max bennett

Max Bennett provided bass for Zappa's "Hot Rats", "Chunga's Revenge", "Studio Tan", "The Lost Episodes", "Läther", "Quaudiophiliac" and toured with Zappa from February - March, 1970.

He has his own band, but recorded with a huge amount of artists.



  1942 capitol 50th anniversary jazz box   
  1943 kenton, stan- retrospective   
  1949 fitzgerald, ella- first lady of song [box]  
  1954 candoli, conte- sincerely, conte candoli  
  1954 levey, stan- plays bob cooper, bill holman, jimm   
  1955 rosolino, frank- frankly speaking   
  1955 max bennett quintet  
  1956 montrose, jack- horn's full   
  1956 fitzgerald, ella- for the love of ella   
  1956 max bennett septet, quartet & trio  
  1956 max bennett sextet: johnny jaquar  
  1957 torme, mel- at the crescendo   
  1958 price, vito- swingin' the loop  
  1958 cooper, bob- coop! the music of bob cooper   
  1958 fitzgerald, ella- ella in rome: the birthday concert  
  1959 gibbs, terry- dream band, vol. 1   
  1959 gibbs, terry- dream band, vol. 3: flying home  
  1959 gibbs, terry- launching a new sound in music  
  1959 gibbs, terry- flying home   
  1960 hawkins, coleman- bean stalkin'  
  1961 lee, peggy- live at basin street east   
  1968 monkees- head   
  1968 monkees- birds, the bees & the monkees  
  1969 bond, graham- mighty grahame bond   
  1969 bland, bobby- spotlight on the man   
  1969 turner, big joe- bosses of the blues, vol. 1  
  1969 anthony, ron- oh! calcutta!   
  1969 monkees- instant replay   
  1969 monkees- monkees present  


frank zappa: hot rats
   (1969, lp, usa, bizarre)

  1970 spann, otis- sweet giant of the blues  
  1970 cooder, ry- ry cooder  


frank zappa: chunga's revenge
   (1970, lp, usa, bizarre)

  1970 partridge family- partridge family album   
  1971 england dan & john ford- fables  
  1971 nesmith, michael- nevada fighter  
  1971 partridge family- partridge family sound magazine  
  1971 bryant, bobby- swahili strut  
  1971 feather, leonard- night blooming jazzmen  
  1971 schifrin, lalo- rock requiem  
  1971 ross, diana- lady sings the blues   
  1971 streisand, barbra- stoney end   
  1972 henry gross - henry gross [abc]   
  1972 partridge family- at home with their greatest hits  
  1972 horn, jim- through the eye   
  1972 keith, barbara- barbara keith [reprise]   
  1972 keith, barbara- barbara keith [warner bros.]   
  1972 rankin, kenny- like a seed   
  1972 guthrie, arlo- hobo's lullaby   
  1973 partridge family- crossword puzzle  
  1973 carlton, larry- singing playing  
  1973 deasy, mike- letters to my mind   
  1973 fifth dimension- living together, growing together  
  1973 franks, michael- michael franks   
  1973 lulu- make believe world   
  1973 bland, bobby- his california album   
  1973 hurley, john- children's dreams   
  1973 turner, john lovick- john lovick turner   
  1973 crusaders- unsung heroes   
  barbara keith: barbara keith
    (1973, lp, usa, reprise) - feat. max bennett, lowell george, jim gordon, sneaky pete kleinow
  1974 martin & finley- dazzle 'em with footwork   
  1974 horn, paul- visions   
  1974 walker, t-bone- very rare   
  1974 sullins, jim- inside thunder outside laughing   
  1974 harrison, george- dark horse   
  1974 mitchell, joni- miles of aisles   
  1974 scott, tom- tom scott & la express   
  1974 streisand, barbra- butterfly   
  1974 mitchell, joni- court & spark   
  1974 phantom of the paradise- phantom of the paradise  
  1974 jones, quincy- body heat   
  1974 scott, tom- tom cat (bass, producer)  
  1975 brooks, elkie- rich mans woman  
  1975 four tops- night lights harmony   
  1975 phillips, shawn- do you wonder   
  1975 blue, david- com'n back for more  
  1975 jones, quincy- mellow madness   
  1975 fire and rain- living together   
  1975 garfunkel, art- breakaway   
  1975 mitchell, joni- hissing of summer lawns   
  1975 rankin, kenny- inside   
  1975 baez, joan- diamonds and rust   
  1975 crusaders- scratch  
  1976 england dan & john ford- i hear music  
  1976 la express- shadow play   
  1976 sainte-marie, buffy- sweet america   
  1976 sober, errol- day dreamer  
  1976 la express- l.a. express  
   1976 laine, cleo- porgy & bess   
  1976 bishop, stephen- careless  
  1976 mitchell, joni- hejira   
  1977 boylan, terence- terence boylan  
  1977 pacheco, tom- outsider   
  1977 titus, libby- libby titus   
  1977 murphy, walter- rhapsody in blue  
  1977 axton, hoyt- road songs   
  1977 groce, larry- please take me back   
  1977 botkin, perry jr.- ports   
  1977 midler, bette- broken blossom   
  1978 newton-john, olivia- grease  
  1978 norman, neil- not of this earth   


frank zappa: studio tan
   (1978, lp, usa, discreet)

  1979 lee, peggy- close enough for love   
  1980 scott, tom- best of tom scott   
  1983 franks, michael- previously unavailable   
  1985 feldman, victor- high visability   
  1988 riney, sam- lay it on the line   
  1991 monkees- listen to the band   
  1991 eckstine, billy- compact jazz: billy eckstine   
  1992 blue berlin- blue berlin   
  1992 jazz 'round midnight: trumpet  
  1992 and the winner is...capitol sings (accompaniment)   
  1992 essential american singers   
  1993 max bennett- great expectations  
  1994 bishop, stephen- on & on: hits of stephen bishop  
  1994 partridge family- partridge family shopping bag  
  1994 romero, ruben- collection   
  1995 partridge family- partridge family christmas card   
  1995 monkees- greatest hits   
  1995 lee, peggy- spotlight on peggy lee (conductor)   
  1995 goodman, benny- king of swing 1958-1967  


frank zappa: the lost episodes
   (1996, cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: läther
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)
  1996 monkees- missing links, vol. 3  
  1996 torme, mel- mel tormé collection   
  1996 masters of jazz, vol. 4- masters of jazz, vol. 4: big bands  
  1996 rankin, kenny- peaceful: the best of kenny rankin   
  1996 mitchell, joni- hits   
  1996 mitchell, joni- misses   
  1996 jazz big names, vol. 2- jazz big names, vol. 2    
  1997 feldman, victor- fiesta & more  
  1997 rowles, jimmy- our delight  
  1997 jackie & roy- abc paramount years   
  1997 frank zappa- strictly genteel  
  1997 max bennett- private reserve  
  1997 kenton, stan- jazz profile   
  1998 max bennett- people & places  


frank zappa: quaudiophiliac
    (2004, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01125-9-9)

  greatest science fiction hits, vol.   
  last, james- well kept secret   
  weisberg, tim- hurtwood edge    
  dilcher, cheryl- butterfly   
  kennedy, raymond louis- kennedy, raymond louis   
  march, steve- lucky   
  miller, adam- who would give his only song away   
  lieberman, lori- piece of time   
  neely, sam- down home   
  nolan, kenny- song between us   
  oliver- prisms   
  daugherty, jack- jack daugherty and the class of nin   
  secret agent file- secret agent file   
  norman, neil- greatest science fiction hits, vol.   
  norman, neil- greatest science fiction hits, vol.  
  norman, neil- greatest science fiction hits, vol.   
  more mistletoe magic- more mistletoe magic   
  max bennett- interchange  
  max bennett- images  


random notes

From: Charles Ulrich 

Aynsley Dunbar and Max Bennett played together in the short-lived Hot Rats touring band (along with FZ, Ian Underwood, and Don "Sugar Cane" Harris).
The "tour" consisted of one gig in San Diego 2/28/70 and one gig in LA 3/7/70. The latter was bootlegged. Two tracks appear on Apocrypha.

Max Bennett has his own band and his own website:, e-mail at music at maxbennett dot com.His discography listed Hot Rats and Chunga's Revenge, but not Studio Tan or The Lost Episodes, so I e-mailed him about the omissions. He replied, "I wasn't aware of the other songs you mentioned. We did so many songs that I really didn't know some of the titles." I love that phrase "so many songs". It suggests that there may still be more in the vaults.

From: Patrick Neve

The following is reprinted from the biography, "Max Bennett and The Maxx Band, Polystar Recording Artist" with permission from Max.

Fans and followers of contemporary music need no introduction to Max Bennett. An internationally known bassist and composer, Max has an impressive background and list of credits. The scope of his experience spans from concert touring and recording on albums to composing music for feature films and television as well as being one of the most famous studio musicians of the jazz genre.

Max has toured and performed in concert with Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Peggy Lee, and Michele LeGrande. Max's many years of working in the studios have given him the opportunity to excercise his affinity for rock 'n' roll, blues, jazz and funk. The list of outstanding artists with whom Max has recorded includes Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Quincy Jones, Kenny Rogers, the Beach Boys, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa, Carole King, Peggy Lee, the Fifth Dimension, Paul Williams, Elvis Presley, Steely Dan, Joan Baez, and Motown greats such as the Temptations, the Four Tops, Fats Domino, and Chuck Berry. His association with Joni Mitchell produced one platinum and two gold albums.
Having played with such artists as the Crusaders, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Lee Ritenour, and Victor Feldman, the band Max is most know for is LA Express. Created by Max and Tom Scott along with members Joe Sample, Larry Carlton, and John Guerin, LA Express became world renowned on the contemporary jazz scene. Max's television credits include Mission Impossible, The Odd Couple, Bill Cosby, the Dukes of Hazard, Love American Style, and Hawaii Five-O.

He also recorded music for over 100 movies including Magnum Force, Dirty Harry, Bullitt, Oh God, and The Exorcist.  A talented instrumental and lyric writer, Max has composed over 250 songs, any have been recorded by a variety of artists including Max. Continuing his work on records, television, and motion pictures.

Max now spends much of his time composing music to be performed and recorded by the new band which he directs, THE MAXX BAND, a contemporary instrumental group consisting of electric keyboards, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, saxophone, and percussion. Max's performing and tour band, THE MAXX BAND combines some of the finest musicians and session players in the industry.
L.A. Jazz Scene wrote, "... if Max Bennett were to be described in one word, the word would be 'inspirational.'" Bill Kohlhaase, of the Los Angeles Times says, "... Bennett is the genuine article himself, having come up through the be-bop circles to become a central figure in the West Coast fusion scene as well as one of the area's busiest studio bassists." THE MAXX BAND represents the best in contemporary jazz concepts with the richness of rock and the blending of Latin influence. Max says, "we think people identify with our strong melodies, rich harmonic structures, and solid beat. It's exciting that so many people enjoy what we love to play!"

From: Max Bennett

My new band is called "Private Reserve". By the way, I never ever studied with Carol Kaye!

There is an interview with Max Bennett at the Debra Kadabra page:



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