Z3 performs the music of Frank Zappa.

from archive.org:
"While touring with the Melvin Sparks Band, organist Beau Sasser and drummer Bill Carbone discovered they shared a deep passion for Zappa's music. They tossed around the idea of doing a Zappa organ trio, but the trick was finding the perfect third member for the job. When guitarist/vocalist Tim Palmieri, a diehard Zappa fan, ended up on a string of regular Wednesday night funk gigs with The Beau Sasser Trio in November 2011, the Z3 was born. All three musicians knew each other from years working in the Northeast music scene, their chemistry was obvious, and the transition to Z3 was as smooth as passage of quintuplets in 7/8. Audiences loved the Z3 as well; the initial shows in Northampton, MA were performed to capacity crowds and rave reviews."

January 31, 2013, Ed Mann performed with Z3.

August 3, 2013, the band performed at Zappanale.


  the z3: zappanale germany 2013
    (2014, 2cd, usa, muffin records productions) - almost all compositions by frank zappa

z3_zappanale2013.jpg (19526 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale 26 - good bye session
    (2015, dvdr, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, faet. ike willis, ed mann, mats öberg, jeff hollie, craig steward, denny walley

z26_goodbyesession_dvdr.jpg (15249 bytes)

zappatika and friends: the pony suite - the ritzy 2016 spring tour edition
    (2016, cd, nl, private release) - feat. ike willis, jeff hollie and craig 'twister' steward, denny walley and ed mann

zappatika_theponysuite_cd.jpg (40480 bytes)

various artists: zappanale # 26
    (2016, 3cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, feat. napoleon murphy brock, ike willis, denny walley, jeff hollie, craig twister steward, ed mann, robert martin, albert wing, ray white, tom fowler, robbie mangano, mats öberg

varart_zappanale26.jpg (27415 bytes)






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