frank zappa

wazoo  (82)

2007 2cd usa vaulternative records vr 2007-2

released october 31, 2007

1972/09/24 concert 'boston music hall', boston, ma, usa

frank zappa: guitar and white stick with cork handle
tony duran: slide guitar
ian underwood: piano and synthesizer
dave parlato: bass
jerry kessler: electric cello
jim gordon: electric drums
mike altschul: piccolo, bass clarinet and other winds
jay migliori: flute, tenor sax and other winds
earl dumler: oboe, contrabass sarrusophone and other winds
ray reed: clarinet, tenor sax and other winds
charles owens: soprano sax, alto sax and other winds
joann mcnab: bassoon
malcolm mcnab: trumpet in D
sal marquez: trumpet in Bb
tom malone: trumpet in Bb, also tuba
glenn ferris: trombone and euphonium
kenny shroyer: trombone and baritone horn
bruce fowler: trombone of the upper atmosphere
tom raney: vibes and electric percussion
ruth underwood: marimba and electric percussion

cover art "mundo invisible" (oil on canvas) by christopher mark brennan, 2003

music, performance, band & recordings by frank zappa

disc one

  1. intro intros
  2. the grand wazoo (think it over)
  3. approximate
  4. big swifty

disc two

  1. "ulterior motive"
  2. the adventures of greggery peccary
  3.   movement I
  4.   movement II
  5.   movement III
  6.   movement IV - the new brown clouds
  7. penis dimension
  8. variant I - processional march