the big nOte files - july 2004

COUNTING THE DAYS TO ZAPPANALE... updated almost every day.  July, 2004.


The latest Zappa release is called "Joe's Corsage" and it's great.

Show them that you want more were this came from, and order your copy today:



ZZZZZ Trubee speaks
ZZZZZ Mothers picture
  More album covers
ZZZZZ Added a bunch of album covers
ZZZZZ Scram magazine no19
ZZZZZ Steve Mann update
ZZZZZ Kaosmik Kitty, performance artist & singer
ZZZZZ The Ugly Janitors Of America are back
ZZZZZ Ensemble Ambrosius on Belgian radio
ZZZZZ The Paul Green School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock on tour !!!
ZZZZZ Added a bunch of pictures, album covers
ZZZZZ Frank You, Thank - Volume 2, a superb album
ZZZZZ King Crimson North Sea Jazz Festival 2003 concert aired on Dutch radio
ZZZZZ George Duke concert aired on Dutch NPS radio
ZZZZZ setlists for The Grand Wazoo and for Ossi Duri at the Uncle Meeting 2004 Zappa happening
ZZZZZ setlist for the Ed Palermo Big Band concerts in Bonn
ZZZZZ setlist for the Zappa Corner Band
ZZZZZ New albums
ZZZZZ Louie Louie
ZZZZZ Zappanale live on internet
ZZZZZ Vince DeRosa  -  Richard Perissi
ZZZZZ An extra performance by The Troupe
ZZZZZ Eugene Chadbourne scheduled to performe in Holland
ZZZZZ More Zappanale News
ZZZZZ (Joe's) Garage Sale
ZZZZZ The Mojo sampler: tracklist & picture
ZZZZZ Ed Mann at Zappanale, Here's a bit of extra info
ZZZZZ Some thoughts from Carl O. Franzoni
ZZZZZ Downhillbattle
ZZZZZ Italian big band Orchestra Spaziale played a Zappa Concert last month
ZZZZZ Corrections to the John French entry
ZZZZZ John Trubee spits it out
ZZZZZ Magic Band live in Amsterdam - a review by teejo 'electricity' thieman
ZZZZZ New Jean-Luc Ponty album
ZZZZZ Pictures of the 1982 Zappa band
ZZZZZ Zappa on Mojo Sampler
ZZZZZ Corrections to the Aspen Wind Quintet entry
ZZZZZ The bands that will be playing Zappanale...
ZZZZZ Mike Keneally's Dog is out, and so is Pup...
ZZZZZ Two new Zappa DVD bootlegs
ZZZZZ News from Chris Opperman
ZZZZZ The Keneallist, Mike Keneally's newsletter, July 30, 2004
ZZZZZ News from the Hungarian Frank Zappa Association
ZZZZZ The Residents' Brumalia release faces a lot of troubles
ZZZZZ Andre Lewis has a new e-mail address
ZZZZZ Flo & Eddie  /  Frank Zappa bootleg album called "An Evening in Detroit"
ZZZZZ The Zappanale program
ZZZZZ Latest Zappa Album, and more to come
ZZZZZ and the concert calendar


short bits - more info soon

- LeBocal has issued a mini-cd to promote their Zappa album
- The Nasal Retentive Orchestra is working on a new album
- German band Sheik Yerbouti has a new album scheduled
- And Dutch band B'wana Dik is recording a new album as well
- There's another Zappa sampler scheduled by Ryko, compiled by John Frusciante



July 21
Yep, skipped a day or two. And I'll be off to Zappanale now.
Get back to you soon.


   "Food fetishistic foodies possess too much leisure time and money so
    they squander these resources on decadent configurations of comestibles
    to indulge their aesthetic sensibilities because, like most mediocrities with
    or without money, they lack the aesthetic sensibility to appreciate fine
    art, fine music, and fine literature. Food is a common source of interest
    for all uncultivated mediocrities."

    --John Trubee


And how's this for a nice picture of your Mothers?

Aynsley Dunbar, FZ, (Chester Thompson ?? & Tom Fowler ???), Ian Underwood and Jeff Simmons
Must have been the early seventies...

And here's some more album covers...
All in an attempt to make it look the way it should...
If you notice any errors, bad links, you should know that I'm working on that. Still a couple of hundred bad links and lost pages to go...


July 16
I received the album cover of Pipco's "In Cerca De Mr.Zappa" today. Thank you, Alvin.
Reason enough for me to scan & add some extra album covers:



July 15 screams SCRAM!
extra, extra, read all about it...


The latest issue of Scram magazine (number 19, the spring 2004 one) has two articles that UM readers should know about:
  • "Wild Man Fischer Amongst The Shroom People", a four page comic book story by Denni Eichhorn about Wild Man Fischer crashing at a friends place (or should I say former friends place).
  • and there's also "Camp Medomak Misfit",
    a John Trubee interview by Bob Dubrow. Does it explain how Trubee's mind ticks? No, that would be too much, I guess. But is a very funny interview about John Trubee's experience with summercamps.
  • more? Sure, there's Lee Hazlewood, PF Sloan, Linda Perhacs, ...

July 14 and there's a bit of news from Steve Mann. I'm trying to contact him to ask about his days with The Mothers... Also, John Trubee is back with his Ugly Janitors ... And Trubee also released 2 new documentary interviews, this time with Kaosmik Kitty...


    From: Janet Smith - July 2003

Hello Hello from Steve Mann via Janet Smith of Bella Roma Music in Berkeley.

You were right to ask if the featured artist on Straight Life sounded like a person who O.D. It did not happen.
Since Steve is alive and well in Berkeley, California where his friend Will Scarlett had him brought up from Los Angeles in October of 2003, I can vouch for his presence!
Steve just played the Boonville blues festival with blues buddy Jake Fussell (Will Scarlett was scheduled to join them, but got hit by a bad bug of some kind and didn’t make it to the festival. Bummer).

Anyway, Stefan Grossman has been sending Steve CD’s, videos and now DVD’s over the years while Steve was hospitalized and then living in board and care half-way houses, still performing occasionally. Now in a good place up here in Berkeley and playing up a storm,  He’s older now, but still has those incredible hands, plays blues and tons of other stuff as well, remembers everything, artists, tunes, recording sessions, he’s amazing.

He has a few guitar students in the area, plays in the Berkeley chess club tournaments,  and gets around to local concerts to catch up on old buddies. He’s older but still a ton of fun, surrounded by a musical global village. He saw Paul Geremia at Erik Schoenberg’s guitar shop in Tiburon recently. Paul played “Holly,” Steve’s signature piece, and gave a really nice acknowledgement to the author in the audience. Real heart-warming.

Bella Roma Music is gathering recorded tracks of Steve from early concerts at the Ash Grove, the Jabberwok in Berkeley, and also  some studio recordings not previously released. We hope to put together a nice CD project with booklet, lyrics, stories and photos, some time in the next year.

Since he played up at the Boonville Blues festival and had such a good time, maybe we can get him out on the road again, if the environment is friendly enough to support his needs. He will need to travel with another musician most likely. Hopefully there will also be a web site where his CD will eventually be available, sold directly by Steve who can autograph them personally.
Everybody who still believes in STEVE MANN, clap your hands!!!

I came across the United Mutations web site while I was researching authorship of some tracks on Steve’s previous records before we copyright his original material for him. (It’s about time!) (Vietnam Blues—did he write the version on Straight Life? I’ll find out)

Stay well,
Janet Smith


  • kaosmik kitty: kitty o'nine tales... or the nine lives of kaosmikitty - volume 1
        (2004, cdr, usa, private release)
    • Kaosmikitty has some 'interesting' stories to tell. The most part is about how she got interested in bestiality, but the one I thought of as the most bizarre is the one were her dog had died. Her dad had burried the corpse in the garden, but had left the dog's head sticking out above the ground. So when Kaosmikitty came home after a couple of months, she yelled out to her dog (not knowing it had died), finding a rotten head in the garden...


I just finished listening to a concert (recording) by the Ugly Janitors Of America, John Trubee's band.
June 4th, 2004, they played at Kimo's in San Francisco, CA, usa.

2004/06/04 concert 'kimo's', san francisco, ca, usa

  • John Trubee: electric guitar
  • Laurie Amat: vox extraordinaire
  • Mike Mckevitt: electric bass
  • Andy Rosa: drums
  • triumph of the damned * the dream * vaulting over her walls * song of the tiger * the deserts of eternity * christina's lullaby * world of misery * little man torture sequence * intro interlude * time burns itself upon you now * orange baby puke on the bus

Not that he's ever been away, but Trubee sure is back !!
The Ugly Janitors, this time as a quartet, played a superb gig. Good songs, and a fine perfomance. Laurie Amat is credited by John Trubee as 'vox extraordinaire', but believe me, that's still an understatement. She's got an Incredible Voice and fits in nice with Trubee's guitar work.

If you live in the neighbourhood of San Francisco, you should try to check them out.
Or write to Trubee at and order some of his recordings.

Tuesday, July 13


Cucamonga radio show.
Monday, 2004/07/12, Belgian VRT 1 radio did a broadcast of (a part of) the Ensemble Ambrosius concert from 2004/06/25 at the 'concertgebouw' in Brugge, Belgium.

Very fine concert indeed.
Last night, "Cucamonga" included 'Night School', 'Moggio', Medley: 'Toads Of The Short Forest'/'Dupree's Paradise'/'The Black Page', 'G-Spot Tornado'.
Go to, look for Cucamonga and replay the radio show !!!

Monday, July 12
Here's some big news from the School Of Rock:



It looks like Napoleon Murphy Brock has a tight schedule coming up the next couple of weeks. After his tour with the Grandmothers (also performing at Zappanale), he will team up with the (Paul Green) School Of Rock to play some gigs in the States:

the School of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock tour is set, and here are the dates:

  • 2004/08/12 concert ‘the rainbow room’, seattle, wa, usa
    Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/13 concert ‘nocturnal’, portland, or, usa
    Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/14 concert ‘wow hall’, eugene, or, usa:
    1-Classic Rock Show (Matinee)
    2-Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (Evening)

  • 2004/08/17 concert ‘the starlight’, ft collins, co, usa
    Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/18 concert ‘cervantes masterpiece ballroom’, denver, co, usa
    Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/19 concert ‘(venue to be announced)’, salt lake city, ut, usa
    1-Classic Rock Show (matinee)
    2-Zappa w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (evening)

  • 2004/08/20 concert ‘the wild wild west casino’, las vegas, nv, usa
    Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock



Sunday, July 11
Frank You, Thank - Volume 2 has been coming through my speakers this afternoon.
My youngest kid even danced to it...



added pictures (or corrected links) for:


  • various artists: frank you, thank! vol.2
        (2003, cd, i, il popolo del blues)

    • Good Grief!! There's lots of things happening in Italy. Bands playing Zappa's music, festivals, and now there's even a second volume in the "Frank You, Thank" series.
      Very impressive.
      Familiar names (Harmonia Ensemble, Metropolis Orchestra, Sandro Oliva, Fast & Bulbous Jelly) confirming that they know how to play their Zappa. Especially the Metropolis Orchestra sounds like they're having a lot of fun playing their Zappa medley.
      The less familiar names (to me, that is) deliver excellent work as well. Sandro Fresi, the Orchestra Spaziale (!!), Chiuselunghe, ...
      This is a superb album. Very fine, expressive, sometimes even daring or adventurous arrangements, but isn't that what we all need?
    • Highly recommended !!


Yesterday, Saturday July 10, 2004, Dutch NPS radio aired another excellent show: the King Crimson concert from last year's North Sea Jazz Festival ( 2003/07/12 'north sea jazz festival', the hague, nl).
Besides ex-Zappa sideman Adrian Belew, KC also featured Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto.

60 minutes of the show have been broadcast preciously. I don't know they aired the complete concert yesterday...


June 13, Dutch NPS radio did a broadcast of the 2004/02/15 concert that the George Duke Band did at 'Paradiso' in Amsterdam, NL.
Great, great, great. I wasn't there in February, so I'm glad that NPS, "4FM in concert", shared this one in FM-quality with us. (about 90 minutes of the 140-minute concert)

Much to my surprise, though, the broadcast didn't include the part where George Duke played his favourite Zappa composition, 'Cosmik Debris', and the fabulous tune that he wrote with Zappa, 'Uncle Remus'. During the concert, George Duke said that it had been over twenty years that he had played 'Uncle Remus', but that he had had various request to play the song.

July 10
Setlists. Most of them come from various Zappateers.
Check out their site at




The Grand Wazoo

  • 2004/05/08 concert mestre, venice, italy  -  part of the "Uncle Meeting 2004" happening
    • line-up
      • Marco Beluzzi: keyboards * Luca Fattori: lead vocals * Alessandro Tozzi: drums * Michele Turrini: guitar * Luca Vecchi: bass
    • setlist
      • the torture never stops * montana * village of the sun * outside now * pound for a brown * inca roads * lucille has messed my mind up * florentine pogen * regyptian strut * easy meat * muffin man

Ossi Duri

  • 2004/05/08 concert mestre, venice, italy  -  part of the "Uncle Meeting 2004" happening
    • line-up
      • Ossi Duri: Martin Bellavia: guitar, vocals * Alessandro Armuschio: keyboards, lead vocals * Ruben Bellavia: drums, vocals * Gianni Denitto: sax, guitar * Simone Bellavia: bass
      • guest: Giampaolo Gianese (from Lagunable): vocals and harmonica
    • setlist
      • zoot allures - intro * cosmik debris * bamboozled by love * pygmy twylyte * the idiot bastard son * what's new in baltimore * tienilo unto (keep it greasey) * tette e birra (titties n beer) * mr green genes * florentine pogen * andy * echidna's arf (of you) * groupie (crew slut) - guest giampaolo * sinister footwear * eat that question - black napkins * trouble every day * we are not alone * black page * sofa

-- info: AGI


Told you about the excellent Bonn concerts of the Ed Palermo Big Band, didn't I? Here's the tracklist:
  • 2004/06/12-E- concert 'opernvorplatz', bonn, germany
    • The Ed Palermo Big Band
      • Ed Palermo: director, arranger, conductor, saxophone * Ronnie Buttacavoli, John Trombetta: trumpet * Charlie Gordon, Joe Fiedler, Matt Ingman: trombone * Cliff Lyons, Phil Chester, Bill Straub, Ben Kono, Barbara Cifeli: saxophone * Bob Quaranta: piano * Ted Kooshian: keyboard * Paul Adamy: bass * Ray Marchica: drums
      • special guest: Napoleon Murphy Brock: vocals, saxophone
    • Program
      • wassermusik~nutrocker (Georg Friedrich Händel~Emerson/Lake and Palmer) * peaches en regalia * heavy duty judy * the grand wazoo * pojama people~happy birthday * g-spot tornado
  • 2004/06/12-L- concert 'opernhaus', bonn, germany
    • The Ed Palermo Big Band
      • Ed Palermo: director, arranger, conductor, saxophone * Ronnie Buttacavoli, John Trombetta: trumpet * Charlie Gordon, Joe Fiedler, Matt Ingman: trombone * Cliff Lyons, Phil Chester, Bill Straub, Ben Kono, Barbara Cifeli: saxophone * Bob Quaranta: piano * Ted Kooshian: keyboard * Paul Adamy: bass * Ray Marchica: drums
      • special guest: Napoleon Murphy Brock: vocals, saxophone
    • Program
      • annoucement~happy birthday * 1st symphony (j. brahms)~rdnzl * cletus awreetus-awrightus * king kong (q: transylvania boogie~21st century schizoid man) * uncle remus * pojama people * pygmy twylyte * twenty small cigars * village of the sun * echidna's arf (of you) * don't you ever wash that thing * waka-jawaka * sleep dirt * montana * the idiot bastard son * andy * uncle meat * let's move to cleveland * the evil prince * waka-jawaka (reprise) * muffin man * inca roads (reprise excerpt) * we are not alone * rdnzl (reprise) * sofa #2

-- info: the zappateers


And speaking of setlists, there's more. This one's from the "Umeå Internationella Kammarmusik Festival" (Umea International Chambermusic Festival) that took place from 2003/06/09 to 2003/06/15. A big part of the festival was dedicated to the music of Frank Zappa.
  • 2003/06/14 The Zappa Corner Band: "The Zappa Corner #2"

    • The Zappa Corner band:

      • Denny Walley: slide guitar & vocals * Mats Öberg: keyboard * Morgan Ågren: drums * Tommy Thordsson: bass * Paul Adamy: bass * Bob Quaranta: keybord * Napoleon M Brock: vocals & sax * Mike Keneally: guitar * Ed Palermo: sax * Jonas Knutsson: sax and flute

    • Program

      • toads of the short forest * little umbrellas * blessed relief * the gumbo variations * twenty small cigars * montana  * take your clothes off / what's the ugliest part of your body? * advance romance (cut, first part only...) * city of tiny lites * magic fingers

-- info: the zappateers


  • jeff beck: live at b.b.king blues club
        (2004, cd, ??, epic) - feat.terry bozzio
  • various artists: power of soul - a tribute to jimi hendrix
        (2004, cd, ??, ??) - duke



May 2001, dutch VPRO radio did a one-hour special on 'Louie Louie'. The history of, and lots of coverversions. I received a recording of it yesterday. Very funny.

July 9.
Yes, there's more news. There's always news.... Zappanale on the net; discographies, and an extra concert by The Troupe...


June 21, the following message was distributed:

July 23, 24 en 25, Zappanale #15 will be broadcast live on the Internet.

This webcast is an initiative of the Dutch "Frank Zappa Internet Object" foundation in cooperation with 2 providers BIT and XS4ALL and the Internet podium of Paradiso called Fabchannel.

I would be pleased if you want to place the announcement on your site so many Zappa Fans will have the possibility to notice this event. If possible, please use the attached Webcast logo.

Look at for the necessary info and, of course, for watching.





Geoff Wills wrote:

I was interested to see Charles Ulrich's additions and corrections regarding Vince Derosa and Richard Perissi in United Mutations. As a jazz fan, I'm very familiar with their names, and they have appeared regularly on LA big band sessions, in the case of DeRosa since the 1940s, and in the case of Perissi since the 1950s. Here are partial discographies of their jazz work:

Vince DeRosa

Boyd Raeburn Memphis In June 1946
The Pete Rugolo Orchestra 1954
The Russ Garcia Orchestra 1956
Johnny Richards Aijalon 1956
Mel Torme Lulu's Back In Town 1956
Stan Kenton Back To Balboa 1958
     "     "      Kenton/Wagner 1964
     "     "      Conducts The LA Neophonic Orchestra 1965
Johnny Mandel I Want To Live (Soundtrack) 1968
Marty Paich I Get A Boot Out Of You 1959
Art Pepper Modern Jazz Classics 1959
Skip Martin Scheherajazz 1959
  "       "      Swingin' With Prince Igor 1959
Bill Holman's Great Big Band 1960
Henry Mancini The Blues And The Beat 1960
     "       "       Combo 1960
     "       "       Uniquely Mancini 1962
     "       "       Mancini '67 1966
Chuck Mangione Bellavia 1975
Sammy Nestico Dark Orchid 1982

Richard Perissi

Man With The Golden Arm Soundtrack 1955
Johnny Mandel I Want To Live Soundtrack 1958
Henry Mancini The Music From Peter Gunn 1959
     "         "      The Blues And The Beat 1960
    "         "      Combo 1960
    "         "      Uniquely Mancini 1962 
    "         "      Mancini '67 1966
Skip Martin Scheherajazz 1959
   "       "     Swingin' With Prince Igor 1959
Miles Davis & Gil Evans Time Of The Barracudas 1963 (On Complete Miles Davis & Gil Evans)
Stan Kenton Kenton/Wagner 1964
  "        "      Conducts The LA Neophonic Orchestra 1965
Oliver Nelson Sound Pieces 1966
Pete Rugolo The Thriller 1969 

Best Regards

-- Geoff Wills


The Troupe performed Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage" in concert at the Juttersfestival in the Netherlands in 2003.

Early July 2004, together with the Wervelwind Ensemble sextet and the Barbers & Bishops choir, they did "Het Notenapparaat" at another edition of the Juttersfestival, performing works of Zappa, Sweelinck en Janácek. This will be repeated at 'De Kleine Komedie' in Amsterdam,NL, on September 12, 2004.

info from the nederzappa newsgroup


Saturday, august 21, Eugene Chadbourne will play at the 'Plusetage' in Baarle-Nassau, NL.

-- info: Tom Baeten

July 8 - A little change in the Zappanale schedule, and a picture of the latest Mojo sampler. Not bad for a Thursday.


Andrew Greenaway, from the excellent website, forwarded me the following Zappanale news:

Instead of Captain Ahab (they are cancelled), Frank Goos will be playing in the theatre.

Ole Lukkoye is playing as the last band on friday.

-- Info: Andrew Greenaway & Thomas Dippel


posted by Suzycreamcheese on

The Zappas sell a buch of stuff at their Joe's Garage Sale.
Notably lots of studio equipment from
UMRK. Interresting stuff.'s+Garage+Sale



-- info: Ive

July 7. Zappanale is coming closer every day.
Talk again to you tomorrow.



Ed Mann will be headlining Zappanale. Ed was kind enough to give a bit of extra info:

At Zappanale I will play with Frogg Cafe and with Wrong Object - introduced to me by Wolfgang. I have heard their CDs and communicated with them and they are great bands and nice people.

Ed Mann and friends will be primarily Zappa music but played in alternative versions that are highly improvisational - not the traditional Zappa arrangements nor the traditional Zappa tunes that are most often covered - also the form that is more like acoustic jazz than electric band. Nothing like Repercussion Unit - but not like FZ's bands either.


recent poem by Carl Franzoni...

We used to go to the cemetery, Catherine and Dara and i, and take pictures and i did a small movie in the rain. Carr st. leads to cemetery, Catherine family are in the crept, on the sunny side. Just thinking of U. i happen to be very intuitive , about people i like, Is that as scary as the dead people. Remember my Indian astrology, is death and the wind. Now poem i wrote: 

The year 2001 en-ron failing, pg&e stealing from california, martha stuart rip off, cushbush going in- to political toilet after 9 months in office, talaban inbush's pocket, this planned with the last president and gore the whore. who never contested the vote. and then wallstreet stealing from it's customers, that was what the hopi prediction is about, because they are stock customers too, several tribes and greenpeace protested and did one hour drumming in front of #7 building wallstreet, then were asked to come upstairs 37th. floor, and they protested and gave a prediction of total destruction of wall-street, this happened in april 2001. leman-brothers#7 building falling three weeks after u.s. marshals demolished their holly grounds august 2001 in mesa arizona . wall street had to fall, to hide everything. and to make sure, it was boomed from the inside with plastic.

-- cof.      


Have you ever heard of Downhillbattle? Read this and be amazed.


Italian Zappa cover band (big band) Orchestra Spaziale played a concert in Bologna, 2004/06/16. The following info comes from the Zappateers website (Info by AGI):

Orchestra Spaziale
2004/06/16 concert Piazza del Popolo (open air), S. Giovanni in Persiceto (Bologna), Italy

Giorgio Casadei : conductor, arrangements, guitar on Outside Now
Massimo Semprini: alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Ivan Valentini: alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax
Adriano Pancaldi: tenor sax, soprano sax
Marco Zanardi: baritone sax, tenor sax, clarinet
Enrico Farneni: trumpet
Manolo Nardi: trumpet
Mario Gigliotti: trumpet
Federico Tassani: trombone
Marina Ciccarelli: trombone
Marco Dalpane: keyboards
Alessandro Lamborghini: guitar
Andrea Taravelli: bass
Claudio Trotta: drums
Vincenzo Vasi: vocals, theremin

  • setlist: 

    • regyptian strut * let's make the water turn black * the torture never stops * pygmy twylyte (you can't do that mazurka on stage anymore) * holiday in berlin * come ho potuto essere cosi stupido (how could i be such a fool rap in italian - giampaolo gianese guest vocal) * how could i be such a fool * the simpsons (danny elfman) * uncle meat * run home slow * outside now * rdnzl * lemme take you to the beach (lazy lounge version) * oh no - the orange county lumber truck * stick it out



The John French entry had a couple of errors. Thanx to Chris Fisher and Duncan Kimball. Here we go:

Just a quick note to give you some info and possible corrections for your John French entry:

FYI there are two John Frenchs. The 'other' John French is a noted Australian producer-engineer, based in Melbourne. He is not the same person as John 'Drumbo' French of the Magic Band.

The following production/engineering credits you have listed on that page are for 'our' Aussie John French:

  • 1975 skyhooks - ego is not a dirty word   (engineer)
  • 1978 stylus - stylus   (producer, engineer)  
  • 1981 dolce, joe - shaddap you face   (producer)
  • 1988 not drowning, waving- claim   (producer)
  • 1993 not drowning, waving- follow the geography   (producer)



             GO BUSH/CHENEY '04!
        Copyright c 2004 John Trubee

        The collective psyche of these ugly people
        Embodied by their loathsome leaders
        Struts out into the world
        An insensate infant brat
        Spewing orange puke
        Upon every beautiful thing.

        All the turmoil and agony
        Of the stupid crushing into the vulnerable
        At last awakens those
        Formerly tacitly tolerant
        Of such stupidity and ugliness.

        If  he were an employee of any company
        Under whom I slaved
        He'd have been fired by now.

        The electorate roils up like a red-eyed dragon
        The snap these nasty, humorless prigs
        Off of their undeserved thrones. 


It looks like the Magic Band played an excellent concert in Amsterdam in June. Here's some comments by Teejo:

last week i went to the concert by the magic band at paradiso in amsterdam.
for all of you who weren't there here's what i think of the marvellous evening. on my website i also have gathered some pictures - and further ones will follow soon

the MAGIC BAND reunion

  • MARK BOSTON rockette morton * bass guitar
  • JOHN FRENCH drumbo * drums * percussion * vocals * harmonica
  • GARY LUCAS * guitar
  • DENNY WALLEY feeler's reedo / walla walla * guitar
  • MICHAEL TRAYLOR * drums * percussion

tuesday 22 june 2004 AMSTERDAM holland PARADISO
attendance: approximately 600

diddy wah diddy * the smithsonian institute blues * circumstances * nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man * hair pie bass bake * 'drumbo solo' * on tomorrow * steal softly thru snow * abba zaba * my human gets me blues * alice in blunderland * hair pie: bake 2 * i wanna find a woman that'll hold my big toe till i have to go * veteran's day poppy * evening bell * electricity * the floppy boot stomp * mirror man * grow fins * when it blows its stacks * click clack
encores: moonlight on vermont * big eyed beans from venus

REVIEW by teejo

whatever the reasons might be, captain beefheart always has been more popular - i mean, better understood - in europe than in his home country. because of the similarity of the languages, it's logical great britain has the biggest number of fans - so touring our continent, most gigs took place at that island. but given the language barrier a maybe relatively even bigger group of 'followers' could be found on the mainland. during the visits to europe the band regularly went 'abroad' and especially holland and france were favourite destinations.

as the reunion of the magic band lasted longer than many people had expected and invitations for more shows came in, it just  seemed a question of time for the group to re-discover western europe. and indeed, on the first day of the summer of 2004 the old beefheart companions were back in amsterdam in holland, as the start of a two week tour mainly leading through the united kingdom (again).

as i live only twenty kilometres away from that city, i no longer could hold on to the excuse that attending one of the magic band's concerts took too much time and money. i simply hád to go....

all preparations went smoothly: after a four hour car drive from germany, detlef jürgens arrived at mine in time, and we headed for the show at paradiso while listening to the 'back to the front' more-than-a-tribute. once inside the former synagogue, i stumbled into a stand with magic band memorabilia and in a seldom moment of goodness i bought a t-shirt and
obtained a free poster.

we had arrived at the scene early enough for an easy acclimatization and a bit of 'investigation' into the background of the audience (continued during and after show). which appeared to be a strange mixture of 'sub-cultures'. of course, there was the core of dutch beefheart addicts which had come from far and near to see the performance, if they weren't from the neighbouring countries belgium and germany. remarkably, however, was the overwhelming presence of frank zappa fans who hoped to find out more about his legendary guest captain beefheart.

due to its international character, amsterdam also houses many english speaking residents and tourists (like a guy from canada who video taped the event!). so, a quite astonishing fact was that half of the conversation was done in english. as is customary to 'difficult' music, the majority of the public was male, yet a considerable number of women had shown up. although the gig hadn't been sold out - the two balconies stayed closed - the central floor was well occupied, which according to regular visitors meant the magic band had attracted about 600 people.

not only the fact that the audience wasn't pressed together made the stay a pleasant one, the circumstance that there were hardly any (fucked up) teens and twens also contributed to the general feeling of comfort. meanwhile, the sphere was very relaxed. no wonder, because the hall was filled with such thick clouds of hash smoke that everyone was high - even folks who dare to claim they never use drugs!

the magic band was in a similar mood, beit that the guys at first had some trouble finding back the overall musical co-ordination after five months in which they hadn't seen each other. for instance: their first public performance of 'the smithsonian institute blues' wasn't as perfect as the rest of the program. and john french hadn't sufficiently warmed up his vocal cords (compared to the album versions), though not too dramatically.

after opening with a couple of songs, the group switched to a set of instrumentals, which included solo pieces by gary lucas and mark boston (with the 'bass hair pie', of course). during this section the ensemble got as it should be, and you could see and feel how the growing joy the musicians had in playing led to excellent executions of particularly some 'trout mask replica' classics. consequently, the audience turned wilder and wilder from enthusiasm.

with óne instrumental to go a funny misunderstanding happened when john french stood up from the drum stool to pick up his towel at the front of the stage, and michael traylor took his place thinking it was his time to take over. he was sent back to the side wings in good harmony....

when the magic band started with the second vocal part of the show, it appeared that the rest had been favourable to john's voice. he sang superbly, and gestured like beefheart himself, and inspired the other guys to follow his example with the same conviction. although we had no complaints about the performance till then, the finishing acts of the concert were really baffling. just like us, the band swung madly during especially 'electricity' and 'click clack'....

as expected, they also did a magnificent encore which contained blistering versions of two of our favourite songs. amazingly enough, after one and a half hour of great music we still had the foolish cheek to ask for more - but our desperate request was in vain.

however, nobody cared, because it had been a very pleasant evening for all. despite a few technical misfortunes like no sound from denny walley's guitar during most of 'abba zaba' and occasional adjustments of the vocal microphone, the total mix was in fine balance, and the passionate performance proved that captain beefheart's unusual music still is very alive and kicking.

i think, the magic band should come over more often....



Jean-Luc Ponty has a new album out. It's called "Jean Luc Ponty in Concert" and it includes a concert Ponty did in Warschau, October 1999.
  • jean-luc ponty: jean-luc ponty in concert
        (2004, cd, fr, le chant du monde / harmonia mundi)

July 6, check out Hanzo's picture pages. These are really great.
And there's some extra info on some of the Zappanale bands as well.



Wanna see some nice pictures of the 1982 Zappa band, go to Hanzo's site:


Ive says:

FREE CD with MOJO-magazine July 2004

The Uplifting MOJO Party Plan, showcasing the Chili Peppers' roots and influences, including... Frank Zappa's 'Son of Mr. Green Genes' (also starring: Gang Of Four, The Circle Jerks, Sly Stone, The Slits, Funkadelic, James Brown and more...)


LeBocal, you know, this french band that made the superb Zappa album,

will be playing two concerts shortly. Don't know if they'll play any Zappa stuff, but I guess so, since it was / is their latest project:

  • 2004/07/10 concert 'chez alriq', bordeaux, france - 22.00 h
  • 2004/07/11 concert "festival jazz en buch", la teste de buch (33) , france - 19.00 h



Charles Ulrich was kind enough to send me some corrections for the Aspen Wind Quintet entry.


ZAPPANALE NEWS: the bands that will be playing ZAPPANALE

From the Zappanale press map:

Once more the Zappanale unites extraordinary musicians and bands for three days – a selection

Captain Ahab

Always very close to the frontier with absurdity Captain Ahab has been celebrating a selection of Zappa numbers as well as own compositions on stage for 12 years and therefore he explicitly doesn’t see himself as a pure Zappa cover band! Listening to the partly individual interpretations by Ahab it becomes obvious that the musicians – based on deep respect for Frank Zappa - are playing for the fun of it but still want to turn some of the wheels in Zappa’s universe a little further.
The video artist Jürgen Fischer from Straßburg came up with the idea of the “Billy The Mountain Project” which finally resulted in a symbiosis of the media film and live-music. This just marvellously fitted the band’s conceptional continuity. With his video animation Fischer transcribes the story of Billy in collage like pictures with which Captain Ahab interacts live on stage.
Another reason to visit the Zappanale: neither the video by Fischer, nor the music by Ahab will ever be on sale.
In accordance with the concept film an interaction will only be reserved for live audiences.

Ensemble Creativ

Inspired by “Yellow Shark“ in the outstanding recording by the Ensemble Modern and by a CD of the Finnish Ensemble Ambrosius which recorded Zappa music with old instruments, Frieder Berger and Bernd Born rearranged FZ tunes for the 17 piece ensemble. This way for example typical German and Central European equals are compared to the “archetypal American music icon” (F. Zappa). Another novelty: singer Silke Gonska translated original lyrics into German (e. g.: “I’m The Slime”, “Bobby Brown” or “The Torture Never Stops”). This is meant to make it easier for the listener to penetrate the Zappaesque unity of words and music. Let’s wait and see! The jazzy Frank Zappa enthusiasts may look forward to a Grand Wazoo – Waka – Jawaka – Reprise with lots of brass and woodwind acrobatics.

Cellomania – presented by the Airport Laage

Four classically trained cellists let it rock! Just like the Finnish group “Apocalyptica” the quartet from Berlin made it its job to show the middle finger to the conservative classical music. By means of exclusive and extremely ingenious arrangements Cellomania experiments with rhythm, sound and effects and like this passes the frontier between classical music and the best energy packed hits in rock history. For this the gentlemen put on coloured suits and let rock classics like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Kashmir” or “Stairway To Heaven” jump over their finger boards.

Ole Lukkøye

The story of Ole Lukkøye from St. Petersburg goes back to the high times of the Russian underground at the end of the 80s.
The band combines elements of the British artrock / spacerock from the 70s with oriental and shamanistic influences which they adapted during their journeys to Siberia and makes out of them a kind of psychedelic- Ethno- Trance with mystic song and sound visions. The range of their instruments goes from the Didgeridoo to the Sitar.
Ole Lukkøye is a kind of a sandman who sweetens the children’s milk in the evening and who opens them the doors to the dream world. The band name also refers to a pop- culture- phenomenon back in the socialist time: the popular radio play records with those sandman stories. In addition to that there are allusions and pieces of shamanistic and archaic cultures in the wide wasteland of the post-soviet empire with which Ole Lukkøye came in contact on tours and excursions.
Ole Lukkøyes music at all times provokes associations with the above described: tribal percussions, the oriental tuning of the bassoon and other wood winds of Alexander Frolow or Boris Bardash’s rough way of singing using the shamanistic guttural singing technique. They have always been an enthusiastically celebrated live act on numerous festivals in the west since 1995.


For our Eastern neighbours the underground band has been a guarantee for quality. Since their foundation in 1995 the musicians from Lodz published four albums and so proved that flamboyant sounds have a firm audience and are still getting new fans. The fact that Przasnicki enrich their concerts with sarcastic wit and interaction with the audience is highly remarkable and correctly to Frank Zappa’s mind.

Mats / Morgan Band

Mats Öberg and Morgan Agren work like mad. Partly playing very hard with a sharp edged rhythm and limitless wildness – but also playfully, with humour, affected and free. This band is the spearhead of progressive rock with a very own intention. Intensive, intelligent, geared towards rhythm.
The duo, in the meantime grown into a 5 piece band has always been passing the usual frontiers and imaginations by far. Once with heavy jazzrock – fusion, another time extremely funky, then booming like an entire rock orchestra. Anyway the avant-garde rockers have no idea of mainstream and hold-hands beer tent-pop and this makes them just the right ones for the Zappanale.

The Wrong Object

The quartet from Belgium, inspired by Zappa, Gong and Soft Machine mixes psychedelic Jazz with modern rock elements. The Wrong Object works very inspired, neither their interpretations of Zappa songs nor their own compositions need to fear comparison with the original Zappa songs. What is significant: In front of the background by the powerful rhythm section and on the carpet of vital, fabulous compositions the guitar often serves the song by holding back, instead the saxophone and the clarinet are brilliant as solo instruments and leave their mark on what’s happening.

Frogg Café

The musical roots of Frogg Café are to be found with Frank Zappa, Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, and Genesis as well as with classics such as Stravinsky, Ravel, Copland and even with jazzers like for example Charles Mingus and Coltrane. The band consists of five music teachers from New York who started as the Zappa cover band “Lumpy Gravy” in 1998 and meanwhile they’ve grown high out of their roots.

visit, or even better, visit the festival

July 5, 2004
Yes, want to add some info every day now, as I'm counting the days to Zappanale.
Please don't say that nothing's happening. There's this fabulous Mike Keneally Band album and some new Zappa DVD bootlegs as well. And I still have to put in all the info for Frank You, Thank - Volume Two.
Let's see if I can keep this up...


lotsa lynx

got this weird message yesterday: has added a link to your page "United Mutations" at on our page about "Zappa, Frank" which can be found at,%20Frank/. We invite you to visit our page, and if you like what you find we would appreciate a link back!


  • mike keneally band: dog
        (2004, cd / dvd, usa, exowax 2406)
    • This is an incredible package. The latest Mike Keneally album, Dog, has been released with a bonus DVD with another 60 minutes plus of material.
      I know what you're saying. You weren't too impressed by MK's latest releases, had the impression that he wasn't moving forward... Well, here's "Dog", and believe me, this one will blow your socks off. MK is sounding jazzier than ever. Right now, my favourite track is 'Splane', but that's probably because it's coming out of my speakers as I'm typing this.

      Essential listening.

      Go to and order your copy today.

  • mike keneally band: pup
        (2004, cd, usa, exowax 2406-2)
    • This is the funny free album that comes with the pre-ordered "Dog". I only gave it one spin, 'cause I'm still digging Dog too much.
      I do need a track-list however, so if anyone feel's like he or she's up to it (or knows where I can find it), please send me a tracklist for this. (Dirk?, François?, anyone?)
      Thank you.


No, I'm not talking DVDR copies that have been surfacing in the trade circuit recently. These are factory pressed DVDs. Bootlegs, yes, released without the permission of the ZFT.
  • frank zappa: the torture never stops
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, room 101060)
    • Last year, bootleggers released "Baby Snakes" and "Does Humour Belong In Music". Now, the same (?) people are releasing two new titles. The first one is called "The Torture Never Stops" and presents the famous Halloween 1981 Concert. Fine quality, great show.
      And to be honest, nice (digi)pakcage as well. 

  • frank zappa: a token of his extreme
        (2004, dvd-bootleg, ??, room 101061)
    • The second Room Entertainment release is called "A Token Of His Extreme" and includes the superb 1974 KCET-TV concert.
      Previously released as a part of the Dub Room Special, but right here in it's original form, including some bonus material. Wow. I shouldn't be saying thhis, but it sure looks good.

July 4, 2004
Lots of things are happening. The latest Keneally album just came in, there's good news from the Zappa vault, and Zappanale is only a couple of weeks away...
Couldn't paste the Keneally album in today. Maybe tomorrow...
And I'm terribly running behind in answering my e-mails as well....


It looks like Chris Opperman's newsletter had some trouble finding my mailbox. As Chris said: "It turns out that a couple of the major mail sites (AOL, Hotmail, etc.) thought that my e-mails were spam and they weren't getting to their intended recipients.  However, I called AOL and talked to them and I think I've solved the problem"

[Addendum: In addition to the Special Opps show on July 16th, I'll be playing a mostly solo set on Saturday, July 10th @ 6 pm @ The Space on 2020 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404 as part of TJ Moore's Los Angeles Art Gallery Debut.  Also performing will be Co-Pilot, Candybox Violence, Hijack the Disco, Andy Mitton, Dan Rocket, and Arden Kaywin.  The show is being sponsored by the Sight Unseen Theatre Group and is an RSVP-only reception (with hors d'oeuvres & an open bar from 6 - 9!).  Cover is $10.]

[Chris Opperman Mailing List - Monday, June 28th, 2004]

Episode #20: Episode 20

Quick & Easy:

* The release date for my third solo album, Concepts of Non-linear Time (which was very briefly known as No Memories, Please), has been set for Tuesday, July 20th provided nothing goes wrong at DiscMakers (!  Finally!  Still time left to pre-order a signed copy!  Thank you so, so much to everyone who has already pre-ordered.  The response has been fantastic.

* On Friday, July 16th, my band Special Opps will be headlining the CD release party for Concepts of Non-linear Time along with live performance newbie Cosette Trombino (8:00), the sweet & sexy (or is that sexy & sweet?) Nikki Katt (8:30) (whom I will also be sitting in with), bodacious Brent Locke (9:15), and the eclectic Zach Sinick (10:00) at Room 5 Lounge @ 143 N. La Brea (between Beverly and 1st Street), Los Angeles, CA 90036.  Special Opps starts at 11 and we will be having Mike Keneally ( as a special guest on guitar and Talia Mays from The Golden Ratio ( as a guest vocalist.  The show is also being professionally recorded and videotaped, AND OppyList members get in for the discounted rate of $5!  So you really should do your darndest to make this gig.  Seriously.  You'll be sad if you miss it. And it's all ages.  I might even play Idaho Potato, but don't hold your breath.

* In Late July/August, we will be compiling my 4th album and 1st live album, tentatively called Made-up Songs: Live in Los Angeles containing songs culled from my LA performances over the last three years.  Special guests include the criminally underrated Andre LaFosse ( on guitar, the more-appreciated-but-not-appreciated-enough  Mike Keneally ( on guitar, Kat Parsons ( on vocals, and more!  Also includes performances by Chris Opperman & Friends and Special Opps.  I guarantee you something from the July 16th gig will be included on this compilation.  Between us, I'm hoping to get a completely outrageous full-band version of Kamp Keneally as well as lots of other musically mind-blowing things.

* Last-minute/Secret Shows List: In order to build a solid fan base, you have to play all the time.  However, if you play all the time, then you wind up always playing shows for 5 people because you've oversaturated your market.  SO I've decided that I'm only going to promote the bigger shows (like the 7/16 show) and do several last-minute and/or secret shows to introduce new people into the music.  That having been said, I would hate to exclude anyone who wants to know every single time I'm playing!  So if you would like to be on my secondary list for last-minute shows, simply e-mail and let me know.  Thanks for your extra interest!

* Opulent Music Services: I've started a new division of my corporation, Mad Phat Enterprises, Inc., called Opulent Music Services which includes engraving/music copying, orchestration, arranging, and production services.  Therefore, should you need any of those services, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I am also interested in licensing out my compositions/recordings for use in film & television, so if there's a specific composition you would like to use for your project, e-mail me and we can work out a deal for that as well.  I'm doing music full-time now so I need all the help I can get!

* The Official Oppy Music Website v. 3.1 is coming!  It's going to be a fairly massive update and I think the website will be a whole lot more fun and content-rich then.  I'm looking forward to it.  Check out if you haven't already.

Okay, that's all I have to report right now!  Thank you all so much for your support.  Music is the best.  Hopefully I'll see a lot of you on the 16th!

Love always,

-- Chris Opperman


THE KENEALLIST June 30 04  -  -

We finally managed to get "Dog" out the door, and the response has been truly outrageous. I'm humbled and grateful for the kind words I've been reading so far --- thank you everybody.
You can see what people are saying about the album in the new "Doggerel" section at, and of course if you haven't yet ordered "Dog" or the "Dog" CD+DVD Special Edition, get on over to and see what the hubbub's about. Bub. (I had to say it.)

Sincere thanks to everyone who pre-ordered --- your support allowed this album to exist in a very real way and our appreciation for you is immense. By the way, about half of the 2500 Special Editions are gone already (in addition to the pre-order, this is by far our fastest selling disc yet), so if you've been waiting, I wouldn't wait too much longer.

Howdy all! For the moment, “Dog” is exclusively available at live gigs, at and at other selected sites (including Lou's Records in Encinitas, CA, which in addition to being Exowax's mail-order fulfillment angel is also a full-time and fully rocking record shop - everyone at Lou's is doing a great job getting Dogs into your hands - thanks Lou's!).

“Dog” will officially hit the streets at retail outlets around late October, after the September 7 release of “The Universe Will Provide,” my album with the Metropole Orkest. This will be released on the new NPS Output label in association with Steve Vai's Favored Nations records. We're currently arranging with Favored Nations to get advance copies of “TUWP” to sell at Moosemart several weeks prior to the retail release date.

Scott and I are highly energized by the response to "Dog" and you'll be seeing some more updates at soon (I'm finally working on the discography again!, and we'll be posting the lyrics to "Dog" and "Wooden Smoke" soon), plus the launch of in July. I spent a few hours today recording some bizarre voice IDs for the radio station, and I'm having a lot of fun choosing loads of unreleased material to play. 24 hours a day of streaming Keneally. It's the natural thing to do.

And you know what else? Digital downloads of all Exowax Mike Keneally albums (including the currently-unavailable “Pup” and “Dancing With Myself”) will be available at iTunes, eMusic, Napster and other online music communities within a few weeks. We'll provide you with more details as they accure.

But I guess the main reason I wrote right now is to encourage anyone who can possibly make it to come to Whittier, California this wit:

Mike Keneally Band - Saturday, July 3, 2004 - CalProg 2004
The Center Theater Stage - Whittier Community Center - 7630 S. Washington Avenue - Whittier, California 90602
Tickets $55 & $65

Also on the bill are Neal Morse, Enchant, IZZ, and Erik Norlander. A great, full day of music and we'll play "Dog" in its entirety for the first time (will we devise a performable version of "This Tastes Like A Hotel"? I say yes! Come watch!), plus some of the more wicked Keneally oldies and one "prog classic" cover (I think it's classic, anyway). The band is champing at the bit, this should be a crazy show.

NEARfest is sold out the following week. Here's the info for that show, just to annoy you.

Mike Keneally Band - Saturday, July 10, 2004 - NEARfest - Zoellner Arts Center - Lehigh University
420 East Packer Avenue - Bethlehem, PA 18015-3006 - Phone: (610) 758-2787


And! And! I'll be playing with Oppy at the release party for his new album “Concepts of Non-Linear Time.” As Oppy is likely to say at any moment, here's the dealio:

Mike Keneally guests with Special Opps
Chris Opperman CD Release Party
Friday, July 16th - 11 pm - $7, $5 for Oppy and Keneally mailing list members - Room 5 Lounge
143 N. La Brea, 2nd floor (Between Beverly & 1st) - Los Angeles, CA 90036

Just want to mention briefly that the Bryan Beller debut gig last week was completely mindblowingly wonderful, and I sure hope we can do it again sometime - how's about a double bill tour? I'd show up for that. And the festival in Sweden a couple of weeks ago was intense and pleasurable as well -- thanks very much to the musicians who did such a spirited, superb job on the premieres of my chamber pieces "Madge" and "Crumb" (thanks again to Oppy for his mighty orchestrating as well), and feverish thanks forever to Schroeder, Jaan Wessman, the completely unreasonably amazing Napoleon Murphy Brock, Erik Palm, Andrew Jones and all my great new friends in Sweden.

I'm out of superlatives, it's late, I'm a woozy grateful person and I'm going to bed. See y'all soon. Thanks again -

-- MK


badblock says:

Some news from Hungarian Frank Zappa Association:

Here was Jimmy Carl Black and gave us fantastic gig with Cosmic Debris!

the setlist:
heavy duty judy * andy * inca roads * whipping post * easy meat * cosmik debris * dancin fool * zomby woof
with jimmy carl black:
big leg emma * poofter's froth wyoming... * trouble every day * take your clothes off * road ladies * willie the pimp

and some picture:

Anniversary and new interview in
"Guitar player Gyula Babos about playing with Zappa"

In 1991 Frank Zappa travelled through the former communist states of Eastern-Central Europe, met some of its leaders and played in jam sessions with the leading figures of these states' musical scene. He also visited Budapest, Hungary, where he
met mayor Gábor Demszky and participated in a concert (dedicated to the soviet military troops' withdrawal from Hungary) in june 30, exactly 13 years ago, where he played with with hungarian jazz musicians of gipsy origins: bass player János Egri, pianist Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, drummer Imre Kőszegi and guitarist Gyula Babos. The Hungarian Frank Zappa Association oragnized a series of talk-shows where these musicians were invited to speak about this very special experience. Here is a translation of the interview for you with Gyula Babos. (Questions by the member of MFZA György Kerékgyártó and radio show host László Muka.)"


Ralphamerica says:

Dear Ralph Friend...

Breaking news 6/30/04
Yesterday we were expecting the corrected covers for Brumalia. They arrived today. While they were glued correctly this time, the color correction was not made. Believe me, we're quite frustrated, as this should have been finished correctly back in MAY! Not to mention, it's a very simple job to print. Anyway, what does this mean to you? Cryptic Corp. has decided to just have the release printed elsewhere, and we agree. After all, they had 2 chances... So it goes out again to another
outlet, and hopefully we will have it soon, but we will update you. For now, this means that if you have an order with us for Brumalia, it will not ship until we get properly printed covers, and for those waiting on covers we will be making an announcement with instructions on how to get your cover. We do apologize, and promise to keep you updated on, so please check back.

Thanks for still being our friend,
Ralph America

This is the one: "Brumalia", the wrong cover.

Originally intended as a limited release of 1000 copies, and about 400 went out with the wrong cover.
Sure, who cares about a different cover, but if you haven't got it yet, you'll have a tough job finding a copy...

You probably know the music (or you should) as it has been available for download from the Rez site a while ago, but here it is in all its glory.


  • snarfel: thirty years of andy cahan
        (1995, cd, usa, hamana records)
    • Looking back in time with "Joe's Corsage", seemed a good moment to bring on Andy Cahan's "Snarfel" album. You may know that Andy Cahan played keyboards with the Turtles, the same band that once featured Flo & Eddie. Andy also played with various Mothers after their Zappa-career and was a.o.  the man behind The Grandmothers on Rhino Records.
      "Snarfel" shows you thirty years of Andy Cahan, including work with
      Bunk Gardner, Denny Walley and Jimmy Carl Black.
      Very fine album, only available through Andy's website.


I told you last time that Andre Lewis is back, that he recently moved to L.A. and gave you his latest e-mail adress.

Well, the e-mail address that I gave you was valid at that time, but now, it has changed as well:



  • flo & eddie / frank zappa: an evening in detroit
        (2004, 3cd-bootleg, ger, mmm 38-39-40)
    • "An Evening In Detroit" is a brand-new triple cd bootleg set. The first disc presents the Flo & Eddie concert, opening for Zappa. Good quality, nice concert (lots of fun & jokes in the typical Flo & Eddie style). The disc clocks at 51 minutes, which is about 5 minutes longer than the recording that had been circulating (or at least than the one that I had).
      The Zappa concert itself is an excellent one. Quality is excellent as well, the only problem is that the total time is about 111 minutes. I have a recording that does not sound this good, but that totals 118 minutes. I probably have to give it another listen to find the gap...


It's about time that I started making a lot of noise about the next edition of Zappanale. Here we go:

Thursday, 22.07.2004

Kamptheater 20:00 ...warm up
(Special Event. Tickets only available from the Kamptheater)

Remko Serban (Netherlands)
Guitar + vocals (Zappacheers)

Billy The Mountain
A movie by Jürgen Fischer (Germany)
Music: Frank Goos
Followed by a special lecture by a secret "Stone-ethnologist", assisted by Zappa-expert, Jim Cohen (USA)

Friday, 23.07.2004

Kamptheater 12:00
(Special Event. Tickets only available from the Kamptheater)

Jim Cohen - Zappa Expert (USA)
Talk about FZ

Festival ground - Horse Track 14:00

The Foolz (Netherlands)
Winner of the online-vote.

Arf (Switzerland)
A power-trio that combines FZ, Mr. Bungle, King Crimson and Edgar Varese

Frogg Café featuring Ed Mann (USA)
Five excellent musicians from New York joined by Ed Mann. Influenced by FZ, Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Stravinsky and Coltrane. With Ed Mann' s percussion, this will be an exciting concert.

Mats/Morgan Band (Sweden)
Intensive, intelligent and rhythmic instrumental-music from Sweden. A powerful band, they have a whole lotta experience on stage with many Zappa-alumni.

Ensemble Creativ (Germany)
17 musicians with a big horn section - a must for fans of jazz-orientated Zappa music.

Ole Lukkoye (Russia)

Saturday, 24.07.2004

Kamptheater 12:00
(Special Event. Tickets only available from the Kamptheater)

Daniel Rohr (Switzerland)
Homage to Lou Reed
Actor/director reads about the life and times of Lou Reed. A journey from the Velvet Underground to the present day.

Festival ground - Horse Track 13:30

Przasniczki (Poland)
For the first time, the Polish underground mixed with FZ live on the Zappanale-stage. They have already released four CDs; let's see what kind of a surprise this gig will be.

Cellomania (Germany)
They are called the 'German Apocalyptika'; four Celli playing FZ. Have you ever heard anything like it in your life?

The Wrong Object featuring Ed Mann (Belgium/USA)
A mix of psychedelic jazz and modern rock 'n roll, highly influenced by FZ, Gong and Soft Machine. They promise some extraordinary cover versions of Zappa's music.

Tornadoes (USA)
The rock music originals who initiated the Surf-music-wave in 1962 with their song "Bustin' Surfboards". They made a big comeback when their music was featured in the cult-movie "Pulp Fiction".

Daniel Rohr and friends (Switzerland)
Live performance of the Genesis concept-album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway', a milestone in the history of rock-music. Shurely one of this year's highlights.

Kraan (Germany)
Cult German band that headlined the Roskilde Festival with more than 80,000 fans. This year's Zappanale special guest will help you make it through the night.

Sunday 25.07.2004

Festival ground - Horse Track 11:00

Frank Goos - Surprise (Germany)
Frank Goos, a music teacher from Freiburg, is well known to Zappanale regulars. He tries to form a band with you. Yes, that's right - everyone is welcome to form a band, rehearse during the Zappanale, and come up on the stage. Your big chance to find yourself on this year's Zappanale CDs.

Ole Lukkoye (Russia)
Psychedelic-Ethno-Trance from St. Petersburg. Just the right thing to start a sunny Sunday.

The Grand Mothers (USA)
Don Preston, Roy Estrada, Bunk Gardner and Napoleon Murphy Brock - no need to say anything more about these excellent musicians and former Mothers of Invention. We are happy to have them back on stage again.

Zappa Graduates (Sweden)
FZ played by an orchestra. 20 music students from Sweden, who were the highlight of last year's UMEA festival.

Ed Mann & friends (USA/Europe)
Ed Mann's Zappanale debut with a specially formed band of musicians from all over Europe.

A Zappanale tradition: every musician who wants to, comes on stage for a never-ending jam session

NEW ZAPPA ALBUM and more to come

"Joe's Corsage" has finally reached Yurrip.

Thanx again to slime.oofytv.set for probably being the first to spot it on and to report it!

I really, really like this. Great concept to start an excellent series. And, finally, we get to know Henry Vestine as a mother.

From the BillBoard website:

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The doors to Frank Zappa's vault will be blown wide open via a new series of archival releases under the moniker "Joe's Corsage," a nod to both Zappa's 1979 album "Joe's Garage" and Zappa archivist Joe Travers. A disc bearing that title is now available via the iconoclastic late artist's official Web site and his estate's Vaulternative label, comprising demos and live recordings from the earliest stages of his band the Mothers Of Invention.

"Around Mother's Day, it was the 40th anniversary of the day Frank named the group," his widow Gail Zappa tells "That was May 10, 1964. It became the other Mother's Day. We thought, 'what can we do?' Then Joe said, 'Hey, listen to this!' It turned into 'Joe's Corsage,' because it's just a little thing only he knew about that he wouldn't normally bring to our attention. This will be the first in a series of piquant little items from the vault that only Joe knows about. There's so many other choices of things Frank set aside for one reason or another. It would otherwise be a long time before we got to them."

Indeed, Gail Zappa estimates there are 40 albums' worth of material that could see the light of day, including complete live concerts. "But 'Joe's Corsage' the series will be separate," she says. "It could be anything, anytime, for no reason at all. We already know what the next one is. I hope it will be available before the summer is out."

After Zappa died in 1993, the estate sold the rights to certain albums in particular formats to Rykodisc. That deal expires in October, potentially foreshadowing Vaulternative's release of alternate album editions. "The stuff in the vault, to me, comprises an equally valuable catalog, maybe even more so, because there's a lot of stuff that is interesting from the standpoint of hearing how the composer operated," Gail Zappa says.

"We have a title called 'Everything Is Healing Nicely,'" she continues. "It's the prequel to [the 1993 orchestral release] 'The Yellow Shark'; the rehearsals and bits and pieces of things that Frank had actually mixed. Obviously he was going to do something with them. The minute we put that out, two weeks later we found a tape of the same material but cut together in a completely different way by Frank. I would like to put that out so you can compare it.

"So really, the focus of this is more actually about the legacy than anything else is. Yes, you have his voice as he intended it on the catalog that Ryko has in release, as long as they preserve it and stop messing around with it. When they start cutting it up, especially the classical pieces, that drives me crazy. Of course they can legally do it, but why?" A Rykodisc spokesperson was unavailable for comment at deadline.

Other Zappa projects in the family pipeline include an edition of the recent "Baby Snakes" DVD with DTS sound and a DVD of the 1971 film "200 Motels," which is said to be the first movie ever shot on video and then transferred to film for theatrical release.

But DVD extras may be lacking, as the original video reels appear to have been destroyed. "It boggles the mind [distributor United Artists would] be so stupid as to dump it," Gail Zappa says. "First we have to get all the materials that we can together to put it back in one piece."

"Everything you see is live," she says of the performances in the film. "What you see is what was happening. No one has ever heard, except some crazy people in Holland, the whole score. My idea would be to have a performance of that exactly the way the score is."

-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y. 


the concert calendar * the concert calendar

  • 2004/07/01: G3 concert palais de congres, paris, france
  • 2004/070/2: G3 concert jam, bergara, spain
    2004/07/02 the Troupe : performance "het notenapparaat", wijk aan zee, the netherlands
  • 2004/07/03: G3 concert la riviera, madrid, spain
  • 2004/07/03 mike keneally band  -  concert “calprog 2004”, ‘whittier community center’, whittier, california, usa

  • 2004/07/04: G3 concert razmatazz, barcelona, spain
  • 2004/07/06: G3 concert mazda palace, milan, italy
  • 2004/07/07: G3 concert centrale de tenis, rome, italy
  • 2004/07/08: G3 concertvilla pisani, padova, italy
  • 2004/07/09 Die Beistelltische concert Lumiere, Göttingen, germany
  • 2004/07/10: G3 concert piberstein, freizeitinsel, austria
  • 2004/07/10 mike keneally band  -  concert “nearfest”, ‘zoellner arts center’, lehigh university, bethlehem, pa, usa

  • 2004/07/10 LeBocal concert 'chez alriq', bordeaux, france - 22.00 h

  • 2004/07/11 LeBocal concert "festival jazz en buch", la teste de buch (33) , france - 19.00 h
  • 2004/07/11 Die Beistelltische concert Lumiere Göttingen, germany

  • 2004/07/16: G3 concert pistoia blues festival, pistoia, italy
    2004/07/16 Special Opps feat. Mike Keneally concert 'room 5 lounge', los angeles, ca, usa
  • 2004/07/17: G3 concert les nuits de la guitare, patrimonio, corsica
  • 2004/07/22 - Zappanale
    • Remko Serban
    • "Billy The Mountain", a movie by Jürgen Fischer - Music: Captain Ahab
    • a special lecture by a secret "Stone-ethnologist", assisted by Zappa-expert, Jim Cohen
  • 2004/07/22 steve vai - concert ‘metro city’, perth, australia
  • 2004/07/23 - Zappanale
    • Jim Cohen - Talk about FZ
    • The Foolz
    • Arf
    • Frogg Café featuring Ed Mann
    • Mats/Morgan Band
    • Ensemble Creativ
    • Captain Ahab
  • 2004/07/24 - Zappanale
    • Daniel Rohr: Homage to Lou Reed
    • Przasniczki
    • Cellomania
    • The Wrong Object featuring Ed Mann
    • Tornadoes
    • Daniel Rohr and friends: Genesis concept-album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'
    • Kraan
  • 2004/07/24 steve vai - concert ‘the barton theatre’, adelaide, australia
  • 2004/07/25 - Zappanale
    • Frank Goos - Surprise
    • Ole Lukkoye
    • The Grandmothers
    • Zappa Graduates
    • Ed Mann & friends
    • finale

  • 2004/07/25 steve vai - concert ‘the palace’, melbourne, australia

  • 2004/07/26 The Grandmothers concert 'Roxy', Flensburg, Germany
    2004/07/26 steve vai - concert ‘the enmore theatre’, sydney, australia

  • 2004/07/27 The Grandmothers concert 'Kantine', Köln, Germany
    2004/07/27 steve vai - concert ‘the arena’, brisbane, australia

  • 2004/07/28 The Grandmothers concert 'Sinkkasten', Frankfurt, Germany 

  • 2004/07/29 steve vai - concert ‘suntec’, singapore

  • 2004/07/29 The Grandmothers concert ‘objekt 5’, halle, germany

  • 2004/07/30 The Grandmothers concert ‘star club’, dresden, germany

  • 2004/08/01 The Grandmothers concert 'Fabrik', Hamburg, Germany
    2004/08/01 steve vai - concert ‘taipei city music hall’, taipei
    2004/08/01 frogg cafe  &  the wrong object  -  concert 'chez bouldou', liège, belgium

  • 2004/08/02 The Grandmothers concert 'Knaack', Berlin, Germany

  • 2004/08/03 steve vai - concert kowloon, hong kong  

  • 2004/08/04 The Grandmothers concert 'B 72', Wien, Austria

  • 2004/08/05 The Grandmothers concert 'Sudhaus', Tübingen, Germany
  • 2004/08/05 steve vai - concert ‘tjm squeare hall’, beijing, china
  • 2004/08/06 The Grandmothers concert 'Café Central', Weinheim, Germany

  • 2004/08/07 The Grandmothers concert 'faust', Hannover, Germany 

  • 2004/08/12 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the rainbow room’, seattle, wa, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/13 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘nocturnal’, portland, or, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/14 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘wow hall’, eugene, or, usa:
    1-Classic Rock Show (Matinee)
    2-Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (Evening)

  • 2004/08/17 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the starlight’, ft collins, co, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/18 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘cervantes masterpiece ballroom’, denver, co, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/19 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘(venue to be announced)’, salt lake city, ut, usa
    1-Classic Rock Show (matinee)
    2-Zappa w/Napoleon Murphy Brock (evening)

  • 2004/08/20 The School Of Rock + Napoleon Murphy Brock
    concert ‘the wild wild west casino’, las vegas, nv, usa: Zappa Show w/Napoleon Murphy Brock

  • 2004/08/21 The Bogus Pomp Orchestra - concert 'The Tampa Theatre', ??, usa

  • 2004/08/21 Eugene Chadbourne - concert the 'Plusetage' in Baarle-Nassau, NL

  • 2004/09/12 The Troupe - concert ''De Kleine Komedie', Amsterdam,NL