ed greene


"hot rats" (1970/02)
m.bennetted greenei.underwood  


     from: charles ulrich (ulrich@sfu.ca)
who is playing on the san diego tape?  (2/8/70)

     from: joe travers (xforts@earthlink.net)
hello there! debating over a rare fz period, are we? :-)     

well, to be honest, i've never heard the olympic show boots. i've always been curious since i heard "twinkle tits" off 'apochrypha". i haven't found any masters of this show in the vault.  i did find the 2-track san diego show, though. the mystery drummer's name is ed greene. along with max bennett, & ian underwood. a one-time-only performance of that line-up.


(all credits for drums unless otherwise noted)

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