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2008 08 02

q & a with stanley jason zappa
the voice of cheez
essener songtage 1968
alamaailman vasarat at zappanale
trubee's promotional message
latest zappa cd bootleg - picture added

2008 08 01

electric orange at zappanale
new book on frank zappa by guy darol
grande mothers re:invented
john etheridge and the zappatistas
from the old box
new zappa bootleg cd
school of rock goes to zappanale
rock and roll hall of fame promo cd
more info on the levellers
zappatika update

2008 07 31

elliott levin at zappanale
books about zappa
levellers - bozos
scott parker books
ahmet zappa

2008 07 30

the paul green school of rock at zappanale
buckethead revisited
michael maksymenko
crazy backwards alphabet
the purple cucumber
captain cheesebeard newsflash
another zappatika newsflash

2008 07 29

dengue fever
residents figures
ray collins
zappatika newsflash
ed mann
new album by drumbo / john french

2008 07 28

the tinseltown rebellion band
the levellers
new zappa bootleg: drowning witch
new zappa bootleg: standing room only
new zappa bootleg: clownz on velvet
john zorn
jean-luc ponty
terry bozzio
zappostrophe 108

2008 07 24

stanley jason zappa
dale bozzio

2008 07 23

zappostrophe 109
the wrong object
john trubee 2008 06 22
pikachu - makoto
wm recordings
joe deninzon
sad news
grand wazoo update
residents newsflash
de avonden
cb - out here over there
the apocalypso fanzines
john trubee 2008 06 18
steal softly through snow
cb - avalon '66
cb - what's all this booga booga music
cb - bat chain puller
cb - flavor bud living
los botas graciosas marchan polonia
cb - live at my father's place
the talking asshole
zappa concert posters
albert marcoeur
the arf society

2008 07 18

zappa wazoo - pink vinyl bootleg
zappa wazoo - light green vinyl bootleg
imprial record
de volkskrant
zpz flashback
zappa plays zappa setlist
bogus pomp shows update
new zappa bootleg acetate
new coloured vinyl bootlegs
more zappa on itunes
grand wazoo - grand wazoo
grand wazoo - room 19
grand wazoo - zooology
ossi duri - la IV

2008 07 17

ossi duri - l'ultimo deie miei cani
ossi duri - gnam gnam
ossi duri - live in vinadio
corrie van binsbergen

2008 07 16

data added for well-known bootlegs

2008 07 15

glauco venier
zpz at nsj2008
the moving tones - newsflash

2008 07 14

albert kuvezin
the moving tones
the residents on tour

2008 07 12

last fair deal
joost buis - astronotes
flo & eddie - the phlorescent leech and eddie / flo & eddie
flo & eddie - illegal, imoral and fattening / moving targets
flo & eddie - rock steady
adrian belew power trio tourdates

2008 07 07

peaches noise
captain beefheart covered
dave gets mad
the grande mothers re:invented
zappa lyrics in der spiegel
kapitein kaasbaard
an ossi duri update
a message from zappateers
stanley jason zappa
alain dister

2008 07 06

the smelly tongues
the foolz
bang on a can
tom waits

2008 07 02

the torture never stops
the bogus pomp low budget acoustic orchestra
one shot deal
the central scrutinizer band in concert
capt.cheese-beard give-away
Bogus Pomp check
Sun Ra Arkestra artist in residence in Tilburg NL
ZpZ - new tourdates
the Grande Mothers Re:Invented
Harry Kapeliaris Group
Shawn Lane
Maurizio Perri
The Zappanale line-up
leftovers from the last couple of months

Sheik Yerbouti

Zappanale 19
the January 2007 newsletter can be found at
thebignotefiles - 2008/01

the concert calendar


short bits: 

* * *



Let's make it clear to the ZFT that we don't agree with how they're dealing with zappa devoted websites, bands that play zappa's music and festivals where they play zappa's music.


We endorse the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition to Zappa Family Trust.

Read the Aggressive Action by the Zappa Family Trust Petition



I finally managed to make a short list of the bands that I really want to see at this year's Zappanale...
OK, so maybe I'll skip Ben Watson's quizzz...., and The Paul Green School Of Rock on Saturday night (they'll be playing a Yes set...)

2008/08/15 - 2008/08/17 concert "Zappanale", Bad Doberan Germany

  • 2008/08/15 Underground Sensation - 14.00 h

  • 2008/08/15 The Wrong Object w. guest Stanley Jason Zappa - 15.30 h

  • 2008/08/15 The Paul Green School Of Rock, feat. D;Walley - 17.30h

  • 2008/08/15 Indukti - 19.30 h

  • 2008/08/15 The Bogus Pomp Semi Acoustic Orchestra - 21.30 h

  • 2008/08/15 Electric Orange - 00.00 h

  • 2008/08/16 Panzerballet - 12.00 h

  • 2008/08/16 Elliot Levin - 14.00 h

  • 2008/08/16 Delicious Band Research Kitchen - 16.00 h

  • 2008/08/16 Low Budget Research Kitchen - 18.00h

  • 2008/08/16 quiz (Ben Watson)

  • 2008/08/16 Alamaailman Vasarat - 20.00 h

  • 2008/08/16 Zappa Circus - 22.00 h

  • 2008/08/16 The Paul Green School Of Rock - 00.00 h

  • 2008/08/17 UZVA - 11.00 h

  • 2008/08/17 Jazzprojekt Hundehagen - 13.00 h

  • 2008/08/17 Fattore Zeta - 15.00 h

  • 2008/08/17 Stanley Jason Zappa's "The New Texture Pantonal Fellowship" - 17.00 h

  • 2008/08/17 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band feat. N.M.Brock, Denny Walley, Jason Zappa - 20.00 h

  • 2008/08/17 final jam


2008 08 02


2008 07 30 - the "questions and answers" thing, with Stanley Jason Zappa


UniMuta: Did you know of the Zappanale festival before you got invited? How did the Arf Society convince you to participate? & how does it feel to take part in a festival that carries your last name?

SJZ (Stanley Jason Zappa): I've known of the festival for a long time, though I can't recall exactly how I first heard about it.  Michel Deville sent me a CD of the Wrong Object's performance at Zappanale 15, so I certainly knew about it by then.
The Arf Society didn't do very much in the way of convincing me to go--The convincing was done by that silver tongued Michel Deville, rising fuel and travel prices and the (then) possibility that Zappanale #19 might be the last.  The Arf Society made it possible for me to be at the festival, and did all the leg work in terms of travel arrangements--which is very kind of them.

I am keenly aware if my last name was different--Skrowaczeski for example--there might not be the same enthusiasm and available capital to have me make music at the festival.  Yes...that is certainly front and center most of the time in all situations, musical or otherwise.  There is a 'bittersweetness' to Zappanale, which I suppose is an improvement over the usual bitterness.
I am also keenly aware that "winners always cheat, and cheaters always win."  Even if it isn't by dint of my sound and work obtaining it, a trip to Europe is a trip to Europe.  You don't get those every day--I don't anyway, so who am I to complain?

UniMuta: What does music mean to you? Is it something that you can do / would like to do full-time?

SJZ: Music is, in the words of the late Dr. Albert Hoffman, "my problem child."  Maybe I'm wrong, but sometimes I feel like life would be a little easier, a little simpler if I was as passionate about accounting or plumbing as I am about music--specifically improvised music.
Is it something I "can" do full time?  I guess that depends on what you mean by "can."  Are you asking if I am physically able to play the horn all day or if there is there an economy to support my habit of playing the horn all day?
I think it would be swell if I could make the same low wage playing the horn as easily and regularly as I do performing other menial tasks for other people's profit.  (Talk about aiming low.)  As a plus, it would be nice if I didn't have to get into an airplane to do it.
Obviously a more shangri-la version would be one where all expenses (all of them) were taken care of by someone else while I did my thing.  I kind of got a tiny whiff of that while at Bennington College on the meal plan, playing in ensembles, no rent (up front, anyway).  That kind of a thing.
Too bad that war is so darn expensive.

UniMuta: You have one album out. Do you have other releases scheduled? Do you play concerts often?

SJZ: I do not have any other releases scheduled.  I don't play concerts often.  I'm not bragging or complaining about that--it's never been any other way and yet somehow I'm still interested in music.

UniMuta: Are you familiar with any of the bands that will be playing at the festival? You will be playing with The Wrong Object. How did that come along?

SJZ: Michel Deville and I had been in contact via the email.  I was very taken by Fred Delplancq's and Jean Paul Estievenart's playing.  The whole band is great, but as a horn player, they made an especially deep impression.   That, combined with the above mentioned factors seemed like enough reason to try and make it so.

UniMuta: Can you tell me a bit about the "The New Texture Pantonal Fellowship" - project that is scheduled to appear at the festival on Sunday? Is this you with Nick Skrowaczewksi, plus some guest musicians?

SJZ: Hopefully it won't be one of those situations where it's more rewarding for me than for the musicians or audience--though I can't imagine how it will be anything but that.  It's rare to be availed a large ensemble to "make it so", to "do my will"--and I am very excited to have that opportunity.  At least I'm excited to think I have that opportunity.  The LBRK from Portugal, the Wrong Object and some musicians from the FZTB all said they would participate.  Maybe they will change their minds after the rehearsal.  Hopefully not.

My will is to create sounds and sound happenings.  Songs and forms and the artful transitions from one thing to the next really are secondary for me.  What is primary is creating sonic (in this case, large, loud, pan tonal sonic environments) to my specifications. 
For this piece, my specifications include no "down beat" or "symmetric time" but instead an alternating between a diffuse spray of total group percussion and austere solo percussion statements.  Another specification is that the more "in-between notes" (i.e. quartertones and microtones) the better.  Improvisation with also be a key element.  

Certainly tonality is out the door--Bach will be given his due in Hamburg earlier in the week, so we'll be free to focus on some other things.

Stanley Jason Zappa will be playing on Friday 2008/08/15 with The Wrong Object, at 15:30 h, and on Sunday, 2008/08/17.
At 17:00 h, Stanley Jason Zappa will present his "The New Texture Pantonal Fellowship", and at 20:00 h, he will be a guest with the Finnish Zappa Tribute Band.


The picture below shows Nick Skrowaczewski (I think) and Stanley Jason Zappa, and is taken from a YouTube movie.


a message from the voice oF cheeZ:

Cheez unplugged
2007 06 27

Now you can see Voice of Cheez "Unplugged" on You Tube.

We did this...for fun... a few years ago... (2005?)...on WKBW Channel 7's Offbeat Cinema show. Just three of us could make it for the taping--so we did acoustic versions. Tina plays a mean bicycle!

Suzie Creamcheez

Uncle Remus

Our inspiration: FZ played the bicycle on the Steve Allen Show

Links also accessible on the Cheez website:



I don't know if I mentioned this before, as they were still in my inbox...

Frank Zappa pre & post premiere in Frankfurt & rehearshing with Ensemble Modern 1992.

-- info & links: Javier Marcote



There's a new book out on the subject of the Essener Songtage. (The Mothers of Invention performed in Essen on 1968 09 28, and part of their concert got broadcast on the radio at the time.)


zappa, zoff und zwischentöne - die internationalen essener songtage 1968

by detlev mahnert & harry stürmer
    (2008, book, ger, klartext)

German television did an interview with Detlev Mahnert to talk about this new book,...


-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


Finnish band Alamaailman Vasarat call themselves the Finnish prophets of fictional world music. The band's line-up and instrumentation might give an idea of what to expect.

  • Jarno "Stakula" Sarkula - saxophones, clarinets & special woodwinds

  • Erno Haukkala - trombone, tuba & piccolo trombone 

  • Miikka Huttunen - pump organ, grand piano & melodica

  • Tuukka Helminen - cello

  • Marko Manninen - cello

  • Teemu Hänninen - drums & percussion

The picture below was taken by Nico Luoma and can be found on the band's webite.

So far, the band has released four albums.

  • alamaailman vasarat: vasaraasia
        (2000, cd, ??, backstage alliance)
  • alamaailman vasarat: käärmelautakunta
        (2003, cd, ??, backstage alliance)
  • alamaailman vasarat with tuomari nurmio: kinaporin kalifaatti
        (200?, cd+dvd, ??, johanna kaustannus)
  • alamaailman vasarat: maahan
        (200?, cd, ??, backstage alliance)


2008 07 30

Finnish band Alamaailman Vasarat has a very tight schedule the next couple of weeks.
I was very glad that Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a took some time to answer a couple of questions.

UniMuta: Alamaailman Vasarat will be playing in Hungary on August 14, in the Czech Republic on August 15, and at the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan on August 16. Wow !
And I wanted to ask you if you're looking forward to play at the Zappanale Festival...
This looks like an incredible schedule. Will that be a normal week for Alamaailman Vasarat?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: Yes, it is a busy week for the band, but not very usual. Mostly, we do gigs on weekends, like Canada and Germany two weeks before Zappanale. We look forward to playing in Zappanale, it will be the last of our summer gigs and certainly a memorable one for us and hopefully for the audience too.

UniMuta: Do you like playing at festivals? Or do you prefer clubs or concert halls?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: We like both. Festivals are nice, because it is fun to perform when there's big audience, big stage and you have to do big moves. Then again, smaller clubs are very intimate and the gigs tend to have more dynamics in the music - quiet is really quiet and loud seems louder.

UniMuta: You have been playing quite a number of gigs this year. How has the reaction been this far? And how is the respons on the new album, "Maahan".

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: It seems people like "Maahan" best so far, at least considering the feedback and sales. We think it is our best one to date as well! Yes, we've had some goods gigs this year and responses have varied from positively surprised to rave cheering. We're lucky to have performed in front of the audiences who really seem to like us.

 UniMuta: The Zappanale Festival presents prog rock bands, experimental jazz, and much more. Above all, it's also a tribute to the late Frank Zappa. Are you familiar with the works of Frank Zappa?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: I don't know Zappa's music that well myself, but I think some of the band members do. What I've read of the legendary genius, I'm sure we share some of the beliefs on how to make music, so I think our participation at Zappanale is well justified and we carry on the legacy!

UniMuta: Do you have a special message for the Zappanale audience?

Jarno "Stakula" Sarkul a: Thanks in advance for coming to see us and supporting festivals like Zappanale! Bring on some heavy heart medication, because you're in for a show you'll remember till you croak! 

Alamaailman Vasarat will be performing at the Zappanale festival on Saturday, 2008 08 16, at 16.00h.




from John Trubee
2008 08 01
Pompous Self-Promotion

To Everyone--

The world constantly promotes to us endless crap advertising and damnfool celebrities, politicians, and corporations boring us to death, declaiming how wonderful they are.

Why cannot we self-promote back without shame?

Here's a recent fan e-mail...

Date: Aug 1, 2008 9:20 AM

hey john,

when i was a kid ordered all of your tapes and books and everything else in the catalog. your world become an obsession for me and then everyone I knew. Unfortunately, people borrowed, stole, I lost, etc. all of your stuff. Have your put any of it on CD- especially the spoken word tapes? And have you ever scanned the books and put them up online? I used one of your drawings for a flyer for my old bands show. It was the 'I LOVE SNOT' one. we plastered it all over NYC and Hoboken NJ. Gave you credit- of course. I sold an old Roland drum machine that would now be worth tons of cash in order to get up the money to order all your merch back in the day. THE LAST DWARF DROPS HIS PANTS- we could never figure out what that sound was on the tape loop that sounds like a retarded guy choking. I took you screaming the line from 'WOrking Class Hero' and made it into a tape loop for one of my own 'electronic' (derivative) compostions. i even went out and bought an Echoplex -wish I still had it. Anyway, it's nice to be able to let you know what an influence you had on my psyche in my formative years. I'm still DAZED AND AMAZED




Here's the picture of the new Zappa CD bootleg that I mentioned yesterday.


2008 08 01


German krautrockband Electric Orange has been together since the early ninetees. The band has recorded 7 albums of which "Morbus" is the latest one.

As the band is scheduled to perform at Zappanale in a couple of weeks, I asked them the following:


UniMuta: Had you heard of the Zappanale Festival before your invitation to play at the festival? Are you familiar with the music of Frank Zappa?

Dirk Jan Müller / Electric Orange: We first heard of the Zappanale Festival at Burg Herzberg, in 2004, I think.
I am not that familiar with Zappa. I only have 5 or 6 of his records and 2 videos. But I really love these records and I think I will get a lot more in future.

UniMuta: Electric Orange is the headliner for Friday, and the concert will start at midnight!!
Have you ever played this late before? And do you like playing festivals?

Dirk Jan Müller / Electric Orange: Yes, we mostly play late at Festivals. We love to play in the dark and in open-air at the same time. So this is really special for us.
We most love to play at Festivals, because you reach a much wider audience there. Club shows are great too, but generally these gigs are not well attended, a problem for many bands nowadays.

UniMuta: Do you have a message for the Zappanale audience?

Dirk Jan Müller / Electric Orange: We are not as progressive or technical as Zappa or related bands, so we hope that the Zappa audience accepts us and our music and has a good time that night. See you there!

Electric Orange will headline the Zappanale festival on Friday, and will be entering the stage at around 24.00 h.



Guy Darol has written various books on the subject of Frank Zappa. In 1996, he wrote "Frank Zappa, La Parade de l'Homme-Wazoo"; in 2000 he co-wrote some sort of Zappa dictionary "Zappa de Z à A", together with Dominique Jeunot; en in 2003, he finished "Frank Zappa, l'Amérique en déshabillé".

More recently, he was responsable for the excellent Frank Zappa special in Jazz Magazine.

And next september will see the release of his next book on Frank Zappa:


frank zappa / one size fits all  -  cosmogonie du sofa

by guy darol
    (scheduled, book, usa, atheles)



2008 07 20
from: Lira Productions





June 27, 2008 
24 seconds with The Grande Mothers 

The Grande Mothers plan to "Freak Out" at the TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival   

The Mothers.
The Mothers of Invention. 
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention .... 
There were many variations of Frank Zappa band titles and lineups.

Even after his death in '93, his former bandmates kept on rocking with posthumous spin-off alumni acts including THE GRANDE MOTHERS (The GRANDE MOTHERS are the only FZ alumni who have been performing this music consistently since 2003)
24 hours recently caught up with three key members of this latest combo to talk about what it was like making music with the king of avant-garde rock. 
Meet singer/flautist/saxophonist Napoleon Murphy Brock, keyboardist Don Preston and bassist Roy Estrada. 
While all three have played with Zappa at some point, this is the first time all three have played Zappa tunes together. 

24: What makes this particular lineup so special?

DP: "There have been many incarnations, but this is the last incarnation - also the best." 

24: The term "legend" always seems to get bandied about when people talk about Zappa - do you consider yourselves legends as well? 

NMB: "Absolutely. We're living and what we're doing is legendary." 

DP: "I think if you're still playing after you're 70, you automatically become a legend." 

24: Favourite Zappa memory?

NMB: "That's hard. There's so many and some of them are triple X-rated ... 
no, I'm only serious."

RE: "Just making him laugh was great because he would go into another realm. Then he'd get a glaze in his eyes and he would start a riff. And then we would all come in and start playing that riff, and that would make another song - that's how he created his music." 

24: Are you guys still as theatrical and spontaneous as you were back in the day? 

NMB: "[Yes], spontaneity is part of our character and so this is why we fit in his bands so well: We were able to create things right on the spot - without any hesitation or without any limitations."

24: Parting words for 24 hours readers? 

NMB: "Come to the show and have a life experience for yourself." 



Subject: I can't wait till my Fro is full-grown

Hey guys,
I am not sure how i only found out about it the day of, i must be slipping, but I caught the show in Vancouver and loved it.  
More, MORE, MORE!!!!! that's what I say.
Any of you guys doing the Zappa plays Zappa show this year? 
Keep up the great work anyway, you guys are Grande,  viva la Frank!



Subject: Dear Grande mothers

This is to the Grande Mothers who played the in Calgary on Saturday June 28 2008. 
I recently had the pleasure of seeing you guys do your thing and let me tell you, I am so very glad and honored to have been a part of that audience. 
The show was way beyond what I was expecting.
Emotion, nuance, timing, theatrics and bold musical chops, it was all perfect. 
What an enjoyable evening I had and thank you VERY VERY much. 
What an honor. 
I was lucky enough to show up early and witness the sound check.
My buddy and I were the only ones in the audience at that time and we thought it was a very personal experience. 
Well, I might just drive up to Edmonton and witness the spectacle all over again on July 1st. 
Thank You Grande Mothers




I'm the dude from OC that spoke to you guys in Edmonton(Sherwood Park).
I wanted to let you know what a thrill it was to meet you guys and see you perform. 
The show inspired me to continue learning music and studying the guitar.
Music is my passion and it's my goal in life to really express myself musically and be part of the beauty of music. 
If you guys are ever back here on tour, I insist you contact me and I'll take you guys to dinner and show you around.  
Hope to see you soon!




The Grande Mothers Re-Invented performed to an appreciative audience at Festival Place in Sherwood Park, Alberta, on Canada Day, July 1st at 7:30 pm.

They performed flawlessly for over two and a half hours with one fifteen minute intermission. For the most part, the material performed came from the period between 1965 and 1975. 
Highlights, at least for me, included exceptional performances of Pound For A Brown, Eat That Question, Chunga¹s Revenge, Invocation And Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin, Holiday In Berlin, Abye Sea, Dupree¹s Paradise, Little House I Used To Live In, Enchinda¹s Arf (Of You), Don¹t You Ever Wash That Thing? and, of course, Sofa. 
There were enough songs performed from the catalogue of Mothers of Invention albums to satisfy any level of fan, newbie or hardcore, as the following setlist suggests:

  • Pound For A Brown

  • Call Any Vegetable

  • Eat That Question

  • Lonely Little Girl

  • Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance

  • Harry, You¹re a Beast

  • What¹s the Ugliest Part of Your Body?

  • Chunga¹s Revenge

  • Holiday In Berlin

  • Abye Sea

  • Invocation And Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin

  • Idiot Bastard Son

  • Florentine Pogen

  • Evelyn, A Modified Dog

  • Enchinda¹s Arf (Of You)

  • Don¹t You Ever Wash That Thing?

  • The Air

  • Debra Kadabra (sung by Chris Garcia/amazing Beefheart-esque voice)

  • Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy

  • Sofa #1

  • Orange County Lumber Truck Medley

  • Trouble Every Day (sung by Don Preston)

  • Dupree¹s Paradise

  • Little House I Used To Live In

  • Pygmy Twylyte

  • Encore 1: Peaches En Regalia

  • Encore 2: Montana

The Grande Mothers Re-Invented are:
Don Preston ‹ keyboards, vocals
Roy Estrada ‹ bass, vocals (pachuco falsetto)
Napoleon Murphy Brock ‹ tenor sax, flute, lead vocals
Miroslav Tadic ‹ guitarist (lead, stunt & otherwise/awesome)
Chris Garcia ‹ drums, vocals

I noticed last night during the show there were a lot of flashbulbs going off. Is there a DVD or CD in the works? I certainly hope so. 
The enthusiasm and energy of these performers was really quite obvious.
A real treat. 
These musicians know the material, intimately. 
And given the $38 CND ticket price, a real deal, too.  

Shmickalicious says: 
I was there, at one of the front tables, and had an absolute BLAST!!! 
Napoleon blew me away,  seeing Roy was surreal, Don ROCKED the keys, and the two non-Mothers were absolutely stunning!
Such a shame that Dweezil would never go on the ³Dweez and the Grande Mothers² tour, there¹s alot of untapped Mothers talent he won¹t give a chance.
SO worth the 40 bucks, I would¹ve paid 100.

Clark Gwent says: 
I saw them in Cardiff, and the most impressive part was Chris Garcia¹s drumming and singing ³Debra Kadabra² at one and the same time, boys and girls.

urbangraffito says: 
Indeed, very impressive.
And quite Beefheart-esque in his delivery, too. 
The entire show was impressive.
I went there with high expectations, and DID they deliver!
If you¹ve heard Napoleon Murphy Brock¹s saxophone version of ³Chunga¹s Revenge² 
on FZ/OZ you know what I mean. 
What a saxman, what a showman! 
They were all obviously playing off one another and having a BLAST doing so. 
They are all still at the top of their game. 
Frank may be gone, yet the gestalt is very much there.




Brilliant, i saw them in Manchester a few days before this. 
They're easily the best band around playing Zappa. 
But Miroslav Tadic, wow! 
I'd never heard of him before, he fills what are essentially an enormous pair of shoes very very well.



They played Peaches as the encore at the gig i went to, lovely surprise!!



Mirsoslav Tadic on guitar is as good as it gets. Stunning musicianship all round!



Nice one i was at this gig ,absolutely amazing!
Trouble Everyday and Montana were my favourites that night , surreal seeing Napolean in Birkenhead



Thank you for posting this - it was a great gig.





Is this from Birkenhead? Fantastic were`nt they



Yes, it's from Birkenhead and, yes, I must agree they were fantastic - far better than I expected. 
One big surprise was Roy Estrada's bass playing - I didn't realise he was so good.






ROY ESTRADA is the ONLY cat to hold down the bottom for FZ, Little Feat and Captain Beefheart!!!!!!
the only other musician who comes close is drummer/percussionist Arthur Dyer Tripp AKA Ed Marimba the only FZ alumni to play both mallets AND drumset for FZ
where you been livin..........Reseda???



no...San Jose



No Montanna! lol



Let's move to Cleveland. What's new in Baltimore?



2008/08/09, John Etheridge and The Zappatistas will be performing at 'Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club' in London, UK.
  • 2008/08/09 The Zappatistas - concert 'Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club', London, UK


On the right, the label of a mexican 7" that presents The Mothers Of Invention with 'Aliento Canino (Dog Breath)'  (on side b?)

And below, the labels of a shared 7".
'Cradle Rock' might feature Frank Zappa on guitar?


-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


I added the tracklist for the latest Zappa CD bootleg, "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore - Silver - The Steve Vai Concerts"


When the Paul Green School of Rock comes to Zappanale, you don't just get the students of the School of Rock. There are often some parent and / or friends that come along.
Tim Hooper and his wife Vanessa are a fine example. Their kids, Dave and Rosalie, both study at the School of Rock and are making the trip to Zappanale.
I couldn't hesitate to ask Tim how he felt about the Zappanale adventure and about the School of Rock program.

Here's Tim's response (2008 08 01):

"We've been involved with our local  branch of the Paul Green School of Rock for 4 years now, and Dave and Rosalie have been playing with the All-Stars for the last couple of years, and it's been a truly magical experience for all of us.  We've heard about Zappanale, and seen the documentary "Rock School" with the All-Stars first appearance there, and have hoped to go ever since.  I've been a fan of Frank Zappa's music for years, and one of the things that convinced me of the worth of Paul Green's program was the reverence with which the Zappa repertoire is treated.  As to the program, I think it's safe to say it's exceeded our wildest expectations, and I'm sure our children's lives will never be the same.

We're very excited to come to Zappanale, both my wife Vanessa and I will be coming along with Dave and Rosalie.  Dave plays keyboards and alto sax, and Rosalie plays bass and tenor sax, and they both sing.  We've talked to other families who've been to Zappanale, and I think we have a fairly good idea of what to expect, and we're sure it will live up to our expectations.  Rosalie graduates and goes on to college this fall, so we can't imagine a better send-off for her All-Star career.

As to my preferences, I've been a practicing musician all my life - I play keys and guitar, and I've been playing in a blues band in the Philadelphia area for the last 10 years or so.  I like to think my tastes are eclectic - I'm a big Zappa fan, but I enjoy many varying artists.  I've been particularly thrilled to meet some of my heroes through this program: Adrian Belew, Jon Anderson, and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter.

We're currently on the road with the kids - they're playing at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago tomorrow - I can't think of a better way to spend my vacation than watching my kids play the music I love. "

The picture below shows Rosalie and Dave... Ready to conquer the world !


Here's another nice little find...



-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


Not only did the Levellers release Captain Beefheart's 'Plastic Factory' on a CDsingle, it was also available on a 7" picture disc !!



-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


The Zappatika entry has been updated: data for the recently released album & for the announced one:

More info & samles at www.myspace. com/zappatika1

2008 07 31


Philadelphia jazz legend and ESP-Disk recording artist Elliott Levin plays the saxophone and the flute. He's also an abstract poet and often combines poetry and music during his performances.

Elliott Levin has toured and recorded with Cecil Taylor and The Arkestra's Tyrone Hill and Marshal Allen, to name a few.

The picture below shows Elliott (on sax) with Eric Slick (on drums) and Dave Dreiwitz (on bass) on stage in 2007 somewhere.
(picture taken from the Slick blog)


2007 07 - a couple of weeks to go until the Zappanale festival -
and Elliott Levin was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions

UniMuta: At the Zappanale festival, a number of bands will only be playing the music of Frank Zappa. Are you familiar with Frank Zappa's music?

I first saw THE MOTHERS live at The Atlantic City Rock Festival in 1969 (it was  a week or so before WOODSTOCK- where Zappa did not play)... I believe a member(s) of the band may have been ill, or missing, so there was somewhat of a jam with some members from CANNED HEAT.  I believe they played one long tune- "King Kong", and then they cut the set short, because, as Zappa explained, they had to make way for the "heavies" - (referring to Janis Joplin, who was following them).

I saw them again at the legendary "Mother's Day" concert at The Academy of Music in Phila.- this was the Flo & Eddie band- also I think with Aynsley Dunbar on drums (as 2nd drummer)...this was a great event at that  time for the modern music scene in Philadelphia.

The last live show I remember was with Jean-Luc Ponty, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, etc. at The Spectrum in Phila. MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA opened- who was certainly one of my favorite bands at the time- dressed all in white, and came out smoking.
Zappa's band came out- similarly dressed in all-white, and to my amazement started at the peak level of where Mahavishnu left off- and TOOK OFF from there! Not that I had to be sold, but this solidified my impression of Zappa as a phenomenal instrumentalist/improviser.

My first recordings I heard - in high school in the late '60's - were FREAK OUT and ABSOLUTELY FREE.  They had a profound effect on me. Then I was turned on to Beefheart's TROUT MASK REPLICA. That did it. I got a copy in the mail (I believe for 99 cents) of "ZAPPED" - a sampler of the Straight/Bizarre artists. I loved pretty much everything on the album.

Finally - I think it was the summer of '68 or '69- I hitchhiked from Phila. - to LA- with the express purpose of trying to find Capt Beefheart and/or Frank- with 2 friends (both guitarists). We were repeatedly told when we got there that The Capt. was in seclusion somewhere up in Redwood country.  So we proceeded to walk the streets of Laurel Canyon to look for the Zappa abode.  It wasn't long before someone pointed us in the direction of a parked Jaguar, and was told if we rang the doorbell behind it, we'd find our man.  I was 15 at the time, and just really starting to learn to play at a very beginning level...but I was becoming obsessed.  Sure enough, Mr. Zappa himself answered the door- and the 3 of us were somewhat shocked, and lost for words. We finally got it together to tell him that we just hitch-hiked frm Phila. in hopes of joining his band.  He politely informed us that he only conducted auditions at his business office (in Hollywood) and didn't conduct business at his home...With nothing left to say...that was the extent of my meeting with FZ.

However, I have had the pleasure and honor to play and record- many years later- with the great DON PRESTON- in the Akashic Ensemble; as well as in a trio with the great trumpeter BOBBY BRADFORD, as well as PROJECT OBJECT and other situations.

UniMuta: Your list of performances and your discography is very impressive, ranging from collaborations with The Arkestra's Tyrone Hill and Marshal Allen, to poetry readings.
What can we expect at the Zappanale Festival?

I was originally invited to perform with my band NEW GHOST (ESP-Disk #4030), but because of financial limitations, etc. it was not possible to bring this quartet to Europe. So I decided to use the invitation, to help put together a tour with my friend- bassist JAIR-ROHM PARKER WELLS (originally from the US, but a longtime resident of Stockholm)- who I knew through guitarist/engineer BOB MUSSO, and the band MACHINE GUN.
We are using different drummers for different performances- and for our German shows (in Berlin on Aug. 14,15) and for the Zappanale set( on the 16th)- we will use drummer KLAUS KUGEL.

We all have strong backgrounds in "free improvised" music, so this will be a good part of our set.  Zappa was known largely for his compositions and lyrics, but for me his sense of freedom and improvisation was what had a big influence on me.  As poet/spoken word performer- this is also an integral part of my set.

I have had considerable experience playing with members of The SCHOOL OF ROCK in Phila., and if time and schedules permit, we may do a collaboration on at least one Zappa piece.

UniMuta: You have performed all over the world. Do you find the time to get an impression of the venue, city or country where you are playing? What are your fondest memories?

One of the great things about playing music is getting to travel around the world. I always try to get out and experience the city, country, etc. of where I am playing in whatever ways I can.  I travelled on the road for 11 years with Philly R & B legends- HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUENOTES.  I rarely stayed in my hotel room long- I always went out to jams , parties, or just walked the streets of cities all over the world- and was eventually able to make contacts for my own gigs- even though in a somewhat different genre.  I've also had opportunites to tour with the great CECIL TAYLOR (a week in Berlin was documented on 2 FMP CDs -"The Light Of Corona", and "Almeda"). Playing with him at the Skopje Jazz Festival several years ago (on midnight of my birthday- Oct. 23) where we were announced as the replacement for the departing UN troops- was really something!

Elliott Levin will be performing at the Zappanale festival on Saturday at 14.00 h.



Here are a number of books of which the covers have been added to the "frank zappa books" entry.

All these are from (former) Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.

-- info & pictures: Bohous

the real frank zappa book

by p.occhiogrosso / f.zappa
    (1995, book, czech republic,
klub pratel pana honkera

= czech translation of "the real frank zappa book" from 1989;
the edition was limited to 100 copies.

suplik plny zappy

by petr doruzka
    (1984, book, czech, edice kruh pratel mladé hudby /no.1)

electricky don quixote

by neil slaven
    (1996, book, uk,
    (2002, book, czech republic
, bb art)

= czech translation of "electric don quichote" from 1996

plny suplik zappu

by petr doruzka
    (1990, book, czech, opus bratislava)

= 2nd edition, = slovene translation of "suplik plny zappa" from 1984

suplik plny zappy

by petr doruzka
    (1993, book, czech, paseka/prace)

= 3rd editionof "suplik plny zappa" from 1984

priserné pameti odvaznakovych

by ahmet zappa
    (2007, book, czech republic, jota-brno)

= czech translation of "The Monstrous Memoirs..."


  • levellers: bozos
        (1998, cdep, uk, china records wokcd2096)
    • Earlier this week, the Latest News section mentioned that the Levellers had recorded Don Van Vliet's 'Plastic Factory'.
      Here's the cover, and some extra data.


Scott is about to publish a supplement to the first two books of his excellent series on Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention.

Scott says:

"The first book will be "The Zappa Supplement One: A Box Of History And The Mud Shark Saga". Should be out this month"



2008 07 31 - from the Zappateers site

I recently discovered that Ahmet Zappa is the co-host of a new show called "Robotica" on the Science Channel.

It's similar to the old "Battlebots", but the robots now have to run an obstacle course and perfor certain manevers for points in addition to trying to destroy the other robot.


2008 07 30


2008 07 29 - a couple of questions for Paul Green from The Paul Green School Of Rock Music  -

Paul Green says: "Things are going amazingly well. We just got back from a European tour opening for and playing with the Butthole Surfers...Amsterdam, Gent, and 7 shows in the UK. It was awesome."


So I threw him some questions regarding the P.G.School Of Rock's scheduled Zappanale appearance:

UniMuta: How does it feel, coming back to the Zappanale festival?

Paul Green: It is our favorite show to do, so of course I am very excited! We play most of the big festivals in the US...Lollapalooza, ACL, Summerfest...but there is nowhere else we play that puts the kids in front of such a wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind audience. It really is magical every time we play there.

UniMuta: How does the Zappanale festival fit into the whole of the P.G.School of Rock?
Is it something for last-year-students only? Do the students that come along take extra courses or rehearsals? Are they all from the same school / city?

Paul Green: Zappanale really sits outside of our normal serves no promotional purpose, per se, but rather is just my way of rewarding students who have worked so hard for us. We have two allstar groups, drawn from the 11 East Coast SORs, and I bring one of these everytime we come (this year the other group just did the Eurpean Butthole Surfers it works out fair). I don't just bring last year students, but I do try to make sure that everyone of our best students makes it to Zappanale during their time in the program.

The students of the Paul Green School of Rock Music will be performing a Zappa set on Friday, August 15, with Denny Walley.
Saturday, August 16, on midnight they will perform the music of Yes.



After a couple of days of downloading the Buckethead video recording from DimeADozen, I was finally able to watch the concert today.

Fabulous. Weird.

Buckethead plays the guitar like he's a robot, but he also plays with a giant rubber chicken on stage, and hands out toys during the concert...


  • 2008/06/03 concert 'Waiting Room', Omaha, Nebraska
    • Robot noise intro, Night Of The Slunk, Botnus, Botnus Continued - Crash Victim -, Rvenge Of The DoubleMan, Ghost House, ?, Brewer In The Air, Gory Head Stump, Soothsayer, Toys, Jordan, Mad Monster Party, Mandolin, King James, ?-Foxy Lady, Asylum of Glass-Red Hot Mamma-We Can Rebuild Him, Jowls, Hog Bitch Stomp, Bucketheads Toy Store, ?, That1Guy Jam, Welcome To Buckethead Land
    • a matrix video recordings of this concert cirulates!



  • michael maksymenko: business cide
        (2008, cd, uk, rer mm1)
    • Michael Maksymenko has been the drummer of the Crazy Backwards Alphabet and he has worked with Henry Kaiser on various occasions. His latest release "Business Cide" collects various recordings from 1977 until 1989.
      It features Henry Kaiser and John French on a couple of tracks.
      Recommended food for Beefheart fans.


  • crazy backwards alphabet: crazy backwards alphabet
        (1987, lp, usa, sst)
    • While typing in the data for the Michael Maksymenko album, I noticed that I didn't have the Crazy Backwards Alphabet listed.
      Essential stuff, and out on CD as well. With bonus tracks.


How time flies...
Below is the concert poster for "The Purple Cucumber" concert that was held in Antwerp in 1995.

-- info / picture from Reinhard


John Van Steenlandt Joins the band

Dear all,

With pride and joy I can announce that, multi instrumentalist and vocalist John Van Steenlandt has Joined the band. This opens a whole new range of possibilities like extra vocals, more percussion, electronics and for the first time, we have someone who can sing "Florentine Pogen" the way it should be sung ;-)
By the way, for those who've been wondering about what the hell "Wellfields" are, they're some dodgy Togolese cigarettes.

have a good one
The Captain.

- upcoming shows -

2008/07/31 Cpt.Cheesebeard & The 7 Sisters of Prevention - concert "Park concert", Melsele, Belgium (Gaverlandstraat)

2008/09/18 Cpt.Cheesebeard & The 7 Sisters of Preventions - concert 'Spirit of 66', Verviers, Belgium


July, 31 2008 at Park Concert
Gaverlandstraat, Melsele, BE 9120


I'm not the biggest fan of MySpace, as it's tough to find the things you want to find through all the commercials and stuff, but, hey look... I actually found a piece of info...
And, yes, I got me a MySpace account...

You can order the previous Zappatika album "Live On Stage" through their MySpace site.


2008 07 29


  • dengue fever: venus on earth
        (2008, cd, uk, real world records)
    • Last week the latest Dengue Fever album hit the U.M. mailbox. I didn't really know what to expect... 
      And it turned out that dengue fever not only is a disease, but also an L.A. band that mixes 60's Cambodian pop and American surf rock into their psychedelic garage rock sound. The result is fresh, non-western pop music.
      The music is fun. I would have liked it a bit more angular and less predictable, but it's still fun. Cambodian female vocalist Chhom Nimol makes this album stand out.
    • You can see Dengue Fever at:
      • Aug 06 - Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway
      • Aug 08 - Way Out West, Goteborg, Sweden
      • Aug 09 - Summer Sundae Weekender, Leicester, UK
      • Aug 21, Festival Musicas Do Mar, Povoa do Varzim, Portugal


2008 07 28

Well, this is a surprise!

We came to the office and found our door blocked with all these big boxes we weren't expecting. Turns out to be these faulous Residents toys/figures staring at us. This is our first shipment, and we're not sure when the next shipment will come, or if the price might change. So we may sell out of this first batch somewhat quickly, so please don't be too disappointed if we run out and we have to refund you. We should have more soon.

Because of this, for this first batch, we ask that each customer is limited to ONLY 1 complete set. Again, don't try to order more than one of each color combo, we have to limited this to 1 set per customer. So you can order 8 pieces, as long as they are all different  versions of the set.
But you can't order 8 pieces if they are all the Glow in the Dark Blue Eyeball. K? These are in stock now, and will ship as fast as we can get them out of the office.

These come in 4 different Skull versions (all painted differently) and 4 different Eyeball versions. Some of them are glow in the dark. Pretty awesome looking 7" tall thingies.

Git 'em whilst ya can. Again, we hope to get another shipment in the near future.


The Ralph Gang

and the RalphMouth blog



from Shay Collins:
2008 07 26

Just wanted to send out an update on my Uncle Ray Collins.

I'm "Shay". I was born Sharon but changed it to be closer to "RAY"....Silly I know. I became the person I am today I believe, because of my Uncle Rays influence. I sing, and I am a weirdo just like he is. My dad is his brother obviosly, wonderful and a genius but somehow I turned out just like Uncle Ray? I LOVE IT! I talk to him often and even named my new baby girl after him. Aaralynn Harmony RAY Collins, (she loves his music too) 

Well, I just got off the phone with him and he is doing very well. STILL Happy and healthy in LA. He loves his life and is very free and uncorrupted. I adore my Uncle Ray and enjoy everything I read about him. He is an inspiration to me and I am very proud!! I grew up with his pushing me to stay honest and true to myself. He taught me to sing sing own every move I make and even if I hit a bad note CLAIM IT! He is so awsome I LOVE HIM SO VERY DEARLY and I appreciate your site very much for the insite and stories. I would like to share some stories of  fun times with Uncle Ray of my own sometime. We have MANY MANY!! :)





Zappatika! will release its new album "The Short But Legendary Flight Of The Dodo" on September 1st.




Ed Mann will be in Europe on 12 November and tour around (with various musicians including Wrong Object, Moving Tones, Corkys Cats & Zappatika) in Holland, Belgium, France and the UK thru til 5 December !!



You can hear an exclusive clip from the new / scheduled album on Drumbo's myspace.


The new album will be called "City of Refuge”, and features Bill Harkleroad (AKA “Zoot Horn Rollo”), Mark Boston (“Rockette Morton”), Greg Davidson (“Ella Guru”) and John Thomas (keyboardist on “Bat Chain Puller”).


2008 07 28


Germany has quite of lot of bands and musicians that play the music of Frank Zappa every once in a while.
One of the best bands that I've ever seen performing Zappa's music, is the Tinseltown Rebellion band.

They'll be performing the weekend that everyone should be at Zappanale...
Nevertheless, if you're not able to attend Zappanale, but you could catch the TTRB, you shouldn't hesitate:


Finnish progressive rock-band Uzva is scheduled to perform at the 2008 edition of the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany.

To my knowledge the band has three albums out.

  • uzva: tammikuinen tammela
        (2000, cd, finland, ylösmatka records ymcd 1)
  • uzva: niittoika
        (2002, cd, finland, silence slc 011)
  • uzva: uoma
        (2006, cd, finland, silence slc 028)

I was able to listen to a concert recording of the band's ProgDay concert from 2006, and I have to say that it was a very enjoyable experience.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW - ProgDay '08 is a go for Labor Day weekend,
Saturday, August 30th, and Sunday, August 31st, 2008.

Heikki Puska - lead guitar
Olli Kari - vibes, marimba
Antti Lauronen - saxophone, flute
Heikki Rita - clarinet
Lauri Kajander - rhythm guitar
Antti Kivimaki - bass
Ville Väätäinen - drums

  • 2006/09/02 UZVA - conert "ProgDay", Chapel Hill, NC, usa
    • setlist
      • Kuoriutuminen, Different Realities, Tammikuinen Tammela pt. II, Summer Song, Chinese Daydream, Tammikuinen Tammela pt. V
    • encore
      • Vesikko
    • The picture on the right shows the band at the ProgDay festival


Over at DimeADozen, there's a Buckethead show beeing seeded.
For me, Buckethead is some sort of missing link between Zappa and The Residents.

The show that is being seeded at Dime is collaboration between various tapers: 2 video recordings and various audio recordings, mixed together to make one recording, making this one very hard to resist...

You should really check this guy out. He's great.
(where you can read that Bucketheard released 28 albums in 2007 !!


Bucketheard in actions...


The Levellers recorded Captain Beefheart's 'Plastic Factory' on their "Bozos" CD EP single in 1998 !!

-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


The famous Toxic Shock Trilogy bootleg series has been made available again.
The following albums have been spotted:

2008 re-issue of the "Drowning Witch" album, on green splatter vinyl:


vinyl - side one vinyl - side two


2008 re-issue of "Standing Room Only" on green vinyl


vinyl - side one vinyl - side two


2008 re-issue of "Clownz On Velvet" on blue splatter vinyl.:

cover back-cover

vinyl - side one vinyl - side two


So what do You do to get in shape for Zappanale?

I listen to concert recordings... Here's a nice bunch:

March 17 to 21, 1999, a music festival in Den Bosch, NL, had John Zorn as a central guest.

Various John Zorn compositionas were performed / interpretated by Dutch jazz musicians! (including Corrie van Binsbergen & Anton Goudsmid !!)
Other compositions were performed by the Mondriaan String Quartet.

A recording compiling various radio broadcasts was seeded on Dime:

John Zorn
Muziekcentrum, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)
March 19-21, 1999

The initial broadcast started off with a 14 minute soundscape, containing various examples of John Zorn's music. Within this compilation, some interview excerpts (John Zorn was interviewed by Paul Harvey at the back of a car) were woven in. These bits are included in this post, as well as more excerpts of this interview which were presented during the evenings broadcast.
In this seed, I track-indexed the String Quartet piece "The Deadman", which has 13 small parts.

Interview excerpts within soundscape:
01 Influences (1:03)
02 Artists (0:17)
03 Intuition (0:17)
04 Nonesuch Records (0:16)

05 Game pieces (interview) 4:25

06 Cobra, part 1 (12:39) (tape flip (cross-fade) at 3:30)
07 Interlude (Alan Purves) (5:24)
08 Cobra, part 2 (11:49)
09 Interlude (reed section) (5:06)
10 Cobra, part 3 (10:22)

Muziekcentrum, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)
March 19, 1999 

Cobra line-up:
Anton Goudsmid - guitar
Corrie van Binsbergen - guitar
Eric Boeren - trumpet
Hans Sparla - trombone
Tobias Klein - trombone
Edward Capel - clarinet
Cor Fuhler - piano
Gerard van Dongen - piano
Alan 'Gunga' Purves - percussion
Arend Niks - drums
Anna McMichaels - violin
Wilbert de Joode - bass
John Zorn - prompter

11 Jewish music + Musicians (interview) (3:36)

12 Lilin (10:52)
13 Khebar (5:52)
14 Hadasha (9:28)
15 Moshav (5:53)
16 Bith Aneth (8:39)
17 Elilah (4:49)
18 Abidan (4:50)
19 Acharei Mod (13:03)
20 John Zorn introducing Fred Frith (0:27)
21 Jair (6:29)

Muziekcentrum, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)
March 20, 1999 

Masada line-up:
Anton Goudsmid - guitar
Alan 'Gunga' Purves - percussion
Arend Niks - drums
John Zorn - alto sax (Bith Aneth, Jair)
Ab Baars - clarinet
Mary Oliver - violin
Bart Maris - trumpet
Jeroen van Vliet - piano
Marc van Rooy - bass
Erik Friedlander - cello
Fred Frith - guitar (Jair)

22 Writing for strings (interview) (3:01)

The Deadman (1990)
23 Variations (0:38)
24 Sonatas (0:50)
25 Manifesto (1:01)
26 Fanfare (0:47)
27 Meditation (0:39)
28 Rondo (0:31)
29 Romance (0:24)
30 Blossoms (0:48)
31 Fantasy (1:06)
32 Folio (1:08)
33 Nocturne (1:01)
34 Etude (0:41)
35 Prelude (0:53)

36 Kol Nidre (1996) (7:57)

37 Being a composer (interview) (3:26)

38 Cat O'Nine Tails (1988) (14:48)

39 Memento Mori (1992) (28:26)

Mondriaan String Quartet:
Jan Erik van Regteren Altena - violin
Edwin Blankensteijn - violin
Anette ergman - viola
Eduard van Regteren Altena - cello

Muziekcentrum, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)
March 21, 1999 

40 Final statement (interview) (0:16)



September 1975 Jean-Luc Ponty did a concert at The Village Gate in NYC. The band featured Tom Fowler on bass.
The concert got broadcast on the radio & a recordings of this recently turned up at Dima.
  • 1975/09/01 Jean-Luc Ponty - concert 'The Village Gate', nyc, NY, usa
    • line-up
      • Jean-Luc Ponty * Darly Steurmer- guitar * Mike Wolf- keyboards * Tom Fowler- bass * Norm Fearrington- drums
    • setlist
      • radio announcer band introductions, how would you like to have a head like that?, echoes of the future, polyfolk dance, upon the wings of music, radio announcer
    • comments from the seeder:
      • A fine radio broadcast from the Big Apple with some prime Ponty on his 1st solo band tour. The 1st tune is probably a leftover relic from his 1973 tour with Frank Zappa, the rest are all from his 1st solo record, Upon the Wings of Music, with my favorite Ponty drummer. This guy can really play. It's a short set, but I think the whole thing. the tape was flipped just before upon the wings. This tour began a long and productive mergence of Ponty with Daryl Steurmer before he joined with Genesis. 


September 2002, Jeff Beck played two gigs at The Royal Festival Hall in London. The September 13 concert had Roger Waters as a special guest. The September 14 concert featured John McLaughlin.
Among the other special guest was Terry Bozzio.


  • 2002/09/14 Jeff Beck - concert 'Royal Festival Hall', London, England 
    • line-up, incl. special guests:
      • Jeff Beck * John McLaughlin * Jimmy Hall * Imogen Heap * Tony Hymas * Terry Bozzio * Paul Rogers
    • setlist
      • Beck's Bolero, Roy's Toys, Rice Pudding (feat.Jack Johnson), Angel Footsteps, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Blue Wind, I'm A Man (feat.Jimmy Hall), Ain't Superstitous (feat.Jimmy Hall), Morning Dew (feat.Jimmy Hall), Behind The Veil (feat.the whole band plus Terry Bozzio), Savoy (feat. the Guitar Shop Trio), Sling Shot, Big Block, Freeway Jam, Still I'm Sad (feat.Jeff & band), Train Kept A Rollin' (enter White Stripes, bassist Jack Lawrence), I Ain't Done Wrong, Heartful Of Soul, Mister You're A Better Man Than I, Lost Women, Evil Hearted You, I Ain't Got You (exit White Stripes), The Pump, Brush With The Blues, Star Cycle, Rollin' And Tumblin' (feat.Imogene Heap), Django (with John McLaughlin), Scatterbrain (with John), Nadia (with tabla player Aref Durvesh), What Mama Said (with tabla player Aref Durvesh), Going Down (feat.Paul Rogers), People Get Ready (feat.Jimmy Hall), A Day In The Life
    • encores
      • Where Were You, Hi Ho Silver Lining (with the entire cast) 
    • an audience recording of this concert circulates



As you might have noticed, I mentioned the latest issue of Zappostrophe, the Czech Frank Zappa Fan Cub fanzine couple of days ago.
And, no, they hadn't skipped an issue. So here's the cover of issue number 108!!

Nice cover...

2008 07 24




Billed as The Missing Persons (and that probably was a bit exaggerated), Dale Bozzio performed in Inglewood, California, earlier this month.

2008 07 - posted at Dime

Missing Persons - NTSC DVD - Live At Hollywood Park, Inglewood, CA July 03, 2008

Taper's notes:For some reason, they did a very short set. Roughly 41 minutes.

Track listing

  1. Mental Hopscotch

  2. Noticeable One

  3. Words

  4. Here And Now

  5. Windows

  6. It Ain't None Of Your Business

  7. Hello, I Love You

  8. Bad Streets

  9. Walking In L.A.

Line up:

  • Dale Bozzio (Vocals)

  • Ron Poster (Keyboards)

  • Brad Miller (Guitar)

  • Jake Hayden (?) (Drums)

  • Tom Wood (?) (Bass)



Zappatika! is a British-born Frank Zappa tribute band. The band can be spotted on various locations on the internet: on MySpace, at ReverbNation, ...
They have made a bunch of tracks available for listening, and I enjoy what they do.

The message on the Zappatika! MySpace page says:

"you can now hear the first offerings from our new album  THE SHORT BUT LEGENDARY FLIGHT of the DODO which will be released at the end of July

The main part of the album is very much beat orientated as the idea of this project was to mix FZ style Stunt guitar with modern "accessible" Dance rhythms. There are 18 tracks on the album including a number of experimentations utilising various Frank Zappa compositions. There are also many completely new pieces by ZAPPATiKA."


ZAPPATiKA currently comprises of the following musicians : 

  • McINNES - lead guitars, lead vocals & arrangements
  • BATTA-TUTTI - drums & other loud noises
  • BILLY BONGO - percussion & twiddly things
  • DOCTOR LAU - sequencing, keys, computers, sonology
  • WILLY WIZZ - bass
  • NICO-H - vocals, accordion & looking good

www.myspace. com/zappatika1

The following pieces are on Zappatika!'s MySpace page:

  • Animal Thaang vs Dirty Love
  • Son Of Slime
  • It Ain't Necessarily
  • Ballad Of Leroy
  • Wino Willie Goes 2 Montana
  • Screaming Digit

Over at ReverbNation, there's even more songs to listen to:

  • I don't think so
  • Dance Like a Fool
  • Nothing at All
  • The Zzlime
  • Boris the Jazz Dog
  • The Torture never stops
  • Indian Joe
  • Eazter Melonz
  • Comet
  • A song for you
  • Heavy Shark
  • The Dark Room
  • Santani Invariati
  • Leroy
  • Paryer 45 Mother Earth
  • Ocean
  • Sexually Harrased
  • The King is Mad
  • Black N White N Aziu
  • Marchin Wino
  • The Rainy Dayzz
  • Space Tripping


2008 07 23
I lost my internet connection for a couple of days. Blame it on the Zappateers site, and on DimeADozen...
But, hey, we're back, and the next couple of days I'll also be taking a closer look at the bands that will be playing at Zappanale...
So stay tuned for more.


The Czech Frank Zappa Fan Club is preparing number 109 of their Zappostrophe fanzine...

They just keep on going.

And I'm assuming that a bunch of them will be at Zappanale again as well !!


The Wrong Object recently did a short tour (Italy & France), and will shortly be performing in Belgium at the Gaume Jazz Festival and in Germany at Zappanale.

At the Gaume Jazz festival, TWO will be playing on day two, sharing the bill with a.o. Aka Moon...
Good grief...

At Zappanale the band will play on Friday (with guest Stanley Jason Zappa), and on Sunday, as a part of Stanley Jason Zapp's New Texture Pan Tonal Fellowship...
Gotta catch'm twice...


  • 2008/08/09 The Wrong Object - concert "Gaume Jazz Festival", Rossignol, Belgium

  • 2008/08/15 The Wrong Object - concert "Zappanale Festival", Bad Doberan, Germany, 17h30; w. special guest Stanley Jason Zappa

  • 2008/08/17 The Wrong Object - concert "Zappanale Festival", Bad Doberan, Germany; TWO joins Stanley Jason Zappa's New Texture Pan Tonal Fellowship

JOHN TRUBEE  2008 06 22

john trubee
2008 06 22

I heard on the news this morning that various folks are requesting the Arabs produce more oil to bring its price down. The Arabs, as usual, are not cooperating.

This makes us powerless. Did you enjoy being powerless? I don't. I hate it. I hate it more than anything else in the world.

Another, better way to bring down the price of oil is to stop using it, to have effect over the demand side since we appear powerless about controlling the supply side.

To be unable or unwilling to control one's appetite for something is a form of infantilism. It renders one weak and powerless. To gain back one's power and become strong again, one must control one's appetite, become a disciplined ascetic, and renounce mindless, infantile consumerism.

One must defer gratification to obtain longterm goals. This is the definition of maturity.

To gain back power, to become strong again, to tell the Arabs to go stick it, it is best to behave as a discliplined ascetic rather than a caterwauling, powerless infant dependent upon oil.

To walk away from those to whom you formerly surrendered your power is to become strong again.

John Trubee 
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA


for Acid Mother Temple fans...

Pikachu on drums, Kawabata Makoto on electric guitar:

* PIKACHU-MAKOTO will play at George Tavern LONDON on Aug 13.

  • 2008/08/13 Pikachu - Makoto - concert 'George Tavern', London, UK

Kawabata Makoto did a solo concert recently in San Francisco. The show is available from Dime.

2008/06/18 Kawabata Makoto - concert 'Hemlock Tavern', San Francisco, CA, usa

"Music, for me, is neither something that I create, nor a form of self-expression. All kinds of sounds exist everywhere around us, and my performances solely consist of picking up these sounds, like a radio tuner, and playing them so that people can hear them. However, maybe because my reception is somewhat off, I am unable to perfectly reproduce these sounds. That is why I spend my days rehearsing.

Where do these sounds come from? Who is sending them out? That is not something for me to know, and neither is there any way that I could find out. I simply believe that they come from the 'cosmos'. (Maybe other people would call God the source). Since I was a small child I have been prone to hearing ringing sounds in my ears and other sound phantasms. At the time, I believed that these were messages aimed directly at me from a UFO, and so I would gaze up at the sky. But once I started playing music myself, I came to feel that these noises were a kind of pure sound. And I promised myself that one day I would be able to play those sounds myself. It is only recently that I have begun to feel that I have been able to come close to reproducing these sounds in my solo guitar work, and in my INUI project.

However, in June of 1999, I finally discovered my own 'cosmos' and I experienced an instant of total union with it!! That 'cosmos' is still tiny in size - although any cosmos can, by its very nature, be infinitely huge or infinitely small. The energy and vibrations contained within that it far exceeded my imagination in scope and beauty. I can only describe the miraculous instant when my 'cosmos' accepted my consciousness as MAGIC."

-- Kawabata Makoto. July 8th 2000



A message from WM Recordings

The Aperion Project - on iTunes now!

After the release of their free download "All Music is Improvised" (see below) WM Recordings is proud to present "Gods, Demigods & Demons", a jazz album for the 21st century by The Aperion Project.
The Aperion Project is devoted to the production, recording and performing of various forms of music. Consisting of two musicians - Brandon Rizzo (trumpet/flugelhorn/keyboard) and Gabe Patti (saxophones) - the musical output of The Aperion Project ranges from live improvised music to electro-acoustic studio projects.
Buy the album in mp3 format (320kbps) now for only $ 6.99 or click here ( for more download options, including iTunes and eMusic. You can also preview the album on

New free downloads:

Discover a different side of The Aperion Project on their freely available album "All Music is Improvised". "All Music is Improvised" is a series of live improvised performances performed by Brandon Rizzo (Trumpet/Flugelhorn), Gabe Patti (Saxophones), Kevin Martinez (Bass) and Nick Alvarez (Drums), recorded 2006-2007 in Chicago.

Also available: the third in a continuing series of releases by Belgian artist brunk:

'so lo so fi', some more unclassifiable lo-fi homerecorded sounds of melancholy and a soothing embrace of sadness, hard to pigeonhole but very 'brunk-ish'... 
Is it in the naive aspect, the improvised elements, the kitschyness, the cut-and-pasted layers, the use of samples, the cheap sounding rhythm sounds, the guitars? Hard to tell... 
More lo-fi, perhaps less accesible than its precedors 'sept 2003' and 'none of the above' - but hopefully a surprising and pleasing listening experience.

Upcoming attractions:

"Handle with care - might panic" by Panicphobia will soon be available on CD! The album will be available through, Ebay and various other sites.

See you next time!

best wishes,

Marco Kalnenek  -



Besides Stratospheerius, Joe Deninzon has (at lesst) two other projects: Erbium and Metro Strings.
Erbium is a unique band fronted by bassist/composer Dan Cooper that features original music and prog rock treatments of works by Satie, Lizst, Prokofiev, and more..
Metro Strings is my new original project, a string trio with drums that features Mazz Swift on electric violin and vocals, David Gotay on Electric Cello and vocals, yours truly on electric violin and vocals, and special guest Benn Gramm on drums.






Zappa freak, fan, and collector Martin Herberich passed away last week. Too bad.
He was a nice guy. I enjoyed our (telephone) conversations...

He will be missed.


Grand Wazoo update...
  • grand wazoo: room 19
        (2005, cdr, nl, private release)
    • Franke van der Molen was kind enough to send me the line-up for Grand Wazoo's "Room 19":
      • milan mes: trumpet
      • franke van der molen: saxophone
      • sven hamerpagt: guitar
      • annejan reijn: electronics
      • gideon ferrero: bass
      • niek woesthuis: drums


Residents pals,

This week we have to remove one or more of the shirt designs we are offering, as we might soon be adding more. It's too much to keep up with all these designs, we MUST CUT BACK.

So we're not sure yet, which ones have to go, but if there's a shirt you've had yer EYE on lately, but didn't have the wherewithal to go thru with the online order, well here's yer wherewithal. We'll be removing one or more of the current designs as we'll soon have something new available.

Consider this fair warning. I don't want to get more emails about bringing back a design, cuz you had that saltwater taffy accident that had you laid up in the hospital all summer, with months of physical rehab and you just couldn't use a computer that whole time. Believe me, you don't know how many times we've heard that story.

We had those Babyfingers hoodies available for YEARS, a very slow mover, could barely give them away (what, you don't like pink ink? nothing unbecoming about that), and yet we still hear from a large percentage of you how you'd love to have those back.

So this is your fair warning...git the one you want this week, or by Saturday it may not be available again, going the way of the babyfingers hoodie and the dodo bird....(I didn't get one either, and actually kind of regret it. A dodo bird, I mean.)

Seeya at for all the excitement.

and don't forget to stop by the blog and make a comment or two

the RalphGang



December 04 2007 VPRO radio (on dutch radio 6) did a 2 hour special on three of Frank Zappa's great stories: Thing-Fish, Gregary Peccary, Billy The Mountain.

Parts of the pieces were played, and the show included interiews with Frank Zappa, Napoleon Murphy Brock and George Duke.

Another Co de Kloet radio special.

-- info: Gerard Wissink


captain beefheart: out here over there  -  cd  -  head

I have this bootleg-album as a CDR-release on the famous "Head" label... It should be out on CD as wel, and is a couple of years old already. Maybe even ten years or so.

It collects BBC top gear sessions, and parts of various 1968 concerts.


15 years ago, there weren't that many possibilities to lean more about one's musical heroes. Magazines, radio specials, and, of course, fanzines.
One such a fanzine was called Steal Softly Through Snow. It was all about Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band and it was published by Apocalypso in the UK.
Besides the SSTS-series, Apocalypso also released a number of Captain Beefheart specials. Here are some of them, including two bootleg specials. I've included the comments from these specials with the various bootleg entries.
beefheart & related #9 - june 1993  /  40 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by gerry

discography - memorabilia

  • editorial
  • discography
    • official vinyl
    • unofficial vinyl
    • unofficial cds
    • other vinyl
    • related vinyl
    • cover versions
    • miscellaneous related
    • 7" singles
    • 12" eps
    • compact disc reissues
  • interviews, books and articles
  • tour booklets
  • press kits
  • press releases
  • misc memorabilia
  • concert photographs
  • posters
  • videos
  • art show catalogues
  • t-shirts

captain beefheart versus the "plastic factory"  -  1993  /  28 pages

an apocalypso reprint of the article by john ellis that got published in us goldmine magazine no.163, october 24, 1986.


blimp over europe #1  -  1995  /  66 pages

european tours of captain beefheart and the magic bands - 1968 to 1973

  • 1968
  • 1969
  • 1970 & 1971
  • 1972
  • 1973


glass finger's big bad but beautiful book of beefheart bootlegs #1  -  1993  /  36 pages
  • avalon '66
  • talking asshole
  • original 1976 shiny beast version
  • metal man has hornet's wings
  • chronicle
  • electric poetry
  • electrc poetry part 2
  • another chapter from the lives and times of cb
  • easy teeth
  • best batch yet
  • flavor bud lifing
  • hot dog night
  • don's birthday party
  • live at my father's place vol.II
  • crazy little things
  • the new york hot dog night
  • captain hook


rollin' red's big bad but beautiful book of beefheart bootlegs #2  -  1995  /  36 pages
  • the lives & times of captain beefheart
  • it's too hard - it's beefheart
  • what's all this booga booga music
  • original 1976 shiny beast
  • don's birthday party
  • seattle jan 15th 1981
  • a token of my extreme
  • violent rape
  • live at my father's place vol.1
  • no bacon for breakfast vol.1 & vol.2
  • confidential
  • necessity is...
  • gulp
  • los botas graciosas sobre polonia
  • if you got ears
  • puller man
  • live at the radar station
  • don's birthday party
  • don's 40 th birthday party
  • early years 59 - 69
  • original bat chain puller
  • my father's place
  • pearls before swine

JOHN TRUBEE 2008 06 18

 about a month ago, Trubee hit my mailbox again. It had been a while.

john trubee
2008 06 18

"The imaginary mental construct 'society' is like a pond: it requires a continual infusion of oxygen (change) to prevent a pathological amount of scum from accumulating at the top."

--John Trubee

John Trubee 
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA



The Steal Softly Through Snow series kicked off in March 1993, publishing 200 copies of issue number one. Unfortunately, editor Gerry passed away in 1995, but Paul (and Colin) took over and released a couple of extra issues.

Of course, nowadays, you've got the internet, newsgroups and e-mail groups, but at the time, SSTS was the max.

steal softly through snow #1 - march 1993  /  28 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by gerry

a & m days

  • editorial
  • line-up
  • a & m discography
  • john peel
  • the avalon '66 bootleg
  • uk news
  • "captain beefheart - a&m" by c.d.webb
  • the 1984 a&m press kit
  • us news
  • what's next from apocalpso

steal softly through snow #2 - september 1993  /  56 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by gerry

delta fusion

  • editorial
  • line-up
  • john peel in conversation with rhodri marsden, early '92
  • safe as milk discography
  • the rising sons
  • a&m revisited
  • euro news
  • ry cooder interview '83
  • ry cooder interview '92
  • "captain beefheart - safe as milk" by c.d.webb
  • ry cooder interview '76
  • ry cooder interview '70/71
  • the 1966 10 page great gnome biography
  • the two-year-shift problem
  • working chronology up to november '67
  • "the roots of captain beefheart?" by stuart troutman
  • us news
  • what's next from apocalpso

steal softly through snow #3 - march 1994  /  56 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by gerry

plain brown rapper

  • editorial
  • beefheart at the beep - the 1968 bbc beefheart recordings
  • beefheart birthdays
  • "sgt.beefheart's lonely personals band" by john ellis
  • refusal of leave to land report - jan 24th '68
  • delta fusion revisited
  • autumn '67 -> '68 discography
  • "the strictly machinations" by c.d.webb
  • stand up to be discontinued
  • strictly personal: meet the band
  • gig reviews
  • "captain beefheart - the may 1968 tour" by jean scrivener
  • stop press
  • what's shaking in vlietland 1
  • what's shaking in vlietland 2
  • what's shaking in vlietland 3
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4
  • what's shaking in vlietland 5
  • what's shaking in vlietland 6
  • what's shaking in vlietland 7
  • what's shaking in vlietland 8
  • mu
  • what's next from apocalpso

steal softly through snow #4 - september 1994  /  72 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by gerry

old fart at play

  • editorial
  • the "trout" variations
  • hollywood music festival 1970
  • melody maker's all star festival
  • beefheart-breakers continued
  • frank zappa on trout mask replica in '69
  • henry kaiser on trout mask replica
  • hot rats discography
  • what's shaking in vlietland 1: live at the radar station
  • what's shaking in vlietland 2: "an old fart at play" by paul s.brown
  • what's shaking in vlietland 3
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4: proposed 3 cd box set from sequel records
  • what's shaking in vlietland 5: mallard
  • what's shaking in vlietland 6
  • what's shaking in vlietland 7: mallard bootleg
  • what's shaking in vlietland 8: "lost episoeds of the trout mask rehearsals" by c.webb
  • what's shaking in vlietland 9
  • what's shaking in vlietland 10
  • 1970 french pachuco cadaver / wild live 7" PS
  • letter from john french about mojo #2 article
  • 1970 straight / bizarre sampler - zapped
  • "trout mask replica" - the captain must be mad
  • more roots of captain beefheart
  • the "trout" team
  • straight records, a division of bizarre inc.
  • fred frith on dali's car (mid '70s)
  • frank zappa's hot rats
  • the 2 trout mask replica photo shoots
  • in the turnips at the amougies festival, oct '69 (interview with frank zappa)
  • "it's the blimp, it's the blimp" (zappa interview from guitar player '93)
  • meatball fulton interview, july 1969
  • bill harkleroad telephone interview by john ellis, january 1994
  • trout mask replica discography
  • john peel in conversation with rhodri marsden, early '92
  • the uk friends magazine article, december 12 1969
  • captain's log: working chronology
  • what's next from apocalpso

steal softly through snow #5 - march 1995 /  72 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by gerry

marimba magic

  • editorial
  • lester bangs on mirror man in april '71
  • nippon mirror man
  • captain's log: working chronology
  • rolling stone book on beefheart's two rock videos  (1984)
  • magic band instrumentation (michael shore / musician 1981/01)
  • captain beefheart: a man is the religion he is (ben edmonds / circus 1971/05)
  • magic from the captain (phil mcneill)
  • is this how a grizzly bear would sing the blues? (charlie gillett)
  • what's shaking in vlietland 1: the original bat chain puller
  • what's shaking in vlietland 2: scott colby on the guitar playing on john french's album
  • what's shaking in vlietland 3: john french: waiting on the flame
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4: clips on french & german tv
  • what's shaking in vlietland 5
  • what's shaking in vlietland 6: psychedelia cd
  • what's shaking in vlietland 7
  • what's shaking in vlietland 8
  • what's shaking in vlietland 9
  • what's shaking in vlietland 10: don's birthday party
  • what's shaking in vlietland 11: puller man
  • what's shaking in vlietland 12
  • what's shaking in vlietland 13
  • what's shaking in vlietland 14
  • what's shaking in vlietland 15: the early years 1959-1969
  • straight
  • the "decals" deviations
  • the beefheart tv boogie
  • october 1970 - bill graham presents
  • captain brighton and his magic exhibition
  • "lick my decals off baby" recording sheets
  • 1970 "decals" recording kit
  • old fart still playing
  • the "decals" discography
  • meet the decals band
  • pepperland, san francisco, august 18th 1970
  • what's next from apocalpso

steal softly through snow #6 - april 1996 /  64 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by paul and colin

blowin' the stacks!

  • editorial
  • what's shaking in vlietland 1: the lost episodes
  • what's shaking in vlietland 2: bbc late show preview & some yo yo stuff
  • what's shaking in vlietland 3: some yo yo stuff
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4
  • captain's log - a working chronology
  • meet the band
  • the spotlight kid discography
  • the spotlight kid proo booklet
  • "blabbering about the spotlight kid" by steve froy
  • spotlight cover versions
  • "the spotlight kid out-takes" by pete mulvey
  • the spotlight kid 8 track
  • interview with rick snyder (from homepagereplica)
  • playing it by ear with captain beefheart (jim miller / vanity fair 1983/04)
  • "sure nuff n yes i do - origins" - by steve froy
  • "unreleased studio sessions : 1959 - 83" by pete mulvey
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4
  • what's shaking in vlietland 5 / new bootlegs
  • what's shaking in vlietland 6: heaven's black top hat
  • the spotlight kid reviews
  • what's shaking in vlietland 7
  • what's shaking in vlietland 8: crossing border festival
  • what's shaking in vlietland 9: where's the beef
  • ik wil huilen als een weerwolf (aloha 1972/05)
  • what's next from apocalpso

steal softly through snow #7 - november 1998 /  72 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by paul

singing for woman

  • editorial
  • captain's log aka working chronology
  • what's shaking in vlietland 1: where's the beef / outtakes
  • clear spot discography
  • the tenderised beefheart of clear spot  (circular 1972/11)
  • clear spot promo booket
  • golden birdies
  • "clear spot" by pet mulvey
  • what the papers said
  • what's shaking in vlietland 2: cd box set from revenant
  • what's shaking in vlietland 3
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4: drumbo's new solo cd
  • what's shaking in vlietland 5: zig zag wanderer
  • what's shaking in vlietland 6: john french - sat 25 may 1996
  • what's shaking in vlietland 7: doc at the website
  • 1972 french clear spot original lp
  • john french drum clini - 26 may 96
  • newsgroups
  • what's shaking in vlietland 8: file under subconscious
  • what's shaking in vlietland 9: record collector "beef art" special
  • what's shaking in vlietland 10
  • what's shaking in vlietland 11
  • what's shaking in vlietland 12
  • what's shaking in vlietland 13: zoot's lunar notes published
  • what's shaking in vlietland 14: claw hammer
  • what's shaking in vlietland 15: the artist formerly known as
  • what's shaking in vlietland 17: electricity
  • what's shaking in vlietland 16: bill harkleroad
  • what's next from apocalpso


steal softly through snow #8 - january 2000 /  60 pages

published by apocalypso
compiled & edited by paul

love over gold

  • editorial
  • what's shaking in vlietland 1: grow fins
  • what's shaking in vlietland 2: safe as milk
  • what's shaking in vlietland 3: the mirror man sessions
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4: new vinyl
  • "the virgin interview section" by pete mulvey
  • unconditionally promo booklet
  • undonditionally dicsogralphy
  • "the 1974 album revisited" by pete mulvey
  • i hate neon lights (bill gibbins)
  • doc at the website
  • safe as milk acetate found
  • what's shaking in vlietland 4: out here over there
  • what's shaking in vlietland 5: the captain live in liverpool
  • what's shaking in vlietland 6: an evening with...
  • what's shaking in vlietland 8: riding some kind on unusual skull sleigh
  • what's shaking in vlietland 9: where's the beef / out-takes
  • one of the clear spot promo 45s
  • what's shaking in vlietland 10
  • what's shaking in vlietland 11: exhibitions
  • "talking to the 25th century quaker - an interview with don aldridge" by steve froy
  • captain's log aka working chronology
  • bluejeans discography
  • bluejeans promo booklet
  • what's shaking in vlietland 12: vinyl reissue orgy
  • what's shaking in vlietland 13
  • what's shaking in vlietland 14: frank zappa: mystery disc
  • grow fins promo cd
  • upon the my-o-my / magic be
  • what's shaking in vlietland 15
  • what's next from apocalpso



  • captain beefheart: avalon '66
        (19??, 7", ??, blue desert)
    • This 4 track EP includes songs that got recorded at the Avalon Ballroom, hence the name of this bootleg single. As it was recorded for the KSAN radio station, the quality is excellent stereo.

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #1" (Apocalypse) / 1993 :
"198? US Avalon '66 EP on Blue Desert Recordings NR 16805 - with PS - says Blue Desert EP 1 on the back but the matrix is NR 16805. Has four tracks from 1966 - Tupelo / Somebody In My Home / Old Folks Boogie / Evil in full radial stereo on blue vinyl with warp round sleeve - the front cover has a Clear Spot period picture of Beefheart lying on a couch in his glitter suit - the back has a paste up of a 1966 newspaper article that appeared in Beat Magazine comparing Beefheart's version of Diddy Wah Diddy to that of The Remains. Recording is pretty good if treetrunk stereo with Beefheart introducing the Evil cut saying "we got a request for a number by the Howlin' Wolf". This performance is supposed to come from a radio broadcast from the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco - Beefheart performed at the Avalon in May, June an August of 1966 so I guess it is one of those gigs. The tracks include a close clone version of John Lee Hooker's Tupelo with the its chanted / whispered mighty flood... mighty flood, two Howlin' Wolf numbers and the wonderful Old Folks Boogie. Another track, refered to as the fifth Avalon track and as the Blues Jam, has recently surfaced on The Avalon Tapes that circulate among collectors, but this is yet to appear on vinyl. Certainly it would be very interesting to know what other tracks were broadcast - they must have played their local hit Diddy Wah Diddy. Colin Webb informs me that a 1968 article also reckons the played Little Red Rooster at that time. John Peel, the UK DJ, saw them in California in May 1966 and said "when I saw them at... they were just doing you know just doing Howlin' Wolf numbers... really they were just an R&B band... you know... er... if they did... obviously they reconstructed them pretty dramatically... at the same time they did Little Red Rooster... which I'd love to have got a tape of...". "


from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #2" (Apocalypse) / 1995 :
197? single bootleg LP What's All This Booga Booga Music? on Wizardo (Rekords) WRMB 339.
300 series! (All rights paid!) Made in Holland! This is almost certainly the rarest & earliest vinyl bootleg to feature the spring of 1973!
This is the original pressing tesplendent on red splatter vinyl and is a joy to hold, let alone to play! The cover is just plain white card... (Ah... when bootlegs were bootlegs!!) with the then customary inserted photo / information sheet (that is a mystery in itself) A collector's dream and I would guess only a handful around anywhere near mint condition!!!
Why the cover sheet should give details of an apparent July 16th concert 1975 at the Roxy, LA, is one of those mysteries that surround Beefheart & bootlegs!? At the very start of side 1 Don announces the band, which is the '73 Zoot Horn / Rockette line-up also featuring Alex St.Clair & Ed marimba but certainly not the 1975 tour line up that came over for Knebworth & did in fact play The Roxy and a few other West Coast dates on or around July 16th 1975. (According to someone who wrote to say they attended the gig8??).
But hey, who cares...? As it features edited highlights to some amazing seldom performed material.
NB Sighting of these are few and far between. Expect to be asked anything from £100 to £200 for a mint copy. (also comes in black vinyl - blue insert!)."

the cover the red splattered vinyl version


from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #1" (Apocalypse) / 1993 :
19?? German Zappa presents Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Original 1976 Shiny Beast Version on Shelter LP 80B. The bootleg issue from the 1976 virgin issued (allegedly) pre-release tapes. Labels, black on cream, say Produced by The Shame and eurodisc Gmbh Munchen. Cover is startling red on green (front) and green on red (back) with uncredited art and Produced by Frank Zappa & Herb Cohen.
According to John Ellis in 1976 Beefheart "recorded, with Zappa financing "Bat Chain Puller". This album blended the moods of "Kid" and "Decals" and would have been a triumphant return to the fold if it had been issued. Zappa went to war with Warner Brothers as thz LP reached the test press stage; the ensuing legal problems buried it alive. Beefheart was forced to rework and re-record the album, which was finally issued in '78 as "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)". It ispssible to compare the two because Beefheart's label in England, Virgin, leaked a demo tape which was reviewd in the press and has had wide private circulation". 
This is one confusing bootleg! - it should be the Original 1976 Bat Chain Puller and it has live tracks put in as fillers I guess. The tracks start off with Apes Ma, When I See Mommy... and Moonlight on Vermont! - in fact these are from the My Father's Place broadcast. The there is Interview 78 with "Moma heartbeat... shadows from the sun" conversation. Then Bat Chain Puller, which I suspect is a live version but fades out before the applause. Then two '76 tracks Poem and Harry Irene plus 7 more on side 2 gives 9 tracks all together I assueme from the leaked demo tape. Of the 7 on side 2 most are very similar to the 1978 version but one track, called Poem, is the track Odd Job while Owed T'Alex was originally titled Carson City in '76."

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #2" (Apocalypse) / 1995 :
"1994 Euro bootleg CD The Original Bat Chain Puller on CBCD 154 again from the company responsible for the excellent Radar Station CD with sleeve artwork from the man himself, plus a photo of Don on the tour coach to Brighton (just after the extremeley successful Royal Albert Hall date in 1972). Unlike the vinyl versions this was the real thing!
Taken from the Virgin promo tape this is the full LP in excellent stereo as Don wanted & produced by Zappa in 1975! (& which at this very moment may be being mixed for a planned official release in early 1997! Sorry folks, you'll get the full SP in your next issue...
Not only do you get the full unreleased LP, as a bonus a 1972 live concert from the Bataclan, Paris which to quote our former editor's words "is an absolute stonker" that I would give my right arm to have on video, as its sound quality is excellent & in FM stereo.
Well, it's worth its weight in gold just for thelive tracks. If you weren't there in 1972 find this CD and you'll get an idea of what you missed! A cracker!"


A double vinyl bootleg from 1980:

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #1" (Apocalypse) / 1993 :
"1980 European double bootleg from Haro Records CB 1180. A very professional looking job this with nice royal blue labels and white lettering. This is the November 1st 1980 concert at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam. That cover, which is the most over-the-top I've seen, must have been inspired ty the Gutbucket sampler. The sound is treetrunk stereo which has an unpleasant hollow sound that appears to have been mastered at the wrong speed so Beefheart sings too high. The concert itself is tense with Beefheart telling the audience "not to throw things" and really freaking out when they boo him after a splendid Veteran's Day Poppy - it sounds like Beefheart is not responding to their repeated calls for Big Eyed Beans From Venus! It does feature Gary Lucas, manager and band member, reciting Beefheart's poem One Man Sentence. Suction Prints, the instrumental that started many shows, is the penultimate track with Beefheart giving it plenty of horn and the final track, to wild audience appreciation, is Big Eyed Beans From Venus with Beefheart imploring "mister midnite hatsize snyder and mister jeff morris tepper... hit that long lunar note... and let it float...".  "


This vinyl bootleg got released in 1982 and includes Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa:


from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #2" (Apocalypse) / 1995 :
"1982 euro V.A. bootleg Los Botas Graciosas Marchan Polonia on A6957 A/B Mechoen Espana!
As I understan 1000 copies of this LP were pressed, with the 1st 200 in deluxe blue cover (& a pun single?). The copy I have is no.224 with an A3 size poster with info regarding the tracklist & the names of the groups who perform alongside!"


Here's a nice set of Captain Beefheart bootlegs: "Live At My Father's Place":

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Booglegs - Volume #2" (Apocalypse) / 1995:
"198? single French bootleg Live At My Father's Place Vol.I on Chameleon Records 0041. This is another one of those Beefheart bootlegs that seem to make little or no sense at all!! Taken from the 1978WLIR FM radio broadcast in NY Club of the same name - in the village of Roslyn, Long Island USA.
As I mentioned in SSTS#6 the show must surely be mastered way too slow!! (Her Eyes is a dead giveaway and just about shuffle along & the talking between tracks makes Don sound stoned out of his brains!). I once heard a source tape apparentley taken direct from the radio & apart from sounding correct the majority of the songs played seem in key with the LP  versions.
Saying that, the last few numbers on the tape were ridiculously slow! So my theory that the original broadcasts may have only been 60 minutes & the last few tracks on the tape possibly dubbed from another source tape?? Anyway, let's go back to the bootleg. The cover as you see is the same deluxe wrap-around glossy photo of Don as on Vol.II. excepts this is in B&W instead of black on red & it includes the 1st half of the show & Vol.II the 3rd and 2nd quarters!?! So even if you have both volumes you still lose the last quarter of the show!
Even though we now have both Hot Dog Night dbl CD & My Father's Place CDs thisis still possibly the most sought after btlg next to Booga Booga Music & I've only seen copies for trade once in 10 years."

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #1" (Apocalypse) / 1993 :
19?? French Live At My Fathers Place vol.II on Chameleon No.0041. This is the 1978 My Father's Place, Roslyn, Long Island show broadcast live by WLIR - I was told that WLIR used to broadcast a lot of strange concerts, and this would be in character, considering the club mentioned was on Long Island ansd so was WLIR. The dat is November 18th in Hot Wacks. Cover is just a wrap-round and has black on red photo of Don Vliet in a hat and scarf looking like a cornered animal and Don Van Fliet & His Magic Band Live At My Fathers Place Vol.II on the back. Labels are cyan on white with "q" and "b" and feature a cyan chameleon. Side 1 of this is the third quarter of the show while side 2 is the second quarter! This features another cranked-up audience with yells of "we love you Captain Beefheart!!... do you love me!" and endless requests for I Want To Booglarize You! This bootleg also features Beefheart bravely attempting some spoken petry - Old Fart At Play and Well - but during Well he is interupted by clapping and says "cut it out man... this is not in 4 / 4 time... some things are sacred" but at the end says "thank you... ver difficult it is to do poetry in this world of constant.. open all night... and McDonalds!" .  "


Here's some more Residents related pictures. On the right, the W.E.I.R.D. membershipcard, and below the W.E.I.R.D. 1980 X-mas greeting card.


  • ptôse: face de crabe
        (1986, mini-lp, nl, eksakt records)
    • French experimental band Ptôse released various tapes (of Ptôse and of other aritst) on their cassette label in the early eighties. They released their first album in 1984. The following years, the band released two mini-albums: "The Swoop" and "Face De Crabe". The latter one included a coverversion of The Residents' 'Smelly Tongues'!!


Here's another set of pictures of a classic bootleg release:

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #1" (Apocalypse):

Zappa!! reads... The Talking Asshole
The Soots - Wasp Man (Metal Man) Has Hornets Wings
45 RPM 7" single with black on yellow lagel / wrap-round sleeve which says 1981 Safe Records and has Frank in ornate sun-glasses on one side and Don Vliet in a Shiny Beast publicity shot on the other. Frank was recorded reading "The Talking Asshole", from William Burroughs' novel "Naked Lunch", at The Nova Convention, December 2, 1978 and was issued on "The Nova Convention LP" (1979), "You're a Hook LP" (1983 and also recently on "Cash Cow, The Best Of Giorno Poetry Systems, 1965 - 1993" which features a nice BW photo of Frank Zappa and Burroughs. Side 2 has the pre-Magic Band (Was Man) / (Metal Man) has (Hornets) / (Won His) Wings (delete as applicable) credited to The Soots.




Albert Marcoeur composed the music for "Un Tour de Manège", a movie that got released in 1989.

The movie is out on DVD.

-- info: HH


Cleaning up some boxes, I came across this 8-minute, promotional movie that asks you to become a member of the Arf Society.
The Arf Society is the organisation that, among other things, organises the Zappanale festival.
  • movie: arf society meets frank zappa
        (2007, dvd, ger, arf society) 
    • The DVD features a lot of well-known and / or familiar faces: Jim Cohen, Mick Zeuner, Wolfhard Kutz, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Roy Estrada, Ed Mann, and others.
    • The Arf Society wants You to join.

2008 07 18


A bit below you've got the lightgreen version, even further below there's the cream clear version...

Here's the pink one

zappa wazoo / joe's damage  -  3lp  -  pink vinyl  -  100 copies

side one side two

side three side four

side five side six


If you're reading this from bottom to top, you already noticed the cream clear vinyl version of the Zappa Wazoo bootleg.

Here's the light green vinyl version:

zappa wazoo / joe's damage  -  3lp  -  light green vinyl  -  100 copies

side one side two

side three side four

side five side six


You probably saw this one before, but here's some extra data. It's a 7" from Iran, and it has Zappa on the cover of the picture sleeve. No further Zappa involvement or link whatsover.
  • jimmy fontana: la nostra favolo / mary hopkins: those were the days
        (????, iran, 7", imprial record)



Over to the on-line edition of De Volkskrant, a dutch newspaper:

In a reaction on Rob Vreeken's article "Bijna komkommertijd" from 21-6-2008, Herman de Winter answered with some Zappa lyrics:

Ter viering van mijn zoveelste herinnering aan betere tijden. Frank Zappa!

I'm the slime

I am gross and perverted
I'm obsessed 'n deranged
I have existed for years
But very little had changed
I am the tool of the Government
And industry too
For I am destined to rule
And regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious
But you can't look away
I make you think I'm delicious
With the stuff that I say
I am the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I am the slime oozin' out
From your TV set

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don't need you
Don't got for one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

That's right, folks..
Don't touch that dial

Well, I am the slime from your video
Oozin' along on your livin'room floor

I am the slime from your video
Can't stop the slime, people, lookit me go

-- link & info: Ad Akkermans


Here are some more setlists from some very fine bands:

2007/03/11 Secret Chiefs 3 - concert 'The Magic Bag', Ferndale, MI, usa

  • line-up

    • Peijman Kouretchian: Drums * Jason Schimmel: Bass, Keyboards * Rich Doucette: Esraj, Sarangi * Jai Young Kim: Keyboards * Anonymous 13: Viola * Timb Harris: Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards * Trey Spruance: Electric Saz, Guitar 

  • setlist

    • Medieval, The 15, Personnae: Halloween, The End Times, Dolorous Stroke, New Ishraqiyun , The 3, Bereshith, Assassin's Blade, Castle of Sand, Ship of Fools, Brazen Serpent, Renunciation


2000/08/28 Mr.Bungle - concert oslo

  • line-up
    • Mike Patton - vocals, keyboards, samples * Trey Spruance - guitar, keyboards * Trevor Dunn - bass * Danny Heifetz - drums * Clinton "Bär" McKinnon - reeds
  • setlist
    • metti una sera a cena, the air-conditioned nightmare, violenza domestica, none them knew they were robots, vanity fair, sweet charity, goodbye sober day, begin the beguine, travolta > ei raat tomar amar > if you had my love, my ass is on fire, retrovertigo, 24000 baci, desert search for techno allah, i feel for you, ars moriendi, merry go bye bye w. raping your mind / sudden death

2008/01/28 Albert Marcoeur - concert 'Frankfurther Hof', Mainz, Germany

  • line-up

    • Albert Marcoeur - voc, dr, keyb * Gerard Marcoeur - keyb, voc, etc * Claude Marcoeur - dr, voc * Farid Khenfouf - b, g, voc * Eric Thomas - g, voc * Julien Baillod - g, voc

    • Le Quatuour Béla: Julien Dieudegard - vln, voc * Frédéric Aurier - vln, voc * Julian Boutin - vla, voc * Noémi Boutin - cello, voc 

  • setlist

    • Album De Photos, Les Femmes, Les Femmes... Ah Les Femmes, L'Exemple Type, Tant Bien Que Mal, L'Idéologue, Formule 1, L'Emprenteur, Le Diable, Que D'Eau!, Un Poète Péruvien à Paris, Dernier Travail Pratique, L'Agriculteur, Si Les Fumeurs Fument, Mouvement No 3, L'Environnementeuse, Stock De Statistiques, Dans Le Vif Du Sujet, Bourrée En La, Générique Conseillé 



Almost a year ago the ZpZ band performed in Tilburg.

The picture on the right shows the poster for this concert.


-- info & picture: Ad Akkermans


The picture on the right shows the setlist for the Zappa plays Zappa North Sea Jazz 2008 gig. Fortunately, the band got some extra time and was able to play 'Cosmik Debris' as well as 'Willie The Pimp'.

Signed by Dweezil Zappa.


-- info & picture: Ad Akkermans


Fred Hemer says: You are cordially invited to these Bogus pomp shows:

  • Saturday night, July 19 from 9pm until midnight at the Marion Theater in downtown Ocala.

  • Sunday afternoon, July 20 from 4pm until 7pm at the Marion Theater in downtown Ocala.

  • Saturday night, July 26 at the State Theater from 9 until midnight in downtown St.Petersburg.

All three shows are $20 at the door, all ages welcome.
  • 2008/07/19 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala
  • 2008/07/20 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala
  • 2008/07/26 Bogus Pomp - concert 'State Theater', St.Petersburg



  • frank zappa: v
        (200?, lp-acetate-bootleg, ??, ??)
    • A new Zappa bootleg acetate has been spotted.
      It's a limited edition of 5 (!!) copies and it presents the 1970 Valbonne concert.


-- picture from Harry's arf arf site, pics & info: R.B.


The recent Zappa Wazoo / Joe's Damage bootleg (I know, but the cover says 'Damage') has been spotted on light green, on rose and on cream clear vinyl.

I have received nice pictures of the cream clear vinyl version, so here they are:

side one side two

side three side four

side five side six


2008/7/17, James Croston says:

I gon an e-mail from iTunes this morning saying they have just added all the various discs from the two Beat The Boots series to download. 


  • grand wazoo: grand wazoo
        (2004, cdr, nl, private release) 
    • In 2004, dutch band Grand Wazoo released their first EP. On this eponymus disc, the sextet released 6 jazz pieces. All compositions are by Grand Wazoo.
      It's a fine mixture of jazz and a bit of funk in a typical setting: trumpet, saxophone, guitar, piano, bass & drums.
      Very clean.
      I like it.


  • grand wazoo: room 19
        (2005, cdr, nl, private release) 
    • On "Room 19", Grand Wazoo expands its boundaries: the melody lines get a bit more excentric, and the band introduces electronics in its compositions.
      Although "Room 19" got released only one year after "Grand Wazoo", the difference in sound is quite remarkable. The music is still very Grand Wazoo, but the total sound is a bit rougher, a bit heavier.


  • grand wazoo: zooology
        (2008, cd, nl, private release)
    • On "Zooology" Grand Wazoo continues to explore the direction that the band took since "Room 19". With the bass mixed more up front, the album immediately gets a funky angle.
      "Zooology" is the band's first full-lenght album. It presents 9 pieces and finally shows that their name was borrowed from a Frank Zappa / Mothers album. Track number three is called 'Guacamole Queen', and track 7 'Plastic People'. No-coverversions, just a bit of fun.


  • ossi duri: la IV
        (2008, dvd, italy, vduvdtu21218)
    • The latest Ossi Duri release is a video / documentary / rockumentary.  Combining various concert fragments with shots from the curious world of Ossi Duri, "La IV" is quite a spectacular document.
      The video / movie is a logical sequence to "L'Ultimo Dei Miei Cani", the band's 2006 CD. A lot of the tracks that are on this video are also present on the 2006 album.
      A nice little extra is the band's performance of Frank Zappa's 'Florentine Pogen', published with permission of the ZFT...
      "La IV" is very impressive. It's a professional release with a lot of attention for details: great cover, great packaging, nice presentation & superb performances.
    • available from

2008 07 17


  • ossi duri: l'ultimo dei miei cani
        (2006, cd, italy,
    frfrfrz 87453)
    • "L'Ultimo Dei Miei Cani" is Ossi Duri's first non-Zappa album. This is the first release where the band plays their own songs. So what do you get when a bunch of skilled Zappa freaks write their own music? Right, you get a heavy zappa-esque album. And that's exactly what "L'Ultimo" is. You might call this progressive rock ('cause that's what it is), but Zappa is all over the place. It's a pity that I don't understand italian. I would have loved to find out what they are singing about.
      Memorable moment:  '
      Solo E Giovane' includes a little part where the band plays a piece of Zappa's horn arrangement of 'Stairway To Heaven', including the familiar sounding guitar licks...
      God... I like this...
    • Check out


  • elio & ossi duri: gnam gnam
        (2005, cd, italy, electromantic music)
    • "Gnam Gnam" is another excellent album where Elio and Ossi Duri got together to perform the music of Frank Zappa. The album got ecorded live in concert on 2004/10/08 in Torino and shows what a great musicians these guys are.
    • Check out


  • ossi duri feat. ike willis: live a vinadio
        (2004, dvdr, italy, private release)
    • Ike Willis has performed with various ensembles and bands, performing the music of Frank Zappa. Think of The Muffin Men, The Band From Utopia, Project/Object, Ed Palermo, The Central Scrutinizer, Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo and Ugly Radio Rebellion...
      In 2004, Ike did a couple of gigs with Ossi Duri. A fabulous concert where Ike fits in very nice with Ossi Duri. Thanks to Ossi Duri, we're able to view this fabulous concert. It got released on DVDR and is available for purchase through the Ossi Duri website.
      My favourite piece on this recording is the part where the keyboard player (is it Alex?) plays the Black Page on piano, and the rest of the band is taking funny poses.
      Love it.
    • Check out and order your copy !


I added some pictures of flyers for Corrie van Binsbergen's Brokkenavonden that took place earlier this year.
Just for the fun of it.

2008 07 16


Tracklist added for the following zappa bootlegs

the history and collected improvisations of frank zappa and the mothers of invention

the albums:

  1. ultra modern stringbean (zx 3651)
  2. nifty (zx 3652)
  3. ein monster in der musikhalle (zx 3653)
  4. if you get a headache (zx 3654)
  5. frank zappa vs the tooth fairy (zx 3655)
  6. a token of my extreme (zx 3656)
  7. i was a teenage maltshop (zx 3657)
  8. petrouska (zx 3658)
  9. zurkon music (zx 3659)
  10. back on the straight & narrow (zx 3660)


trick or treat  -  cd  -  living legend records llrcd 027

'tis the season to be jelly  -  cd  -  living legend records llr-cd 002

pachuco hop  -  cd  -  sobf-001

2008 07 15


2008/07/29, at the "In Jazz" festival in Fabriano (AN), Italy, Glauco Venier (and band) will be playing an entire Zappa set.

The event is announced as "Glauco Venier plays Zappa".

Piano player and arranger Glauco Venier has performed Zappa tribute concerts on several occasions.


-- info: AGI, over at the Zappateers site


  • 2008/07/13 concert "North Sea Jazz Festival", Rotterdam, NL
    • Last sunday, I went to the North Sea Jazz festival in Den Haag in The Netherlands where ZpZ performed an afternoon gig.
      The concert was really good. Probably the best ZpZ show I've seen so far. I did have the impression that Dweezil's soloing was a bit off (monitor problems?), but the concert was great and the improvisations superb.
    • the picture on the right shows Scheila and Dweezil playing a solo during Cosmik Debris





* * * LAST MINUTE NEWS: ED MANN WILL BE THE MOVING TONES'S SPECIAL GUEST from November 16 to November 22 !!! * * *

Dear promoters, Belgo-Dutch combo THE MOVING TONES is looking for gigs. This brand newproject - which comprises major representatives of the alternative rock and jazz music scene including GUY SEGERS (Univers Zero, X-Legged Sally,Morton Fork Gang), MICHEL DELVILLE (The Wrong Object, TZGIV, Ed Mann & Friends), FRANK VAN DER KOOIJ (Hugh Hopper Band, NDIO) and IVO SANS (Work,Animus Anima)- is available throughout the year for club dates and festivals. Please checkout their new MYSPACE page for live samples of our We look forward to hearing from you about this.

Cheers for now,

MDMaximalist Booking


2008 07 14


Tuva throat singing and Beefheart's 'Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles'... and you thought you had heard it all...

Released on two album:


"The MOVING TONES" is a new band comprising vital members of the Belgo-Dutch alternative musical scene.

  • Frank van der Kooij (Hugh Hopper Band, NDIO)
  • Michel Delville (The Wrong Object, TZGIV)
  • Guy Segers (Univers Zero, Present, The Morton Fork Gang, X-Legged Sally)
  • Ivo Sans (Work, Animus Anima)

They team up to produce an unusual blend of avant-pop, jazz and RIO whose sheer diversity is quite riveting.
This unusual line-up mirror’s the band’s fearless artistic leaps and perversely stubborn bravery as well as their willingness to create a repertoire that combines original compositions with some very unusual, deconstructed arrangements of such rock luminaries as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Velvet Underground and David Bowie."
- Eve Stoningmoth

The MySpace page offered the following tracks for listening:

  • Emergency Intro
  • A Small Plot Of Land
  • Emergency
  • Pyramid Song
  • Epolution
  • Astronomy Domine



2008/12/05 The Residents will be performing in Leuven, Belgium, at 'Het Depot'.

Or as the eyeballs say: "December 5th you can see The Bunny Boy hopping in Leuven, Belgium."

  • 2008/12/05 The Residents - concert 'Het Depot', Leuven, Belgium
2008 07 12


  • last fair deal: another lucid moment
        (2004, cd, ger, rum records)
    • German blues band Last Fair Deal recorded Don Van Vliet's 'Harry Irene' on their "Another Lucid Moment" album.
      A great album for a bluesy mood. Besides the Van Vliet composition, the band also does two Robert Johnson tracks.


  • joost buis: astronotes
        (2006, cd, nl, datarecords)
    • Joost Buis' Astronotes band has been featured on BBC radio recently, on the famous "Jazz on 3" radio show. You could listen to a couple of pieces that had been concert at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, NL, on the 11th of April, 2008.
      The Astronotes' first album, entitled "Astronotes", and released under the name of trombone player and leader Joost Buis, was recorded at the same Bimhuis in 2003.
      It's obvious that Joost Buis is a fan of the music of Sun Ra. It's not just the band's name, the music makes it clear as well.


  • flo & eddie: the phlorescent leech and eddie  /  flo & eddie
        (2008, 2cd, ??, floedco / manifesto mfo 48001)
    • Hey look, the first two Flo & Eddie have been released on CD. For the first time. Essential and hilarious stuff. Together with the "Illegal / Moving Targets" albums, these really belong in your record collection. It also included "The Sanzini Brothers" routine.
      You'll love it. It's a way of live.


  • flo & eddie: illegal, immoral and fattening  /  moving targets
        (2007, cd, uk, arcadia)
    • Last year, the in my ears two best Flo & Eddie album got comined on 1 CD: "Illegal, Immoral and Fattening", and "Moving Targets".
      Out on Arcadia, it features Ian Underwood, Aynsley Dunbar, and includes a version of Zappa's 'Eddie, Are You Kiddin'.


  • flo & eddie: rock steady with flo & eddie
        (1981, lp, usa, epiphany records) - feat.albert wing, walt fowler
    • As it's Flo & Eddie time over here, here's the picture & data for their album number 5. It might have been called "Flo & Eddie in Kingston", or "Flo & Eddie Go Reggae", as this is a reggae album.
      Originally released in 1981, the album got out on CD in 1997.





2008 07 07


Peaches Noise performed at the "3ème Conférence Internationale de Zappologie (ICE-Z 69)" in Paris, France on July 6, 2008.
  • Nicolas Mingot (guitar)

  • Léonard Le Cloarec (tenor sax)

  • Philby Brunelli (bass)

  • Charly Doll (drums) 

At the 2008/07/06 concert, Benoît Moerlen was featured as special guest.

Nicolas Mingot web page with his music 

and Myspace:



  • 2008/07/06 Peaches Noise, guest Benoît Moerlen - 'Le Passage vers les étoiles', Cité Joly, Paris, France 
    • line-up

      • Nicolas Mingot (guitar), Léonard Le Cloarec (tenor sax), Philby Brunelli (bass), Benoît Moerlen (vibes, marimba, percussion), Charly Doll (drums)

    • setlist

      • Zoot Allures, Peaches en Regalia, Florentine Pogen, Let's Make the Water Turn Black, Son of Mr Green Genes, Pygmy Twylyte, Sleep Dirt, Inca Roads, Stinkfoot Intro, Dupree's Paradise (incl. Stinkfoot), Sofa, Chunga's Revenge, The Clap, King Kong > Muffin Man

    • an 80-minute audience recording, recorded by Cosmikd, was seeded on Zappateers 



Over at the Cover Me blog, there's a nice piece (with mp3's) on bands that cover Captain Beefheart.

Check it out. It's nice.

-- info: Ive Hapers


OK, so I hear you ask: "who's Dave?". Well, I'm not into gossip and into talking behind people's back, but here's a part of André Cholmondeley's e-mail that I think you should know about...

You have to understand that André is the man behind Project/Object, and that he's also working as a guitar technician for Adrian Belew. Even more important: he's an extremely nice guy.
Belew is playing festivals, and so is Zappa Plays Zappa.
Furthermore, Belew is playing right before ZpZ on two occasions.

Here's a part of André's message:

2008 06 06

hello Friends....

Sorry -- this became kind of a long letter, but it helped me exorcise some real negative shit. It took me two hours.

I was working for ADRIAN BELEW,  opening for ZPZ at  Ottawa Bluesfest, Canada (Sat 5 July 2008)

Stuff turned REAL ugly.....

Basically---- one of Dweezil Zappa's guys, under his direct orders - threatened, pushed and physically attacked me.... !

For the horrible act of walking onto the stage to watch and enjoy the show. Really.

I should consider legal action was ...real ugly. real scary. I was shaking like a leaf... They have sued me many times, tried to at least. Should I return the favor? I ask your advice -- should I seek legal action?? I have countless witnesses, I was at work in a professional capacity. Canada law on this is actually quite bad news for someone who would want to work here again....I could cripple the Zappa family financially, real bad news since they are losing their shirts trying to do these tours, pay cuts, playing smaller and smaller venues etc isn't helping from what I hear.

Their Monitor guy, Dave,  almost shoved me off the stage, a 10 to 15ft drop, so scary. Scenes of "broken leg in London Orchestra pit" may dance through your head......

These people actually had a MEETING on THE BUS...Tour Manager, Dweezil, crew, etc. Wrap your mind around the level off dysfunction -- to have a fucking MEETING about a guy you hate --- a guy who has never really done anything but piss you off for some reason. Imagine being so unprofessional -- and self-important -- to think that a HUGE festival, should do your bidding and ban people from public areas. I know - Unreal. - But -- par for the course in Post-Mortem Zappa-land. No surprise. Bullying at every turn.

After a meeting on the bus --Dweezil then demanded from the Festival stage manager (ONE HOUR before their show!!) that I would NOT BE SEEN by him (Dweezil).....!! he asked that he NOT SEE ME AT ALL, EVER, throughout the night. I can't wait to see when he delivers to the shocked people at TODAY's festival the same pompous request.

The incredible, pro stage mgr guy, Wiggy,  from the Ottawa Bluesfest, ensured cooler heads prevailed all night. I hope we work together again.

Ok, Now, this is a GIANT festival with about 230 bands...11 days.... we are on a fucking SIDE STAGE -- and Dweezil DEMANDS of the festival staff- ONE HOUR BEFORE HIS SHOW - to KEEP ME OFF THE STAGE (even the side stage, monitor area, backstage, etc!!) and make sure he (DWEEZIL) NEVER SEE ME!!!! Can you even wrap your mind around that??? he wanted to CONTROL the attendance  - at a public event he is getting paid to be at - of someone he is soooo pissed at. Unreal.

The (very cool) stage manager , when I asked him -- said " Dude - no, I have NO PROBLEM with you going into the AUDIENCE and watching them, front row, whatever. I just have to respect these guys and ask you to stay off the stage. I wanna run a smooth show - I am here for 11 days, I have no time for issues"

As you all know-- I'm a fucking PRO, and I of course honored the request -- I stayed off stage. But this is after FINDING OUT for the first time....with the prick monitor guy SCREAMING IN MY FACE AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS -- SPITTING IN MY GODDAMN FACE...and pushing me backwards to the edge.... it was terrifying and I've seen a lot of dark shit in this life, trust me on that.

It was unreal. Surreal. The best part is -- before ZPZ played - BELEW played--- and I had met this very same guy - Dave - monitor guy -- and he was COOL!! We were rapping, talking gear, he showed me a pic on his computer of his guitar-rig..which featured the same amp that Adrian uses (Johnson JM 150), like good nerds we chuckled about that as well as his computer gadget his laptop sat on...some device with 2 fans to cool it off, blah blah blah. We talked about him being new on the crew, after I said "Napoleon says hi" --"oh no -- that was the old guy, I am new since last year, etc etc"....We talked all kinds of stuff -- later he claimed "Well I thought you were just acting like nothing was going on". Wow.

So-- SAME GUY turn into a RAGING PSYCHO 2 hrs later!!!! He literally almost pushed me off the stage and down some steps. It was scary shit. I can't emphazise that enough. I am shaking still, almost 12 hrs later as i type this after 4 hrs sleep.

I'm not easily shaken, you know that. But I drive 5 hrs today -- to another fest where ZPZ again plays right after us --- and I dunno how it will turn out. I went to the monitor guy after the show and said "Dude, do you have something to say to me"??

He copped TONS of attitude, but I actually got him to begrudgingly apologize, I accepted it, kinda, since he claimed he had been TOLD by up to 6 people that I was FULLY INFORMED of my "persona non grata" status. Well- I wasn't informed. The FIRST TIME I knew about ANY of this crap was when he violently accosted me!!

I think I will call the next P/O tour by that title. --- PERSONA NON GRATA. how do you like it??

I feel extra let down that I wasn't warned, wasn't told. Joe Travers, the bass player Pete and other crew/band members said hi, some shook my hand, we rapped. I - as I always try to -- will give the benefit of the doubt that each person thought "Oh - I thought Someone ELSE told him". I feel sorry for these people -- including my hero Thomas Nordegg -- thee greatest guitar tech in the Solar System, who I had a lovely time hanging with all afternoon before I loaded in.

I feel sorry that they are all caught between the horrible pressure of being told to DISS ME as part of their job....and knowing me for years and knowing who and what I really am. Terrible - to put people in that position. But that's how tyrants operate. Pitting people against each other. It's worked for centuries. Check the history books.

OK. whatever. But does the 'adult' monitor guy need to have dealt with it that way??? Screaming at the TOP of his lungs, spitting his filthy fucking spit in my face, pushing me backwards in shock?? Later he even justified the screaming (!!) --- "hey my in-ear monitors were on". Yeah right. Any pro engineer knows how loud they are talking!! Ridiculous. Dude has major issues and I will make sure I deal with him today with lost of witnesses around.

Thank you,




"Anything else is not an original"

  • Napoleon Murphy Brock ‹ tenor sax, flute, lead vocals

  • Roy Estrada ‹ bass, vocals (pachuco falsetto)

  • Don Preston ‹ keyboards, vocals

  • Miroslav Tadic ‹ guitarist (lead, stunt & otherwise/awesome)

  • Chris Garcia ‹ drums, vocals

visited their neighbors to the north
CANADA, that is

bringing ZAPPA fans music they haven't heard LIVE in a long time
including quite a few surprises i.e., 
the Holiday in Berlin Suite
Holiday in Berlin - sung by Estrada,
reprising his popes role from UNCLE MEAT the movie
Aybe Sea
Little House I Used to live in 
and much  more

fan response has been, as always, ENTHUSIASTIC

they did a 2 and 1/2 hour show of classic FZ Mothers of Invention material without a break at the COMMODORE BALLROOM in Vancouver as part of the VANCOUVER JAZZ FEST
see below for interview


what's next????????????
STAY TUNED ................................



in german magazin "der spiegel" is a short note about a magazin "die horen"
240 pages and 14 euro
it contains drawings by bob dylan and a switzerdütsch version of "iss dys gmües - mr. green genes"

the songtext is also in the spiegel and i couldn't read it - obscure language
switzerdütsch is one of the various switzerland languages.

Iss dy gmües - franz hohler

Iss dys Gmües
iss di Rötschi und di Chopfsalat
nimm chli Schpinet zue dim Spiegelei
iss es Löffeli voll Haferbrei
für's Mami
eine für's Mami
loh das feine Suurchrut nid lo stoh
s wird weiss Gott no abegoh!

iss dini schueh
iss doch d Socke grad derzue
iss au d Schachtle, wo si drinn gsi si
iss der Lieferwage
byss nur dry
i Liferwage
feine Liferwage!
Friss der Wagen und der Chauffeur
und sis Liibli
mei das sprützt
mei dasch guet
mei das nützt
en alte Huet!

-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


My next walk to the post-office will include a Captain CheeseBeard package for Andrea, Hans-Peter and Ive.

The discs will leave next Saturday.


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The Ossi Duri DVD that got mentioned a couple of days ago, is available for purchase from the Ossi Duri website.

more info soon

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a message from Zappateers Audrey & Ben:

A long time ago, in a green and leafy corner of England, a disparate group of people met after travelling from far and rides, with a common purpose, to celebrate the music of Frank Zappa whilst drinking copious amounts of beer and having an inordinate amount of fun. That event was the 2007 Zappateers Festival held in the George at Woolley.

Skipping forward to the present, and sad tidings have been heard echoing in that normal tranquil corner of Old England, Jim and Julie will be moving on the pastures new in January 2009, meaning the demise of another traditional British pub, another little gem of good fellowship and cheer swept aside by the tide of blandness and conformity.

Well before you short your keyboard in a deluge of tears borne of sadness and frustration, let me offer temporary blessed relief, with the chance to enjoy for 1 last time the best of what a traditional public house can offer, the chance to wish Jim and Julie a fond farewell, and that made the 2007 Festival such a huge success. What I hear you cry is this chance; well it is a weekend of fun, friendship and music to be held on

The weekend of 14th to 16th November 2008 at the George in Woolley.

Provisional schedule for the weekend include:

  • The Pendantics - local peddlers of good rock and blues

  • Beyond the Pale - landlord Jim's Irish band which was such a riot at the 2007 festival

  • The distinct possibility of a new band comprising accomplished local musicians brought together with their love of Zappa music

  • Monty and the Butchers

  • Crazy mad cap traditional pub games, including the World Premiere of a new game, called Swedish Roulette, where a Swede hols the dart board and inebriated dart players are blindfolded and have to try and hit the dart board. The joy of this game is its simplicity, in that there is no worrying about scoring or even winners. It is just the hilarity everyone gets from seeing the Swedes peppered with darts!

If the tempting titbits above aren't enough to convince you that this is a weekend not to be missed, how does the fact that it's all free grab you? Pardon, free? Yes that's right, don't touch that dial, you heard right, it's free, it's not a festival, it's a party, a get together, all you need to do is turn up with your party head on and your drinking pants.

The small prints
There are no tickets; the weekend is open to anyone
We are not attempting to be Zappateers festival # 4, so don't expect light shows and dancing bears, it's an informal weekend with a background of great bands and great people like you (some may even be uglier)
A limited amount of accommodation will be arranged at cost price at Melksham (some of you may have enjoyed the hospitality of Irish Tony at the 2007 festival). This accommodation is on first come first served basis, so let us know as soon as possible when you like to make use of this facility and we'll make bookings for you.
Help and advice can be given on transport to Bradford on Avon, and if needs be taxis booked for airport transfers.

See you in November!!

Ben & Audrey



Stanley Jason Zappa will be a special guest at the upcoming Zappanale festival. I'm pretty curious as to find out how a 'progressive rock' audience will react to experimental & free jazz...
This webmaster, however, will make sure not to miss this gig.

And over at his Not Mean If True blog, Stanley Jason gives his opinion about the ZFT's attitude towards bands that play FZ's music. Check it out at:



from the Zappateers website:

In 1975, Alain Dister wrote the first book on Zappa in the french language.

Alain passed away on July 2, 2008. He died of cancer.


2008 07 06


Somewhere in the late eighties, the dutch Zimbo cassette label released a tape by Strange Project entitled "Some Bizarre". The tape got released in a limited edition of 52 copies (Zimbo 7).

The first 12 copies of Strange Project's "Some Bizarre" release got a bonus: 'a free six-track e.p. quasette in a special package' (Zimbo 8).

The bonus tape was called "Polite Notice" and contained only two tracks:

  1. zimbo + wedge : dead end
  2. the smelly tongues : the residents play the smelly tongues and the smelly tongues play the residents

The latter one is an experimental 24-minute (!!) piece.

-- info: Ive Hapers & 433rpm

the cover of strange project: some bizarre (zimbo 7)

the cover of various artists: polite notice (zimbo 8)


The Foolz are playing a free concert in café Sam Sam in Apeldoorn, NL on 2008 07 06.
  • 2008/07/06 The Foolz - concert 'Sam Sam', Apeldoorn, NL


Over at the Zappateers site, cekman mentions the Bang on a Can Music Marathon:

Bang on a Can Marathon
Saturday, July 26, 2008, 4:00 pm
Hunter Center
$24/$40 in combination with Marathon

Highlights of this signature event of the Festival will include special guest Terry Riley, music by Frank Zappa, AND and the mixed media oratorio Shelter, a visually stunning collaboration from Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe and Ridge Theater.

30+ musicians and composers of the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival join for 6-hours of non-stop, boundary smashing music highlighted by rarely performed works of the late-great Frank Zappa. Come and go as you please, grab a drink or a snack, or stroll through the exhibitions -- Galleries open until 8 PM. Hunter Center. 

I've made an entry for Bang on a Can, and added a discography as well.


Over at the Zappateers site, Cavetroll adds:

Tom Waits writes about his 20 most cherised albums of all time...,,1442784,00.html

I pasted the article into the Tom Waits entry.

2008 07 02


  • frank zappa: the torture never stops
        (2008, dvd, usa, hhd 1221)

[1]  1981/10/31 - early show - concert 'palladium', nyc, ny, usa
[2]  1981/10/31 - late show - concert 'palladium', nyc, ny, usa

Frank Zappa * Ray White * Steve Vai * Scott Thunes * Tommy Mars * Bobby Martin * Ed Mann * Chad Wackerman

Frank Zappa - 10/31/1981 - Early/Late Show

  1. Black Napkins  [2]
  2. Montana  [2]
  3. Easy Meat  [2]
  4. Beauty Knows No Pain  [2]
  5. I'm A Beautiful Guy  [2]
  6. Charlie's Enormous Mouth  [2]
  7. Fine Girl  [2]
  8. Teenage Wind  [2]
  9. Harder Than Your Husband  [2]
  10. Bamboozled By Love  [2]
  11. We're Turning Again  [1]
  12. Alien Orifice  [1]
  13. Flakes  [1]
  14. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes  [1]
  15. You Are What You Is  [1]
  16. Mudd Club  [1]
  17. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing  [1]
  18. Dumb All Over  [1]
  19. Heavenly Bank Account  [1]
  20. Suicide Chump  [1]
  21. Jumbo Go Away  [1]
  22. Stevie's Spanking  [2]
  23. The Torture Never Stops  [2]
  24. Strictly Genteel  [2]
  25.  The Illinois Enema Bandit  [2]



  • 2008/08/13 Bogus Pomp feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock - concert 'St.Katharinen', Hamburg, Germany


  • frank zappa: one shot deal  (83)
        (2008, cd, usa, zappa records)
    • At least one copy of "One Shot Deal" arrived in Belgium today. I guess I've played it four times now, and the only thing that I can say is: "Boy, this is good...".
      This is the kind of stuff that makes me a Zappa fan.


If you're in the neighbourhood of São Paulo the next days, be sure to check out the Central Scrutinizer Band. They'll be performing a Zappa Tribute concert next weekend.
  • 2008/07/06 Central Scrutinizer Band – concert ‘Teatro Lauro Gomes’, São Paulo, Brazil


Oh look, it's give-away-day.

At your right, you can see the picture of the excellent Captain Cheese-Beard promotional CDR entitled "Outside Now".
The Cheese-BeardedCaptain was kind enough te send me a couple of extra copies, so the first three persons to send me an e-mail entitled "Captain Cheese-Beard" will receive a copy of this nice little album.

Send your e-mail to: bignOte at yucom dot be

Check out to see what this is all about.

leftovers from the last couple of months


  • 2008/06/07 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Ritz Theater', Ybor

  • 2008/07/19 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/20 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/26 Bogus Pomp - concert 'State Theater', St. Petersburg, FL, usa

  • 2008/11/01 Bogus Pomp - concert "Zappaween", 'State Theater', St.Petersburg, FL, usa



2008 05

ZXZW is an extensive festival for independent culture. With a solid musical base, the festival also brings visual arts, dance, theatre and movies. Over 200 cutting edge artist present themselves in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Street art next to academic dance.

ZXZW takes place from the 14th untill 21st of September 2008 in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands. From a squat to the mayors room. From music venue to museum. The big music-happening is on September 20-21.

For all confirmed acts, check our



New tourdates have been added!!

Look for the second part of July. The North Sea Festival has been added, and some dates in Italy and in Spain as well.

-- info: Javier



  • 2008/06/06 concert 'First Avenue', Minneapolis, MN

  • 2008/06/07 concert 'Witherspoon Hall', Omaha, NE

  • 2008/06/08 concert 'Wakarusa Festival', Lawrence, KS

  • 2008/06/09 concert 'Pagaent', St. Louis, MO

  • 2008/06/11 concert 'House Of Blues', New Orleans, LA

  • 2008/06/12 concert 'Variety Playhouse', Atlanta, GA

  • 2008/06/13 concert 'Lincoln Theatre', Raleigh, NC

  • 2008/06/14 concert 'Bonnaroo', Manchester, TN


  • 2008/07/01 concert 'Milwaukee Summerfest', Milwaukee, Wi

  • 2008/07/03 concert 'Rothbury Festival', Muskegon, MI

  • 2008/07/04 concert 'Elements', Kitchener, ON

  • 2008/07/05 concert "Ottowa Bluesfest", Ottawa, ON

  • 2008/07/06 concert 'Quebec International Summer Festival', Quebec, QC

  • 2008/07/08 concert 'Common Ground', Lansing, MI  

  • 2008/07/13 concert "North Sea Jazz Festival", Rotterdam, NL

  • 2008/07/15 concert 'Villa Arconati', Milan, Italy

  • 2008/07/17 concert 'Veranos de la Villa', Madrid, Spain

  • 2008/07/18 concert 'Paluea de la Musica', Barcelona, Spain

  • 2008/07/19 concert "Gurtenfestival", Bern, Switzerland

  • 2008/07/22 concert 'Club Cinema', Pompano Beach, FL, usa

  • 2008/07/23 concert 'Hard Rock Live', Orlando, FL, usa

  • 2008/07/26 concert "DFest", Tulsa, OK

  • 2008/07/31 concert 'House Of Blues', Atlantic City, NJ


  • 2008/08/01 concert 'Gathering Of The Vibes', Bridgeport, CT

  • 2008/08/02 concert 'Higher Ground', Burlington, VT

  • 2008/08/03 concert 'Calvin Theatre', Northampton, MA

  • 2008/08/05 concert 'Merrill Auditorium', Portland, ME

  • 2008/08/06 concert 'Hampton Beach Casino', Hampton Beach, NH

  • 2008/08/07 concert "Thursdays At The Square", Buffalo, NY

  • 2008/08/08 concert 'North Fork Theatre At Westbury', Westbury, NY

  • 2008/08/09 concert 'Paramount Center', Peekskill, NY



Coming soon: a new cover band from Livorno in Italy.


  • Nicol Franza: guitar, voice and other instruments

  • Iacopo Giusti: drums (= drummer of Fattore Zeta)

The record is coming soon....stay tuned.

The bands MySpace site offers 'Peaches En Regalia' and 'Dirty Love'.


-- info: Andrea Iacoponi



2008 The Illegailly Live Tour continues...

Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Hard (Österreich), Kammgarn (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/08/23 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Kreuzlingen (Schweiz), Ort: Zirkuszelt am Bodensee (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)
2008/08/30 Sheik Yerbouti - concert , ??? Uhr,
Zytanien Open-Air-Festival, Lehrte

The Return of SHEIK YERBOUTI feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock
2008/10/14 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Objekt 5, Halle
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Alte Patrone, Mainz, Veranstalter: Upart e.V.
Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, bei Georg Nilius, Westerwald (wahrscheinlich Stairway, Wallmenroth)

Und weiter geht’s mit dem Halloween-Special:
2008/10/31 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Café Hahn, Koblenz

2008/11/29 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr,
Tatort Musicclub, Übach-Palenberg (bei Aachen)



Zappanale, again, looks very promising.

The event will kick off in Hamburg on 2007/08/13, and will continue in Bad Doberan:

  • 2007/08/13 "Zappa meets Bach"
    • the Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra, Napoleon Murphy Brock and the St.Katharinen Kantor-Chor
    • at the St.-Katharinen-Kirche in Hamburg
  • 2007/08/14 Fritz Rau - lecture, music & images 'Kino', Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/14 "street party", Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 2007/08/15 - 2007/08/17
    • Underground Sensation, USA

    • Low Budget Research Kitchen, Portugal

    • Wrong Object, Belgium

    • Finnish Zappa Tribute Band, Finnland

    • Paul Green School of Rock plays Zappa and YES, USA

    • Electric Orange, Germany

    • Panzerballett, Germany

    • Delicious Band Research Kitchen, France

    • INDUKTI, Poland

    • Alamaailman Vasarat, Finnland

    • Zappa Circus, Hungary

    • UZVA, Finnland

    • Jazzproject Hundehagen, Germany

    • Fattore Zeta, Italy

    • Bogus Pomp Semi Acoustic Orchestra, USA

    Special guests:

    • Denny Walley

    • Napoleon Murphy Brock

    • Stanley Jason Zappa  

... wowie zowie...


Here's a nice little piece of an interview with Frank Zappa, as published in Society Pages (the US zappa fanzine) number six. We're talking 1991. It's quite interesting to read how Zappa is amused and pleased by some of the things that his fans are doing. And even the Arf Society gets a mention...
I remember reading the interview when it came out, years ago, and I was quite suprised. Not only because FZ had taken the time to talk with Denn & Rob, but also because he seemed really interested. It looked like it might become an interesting symbiosis, FZ and Society Pages. Unfortunately, the mag folded in 1992 (not mentioning the 1994 issue).


the concert calendar * the concert calendar




  • 2008/07/06 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’quebec international summer festival’, quebec, qc  

  • 2008/07/06 Dethklok - concert 'La Zona Rosa', Austin, TX  -  feat.Mike Keneally

  • 2008/07/06 The Foolz - concert 'Sam Sam', Apeldoorn, NL

  • 2008/07/06 Central Scrutinizer Band – concert ‘Teatro Lauro Gomes’, São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2008/07/08 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’common ground’, lansing, mi  

  • 2008/07/19 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/20 Bogus Pomp - concert 'Marion Theater', Ocala

  • 2008/07/26 Bogus Pomp - concert 'State Theater', St. Petersburg, FL, usa


  • 2008/08/01 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’gathering of the vibes’, bridgeport, ct

  • 2008/08/02 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’higher ground’, burlington, vt

  • 2008/08/06 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’hampton beach casino’, hampton beach, nh  

  • 2008/08/07 Voice of Cheez– concert ‘Lafayette Tap Room’, Buffalo

  • 2008/08/08 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’north fork theatre at westbury’, westbury, ny

  • 2008/08/09 Zappa Plays Zappa - concert ’paramount center’, peekskill, ny
  • 2008/08/09 The Wrong Object - concert " Gaume Jazz Festival", Rossignol, Belgium

  • 2008/08/09 The Zappatistas - concert 'Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club', London, UK

  • 2008/08/13 The Ed Palermo Big Band - concert 'Irididium', nyc, NY, usa

  • 2008/08/13 Pikachu - Makoto - concert 'George Tavern', London, UK

  • 2008/08/13 concert "Zappanale", Hamburg, Germany

  • 2008/08/14 concert "Zappanale", downtown Bad Doberan, Germany

  • 2008/08/15 - 2008/08/17 concert "Zappanale", Bad Doberan Germany

    • 2008/08/15 Underground Sensation - 14.00 h

    • 2008/08/15 The Wrong Object w. special guest Stanley Jason Zappa - 15.30 h

    • 2008/08/15 The Paul Green School Of Rock, feat. Denny Walley - 17.30h

    • 2008/08/15 Indukti - 19.30 h

    • 2008/08/15 The Bogus Pomp Semi Acoustic Orchestra - 21.30 h

    • 2008/08/15 Electric Orange - 00.00 h

    • 2008/08/16 Panzerballet - 12.00 h

    • 2008/08/16 Elliot Levin - 14.00 h

    • 2008/08/16 Delicious Band Research Kitchen - 16.00 h

    • 2008/08/16 Low Budget Research Kitchen - 18.00h

    • 2008/08/16 quiz (Ben Watson)

    • 2008/08/16 Alamaailman Vasarat - 20.00 h

    • 2008/08/16 Zappa Circus - 22.00 h

    • 2008/08/16 The Paul Green School Of Rock - 00.00 h

    • 2008/08/17 UZVA - 11.00 h

    • 2008/08/17 Jazzprojekt Hundehagen - 13.00 h

    • 2008/08/17 Fattore Zeta - 15.00 h

    • 2008/08/17 Stanley Jason Zappa's "The New Texture Pantonal Fellowship" - 17.00 h

    • 2008/08/17 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band feat. N.M.Brock, Denny Walley, Jason Zappa - 20.00 h

    • 2008/08/17 final jam

  • 2008/08/16 Cuccurullo Brillo Brullo - concert "Delft Jazz Festival", 'Het Proeflokaal', Delft, NL  /

  • 2008/08/22 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Hard (Österreich), Kammgarn (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)

  • 2008/08/23 Sheik Yerbouti - concert 21:00 Uhr, Kreuzlingen (Schweiz), Ort: Zirkuszelt am Bodensee (Special mit Bläsersatz The Horny Hornz)

  • 2008/08/30 Sheik Yerbouti - concert , ??? Uhr, Zytanien Open-Air-Festival, Lehrte






  • 2008/12/05 The Residents - concert 'Het Depot', Leuven, Belgium



  • 2009/01/3 Aka Moon / Les Ballets C. de la B. - concert / performance "pitié!", Concertgebouw, Brugge, Belgium