circus harlekin

die band
   - incl. 'son of mr green genes', ‘sofa no.1', ‘take
        your clothes off', ‘waka/jawaka’ (frank zappa)

199? cd ger private pressing

isabelle b.jaussi: vocals
andreas helm: bass
clemens birkle: guitar, vocals
tobias zipfel: drums
stephan wörner: alt sax, kazoo
katrin könig: alt sax, vocals
carmen knöbel: alt sax, vocals
claudia müller: tenor sax
julia rothermel: ternor sax
frank goos: sopran & tenor sax, flute, harp
abian: vocals
michael reith: drums, didgeridoo, percussion

all arrangements by frank goos

  1. come together (lennon, mccartney)
  2. jelly roll (charles mingus)
  3. waka yawaka (frank zappa)
  4. angel (jimi hendrix)
  5. take your clothes off (frank zappa)
  6. i'm only sleeping (lennon, mccartney)
  7. sofa no.1 (frank zappa)
  8. chicken (jaco pastorius)
  9. as tears go by (jagger, richards)
  10. black or white (michael jackson)
  11. drum and bass (zipfel, helm)
  12. faus / big alice (don pullen)
  13. paradise city (guns 'n roses)
  14. virgin jungle (duke ellington)
  15. jesus maria (carla bley)
  16. son of mr green genes (frank zappa)
  17. let's make the water turn black (frank zappa)