The Inner Sleeve" column.


  • classic rock
        (2007/06, mag, russia)

    • Issue number 57 of Classic Rock, included an 8-page article on the "Freak Out!" album and on the early days of FZ & The Mothers of Invention. Article by Valery Kycherenko.


  • guitar #88
        (2007/08, magazine, germany)
    • The August 2007 issue of Guitar included a 13-page Zappa article plus 1 page on Zappa's guitars & gear. The mag also included a CD with 5 FZ study tracks: 'Peaches', 'Mother People', 'Florentine Pogen', 'Black Napkins', 'Joe's Garage', 'Whippin'  Post' and 'Tryin' To Grow A Chin'.

  • rolling stone no.9 (39)
        (2007/09, magazine, russia)
    • This Russian version of Rolling Stone magazine included a translated 4 page article by Jerry Hopkins from Rolling Stone, No.14, 1968!


  • traps #3
        (2007/fall, magazine, usa)
    • The Fall 2007 issue of Traps included a 2-page Zappa article: the Zappa drummer family tree, that includes 30 different drummers/percussionists & what they did pre-& post-Zappa.

  • classic rock
        (2007/10, magazine, russia)
    • The October 2007 issue of Russian Classic Rock magazine included 16 pages about Frank Zappa (includin 13 photos).
      The magazine also included 2 pages about Aynsley Dunbar.

  • guitar magazine
        (2008/04, magazine, japan)

    • The April 2008 issue of Japanese Guitar Magazine included a 20-page Zappa special:
      "Shut Up 'N Play Zappa", "Questionaire Result", "Special Interview Frank Zappa", "Special Interview Dweezil Zappa", "Bonus Interview Dweezil Zappa", "Bonus Interview Mike Keneally", "Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar - guitar exercises", "The Black Page - transcript"


  • la vanguardia
        (2008/04/02, newspaper, spain)
    • April 2, 2008, the Cultural supplement of La Vanguardia, the spanish (catalan)  newspaper,  which probably is one of the oldest & most prestigious newspapers in Spain, dedicated a Zappa cover & 4 page article with 6 colour pics.
      Title: Zappa, libre"  (Zappa, free.)
      "He was one of the greatest musicians; nothing of life or politics was alien to him.
      We should remember that".



  • jazz magazine
        (2008/06, magazine, france)
    • The June 2008 issue of French Jazz Magazine included an 18-page Zappa special. 


  • mojo 176
        (2008/07, magazine, uk)
    • The July 2008 issue of Mojo magazine included an 8-page article entitled "Freaks At War!" on Zappa and Beefheart, by Dave DiMartino.


  • elmore n.26
        (2008/07, magazine, usa)

    • The July 2008 issue of Elmore included a 6-page article 'Days of the expanding (jazz) man' by I.Kantor, plus 1-page DZ on FZ's jazz.

  • l.a.weekly no.44
        (2008/09, magazine, usa)

    • This issue included a 4-page article on the Joe's Garage theatrical premiere by S.Morris.

  • stereophile v31 n11
        (2008/11, magazine, usa)

    • The November 2008 issue of Stereophile included a 6-page article 'Zappa Returns', on the recent & upcoming fz album releases by J.Swenson.

  • record collector news, v.1 no.4
        (2008/11, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of Record Collector News included a 1-page review of the "Joe's Garage" performance in L.A. plus a 5-page review of the "Mystery Disc" & some photos/quotes from a '77 san diego interview.

  • lidové noviny
        (2008/11/29, newspaper, czech republic)
    • The 2008/11/29 edition of Czech newspaper Lidové Noviny included a three page article on Frank Zappa, his Czech fans and his view on the Czech Republic.
      The article was entitled "Salute Zappa", written by Jan Cap.


  • xantypa
        (2008/12, magazine, czech republic)

    • Issue number 12 (2008) of Xantypa magazine included a 5-page article entitled "15 Years Without Frank Zappa".
  • goldmine v.35 n.2 / 743
        (2009/01/16, magazine, usa)

    • Issue number 743 of Goldmine magazine included a 5-page article on Frank Zappa: "Peek Inside The Vaults" by W.Romano".

  • the word, n.73
        (2009/03, magazine, uk)

    • March 2009 issue of The Word included a 3-page dvd review of "FZ & the MOI in the 60s" by M.Ellen.

  • bass player, usa v.20 n.4
        (2009/04, magazine, usa)
    • This issue of Bass Player included a 5-page article / transcription of 'Alien Orifice' by Bryan Beller.

  • eclipsed
        (2009/05, magazine, germany)
    • Issue number 111 of German magazine Eclipsed presented a  6-page article & partial discography by S.Seiler / W.Kampmann / U.Gerhards, a full page Ryko / Zappa ad, a ZpZ euro-tour ad, & a full page Zappanale 20 ad.

  • guitar legends - rock in peace
        (2009/08, magazine, usa)
    • This Guitar Legends special, subtitled "Rock In Peace" included a 7-page article / interview with Frank Zappa, plus an 11-page transcription of Zappa's 'Apostrophe'.


  • classic rock
        (2009/12, magazine, russia)
    • This issue of Russian Classic Rock magazine was dedicated to the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.
      It included one page about Frank Zappa.


  • classic rock
        (2010/11, magazine, usa)
    • The November issue of The Word had Frank Zappa on the cover.


  • mojo classic
        (2010/12, magazine, uk)
    • the ZAPPA special
      • p.3 'Welcome', Alice Cooper
      • p.6-7: '1940s & 1950s'
      • p.8-12: 'Plastic People', Kirk Silsbee
      • p.13. 'The Worst Music In The World', Alan Clayson
      • p.14-15: 'the 1960s'
      • p.16-17 'Mother People', Kris Needs
      • p.18-19 'Freak Out', Kris Needs
      • p.20-21 'interview Kim Fowley'
      • p.22-27 'Hungry Freaks', Mark Paytress
      • p.28-29 'interview Don Preston'
      • p.30-31 'We're Only In It For The Money', Jon Savage
      • p.32-34 'Sugar 'n' Spikes', Mike Barnes
      • p.35 'interview Art Tripp', 'interview Gary Lucas'
      • p.36 'Lumpy Gravy', Richie Unterberger
      • p.38-46 'Insided Dr.Zircon's Secret Lab', Miles
      • p.44 'Zappa vs The Velvet Underground', Richie Unterberger
      • p.47 'interview Chris Darrow, 'interview Denny Walley'
      • p.48-49 'Hot Rats', Martin Aston
      • p.50-51 'the 1970s'
      • p.52-53 'Pretty Things, Alice Cooper
      • p.54-60 'The Torture Never Stops', Chris Ingham
      • p.59 'Weasels Ripped My Flesh', Mark Paytress
      • p.61 'The Grand Wazoo', Chris Ingham
      • p.62-66 'Direct From Hollywood', Dave DiMartino
      • p.65 'Over-Nite Sensation', Martin Aston
      • p.67 'Apostrophe ('), Dave DiMartino
      • p.68-70 'interview Gail Zappa'
      • p.71 'Roxy & Elsewhere', Mark Paytress
      • p.72-75 'The Brain Police: Cal Schenkel'
      • p.76-77 'Zoot Allures', Martin Aston
      • p.78-80 'Are You Hung Up?', David Fricke
      • p.81 'interview John 'Drumbo' French', 'interview Ian Underwood'
      • p.82-83 'Joe's Garage', Chris Ingham
      • p.84-85 'interview Howard Kaylan'
      • p.86-97 'I'm So Cute'
      • p.98-99 'the 1980s & 1990s'
      • p.100-101 'interview Steve Vai'
      • p.102-112 'Stick It Out', Peter Doggett
      • p.107 'Sheik Yerbouti', Peter Doggett
      • p.113 'Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch', Chris Ingham
      • p.114-115 'interview Jello Biafra'
      • p.116-118 'We Are Not Alone: Matt Groening'
      • p.119 'interview Scott Thunes', 'interview Joe Travers'
      • p.120-123 'Welcome To The United States', Zappa interviewed by Phil Alexander in 1991
      • p.124-126 'Boy Wonder: Dweezil Zappa', Martin Aston
      • p.127: 'interview Jeff Simmons'
      • p.128-132 'The Last Symphony', David Sheppard
      • p.133 'The Yellow Shark', David Sheppard
      • p.134-137 'Stalking The Oracle: Ben Watson'
      • p.138-143 'You Call That Music?', John Reed

  • revolver's lust for life
        (2012/09, magazine, nl)
    • Including an 8-page article.


  • raro!
        (2012/10, magazine, italy)
    • Including an 8-page article on the early 7"s.


  • hound dawg music
        (2012/11, magazine, uk)
    • printed on demand.


  • suono
        (2012/12, magazine, italy)


  • jazz magazine
        (2012/12, magazine, france)
    • Including a 34-page special.


  • la republica xl
        (2012/12, magazine, italy)
    • Limited edition with a Frank Zappa cover.
      Includes 6 pages on Frank Zappa, 6 pages on Liberatore.


  • blow up
        (2012/12, magazine, italy)


  • muziq
        (2013/04, magazine, france)
    • A 16page article on Frank Zappa by Guy Darol.
  • mojo
        (2018/04, magazine, united kingdonm)
    • Included a 6-page interview with Frank Zappa (from 1991) by Pete Frame.
  • jazz magazine n°716
        (2019/05, magazine, france)
    • "Shut Up'n Sing Yer Zappa", 2 pages on the Franck Tortiller project;
    • Dossier: "Frank Zappa, Les Brecker Brothers - Le Jazz En Partage", a 10-page special by Guy Darol, Julien Ferté, Frédéric Goaty and Doc Sillon.
  • rock & folk n°621
        (2019/05, magazine, france)
    • "Un Sosie De Reagan Sur Une Chaise Electrique", a 3-page article on "Zappa In New York", by Eric Dahan.
  • prog n°98
        (2019, magazine, uk)
    • Came with a bonus cd that included a Panzerpappa track.
      The cd, "Shake, Rattle & Roll", fits over the cover :

    • The mag included :
      FZ on the cover,
      FZ on the contents page,
      "This Is What I Call Genius", a 6-page article by Malcolm Dome (also talking to Terry Bozzio and Adrian Belew)
      "Zappa Lives Again", a 6-page article by David West (also talking to Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa)