frank zappa

greasy love songs

2010 cd usa zappa records zr20010

tracks 1 - 13 : apostolic studios, nyc, december, 1967 - february, 1968

ray collins: lead vocals
frank zappa: low grumbles, oo-wah and lead guitar
roy estrada: high weazlings, dwaedy-doop & electric bass
don preston: redundant piano triplets
ian underwood: redundant piano triplets, alto saxophone
motorhead sherwood: baritone saxophone & tambourine
bunk gardner: tenor saxophone
jimmy carl black: lewd pulsating rhythm
arthur tripp: lewd pulsating rhythm

track 16
recorded at mayfair studios, 24 july 1967 during the woiiftm sessions - evidence suggests this mix was likely done at the same time.  players:  fz- guitar & vocals, ray collins- lead vocals, roy estrada- bass & vocals, jcb- drums, ian underwood or don preston- piano 

track 17
segments / excerpts: fz lecture with q & a at the new school, nyc, 21 feb. 1969 / interview at wmex with warren duffy, boston, 31 jan 1969.  segment collaged by the vaultmeister at umrk, 2009

track 18
 mayfair studios, 21 july 1967.  this alternate version was recorded during the "money" sessions, precedes bws and frequently played at the garrick!  repertoire!!! engineer - gary kellgren.  players: fz- lead vocals, guitar.  roy estrada- bass, ian underwood- piano, motorhead sherwood- baritone sax, jcb- trumpet, billy mundi- drums, m.o.i- background vocals

track 20
fz delivers the story of ruben & the jets, xenochronous with big jay mcneely's "benson's groove" live on kppc in pasadena with les carter, 27 nov. 1968. beat booten by joe travers

track 21
from fz's 1977 2 tk "cuca impossible recordings" compilation in a record plant box, 1/4 inch 10 inch reel format, carefully labeled in fz's hand:  - careful!  old tape.   check azimuth for each cut - 
an fz-typed sheet indicates ray collins & mary gonzales.  suspicious minds might conclude that fz plays everything and it might be that there was possible lurkage by paul buff.  original recording circa '62- '64, cucamonga (studio z!)


all compositions by frank zappa except where noted

produced by frank zappa

engineered by dick kunc

cruising with ruben & the jets, original 1968 vinyl stereo mix

  1. cheap thrills
  2. love of my life
  3. how could i be such a fool
  4. deseri (ray collins, paul buff)
  5. i'm not satisfied
  6. jelly roll gum drop
  7. anything (ray collins)
  8. later that night
  9. you didn't try to call me
  10. fountain of love (frank zappa, ray collins)
  11. "no. no. no."
  12. any way the wind blows
  13. stuff up the cracks

the extra tracks

  1. jelly roll gum drop   2:18  -  alternate mix - mono

  2. "no. no. no."   3:06  -  long version

  3. stuff up the cracks   6:05  -  alternate mix

  4. "serious fan mail"   5:11

  5. valerie (c. lewis/b. robinson, bmi)   3:03  -  mono mix

  6. jelly roll gum drop  (single version)   2:24  -  released as a b-side to deseri, december 1968

  7. "secret greasing"   3:36

  8. love of my life   2:06