frank zappa

chicago '78

2016 2cd usa zappa records zr20025

released november 2016

frank zappa: guitar, vocals
ike willis: guitar, vocals
denny walley: slide guitar, vocals
tommy mars: keyboards, vocals
peter wolf: keyboards
ed mann: percussion, vocals
arthur barrow: bass, vocals
vinnie colaiuta: drums, vocals

original recordings produced by frank zappa
produced for released by gail zappa & joe travers

disc one

  1. chicago walk-on
  2. twenty-one
  3. dancin' fool
  4. easy meat
  5. honey, don't you want a man like me?
  6. keep it greasy
  7. village of the sun
  8. the meek shall inherit noghing
  9. bamboozled by love
  10. sy borg

disc two

  1. little house i used to live in
  2. paroxysmal splendor  (includes 'fz & pig', 'i'm a beautiful guy', 'crew slut')
  3. yo mama
  4. magic fingers
  5. don't eat the yellow snow
  6. strictly genteel
  7. black napkins