geronimo black

welcome back
    - feat.bunk & buzz gardner, denny walley, don preston, ray collins

2008 download - crossfire publications

downloadable version of the 1979 album, plus 6 bonus tracks

recorded between 1971 and 1972 (studio recordings)

  jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
  bunk gardner: sax, flute
  tjay contrelli: sax, flute
  denny walley: guitar
  andy "panda" cahan: keyboards, drums, percussion
  tom leavey: bass, harmonica
guests :
  james harmon: harmonica
  buzz gardner: trumpet
  jerry mcgee: guitar
  don preston: synthesizer
  meatball: drums
  joe lala: percussion
  ray collins: vocals

produced by geronimo black

  1. trail of tears  (

  2. low ridin' man (, t.contrelli)

  3. teenage credit   (t.leavey)

  4. other man (d.walley, t.leavey)

  5. hoochie coochie man   (w.dixon)

  6. lovesick blues   (mills, friend)

  7. return to mayonnaise mountain    (r.collins)

  8. thunderbuns vs. the knumb nut   (t.contrelli)

  9. an american national anthem   (, p.moreno)

    the bonus tracks

  10. '59 chevy (orginal version)

  11. let us live (live)

  12. big boss man (live)

  13. trail of tears (alternate mix)  (

  14. '59 chevy (remixed single version)

  15. gone (remix)

2008 09
from CDBaby

Definitive early '70s masters from the band that Jimmy Carl Black and Bunk Gardner formed after playing with Frank Zappa in The Mothers Of Invention.

Geronimo Black was formed by Jimmy Carl Black after Frank Zappa's disbanding of the original Mothers Of Invention in 1969. Jimmy assembled Bunk Gardner from the classic MOI lineup, guitarist Denny Walley, bassist Tom Leavey and woodwind player Tjay Contrelli to finalize Geronimo Black in 1971. To get a record deal, they recorded a number of demos - all of which are included here. In addition, all of their studio and live tracks after their Uni LP in 1972 are on this collection along with some remixes.